Still, Wait For Me


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Inexplicably reborn in the year 2003, having failed terribly in his previous life, the prevailing concern with Xu Tingsheng, that stands above all else, is none other than her. But alas, he is just months away from entering university, while she is but in her first year of junior high… Regarding this, all he can do is wait silently…for now.

In the meantime, other matters remain. There were quite a few things that went…rather badly, back then. Given the chance to change things, how would it not be the best decision to give that roulette wheel another spin with the odds stacked a better way, to attempt to change those dismal fates? And in some matters, does the alternative even truly exist? Hence flaps the butterfly’s wings…

In Xu Tingsheng’s new ‘second chance’ life, the power of foreknowledge coupled with intelligence pre-empts excellence, and that, coupled with personal charisma and character, begets women. Here he strives for success, while always keeping foremost in his mind that for which he exists, that which his achievements are ultimately meant to protect and cherish. And amidst all this, the season of youth does bloom for the young, deep, complicated romance and spontaneous, hot-blooded fighting never failing to inspire.

Philosophical and deep amidst the great, original tale of modernity it tells, this is a thought-provoking story of life, on life, on living.

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Thousandswords rated it
December 14, 2017
Status: c57
This novel has one of the most hypocritical Male leads in the CN novel history.

He went back in time with intense feelings for his one true love, but once there he turned into a lady killer.
He resolved himself to not ulter the reality too much, but all he did was changing the past. He casually stole famous songs and worked as a cupid for his friends love life.

He used the reason "I am kind and soft hearted" to produce feelings for him in the heart of girls complicating his... more>> relationship with his one true love in the process.

It would have been alright if this was a harem novel but, what he is doing is in no way justifiable just by the reason that he is too soft hearted.

At one point we see him wavering in his feelings for his one true love. He will cause other girls to produce feelings for him with his kindness, but he will reject them for his one true love, this just goes to show how much scum he is.


At the end we see him impregnating other girls then rejecting them for his "one true love".


This novel is about how other girls fall for him and how he rejects them for his one true love.

But this nobel is not without good points, the translation quality of this novel is very good. <<less
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CosmicInferno rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c15
Edit2: Sorry, dropped. It just wasn't for me.

Edit: I'll write a proper review of the full novel if I ever get to it. My original first impression (up to c15) review will still remain below. I will add that, from reading more and cooling off from my initial impressions and being figuratively drunk/bias from the promise of the start, that the story is still pretty good especially in its writing and characterizations, but be aware that there will be some drama and heatbreak especially as other girls will appear trying... more>> to get with the MC, who remains faithful. The story is good/decent. It's a more realistic second chance and has some good and touching moments and good characters/interactions. As I read more, it's not my kind of novel as there is quite a bit of drama and it's realism and slice-of-life might be boring to some. It can be aimless at times and the drama and MC can be frustrating, but it has its moments. As a novel, I'd give it 3-4 stars. My personal rating based on enjoyment after reading more of it, I'd give it a 3.


This will be my first ever review as well as my first impressions on the first 15 chapters. To those that want a quick answer for now, just read it. It's very promising and nicely written in many aspects and you should give it a shot. At least try the first 5 chapters.

Now the detailed review (I'll try to be spoiler and story-content free) :

  • Synopsis: The story is the familiar second chance type novel where the MC dies and returns to his younger self. His goal after getting this second chance is to fix all the regrets of his past life. The biggest regret being not getting together with his past love. Now, this is NOT a second chance story that's all about chasing after that past love. The story and MC doesn't waste his second chance just for one girl. Yes, that romance is a large part of it, but there are so many regrets that he wishes to change. It isn't like Rebirth Thief or MMORPG Guardian or Very Pure and Ambiguous when it comes to the action of our MC. It's a much more realistic and meaningful second chance (at least based on these 15 chapters).
  • MC Backstory: The backstory/past doesn't have that type of forced bitterness or gloom that you say is just part of the setup. It's about a normal man with regrets. He didn't become some rich and successful guy that lost everything along with his love. It's about more importantly a regular man who grew up and had learned the taste of regret and sourness of life. From that grey feeling of living a repetitive and meaningless life as a worker to seeing a good friend he knew at high school marry and face debt, that is his story, that is his past. He is a far more real person than most MCs.
  • Writing: The thing that drew me when I first read the story is the skill of writing shown by the excellent translation and literary skill of the author. The sentences flow and have character. It isn't like reading your average amateur web novel about isekai or cultivation. It's like reading a properly written and polished work as if it was an English writer making a Chinese styled novel. If I have to compare, I'd have to rate the writing it as the same or above when I was impressed by Dungeon Defense or the poetic chapters of Transcending the Nine Heavens. It also gave the promising atmosphere from novels like Big Life, God of Music, and God of Cooking. When it comes to the writing, I think you'll like it. Huge props to the translators.
  • Story: Now to the actual content after the rebirth. MC returns to when he was in the last year of high school. This is important since it's the period where most of his regrets lay as well as a crucial part where many decisions will affect his life. The story follow mainly him and his school life, preparing for university, his best friends, many school incidents and news-worthy/world incidents, relationships, girls etc.

    We know that the heroine/love is younger than MC by 4 or 5 years so she's still in junior high. This plays a big role since like the title MC wants to be ready for when he reaches that point of meeting in the timeline. Why does he leave her alone till then? Because he older, she doesn't know him, and he doesn't want to affect her growth. Well, he still can't help himself to do some small things though (he never done anything so far that seem major, no reveal identity, no talking to her, so from the sidelines). It's up to him sending a package of medicine and looking for her to check that she exists. The appearances of the love up to ch15 is very little though.



    MC also has to deal with some past regrets. One preventing the death of his father. There is also University. Helping his BFs not have to repeat a year as well as improving his future in general like financially and his relationships. There are also some incidents that happen at school that make the plot not boring as well as maybe drama from some girls.


    The MC uses his second chance to fix many regrets of his past. This is done realistically and more than most novels. His actions have an actual effect and consequences. His future knowledge also is not a broken cheat and doesn't affect much other than him wanting to change the past. His memories are also not perfect and it also shows that somethings can't be changed and somethings can.


    When it comes to the focus, it's not all romance, but more about MC fixing things and his relationships with friends, family, and girls (there MIGHT be drama from girls and "harem", but MC is faithful and so far the other girls are done in a "not a true wifu but is a girl character there kind of way"). It definitely doesn't seem to be annoying harem drama instead a faithful to heroine type of romance. There might be drama and heartbreak since there is development in the future, but so far it's done in a light way that doesn't weigh too much. I hope that in the future the way MC deals with the girls go well since so far it is done in a nice way.


    The writing and events add emotion and personality to the characters. I especially find the MC to be a good guy that readers will like. The others characters so far don't have too much importance or personality to the story since it's through the MC's thoughts, but at least the connection the MC has with them seem more real than in most novels. By the way, this novel has a lots of EMOTION, (at least currently) not the bad kind of emotions. This story is realistic so it has a lot of real life reactions and events so it won't be a total wish-fulfillment MC solves everything as is coolest type novel. It shows the actual realism of life and the emotions of the MC.
Overall if you're looking for a second chance, travel back in time type novel with a likable MC in a realistic setting with good emotion, excellent writing, and great promise check it out. Let's hope it remains this good. It does have things that I hope it can improve, but so far it's a good read better than most other Chinese novels on NU. <<less
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wayofflow rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c207
As a man I can't stand this main character. I liked the way the novel was initially setup, but the MC is the biggest hypocrite and wuss I have ever seen.

He goes against everything he said he was going to do. He said he was going to live the next life for his love.

But what does he do? He emotionally cheats on her with every female character that he helps that somehow always falls for him.

... more>> This novel should have just be written as a harem for virgin man.

No real man will treat the person they loved for so many years like this and still be able to rationalize their decisions the way this man does.

He acts 'kind' and misleads so many younger women. Dude, you are 31 yrs old and still preying on these young innocent women. This man leads on girls like crazy and doesnt even have the heart to reject them. At one point he even starts to think he can let go of his main reason for rebirth.

This is not a loyal man reliving his life for the women he always loved. This is the story of a selfish, weak-willed man that fully deserved the ending he got in his first life. Now with the power of rebirth he goes around leading girls and stealing songs and business ideas. This man is a selfish hyprocite.

Rant over <<less
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w0lvren rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a true slice of life novel. It will make you sad and connect with the characters. The side characters and main characters background is really well done. It is also really believable the emotions depicted in the book and the irrationality of "love" and sometimes you just cant control who you love. I like it and the author shows human emotion in a true sense.

First review and made an account just for this.

~I recommend if you like drama and being touch and you may be sad at some... more>> of the choices the MC makes but it keeps his integrity and character. Its a train ride if nothing else.

~GL good read :) <<less
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Skool rated it
October 12, 2017
Status: c115
Ever heard of too much something and it will become poison?
well in this novel case it's so realistic that you find it missing something that actually make it a 'novel'ty, the main character seems to be distracted by something or someone most of the time, and seems to forget something's actually more important than what he's actually doing, most of the time.

he's been rebirth. Do something amazing with it? 'Meh' "no, i'll just play like other teenager out there while ocassionally help someone else I know in my past.... more>> Oh and I'm obviously gonna be rich LMAO"

well apparently he also lose his IQ with the rebirth, it's sooo irritating. How he act, he's an adult that know what's life like in his past life..
there's this 'only when he play a soccer can he act like his real teenager age' I call bs for that one. He's always was.

i guess if you like a drama and more of a relationship between character and an occasional 'i know something, someone doesn't know' plotline, it's a good read certainly. Which doesn't warrant me rating it 2 '*'

then again it's my personal opinion.
if you want something that goes with a BANG! After mc's somehow gotten a rebirth. Look somewhere else.
if you can get pass that, and just like the 'DoOver' generally, you'll probably enjoy this.

it's just a waste how his knowledge could get himself become much and more powerful, and he's completely satisfied with monkey'ing around.. <<less
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Eternity Warrior
Eternity Warrior rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: c480
It was a pretty good book up until chapter 350~ or so. The characters were pretty well developed, especially the girls who are interested in MC. MC on the other hand is one of the worst parts of the story, he is a weak-willed and average guy who only accomplishes things due to his foreknowledge. He is also the biggest hypocrite in existence. He time and again spurs the advances of both beautiful and very interesting women for the sake of his one true love from the previous life. This... more>> would've been fine if she was an interesting character, but oh no she is just as bad as those cardboard-cutout random harem girls from 3rd grade xianxia novels. Oh by the way, the reason things didn't work out between them is because he is an utter idiot (not a spoiler as it is seen in the first chapter).

And what do you get at the end ? All these interesting females and their interactions are thrown aside for the sake of some 16 year old kid with no defining characteristics at all. Honestly the worst girl in the book is definitely Xiang Ning, nothing unique other than the fact that she is his previous love. Book becomes awfully boring and pointless after they get together, not to say how awkward were the chapters of him pursing a bloody 14 year old. Honestly if I were to meet this guy in real life, I would bash his head in for the sheer magnitude of his moronic thoughts and actions. He bloody causes some girl to almost kill herself because of his idiotic actions.

I commend author for how extensively he f*cked-up the second part of this story. There is no happy-ending here, only sheer autism of MC. And even from the business management perspective, you don't just leave business to run on their own before a corporate structure is achieved, which takes several years at minimum.

Overall, the MC and Xiang Ning are the worst parts of this story. Other female characters are well thought-out with their personalities, thoughts and goals.. And they feel alive. Xiang Ning on the other hand is a 1-dimensional girl who is "pure". It just confounds me how this novel reached the worst possible resolution out of hundreds of different ways the second part of this novel could've gone. <<less
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Hasenpfote rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: c126
Oh wow this is really great. Its a school life novel, love interests and the MC is really intelligent and uses a lot of the memories he has from his past life. Not nearly enough to get extremely rich yet though.

It also gives you this fluffy feeling while also being serious and I binge read 32 chapters already today.

Edit: nvm, I dropped it.
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xTachibana rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c5
"he is just months away from entering university, while she is but in her first year of junior high... "

welp, 11/10 - Wincest King Tachibana

Jokes aside, I'm always up for well written romance novels, especially when there is an age gap, since that usually means there will be lots of societal pressures placed on the MC, and seeing the MC get over that and continue their love is something that I've always enjoyed.
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MonkeDanana rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel is for those who like drama and complicated relationship.


the author spend so much time building the relationship between the MC and many female character only to get them rejected by the MC. Also many of the supporting character have complicated relationship, for example one of the MC brother's girlfriend cheated on him for someone richer

14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Redroses__ rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: c279
Warning: If you dislike harem like me don't read this.

Good translation, good plotline, the MC is likable.... if not for his hypocritical and indecisive attitude towards romance. Dude, he claims to love someone but pick up different girls. Hell, it should be okay if he help female character but he just has to make them feel like he cares for them so much that the girls can't help but hope they have a chance for his love. He rejects them and yet, he keeps them in arm's length.

I dropped this... more>> because I was expecting some semblance of loyalty to his supposedly true love in his past life. But there's none. He picks up girls from left to right, helps them, flirt with them with some dirty jokes that promises forever, and then rejects them.


Heck, there's even a scene wherein he uses the underwear of Zhixin to get off in front of her. <<less
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storybookknight rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: c32
Finally, a story about a reincarnator that thinks like an actual human being. Unlike the protagonists of the many 'reincarnated to play video games' stories, the main character focuses on wanting to help his friends and family resolve the regrets that they had and the chances that they missed. It's definitely a romance / drama, with very little supernatural about it besides the premise, so don't expect anything like that from this story. Read it for what it is: a sweet and lighthearted story with excellent characterization and a realistic... more>> setting. <<less
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Hmntlzn rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: c315
5 to 2 (help, because I love 2nd chance)

The more I read the more I disappointed with the Main Character. He's so unbearable that you want to slap him hard. I cant ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

I wanna continue but I'll just give up. Sorry, I dunno if he'll become a better person.


I hate his interaction with other fem characters in this novel.


I think scummy harem male MC in most chinese novel better than him ಥ‿ಥ
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Nightwing rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c521
This story is so close to being great. It comes so close to scratching the itch I had for a well written, well translated, rebirth, a good MC, and a strong business building plot. While it's a bit slow, it hits all those points.

But the romance. It sucks. If you're looking for consecutive, depressing love stories, this is the right novel for you. The author is very capable of writing fairly deep and unique characters. For some reason though, he decided to do that for every supporting female character and... more>> nearly skip any sort of depth with the FL at all.


Not one, not two, not three but a minimum of four love stories superior to the one with the FL. And not the FL leads fault either; they're sitting on like a 6 year age gap. Fine in his last life, but in this life she's in elementary school. So not only do women fall helplessly in love with him [Including one he abandoned in another country and tried to get a bastard off of (because he wanted a kid and FL was like 13) ], but some of the girls have genuinely well written characters. One in particular is literally emotionally destroyed as she watches him superimpose his memory of his past love onto a middle school girl right in front of her. It's to the point where it's actually disgusting since the FL obviously isn't old enough to independently think or act on her own.


There's also the issue where the author likes to think of himself as an amatuer philosopher, so there's quite a few tangent thoughts every other chapter that slow the plot significantly.

In conclusion, it's a very good novel, except for a huge chunk where it isn't. <<less
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apsisodia rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: c220
This novel is so s*upid.

MC is a complete bastard, acting all righteous and good while ruining girls lives. A girl is in depression because of him. If you aren't gonna marry her then don't give her false sense of security for future. It would have been fine if this were a harem novel but it is not. Beginning was good but after a while MC made so many s*upid choice that I want to strangle him.

And something is definitely wrong with author. He definitely has a thing for Little girls.... more>> <<less
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TheF00rgotenMel0n rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c15
Its good, the MC seems rational and feels like an actual human. Altho he tries his best, but sometimes his emotions burst out giving him an extra "beliveable" push. I guess thats a cheat on its own way.
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ArgosYesu rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: c70
This is a lovely novel. It's got a poetic, philosophical touch to it while still being a nice reincarnation story with an above-average MC.

My issue, which isn't even an issue, is that sometimes the chapter ends so poetically that I panic and think the story somehow finished early. This happened several times as I read. Trust me, it's not a good feeling, though somewhat offset when I click next chapter and there is more to read...
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Macho rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: c80
I hate the main character.

A 31-year-old grown-ass man behaving like a nervous wreck most of the time. He has a past of business management and teaching for years - yet, his frame of mind is still such a hot-headed, empty, f*cking-useless vessel of spoiled horseshit.

I somewhat enjoyed the writing style (for the most part), yet I couldn't bring myself to continue reading the story due to the inherent flaws in the main character, and how excruciatingly annoying it was to read of a man that couldn't keep his emotions in... more>> check, nor could he use rustle his few-f*cking-brain cells to muster up some goddam EQ. A few off-handed thoughts and actions would have prevented a lot of future heartache for the nominal harem candidates, whom I assume, will be shafted off and replaced with the kiddie the MC obsesses over.

Such a f*cking nervous wreck. I hate reading about characters like that. Something about their impulsive behavior just plain pisses me off, especially in this case, as the man is supposed to be a life-weathered and misfortune-battered man of three-goddam-decades. One could assume he would grow out of the hot-bloodedness of a Shounen manga character and behave like a f*cking adult!?

The author was aspiring for some kind of poetic-romantic writing style but it came off as pretentious most of the time; it lacked substance, and the romanticization was mostly annoying repetition of things I did not care a goddam whit about.

Translation great.

Reviewed at c80. I will try to read it tho, so perhaps I will update this, maybe somewhere in the future? <<less
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Bronzeapollo rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c86
My friends and I have a group that meet up and talk about stories we are reading and find to be unique and form within us a strong sense of emotion, be them good or bad.

A story I bring up time and time again is this one. It is very human but at the same time, he is too plot oriented. He doesn't realize things unless the plot requires it or knows the whole time and drags it out for drama.

Points hit in other reviews,
1. The author is... more>> a loli-con. (Yes author, not MC, if the author cared for the girl to not be a loli he would change the point of which the story was set.)
2. A true slice of life. (Kind of but there are always faults.)
3. MC doesn't act the age he is.
4. The MC actually has a purpose in mind.

Now my opinion. This story is a masterpiece scratched right down the middle. The MC is so indecisive you question how he made it 31 years along with how at his final moments of life he's so gung-ho about chasing after the girl he loves. Then every move after he calculates 10 moves forward besides, you guessed it, the choices surrounding that same girl.

Yes I know that is actually a well-written idea and executed well but I feel something is always missing. Though if his only plan was to end up with her again he would idle away his years making the same choices and mistakes again but eventually seeing her. He instead creates butterfly events changing the course of his history. He wants to fix the faults of the girl's past.

My initial thought was great, he is trying to be there for her through her hard times. He loves her and is willing to give up everything in the world for her.

Went into the group brought up the story, we all read 80 chapters over the week and then talked about it.
The characters are well written and connectable. (I see myself as Fu Cheng currently, girlfriend is 5 years older than me and is very hesitant about public events.)
We enjoy the backstory and how he wants to solve the mistakes of his friends and those around him. He doesn't want money to be rich, but to be rich because that is what brings his family a better life.
Girls have their own unique quirks but I feel they all lean on the tsudere side. (I could be 100% wrong on this I just believe so.)

Now where my thoughts changed. This story is built on the butterfly effect and I feel that itself is executed well and to the T. This is the story's scratch down the middle though. The MC is unwilling to even so much as look at another girl and so much as believe she could be better than his lover from the past life.

But who is to say that the girl he loved then and the girl she is now will end to be the same person? Confusing? Sorry.

Let's say, person A lost their dad they would always be looking for a father figure in their life. Now you go back and time and make it so they don't lose their dad. That quality in their previous life is no longer a part of them now in the new life. MC is going around changing the girl's past and it won't have changed it to her personality? You mean to tell me she will be the same person in both lives even with her fate changed?
On a story made around butterfly effects, this seems like a big one.
He pushes girls away constantly unable to be with them because his heart can't belong to them.

So I close this off with a set of TL;DR question,

Can the girl you love now be the same girl even when her past has been changed?
Can you be wrong about the person you love?
When is enough running enough? <<less
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
August 9, 2017
Status: c300
Edit: Sooo. Yeah I'm back to say I have no idea what happened to this story. At one point it would have made sense for him to switch the main girl (it was creepy watching him go after a girl so young) especially when the girl (apple) was much better. But I was still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But then all those other girls that kept falling for him. And ... more>>

this one girl who he masturbates with her underwear in front of her???? Did I read that scene right, it's been awhile...


And apparently later on after he gets his girl it derails... such a strong beginning, but such an unraveling. I'm so disappointed it's not even funny. I had to come back to edit my review because I felt I was misleading people.

Don't get me wrong, I loved how willing he was to help his friends and help others. It was such a nice change, but it's hard to watch your expectations get crushed so weirdly and subtly??? Like those girls...

Old review:

I absolutely love this story. The translation could be better, but I love it nonetheless. I'm glad that he stays loyal to his love interest and hasn't undergone a complete personality change.

I wish I could give him a hug for the amount of smiles his actions give me. I love his accomplishments and hope it keeps getting better. ?

Please read. <<less
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Ivivivi rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: c190
I love this novel!

usually time travel MC is female but here we have cutipie male xutingsheng ?

The reasons I love this because the MC is rational, smart but not in imgeniusineverything way, he also try to help others around him (friends n fams) but not in the annoyingnaruto way ?, tried his best.

In conclusion he's soo human

So far I don't get bored reading this. The drama, romance, slice of life are well balan. Waiting for the translation is killing me T^T ? I think you won't regret readingg this
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