A Crowd of Evil Spirit Lines up to Confess to Me


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Since childhood Gu Wu Ji has regularly encountered ghosts and one day was involved in an infinite world of terror, just– I treated you as an evil spirit, why do you want to hug my thigh?

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New dona rated it
June 16, 2019
Status: c19
I guess my expectation got higher after reading the reviews here but this novel really wasn´t special or memorable to that extent. I quite enjoyed the first 15 chapters but after realising there was no end to these 'games` that MC is sent to, I started skipping lines. I mean, nothing has been explained yet. What is the point of this? Why do people get sucked involuntary into this and who makes decisions? I´m still confused. Now about MC..

He gets a lot of praises but other than his quirkiness with... more>> getting along with ghosts, I don´t see the interest or attraction about him. He is extremely kind, willing to help those who have insulted him and tends to make light of everything. He´s so composed and calm, it diminishes the seriousness of the situation and the "horror" part isn´t so frightening anymore, which I think is a shame. You can´t relate to him since he´s so OP.

We have yet to know anything more about him and I have a feeling the author doesn´t have anything more to add to his character. ML is still a mystery, probably until he properly appears this story will continue with MC going around acting as exorcist and leaving people in awe of his awesomeness. It´s an alright read. <<less
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New ResidentialPsycho rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: c17
Reading this series is like watching a gory horror movie or reading a scary book while the MC is just jamming along to the pop song "Party in my Head" by SEPTEMBER. There is tragedy, dead people, and nightmarish settings in the haunted landscape all around him, but the MC is just merrily doing his own thing and dancing to his own beat. His kind, cheerful, and optimistic attitude is infectious and seems to fill this horrific story with bubbles of pop music, leaving both his rival characters and the... more>> wicked ghosts confused and bewildered.

I love this MC! This is the MC I have longed to read about in a ghost series! He's not just a naive, generic nice guy. In fact, I would argue that he isn't naive at all. He is calm and diligent, and he just accepts and treats ghosts like the people they once were.

The side characters are great, too. Each of them have has his or her own distinctive personality and undergoes character development in the arcs. They have repeat appearances, too.

The setting is modern day where groups of people go to haunted worlds called Copies to achieve certain objectives or die. The suspense is real for anyone who isn't the MC, and many people die. It's a bit similar to series like Misplacement Game, Game Loading, and Kaleidoscope of Death. However, the ghosts aren't limited to these game-like settings--the MC encounters them on a daily basis in real life, too.

So far, the plot is very interesting and a great read. Strongly recommended! I'm hyped for the next update. <<less
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Ewewy rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: c154
So I MTL till the most recent free chapter (47 at this time) I could find and I love it. It has been a while since I found a good BL to read.

The story is fun, interesting and sometimes a bit spooky.

The supporting characters are really great and don't just show up and then disappear. "Villains", if you can call them that, aren't stupid and they aren't mean to just be mean and get in the way of the MC though it might seem that way in the beginning. They... more>> have their own goals and once they get to know MC they can have a change of heart.

The MC is amazing. He is definitely the main reason I gave this such a high score. He is laid-back, courageous and is naturally thoughtful/kind to everyone but he isn't the "dumb saint" type. The MC has different views that often conflict with other "players" and it is very interesting to see them dumbfounded at his actions. The MC is a bit OP, but that doesn't mean that everything goes smoothly all the time. I can't say enough about the MC, definitely one of my favorite BL novel characters.

Now the only small complaint I may have is the ML. As the novel is still ongoing (currently 47 chapters I think?) it might be a bit too early to judge. My complaint is not in his personality, but more in the fact that we don't really get to know him much after 44 chapters. This might also be because I am reading the MTL. I just wish I could get to understand him more because as of now I can't even get a good grasp of his personality. Well, one thing that is good so far is that he isn't the common cliché "rapey" ML that I get so tired of reading about (seriously the number of novels I dropped because of disgusting MLs are off the charts). Anyways this small complaint can't even make a dent in my final score and I am sure that we will get to know the ML later in the story.

C.154 update

Still as good. Recommended. Just go read it. It is easy to MTL so what are you waiting for <<less
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astrobabe rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c135
I have a Chrome tab dedicated to this novel that I refresh usually everyday for the next chapter. So, there's that.

I'd classify this more as a comedic light novel with heavy horror overtones rather than a horror novel with heavy comedic undertones. The reason for this is the MC is rather OP. Well, so is the ML. But anyway, I feel like the key aspect of a horror novel is that there is suspense about survival (even though we usually know the MC will not die). But part of the... more>> gag of this novel as well as its appeal is the fact that the Big Boss of all the instances are attracted to the MC so we know that nothing (too) bad will happen. In fact, the suspense usually stems from how MC will escape from these powerful and possessive bosses. Because let's get this out of the way: The MC seems to be straight. His thinking and reactions to ghosts hitting on him is very awkward and pragmatic in terms of completing the mission. Usually I'm not really into "explicitly straight person turning gay just because it's classified BL" buuut

MC seems to have amnesia with regards to ML


so I don't think it's that type of situation.

So that aside, this novel and the MC is refreshing because rather than the MC being OP and kind, the MC is OP because he is kind. Indeed, his stats are superior to everybody else, but if it wasn't for his kindness, this novel would definitely be more horror where everything (including the boss) would be a big threat and survival would involve the MC being more violent. Furthermore, even though the instances don't pose an existential threat to MC, they still remain interesting in their construction. Tension revolves around the MC and the other players and how they hinder/help him, and also in discovering the background of the instance. It usually develops in ways you don't expect. In the later chapters, the author also ups the intrigue by

making the MC encounter previous ghost bosses who are even more hellbent of keeping him by their side.


Interspersed between the instances are also real world events which is part an overarching mystery plot so there's something to look forward to outside of the MC completing instances and getting stronger. And in everything, there's a lot of funny stuff in general whether it's face-slapping, reactions to the MC, or recurring bits (one of my favorite being a certain cooking-related prop).

You'd think that it'd get boring for a BL novel to have barely shown much info about the ML by chapter 135 but somehow, that's not the case. It seems like a slow-burn but the ride is so enjoyable that I'm very ambivalent. It's just another question that you want to learn the answer to as everything unfolds. That is, there's more to soak in besides the romance plot which is always nice.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. <<less
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EurikaYamato03 rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: c3
Yeah as you can see I'm reviewing this early (I'm only at chapter 3 lol). Just want to say that I AM REALLY LOVING THIS STORY! I've said many times already even in the translation site 😂

Anyways, this story is a gem (really no joke) even though I'm still in the early chapters (i read the translated ver), I am giving this 5 stars. The MC is such a cutie, he is like a clever cinnamon roll 😂. And I really love how the other characters get stupefied with... more>> his unexpected actions, they're always like "what is he doing?! Does he want to get killed?!".

The ghost is also cute.


The girl ghost in the corridor from chapter 2 is like " what the hell is this guy doing? " And she's the one who felt awkward lol.


Well, unfortunately, the ML is not seen in the early chapters yet (or I just didn't know) so I can't give description about him.

I love the translations and I'm so thankful for translating this gem 😍. I am having the urge to read mtl but will still read the english translation. This is highly recommended and yeah you will love this ~ 😘 <<less
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rhianirory rated it
March 13, 2019
Status: c120
This is one of my favorite horror-humor BL and I'm always really impatient for the next chapters, even if I can only read them through MTL (i got a vip membership just for this novel).

the MC isn't one of the stupid naive type; he's clever and kind, but not stupidly kind. All of the big bosses are interested in him and the MC seems to have some kind of ghost pheromone.

don't know if this is a case of all the bosses being a shard of the ML or not, but some copies have a boss and sub boss and both love the MC so maybe he's just not revealed yet

so far every boss has tried to make him stay with them. Even into the 100's I still don't know who the ML is supposed to be, he's just this presence in the shadows. More surprising to me, there hasn't been a single boring Copy/ instance. Even in my two other favorite horror BL there was at least one story/ world I didn't like (dolls are very creepy. Skinning people and wearing it is ewww). On the real world side he's laid back with his acting career, just going with the flow for the most part. There isn't much to the acting side and the focus is more on ghosts and the copies rather than his job. His everyday interactions with the ghosts around him are interesting and he's slowly gaining a group of leg hugging second gen followers who are in awe of his exorcism skills, which is funny at times. He recently came to the attention of high level players and their observations are funny as well. Not much going on in the romance department; the guys EQ is low when it comes to love, maybe from hanging out with ghosts all his life. The MC gets along better with ghosts than with people, especially at first. There seems to be quite a bit of mystery behind his abilities and I'm curious to find out the mystery of who/what he is.
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Ouryuu Zeno
Ouryuu Zeno rated it
March 9, 2019
Status: c68
A Really amazing story, I managed to mtl till latest chapters. I was attracted by the MC 's quirky kindness from the beginning, it's not the annoying helping bad and good people stupidly and getting betrayed type. He's able to protect himself well hence he can save others, which causes ghosts and people alike to want to follow him. But etthere are times even at the expense of his life he'd save someone. The copies have very interesting backgrounds, and there's lots of laughs and gags in the interactions of... more>> all the characters.

Spoiler of love interest :


The big boss (Ml?) of every copy mostly have the same attributes so my guess this is 1v1. He sees the unique kindness of MC and finds him interesting... Although it's not the love interest type yet.

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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
April 22, 2019
Status: c109
This review will be updated weekly


I dont like bl with horror or ghosts themes. I literally hate them, I get so bored. BUT THIS ONE. From all the bl that I've read, this one is my favorite. I cant get enough of it, I'm in love with the MC and the ml.

They are relationship goals even when they're not yet together. This one is perfection, I'm disappointed yet not. Because the story is not finished, but im happy that its still on going because its thrilling that it may... more>> even get linger to finish.

Everyday I would update the mtl and read it. Sometime I would read it from the beginning again.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE. BEST BL EVER (fyi I've read 95 % of bl here in NU and wattpad) and this is the best one <<less
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