A Crowd of Evil Spirit Lines up to Confess to Me


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Since childhood, Gu Wuji regularly encountered ghosts. One day, he was dragged into an infinite world of terror. But as a result….

I treat you guys as evil spirits, but all of you want to hug my thigh?

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muôn vàn lệ quỷ xếp hàng tỏ tình với tôi
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New Qwex rated it
June 15, 2022
Status: c96
I feel like quality dropped over time.

In the beginning it was an enjoyable novel with interesting MC that has a unique personality. Not an ideal novel, there were some plotholes, but I was having fun so I closed eyes on them.

Some of the plotholes in the earlier chapters:

... more>>

MC buys skill that cannot be upgraded over time. After some time this skill was upgraded.

A big family lives in their ancestral haunted house because, if they leave, after some days they will suffer from horrible nightmares. After some time it is mentioned that a lot of members of this family only come to this house once every couple of months.


You know, small stuff that does not influence the plot in big ways.

What I liked the most was the plot and MC.

I can't say that I've real a lot of infinite flow novels, but this plot structure is novel to me. Basically there are mostly self contained stories within instances and an overarching plot IRL. The plot IRL even has it's own plot arcs (the first one ended with a cool boss battle). Plots of instances are connected to each other and to some point to RL.

MC is someone who is quick to help others (human and ghosts), but he is not s*upid. He is also not a Holy Father and will not blindly help people who want to harm him. He is proactive in every instance and works very hard to learn the truth. He is super OP, but as time goes on the dificulty of every instance rises and he has to work very hard not to die.

Well, all of this was in the beginning. The seventh instance (The Vampire Banquet, starting from the 80th chapter) throws all of this out of the window. Detailes under the spoiler, but as a quick note - if you think that an instance with name like The Vampire Banquet will have a banquet - then you will be very disappointed. The only thing the author described was that the food was delicious. Not even what kind of food, just that it was delicious. For so called vampires those people were lacking in blood drinking. I quess they are vampires and not just some dudes so that Boss would have a reason to be interested in MC.


One of the things that help MC to solve mysteries is his intuition. It was not (very) often used in the past, but it was very helpful. This time it felt like MC of this novel is Peter Parker. Seriously, his "intuition" this time is more like spider sense directly from comic books. Whe worst offender was when MC was given a task to find who of a villagers is a werewolf. Suspects were gathered in front of him, and he just poins to one of the no-name NPCs, like, it is her!

If in previous worlds he actually got along with other NPCs, learned about them, investigated the situation, this time his "intuition" solved the mistery.

What happened next made me face palm (I did it alot while reading this novel from this arc to where I dropped it). MC started to pull reasons as to why it is this girl from his ass: this girl was in love with the person whose role MC took (Because of reasons this time he looks like a girl, whatever). Ang guess what? He was right! None of that was mentioned previously, he was just blindly guessing. But this is not all! After that this girl turned into a werewolf and attacked a female player, who hated MC. MC saved this player, and she fell in love with MC. Jokes about how this world is full of lesbians will get old really fast.

BTW, this is the second person in this instance when a player immediatelly started following MC after he saved him. But not the last. In earlier worlds it would've made sence, but it was supposed to be an intermediate level world, and, from how low lever worlds were, players with skills like this have no chanse at all to live longer than a couple of levels max.

But ok, what about when they actually were in the castle? Maybe then MC started unraveling what is going on? Nope! Well, they did, but most of exploration were in one sentence: they explored the first floor and helped other playes. All the info MC found was from the journal that female player gave him and from the journal in the library.

This is about plot. About MC. His intelligence also suffered: now he is a Holy Father who just stands with a smile while other people try to kill him. (The one doing the killing is the most cheap cannon fodder in existence. MC was actually trying to save him (and other players) at that time).

How MC learned about the history behind current events? It was shown him in flashbacks at the end of this arc. FLASHBACK! This is how low this novel has fallen. (There was actually a scene where MC, like some kind of knock off Poirot, pointed out to the Boss that he knows why he does that. No, it was never mentioned in the novel, you do not deserve to make this deduction).

And finally, why Boss was so interested in MC so he started a fight over him? Because MC has delicious blood. That's it. Reasons why Bosses from other worlds were interested in MC are... sketchy, but this is simply insulting.


After this arc I was going to read another one, just in case it was an exception and after this the quality will be like in the earlier chapters, but I quit even before the next arc started. I was sitting there and muttering between my teeth "one more time, say that you think something is a bad idea because you have intuition and not facts one more time" and he did. Also, the author seriously nerfed his IQ for laughs:


He, who grew up with ghosts cannot see that the door did not stuck but was closed by a ghost? Whut?


So my unique MC turned into another OP protagonist who is hell bent on helping others, but does not see further than his nose.

About romantic relationship.


MC is a so called "straight steel man", but he is equally oblivious when women flirt with him. (Not that it happened more than once. (See spoilers about the seventh instance)), but still. Not anoying like if he was some kind of wannabe Casanova.

About his relationships with titular "evil spirits". Fot the most part they are not present in arcs until very end. They observe MC's actions and find him interesting so they want him. In other words, 96 chapters in, and at most we have some chemistry between characters who are together for a couple of minutes.


In conclusion: Even with earlier chapters, not everyone will like this novel. After some time the quality dropped so hard and so sudden, that I couldn't force myself to continue. Do I regret reading it? No. Do I recommend it to others? Also no.

Also, I hope there are some very detailed spoilers for this novel. The plot got me hooked and I simply NEED to know what is actually going on and how it ends. <<less
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Ewewy rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: c154
So I MTL till the most recent free chapter (47 at this time) I could find and I love it. It has been a while since I found a good BL to read.

The story is fun, interesting and sometimes a bit spooky.

The supporting characters are really great and don't just show up and then disappear. "Villains", if you can call them that, aren't s*upid and they aren't mean to just be mean and get in the way of the MC though it might seem that way in the beginning. They... more>> have their own goals and once they get to know MC they can have a change of heart.

The MC is amazing. He is definitely the main reason I gave this such a high score. He is laid-back, courageous and is naturally thoughtful/kind to everyone but he isn't the "dumb saint" type. The MC has different views that often conflict with other "players" and it is very interesting to see them dumbfounded at his actions. The MC is a bit OP, but that doesn't mean that everything goes smoothly all the time. I can't say enough about the MC, definitely one of my favorite BL novel characters.

Now the only small complaint I may have is the ML. As the novel is still ongoing (currently 47 chapters I think?) it might be a bit too early to judge. My complaint is not in his personality, but more in the fact that we don't really get to know him much after 44 chapters. This might also be because I am reading the MTL. I just wish I could get to understand him more because as of now I can't even get a good grasp of his personality. Well, one thing that is good so far is that he isn't the common cliché "rapey" ML that I get so tired of reading about (seriously the number of novels I dropped because of disgusting MLs are off the charts). Anyways this small complaint can't even make a dent in my final score and I am sure that we will get to know the ML later in the story.

C.154 update

Still as good. Recommended. Just go read it. It is easy to MTL so what are you waiting for <<less
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astrobabe rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c135
I have a Chrome tab dedicated to this novel that I refresh usually everyday for the next chapter. So, there's that.

I'd classify this more as a comedic light novel with heavy horror overtones rather than a horror novel with heavy comedic undertones. The reason for this is the MC is rather OP. Well, so is the ML. But anyway, I feel like the key aspect of a horror novel is that there is suspense about survival (even though we usually know the MC will not die). But part of the... more>> gag of this novel as well as its appeal is the fact that the Big Boss of all the instances are attracted to the MC so we know that nothing (too) bad will happen. In fact, the suspense usually stems from how MC will escape from these powerful and possessive bosses. Because let's get this out of the way: The MC seems to be straight. His thinking and reactions to ghosts hitting on him is very awkward and pragmatic in terms of completing the mission. Usually I'm not really into "explicitly straight person turning gay just because it's classified BL" buuut

MC seems to have amnesia with regards to ML


so I don't think it's that type of situation.

So that aside, this novel and the MC is refreshing because rather than the MC being OP and kind, the MC is OP because he is kind. Indeed, his stats are superior to everybody else, but if it wasn't for his kindness, this novel would definitely be more horror where everything (including the boss) would be a big threat and survival would involve the MC being more violent. Furthermore, even though the instances don't pose an existential threat to MC, they still remain interesting in their construction. Tension revolves around the MC and the other players and how they hinder/help him, and also in discovering the background of the instance. It usually develops in ways you don't expect. In the later chapters, the author also ups the intrigue by

making the MC encounter previous ghost bosses who are even more hellbent of keeping him by their side.


Interspersed between the instances are also real world events which is part an overarching mystery plot so there's something to look forward to outside of the MC completing instances and getting stronger. And in everything, there's a lot of funny stuff in general whether it's face-slapping, reactions to the MC, or recurring bits (one of my favorite being a certain cooking-related prop).

You'd think that it'd get boring for a BL novel to have barely shown much info about the ML by chapter 135 but somehow, that's not the case. It seems like a slow-burn but the ride is so enjoyable that I'm very ambivalent. It's just another question that you want to learn the answer to as everything unfolds. That is, there's more to soak in besides the romance plot which is always nice.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
April 22, 2019
Status: 245
Just finished reading till the epilogue, hopefully there would be extra chapters.

It's been a long ride since I started reading this as an ongoing story where the updates of latest chapter were at 90. I fell in love with this the first 5 chapters. Honestly speaking I never liked the genre horror for novels but this one was the one thatmade me love horror bl. I never closed the tab for the udpates.

So moving on the the whole story.

MC - the MC is a natural op (which has sense... more>> the further you read) he's made great decisions to integrate into different arcs in the novel making the readers (us) love him so much

Ml- the ML is the most pitiful,

had to distribute his souls to guide the MC and collect his souls so that in the end the MC can kill him since that's the rule and goals of the game system

he's so sweet, since his soul is cut into different parts, everyone has their own personality, character and obsession.

The story

I am really bias to this novel because I love it. It's fluffy, sometimes it will make you cry out of sadness and too much laughter. Even the side characters are lovable. The flow if each arc is great and the further you read, the further the improvement goes up.

The epilogue really made me surprised thou

I never thought of him making a wish to be the administrator of the game, I never even thought of that, I thought he'd wish for something like bring ML back but since our MC is a genius, as an administrator he can directly bring the ML back and do even more amazing stuff


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Geroker rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: c50
I agree with the commenter who complained about the weird, bad synopsis. A primary character trait of the MC is that he treats ghosts just like people. It's his most distinctive trait, it's a major crux of the plot, how can the synopsis describe the exact opposite??

A more accurate synopsis:

Since childhood Gu Wu Ji has regularly encountered ghosts. As a result, his attitude towards ghosts has become very nonchalant. If you have a ghost anyway, why not let it help sweep the apartment.

One day GWJ gets inducted into a game world instance. He will encounter terror and nightmares beyond human imagining.


Ghost: this human will surely be frightened when he turns and sees me

GWJ: oh, I see, you're upset because you've lost your head. Here, I'll help you reattach it. /pats comfortingly on shoulder

The MC is very OP. He is super handsome, super strong even when abilities are taken away, quite smart. (and that's before he starts collecting super rare power ups). His single most OP feature is staying calm always. He is never panicked, always matter of fact and practical.

There are stories such OPness would be annoying in, but this is not one of them, it completely works as a comedy. (sort of like One Punch Man or other stories where the MC's OPness is the main joke).

As for romance, 50 chapters in, there's slightly more than absolutely zero. And I mean, very slightly. This is mostly a story about a man going around purifying ghosts and solving mysteries and wildly exceeding everyone's expectation of him while they all collectively make mind-boggled expressions. There's the vaguest, tiniest hints of the possibility that at some point possibly someday there may be a romantic element.

It's a very fun, light read.

Ch90 update: here's where I give up MTLing - I'll continue with the translations as they're released, I just feel like with MTL I'm missing too much of the humor, can't keep track of the interesting side characters because the mtl keeps mangling their names, etc.

[spoiler]By chapter 90 you are beginning to get hints about the larger plot, it is established the MC has amnesia, and the romance overtones while still very mild and suuuuuper slow, are definitely becoming harder to miss/ignore, even for the MC[/spoiler]
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rhianirory rated it
March 13, 2019
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite humor/supernatural BL (i got a vip membership just for this novel). that being said, it's creepy at times but not scary. the MC is clever and kind, but not s*upidly kind and he seems to have some kind of ghost pheromone oozing out of his pores. the romance shows up very late (as in after the first 11 or 12 copies), so don't read this story expecting it to be full of fluff moments; it's pretty much zero romance until very close to the... more>> end (if you don't count the bosses hitting on him).

the MC's backstory and past was both surprising and interesting, and fleshed out his character a lot, but it comes late in the story in incomplete bits and pieces until the big reveal. the author also started padding her story in the middle of the second half making the instances go from 5-10 chapters each to 20-40 or even more, making the story drag a at times.

it was a 5 for the first half, a 4.5 through the next quarter of the story, and then became a 4 because while the humor was fun and I enjoyed the first 3/4 of the story, the ending was disappointing and I disliked the final (ENDING SPOILER)

harem resolution. even when it's disguised as all of them being separate parts of the final big bad 2.0 who can't keep himself together it's still a harem IMO. in fact, I feel a little pissed that the author chose that route; I guess she wanted to satisfy all the different shippers. I very much prefer 1+1 and not 1+1+1+1+1+...I think there's at least 8 or 9 copy bosses that he consistently rotates through at the very end of the story (or maybe it was 10).

final boss 1.0, first copy, mirror copy, baby, evil god, painter, vampire (s), mountain god, merman, final boss 2.0 are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, but there may have been one or two more I'm not remembering right now.


If you like this story and don't mind mtl or reading raw, the author has a new infinite flow novel out called The pig teammates of a thriller game roll over every day (mtl title version). it has some similarities, humor wise, with this story but there are only 40 chapters so far. <<less
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Peixotto rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: --
Good, funny, and the main character is actually very likeable, but at the current rate of translation it will be roughly 5 1/2 years before it's finished being translated. Someone else please translate this.
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February 4, 2021
Status: c50
Had to drop.

It was quite good at the start, typical manga with revenge and defeating bosses but stories soon became repetative with same few things happening each time.

Number 1 MC is overlooked by group of game players. Number 2 scary things happen but MC remains calm which creeps out other gane players. Number 3 group of game players split up. Number 4 MC saves people in group esrning respect. Number 5 MC meets final boss. Number 6 they inexplicably fall in live for him just because hes 'different'. Number 7 MC completes game collecting every single point in the world becduae he managed to seduce the games boss.


The novel never really deviated from these couple points so when there was no real romance with only hints of having seen ML, a suggestion more than anything else, these game occurances that are meant to fuel the novel then really drag on. I loved the idea of a calm and collected MC but when even the personalities and atitudes of a lot of the game players also kept repeating it felt like having read the first instance was the same as having read all of them. Also is MC the only calm person in the entire universe for all the bosses to fall for him, was there no horror junkie, no experienced player or other people with similar ghost abilities as MC.

I really wanted to love this book, there were a few twists and the areas where it did deviate from its usual narrative was good. I can handle repetative storylines too, I just need something else on the side lines whether it be romance or a character arc or maybe a revenge plotline that isnt resolved as easily as

ghosts appear sacre the enemy MC defeats, earning instant respect.

If this story does get better let me know, because I would love to pick it up especially as I have a feeling ML is going to be turning up soon but right now I really cant justify spending more time on it, since I have been dragging myself reading the last two instances begging for even an image of the ML.
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EurikaYamato03 rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: c3
Yeah as you can see I'm reviewing this early (I'm only at chapter 3 lol). Just want to say that I AM REALLY LOVING THIS STORY! I've said many times already even in the translation site ?

Anyways, this story is a gem (really no joke) even though I'm still in the early chapters (i read the translated ver), I am giving this 5 stars. The MC is such a cutie, he is like a clever cinnamon roll ?. And I really love how the other characters get stupefied with... more>> his unexpected actions, they're always like "what is he doing?! Does he want to get killed?!".

The ghost is also cute.


The girl ghost in the corridor from chapter 2 is like " what the hell is this guy doing? " And she's the one who felt awkward lol.


Well, unfortunately, the ML is not seen in the early chapters yet (or I just didn't know) so I can't give description about him.

I love the translations and I'm so thankful for translating this gem ?. I am having the urge to read mtl but will still read the english translation. This is highly recommended and yeah you will love this ~ ? <<less
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tricksyness rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: c247
On one hand, it was an easy and entertaining read. MC is OP and has good looks so he was just breezing through instances optimistically unlike everyone else. It's great to read since you won't be riddled with anxiety following his life.

On the other hand, as many have mentioned, it does get very repetitive. Each arc tends to be a pattern of new people always underestimating/dismissing him because he's very good-looking (which I find baffling, considering the number of people in real life who are both smart and good-looking...), him... more>> essentially face-slapping everyone with his OP strength and good looks, the ghost boss falling in love with him along the way and he uses that to somehow clear the instance.

I came by this fic since it was tagged as Shonen-ai, but I was pretty disappointed by the romance side. At first, it was funny to see each and every ghost boss fall in love with MC. But then, I get through 99% of the novel where MC was pretty much a straight guy with zero romantic interest for any of them, it's just disappointing.


It was only in the last few chapters that his preference may have changed (because he might've been gay in his past life???). And then with zero actual written development of MC's romantic interest at all, he and "ML" gets married in the last chapter. I was just ????

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Shotoxoxokawai rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: Completed


... more>> Dear translator
Tysm for uploading this novel...

I just can't say HOW MUCH I love n Crave for this novel update T T

I beg of you plz don't abandon this ever..

I really appreciate u for translating this


At first whenever I come across this novel...I hv already decided to not read it bez it wasn't my cup of tea 》

Never did I though I'll fall in love with this novel n like lietrally go CRAZY for it》

Every ch was WAYYYY too interesting!~ only to end up readin it in a day n a half XD》

I just couldn't control myself lol》

《 part of me.. didnt read it bez of some negative comments》


Although some peep will not like it... since not every 1 of us will hv the same opinion》

BUT I seriously can say with confidence. THAT it REALLY is an AMAZING NOVEL n NEED more recognition !!》

I hope people will read it around 5 to 10 chs n judge it... But it was wayyy interesting for me even from the start of the ch》

100/10 ^ ^ {I cannot- say more}


PS:Onces again tysm Traslator for working on this... we really appreciate ur hard work n efforts ♡♡♡ <<less
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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: Completed

There were certain arcs where I thought: "If that was me then I'd surely be dead by that time."

There were also moments when the MC would experience hair raising moments and I would too! Since if you'll think about it, it's like escaping death by the breath of a hair.

... more>> Yes, there's a certain comedic tone in this novel since the interactions between the MC and the characters are really entertaining.

What's really amazing is the ML.

Yes, there was not much romance happening. The romance setting only kicked in once its already on the last arc (?) but since the MC also has unresolved matters, in my own opinion the timing was just right.

Sure, we already get the hint that the certain Boss' of the arcs have feelings for the MC but (my gosh the MC is so numb ?) I did read a review that the MC was probably straight.

It did seem like that during the course of the story but once the ending was reached and everything turned back to the way as it should be, you'll know that the MC and the ML have long been entangled with each other.

The arcs are really, really nice. I also like the way the MC acts and his perseverance. His past was quite sad but I'm happy that he has attained happiness.

The novel was such a nice ride.

I did think that the ending was quite rushed. I would've loved to see more interactions between the MC and the ML and their daily life.

Plus with some certain cute ghosts.

There were moments when I'd silently scream: "Bring out the cutie little monster!" I get happy whenever I see it. ? I'm not sure on what would it's name be once translated but 'Rhubarb' I wanna cuddle you. (I'd probably be literally eaten in a sec. ?) Still, I want to thank the author for creating this novel and also to our translator/s and editor/s-sama. Please keep up the good work! I wish you good luck and have a good day ahead. <<less
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October 25, 2019
Status: c30 part1
Synopsis is misleading and offputting, making one disdain the protagonist. Having given it a chance, this protagonist is now one of my absolute favorites. Let me clarify.

I didn't read this one when I first came across it due to the synopsis' line, 'I treated you as an evil spirit, why do you want to hug my thigh?' This made me think this was one of those incompetent but 'charming' protagonists who ignorantly use their cuteness to win the evil-aligned ML over. I find them a bit irritating, so I skipped... more>> it. I ran out of chapters on the other stories I'm currently into, saw the high rating, and thought 'meh, why not give a couple chapters a glance?' I really hate having waited so long.

The synopsis says how the protagonist grew up encountering ghosts before he was pulled into the infinite world of terror, but fails to mention how much of an oddball he's become as a result of his encounters and how lackadaisical he is once inside the instances, or copies. As a nonspoilery example, when a ghostly hand reaches out from a wall to frighten, he reaches out to give it a handshake, thinking that's what it wants. He reminds me a bit of Yoh from Shaman King. He treats ghosts like they're people who just happen to not have to breathe anymore. This means that 'I treated you as an evil spirit' part was incorrect as well. Well, unless we haven't met the male lead yet. Oh, that's another thing.

There has yet to be a confirmed male lead as of chapter 30. That's perfectly fine with me, though. Instead, he

seems to be winning the stilled hearts of many a ghost in every instance, either platonically or romantically, and not all male for once.


Let me think... So far, there's been

the female maid with the broken leg and the big boss one can't look at in the first instance, the dead baby (yikes!) who was shown to be able to grow to 12 years old once absorbing the powers of his murderer the serial killer in the second instance, and the spoiled rich second generation he was guarding and the evil god who eventually possessed spoiled man in the third instance. He also seemed to win over one female compatriot also in his situation in the first instance and a male in the third one.


Such things aren't restricted to when he's in the infinite world of terror, either. He goes back to the real world between instances, though it's hard to tell the difference with as many ghosts as he deals with there.

In the real world, besides his house full of yet unnamed spirits who so far strike me as a tsundere lover (though I'm admittedly biased from the protagonist's world view), he's won over a woman who was killed by a hotel boss. He also won over the living victims of a ghostly cab driver, which is especially funny considering they were a couple and were bullying him. One ran off gratefully and confessed his online slander of the MC while the other, yet another spoiled rich second generation who has ignorantly been haunted all his life, has been hugging his thigh ever since.


Speaking of that guy

it's through him that the MC discovered that instances can occur in reality. When the second generation asked for his help, the MC hears the voice that announces things in the infinite world of terror speak up, saying he's discovered an instance in the real world.

Stories like this have been made numerous times, but I believe this is the first time that's been a possibility.

Anyway, as far as the male lead goes

there's a good chance we haven't met him yet. In fact, I'm perfectly content if there isn't one at all. Watching the MC's shenanigans and winning over the different spirits is what makes this story fun, so his absence doesn't hurt a thing. That said, if he does exist, and if we have met him, I'm torn on it being the third instance's rich second generation (who genuinely fell in love with MC) and the evil god possessing him (who left a permanent mark on the MC that remains after leaving the instance, leading to the feeling that they'll be connected in the future) OR... the spoiled rich second generation who's alive and well in the real world. Yes, I know, he's a meek cannon fodder who's desperately holding onto the MC's thigh, but you have to admit, a weak and seemingly incapable cannon fodder for a ML hasn't been done before from what I've seen. I think it'd be a hilarious twist if that ends up being the case.

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Ouryuu Zeno
Ouryuu Zeno rated it
March 9, 2019
Status: c68
A Really amazing story, I managed to mtl till latest chapters. I was attracted by the MC 's quirky kindness from the beginning, it's not the annoying helping bad and good people s*upidly and getting betrayed type. He's able to protect himself well hence he can save others, which causes ghosts and people alike to want to follow him. But etthere are times even at the expense of his life he'd save someone. The copies have very interesting backgrounds, and there's lots of laughs and gags in the interactions of... more>> all the characters.

Spoiler of love interest :


The big boss (Ml?) of every copy mostly have the same attributes so my guess this is 1v1. He sees the unique kindness of MC and finds him interesting... Although it's not the love interest type yet.

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Raizel_Pendragon rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: c91.4
An alternate title would've been:

'I use Absurdity to Abuse the Abnormal (Supernatural) !'

Overall a 3.5/5⭐ story. Can be read for the laughs and gags. Logic's lowkey dead. And idk which writer needs to hear this but, It Is NOT a HORROR story if your Protagonists (MC/ML/Both) are OP! Low on suspense and gore (no detailed descriptions).

The MC is a bit of a Gary Su and a holy father (more towards ghosts) sorta character. But is at times so apathetic towards death of humans that I lowkey wondered if the non-human... more>> part in the 'human-nonhuman relationship' tag referred to him instead. His goldfinger is his buzzed brain circuits and extreme good looks rather than his ?superhuman physique. He is a bit too used to ghosts. So, however bent they are physically, they don't scare him (but it's a very different stroy if they are 'bent' sexually). All his antics and conversations are hilarious af. But it does get a bit repetitive cause all instances, if you overlook the specific plot, basically is the same script


In the game:-

1) MC is underestimated by the rest of the players as just a weak looking pretty face -> 2) scary things turn up but MC remains calm which astounds other players-> 3) the group splits up with just the people willing to become the underdog for MC remaining by him-> 4) MC saves everyone (ghosts included) and becomes a worshipped -> 5) MC meets the final boss-> 6) these big Bosses inexplicably fall in love with him cause he's 'different'/ 'interesting' -> 7) MC completes the game collecting the highest possible points in that world by freeing the ghosts cause he managed to seduce and subsue the boss.

In the real world:-

1. Someone (usually a handsome rich young master) offends/looks down on the MC -> 2. MC notices that the Yin aura around them is strong and warns them -> 3. They disregard it -> 4. They run into a ghost/supernatural event almost immediately needing MC's assistance -> 5. MC saves them easily and they're in awe of MC's strength. -&Gt; 6. They become MC's worshipper 'brother'


As for the ML, though it's not explicitly revealed, by the storyline so far and tags one can reasonably assume that

all the instance Big Bosses that fall for him are part of a single soul (i.e. The ML) and are probably gonna fuse into a single body at the end.


The translation is good and, you'll have a decent read if you go in without too much expectations on the horror aspect. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't decide whether to give this novel 4.5/5 or 5/5 as a rating. There were a few small things that bothered me, like Cheng Jia (that second or third generation money lackey) being clingy and annoying. As an introverted person who is fine speaking with my closest friend every other month, reading about Cheng Jia clinging to Gu Wuji (MC) like a piece of gum clings to hair made me exhausted. Sure, the guy gave comedic relief, but his silliness/s*upidity also made me want to grab him by his... more>> hair and slam his head against the floor and make him apologize to his ancestors for bringing shame to the family. I am not violent, I swear.

I usually don't like harem, but was relatively okay with this one. Can it even be considered a harem?

Afterall, all the love interest game bosses were fused together into one body, even if they alternately manifest in the body like a stark case of split personality disorder...


As for the MC... hm... he is a goody two-shoes with ultra low EQ/straight man thinking syndrome. I don't know why, but his kindness and helpful persona felt kinda superficial. Or rather, it felt like he was detached from everything. He didn't mind helping others and not let them die, but he also didn't bat an eye when someone died. It was written once that he is autistic. But Chinese authors seem to like to throw that term around a lot without really any proper understanding about this condition so I would take that with a grain of salt. Isn't Gu Wuji just a high functioning psychopath? That would be my guess.

The novel itself dragged on a bit as the novel has relatively many chapters compared to the other BL novel I have read before. And the chapters are also not short. But it was still an entertaining and enjoyable read overall. <<less
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xiaoliyang rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: c239
I MTL-ed this and got to the end (the MTL itself isn't finished tho), so I can proudly say that this is a top-tier story.

I have to agree with Geroker who said that the summary doesn't do the story justice. If I hadn't read their review, I wouldn't have been tempted to read the story and I would've been so sad.

My only beef is

... more>>

even after so long, I have no idea WHO I should call the Main Love interest. First Boss-Sama and all the other Boss' might be the same soul but I don't know... I really don't. Young Master Chen seems a good fit too but still, I don't know precisely who we could call the MAIN one is.


There seems to be a bigger storyline about the MC

having amnesia and him already clearing this game but I'm really bitter I couldn't read the rest of the story since MTL isn't complete. Darn it, MTL.


There's just a small bitter feeling in me about the story forgetting some of the little characters whom MC befriended in the instance even though they've worked together before. Apart from that, I love this story and I love the MC.

MC really does power through with the power of friendship and kind heart. But while he is kind that doesn't mean he's a dormant rug that people gets to walk on. He is good to you if you are good to him but if you are not, then he isn't above fighting you.

Anyway, he's my favourite MC in this infinite flow/instance type story. <<less
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aiyo matte
aiyo matte rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: c49 part1
Im already liking this because it's way to entertaining for me. When I first read the first few chapters I couldn't help myself being immerse in it.

The comedy in this was really funny for me like ... more>>

when Cheng Jia first came into the MC's house, he wanted to sweep the floor because he wanted a good image in front of the MC, so when he went over to get the broom, iirc he saw a ghost so he became scared that when he ask the MC what it was, the MC straightforwardly say that there are ghosts living inside his house and helping him do the chores.


And another thing the MC is wayy too nice like

when people are trying destroy his image or even wants to kill him in a Copy, he will take the initiative to help the other person saying be careful theres heavy yin around you and he will help those people out too.

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AsTheNameDictates rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c203
I mtl the story until the latest chapter and it's amazing. All I can say is that the story is different from what I expected (in a good way) it's funny, a bit gory, a little scary, heartwarming and unpredictable.

The MC is super awesome.

I know that this is a BL novel and a lot of readers are not into this type of genre but I still recommend for you guys to try this one. It's slow (in romance/relationship), super slow, to the point that until now I still don't know... more>> who's the ML.

I just know that the ML will deffinitely be amazing and NOT human at all.

Thanks guys for translating this awesome novel

Super thumbs up (like)

Can't wait for the next translated chapter <<less
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katydid rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: c21
The summary doesn't do this story justice. The MC transmigrates into a horror story, but since he isn't scared of ghosts at all he just tries to befriend them. And it works! The reactions of the other characters are the most hilarious part.

Overall, if you prefer serious horror this isn't for you, but if your sense of humor runs to silly you'll enjoy it.
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: c17
Reading this series is like watching a gory horror movie or reading a scary book while the MC is just jamming along to the pop song "Party in my Head" by SEPTEMBER. There is tragedy, dead people, and nightmarish settings in the haunted landscape all around him, but the MC is just merrily doing his own thing and dancing to his own beat. His kind, cheerful, and optimistic attitude is infectious and seems to fill this horrific story with bubbles of pop music, leaving both his rival characters and the... more>> wicked ghosts confused and bewildered.

I love this MC! This is the MC I have longed to read about in a ghost series! He's not just a naive, generic nice guy. In fact, I would argue that he isn't naive at all. He is calm and diligent, and he just accepts and treats ghosts like the people they once were.

The side characters are great, too. Each of them have has his or her own distinctive personality and undergoes character development in the arcs. They have repeat appearances, too.

The setting is modern day where groups of people go to haunted worlds called Copies to achieve certain objectives or die. The suspense is real for anyone who isn't the MC, and many people die. It's a bit similar to series like Misplacement Game, Game Loading, and Kaleidoscope of Death. However, the ghosts aren't limited to these game-like settings--the MC encounters them on a daily basis in real life, too.

So far, the plot is very interesting and a great read. Strongly recommended! I'm hyped for the next update. <<less
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