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Shen Dongqing was a powerful, thousand-year-old ferocious ghost. He had just possessed a body and barely managed to relax for two days when he was pulled into a world where hundreds of ghosts were running amok.

On the first day of being pulled into the Infinite Nightmare Game:
Other players were trembling, crying and wailing about wanting to go home.
Shen Dongqing was eating, sleeping, and playing Fight the Landlord (card game).

The second day:
Other players were covering their heads and scurrying away like frightened rats as they were being chased by ghosts, and they were crying out loud for help.
Shen Dongqing was eating, sleeping and playing Fight the Landlord.

The third day.
Shen Dongqing……
The ghosts finally set their sights on this lazy player. The other players were finding joy in his misfortune, but in the end, no one had expected that the slim and pale Shen Dongqing would throw down his phone and directly dispatch the ghosts with his bare hands.

Other ghosts: Can’t afford to mess with him, move, move.

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New femalenovelist rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: c60
The MC and ML are very very OP... to the point where the instances are there just to have fun and...


everything can be solved by brute force - again and again.

The author hinted that there might be something special about their pasts but there was not much development there after 4-5 copies. It got a little boring since there was no suspense since the pair was too OP. The MC is a glutton, which was cute at first but also got old.

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Dragon_Reader rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: c156
This story is hilarious! MC is a very, very old ghost king thus, extremely OP. He gets inside a dead human's body but before he could enjoy living, he is pulled into the infinite death games. But he loves that too!

Most of the ghosts in each game target him first coz he looks frail and thin, get beaten to second death and then start treating him like a little ancestor.

ML is very doting type. If MC wants to eat, he will cook food or offer his own yin body (only... more>> kisses are shown in the book QAQ), if MC wants to sleep he will become a pillow, if MC wants to laze around, he will work for both.

Basically, wife crazy.

The game system vomits blood frequently because of the two OP MC and ML and tries creative ways to kill them but heh. It can only vomit blood lol.

The real world arc is also super hilarious lmaoo <<less
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BookIt rated it
November 23, 2019
Status: c8
I don't post reviews (because I have zero eloquence in writing) but I find it ridiculous that a novel that only has 2 chapters published so far can get 1 star reviews. From what I've read so far (through mtl), this is a very good novel with a cute (yet badass) MC. I love non-traditional roles and a BOSS-type MC suits me just fine :3 I hope someone picks up this novel because I think the interactions between the ML and MC would be even lovelier if someone could translate... more>> it properly for me :,) Not quite the same if mtl'ed.

At this moment, I'm too much of a novice to mtl properly haha so I'll take a pause on reading so I don't muddle myself. <<less
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Orange Oranges
Orange Oranges rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: Completed
The story was mediocre. I did enjoy reading it, but it got repetitive after a while. The premise is not necessarily original, it was still a fun read. However, there was something lacking to make interesting. After I finished 2 or 3 games, the characters were repeating the same action over and over again, they have nothing that make them stand out. This is not a series I would revisit again. There are other authors who have ultilize the premise to a higher level. The two series on top of... more>> my mind that is a better read out be, Demon Cultivator and Card Room.

Aside from poor characterization and poor usage the premise, the ending was too rushed. I know what the author is trying to do

open ending

. However, it was too rushed and ended too abrupt.

If you haven't read the two series I mentioned above, this story wouldn't be a bad read to kill some time. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
September 2, 2020
Status: Completed
it certainly wasn't scary or even creepy, but I don't think that was ever the aim so I didn't take that into account in my review. this had it's fun and funny moments, though some of the jokes got a little boring after 50th repeat of the same things (MC's food obsession, MC being s*upid and smol yet able to lay out bosses in a single punch) and I started to lose interest ... more>>

from the train onward, though it was that table-top instance (roll perception, roll sanity check, blablabla) that really killed it for me. the game wasn't even funny anymore, just really annoying. After that, my attention started to wander so yes, I was more than ready for the story to be over by around the time they got to ghost town. then there were still MORE instances. my thought at the ending was 'meh, it's ok.'


as for the 1000+ year old MC (who has the mental capacity of a 10 yo child) and the very adult ML...I find that dynamic mildly disturbing rather than cute and I'll leave it at that.

over all the first couple of instances were funny and about a 3.5, but most of the time the story was very middle of the road for me. not terrible, but not great, either. I might read the half a gazillion afterwards when the translator gets to it, but I don't think it was worth dropping coins to read the raws. <<less
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hejikkk rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c19
If I had to review this in one word, it would be "okay". The comedy is okay, the instances are okay, and the characters are okay. I can see why some people would like it but compared to other stories I've read of this genre (A crowd of evil spirits/Card room/Meeting a demonic cultivator/etc) this one is more dull.

Comedy comes from exactly what you would expect from the synopsis. Plus the fact that the ML pampers the MC. Nothing too special here. I don't really like the style of the... more>> instances. The worlds aren't super developed, and majority of the time, it feels like the players are completing some sort of collecting side quest in a video game compared to solving a mystery. There isn't any sort of brain blowing intelligence from either the MC or ML... at all. They legit just go and brute force through the entire copy seriously though im not even exaggerating thats literally all there is to it. Like I don't mind strong MCs and MLs but these guys are so OP that the story just becomes boring. Speaking of which, it makes sense for the MC to be immune to ghosts, but for the ML, a supposedly veteran player through some of the hardest worlds to take on the exact same approach? No offense but I honestly have no idea how he isn't dead yet lol.

TLDR; no mind games, pure physical force. Read if you just wanna see MC and ML one-sidely destroying everything ig. A bit disappointing in the suspense and mystery aspect. <<less
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Ichigoeater rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: --
It got a little boring and repetitive after a few games due to the OP-ness of the leads and the lack of new jokes. It's a shame, because the synopsis has potential. I think it might have been more interesting if the ML at least wasn't OP. The MC is already a diamond thigh from the start, so why does he need a stereotypical OP boss for a boyfriend?

Having the ML (instead of a bunch of side characters we're not made to care about) be the long-suffering straight man who... more>> plays off of the MC's shenanigans would've been hilarious, and a ML actually relying on the MC never seems to happen in these stories. Why give the two of them so much power if they don't have a goal to strive towards? They don't need to protect each other, they don't really care about others, the author didn't even pretend the instances could be a threat to them, and they don't seem that invested in going back to the human world, either. These reasons conjugated to the point that I realized I almost wanted them to suffer just for something interesting to finally happen. It was really too bad. <<less
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PyonYan rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I love this story to death!!! It's a fluffy comedy in a horror/thriller setting. Not much horror as MC is literally the strongest and can settle every ghost/person with his bare hands. But his strength is compensated by how simple his mind is hahahahaha. Luckily ML has enough brains for the both of them.

It's super hilarious, almost every chapter had me splitting my sides in laughter. ML is also incredibly sweet towards MC and MC is just the cutest airhead who is obsessed with food and games (mostly food).

The author... more>> not bothering to give non-important side character names also add to the comedy while being farrr easier to remember and recognise. After all "ponytail girl" is easier to remember than a random name like "He Qingqing" lolll. <<less
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Thebluebellwether rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite novels in the “survival game” type category! I’m not really big on true horror, and this novel doesn’t really have that. It’s more like a comedy with horror elements.

The main character is refreshing and very overpowered, but it isn’t unwarranted. The novel explains why he is like that and why the ML is pretty powerful too.

My favorite arc is probably

the Dreamland Arc. Shows there massive destruction power and I love the reactions of all of the game NPCs.

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WanderingReader rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Good novel to read if you want to have a light reading. There are lot of comedic undertones and the MC is pretty funny at times, each arcs and chapters are great in my opinion.

The MC and ML interactions filled with many fluff! They're just so sweet to each other

I quite like the ending too and especially the extras, it explained some plots that I thought will never be explained why, I appreciate the author who give effort to wrote those parts

The side characters are not too prominent, but some... more>> of them are quite interesting. The main star in this story is totally the MC

If you want to read horror comedy story then this is an absolute read <<less
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zara rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: c156
Good story. The MC is a bit silly and cute but at the same time he is overpowered. Also he a huge foodie. The ML is pretty doting, he is like what wife says goes. The story is very humorous and I love the way MC always spoil the horror atmosphere with just one sentence.

... more>>

On one game the player encounter a monster with tentacle who is about to come out from the ground and MC look at that and says "it looks like a squid that is about to be made into a skewer" and then when other players looking at the horror scene of tentacle waving in the air they involuntarily thought about squid


On the whole its a good story and worth giving it a try. <<less
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calledout rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: c100
mtl'd a few days ago before I found out it got picked up by chrysanthemum garden TT if I could I would go back in time and tell myself to just wait 3 f*cking days for quality and timely translation skdnkmd

rly appreciate MC and ml's brash and faceslapping way of going through instances HAHA its so relaxing and stress free. MC and ML are so cute together...

... more>>

if I interpret the mtl correctly they had a ghost marriage?¿? and MC seems to be a rly big shot in a mysterious s-class instance "ghost city" which I guess is the underworld? I dont know I kind of got tired of mtl life lmao. but that would explain their instant affinity


not the hardest mtl but some chapters were straight speculation about the exposition of instances and requirements.

all in all 4.5 stars for a fun ride, and I havent even gotten to the good parts <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hehehoho rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Sooo, I just finished this novel a min ago and here are some of my thoughts on it!

Firstly, this story is rather cute HAHA the chemistry is on-point and I love how Zhou Wen Yan (ML) pampers Shen Dong Qing MC and how he takes care of him. The instances they were pulled into were generally quite well-written and interesting.

... more>>

Esp the Queen, Joker and Princess in the Dream Wonderland instance.


I especially liked the parts where the game system and the bosses of each instance felt so fedup with both of them HAHAH. And I can't help but stress Chapter!!!! 156!!!!!!!!!!! Please read it, it really shows how they have connected for over 1000 years

Now here are some of the parts that I felt a little iffy about. 1) I didnt really like how all the players they met were all the same. They were all full of fear and none of then were even the slightest bit brave. If you've read stories like Card Room, u'll get what I mean. The types of players in CR were quite diverse. However I understand that if I were to be in that situation I would be afraid to but it just feels a bit unrealistic that they were all the same

2) Side characters didnt really stand out much. Only some were memorable like Wu Jia. But even so, his presence was so weak. The author didnt even show the main leads finding Wu Jia in the real world which I thought they would considering how Wu Jia had been in their team for the first half of the story.

BUT ALL IN ALL, its really quite an enjoyable read. ;-)))) <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: c15
Horror stories turned humorous because MC himself is a ghost and his reactions to the spine-chilling moments makes it funny... Senior OP player ML fell for the MC way too fast, going as far as giving MC life-saving 'props' as snacks... MC and ML use 'innovative' methods to solve the 'death-games', making it hilarious for the readers and infuriating the system and prompting a punishment game...
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Camelle rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: --
It is really thrilling. It's sort of similar to the novel 'A crowd of evil spirits line up to confess to me'.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
IreneRoseAnastasia rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: c66
It's not scary at all. It's more of a comedy/ supernatural story but it's a good read. The romance between the MC and ML is sweet and well paced. Both MC and ML are OP but it's done well and doesn't get annoying, it helps that there a valid reason for why they are so strong.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: c48
So it's good so far; I got what I expected and I'm happy about it especially since it's tl from one of my favourite tl sites (*˘︶˘*).。*♡. Can't wait for the story to develop even more.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
_shinigami_ rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: c100
I like horror comedies and this story is right on the checklist hence the five star.

The leads are OP hence the instances are just a walk in the park for them, this could be a turn off for some who are used to seeing MC/ML having a hard time. There are no emotional or psychological struggles on the lead, there is no heart pounding life and death struggle so the reading experience is lessened. (So if you are here thinking it is on the same genre as the nightmare game,... more>> earth is online, etc. Think again)

This is my personal summary of this one:

other nightmare games/instance related games/ card games/ etc. : Pitting the players and watching them have a hard time and struggle

this nightmare game:

being pitted by the leads, instances being put into maintenance by the leads.

Ghosts: Asking them to never come back ???

Game: Die ?, die ?, just die ??. Okay please just leave ????


there you have it <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: c27
Hmm it's alright, just a little boring because the MCs are way too OP. I like the premise of MC's character, where he's kinda dense-dumb but a super powerful ghost himself, but it's kinda boring how he's way too powerful. Add in a ML who is also cover-the-sky-with-one-hand and it makes the story somewhat boring...

I imagine this is still considered the introductory arcs and they'll be facing some real troubles in a bit, but the idea is that our mains solve these "clever" logic puzzle games with brute force. If... more>> they keep bulldozing through everything, it's gonna get irksome. For now, it's still pretty okay. <<less
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Kokoro Mugen
Kokoro Mugen rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c25
If you liked I Wasn't Born Lucky, then there is a high chance you may also like this novel.

Similar to I Wasn't Born Lucky, the novel had a MC who is calm, unconventional/"naive"/doesn't follow the script and is OP. Furthermore, the two novels share the same tone of speechless ghosts.

The only clear differences are the kind of strengths the MCs has and the different components of the world-building. For example, in this novel, the MC had more physical strength while the MC in I Wasn't Born Lucky had a more... more>> intelligence-based strength.

I can't wait to read more! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: c15
Another good and funny novel. I like the thousand yr old ghost dense protagonist. However, some chapters are bland, the MC is OP and the ML is OP, making it less interesting.

Dunno if I'm gonna drop
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