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In the King’s game, the [King]’s order is absolute and has the power to create rules. As the owner of a special physique, Gu Huai was selected by the system to participate in the game.

“Win the game and become the [King], and you can obtain whatever it is you desire.”

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August 11, 2020
Status: --
MC meets ml. ML falls in love at first sight. Everyone is surprised by how good ML treats MC. ML constantly doting on MC, ignoring everyone else besides MC, MC passively accepts it. Everyone dotes on MC, MC accepts it.

if someone asks me to describe what MC is like in this novel: "he's just there. The MC is there to be doted on. That's it."

what about the ml? "The ml's life revolves around the MC. His personality trait is doting on MC, besides that, he's just like a robot, doesn't... more>> care about anything/anyone else besides the MC."

I like pampering and doting ml. BUT

what makes this story boring is that the ML doesn't even try to get to know the MC for real; the ML never really ask questions or have meaningful or enjoyable conversations with the MC, he just dotes and dotes and dotes on MC. So all his dotings don't really feel genuine, he's just doing this repetitive thing over and over again and instead of making my heart goes "awwww", his doting actions feels very "programed".

but what makes me drop this novel is how there's almost no conflict and the worst part of this novel is how the MC is so PASSIVE. There's no schemes, no op MC, no nothing. MC relies on others, everyone else besides himself to solve all of his problems. <<less
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loquentes ineptias
New loquentes ineptias
August 7, 2020
Status: Completed
A really adorable story with a little bit of spices here and there to make you cry a bit. To be honest, I don't feel that the characters are flat at all. To see the developments, you need to be able to have attention to detail and read between the lines, it's quite subtle. ... more>>

MC's a god that started with a little more feelings than others and recently got more personality from being born as a human. ML's MC's creation who, just like the small worlds (or was it the rules), only had the emotion of love towards MC, MC's their entire world. This fact is ingrained into their whole being. They developed in the information department (their knowledge expanded), as well as their emotional department (only related to MC, they cared about MC and all things related to him). -The ML didn't have love at first sight, because he loved him even before all this started, if you've read till the end, he indeed started with high affection for MC, but his affection levels rises with time as well until it become undying love that didn't care about anything but him.

-The game isn't a game to get a reward. It's more of a re-exploring of the worlds he made. ML did this because MC loves the worlds he made and all the residents in it, he made the game to find MC in the countless worlds and reinstated him as God, as well as to make him happy because he could only see the world indirectly before (by bringing him to these worlds, he experienced life in these worlds that he loves and interact with others). MC who was a god, was really lonely even after ML came, deep down, he envied the residents of the worlds who had such colourful emotions and experiences, full of merriment. The game's purpose was only so : to find MC, make him enjoy life, & let him come back to their side again. Also as the healing journey of ML and the small worlds from the panic and loss.

-Lastly, the translations. If you've read the translator's comment on top (which you should have before starting to read the novel), you'll know that the translator is a novice in translating (he/she already said that her translation is basically an upgraded MTL) even if he/ she's part of Chrysanthemum Garden's group, doesn't automatically means she's an expert (everyone goes to the process of: knowing-> learn -> master). Hence, several mistakes here and there, which is perfectly normal. Could you run just after you born? No, right? Even so, the errors weren't to the point where it became hard to read. Even if you're not so good at English, the meaning should've come across. It really wasn't fair of you to condemn her/his hard work even after she/he states her capabilities clearly. You just came into a conclusion yourself and then you blamed others for it. Basic morals are really starting to fade away from humanity...

All in all, this novel's good for healing and light reading. <<less
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Kirill rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: c52
Based on the description of this story. I had expected more than just fluff, cutesy romance, especially with the line "Win the game and become the [King], and you can obtain whatever it is you desire."

This made me expect that MC will face all sorts of problems & trials along the way.

But I'm utterly disappointed how this turned out. This story literally have 0 challenges for MC, he doesn't need to do anything, he doesn't even need to walk. He always have an OP character settings. ML just instantly... more>> falls in love with & does every single thing for him.

There's legit no game in here. I don't even know there's any purpose for that or the author just plainly forgot about it.

The same pattern of MC transmigrating, to ML finding him, then ML instantly falls in love & solves everything for him, then happy ending is getting very boring real fast in here.

I don't know if things will change in the future chapters, but I'm not very positive about it, especially with MC maxing his cheat settings, along with the thickest plot armor. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a super fluffy, super safe romance. The MC (shou) is calm and hard-working. The ML is super possessive but in a cute pet-puppy, docile sort of a way. There are only 4 (or maybe 5, don't really remember so well) arcs and each arc has been fleshed out quiet appropriately.

Highly recommended especially to those readers who have become weary of scummy/ slag lovers, abusive/ so-cold-not-romantic and unsafe novels.
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Shio rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: c48
It's a no challenge, just MC being pampered type of story.

  • MC get transported into new world
  • Find out the current body was being mistreated/have no background/ blank state character
  • Meet ML who is OP
  • All problem solved, smooth sail
  • all happened in the early part of the arc
Which is nice and all, but it just makes you wonder why the author bother to create "Win the game and become the [King], and you can obtain whatever it is you desire.” backstory. There's no game here. There's no struggle. The MC is basically playing... more>> a game with max cheat loaded.

It's a great story for those who want all fluff story, I guess. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: c48
Honestly, shove that chirping in your ass. I got tired of it.

I had the luck to stumble upon author's other work, which is too similar to this one. I came back and gave both 3 stars for being average. Not to mention it's easy to get annoyed in case if you:

  • Don't like non-existent, slowly developing plot that is not thrilling and holds no importance whatsoever;
  • Get tired of similar scenes happening time and time again almost every chapter that gets dragged into each arc of the story that supposed to show different worlds but nothing changes really;
  • Zero cimmunication between MC and ML that doesn't help evolve deeper feelings for their relationship, because one spend most of its' time either in his animal form or other form with face paralysis and zero communication skills knowing only how to chirp, which makes him sound like he's retarded (who effing cares if he's some OP existence, he doesn't act like that) ;
  • Fluff scenes are overbearing, they basically repeat each other with same actions, few words and nothing more;
  • You don't care for MCs who do nothing except for sleeping or being carried around.
First arc is probably the best of it, no ownder author separated it and expanded, but I'm not sure if I want to read that. It's all cute how zergs, spirits etc care... more>> for MC and connect each arc with small stuff, but it's not enough.

PS: what actually made me drop this one is translation quality, my comprehension level was tested on this one and I gave up.

It's a fluffy story, but it's all there is - repetitive fluff that gets boring, so it fits only people who are into reading in every chapter how MC and ML hug, cuddle and spend time together with chirping as BGM. <<less
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Novelsaremything rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c52
I rarely write a reviews for novels that I have read but this novel bothered me so much. I quite like it but not so much. First of all, they is a lot of things that aren't explained, the author seemed to use the same technique to build up his story over and over and over again. The ML seemed to fall for the MC without logical reason. At least make it seem real. And the ML has no character development, because he seems like any other character in the... more>> story. He doesn't talk much. Doesn't really have any other thoughts then "I must give him everything" " He likes flowers". The ML barely has any emotion feelings because the way he expresses his feelings to the MC is plain, just like a robot.
The MC is OP, they is no step backs or hardships. He basically gets everything handed to him. The minute the mob characters around see him for the first time they start to love and want to protect him like their own child which really doesn't make sense, I mean like why?

I hope the next few arcs aren't the same as the two I just read, because that would be boring. <<less
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karwasama rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: c43
This is just one of those novels that you can't find anything very explicitly wrong about, but still can't bring yourself to finish.

Many of the other reviews have summarized why quite well (I feel hy-d-ra in particular articulated my feelings about The King's Game pretty well) so I won't go into too much detail. I will, however, list a few of this novel's greatest misses:

  • MC and ML has zero (0) personality. Like seriously. I could not get attached to either of them what-so-ever, and I'm the type of reader that latches on to the protagonist in the span of five chapters.
  • The ML is so verbally reticent that at one point I wondered if he had autism or something. I wouldn't have minded if he did, but it was so god damn weird for him to be speaking full sentences in the first couple of chapters to being monosyllabic and chirping (yes, I'm 100% serious. At one point MC and ML communicate solely by chirping at each other) as soon as he met the MC.
  • The whole "MC is our treasure and we must protect him" sh*t just got old. Like it was cute the first couple of times, but you can't keep pulling out the same trick over and over again. Especially in new world. Like, if what's going to happen in the old world is going to happen in the new world, then what even is the point of progressing the story? It's essentially just repeating itself over and over again.
  • Listen, I am the last person to complain about translation quality. I am fully aware that translators are doing this for free and completely out of their goodwill, and I respect that they are taking their own time to translate for us. So don't take what I say as criticism -- rather, I am stating this merely so that future readers will be prepared: the translation gets a little confusing and disjointed after the first couple of chapters. I'm pretty sure that the translator is using MTL, and unfortunately I don't think they have an editor. It's not bad enough that the story is incomprehensible, but it did lead to much confusion on my part.
However, in saying all this, the novel wasn't terrible. The beginning was pretty interesting, and I have definitely seen worse. But it isn't good enough to make me keep reading, and in all honestly, I think... more>> that speaks volumes to what this novel is truly like. 2.5/5 stars. <<less
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Rhemechii rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: c111
This is a series I've read where the spin-off is better than its original source. In fact, the spin-off can be read alone without this one at all.

First of all, King's Game misleaded me due to its title and sypnosis. From what I assume, it would be a danmei with serious game mechanics in a QT concept. Unfortunately, the title itself, especially the word 'game' is actually just a word analogy of a 'child's play'.

Why? Because in every arc so far, MC never faced serious setbacks thanks to his every... more>> current world's identity, equivalent to a king.

Yes, this isn't a story about a man in a game, climbing up to get a King's role. It's about keeping the position he got from the very start of this so-called game, and to unveil the reason why he was chosen.

A reason which I'm not really interested to know, even by now because there's really no sense of direction I'm getting from the writing. The plot points are revealed out of place for me, like how the author introduces the possibility of an antagonist amidst the series of fluff I've just read. It gives me a sense of loss. In short, not very memorable.

It's just a bland danmei for reading to kill time. I reccommend it if you want to feel good, after all, this series is actually just fluff, with all the pampering and love the MC gets, who wouldn't get their hearts melted from the interactions? It's what made me keep reading, but honestly this novel could have been so better. <<less
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amruta rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is damn boring. I read I'm not human first which is a spin-off based on the first world and I loved it. But this novel.... no... just no.
I would recommend that you read the last 3 chapters first and then start reading the novel. Otherwise, all the chirps and chu-chu and nonsensical things might make you go to sleep. I did. This story put me to sleep while reading which happens very rarely to me.

There are only 5 worlds and the reason is obvious. The author has... more>> nothing new to write. In all the worlds, the MC is the beloved treasure of his family, he is OP, ML falls for him instantly. Everything repeats. Only the settings change a bit. There are hardly any dialogues in the story. It's just so one dimensional. Ugh.

A very bland read. If you want pure fluff with no story and logic, go ahead. <<less
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Lobster123r rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: c73
just wanted to get this out.

I feel like the setting (8/10) and ML (3/10) are the only things that author put any thought into. They are the only things that I have any impression of at all. Setting is 8/10 because they're actually pretty good but not amazing. ML is about as equal to that girl in the harem books who is at best "naive" and at worst s*upid. (Not because he is s*upid but because he is almost worthless.) MC and every other character, in my mind are the... more>> same as ordinary printer paper. Blank. MC has no qualities at all other than 'pure' and 'naive'. All other things I just have no impression of but "buy a ball as gift". You can replace MC with anything and it's practically the same.

Here's the plot with MC replaced with a chair:

Ordinary chair gets worshipped by a group of people for no reason but 'a feeling'. The best person in that group of people loves the chair. The chair and the best person get married. The End. Repeat for every arc.

And if you're gonna make him 'OP' please make a real reason for it. MC's not 'OP' but sheltered, spoiled, and worshipped. Someone 'OP' would be powerful by their own hands. At least give MC one redeeming quality before you make everyone love him, because personally I find him boring. <<less
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flozen rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Ok, so I forgot to give a review once I finished TKG but I just remembered. Been here from the start by the way.

I personally really enjoyed the story, it was fluffy and cute asf. Gu Huai is really OP and goes through basically no troubles.

I prefer OP characters and I'm not fond of too much action done in a fluffy story so this is perfect for me.

I preferred the spin off, I'm Not A Human which is based off of he first arc of TKG since it went into... more>> detail. But this is also really good!

All in all, don't like OP characters, no struggles for the MC and loving, possessive ML? You're better off leaving. <<less
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BaiYihan rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c79
I read a lot of qt books and this is one of my favorites. Granted, I have a lot of favorites but, this is seriously really good! I recommend this book to everyone. There's different world's and the the MC isn't completely dense when it comes to love which makes me so happy.
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November 27, 2019
Status: Completed
So I actually read this a long time ago and I feel so proud about the reviews having high ratings.

The description, the introduction, the way the author set up the characters. Some might say they may be too dimensional ... more>>

for being goo kind to our mc

but that's the reason why this one was made. The story made itself like that in order to have progress.

I love this types of arcs without blood dog drama, it's fluffy, cute, it has the serenety and everythign you could ask for a peaceful novel.

Im not gonna spoil anything.

I rate this full 5 STARS

Legit tags : Transmigration, Fluffy, 1v1, no rape, no blooddog drama, no annoying side characters. <<less
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Darkness7913 rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite novels, yes I mtled this quite a lot of times... This is a fluffy novel with not much complicated things... I think there were about 5 arcs, I like the interactions between the MC and the ML especially the people of MC! The 5 arcs are...

... more>>

Not in any order I can't remember the proper order of it

  1. Interstellar: with zergs and all... MC and ML were this was by far the cutest arc
  2. Cultivation: spirits, demons and cultivators
  3. Normal: MC's in the mafia, ML's a childhood friend
  4. Normal/ Supernatural: MC's like a model or actor with hidden genes, ML's a dragon or something
  5. Extinction? more like there's robots, elf and the like no humans other than MC

Yes I find it super cute and fluffy so I recommend it to all!!! <<less
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WanderingReader rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: --
Giving this a 5 star because of the first arc, as for the rest of the arcs it's still good to read if you like fluffy stories and worry free.

I'm a bit tired reading face slapping, plotting, shaming, revenge driven stories all the time, so this novel is a fresh air for me when I'm tired reading those novels.

If you like reading a novel where the MC is pampered, loved by everyone this is a must read, it's also nice knowing the ML is the same person and even some... more>> of the side characters seems to be there in next arcs.

For the first arc, they got separate story and it's absolutely fantastic, I'd recommend to read that one too! <<less
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Marshmeow rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Basically, this is everything of what you'd expect a fluffy story would be.

There are other opinions on other reviews but honestly, they must've overlooked the Easy-going tag~ If you're looking for mindless cute and fluffy bl then this is for you! It would most likely focus on the doting romance during the adventure. Although the title is misleading, thinking that it would be hot-blooded/ injected with chicken blood kinda story with some power action (only a little bit tho) but, double-check the tags and expect to be fed an easy... more>> going, op, doting story full of fluff and the entire love of the world.

I do prefer the spin-off which is a great stand-alone in itself. I did start reading it first and I whole heartedly recommend giving it a try.

That's just my opinion though~~

(●´з`) ♡ note: treat it as a light read <<less
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Huahua2000 rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: c37
(Tho my English is bad I still want to write a review) I'm a big fan of transmigration and rebirth novel. Seeing the high ratings of 4.2 star, I decide to give this novel a try but honestly it was a disappointing read. Both MC and ML lack personality and interaction. It's so cliche how ML just falls head over hill for MC at first sight.

Another thing is the translation (since I haven't seen anyone mention it yet). I expect a lot when I see that it was translated... more>> by Chrysanthemum Garden. They are my favorite bl site and always delivered great translation but this just ain't it. The grammars error are all over the place and some sentences doesn't even make sense. It feels like non editd mtl. <<less
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Fragrance rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: c85
The description is very misleading. I originally hope for some thrilling "games" in different worlds. The concept is interesting; the zergs, the spirits etc etc. How the MC becomes their king. The first arc is very promising. I do like it with all the pampering, love and care. I think it's most probably the best arc in my opinion. Throughout the second arc however, I've a hard time to understand the plot. The translation needs extensive editing. It's very confusing. The sentences are in disarray basically don't make any sense.... more>> I can't handle the grammar mistakes. But I understand that the translator is doing this for free and it's just me being picky. I appreciate the translator's effort and hard work. It could've been better if there's an editor. If you're familiar with MTL then you should be able to understand the translation pretty easily.

I like the fluffiness. The ML is doting towards the MC. Same with other people as well. The MC is just loved by all. However, it gets very annoying because I don't get how the romance sparks (?). There's little to none communication between the main characters. Author rarely delves into MC's thoughts so maybe it's one of the reason why I feel like their relationship is a bit abrupt and rushed. The plot is kind of repetitive. I don't get how the task progress works, it just suddenly goes up. Author doesn't really explained how the MC "win the game".

All in all, it's so-so for me. <<less
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RenTheWitch rated it
September 11, 2019
Status: c92
Its fluffy, nice pacing, a very pure romance between the leads. You are going to love it if u are here for fluff and cute family/clan love, its light hearted and peaceful, there is faceslapping but its not the main point. Cute story with cute worlds, lighthearted and full of meng and fluff.
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Melange rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This has got to be one of the most poorly explained and confusing QT novels I've ever read. It doesn't even matter what the setting is because everything is just pure nonsense. Not that you'll understand the setting anyways... I don't know if it's because the translation is poor or the writing is lackluster. Having read the author's other works, it's probably a mix of both.

I really have to dispute any of the reviews that say that ML is "smart." Smart in what way, exactly? The guy has the intelligence... more>> of a snail and the emotional aptitude of a rock. f*ckin' grown ass man going chirp chirp, what the f*ck.

I had to really struggle to read this because every time I tried to read a chapter, it was like my brain turned into a leaky sponge. Do yourself a favor and read any other QT novel because this one is just absolute garbage. <<less
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June 17, 2020
Status: c134
It's a really cute and sweet story. The MC and ML kept their personalities and feelings throughout and are just too cute. Our MC's family are also the cutest.

Totz recommend if you are like me and like the simple things in life 😘😉

Thanks for translating 🙂
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