Misplacement Game


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This novel is also named “The game I got is different from yours” | “Game is different, what to do” | “Every time the target is the big BOSS” | “Why is the BOSS of Horror games always the most handsome?” | “They are running for their lives, I am falling in love”… and so on.

The protagonist is a slave to beautiful faces – he likes good-looking people, can’t say no to a pretty visage, and is filled with thoughts of love. One day he bound with a target-attack system where he can travel from world to world and experience love with the most handsome (key point!) target!

The number of players in each game is not set. The protagonist has only one target – the most handsome one. As he falls in love, he realizes… the other players perhaps, maybe, probably… have Horror? Survival? Escape-type games?

ML is one being…. No memory from one world to the next. As to whether he is human or not….. no guarantees.

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DimensionalRoamer rated it
January 18, 2019
Status: --
Hello! Translator here~

I adore this story - it's tagged thriller/psychological but it's actually really funny and has lots of humour and comedy!! Yes, there are some horror/gory bits, but it's not a big part of the story (and squeamish readers can easily skip those parts!)

Basically, Xu Ziyue (MC) bound with a system upon death and started playing a world-hopping dating simulation game, where he can pick any of the NPCs to target and romance. However, he always inevitably picks the big BOSS lol. ML is never a hostile... more>> ghost - he's usually just chilling in the scenarios minding his own business until XZY comes along and starts chasing ML due to his pretty face (XZY has this condition where he loves beautiful people LOL). (Another side note, XZY doesn't actually do that much chasing, ML always likes him and takes care of him. I guess the tag 'love interest falls in love first' would work, since ML genuinely likes him first, whereas XZY is just initially enamored by the pretty face haha).

The basic plotpoint of this novel is that XZY really is in a dating simulation game.... he's just sharing a world with the other various players who are all genuinely in a horror survival game. Therefore, really bad things can happen to the other players haha and they can die at any moment. However, the caveat that makes this not seem too much like a horror story to me is that XZY has no death flags at all; since he's playing a dating sim and not a horror game, he won't die (unless his target turns yandere and blackens lmao, which XZY worries about at various points). Also, BOSS hubby won't let anything bad happen to wifey hahahah.

Final thing, it's the same ML in each world, though different scenarios.

Sun Mo - vengeful spirit in schoolyard setting, Auston - half water demon in luxury cruise setting, Mo - humanoid puppet in a puppet village, Gu Zhe - creator the of the secret chamber (which is the setting), Shen Ci - hospital director

Also, this isn't one of those stories where the BOSS always dies in the end for the game to end! NO --> Since the couple is BOSS/MC, don't worry, boss hubby doesn't die. (We are all team boss right, no team players??)

All in all, I found this novel really amusing to read, and I also do love horror and thriller, so I am super excited to bring this project to you! Thanks for joining me on this journey! <<less
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Rukachi rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: c1
Now, I don’t usually leave reviews this early but I’m pissed that someone rated this 1 star for no good reason. Even from just the first chapter, I feel that it’s goijg to be a funny and interesting story. Our MC thinks he’s in basically a dating sim and is all happy-go-lucky. Meanwhile, the other “players” around him are super serious and afraid. This kind of contrast, how is it not entertaining? Of course, with only one chapter out so far, I can’t speak about ML just yet. But, I’m... more>> looking forward to following this. Thank you Lone Wolf Translations for picking this up! <<less
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iceflecks rated it
March 5, 2019
Status: Completed
The concept is fresh and interesting. MC is playing a love game while the other players are forced to play horror games. The events that occur in each game is fun to read, and the horror aspect is downplayed a bit (for me at least) due to the MC's game being about chasing the one he is attracted to.

... more>>

The story has ended! And it was completely different from what I'd expected. The system is the one in love with the MC, as in the entire system governing the concept of horror games. MC becomes data as well, and the two live happily ever after, being lovey dovey in the various copies the MC decides he wants to experience with his lover.

Personally, I was really hoping Austin would win because he was my favorite boss/arc, but the bosses were all an aspect of each other, and technically a part of the system, so I guess it works out in the end. The MC is loved~

My only wish is that I wanted to see more lovey dovey moments with the two in different copies in their data form.

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Friederike rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: c2
MC is playing a completely different game genre. Can I just say— that's brilliant af! I was cackling midway with XZ flirting while everybody else wants to save their asses LOL I hope this updates frequently! Good job to translator btw.
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xblkdragonx rated it
April 22, 2019
Status: Completed
MTL'd the entire novel. I found the premise very interesting, and each of the "horror" world was unique. If I was one of the players in the surviving game, I would piss myself. But because the novel is in the perspective of the MC, who is playing a love game, it's quite lighthearted and fun.

... more>>

There are a total of 5 arcs. The ML is actually the same person.

The ML isn't quite exactly the Main System itself, but the data of the Main System.


I really enjoyed the novel (as much as I could with MTL), so I look forward to the translated version of this novel.

My fav was the Doll arc. The doll was just so cute and he freaking broke my heart at the end. But despite how all the arcs goes, it's HE at the end. The end is hilarious <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c115
really good but still ongoing at the moment (they're up to c120 now).

the idea of players in the same place participating in two different games is something I haven't read before so for me, this is new idea and I'm loving it. Lots of room for humor and misunderstandings.

so far the doll one is the only one that's really creeped me out but that's because I find dolls disturbing on the best of days (i would always cry as a little kid when people gave me dolls; those empty staring... more>> eyes are scary). The idea of an entire town with nothing but dolls is horrible!! can't wait to read the rest! <<less
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Arisana rated it
February 6, 2019
Status: c105
I thought this was 'completed'. LOL Trans-saaaan, you posted 'completed'. LOL

Anyway, I feel like it's really hard to get attached to any of the characters here. MC, for some reason, you would only get a gist of what he's feeling. Did he like ML? Like, did he really LIKE him, not only the face? I know that he cared for him, at least. So I feel sorry for ML coz MC was half-assed. LOL

MC explained it though, that he knew that he couldn't really have ML coz he's leaving so... more>> he wouldn't let himself get attached too much. But... sigh. I just wanted something solid, okay? Like FOD solid. I'm reading the 5th arc right now. The 3rd is my favorite btw. The Dolls. THE GODDARN DOLLS. crying. jpg

I don't know how many arcs this will have. For now, I'm giving this a 3-star. <<less
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Victuuri Road
Victuuri Road rated it
January 24, 2019
Status: c4
(。’▽’。) ♡ I love how the MC is enjoying his time playing a dating sim and capturing his man... while all the other players are trying to live through their horror/survival worlds.

Looking forward to reading the next arcs. Is the a zombie or apocalyptic world in there? Haha
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susanty.smile rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: --
Thank you for translating and sharing this novel !!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for the hard work!!!

MC is so shameless~~~ not that I mind. Who need face in front of the target!! :DDDD I love the various worlds concept and this novel have players and NPCs which is new for me, so I look forward to the next chapters.

again, THANK YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!
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raindroptree rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: c139
This book is so freaking good! So good that I couldn't wait for updates and mtl'd it like others, but I will probably re-read it after it is translated as well just because it is really freaking good. The mix of comedy, horror and romance in this novel was so well done. The characters are amazing as well, I never found anything I disliked about any of them and the world's for all of the characters was very entertaining! I am sad that the novel ends here??? Not sure as... more>> I can't find more chapters and it says it ends at 140, but the novel is obviously not finished? So sad because I want to keep reading! QAQ <<less
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CrookedCrown rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: v1c1
After reading the first chapter, I’m excited! This is a refreshing concept in the plethora of transmigration yaoi novels. The MC’s straightforward personality is cute (I like a bold shou/uke) and stands out against the tension of his environment. I’m eager to see how this let’s him survive any chaos to come. I’d recommend this to any yaoi fan who enjoys a good tranmigration novel and who doesn’t mind a little bit of potential horror.
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June 10, 2019
Status: v1c12
So far I'm really enjoying it. It's lighthearted but sort of twisted, which I personally really like. I guess I'll just have to wait for translation updates because I'm not sure where to read more
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Emmitouflee rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: Completed
This was a really fun read, it could have been better if some of the plotholes were filled out and the story was better planned out (the author repeatedly notes that she had started the story for fun and didn't plan much). The blend of horror, comedy, and romance was very enjoyable, however. The third arc broke my heart into a million pieces, I haven't cried that hard in a long time.

One thing to note, for those who might not like this is (about the 1v1 nature of the book)... more>> :

although it is technically 1v1.i.e. ML is the same person throughout, it also isn't exactly like that. It feels more like each person was a different splintered personality with bits and pieces of some of the previous personalities mixed in, and only at the end are they all brought together. So it did feel a little harem-y especially in the last arc where spoiler spoiler spoiler all personalities existed as separate beings.


But having said that, still recommend if you like horror and BL. <<less
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M4Z3 rated it
June 21, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a pretty enjoyable and relatively fluffy story. There are horror elements but quite honestly after the first few worlds the horror isn't that scary anymore. It's mostly just mild gore and suspense which doesn't last long. But still have to say, having a dating sim in the world of a horror survival game is a really nice idea. Also, heads up for people who want to read ahead, read c140 (the extra chapter) if you don't want to feel like the story abruptly ended. (Even though c139 really... more>> does give the feeling that the story abruptly ended) <<less
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