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The horror game anchor Xiao Tangqiu crossed into a horror game.

He hadn’t yet cleared the instance when he met a man who was exactly like his childhood friend who had been dead for many years.

Where did this cold and powerful mysterious man come from? Why did the brutal killing games happen so frequently? Why did his teammates go crazy in the middle of the night? Who was the ultimate mastermind behind all of this… Was it a distortion of human nature or moral decay?

Please pay attention to the ‘Horror Game, Live Broadcast’ and follow the live broadcast of Anchor Xiao Tanqiu’s horror game.

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Game, Live Broadcast
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Date Group Release
05/21/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c25
05/20/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c24
05/19/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c23
05/18/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c22
05/17/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c21
05/17/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c20
05/16/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c19
05/15/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c18
05/14/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c17
05/13/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c16
05/12/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c15
05/11/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c14
05/10/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c13
05/09/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c12
05/08/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c11
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New [email protected]
May 10, 2019
Status: c12
Oh my gosh, this was frankly hilarious. Don’t get me wrong, it’s scary in certain bits but because the main character used to stream himself playing horror games, when he is actually caught in a real life horror game, he can’t help but comment on it like a real streamer.

No sign of male lead yet, I don’t think.
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Lazy Bookworm
Lazy Bookworm rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c3
Seems interesting so far, with spooky ghost story feel. Looking forward to the scary parts, and wondering what the male lead is going to be like.
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rhianirory rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: Completed
I enjoyed what I understood of this story, though it gets really complex and messy towards the end. Speaking of which, I'm conflicted about the ending, though it is a HE (big spoiler ahead)

... more>>

i dislike endings where everyone gets amnesia and returns to their lives with no problems, nightmares, or trauma despite years of constant life and death struggles so I was disappointed when the author pulled that out towards the end. The MC regaining his memory kind of redeemed it as did the things that happened with the ML. They meet a few people in the extras that they knew in the game and while those people thought they looked familiar there was no sudden return of memories.
the game introduced in the last extra makes the story a little open-ended. Is it the same game? Will the people who play the beta suddenly remember? Ending the story with the three getting ready to play was a b*tch move since we will never know if it was a new version of the game they knew or just something with the same name. Is it still a HE if they get sucked into the game again?


there were several unanswered questions like who those people watching him really were though admittedly the explanation could have been there and I just missed it. My eyes were getting tired towards the end. also I didn't find the story all that scary. The first instance was probably the scariest, though I admit my tolerance for scary stories is pretty high. Some of them seemed more like survival scenarios rather than horror copies. All in all its good but flawed and the turn it takes towards the end was surprising. <<less
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