Crazy Detective


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Zhao Yu used to be a little ruffian who fought recklessly without any morals and bottom line, after being framed and sentenced to a lethal injection death penalty; Zhao Yu woke up reincarnated to a parallel timeline, where he’s no longer a criminal, but a Key Case Investigation Team agent.

The change from a criminal to a police officer had thrown Zhao Yu off and had him wreak havoc for the first few days in the station. But with the help of a mysterious “Miracle system,” Zhao Yu was able to embark on a new life where his goal is to solve the unsolvable cases and make amends for his past life’s mistakes.

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New Napknight rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: c1201
The moral of the character is quite questionable in the beginning but as the story proceeds you can visibly see the transformation of the MC to someone that you can't help but see as remarkable. Nevertheless, there is still a big stigma to the MC and that is his brutish way in handling cases and also the biggest issue that I have is that the system that support him is almost spoon-feeding him and yet he just takes it and never trains... oh wait he did train like a couple... more>> of chapters only then back to square one of being a bandit like hero... I like his character though not of the fact that he is loyal to the person he trust but the fact that he is focus on the case and doesn't learn from his MISTAKES! (I'm not angry about it. *just pointing out)...

Now that I finish ranting lets proceed to the review.

The System is sophisticated and also doesn't give much to the user which is the MC. It might seem contradictory but at the beginning where the MC doesn't know the rules and mechanics of his system he does things in a very annoying way and easily affected by it when he draws a Hexagram (This hexagram is a very important part of the story as it is the device that guides the MC and also the thing that makes coincidence to a normal thing). The system is like a Future sight without giving a specific detail to its meaning and leaves the meaning up to the user to imagine. This is why sometime the MC makes a wrong conclusion that leads to some death and further deaths. Actually if you look at the system its like a tarot card but does not have large number which makes its prediction ability very limited to only those that it represents.

To The Author & Translator

I am very thankful to have read this novel as it is inspiring as it is blood boiling to see some things that are otherwise cannot normally be seen and heard. The depiction of death and problem solving in the novel really present the idea that criminal cases are hard very hard to solve and it needs too many coincidence for some to be solve as humans are a husk of ideas and imagination that can have different knowledge and application that will not be understood by a person if he/she is not understood. Likewise, the victim and even the criminals have a story to be told this will be about themselves and their experience that led to this unfortunate choice. I feel more oblige that I am living a life that is neither unfortunate and lackluster as the times/age of today is more on the political power and domination. In a certain point of view it can be seen as something to be grateful for but in another direction it is treated as a poison that is slowly crippling countries and nations...

Thanks for the Amazing Novel still waiting for more chapter I think I know what the ending will be base form the role the system is taking on and its action.. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
June 29, 2018
Status: c20
It's a decent story. Rather by the book reincarnation, and the MC has a bit of personality. It just didn't hold my interest because I felt the story was too predictable. There is not anything besides that which is bad about this novel, but nothing particularly great about it either. If you like detective dramas, then this novel is probably your speed. I'm not big on detective dramas myself.

It's refreshing to not see another reincarnation wuxia/xianxia novel so there's that, and probably the main reason why I gave this novel... more>> a shot. It's a decent time waster, I would give it 7/10 stars. <<less
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ieatp-ssy rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: c240
The story started with a simple premise, a death-row inmate, a career gangster, following his execution, was 'reborn' into a cop with same name, in the same timeline. He adjusts to life being a cop, but using methods a gangster might use. Much like all other present-day-themed CN novels, this one also has a cheat-device, though in this case, the device is a 'quiet' one that basically is a taoism-based fortune-telling machine, that issues enigmatic riddles similar to 'daily horoscope' for the MC, and occasionally grants magical devices that would... more>> help the cop in solving crimes.

Sounds s*upid, right? I thought so, too.

Despite the s*upid premise, the truth is that a story with an MC who's a cop, and an investigator, at that, will hang on the cases he handles. Are they good or dumb? Do they make sense? Are they full of plot-holes?

The first case was flimsy, at best, but then the second case came on, and it got better. And then the third, and then the fourth, and it gets better, and better, and better. I won't say they're devoid of plot-holes, but they're not quite all that obvious. They're entertaining, and complicated enough to invoke the reader's imagination, but not so convoluted they are difficult to understand. By chapter 240, or so, I'm hooked. And hooking me is not easy. The cases strike that happy-medium, where it isn't quite Agatha Christie, but much cleverer than what most others pass as 'mysteries' in most novels.

If you like murder mysteries and such, you'll love this novel! If you're hoping for a vapid comedy, you may be disappointed.

And here's the one potential drawback of this novel: I am reading the English translation of this novel published by the international arm of Qidian. Much like all the other novels they translate, the work is done on-the-cheap. I find a lot of things, and including most of the jokes, in fact, are lost-in-translation. The actual translation work is quite good, but clearly done with an emphasis on speed, rather than a professional style. The translator used words like 'inculcate, ' which is SAT-level, but then he/she/they translated 'gurney' as 'pushcart.' The word gurney is indeed an American one, and in English the word is pram, but 'pushcart?' And yes, technically, a gurney is a form of pushcart, but it's so very, very specific kind of pushcart. Ugh! Instinct tells me that 'inculcate' came from Google Translate, since it would explain everything, but I may be wrong.

And that, unfortunately, is the one thing that's a little disappointing. This novel is full of specific terminologies on forensics, criminology, some law, weapons, etc., much like any other detective novels. These terminologies are translated by someone with an obviously limited vocabulary, who obviously doesn't always have the time to Google some words.

This is another 'hidden gem' in Qidian's library, so far. Professionally translated and edited, this may be a hit novel on print that people may actually pay for. I would. <<less
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Tobi rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c649
Crazy Detective

A Story that started out with nonsense that is fun to read but not compelling. But after chapter 80+ it becomes super engaging.

As the story title points out, the MC is extremely crazy and hoodlum, but here's the thing he's actually calm and serious when figuring out a case. Overtime through the novel from chapter 1 to latest chapter you can visibly see that his action and his character mature. He's still crazy and uses force all the time but he is one of the more interesting main character that stayed true to his craziness.

Characters are interesting, story is actual mystery and detective work with the MC using his brain and system to his advantage. All the cases are amazing and the culprits of the cases are all... more>> using common sense.

There's a lot of women in this novel but I can tell that only the true female lead not the MC old flame llookalike is the one in his heart til the end. Her character is also amazing.

All in all not deserved of the 3 star, a good 4.3. Very entertaining and compelling. <<less
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
December 23, 2018
Status: c360
This novel is very underrated. A novel about crime solving using a slightly OP cheat system that gives him tools to assist crime solving. But the system is not infallible so the MC is often put in life or death situations which allows the reader to get really engrossed during the fights. The MC still often uses his own smarts and deductive abilities to solve crimes. The crimes themselves serve as mini arcs in the story, providing readers satisfaction when a crime is fully solved.

The characters in the story are... more>> pretty interesting, they are characterized very well and jump out of the page. The way the MC interacts with people is also hilarious but not in a parody sense. The novel has serious plot but with constant scattering of laugh out loud comedy. The interactions between MC and the female lead is also hilarious and enjoyable to read. <<less
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Gweenman09 rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: c1043
Notice that all of the low rated reviews stopped at earlier chapters. This book is mediocre until chapter 50-100. After this the main character stops acting idiotic and develops into a true detective. This book is a true hidden gem because of the somewhat difficult beginning.

Note that all characters, no matter how minor, are completely realistic and generally have a backstory. Most minor characters will come and go throughout the book and develop in their own ways. Additionally, this character development happens over time or in tune with the... more>> plot. This makes the novel especially interesting without forcing random info dumps. <<less
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DicerX rated it
October 26, 2019
Status: c300
A mystery masterpiece where the MC grows slowly alongside the plot, the novel is underrated for the genre. My only pet peeve is the fact that the cases are sometimes very predictable and that the level system is so very vague. I've added a big chunk of the tags and rewritten the summary to make it more appealing. Hope you enjoy it, really highly recommend it.
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prasantbagale rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c610
It keeps you on the EDGE, All elements- Crime, Romance, Comedy, Mystery, Thriller are very well balanced.

Give it more chapters and it gets better and better.
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timma rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c454
Really a 4, but I feel it's very underrated. MC acts his personality. Has funny moments, but the story itself isn't a joke. Worth jumping into. I didn't even know I liked this genre.

I'd pause on it before tomb murder arch, otherwise you'll get sick of it.
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Allstarall rated it
March 21, 2019
Status: c519
The main character is an chaotic evil character that gradually becomes chaotic good. A thug forever tho.

I personally hated how he broke so many police rules but it eventually got better and more bearable.

Pervert. But devoted to his love interest. People seemed to ship this pairing in its early stages.

... more>> FL is awesome. The girls in general were are awesome, especially considering this is a CN.

Again. Pervert. I personally really hate that trait. Only him though, and not the narrative, so I found it bearable if I skipped those parts. Those parts, however, are very, very, very plentiful.

I rather like his ‘system.’ A premonition for the day.

The police mysteries to solve and adventures are quite cool.

Its actually interesting and he sometimes gets things wrong- but does succeed in the end.

Warnings however- there seems to cliffs. Have not experienced them due to binging but I have heard laments in the comments section. <<less
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bubba37 rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c70
Detective fiction, ass-hole MC. The comedic bits are pretty funny
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pjrc8899 rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: c6
To tell the truth, I wasn't the least impressed.

Although, for a tug story, it could be a bit interesting, but as a 'police story', it is kind of lame.

I only reached until chapter 6, which is very little to give a more substantial review. I guess it will stay that way...
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xHIDDENDEMONx rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: c1171
An extremely underrated novel and quite a good read. Most of the bad reviews come from people who haven't actually made it past many chapters. Considering the huge influx of shitty novels in the rankings, the five star is deserved. Read at least 100 chs before u make up your mind.....

... more>>

I get a lot of people had a bad opinion of it due to the starting where his character sounds a bit annoying but thinking from perspective he just died and it's quite reasonable for the man to be disoriented. He later straightens out though not completely. He talks normally, stops the blackmailing thing and helps the girl. (ig author did that just to keep it real which is quite fine since it doesn't have much of a negative impact).

A lot of side characters are kind of left behind which is fine since the story focuses more on solving mysteries, adventures, system etc.

There is good character development with the FML and the way the author handled the romance in the novel is frankly one of the few best ways you can find among light novels. (He stops chasing after the girl who looks like his ex from his previous life since they only look like each other which shows his maturity since he was crazy about her and finds a girl more up his alley)

The system progression of the story is quite good since it remains very useful for the gadgets but he reduces his dependency on it for solving crimes. The starting of EACH mystery is boring but gets really good after like 4-7 chs.

No s*upid chinese cliches or over the top nationalistic crap.

That's it.

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gryffinpuff rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: c11
IMO, the MC is more like a cannon fodder-like thug, the one who gets beaten up everytime and whose name is not mentioned either... or else he would have smarts to atleast pretend! I get it that he's supposed to be a thug, and can condone him blackmailing a middle schooler, being a perv and acting out, but the least he could do is pretend in front of people (colleagues) and not act out rashly every time - had hoped for a more street smart yakuza types. Just couldn't get... more>> into the story, so dropping it! <<less
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avidnovelreader95 rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: c1019
first of lets get a summary of the story. so this story centers around a former gangster leader that supposedly died and crossed over into a parallel world from the one he died in. but in this parallel world he wasn't a gangster but a cop which had a miracle system in his mind. the miracle system would give out daily missions and upon completion he was awarded with certain gadgets ex. invisibility cloak. from there he with the help of the miracle system goes on to solve unsolvable cold... more>> cases.

so the story has a interesting premise and the plot is pretty good but to be fair the plot practically writes itself but non the less its pretty decent. but this story also has critical flaws that prevent it from being a great novel.

first namely the MC probably the s*upidest thing that the author could have screwed up. honestly it making a MC is probably one of the more easier things in a novel, I would say writing the plot is harder but like I said the plot practically writes itself in this type of story which consists of only murders. the MC is basically a gang leader with plentiful experience in fighting but when you look at it the guy has the f*cking mental age of a 12 year old. because apparently the only namely skills he learned from his time where non stop bragging and bickering like preschoolers.

ill give a example: its said hes great at fighting and you would think being a gang leader your practically fighting with your life on the line everyday. but when he gets into a fight he has zero fighting skills basically he runs around using his brute strength to overpower people. now if I go to some random street gang or just delinquent generally these people have some sort of boxing stance or guard implemented in their fighting, so how could the best gang fighter have no fighting skills whatever hmmmm. of course its not impossible to overpower people with brute strength but there is generally a condition and that is your body physique is just vastly better than than the other person so if your a borderline 7 ft giant and every other guy you fight is your average 5 ft 8 joe yeah you could probably smack them up and down regardless if they had fighting skills or not but guess what according to the author the MC is supposedly around 5 ft 10 hmmm sounds convincing. also the MC has the intelligence 5 year old. he constantly makes dumb decisions over and over and over again its ridiculous how he was a former gang leader with the way he makes decisions its a miracle he didn't die earlier from his s*upid choices.

alright next the fights. jesus I don't even know where to start here the you can really tell the author has no idea how an actual fight takes place at all or even bothered to research it. looked like he straight up took what he saw from a movie scene and just pasted it in, its not realistic at all. what I mean by this is in a fight often you have a sh*t ton of adrenaline pumping in you cause your in a very tense state so normally if you get hit you don't really feel this till much later and thats generally why in a fight if you get knocked down or pushed down they generally get right back up assuming they aren't knocked out. so in literally every fight the MC rolls around a bit and takes a punch or two and literally hes already dizzy or just can't get off the ground, this is also considering the fact that hes supposedly the best fighter in a gang. also word count the author always does this in a fight he basically writes out these illogical fights to stall the chapter so he could add word count. like when one fight could have been 1 chapter it turns into 3.

also the romance in this novel is really.. cheap in my opinion. in the story after he basically gets a 2nd chance at life he meets the girl he fell in love with in the past. they were supposedly madly in love but separated due to various reasons. so now he meets her again in a parallel world but he also understands this isn't the exact person he knew from the past obviously. and the fact that it was a parallel world the girl's personality is a bit different. due to this he quickly got over her and fell in love with another girl. now here is where I feel like the romance was just sh*t nothing more than some cheap garbage. its literally hinted in the story that he got put off by the fact that the girls personality wasn't the same, so he quickly lost interest in her and later on he meets this other girl who guess what surprise has a similar personality with the girl he loved in the past hmmm wonder what happens. yep he falls for her and its hinted that he does because of that. now the reason why I find that this is cheap is first he literally got over her like it was nothing I mean if his love was so deep for her that it was literally unforgettable I don't think i'd be able to get over someone like that instantly like he did. on top of that the fact that he literally fell in love with another girl with pretty much the same personality pretty much shows what he liked wasn't the person but certain traits. and lets be real people change over time, if I look back on it the 16 year old me and the 24 year old me are basically different people I had vastly different world views, ideals, and personality when I was 16 compared to when I was 24 its simply maturing and experiencing different things. personally I believe if you truly loved a person you would be able to accept them for who they are and the fact that their views are just going to change over time. and honestly I think if you put any person in his position at the time considering the circumstances I think most would be drawn to the girl considering that he was pretty much hopeless and left to die but magically he got a 2nd chance and he runs into the person he had a unforgetable love with also the fact that they were forced to break up in the past plus I feel like it wouldn't be a completely bad thing that her personality is different it would be like discovering another aspect of her. that is pretty much why I feel that the romance in this novel is just sh*t nothing more than cheap novelty to pump up the story. he simply didn't like the person but certain traits so its safe to say if another girl comes along with those desired traits which is entirely possible wouldn't he say he loved them as well now wouldn't that be a joke.

anyways my conclusion is that this is a pretty good read if your into the mystery and crime type novels because the cases are pretty interesting but that aside the novel is pretty lackluster. but I'm not really surprised because like I said the plot basically wrote itself for these types of novels because the author could just basically look up real existing cases and then tweek them a bit and they would work it isn't that hard, but you can tell the parts that he actually had to brainstorm such as the MC and the fights it all falls apart because he has no idea wtf hes doing if theres no obvious guideline for him to follow.

edit- god damn it after reading more of this the issues I stated don't even remotely get fixed. aside from him developing slight leadership skills. its also ridiculous that how does this guy as a cop never has a gun never... like dude go be a security guard the guy never has a f*cking gun.

edit2- I can't believe I'm doing this i've read over 50 webnovels now literally this is the only novel where I had to go back edit the review twice after reading more of the novel and not for a good reason.

the author seriously must have fell on his head when growing up because I can't find any way to justify half this shit. so in the novel so far theres basically 5 national level cold cases that the MC is trying to solve so after he had solved the first case they did a news reporting and I thought it was pretty s*upid for multiple reasons but at the time I didn't think too much into it because I thought yeah he solved a hard case so it made sense to get a reward but later on this highlighted the issue to this behaviour. so when he gets to try to solve the 3rd case the murderer or the conspirator behind the 3rd case basically threatens the MC with his friends and shit. right here you could see the level of brain damage the author has like y would you even broadcast the news out. so fyi I got curious as to how they would normally do this in real life so in comparison I used the fbi because that would be the closest thing to what the central criminal devision is in the novel. so I did some research into fbi cold cases that were solved and as far as I'm concerned all the cases I looked up none of them bring up who solved the case or even which team cracked the case they just mention "oh the police." yeah when you think about it, its basically how when you get a transplant they won't tell you who you got it from probably due to various concerns. well atleast I couldn't find any information or any cases of that happening online. so the fact that the author is going around advertising his achievements is ridiculous I mean sure he did a good job so why not promote him or give him a raise.... not like public attention is going to double his pay check. also i've noticied this already he always just stumbles into a case by some happy coincidence and then procedes to solve the case, so far there hasn't been a cold case that he earnestly just solves from the start without stumbling into a piece of lucky dog sh*t in the beginning.

also for f*cks sake like the idiot author keeps trying to make every case about like a moral lesson or something that almost never happens in real life how many physcopathic serial killers do you think would literally admit to their wrongs and turn over a new leaf. this also explains why the cases always lead to a f*cking sh*t show where the MC is preaching his f*cking moral beliefs on the criminals at the end like for f*ck sake can we please remember this is a novel and the core of this sh*t novel is solving the cases in essence its main focus is the mystery genre not f*cking preaching god the mother f*cking bible like how many times do I have to read another sh*t novel where the author can't write jack sh*t that makes sense.

also I'm lowering the rating to a 1. theres way too many issues in the novel and the only thing keeping this ship afloat is literally the plot that writes itself which is kinda ridiculous. <<less
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ShadyShadow rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c945
Has its flaws, but all in all a very entertaining detective story with some supernatural elements
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