Night’s Nomenclature


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In the midst of the blue and purple neon lights, under the gray, metallic sky, it is the frontier of all data, the aftermath of a scientific revolution, also the border of fiction and reality.

Steel versus body; the past and the future.

Here, the Outer World and the Inner World exist alongside each other. It seems like the wall of time is right in front of your eyes.

Darkness gradually swallows the world.

But listen, my friend, we cannot use kindness to survive the darkness. We need fire.

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New asdkanjdaks rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: --
Writing this review purely on the novel since I read the original Chinese and not the translation, don't know how well it's translated.


  • Very enjoyable plot
  • Smart MC that acts rationally
  • Connects with the universe of The First Order pretty well but doesn't affect new readers who haven't read The First Order
  • The transmigration aspect of the novel is pretty well thought out

  • Some character interactions can be a bit smoother, at some points it just felt like the author was trying to force two people to meet and become friends
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Sir R. Hellbringer
Sir R. Hellbringer rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: c160
Just want to mention that I'm writing this review for both this book and The First Order (completed the raws)

Spoiler for the timeline between the 2 books

... more>>

This happens like 1000 years (more or less) after The First Order


As a reader of The First Order, this is a sequel, both novels are great. When I read them I always get a romantic feel (not the love kind, the other kind), especially the statement "Climb a mountain, watch the falling snow and chase a dream" with both books.

Excellent character development and world building, one of the best things the author is good at is building the mood. <<less
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Okuri Ookami
Okuri Ookami
June 26, 2021
Status: c18
So far a pretty good story. I will be putting minor spoilers in my review for those of you wanting to avoid that. They are only for the first 18 chapters if not the first 5.

The MC is very calm and unphased. He comes from a broken home with both parents being two different extremes of negligent.

Although the MC is smart he is somehow naive dispite his eidetic memory. For example after being sent to prison he instinctively knows to avoid the "newby initiation" but later assumes that the other... more>> 9 or 11 newbies were beaten where the sun don't shine so as to avoid detection from the security drones and robots. He assumed as well that this was why they were walking funny...

Another, he assumed he was going to be put in a horrible situation or even die but the last thing he did wasn't to confess to a girl, have s*x (via prostitute or pickup), curse his mother or indulge himself. No he does something responsible...

The story hints at a dark setting but anytime its touched on the Author immediately pulls back and you get the standard going through the motion feel. There will be murder. Its already been shown. It just doesn't leave you with a sense of dread that you'd normally want.

The setting of this world is a year from now and the people of the world (selected few) get to transmigrate into a futuristic world with biotic, genetic augmentation (powers) and presumably a better way to get power that hasn't been explained yet (but its hinted to martial arts cultivation).

For those of you worried about nationalism there are other countries mentioned as early as where I caught up; that being said even with both America and Japan being mentioned there has yet to be anything negative. The author made it a point not to say anything overly patriotic or ridicule others. Sticking to the point of only mentioning certain events.

My personal opinion? I was drawn into the story when I saw the MC's family situation. I was very disappointed for him. It was a good sign that the Author knew how to draw in my emotions! I felt a little pissed at his step-father and actual father's responses. His mother's subsequent actions also pissed me off a lil even though I understood where she was coming from. The author knowing to hint back at this shows his skill level or at least potential.

Overall I like the world setup it's the pacing that's a little worrying for me. The MC may not get any starter advantages as it is now. Seems like a long con. <<less
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Qoob rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: c332
Just caught up to raws, and it's surprisingly good for a webnovel so far. Minor spoilers involving setting and synopsis ahead; nothing you won't learn within the first 15 chapters or so.

Setting. A number of individuals satisfying a series of criteria suddenly find themselves transmigrated to a parallel world (neither displaced in space nor in time) that is more lawless, more technologically advanced and host to three separate advancement systems: (1) awakening superpowers, (2) genetic augmentation, and (3) everyone's favorite: cultivation. Transmigrators each displace an individual in the parallel... more>> world and assume their bodies and augmentations, if such exist. The landmass corresponding to China in the parallel world is contiguous with Japan and Korea, and is controlled by five corporations. Contrary to what another reviewer claims, nationalistic sentiment does come into play because three of the corporations are Chinese in origin, one is Japanese, and one is Korean, which serves as a significant driver of conflict in both worlds. While annoying, this nationalistic sentiment is infrequent enough to be bearable.

Summary. A youth with family problems and an eidetic memory becomes one such transmigrator, catches the eye of an expert cultivator, and begins his growth into a power in his own right. This relatively standard storyline is bolstered by the inclusion of intelligent characters, the exclusion of idiotic characters and confrontations, and the curious worldbuilding that combines futuristic sci-fi with cultivation. The youth's immense talent does not feel overwhelming because his growth correlates with the strength of his enemies, and because the training that he undertakes to develop this talent into a combat advantage is consistently and intentionally integrated into the narrative. The narrative's discussion of morality and interpersonal relationships is quite interesting.

Translation. I read the raws for this novel, so I will only comment on the quality of the translation via the translated title and description. 'Night's Nomenclature' is too literal a translation to be meaningful or substantive. The raw title is 夜的命名术, [night/darkness]-[of]-[naming/nomenclature, from the characters for 'life' and 'name/fame/renown']-[art/method/technique]. This 'night' is a metaphor for the parallel, lawless world, and I interpret this 'art of naming' as the power to direct events in this world. Ignoring these connotations, something like 'Naming the Night' would at least make more sense, but I would personally prefer something akin to 'He Who Commands the Night'.

Below is my translation for the novel's description.

Amidst a backdrop of neon blues and purples, underneath the steel latticework of sky, standing at the forefront of technology, lies a world that has overcome a scientific revolution, a world that serves as the interface between the real and the illusory, the biotic and the electronic, the past and the future.

The darkness is slowly encroaching upon us—but you must understand, my friend, we can't stand against the darkness with warmth and kindness. We need fire.

Personally, it sounds quite overblown, and there's a sentence in there that I omitted that makes no sense to me.

Recommendations. I will second the recommendation of 'High Energy QR Code' based on the similarity of the protagonists' personalities, strengths, and skills. Note that 'High Energy QR Code' has mild elements of M/M romance, whereas this present novel does not have any sign of romance as yet. <<less
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June 29, 2021
Status: c4
This is good. The personalities built from their environment are surprisingly realistic. I like how his lifestyle and situation are both implied and introduced. And I'm looking forward to c the actual plot. I can tell it'll be nicely structured.

About his parents. I don't feel like his mom seriously neglected him from where I'm at right now. She left him with an irresponsible gambler, which is all her child support feeds, and that's totally her fault. But I kinda forgive her. It just sucks that he doesn't feel like he... more>> can rely on her, but at the same time I feel like she didn't want to deal with any of the problems that came with her past. And I also feel like his inclination is realistic. <<less
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CrIsI rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: --
I just started reading this and already feel addicted.

A mind blowing Novel with perfect writing style, characters and plot.

I feel like I finally found what I was searching for all this time, thank you author.
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partypooper69 rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: c223
Awesome novel. Read a lot of cultivation novels with the generic tropes. This one stands out and should be interesting for most readers that are already used to the generic tropes and want to try something new. It also helps that most characters are not 80 IQ and different people have different agendas...
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Zeikfried rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: c37
It still uses the trope of transmigration, but we don't have a blatant gary stu. And instead of one person randomly having the privilege and power of the gimmick, many people do. This turns the novel into a more traditional shonen story with many twists, battles, mysteries, and plot development, as opposed to the one note tr*sh we have normally have to wade through.
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Yuki_Ringo rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: --
This novel similar to 48 Hours a Day where steady Mature MC travel between other world and own world


This novel MC can only tavel to parallel world called outer world where they assume the identity of the native there w same name w a mixture of Cultivation n Scifi
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