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The horror game anchor Xiao Tangqiu crossed into a horror game.

He hadn’t yet cleared the instance when he met a man who was exactly like his childhood friend who had been dead for many years.

Where did this cold and powerful mysterious man come from? Why did the brutal killing games happen so frequently? Why did his teammates go crazy in the middle of the night? Who was the ultimate mastermind behind all of this… Was it a distortion of human nature or moral decay?

Please pay attention to the ‘Horror Game, Live Broadcast’ and follow the live broadcast of Anchor Xiao Tanqiu’s horror game.

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Game, Live Broadcast
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07/18/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c44 part3
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07/08/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c43 part2
07/07/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c43 part1
07/07/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c42 part3
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06/30/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c40 part3
06/29/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c40 part2
06/28/19 Chrysanthemum Garden c40 part1
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New CultivatorBunnyLan
June 29, 2019
Status: Completed
Five stars for me.

Our MC is just like us. I believe that his actions in the game are very humane, much like how we would react. He's not overpowered with cheats or something.

The ML is a very interesting character. Sure, at first our MC mistook him for his dead bestfriend since they really look alike but as the story goes on, you also just can't help but think

... more>> "Is there really a conncection between the ML and the best friend?"

But then as I approached the last few chapters, I was like: "Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh my gosh! So that's why?!"

o mini spoiler about the ML's connection


yes, there's a connection between them


o huge spoiler about the connection and ML's identity


The ML is just a character created by the bestfriend and in a way they are one.


o the effing twist at the end (huge spoiler)


So, the 'game' is actually created by the mother of the ML. The purpose of the game is to try and stimulate the brainwaves of the ML since he's in a vegetative state.

The ML seemed to be not aware that he's in a game but whenever he becomes aware and wants to escape, the 'machine' releases some type of gas that makes him lose his memories.

All in all, everything about the Abyss is all created by the ML, he controls everything there since it is especially made for him.

Once the ML appears back on reality, all the players also woke up.

The only difference is that they have no memory of it while oir MC and ML remember.

Now here it come, here it comes.

The MC received a call from his best friend (the streamer) Mian Mian and his best friend is asking our MC to play the game named Abyss.

The MC suspiciously inquires about the game and looked at the ML

Then the ML teases our MC and begins to acts like everything is still an illusion.

Because before the ML went to reality, he placed our MC in an illusion where he didn't get hit by a car, or he did get hit but survive.

So now, with the ML acting like: "how do you know that this is real?" to our MC

I'm just sitting here going wtf 'did the MC really leave the game? Is this really reality?'

Now I am left with questions and am wondering: "What will happen once the MC plays the game again?"



All in all, this novel is a good read for me. It's interesting and new. The plot twist really gave me something to think about in the next upcoming days. <<less
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KshinT rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c141
First I would like to rebuke the review by AsTheNameDic. I feel that reading the whole thing would let you understand the context and the feelings between the ML and the MC better because it's not as it seems. This book is very easy to mtl. The translator is also doing a great job, btw.
    1. It was not MC fault that the childhood friend died. They were arguing and MC rushed on to the road in the heat of his anger and a car suddenly came so it was an accident not within MCs control hence not his fault.
    1. Of course MC is a weak chicken goddamn! It's his second copy what was supposed to happen, he magically gain power and strength. He is a streamer for gods sake... more>> the MC mentioned it himself that he was physically weak. Also SY has more experience then him so of course he would be better then MC. Also there is nothing wrong with trying to hug the thighs of stronger players, it is a setting of when you die you die no second chances. (Unless of course you have a live streaming channel) It was SY choice to help him.
    1. I don't fault MC for assuming that SY is his childhood best friend cause they look the same if the childhood friend had not died 7 years ago. Not to mention that after the car accident MC has trauma from it and is still living in the shadow of the childhood friends death. So forgive him if a person looking identical to his dead friend shows up and he freaks out.
The relationship between the MC and the ML is really cute. They have a equal relationship and depend on each other. Their relationship is not instantaneous but is built overtime with struggles and good memories.

The plot is also very interesting. Usually I am not a big fan of the horror genre but this novel is the perfect mix of horror and comedy mostly by the MC and his friend Tang Mian Mian. Their commentaries are hilarious. The plot is quite solid and easy to follow even when mtling and it would make a good novel even if the BL elements are not present. The BL is just a added bonus.

The good news is that MC becomes stronger after more copies and can actually hold his own but he is still a weak chicken compared to SY. <<less
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Lazy Bookworm
Lazy Bookworm rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c3
Seems interesting so far, with spooky ghost story feel. Looking forward to the scary parts, and wondering what the male lead is going to be like.
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AsTheNameDictates rated it
May 31, 2019
Status: c45

I hate the MC... I know that he feels guilty for Xinghes' death but still to keep on chasing Shen yuan just because the two resemble each other outwardly.

I'm done reading the second copy where they were together with shen yuan's team and I 'm just mad at the MC, come on, HE'S OBSESS ABOUT XINGHE and that's the very reason why he keeps bothering Shen yuan and poor him, he is a substitute for someone and even gain a buggage that he needs to carry around.

Pissed of MC. You... more>> need to stop being obsess about your childhood friend even though YOU are the reason he is dead.

And don't bother Shen yuan. Hmph




(just to clarify, I'm not really sure if Xinghe and Shen yuan is related to each other since I haven't read far ahead. This my review after the second world that they entered)

I will probably edit this review after I finish reading the 3rd world copy. Hopefully MC is no longer annoyingly obsess with a massive abnormality and a huge brain damage.

On a side note, the MC is atleast Smart and not completely without use.

Cheers* <<less
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xxBlackRabbitxx rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: c28
Its a good novel even if you take out the BL part its still a very decent horror novel. Although there's not much yet to see its still has a good start
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Oh my gosh, this was frankly hilarious. Don’t get me wrong, it’s scary in certain bits but because the main character used to stream himself playing horror games, when he is actually caught in a real life horror game, he can’t help but comment on it like a real streamer.

No sign of male lead yet, I don’t think.
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rhianirory rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: Completed
I enjoyed what I understood of this story, though it gets really complex and messy towards the end. Speaking of which, I'm conflicted about the ending, though it is a HE (big spoiler ahead)

... more>>

i dislike endings where everyone gets amnesia and returns to their lives with no problems, nightmares, or trauma despite years of constant life and death struggles so I was disappointed when the author pulled that out towards the end. The MC regaining his memory kind of redeemed it as did the things that happened with the ML. They meet a few people in the extras that they knew in the game and while those people thought they looked familiar there was no sudden return of memories.
the game introduced in the last extra makes the story a little open-ended. Is it the same game? Will the people who play the beta suddenly remember? Ending the story with the three getting ready to play was a b*tch move since we will never know if it was a new version of the game they knew or just something with the same name. Is it still a HE if they get sucked into the game again?


there were several unanswered questions like who those people watching him really were though admittedly the explanation could have been there and I just missed it. My eyes were getting tired towards the end. also I didn't find the story all that scary. The first instance was probably the scariest, though I admit my tolerance for scary stories is pretty high. Some of them seemed more like survival scenarios rather than horror copies. All in all its good but flawed and the turn it takes towards the end was surprising. <<less
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BeeShelf rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: c36 part3
I truly fell in love with this story. It includes all the genre I enjoy: horror, mystery, suspense, romance, game elements. Especially the suspense it's killing me. Please to all those saints who took up the role in helping to share this novel thank you. And I really hope you wont drop this novel.

Your avid fan.
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June 8, 2019
Status: Completed
I just finished MTLing this novel and I can say that it is a really good novel. After finishing the novel I have an impression that it's more like a scifi novel than a horror novel. It's honestly like a transmigration novel with a plot twist behind the plot twist.

The MC is really weak in the first part of the story and some of the readers who like an MC with an overpowered golden finger may not like it very much. But honestly I feel that it's only appropriate and... more>> make the story more exciting. And although the MC is weak physically that doesn't mean that he can't do anything. He is strong mentally and can joke around with his best friend while experiencing some life threatening situations. The reason behind it is because of his occupation which is a horror game anchor. He is also really good in analyzing the story of the copies and find important clues that will solve the copy.

The ML has a really interesting character plot as well. And he can be possessive but honestly it's more like a child guarding his most favorite person. It's not overbearing and actually just give a meng feeling in the novel. He is also strong but he is not like a bug that automatically solved everything in the copy. Honestly most of the time they will more or less experience loss. But when you get to the last few chapters it will all make sense.

The romantic relationship between them all throughout the story is really ambiguous. It will only have a confirmation on last few chapters. So the BL part is not the focus of the story but their relationship is an important part of the plot. You will realize it when you finished the story.

The scene with the best friend of the MC is really good as well. They have a really good relationship that is build with trust and camaraderie. The character of the best friend is really good and most of the time he is the ine adding a comedic factor in this novel. I honestly love this character.

I won't give any spoilers because it will ruined the plot twists that the author painstakingly think of but I can tell you guys that it's a good story and you should definitely give it a try. <<less
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raindroptree rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c30
really loving this, can't wait to read more! This Horror/escape game type BL with a comedic perspective is my favorite genre! O (=´∇`=) o♡
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