I Rely on Kisses to Clear Survival Games


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Cheng Zhi Chu was pulled into an infinite stream of horror games. If he didn’t clear them, he would die.

But can someone tell him why others clear the games using violence and force but his method of clearing the game is by kissing the boss?!

Cheng Zhi Chu: I am a straight man. Even if I kill myself or am killed by monsters, I will not kiss the boss!

Boss: Be good. Kiss me and I’ll let you go.


Bai Yi had been trapped in the game for many years.

Rather than exploding in anger in the silence, he had turned crazy. And so…….he split himself. His soul was broken into many pieces and each of them became the boss in the games.

But, regardless of how the soul was split, from the beginning to the end there was one thing that didn’t change —–He, likes Cheng Zhi Chu.

Every fragment of his soul was utterly in love with him.

It was also because of this that he and every fragment of his couldn’t stand seeing people other than himself getting close to Cheng Zhi Chu —- Even if the other party used to be a part of himself.

Dark desire gradually surged inside him.

Anyone who gets between him and Cheng Zhi Chu——even if it’s himself —– he would kill them all.


“The person who you should really kiss……is me.”

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New Immernachtreich rated it
November 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It was cute and funny with an average MC and an OP yandere ML.

I wish though that MC loved all of the parts of ML's soul, instead of only loving the main soul.
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New NovelenthusiastIDK rated it
November 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I actually love It, It has a plot and certainly is a horror but It also has many sweet moments. It's very well written. You'll despise the characters you're supposed to dislike and love the characters you're supposed to like
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KKtl rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Hi everyone! It's KK, the translator for this novel. My review is biased because I'm the translator so please take it with a grain of salt ><

I just wanted to leave a review because I felt the need to comment about some things. First of all, you should be able to tell by the cover, the title and the synopsis but I'm going to emphasise it here: This novel is NOT SERIOUS. NOT PLOT HEAVY. The main focus of the novel is to be funny, ridiculous and light-hearted so that... more>> it would be a nice easy read when you're in the mood for something different.

Secondly, MC is your normal, average guy and he reacts to things the way you expect normal people would so he naturally will get scared. (Sometimes I just don't understand it when people attribute 'being timid or weak' as being 'girly'... Guys can get scared too!!) ML on the other hand is OP. He's the boss. He's strong. He's OBSESSED with MC. I think you can probably picture what the dynamic between MC and ML would be like just from their character set up.


MC is just a sweetheart that bumbles around and does his best protecting others and his soon-to-be boyfriend. He wouldn't even hesitate risking his life for ML when ML is in need of saving.



Please don't expect an MC like Game Loading/Earth is Online. The tone is obviously completely different. The ML is a yandere in this novel and most of the funny situations happen because of the MC's naivety towards ML's feelings. I personally can't picture a serious, self-sufficient MC opposite the ML especially when ML loves using 'saving MC' as a chance to eat MC's tofu LOL


Anyway, I liked this novel because it was fun and light-hearted.

ML's diary at the end of each of the chapters were great and I enjoyed reading about ML eating his own vinegar. All the fragments also took on very different personalities so it was very fun watching them vying for MC's love. The slowly unfolding mystery behind MC and ML's past was also something that was quite well done albeit a little predictable. The downside with this novel was that it was too short and I personally would have liked a few more instances before it ended. More development for the side characters would be great too and I wanted more scenes with the novel mascots!



MC also technically didn't need much saving afterwards because he manages to kiss the boss's before ML's arrival AND he clears quite a few instances on his own.....


Anyway, to each their own I guess! If you're looking for something simple, light-hearted, fun and easy to read then you're at the right place (but be warned there's a yandere ML, and there's gore and death). If you're looking for something plot heavy and more serious with a strong MC like Game Loading/Earth is Online, please turn away~~ ??

Despite its flaws, I gave this novel 5 stars because I did quite enjoy it.

Happy reading!
KK <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
September 28, 2019
Status: c33
Reviews are contradictory on this one, I'm surprised about that, because some are opposite on same aspects, like pacing or story, or characters.


    • The story starts off with MC already being in the instance, the beginning is really fast-paced and serves as introduction that MC is now bound to infinite escape and to clear the instance he must kiss and collect the bosses (they're sealed as photos in a book), otherwise he'll be trapped inside forever. The feeling of the story bends towards horror games more as well as uses its' mechanics (like the use of skills, tonics, weapons and items) and horror part meant to create an atmosphere of creep and dread (no ironic type of horror you might find in 'I wasn't born lucky' or scream queens like in 'Game, live stream', if you read those). Deaths in these instances are gruesome and bloody as well as the overall descriptions of monsters. The author has put enough efforts in descriptions to immerse the reader, though some parts are a bit questionable, but it's managable. Right from the second instance the story introduces other players, including ML, who off the bat (in diaries that come at the end of each chapter) lays out the "mystery" behind bosses and himself, which is a split of his soul and each part being a boss in instances. That is how they all share mutual attraction towards MC and, obviously, jealous of each other. Also he slowly starts to reveal the story behind his and MC's history, that it's not plain - oh wow, what is this cute little person, must have.

    • MC. I will side-glance anyone who will claim he is smart, because he's basically not. He acts like an average person, he gets scared, he gets ideas how to deal with things, he runs from danger, he tries to save others, others also help him. Speciality: his luck is bad. The only really irking part of entire novel is the 'I'm straight' part, he stresses on it so many times that gets on your nerves, as if he tries to cnvince himself along with others.
    • ML. An obsessed type with usual pack of wanting to be together, kiss and do papapa. What eases the impression of him being weird is actually the fact that he is bosses and bosses are him, they're same person, so feelings described by the bosses are his feelings too and you can feel the loneliness and longing.
So far, enjoyable. Will be seeing how it goes.
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BillionJellyfish rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: c20
Two stars for the great translation, but I dropped after ~20 chapters because I can't stomach the way the MC acts.
    1. The MC is a college student but acts like a naive, dumb scaredy-cat. From the very beginning, the MC only knows how to cuss, scream, and get scared. This continues on to other instances that the MC enters.
    2. In the first instance, instead of being wary of his teammates, the MC immediately relies on the ML and trusts the ML because of a good first impression. This makes no frecking sense, like you're in a survival horror game darling, why is your vigilance so low?? After the first instance is over, the MC proceeds to tell the ML about all of his secret skills/abilities/missions, um hello, have you never heard of stranger danger?? I know the ML is a good guy and all, but the MC seems to have no self-awareness that not all teammates are as kind and understanding like the ML. Plus this is the first friendly meeting between the MC and ML.
May be it's normal to cuss, be scared, and rely on the ML for everything after suddenly being thrown into a horror game, but the MC is like a damsel in distress that requires the ML to save him at almost every turn. Just from the first instance I think the ML saved or helped the MC at least 5 times. It's fine to receive aid once or twice, but needing the ML to help you every single time is really irritating. It just feels like the author wanted to write about a weak, naive, innocent female lead but changed the gender to a male instead.

Overall, I'm thoroughly disappointed with the MC's character depiction. I was expecting a MC similar to the MC in Game Loading or The Earth is Online, but boy was I off by lightyears away.
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Rinaran rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Now that I'm done... Redoing my review.

MC- I overall do like him. Not OP, realistic reactions. I don't understand how he could fall in love with the ML. Once he "gets used" to kissing bosses, he's a bit more cringe.

ML- Don't like him. Besides the amusing dairy entries and how they come up at the end, I don't find him likable at all. I roll my eyes every single time they have to talk about him being handsome. Who cares how good the packaging looks if there's no... more>> content? Also murderer? Yandere... uh... hello? If you can't make the relationship interesting, could it at least be healthy?

Bosses- The bread and butter. Literally all of them have more personality than the ML himself. Some of them have outstanding chemistry with the MC. I would read a whole series that takes place in any one of their instances with them as the focus love interest. Even the obviously rushed last one... as is, those chapters are so hurriedly put together and a terrible climax "against the big boss". But it came with a lot of good ideas that just didn't reach their potential.

Side characters- Mixed bag. Overall... do they matter? This is where you obviously see the writer must have had ideas but forgot to come up with a conclusion or some kind of pay off. Cursed items are great, but seem to get forgotten more and more until convenient.

World building- You don't learn why anything exists until the very last chapter. So you just have to deal with that. Why make it a game and add game mechanics? I feel like the writer doesn't have much experience with video games and just threw around terms like "levels" and "limits" when convenient. This is where the story lacks the most. It's not thought out at all and lacks both sense and imagination.

Translation- Thank you for the time and effort that went into this. It's an easy read, and I overall can see that the translator had fun with this story.

Overall- It's not a terrible story if you just read through it and not give it any deep thought. Otherwise, you're not missing out on much.

Original, long review:


To be transparent- I don't like yandere characters. I always had a great dislike for them in movies and anime. But because I was on a horror/survival BL train I ignored the tag and decided to read this anyway. So I'm currently not so supportive of the ML, and I don't have that much left to read. His dairies at the end of each chapter are usually very amusing and something to look forward to. But his actions in the actual story are all the tropes that make a yandere a yandere. He cares for no one but the MC causing others to be left for dead. He does not lift a finger for others, not even to leave a good impression for the MC. He honestly doesn't even help with passing the instances and is only around to keep the MC safe if needed. I am at a point where I don't exactly understand *why* he even likes the MC as much as he does unless I am suppose to think of it as a love a first sight type of love.

Honestly, this story makes me fall in love with the bosses more than the ML. One could argue that they "are" the ML, cause they're fragments of his shattered soul, but time and time again it's expressed that they take on their own forms and personalities so I don't consider them to really be him. So I wind up longing to read more of them than of him. Heck, I wish some of the instances could just be their own novels.

On the other hand... I love the MC. He's realistic with his reactions to these situations. He's not overpowered in any means, is kind, a good team player, and provides the cuter humor. He's just doing his best, okay? Him interacting with cursed items is great, often bringing some lighthearted humor in the middle of a dark situation. But I'm also not convinced about him suddenly being attracted to the ML. Cause he was nice to him?? Kind characters becoming infatuated with possessive types makes my skin crawl a bit. I thought them getting together would feel more natural if I kept reading, but it really doesn't. I saw a comment saying that it's good that the MC rejects another character cause it proves that you can't just make someone fall in love with you by being good looking and pushy... but that's how I feel about the ML. He's just pushy in a less obvious way.

Most of the instances are strong and support the story well. That said, there is ONE so far that takes up a lot of chapters and felt like a waste of time just to make you feel awful. I get the author probably wanted to write a serious and sad instance, but it didn't provide anything to the *main* story. It revealed 1 character being someone important, but that's a detail that could have been shoehorned in anywhere. I couldn't help think that this instance just exists to get a rise out of reader's emotions aka "to make you feel bad." And it did not help my opinion of the ML at all because he ends it in a way that makes you feel terrible with 0 closure.

Overall- I believe this is worth the read for the MC and his ability alone. But I feel like I actually would have enjoyed it more if it was about him and the bosses instead of him and the ML. So this story is a mix of characters that suit different tastes- at the very least, they are written well for their archetypes, so I understand why many reviews adore the ML... heck, that answers why I don't like him. Well written yandere! All the instances are unique and really cool excluding the 1 I just really did not enjoy. They're fun mysteries inside of a big serious mystery.

World building is actually kinda bad, but you never think about it. All my questions about the how/why of the game might get answered soon though. I think I can update reviews when that happens? Until then, just know you don't really know much about how this "game" is able to do anything or why all the way to c73.

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rhianirory rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: Completed
interesting premise though I find the MC to be a little too girly for my liking (as in he behaves like the female MC in many Chinese stories; clever but not smart, always pampered and in need of rescue by the ML). The latter half of the story did redeem him somewhat but he was still disappointing. On the bright side, he wasn't a total idiot MC.

the mystery kept me reading further and I'm surprised that we didn't get more copies before the end of the story; he only had... more>> 4 or 5 parts out of the 186 he was supposed to collect and at least 2 of those were real-world instances rather than game copies. I was hoping for 8-13 worlds, which is common for these kinds of stories, but this shorter than most.


I also wanted to see them tackle the big bad in a lot more detail. One chapter in the afterwords isn't really satisfying after everything he did

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Seriously_Misspoken rated it
March 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Ok... so I just finished reading this and let me tell you, I got blue balled so hard with this novel. I get that there wasn't gonna be any smut to begin with but man, can you blame a girl for getting her hopes up when the make out scenes are so unf!

Anyways, my perverted self was extremely happy when I found this novel, not only does it have a soft yandere (in my opinion) ML but the MC isn't overly incompetent and actually reacts to things in a realistic... more>> fashion. Also HUGE + that it was based around horror. But if you're worried that you're not gonna get any sleep at night, don't be. I'd rate this kind of horror as more of a "scary descriptive instances" horror. To give you a perspective: if you've watched House of Wax or IT and didn't think those were scary then you're fine.

Overall, I loved it, the ML has half his soul split, with each shard representing a boss. The ML has to basically kiss these bosses to put the MLs soul back together. I don't want to go into too much detail because it's really quite a ride, but you'll definitely have your favorite boss at the end of this.

I definitely recommend it for people who are just getting into horror/yandere tropes. Be ware of blue balling though, those kiss scenes are no joke! <<less
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boogy rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c26
Okay, so, just to make it clear, I stopped reading this story, ditched it, after reading the end of chapter 26.

this will be a review proposing a, very, alternate meaning to that of the high-rated reviews. which literally composes of what, 80% of the reviews?

i'll just be pointing out the problematics I found, and the points that made me ditch this story.

I'll just quickly list all the points that made me ditch it:

    • Straightification of MC and ML's relationship (Forcing hetero stereotypes, gender roles, on the main couple)
    • Possessive ML
    • Author neglecting the existence of bi- poly and pansexuals.
    • Literally ML admitting to wanting to violate (rape/sexually assault) MC (I might simply have misinterpreted the use of 'violate' in this sentence, but it's still really f*cking creepy.)
    • ML falling in love / showing romantic interest in MC, when MC was 8, and he 14
    • Badly written characters
    • Extreme golden finger ML
    • Plot wasn't written in a very catchy way (obviously a subjective meaning)
Point one:


Now, this is a problem there is with a lot of BL novels, that are (mostly) written by straight cis women.

The excessive need to turn the main couple into a stereotypical hetero relationship. Or in other words, making the MC and ML the embodiment of the stereotypical gender roles in a hetero relationship.


MC is petite, pure, innocent, shy, easily embarrassed (yet keeps doing s*upid shit), small (height), obedient, kind, straight up s*upid at times, femininely beautiful, weak (compared to the ML), and the bottomest of bottom you'll ever meet.

ML is handsome, tall, buff, strong, possessive, jealous af, cold to anyone but his lover (MC), dominant, and the toppest top you'll ever meet.

Sounds a lot like stereotypical gender roles in a hetero relationship right?

The woman who is the weak and the shy caretaker, and the man who is the confident, strong alpha male.

(Just to make it clear, those descriptions I just made are based, strongly, off of hetero stereotypical gender roles - which I do not support in the slightest.)

I mean, MC and ML's relationship is literally written like it was straight, except the woman is switched out with a man (MC).

It just pisses me off - where does this excessive need come from, straights? To turn everything,

including an obviously gay relationship,

straight? Please.

Hard take, but there doesn't necessarily need to be a 'mom' and 'dad' of a relationship.

Another example to prove the straightification:


Pinecone addresses MC as 'mommy', while addressing ML as 'daddy'


Point two:

(Possessive ML)

In BL novels, it's normal for 'the top' to be slightly possessive of 'the bottom'. And usually, even though I feel kind of weird with it, I can simply ignore it.

However this novel's ML's level of possessiveness is just straight up,

too much, creepy and scary.

Like, I feel for MC. My mans can't even look at another person for more than 5 seconds, or ML have an excessive need to kill the person that was looked at. Seriously.

It just turns into too much - I mean, come on ML. MC is a person as well, give him some space to actually live, and socialize.

Point three:

(Neglection of bi- poly and pansexuals existence)

So in the book, MC is described as the straightest f*ck on earth - he even says so himself. He's only attracted to women - an aspect proven by various past crushes on women (As far as I am aware? I might have misunderstood something on this matter.)

So, naturally, when MC is told by a little system (who btw is the best written 'character'.) that he needs to kiss the bosses (who all are male) in order to clear 'the games', MC flips out, and goes: "Oh my god, no! I am the straightest bit*h on the straight planet called earth! Savor me this experience, I beg of you!" (and fair enough ig. just a bit wild reaction if you ask me?)

Now, with no surprise, during the story, MC meets ML, whom he begins to form some attractions to. His reaction to this is mildly (extremely) infuriating. He's thrown into a hell of denial, constantly telling himself he's straight, and that there's no way he can be gay.

This is when my issue pops up: author, you know that bisexuals, pansexuals and polysexuals exist yeah?

MC could very well be attracted to both men and women - so why is it that MC acts like that is not possible?

Is MC simply that s*upid, or does author actually not know of the existence of bi- poly and pansexuals? If that's the case, then I do recommend the author to research sexual and romantic orientations a bit more, before writing a lgbt story.

Fourth point:

(ML admitting to having a want of violating MC)

I'll just quickly quote what ML said / the part where he admitted he wanted to violate (sexually assault / r*pe) MC.


[End of chapter 26, in ML's diary] "I want to kiss him more, touch him, and even... violate him."


I really do hope I don't need to explain what's so wrong about that sentence. I am literally filled to the brim with disgust.

This sentence was also what did it for me, and made me ditch this story - which already infuriated me a bit.

| I might very well have misinterpreted the use of the word 'violate' in this sentence, but nonetheless, I find it so f*cking disgusting and creepy.

Fifth point:

(ML falling in love/romantic interest with/in MC, who was 8 (at the time))

Do I even need to explain how morally wrong that is?

Feeling a romantic interest to an 8 year old child is wrong - even if you're 14.

To explain this situation plainly:

Author said that MC is 20, and ML 26, thus there is an age gab of 6 years.

ML said that he and MC met 12 years ago - in other words when MC was 8 and ML was 14.

I am supposing this is when ML first evolved some kind of interest in MC, most likely romantic.

If that isn't creepy enough for you, I have no idea what else to feed you, that could possibly be disgusting enough to make you give up on this story.

Sixth point:

(Badly written characters)

Well, as I talked about in the first point, these characters (mostly MC and ML) basically are just written out of the stereotypical female and male gender roles - along with a slightly spicy (but overused) concepts for a backstory.

Worst thing is - the ML and MC are actually the only characters who have a backstory, that has been worked on and even slightly thought about.

Every single other (side) character's got no spice or flavor whatsoever, - could not be any plainer.

Perhaps they (side characters) have 1 exclusive emotion, feeling or personality trait, they constantly express, and is builded upon.

Examples would be being introverted, extroverted, shy, a b*tch, etc.

The best written 'character' is a f*cking system, whom simply composes of two things; 'humor and a goal'.

These two things are literally enough to top even the main character and the male lead, as a written character. If that doesn't tell enough about the lack of spice of the characters, then I do not know what can do it.

| Just a reminder, I did only read to chapter 26 (finished chapter), therefore this point is only based off what I've read about, and know about the characters, up until, well, chapter 26/27. There might very well be some extreme character development I am unaware of.

Seventh point:

(Extreme golden finger ML)

Usually, golden finger ML's are nice (preferably when the MC is also a golden finger) but for me, in this novel, it was just too much.

ML's unknown abilities and skills, just turned out to be too much for me - what should have been a fun mystery novel, all about clearing the mysteries and murders of different characters, turned into a full-on 'flex arc of ML'.

This is my subjective meaning. Obviously there are novels where the ML is much more of a golden finger, and ruins the novel in worse way, than ML in this.

Some people might also discuss with me about ML ruining the 'mystery-game experience', and honestly, it's fine to hold that meaning. But it's just, I can't help but think of how much potential the small individual mysteries have, and then compare it to how it's written. Personally, I just feel like ML's golden finger holds back the novel.

Eight point:

(Plot wasn't written in a very catchy way)

Honestly, there isn't much to say about this point - it is as I have written it. And once again, this purely is a subjective meaning. Personally, the way of writing, didn't catch my interest, and the plot was often explained in quite boring manners.

That's really it for this point.


Okay, so, now that I have pointed out my dislikes of this story, one can ask the highly efficient question: "You seem to really dislike this story a lot, so how come you read until chapter 26? Why not just ditch it immediately?"

The answer to this question is actually quite simple.

Brief points explaining why:

    • Humor - the story was actually pretty funny.
    • Great use of 2nd hand embarrassment. (I might very well be a masochist when it comes to 2nd hand embarrassment.)
    • Slight fluff (which eventually, for me, was ruined by ML's possessiveness.)
    • It's extreme gory descriptions of deaths, corpses, monsters etc. Author was not shy when it came to this matter.
I won't begin to write in any more detail about these points, I'll just leave them here.

Now: Ultimately, what's my rating, and do I recommend?

On a scale from 1 to 10, this story would probably lay on a 3-4 (2 stars).

The humor really helped me read this story, and the humor too is what raised my rating from 'bad' to 'poor'. (from 1 to 2 stars)

Now, do I recommend this story?

Well, if you have read all the way to now of this review, and still have a want to read this story, then yeah, do what you gotta do, and read this story.

If not, then no, don't read it.

Personally, I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone, as I - 1. Don't have the confidence to recommend a story with so many 'problematics'. 2. Nor do I have the pride to do so. 3. I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time on this story.

And at that, this review is finally finished.

| A kind reminder I stopped reading at chapter 26, therefore there's very well a big possibility that I am unaware of certain character and plot developments.

Thanks for reading and,

Peace out

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ResidentialPsycho rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This is an okay read. Like other reviewers have stated, the quality is lacking, and this series doesn't do anything to make itself stand out or be memorable.

The arcs are short, character depth is limited, there is hardly any character development at all, all the characters are shallow, and nothing is intense. The romance doesn't develop well and just appears.

The MC is hopeless and only goes through games by kissing instead of solving any questions or plots. He's a college student but apparently not a smart one. I don't know... more>> what his major is or even what classes he takes.

The ML is a shallow possessive yandere stalker who committed murder in the past instead of doing justice by sending that person to prison. He dreams of the MC before he meets him and is obsessed with him at first sight, back when he was a teenager and the MC was hardly more than a toddler. He is also forceful with a lot of questionable consent going on behind the scenes. Even before they get together, he's incredibly jealous. In real life, the ML is the type of person I would expect to kill his significant other one day.

Actually, I'm going to dock another star just for the ML...

I liked the epilogue chapters. They were written more smoothly than the rest of the series and brought it to a conclusion. It would have been nicer if the plots were more cohesive and complete at the end; they were rushed and mashed together but could have been the most interesting arcs in the series. <<less
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ricoerrr rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Very so-so. The entire novel felt like a harem novel even though it's technically 1v1 in the loosest terms. ML has like 180+ souls that are all distinct and so it felt pretty unbelievable when the author keeps insisting that they're all the same person :/

ML had lots of potential in the beginning but it fell flat. He also has a habit of chugging vinegar by the bucket and in some instances I felt like his only personality was to be jealous and possesive lmao. The same goes for all... more>> his souls.

MC goes through an awfully long "omg I can't be gay can i" phase which got tiring really fast. And he's not particularly smart. He insta-clears instances by literally kissing the bosses and using overpowered items that just happens to drop on his lap.

As for the games, they were a hit or miss. Some of them have a nice backstory (I can think of the hospital instance off the top of my head) but others felt like they were just there for the sake of plot. They're not particularly engaging nor do they require anything thinking on the MC's behalf.

tldr; there are better infinite flow stories out there, this one wasn't my cup of tea. <<less
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pinkumilkuu rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: Completed
2.5 at most. This is like Earth is Online meets Game Loading but really toned down in terms of quality.


    • Pinecone aka the bear
    • The Devil's coin
    • School Arc

      Loved the plot about Su Ling, too bad it's too short

    • Variety Horror Arc

    • ML - dont like him, he's funny at some point but he's a boring character. He's the usual ML that's made with a pot of vinegar.

      The way he fell in love with MC is still a mystery. No backstory at all, just dreamt of him then, bam, love ya to death. Also, he's a fcking killer?? Tho the person deserved that dont we need more info on this???

    • Story behind ML's situation

      That thing about Mr Mu was fcking disappointing, what was that??

    • Last arc.

      mermaid, knight, etc ML version

      Just nope.
Read this only if you're really bored.
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choimountain rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: Completed
I binge read this novel. This is my first time ever writing a review, but I thought this novel was pretty good. It had ghosts, horror, what you would expect.

But GOD, is the ML stale. He has no personality. We barely know him, even at the end. I literally did not care about him in the least. The MC gets extremely s*upid towards where he accepts he is in love.

... more>>

I would rather MC have a relationship with Xie Yuan Hua or any of the ghosts tbh. The majority of them have actual personalities and reasons to love MC besides "seeing him in a dream". I liked this story SOLELY because of the ghosts. Bai Yi was a terrible character, in my opinion. Mainly because his personality is just.... loving Chen Zhi for no reason?


But yeah, 4/5 for the instances. <<less
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raucai rated it
October 24, 2019
Status: c50
i liked it! I never realized there was a genre of horror and romcom combined, which really suits my tastes (i love horror), so I had fun with this one before dipping into "a crowd of evil spirits lines up to confess to me" and "to be a heartthrob in a horror movie."

MC acts exactly how the average joe would react - he thinks on his toes, gets scared crapless, and slowly starts getting onto the hang of things. If you're irritated by him continuously insinuated he's straight it's okay,... more>> in that line of thought he's acting exactly how an actual straight man acts if you probe their thoughts about liking men at all.

it's a unique story plot in my opinion, considering the ML's backstory. ML is a yandere if you didn't see the tags lol but I'm perfectly fine with that anyhow. His diary entries are pretty funny most parts. <<less
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gummybear123 rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: c29
Already I can tell this novel deserves a 5 star rating. There aren't tons of novels that make me so tempted to go ahead and machine translate myself instead of being patient and waiting for the translator to work their magic. Machine translating is frustrating and I'm normally too lazy, so it's ultimately not worth the hassle. This is one of those novels that surpasses that barrier because its so damn intriguing that I can't stand the wait. There are two reasons why:

#1 (seen below) is the most influential... more>> reason for why everyone who likes bl should read this novel. It is also sadly, I'm worried, a mild spoiler : (


My favorite thing about the novel is the varying juxtapositions that bring things to a whole new level of intriguing. Our MC is put into what would be a horror situation in any other novel and yet, it's almost exactly the opposite because of the ML's help. Our ML comes off as noncommittal in the main story through the eyes of the protagonist, but then in his little side notes you see that he's anything but with a spicy possessiveness revealed.


#2 The ML is possessive of the MC. So, maybe this point wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but the ML's yandere like possessiveness hits the sweet spot for me. If that's what you're into for a ML this novel is 100% recommended. <<less
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YCR rated it
December 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay first of all I want to argue about something. MC is a normal human with an average mentality and average physical ability. He just lucky that he's BOSS's sweetheart so he will not really get into the fetal position in those instances. So MC is not OP, his power status is just so so but ML is indeed OP vinegar jug.

MC can easily scare silly but he is not the type that so timid to the extent of annoyed reader (at least for me lol) at the very least... more>> he still can take a step forward and help other teammates when they are in danger not just sit silly not doing anything and scream. I don't know why people say MC is girly since every act of MC is expected as a normal human when they face something crazily incredible or a damn horrifying scene. He just not super ABNORMAL or GARY STU like other MC in other novels. Like you know right everything that happened in there in actuality it can make a grown as* man cry out to find their mama. So if you are looking for an unexpectedly powerful MC then this might be not for you.

AND I really really disagree with the phrase that men can't get scared... Guys men are also human alright they can get scared and be timid too! And women can be strong and omnipotent too! When someone says men should not be scared cuz it makes them look girly or feminine I think it too stereotypes and kinda sexist somehow...

P.S. The bear and the demon coin is so cute!! Obviously MC he's the luckiest person because no matter what incident he encounters it will take turn to be a good one <<less
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peachlove rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: Completed
I really, really enjoyed this novel. Extremely good balance of romance and horror. The instances are thrilling, and the gory descriptions are quite grotesque. Like there is an abundance of maggots.

MC is cute, but a fairly average character. Nothing too standout about his personality, but he is quite devoted to ML, which admirable considering how many *cough cough* options he has.

This is a good read if you really like yandere MLs that are just a jar of vinegar. This is that x14. Literally. His (their!) possessiveness is so strong, to... more>> a degree that is quite amusing, at least to me. A lot of funny situations occur because of it.

Each Boss also has their own distinct personality and past that, as you find more about, make them very compelling, and at times sympathetic (there's one in particular that made me so sad ;~;). The Bosses are what really make this novel stand out, and I actually liked some of them more than the ML!

But what makes you stay loyal to the ML are his diary entries at the end of every chapter, which are f*cking hilarious. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
November 30, 2019
Status: Completed
It's nice that there are more horror/survival genres being translated. This translator is fantastic, very smooth and flowing translations.

This story had a lot of potential, but unfortunately, it somehow falls flat at critical moments.

I would recommend this book to those who want minimal commitment, and quick entertainment in the survival/horror genre but have read all the other good ones. Even the horror arc in [Don't Pick Up Boyfriends in the tr*sh Bin] had more impact.

Some of the horror aspect and moments were well detailed and gruesome, but they were pretty... more>> much immediately interrupted by hero-rescuing-princess, sap and cuteness. Thus, this can't really be counted in true horror genre; it's really not a dark story at all. It felt like I was reading about one of those 5-min horror mansion rides at an amusement park.

The ML is almost always there to rescue the MC, be OP, and glare any horrific ghosts into submission. The MC also has skills to discover any clues, so many parts of the "journey" are glossed over and summarized. Any tense moments are quickly broken up by comedy, and scary creatures immediately turn into cute things 5 seconds later. For people who aren't that into this genre, that's a good thing.

But unfortunately, that also means there's lots of "telling" instead of "showing" which makes the story a bit boring.

The only thing that keeps the reader interested is the mystery about the MC and ML's past, which was done very well. The author had a lot of really interesting ideas and plots, but they were resolved too quickly and without the MC having to participate.

If you actually like the horror/survival genre, I recommend [Doomsday Wonderland]. If you like the premise of the ML being split into a ton of souls, better worldbuilding, and some survival, I recommend [Game Loading]. If you like mystery solving/survival/teamwork, I recommend [Card Room].

In the end, nothing really stands out in this one other than for a fast entertainment read. <<less
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astrobabe rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: c51
So far, this novel has been pretty enjoyable! I say that as some weird fan of horror/survival BLs (Idk why I find them more fun to read than other genres), but also because the author attempts something fun with their writing. I haven't gotten to find out why the horror game exists, and I don't know if that's particularly relevant in the end, but the structure of the novel itself is typical: Reality --> Copy --> Reality, and repeat. The game system/mechanics are fleshed out somewhat in the story but... more>> not particularly in-depth. I feel like the author did it to progress the story but the stuff like level is pretty irrelevant except for special items called "Curses." I feel like there's going to be a relevant pay-off later on (there hasn't been one yet, outside out of a cute companion the MC gets). Considering that the novel is only 90 chapters, I think the author manages a good enough job despite rushing.

The main appeal for me of this novel is the slowly revealed history between the MC and ML. I guess I don't want to give too much away, but one crucial point is, the MC is not as straight as he keeps insisting he is (Romancing straight people is a general pet peeve, but I understood and tolerated it in this novel). Their history is revealed through the copies the MC/ML participate in... the copies themselves are okay? They're sometimes a bit gory in the description, but I guess that's the point of the genre, so credit to the author for making me feel that slight cringe.

The characters themselves are pretty fine. The ML is obsessive and a psycho (to other people besides the MC), but I don't know if that's his actual personality considering his soul got split into, get this, like 186 pieces. FYI, early on the MC gets this book that holds the portraits of all the bosses he has to kiss and there are that many empty slots lol. Considering the length of the novel, I'm pretty sure he does not manage to kiss them all but that would've been some kind of epic. So I'm hoping for a semi-normal ML by the end. He's actually pretty gentle and cute towards MC. Like the translator says, he has these little diary entries at the end of each chapter and they're pretty cute sometimes. When they're the possessive entries, they get kind of stale, but they're fairly short and more like a reflection of his thought about something related in the chapter.

MC has his own merits: he's kind and not particularly OP, which is always refreshing. He bumbles around and does his best, but I guess the most prominent part to him is how he keeps insisting he's straight. This is particularly relevant because he has (so far) three guys who are interested in him. Of the two non-ML characters, one is likeable and one is not. I'm not sure why the author included them as they don't really provide tension romance-wise (since we know who the MC will probably end up with)... but I guess they give an excuse for the ML to be psycho-possessive (in his head and hostile towards them).

That's as far as the thoughts I have so far on the novel. Hopefully it continues to be enjoyable and the development continues to be interesting. Worth a try! <<less
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February 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly, the MC wasn’t that clever when everyone claimed he was. He was more on the dense side almost bordering s*upid. Not that I hated it, just kind of annoyed me sometimes. Also, there were some side characters that may have been unnecessary for the story to flow, probably only introduced as to add spice?

But apart from that, the plot is good, there’s lots of fluff and the ML was rather amusing (possessive MLs ftw). Just take into account that the extras are more of a must-read because they tidy... more>> up the loose ends that the main story didn’t explain.

i just wish it was more explicit, if you know what I mean. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <<less
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cherryblossomsinsummer rated it
February 8, 2020
Status: Completed
It was a good read, it reminded me of Game Loading a lot. If you're expecting an OP, cold MC who don't need no man then you might want to click away. In this book, the MC is naive, cute, not exactly weak but not strong either. It can be said that he relied on the ML a lot. Do I hate that? Not really. But I did get kind of annoyed, maybe because I was expecting the MC to be stronger at some point. The character development was (probably?)... more>> there. As I read I saw MC grew from a scaredy cat into less of a coward (lol).

The horror and suspense were quite good. It wasn't exactly that scary since you'll get some lovey dovey moments so it was quite easeful. The mystery also got my brain working. There were ML's diaries written at the end of each chapter and they were really cute.

The only part I was dissatisfied with was Mr. Mu's story. The author depicted him to be the main villain of the story, but we did not encounter him at all (apparently because he was already defeated by the ML in the past and had become a monster trapped in the game?). But I mean, if you're going to write about a villain who caused misery upon the ML then you might as well write it thoroughly. Tell us the detail of how he managed to kill ML and how in the end he was defeated. Not just some "ML: After he killed me, we met again in the game, we fought and I won". It gave me the impression that the author was lazy and couldn't bother to explain his background story.

The MC was also quite stubborn about his sexual orientation lmao, it was around 70 chapters later that he finally realized and admitted that he liked ML. I felt that the story ended kinda abruptly but all in all it was excellent. <<less
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remyrem rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: Completed

  • MC isn't one of those OP or strong from the start qt protags, nor is he a whiny green tea b*tch. He's just terrified and useless at first, and he really feels like the unfortunate protagonist of a horror movie. Also, although MC is ocassionally described in a way that makes him sound like a warm and charming pretty boy (specifically in instances), the author usually doesn't constantly call him beautiful or extoll his virtues. Although he doesn't become OP, he does go through some growth, and by c50ish he's gone from a crying panicking mess who barely survives (in c1), to a little panicked but capable of keeping his wits while being chased by a ghost.
  • The ML we see the most is a somewhat boring "gentlemanly yandere", though his diary entries at the end of each chapter can be funny. His boss selves are more interesting. Some are creepy or scary and feel like actual horror bosses, and I think it's great that their love for MC doesn't make them any less dangerous for him. Others are more like "horror movie with a pitiful ghost" type bosses, and those bosses make me ship the boss and MC, and make me more invested in the main CP by virtue of "the bosses are just parts of ML". Story-wise, I think it also shows the contrast between ML's sweet love for MC and his more problematic yandere obsession with him.
  • Side characters aren't that interesting. They have some personality, but they don't have that same magnetic "wow, I would love an entire series on just this side character" charm that some other novels have. Most side characters also only appear when needed by the plot and then completely disappear again.

  • This is a genuine horror qt novel (and not just a romance qt with "horror media settings"), so there's some gore, which can make this somewhat difficult to read for some people. PSA/TW for people bad with that kind of thing (but then, why are you reading a horror tag novel?). There's more thought put into the instance worlds, and sometimes I actually think to myself "damn, I'd love an entire novel/game in this world" or "ahhh, I wish there was more info on this monster's backstory!"
  • The system is entertaining, which is always a plus for a qt novel. It reminds me of a little kid who thinks he has figured out a great solution for a difficult problem, and the adults try to explain to him how inefficient/wrong it actually is but the kid is fully convinced that he's the next mathematical genius. It doesn't show up very often, but when it does it's a riot.
  • The genre flips between horror and comedy in a well-paced way that breaks tension in good places and doesn't go on for too long. The pattern seems to be "tension -> comedic moment -> (repeat) -> tension -> horrifying scene -> tension (?) -> comedic moment -> next scenario". It's good for people who might get too scared to have a moment of reprieve before moving on, and personally all my favorite funny moments were funnier because they were so tension breaking.
  • It's written like an action novel, ie snappy "narrated as it happens" type, which I have recently become really appreciative of after reading so many novels where the author seemingly nakes their novel longer by purposely extending scenes to the point where they lose all tension and cohesion.
  • Not gonna lie, it lowkey feels like I'm reading Outlast fanfic at times.

It's not perfect, but it's enjoyable to read. I'm on a horror qt/regular BL novel streak right now and this is one of the better ones. Genuine horror settings, funny scenes, entertaining MC, good writing, and great TL! Sometimes I find novels that are ok but a slog to get through, or have a promising premise but I end up having to skip or persist through 20-50 chapters before it gets interesting, but this is one I looked forward to reading and finishing from the start. It's... more>> somewhat short though, the ending felt sudden and I was really looking forward to seeing all the different bosses, but that would've taken hundreds of chapters.

Recommending this to people who want to read a horror comedy with good writing but not too serious. <<less
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