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The world’s top level hacker, Shi Lei; due to him hacking the world’s top military powers during a joint exercise and attempting to steal information from them, ultimately leads him to get sold out by his own organization. This act eventually caused his own death by a missile bombardment.

God was playing a joke on him and allowed him to return back to six years ago, the autumn season of when he was still at his university. Being given another chance, plus the fact that he retained his ability as one of the best in hacking technology, Shi Lei decided to change his life! During his previous life, he was only an assassin in the dark. Although such an existence made people afraid of him, he would have to always hide within the shadows. In his new life, not only does he want to be an assassin in the dark, he also wants to stand openly in the middle of the world stage. Creating a world-class super enterprise, he will single handy change the whole world!

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Hắc Khách
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nobelvampire1071 rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: Completed
Well have to say this novel was a refreshing experience different from the usual genres. More like action in some sort of hacker server battle. Plus with base building, business management it is also exceptional. All in all this should be a neat experience but ALAS the racism in this novel has been taken to the next level. When reading different countries book I usually dont mind them praising their country and the usual hate which is given to their enemies. But

Killing millions of innocent civilians of Japan and... more>> turning it into national patriotism just take things into next level. On top of that MC does this absolutely for no other reason than patriotism. It bring him no benefits instead got him many new enemies. This level of stupidity and cruelness from the MC is just not something which I can ignore. On top of that the author stupid explanation to justify himself saying that it is the MC's duty blah blah. Every Japan reporter and nationalist is somehow a pervert or an as*hole described as an dreadful guy. This time its just not Japan but all surrounding countries of China. South Korea, India etc. It really makes me sad when nice novels like these are spoiled due to short mindedness. If you somehow manage to cross the racism part and read this novel completely then you would be disappointed with the ending. Typical rushed. 2 stars it is. <<less
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Vex rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c20
The novel starts great. The author has a good concept to work on. Million ways to expand and expound. But NO shit, he goes the racism way.

The story by CH 500+ turns into pure hotpot of racism, senseless terrorism, and hacking which makes no sense. We have hackers using supercomputers to hack and battle each other. If that's not enough, why not get a missile from military or just hack and use one, to wipe off each other?

The author has no idea about hacking. Forget about basics, he simply just... more>> uses technical Jargons to show hacking. Follow IP address, trace it, put a back door, safe box etc... that's it.

This is the most his hacking is made off.

One saving grace is, virtual reality. Yes, author decided writing a novel on hacking is bore, so let's introduce VR and have some fun. The result : Its barely passable VR game, with no concept of realism, and no understanding of game logic. Legend grade equipment the moment you enter it? Seriously?

The most annoying and disruptive and disgusting factor is racism. It takes racism to a whole new level. They aren't happy to simply abuse, and criticise other countries. Nope, killing billion innocent civilians, destroying several billion worth of infrastructure, bombing missiles at other countries, wiping out whole cities... is what author believes is patriotism.

And honestly this shows the sick mindset of Chinese authors and their influence on young gen.

The author not only takes on Japan, but basically the whole world. America, India, Vietnam, Korea... name it. Its like China is the best country in the while world while others are barbarians.

Around CH 1000 author introduces supernatural elements with more racism BTW, which utterly deviates from plotline and makes no sense.

One funny thing is, according to author killing million and destroying their whole country is good work, but stealing few dollars from bank is bad. Yup, the hacker guy needs money. But stealing from bank is bad, but killing millions is good.... Hypocrites.

MC starts a business, but neither he nor author know a M of business management. Funny thing, is the only way opposing companies can fight is through hacking and kidnapping. Author please use some brains. Their are hundred different methods with which you can destroy somebody. Simply defaming does the work. And author has no idea about how market works. No one in their right sense, will buy another extremely expensive computer months after they have bought an extremely expensive one.

I have stopped halfway and can't say how this is going to end, but this novel makes me sick. the racism is utter disgusting.

Vex <<less
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Shuchou rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: --
At first I thought, oh another those "revive" MC that can easily adapt things. Then he immeadiately impress a girl just as he reborn and so fort and so on.

But what make this novel good is the fact that the MC is not a bastard that chase beautiful girl blindlessly. I even like how he did all uncessary things and even gave up a happy time just to save a single woman.

... more>>

what he did is, hack the server of the hospital to make his record bad. He editted that he have this sickness so he cant join the military class (which is at first I though he is just lazy). He even said that, he feel bad that he cant join the military class. But he didnt regret because, he did all of that to save his beautiful teacher (his past life mental support/friend). Asking why he did all of that? Well, his teacher's accident and his military class is on the same time, thats why.


and I like his personality. He is not those self-righteous MC. His personality is so real. Hes not like those MC that let the bad guy do their things first before he act. But he dont, he strikes first. "You want to slander me? Then I will call some lackey to beat you up." "You want to frame me? Then ill hack your computer and frame you up!"

Just as I said, hes not some self-righteous MC. He even

helped an A class wanted. Well its a long story, although its wrong but it is what he needed to do. Anyway it is not entirely wrong because the guy is not really a bad guy.


The MC also know his priority. Although hes harem MC, he knows that he need to defeat his enemy first before he have his fun times. Hes arrogant but only so so. The girls have their development and the story is not that baD.

Anyway, you can just read it and rate it yourself. Also, even if im reading th raw, I also read the tanslated one, so +1 for the translator. <<less
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The Dumbass
The Dumbass rated it
July 2, 2017
Status: c811
Initially, loved the flow of the novel - the MC going back & having another go at his life. At the beginning, he was responding to people acting against him or the people he cared about, all the while maintaining a sense of mystery to the story. But later, he just goes around bombing anyone that he feels like, for any absurd reason & his over-bloated and somewhat distorted sense of nationalism; and does the same things he blames others for doing. This novel then starts giving a feeling that... more>> it was propaganda for Chinese youth, which I guess the novel was initially directed towards. The story is good, and characters interesting, but the racism cost it 2 stars imo. <<less
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LordXue rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c848
This novel could be real nice if it is not filled with propaganda kinda stuff. Nationalism to the point of encouraging terrorism?! Are you kidding me? MC keep showing how patriotic he is and justifying all the terror act plus treating innocent lives as his chess piece. Too much racist content is ruining the novel. As a Chinese, I am kinda disgusted with his mindset. Not continuing this novel.

I wonder if MC is so desperate that he fall in love with all 4 women in beginning of the novel. It... more>> would be much better if he gradually meet each of them along the way, that way their relationship will be more meaningful. Can't get used to seeing male lead being pushed around by woman. How come male lead always have such weak attitude against women yet cruel and straightforward in a fight. Hate reading novel with male lead easily pushed around by so called beautiful woman. WEAK! <<less
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sivasms rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: Completed
Fun story, character development is very good, hacking and science is detailed in the story, except for author's forgetfulness of story in between and the mega racism which irks many people. If u can move past racism u can enjoy the story as the MC communication skill is very good he is a likable mc
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Routa rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c4
At first it bit strange on how can he just accept and adapt when he got revive (it just like 1 paragraph lol), well yeah maybe the author just skip all that because there is to many revive novel out there and yeah all the reason that he got revive just non sense and easily forgot but this novel just skip all that @[email protected]

The story, it a bit slow paced and the story isnt really begun yet. But im just curious how the story gonna develope. I give 5* for... more>> now as support to yorasutranslator to translate this novel :D <<less
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Fluffy rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: c1905
its a nice story to read, I like how the story develop I even learn alot from the story (busines management, cyber security logic, and alot of a know how thing).... when I feel the story turn a bit sour I will find the next moment a comedy would fill in and hook me back again it would be perfect if there's no "that thing" included.... but without it the story wouldn't as interesting as it were.... thats why even tough I dont like a racism novel, I can still... more>> tolerate and keep on reading this one till the end

that evangelion ova tough... hahaha....


BE WARNED: the story contain a lot of Racism (at least I found it that way and its also the reason I deduct 2 star) <<less
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SwiftFate rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c4
Really well written and translated, long chapters and a very interesting and well set up premise. This has all the makings of a VERY good series if you ask me, plus it's something new compared to most other series that are popular right now.

From what I can tell, things are set up in a fictional, but modern world, with multiple 'empires' in place of nations but retaining much of the modern-typical technology of our world. There are even straight up mentions of "Nokia" and even an "M4A1" rifle and "Glock... more>> 18" pistol (though the latter was called 'Clock', not sure if typo or not). Pretty badass.

If you're looking for an interesting story I would definitely recommend giving it a go, at least for the first couple chapters, as in my opinion it wont take too long for you to tell whether the series is for you or not.

5 Stars from me for now :D <<less
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tyes77 rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c4
A hacker goes back in the past and first thing he does is hack on a phone to impress a chick on campus. I feel like this novel will be more fantasy in how hacking works but ah well. This novel alongside the assassin concept seems like watch dogs or assassin's creed with heavy fantasy hack/shoot and little in how something like this would realistically work behind closed doors. Its okay so far but I can see how unrealistic it is becoming.
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mokachan rated it
April 6, 2019
Status: Completed
Overall a pretty good novel. Only problem I had with this novel that it had too many details that honestly weren't even important and could be avoided. Thus there were quite a lot of chapters that were just annoying to read but still a solid 4 star
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ASAP rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c1777
After reading the first few translations, I knew this novel would be great, and I was right until the ending of the novel. This story's protagonist was originally a hacker of an underground organization. After being betrayed and killed in a mission, he is reincarnated and sent back in time. He uses his "foresight" to build an organization that rivales the one that killed him in his previous life. There are many tech innovations and a harem... Personally, the excitement and appeals of this novel come from the humor of... more>> the interactions between the protagonists and his harem, and the "adventures" he has with his futuristic armory, especially the "iron-man" armor.

Everything seems great, but when we reach the ending, which is still in Chinese, supernatural power becomes a thing, which is completely different from the tech route we've been on all this time. The whole thing is just weird. You may call it rushed even.

<TRIGGER WARNING: Playing Devil's Advocate>

Many in review section call the author and his novel racist towards China's neighbors. I find that accusation a bit out of place, since these countries, except maybe India, were heavily influenced by Chinese culture in the past, and it is not surprising to see some of their people have Chinese blood in their veins. Plus they are all Asians, calling the novel racist against the author's own ethnicity/race is like saying blacks are being racist to one another. The logic simply doesn't stand. It is more like discrimination on the ground of nationality.

Now, if you shift the perspective a bit, you would understand there are many reasons for the Chinese to hate on them, especially the Japanese for their WWII war crimes and denial.

:p <<less
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KingLycan rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: c800
The Novel started quite nicely, and you will probably feel it's one of the top novel's in the first few hundreds chapter, then as the other Chinese mostly goes, Propaganda.

Everyone suddenly becomes stupid, they don't know how market work and try to fight in ways that MC is good at or had advantage on.

Propaganda and patriotism is everywhere, He kills hundred of thousands just for his self vigilante Justice in not the accused but innocent. First it started with Japan being attacked by a virus, I can understand MC... more>> wanting to defend his country but in the next time he literally hacks in to a military base and deploys Missile.

1st is how ridiculous it is as most of computer with such capabilities are in a different server with personal internet and 0 contact with other network, He somehow hacks into them.

I can go more and more but as you continue to read, the more Bs in become filled with racism and hypocrite.

Stealing from bank is immoral/bad thing to do, someone looking or saying bad to you is bad, but killing millions and destroying billions dollar of property is good.

Hypocrisy in it finest.

Still there is a tag of 'Evil Protagonist, ' and 'Racism' so I can at least not fully blame this matter on them but we are being described a Intelligent MC, but his action for patriotism was downright foolish, not only did he gain infamy and lots of enemy he didn't get any benefits.

Light novel are for younger generation so I can see why it is why it is, but I am sad. This novel deserved 4.5-5 star rating but the ending is both rushed and filled with propaganda that repels every non Chinese and people with little brainpower to think for themselves. <<less
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