My Girlfriend Is Really a Superstar


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“Can I tell you a secret, sister?” Tang BaoBao whispered to Xiao Hanrui.

“What is it!”

“I have found a superstar girlfriend.”

Xiao Hanrui exclaimed “Female Superstar! What is going on in your head?”

” Am I beautiful? Do I look good? Are my legs long?”

“Do you want to die? Where did you get the courage to even find a superstar girlfriend?”

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cencourang rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: c500
1st, forgive me for my bad English. But, after read the review for this novel and how I feel about this novel while reading it, it really triggered me to write a review too. So lets start

Good thing about this story are the premised of the story. This story actually heavy focus on romance, comedy, SoL and harem. With the story about MC who got traumatic incident that lead him into a dense character and it making him less contact with the girl except his childhood friend that he considered... more>> as sister. So the story begin with MC got 3 fix harem member and also author teased us with some xuanhan with MC actually have superpowered.

But here the problem. Author didn't know the different between "Dense" and "Mentally ret*rd". Because actually MC not dense at all, he just mentally ret*rd. Lets ignore that first, let me back to talk about the good thing. Aside the cliche trope, this story actually good, there is no arrogant young master pop up every arc. And the story actually focus on how MC daily life and how he interact with his harem. So no repetitif sh*t happen in this story.

Also, this story had 3 heroine that really had a character, not 1 Dimensional.

The sister : who like bossy and bully

The sister friend : who shy but actually honest to her feeling

The celebrity : who like to tease and got tease.

So where this sh*t gone wrong?

Lets start talking about the bad thing.

Like I said, author can't tell the different between Dense and Mentally ret*rd. We got MC who acually 24/25 year old. A man that already work in society. But have brain of 12 years old kid. Not only his brain, also his emotion also like 12 years old kid. Slowly but surely, the more you read MC interact with the heroine, the more you hate the MC. Especially how author tryhard to justify MC action.

The one that really got the worse through the development but also the story arc that I like the most was the celebrity. Why you ask? So their relationship actually start as online dating BF and GF. So she want to teach MC how to treat woman. Their story was cute if you compare with other 2. And the most development in my opinion. At some point, the celebrity understood her feeling to MC, and want to became real BF and GF. She ask MC to open up their relationship to MC parent and to public. Because she tired of being use by her management as a tool to make other actor famous. But MC denied it because he is not ready. And then sh*t happen just like what she told MC, her management acting up again, and try to matching up her with other actor. Do you know what MC reaction? Wow he ranting and angry like a b*tch, and also straight deleting her contact from wechat and block her number without even asking explanation from her that make her devastated. Literally a girl in that position, need support, just got dumpstered without help. How break she was. And when she finally can reach MC, MC still angry to her, and when she ask him to "lets open up our relationship, I dont give a sh*t about being an artist now" but MC chicken out and even angrier to the girl without reason. Thats one example how bit*h the MC was. 2 other girl also got problem with the same reaction with MC. All in all, every sh*t MC do, author justify it and make the harem look like the problem.

And here we go for the worst part. MC now dating the 3 girl without them knowing MC got 3 GF. Yes, like I said, author tried to make the girl look s*upid. The harem really serious about their relationship, several time they mention they wan to get married and have childriend with MC. And everytime they talk about that to MC, MC chicken out and look for some bullsh*t reason. MC got a chance to tell the truth to them, but he choose not. Until 3 of them pregnant at the same time. What did MC do? Did he honest with them? No. Then how the story goes? Well, those 3 girl somehow met at the same doctor and there they know they have children from the same person. How deeply hurt those 3 girl.

And those 3 girl want MC honesty, so they met up with MC, hoping up MC to tell the truth, but guess what, he chicken out and finally those 3 girl diss him out and they mentally breakdown.

What MC do after that? Nothing, he even didnt tell his parent. So how his parent know? Well, those girl come his house, and told his parent. Wow, for me, how hurt my heart when I read this part. MC parent actually had an role as a comedic relief in the story. And when they heard this, they really hurt and disappointed. And finally MC father rage out, and kick MC out from the house. The girl finally gave out of MC, and went separated way to raised their own children.

What did MC do? Nothing. He event didnt tried to reconciled with the girl. He tried once, with come to their house, but they not at home and change their lock, and thats it. MC already gave up. The brilliant part about MC, he looking for some support, and tried to call his parent again, but no respon. And he call his grandparent, and got support and his parent got slap in the face by grandparents because kicking out MC etc. MC didnt know this, but what in his mind was "Ahh, my heart so warm, my grandparents still love me". Wow..

What next? Well, instead we got redemption story about MC looking for forgiveness and tried to fix the problem, author choose to put xuanhan part here. Where MC went to middle east to train his power. Guess what, we got 8 month time skip. Wooow... So literally, these 3 girl just pregnant without support of the father.

I only read at that part. I think I already know where this is going. I think MC will became hero to the harem, and they will reconcilled just like that.

Edit: I read several chapter, wow. No fixing for this MC. Just like one of reviewer said, he really didnt have responsibility at all. Now he got teleportation power and invisibilty. What he do in 8 month was became stalker to them. And just smiling to see how desperate those girl with their life. Really fck up bois..

So, those 4 or 5 stars review are questionable for my part, thats why I wrote the whole plot. It deserve 4 or 5 if author goes with the premise. But if you actually read it. This is the truth about the story. Up to you to read this or not. <<less
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aanasarbi rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: 1000+
This novel contains a small harem, so those who do not want to read such novels please be warned!

This novel is about a MC who starts off as a very dense protagonist. His childhood friend/sister (not related by blood) is actually in love with him. He does not understand his feelings towards her. The MC gets into trouble by trying to start a relationship with a star. He is confused whether his parents will be accepting of this relationship. The character that makes this all the more complex is the... more>> friend of his sister who also knows his superstar girlfriend very well as they are neighbors. So we start off a romantic comedy with MC trying to maintain his relationship with all three woman but it gets complicated before finally having a resolution. I will not spoil what happens when we reach that point. But if you are guessing that the story ends, it does not. It only gets more interesting with elements of Xuanhuan explored after that point.

I personally would recommend it to people who want to have their MC and heroines undergo character growth instead of having a situation where MC conquers them and they all become one personality. Here such a case does not occur. Their marital life continues and we have interesting situations where they quarrel at times and are reconciled at other times. It is funny how the novel handles the relationships and we never forget that each character has a different role to play and can have differences in the harem, instead of a stable relationship. <<less
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iloveurbannovels rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: --
It's one of the classics. Probably the best harem of all time. I've been looking hard for another novel like this, but it doesn't exist. I even looked at the author's other works. He has another 900 chapter novel that's very boring where the serious MC chooses just one girl. This one is his crowning work.
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xkei1215x rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: --
Honestly this is fun to read. At least the first few hundred chapters. After reaching the chapter where the MC got FMLs pregnant (at the same time) I start finding this story boring. Full of drama shit. Too possessive MC. NTR-like scenes. Though I still recommend reading it since its happy ending anyway.
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joyshu rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: c945
its a good story and very funny
... more>>

favourite chapter 311 all three harem members became pregnant on same day and went to hospital to check and met at same time after finding the harem the actions of harem are believable even his parents were angry with them and they didn't meet for two years after MC went to middle east and used his powers (finally some action) and somewhat is very popular there. He uses his power to meet his children even though no one else knows reading now and finding 5 harem members. Just found out he had a son with a another girl who was a school flower like his sister

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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F
February 22, 2020
Status: ch.1150
Good comedy novel. One man and three pretties in the beginning. Each girl has each own unique characteristics and reasons why she fells for the super dense MC.

Novel has to be harem, else it can not continue. No OP action, even the MC's super OP. He has to have OP because he is very coward, ordinary look, general knowledge & education & carrier & IQ. Just ordinary guy with some extraordinary OP to keep the novel being novel.

Translation is good but too slooo. Most MTLs are OK but reader has... more>> to have some Chinese culture backgrund in order to understand the idioms and meaning of some sentences.


My Sister is the Superstar is [almost] the same genre. Same funny too


Flies in the oil.

1. Reading for fun and outlandish fantasy for men. Nothing else.

2. The author is the same as his MC. NO RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL. Simply drop the novel at 1197th chapter. <<less
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Asura_va rated it
December 8, 2019
Status: c700
It is a wing novel that has to be given a chance I love the development of characters that it has and how it relates to the other characters

... more>>

I think that the best thing about this novel is the romance because being in a more mature context because the characters are more mature, the romace and the relationship that the protagonist has with the members of the harem are deeper since they are building their Little by little, in addition, the most remarkable aspect of this novel is how the protagonist has to fight to be able to have it since at first he did not have the intention only that the winged situations that faced them led to that I loved how the protagonist has to achieve that no one finds out that he has a relationship with them and so he has to keep a limit on what they can do because he wants to tell them and as in the end everything does not go as he wants but the development of this is the plot's charm


I recommend this novel if you like character development, an interesting romantic plot, greasy moments, a highly recommended novel. <<less
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tmark0099 rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: c21
Good, enjoyable read with funny and endearing characters. Translation is alright, could be better. My only gripe is the slow release rate.
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