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The horror game host Xiao Tangqiu crossed into a horror game.

He hadn’t yet cleared the instance when he met a man who was exactly like his childhood friend who had been dead for many years.

Where did this cold and powerful mysterious man come from? Why did the brutal killing games happen so frequently? Why did his teammates go crazy in the middle of the night? Who was the ultimate mastermind behind all of this… Was it a distortion of human nature or moral decay?

Please pay attention to the ‘Horror Game, Live Stream’ and follow the live stream of host Xiao Tanqiu’s horror games.

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KshinT rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c141
First I would like to rebuke the review by AsTheNameDic. I feel that reading the whole thing would let you understand the context and the feelings between the ML and the MC better because it's not as it seems. This book is very easy to mtl. The translator is also doing a great job, btw.
    1. It was not MC fault that the childhood friend died. They were arguing and MC rushed on to the road in the heat of his anger and a car suddenly came so it was an accident not within MCs control hence not his fault.
    1. Of course MC is a weak chicken goddamn! It's his second copy what was supposed to happen, he magically gain power and strength. He is a streamer for gods sake... more>> the MC mentioned it himself that he was physically weak. Also SY has more experience then him so of course he would be better then MC. Also there is nothing wrong with trying to hug the thighs of stronger players, it is a setting of when you die you die no second chances. (Unless of course you have a live streaming channel) It was SY choice to help him.
    1. I don't fault MC for assuming that SY is his childhood best friend cause they look the same if the childhood friend had not died 7 years ago. Not to mention that after the car accident MC has trauma from it and is still living in the shadow of the childhood friends death. So forgive him if a person looking identical to his dead friend shows up and he freaks out.
The relationship between the MC and the ML is really cute. They have a equal relationship and depend on each other. Their relationship is not instantaneous but is built overtime with struggles and good memories.

The plot is also very interesting. Usually I am not a big fan of the horror genre but this novel is the perfect mix of horror and comedy mostly by the MC and his friend Tang Mian Mian. Their commentaries are hilarious. The plot is quite solid and easy to follow even when mtling and it would make a good novel even if the BL elements are not present. The BL is just a added bonus.

The good news is that MC becomes stronger after more copies and can actually hold his own but he is still a weak chicken compared to SY. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c51
Not the first attempt at writing review for this one. But the need to vent a little is real. Can't compliment the writing, it is messy as if being descriptive yet compact will kill people. Can't compliment horror, since it's messy too. Can't compliment romance, since.. With 50 chapters in I start wondering why I care more about comradery with Mianmian instead of ML.

Although I'm never against BL not being the center of attention, on the contrary those are my favorite type of novels, but with every novel I like... more>> to see some kind of purpose or objective, something that will help to keep reading. Yet GLS gives me a hard time.

Is it romance? Well, I doubt it atm. ML appears way later, foreshadowing him being the dead guy doesn't help with getting your feelings for them going. Especially in comparison with MC and support comradery. The 'care' or should we call it 'help' during the 2nd instance when ML's team says they won't give a damn if they die or not and ML goes and actually saves MC could be interpreted as nothing more than 'care' actually. With current turn of events they're again in an instance where ML is absent. Usually authors try to incorporate ML in some way, even if it's subtle, but I could care less about these two. And MC's pining doesn't help.

Is it horror? I love horror games, though mostly watching ppl play them, but have seen enough to say that this one is messy. Firstly, the 'difficulty' level. I have a big question towards the difficulty, because I basically see no difference between instances, more than that I think amus**ent park instance is way more dangerous than the one in the castle, while they're supposed to be 'worlds apart' since the author set that. Secondly, the 'rules'. You might expect some rules to be applied, that's understandable, but applied and broken without repercussion seems weird. You might think - why setting them in the first place and you'll be right. Thirdly, the 'mission', how those missions were cleared is beyond me.

To me logic left for pension in some bits and left me with nothing but unanswered questions, like:

    • MC finds everything and veterans sound like noobs instead;
    • Veteran players don't do anything remotely veteran'y to progress the plot;
    • How players are selected, while MC and support installed the game, others seem unlikely to ever touched it;
    • MC sounds like a chosen one, but what makes him that;
    • ML is supposed to be the 1st gen, but he died only 7 years ago, considering that ppl on Earth should have panicked from all the cases of missing ppl;
    • What's the point of making demons part of the story where basically demons are way above in strength and to get back home is to defeat the undefeatable. Like I want to know how this will be solved heh.
Tbh I read based on principle of let's see how this will be wrapped. But makes me doubtful to continue into 'games' genre. <<less
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leafjusu rated it
July 22, 2019
Status: c39 part4
I got fed up in late in the second arc. The prologue and first arc seemed decent enough despite the lack of game rule logic, but the second arc is just the MC's group running away from things, then stopping to look at things (optional vomitting mainly by Tang Mianmian if they're investigating corpses) and random exposition that's mostly unnecessary, then more running away. Oh, and still no logic.

The running would be understandable if it was in the first arc, since they don't have any powers. But they have the... more>> golden thighs of Shen Yuan (presumably ML) and his team in the second arc, and they're still running away from things. I know it's an S-level copy, but you'd think he'd be more capable... ? Gary Stu MC is usually the one providing exposition on the situation or making progress as well, instead of the supposedly advanced players on Shen Yuan's team.

The author handwaves away the lack of logic with their own logic that "they're ghosts", said in-universe by several characters. IMHO that's horrible writing, especially since oftentimes the rulebreaks occur just for shock value. At least if the rules are broken, the author should have written some discernible trigger as to why. It wouldn't have been too hard, like saying "the barrier wore down and finally broke, so the ghost could enter" or something. It's even mentioned in the first arc that people enter the Abyss by playing video games, so it's not farfetched to assume that the Abyss is a game as well (albeit one where you can die) so there should be some logic. (There isn't, if you've read my word vomit. And from the other reviews, it doesn't seem like there's an explanation for this either further down the line.)

The author can't go a chapter in the second arc without mentioning "Shen Yuan's team won't help us (MC and Mianmian) because we're inexperienced players, I know that". Though Shen Yuan still indirectly helps MC in other ways (even outright saving him during the one rulebreak ghost encounter at night), MC still keeps on telling himself that. It gets annoyingly repetitive. So does TMM's retching continuing into the second arc, but that's a bit more acceptable when his character setting is a wimp.

From what I've seen in someone else's review, which means I don't know how truthful it is, but the ending is... really bad. I mean,


way to cheapen the entire story with the amnesiac ending. That's one of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to writing, and it seems this author didn't read the manual... or pay attention in class, even. All the growth and experience of the characters throughout the story just wash away at the end, and everything they went through was for nothing in the end. Might as well not have read the novel at that point, huh.


I'm not holding out hope if the writing's going to continue to be this bad. I'm being generous with 2 stars, but only because the premise, and prologue and first arc, was okay. (Doesn't seem like the set up will have a satisfying payoff, if any, though.)

tldr; only the prologue + first arc is kind of worth reading, though there's no sweet BL that you probably came here for. <<less
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June 29, 2019
Status: Completed
Five stars for me.

Our MC is just like us. I believe that his actions in the game are very humane, much like how we would react. He's not overpowered with cheats or something.

The ML is a very interesting character. Sure, at first our MC mistook him for his dead bestfriend since they really look alike but as the story goes on, you also just can't help but think

... more>> "Is there really a conncection between the ML and the best friend?"

But then as I approached the last few chapters, I was like: "Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh my gosh! So that's why?!"

o mini spoiler about the ML's connection


yes, there's a connection between them


o huge spoiler about the connection and ML's identity


The ML is just a character created by the bestfriend and in a way they are one.


o the effing twist at the end (huge spoiler)


So, the 'game' is actually created by the mother of the ML. The purpose of the game is to try and stimulate the brainwaves of the ML since he's in a vegetative state.

The ML seemed to be not aware that he's in a game but whenever he becomes aware and wants to escape, the 'machine' releases some type of gas that makes him lose his memories.

All in all, everything about the Abyss is all created by the ML, he controls everything there since it is especially made for him.

Once the ML appears back on reality, all the players also woke up.

The only difference is that they have no memory of it while oir MC and ML remember.

Now here it come, here it comes.

The MC received a call from his best friend (the streamer) Mian Mian and his best friend is asking our MC to play the game named Abyss.

The MC suspiciously inquires about the game and looked at the ML

Then the ML teases our MC and begins to acts like everything is still an illusion.

Because before the ML went to reality, he placed our MC in an illusion where he didn't get hit by a car, or he did get hit but survive.

So now, with the ML acting like: "how do you know that this is real?" to our MC

I'm just sitting here going wtf 'did the MC really leave the game? Is this really reality?'

Now I am left with questions and am wondering: "What will happen once the MC plays the game again?"



All in all, this novel is a good read for me. It's interesting and new. The plot twist really gave me something to think about in the next upcoming days. <<less
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astrobabe rated it
September 10, 2019
Status: c50
I feel like this novel is on the verge of being really good, but the initial two arcs are very unsatisfying to read. The characters are surprisingly annoying and hard to root for and there's not enough logic in the game segments or explanations for things to make sense. To expand:

    1. The characters.
        1. MC is honestly okay. He's seems like a very sensible, grounded, and decent human being. He could also be considered relatively smart. But the way the author writes his thoughts... there's a lot of repetition. Sometimes, it's just unnecessarily lengthy. Also, it's hard to appreciate his smart because it seems like he's not actively deducing rather than being corralled into finding clues by luck. Half of the arcs seem to be him and his BF running away from dangers only to find themselves somewhere they find something important.
        1. His BF is... cute but so annoying. He just yells stuff a lot about things he sees and that scares him. All the time. His reactions don't really add much except words because they rarely reveal information to reader they don't know and they don't build upon his character. He also hasn't shown any growth. I think he's there for comedic relief, but he's... not particularly funny.
        1. The ML is fine? Tbh, can't really... more>> pass judgement on him since I don't know too much. He seems fine though (typically OP and stoic), but at least I feel good towards him from what I've read.
            1. Secondary characters are all annoying and don't seem to have redeeming qualities (yet).
            1. The game.
                1. Another review said this: the difficulty levels don't make sense. They are honestly always about to die. From D difficulty to S difficulty. Literally, all the dangers they find seem to be about to kill them. They're just always running. The characters aren't empowered in any capacity or given tools by the games to do anything. It's all luck. That makes it hard to root for them because they aren't active in their own survival by way of doing anything besides running. Am I supposed to root for them to run faster?
                1. There are rules in the games... but only bad rules. There only seems to be rules to arbitrarily hinder the actions of the players. This makes it hard for there to be triumphant moments or feel-good moments where MC can be smart or creative. This goes back to him just always running and surviving because, well, he can't really die can he? It becomes really repetitive and frustrating for the reader.
                1. The information they learn from the instances as clues and history don't really seem to matter. This is pertinent in the second instance.

                  They find out all about the boss and what he's trying to do, but technically, it doesn't even matter much because in the end, it's solved by brute force. It's just the ML's ability that saves them as it has throughout the entire instance. They can't find tools or do anything outside of almost dying, being forced to the brink, and then it's ML to the rescue.

                  It doesn't seem like a game at all because there aren't actual mechanics. Yeah, there are skills and equipment and whatever but even that doesn't seem to factor in much at all in the end.
          If the story is only 130 chapters long, the first two arcs don't give enough world-building, growth, or resolution to lingering questions. It's just...a lot of running. Omg, so much running. I think, as a reader, I need small amounts of payoff to me to want to keep going. But all I get are lots of questions and mild hand-wavey, vague explanations. The author literally uses "but nobody knows for sure" to gloss over some mechanics, which... well, was not satisfying to say the least. <<less
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Aria rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: Completed
This is the type of story where you have to read it till the end to understand the 'why's and 'how's

If you're impatient/really want to know the "truth"

... more>>

MC's friend (the ML) is declared brain-dead (this is the type of "death" where the body is alive but there is no brain signal - this happens irl too, you can google it)

ML's mother, a scientist, can't accept her son's fate, so she took him away and used AI to try stimulating ML's brain

At first it seems to be working, and even though ML can't wake up irl, he "live" inside his conciousness (think of it like lucid dream)

Since ML conciousness is his, he's basically the god of his realm, he could do anything, create everything, nothing is impossible except for one unchangeable truth - everything is just his "fake" creation and no matter how many "npc" he created, he's always alone - which leads to a mental breakdown

ML's mental breakdown manifests in real life as weakening of brain waves and ML's mother really couldn't accept this - since AI isn't enough, she began kidnapping real people and made them unconcious > sending them to the same conciousness "realm" as ML

And from that point this story begins - MC coming to ML's grave, met his mother, and since he answer "yes", ML's mother kidnap him too - all for the sake of bring ML back to real life

additional info:

Now ML - as Shen Yuan - really can't remember MC, one part because "Shen Yuan" is the result of ML's mental breakdown (incomplete/split piece), the other part was because whenever ML had the idea to "stop", his mother doused him with amnesiac gas

Which is the same as every other player; ML actually have good intention; whenever someone died inside the "game world" they return to real world but ML's mother doused those people with amnesiac gas and send them back into the game - rendering ML's effort futile

At the end, ML took the chance when his mother is out to send MC back into reality and trick MC into unplugging his oxygen supply - in order to save MC (and everyone else) - because if those people stay too long in the "game", they will become brain dead too

extra chapters;

It's HE;

ML's conciousness comes back to real world after his oxygen supply is removed, though he couldn't do anything for a while and later have to gone through physical therapy before reuniting with MC and build their live together <3


supposedly >:D

(the last part hinted that the "real world" might or might not be just another "fake world" that ML created to trick MC into staying with him)


Overall, it was a good read, I binged this like mad (rip sleep), 5/5 recommended ^^ <<less
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Lucy666 rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: --
I normally love infinite flow bl..... but this one fell short of the mark. The MC was realistic, the friendship (TMM can have my heart) was so adorable. The instances..... Were quite frankly......a bit disappointing.

There are quite a few problems I had with this novel, and the first one is the live stream.... more>>

Idk if this counts as spoiler since MC got the skill at the end of the first arc, but I'm still marking it as a spoiler—

XTQ has a live streaming skill. Depending on how it's executed, it could make the story interesting..... but the author decided that it has to work as a comic relief. Words cannot express how frustrated I got everytime I read abt this skill being used as a method to add some hilarity into the situation. It had SO much potential! And the skill to resurrect? It was so.... Convenient.....a livestream skill has no relation to resurrection afaik


The second problem I have is how people are dumbed down to make MC and ML seem smarter. And sometimes even MC himself is dumbed down to make him appear less 'op'. Heh. I absolutely dislike that.

The third problem I have is with the fact that no newbie ever seems to survive. And all of them are irritating unless they are mc's acquaintances.

They seem more like a foil to show how different MC is or how brainless the newbies are. Always. Also, there's the fact that MC always finds himself in the S ranked instances even tho he's not a veteran. Yes, it was said that the system chooses people and sends them to the ranked instances based on their skills and potential.... But nothing abt the MC tells me why he has so much "potential". If I read "i have a bad premonition" one more time, istg I'll blow a fuse! Every second paragraph, MC has a "bad premonition" (which is succeeded by a plot twist which does nothing but prolong the arc).

(At the end of the novel, we find that this was the work of the ml's mom who wanted to revive her braindead son so she built this "ai" (which indirectly caused the ML to have a mental breakdown, which resulted in this 'game') and of course the MC would have 'potential', he's the ml's best friend, after all) But it does not spark joy in me. I am biased, I'll say this now, but I prefer it when other characters are treated as humans rather than just random cannon fodders who don't have a brain


I could barely accept the other problems, but I was especially disappointed at the system inside the story. I am talking abt the general structure and hierarchy here, not the literal system

who's actually ml's mom (or maybe it's the ai created by ml's mom?), btw. I hope she gets to sit inside an isolated jail for a long time, she's clearly unhinged if she can just kidnap people and force them to be braindead so that they can go and accompany her 'lonely' son in his world (which also psycologically destroyed him, while others were 'gifted' with amnesia) Idk I'd rather be dead than suffer the psycological horrors that ML suffered

The hierarchy is illogical. Newbies can enter S ranked instances and be immediately killed. Also, no newbie ever seems so survive even D level instances, but the worst thing is I literally cannot distinguish between an S level and a D level instance! Isn't that funny? I found the death playground to be far more scary/intimidating than some of the S level instances! Where is the difference? What about B level or A level instances? Also, the instances start out making it seem that we're going to be detectives but by the end it devolves into a full blown war between ghosts/zombies/demons and mc's group. And the plot twists — oh my god the plot twists, can you stop that? Please! Once, twice or thrice, plot twists make sense. They are powerful when used sparingly, but the plot here has more twists than a mosquito coil! In the beginning, it was nice, midway, it turned barely acceptable, nearing the end, it turned absolutely frustrating and boring. I will say this again, plot twists only make sense if used sparingly. Everytime I started a new arc, I would be gripped by fear, not becaue of the generic descriptions of gore and what passed as horror in the author's mind, but because "oh god how many irritating plot twists is it gonna be? Can I joinskip this arc?"

Needless to say, I was very weary.

Lastly, it's my very, very biased opinion, but I really hated everybody in ml's team except that windbreaker guy.

1. They didn't have personality.

2. They didn't have enough brains which made me wonder how they managed to survive this far

3. They were just plain irritating. I absolutely don't believe that they hadn't panicked when they were newbies and as such, they have no right to look down on other players just because they are s level. Their attitude towards the MC irritates me to no end and

4. They had so much potential. The two girls in the team? They could've been badass and absolute bosses but all I could see was them nagging after their captain and hating on the MC cuz he was 'weak' when they didn't have more than three braincells shared between themselves.


I absolutely disliked the ending, especially the part with them waking up in the real world with amnesia, it kinda destroyed the whole point of fighting together. I laugh everytime I think about how the newbies had been correct; turns out they really were kidnapped........


The ending just felt like the author took the easy way out.

It was all in your mind.... or was it?


TMM and that windbreaker guy were my favourite in this story. The friendship between MC and TMM was legendary. I loved every part of it. TMM was my favourite character in the whole book, with good reason. The humour was timed well in most of the cases, and technically speaking, the idea behind each individual arc was very interesting.

Tldr: interesting ideas, less than stallar exexution. I would've given this one star, but cg has been spoiling me. The translations are so good that sometimes I feel like this was the original language of the story all along. <<less
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Hs rated it
April 4, 2022
Status: c131
I cannot tell you how angry this novel has made me. I will tell you I ALMOST finished the novel, but the dogsh*t plot points made me come to see these reviews before reading all the way through. I have never felt my time so wasted before. I will start off by saying, the first two arcs were actually okay. Nothing special, but I figured it would pick up.

I was sorely mistaken. The chapter length is waaaay too short for what the author wanted to explain (ESPECIALLY for the ending).... more>> The arcs seem incredibly halfassed, none of the characters except the MC/ML and only sometimes the “team” would actually accomplish anything substantial throughout the whole series. My main problems are these:

The team (side characters)

This group had SO MUCH potential. But for some reason the author never actually delved into their characters at all. Even the MC’s “best friend” barely had any good writing.

Their deaths were so bland I couldn’t bring myself to actually care,

none of the characters had any backstories or even any substantial conversations with the MC

The ML

Major spoilers for this. The ML is so... bland? he ends up having split personalities (not really a spoiler in kind of joking). His identity was obvious, they never really interact. It’s like: ML:cold to MC, uncaring and then nothing happens and 20 chapters later he’s like ML: I would die for you!!! despite NO ACTUAL CHEMISTRY BESIDES VERY ABRUPT AND NONSENSICAL PHYSICAL CONTACT?

Now onto the spoilers:


The part about the ML being Abyss could’ve been so well written, you know like “A crowd of evil spirits line up to confess to me” style. The AI thing was s*upid and it felt like the author was like “god I hate writing this, I need an ending quick” and just wrote up that to justify everything. I HATED the ML after he became abyss, it was like all of his personality switched randomly, which makes sense but maybe don’t make this happen to a ML???


Overall, probably one of the worst experiences I've ever had reading horror novels. Seriously, if you want a well put together and thought out story with dynamic characters and a plot that won’t make you want to pull your hair out... don’t come here, seriously. I was in tears for how frustrated I was, I had spent days reading this only to find out I wasted my time because FOR ONE TIME I didn’t read reviews first. Seriously, don’t be me and the other 3 and below star folks in this review section. Always read reviews first... <<less
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nitan rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: --
It's fine, it's alright! I agree with the other reviews, the MC is kind of there. If he really wasn't the MC then he'd definitely be kind of like a cannon fodder, but not the good kind like all of the others 'i became a cannon fodder' stories?

One of the things I noted was that his presence is so low, I had to keep reminding myself that he's the MC. Like, some of the side-characters overpowered the MC in terms of presence, so I had to keep going 'oh wait... more>> he's the MC, sh*t pay attention'. Which is not really a good thing?

Because the MC and his best friend are always together, they almost seem to make more sense than the MC and ML. Maybe it's also because the ML doesn't brush up as much, so sometimes the chemistry there feels like someone trying to push two barbies together to make them kiss or just pop some logic like they're in love and I'm like ??? okay...

Not much to root for, all the other reviews have already said something about the plot and logic of this story. The translation is great and I agree - the part where the MC kept raising flags feels somewhat cheap. Like there's definitely a better way to incorporate that in and not make it seem so obvious, but some of the dialogue definitely made the reading experience less immersive for me. Part of the best friend's character seems like a self-insert of a meta character that I couldn't really enjoy the 'gag/comedic' effect he's supposed to bring?

Maybe it's just not working for me, but I find that I wouldn't miss out on any plot points if I just gist through mtl for a bit. The MC will still be kicked around and rolled on for a while, nothing to look out for in terms of him levelling up to be somewhat competent (as an MC) -- so I just stuck around looking for newbies death updates, or to find out what the instances are about.

It's fine, I was hooked on the title because I enjoy unlimited flow horror and live streaming stories. But like the others have already said, it feels half satisfying (because there is a story) and half not (because it could be better). It's just enough to scratch an itch if you're desperate, but you might leave it feeling more annoyed at the main characters than satisfaction? Still, stick around to show support to the translator and cheer them on for the story. And if you like the novel, remember to visit the jjwxc

Edit: Wait. I came back to vent. If MC is a live streamer how is he the least charismatic person I know?? How is he entertaining?? How do people root for him when there's?? I just don't think he's gripping or charming enough (even in his own way) to root for so it's a little??

Even the relatability aspect, I don't think he's universally relatable to everyone. Some may find him tolerable, maybe enjoyable and relatable, but to others he may just feel very washed-out and wishy washy, it's a little frustrating especially when you can't sympathize with the characters.

If you can't empathize with him, nor does he evoke sympathy - then it's a little--- ' I don't care whether he lives or dies'????? I'm not sure where apathy fits into how the reader feels about the MC, it's a little dangerous to go there. <<less
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BlackSesame rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I just finished reading this story and I honestly feel quite complicated about it, for reasons that I seem to share partly with quite a few other readers who have commented on here. I kinda want to like it more, and I really did at the beginning, but it just left me with too much to wish for...

1. The game setting itself is lacking a clear concept in my opinion - which should be the core of a horror game/unlimited flow setting. Games have rules how to play and solve... more>> them, but there was never a sophisticated explanation on the conditions of the instances. There is no clear distinction between the difficulty levels of the instances and how players are chosen - why even introduce the concept then?

2. The MC is not OP, which I support, but he basically stays a weak chicken throughout the novel and ends up being the damsel in distress quite a few times, which frustrated me a lot. Reason for that is probably that his potential for character growth - which was definitely there - couldn't keep up with the difficulty of the instances he was thrown into.

3. The MC (and his companions) reasoning ability seemed to be quite lacking at many points in the story and he often doesn't use what he's got:


At one point he gains the ability to understand foreign text (no idea why) and finds out information about what they will face (like, that they will probably meet sirens), but he doesn't do anything with this information. No preparation, nothing, so this ends up being really useless


4. The Author often introduces something into the story, like the MC's and his friends abilities, but ends up not really making much use of it at all. Why even bother?

5. The personalities of most characters (except MC and his best friend) remain very shallow and even among those of the main group I can't say more about the characters, bc they were just... kinda there. All other characters are just cannon fodder, especially the newbies - very frustrating.

6. I don't know what to say about the ML, because he was lacking in both consistency and presence. Just, this is not a story with much romance in it (which I don't mind) and the little there is doesn't really seem like much to me.


The ML is basically 4 (?) different personalities: the dead friend (only in the finale), the cold ML after the first amnesia, the childish ML after the second amnesia and the (evil) Abyss Demon. He appears most as the childish and cold ML, but that does not seem to be his real life personality (obviously), so I don't know what he is like. I really can't relate to him or picture him at all


7. The writing style of the Author is often very repetitive, which I found quite annoying tbh. The MC always has his ominous hunches and they often say things like "something is not right here", but I have no idea what specifically they are refering to, I mean, they are in a horror game, what do they expect??

I still give it three stars for the good translation as well as the friendship between the MC and his friend (TMM) whose interactions I really liked and found quite funny (most of the time) - the main reason for why I still read to the end. I would recommend this to to try reading for those who don't care much about romance or a sophisticated game setting and just like a bit of gore with two funny, a bit silly and very unlucky friends as main characters. <<less
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finily rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: Completed
The first arc was really promising and it seems like the novel was starting on a good foot, but unfortunately the rest of the novel failed to live up to its promising start.

... more>>

I think it's pretty obvious that Shen Yuan = Ming Xinghe. Why else would they introduce a character that looks exactly like the childhood friend but not have the same name? The entire introduction mentions him mourning the loss of his friend.

Somehow I imagine Shen Yuan as someone who's on the beefier side but when he wakes up as Xinghe as a sick patient that was in coma, I can't imagine anymore how he could look like as a malnutritioned person.


I think the side characters fell a bit short and were unfortunately used more as comic relief in precarious situations which didn't really fit the atmosphere and as stepping stones. I feel like they didn't have much of a personality, but they weren't absolutely bland either.

The plot is pretty sparse and not as action filled as I thought it would be for its genre. The horror isn't too scary and has more cliche horror descriptions of stuff like for ex. There's a zombie attacking!! Or the mermaid ugly and has sharp teeth! Etc. There wasn't really much suspense at all. I wish the individual story arcs of the instances had better mystery.

I think the first arc was the most well written in finding clues to lead to the end, pacing, and introducing the stakes. However, the future arcs were a bit disappointing in comparison. More often than not, the characters were just running around killing monsters and not really solving mysteries to figure out how to progress. The pacing of the plot begins to get wonky as the series progresses. I felt that the instances had too much filler, while their time in the town progressed too quickly.


Also the foreshadowing of the abyss demon as Shen Yuan was the only thing she really hinted at during the whole story


Ending Thoughts:
This novel is probably one of the more realistic endings you can get out of the horror game genre.


Although everyone getting forced amnesia kinda kills the point of traveling together. Though it was for the best, because having traumatic memories of people dying and having to go through multiple harsh simulations would suck and probably take a toll on their mental health. There's no way they would come out of these "adventures" without getting PTSD.

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holachica rated it
February 3, 2021
Status: c37.1
... if you're looking for a truly good infinite-flow novel with horror and survival elements... this one really ain't it. Relying on Poverty to Sweet Through Horror Games, The Trial Game of Life, and Card Room are miles above this shit. Any one of those has more likeable characters than this flaming dumpster fire.

The one additional star is for the translation. That's it.

TL;DR: Nothing in this story would change if you deleted every single character aside from the MC and ML. Every single one of them is annoying and replaceable.... more>> Even Tang Mian Mian. It takes the maturity of a 12-year old to find what he says, funny.

    1. The MC is honestly fine. Nothing too interesting, kind of bland, but decent.
    2. Tang Mian Mian? He's redundant. Never have I found a sub-main-character so annoying. All he does is scream "f*ck!" followed by something inane and useless. Like "Oh f*ck! This ghost is so scary!!", he adds nothing to the story. He isn't even remotely funny either. I can see how the author is trying to make his comic relief but when everything he says adds nothing to the story, it's hard to laugh when you're just annoyed. Tang Mian Mian just shitposts and the author calls that humour. He's always screaming too. Bro, you're in a horror instance why do you have to be loud??
    3. The 'newbies' (minor faceless characters) were so damn annoying. I grabbed my hair in frustration more than a few times. The author gave them so much dialogue yet none of it added to the plot, except to annoy the reader. I don't want to read paragraph after paragraph of people saying and doing s*upid shit. It was just filler. Was it necessary to give idiots so much screen time? You'd also think that after realizing their situation they'd be quiet and focus on survival, but instead, they do anything but. As well, what is with their greed? It makes no sense. Anytime a valuable object comes up, all their eyes glint with greed and they want to steal it from the MC. These idiots are in a horror instance where they're not even guaranteed to live... yet for some reason, they're focused on money? Bruh. What about the dead body in front of you?
    4. The 'veterans' act nothing like veterans. They do jack sh*t either. Their thinking is basically on the same level as the MC (which also isn't that high), and the only difference is that they have brute force. That's it. There's no sophisticated solving of mysteries... you could also take them away and the plot wouldn't change. They don't give off an 'experienced' aura. It's always just the MC talking, even when they're present in the room they have nothing of substance to say. They're just 'there'.
There are also other things about the illogical instance difficulty levels, and other things but I honestly no longer want to keep reading so I'm not too clear on the s*upidity of those. You'll find criticisms of those in other reviews. Just as yourself, why is this novel rated at 4.2 (instead of the 4.5+ of normal infinite flow novels) despite glowing reviews? Because it's shit. Please save yourself brain cells and don't read. Or read if you want to, I'm not stopping you. It's just adding another deterrent review. <<less
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xiaoliyang rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: c60
I finished the first two arcs and more and to be honest, it disappointed me. I've read the reviews so I was expecting something at least. They said to wait further cuz it gets better but if there's a three-episode rule in TV shows, then there's at least something called the first five chapters in web novels.

The ML is annoying and so is his entourage. I don't care if it gets better, the way that the MC is so hung up over him because he looks like someone he knows... more>> who happens to be dead (even if the rule of the web novel world says he is HIM), it's too much man. Okay, you're members of big guilds, but compared to other web novels, the lack of humanity in the people here really is a big turn off.

I tried to like the characters but gods, they are so hard to root for. I couldn't even CARE less for the MC (the freaking MC!!).

Okay, forget about the ML and MC for the moment, looking at it in the mystery/horror-kind of way, it's good at times. At others, it really doesn't have that same punch as others of the genre. The translations are amazing, don't get me wrong, but I don't know if there are lines that have gone lost in translation but the way MC describes things and how it feels like the comedy is so forced is a big turn off.

So, yeah, I'm sorry but I tried. I'm turning it off now too. Zaijian. <<less
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ylial rated it
October 16, 2019
Status: Completed
Good story. Not the usual flow of any horror/game story where everything is predictable. I like the suspense, heart pounding but not too gory. There's a lot of humor too that particularly revolve on MC and his friend. I also love the ending ? I want more arcs ??... and I want more side stories ????

The MC is not really an OP. I like seeing how he struggles XD. The ML is a lil tsundere (I think). Feel bad about them, since I like them both. Won't spoil much.

Probably... more>> I'm kinda off sometimes with the "friend" (most of the time, it's super funny but sometimes too much, is annoying, esp when it brings harm to d MC). Also, the repeating lines of MC really bother me. <<less
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reiyaa rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c120
A very good novel, at first I almost didn't read this novel after seeing AsTheNameDic's comments, because what I hate the most is an obsessed MC.

But after try reading it, I dont think the MC is obsessed with ml, sure, his first interest is because the resemblance (but I do think MC is in love with his dead friend, , ukh, ,). But after meet with ml, he isnt stalking or actively searching for ml. He still go to instance normally and didn't hesistate to risk his life for his... more>> best friend (without thinking of ML for every second).

For me, the best part is the interaction between MC and his bestfriend. They have a pure friendship, mutually help each other and have unconditional trust (sometime more than with ml). If that what a real friend is, I really hope I have one in real live haha.

The downside for me is, its good that MC isnt someone who overpowered (he is pretty weak) and didnt have life-changing golden fingger (i think MC forget about his skill most of the time haha), its only work on critical time. But please, , how many times they have to be toyed/tricked by the demon. I know that we talk about big bad-ass abyss demon... but.... Im not an M (TMM is, lol) I dont like when my fav MC and ML being toyed and felling helpless... Hiks...

But overal good novel, , loved it <<less
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Lazy Bookworm
Lazy Bookworm rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c3
Seems interesting so far, with spooky ghost story feel. Looking forward to the scary parts, and wondering what the male lead is going to be like.
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Smokey12201 rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: c141
I really like the concept of this story, the beginning was so damn good and interesting. The MC is likeable, and even though he’s physically weak, he tries his best to run. He’s kinda knowledgeable and easily find clues.
However, I was really disappointed.

... more>>

Okay, the beginning is promising but then it started to become really boring and annoying. First of all the ML took so much time to appear and he only lasted one instance before immediately becoming amnesiac. Excuse me but after he seemed to have lost some cells... the alchemy between ML and MC seemed forced, and really not enjoyable. Then the side characters were so damn annoying, like everyone is so mean to the MC for literally no reason. For exemple the member’s of ML team that I hate with all my heart, then the all the rookies, without exceptions (they were also very dumb...). The mc’s bf was decent ig but really useless and too clingy to my taste. The instances were okay but some moments were boring so I skipped.

Anyway, I’m speechless, the more I read, the more I feel like I wasted my time. I also mtl, hoping the ending would be interesting but no. I don’t understand this ending, it’s so disappointing. What was the point of putting in place such an interesting setting if in the end everything is forgotten... ?

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Rustle silver butterflies
Rustle silver butterflies rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: c64 part1

MC is anchor and saw many horror tricks, but anyway afraid this things. He doesn't use this knowledge.

ML fallen directly opposite of him (I mean, he appears just for protection MC) , at start he doesn't like him, he forgot him (they know each other) but he anyway survive with help from ML. And then he at all losing his intelect, but help him because he still strong.

I would like see how he survive without help other, because he looks useless. For now it's looks boring
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ooreeee rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Dear lord where do I start with this. Aight, I'm gonna go straight up and say I was not exactly sober while reading the last quarter of this novel. This novel was so...... try hard especially around its middle part up to the finale. Props to the author for trying?? Maybe??? They were really trying to concoct some smarty-ass twisty plotline but believe me when I say if you have an IQ of above two digits you'd be able to see where this is going and the mystery eventually fell... more>> flat.

I reached to that first drink somewhere along the line because it was insufferable to think "Oh shit, oh f*ck here we go again" while sober and here's why:


The author thought she's slick with plugging in many many plot twists. Plot twists galore. Literally one plot twist after the other with barely any paragraphs in between. Mostly regarding the identity of the Demons (yes the great villain was the ML all along), and yes both the abyss demon and his retainer Lily disguised themselves as players more than twice. The MC and others were hella naive.

The problem is, if you have the slightest bit of comprehension you'd be able to foretell what other plot twists (and I'm using that term very liberally) gonna unfold after this. Esp. about the MLs 'resurrection' and his veeery secretive identity.

The big villain wasn't even that clear at first. The abyss demon didnt appear until the third quarter of the novel and it was tiring to wait for him what with the multiple layers of sacrifice needed by his retainer, disguised as an NPC, killing another NPC. And then being killed herself. Huh. Peak redundancy.


It's boring to say the least. All I felt after finishing this are bone deep fatigue and annoyance that tickled my f*cking spine. Tl;dr writer wasn't resourceful enough to support this big plotline she tried to achieve.

2.5/5 stars <<less
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Greene rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: c141

The plot is so amazing that I got hooked up so much that I lost my sleep. After I finished reading this series, I can confidently say that this is now included in my fave list of BL.

The author is really good in foreshadowing. This is also easy to mtl so I kinda read it to the end. This is really good.

Halfway in the story, I thought that the author cannot wrap up and finish the story real well (forget to tie loose ends and such) but the author really... more>> did a great job. The plot is great and there's some cute scenes too esp. The ML selling meng.

The latter half of the story will explain everything so if you guys got confused in the middle, take it as such that what confuses you are also part of the plot (hehe). Really. I got so many questions that keep piling up during my journey in reading this. And, I got so happy that they got answered one by one. The experience is so thrilling! Well, this is a horror genre so what can we expect? Of course the thrills and chills~ <<less
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