Harem-seeking Protagonist[ ]

JP (2.9)
25 Chapters Every 6.5 Day(s) 910 Readers 3 Reviews 09-17-2021
Schild was raised as a bastard, not knowing the identity of his father.... more>>
CN (3.9)
646 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 4104 Readers 33 Reviews 09-17-2021
Chen Rui, a gamer from earth, is reborn in a human body in another world, falling into the legendary, evil, brutal Demon Realm, inhabited by Devils called Mozu and where humans are treated as food. He has to survive while facing horrifying devils, poison dragons, and a variety of powerful enemies by using on a strange Super System chip and his wits, surrounded by the Devil’s beauties such as the black-bellied lolita princess, the iceberg queen, the violent scythe, and the charming succubus.... more>>
CN (4.2)
57 Chapters Every 1.9 Day(s) 492 Readers 9 Reviews 09-17-2021
When the protagonist wakes up, he discovers that he has become Song Qingshu. He also finds out that this was a chaotic world that incorporated Jin Yong’s 14 novels. What will he do now?... more>>
CN (3.8)
2323 Chapters Every 0.3 Day(s) 8276 Readers 91 Reviews 09-17-2021
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding.... more>>
JP (2.6)
136 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 1560 Readers 1 Reviews 09-17-2021
Being the strongest when it comes to magic swords, being handsome and youthful, being peerless in bed, being the luckiest when it comes to women, and being from the race of the long-lived elves.... more>>
JP (3.5)
101 Chapters Every 1.7 Day(s) 1440 Readers 10 Reviews 09-17-2021
I am Owen Pepper.... more>>
CN (3.5)
1012 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 5433 Readers 39 Reviews 09-17-2021
A novel revolving around being transported to another world with an op system. The mc spends his day chasing skirts and doing missions to level... more>>
JP (3.6)
75 Chapters Every 9.5 Day(s) 3445 Readers 5 Reviews 09-16-2021
An ever-righteous sword-lover was your ordinary high schooler, Fujinomiya Soujirou. On a certain evening, he had his life cut short when he was stabbed by a robber in his home.... more>>
JP (4.3)
74 Chapters Every 2.2 Day(s) 1561 Readers 10 Reviews 09-16-2021
“From today onwards you are no longer my son. Get out” Being born into a noble family that is aiming to become the ‘strongest’, at his aptitude ceremony held on his 12th birthday it was discovered that Igni could only use fireballs. Igni who can only use beginner level magic was kicked out of his house.... more>>
CN (3.9)
287 Chapters Every 1.3 Day(s) 2809 Readers 50 Reviews 09-16-2021
Lin Yuan traversed to an urban romance novel. His identity is a Gao Fushuai and he is also a villain. Fortunately, he can make choices to get corresponding rewards. Note- Gao Fushuai means tall, rich, and handsome (Mr.Perfect).... more>>
CN (4)
39 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 690 Readers 15 Reviews 09-16-2021
Wang Haoran transmigrated into a parallel world of urban-genre novels and became a rich second-generation son. As a fated Villain, in the near future, the Protagonist will seize his beloved girlfriend and tens of billions of his family's property.... more>>
CN (3.9)
39 Chapters Every 1.9 Day(s) 333 Readers 5 Reviews 09-16-2021
Lin Xian said bitterly: I really just want to be a salted fish quietly.... more>>
JP (3.9)
167 Chapters Every 20.7 Day(s) 11432 Readers 50 Reviews 09-16-2021
The NEET Yamano Masaru (23 years old) went to Hello Work and found an interesting job offer. [A sword and sorcery fantasy, test play for Miniature Garden of Razgrad. Extended period of time, preferred to be able to live on site. Monthly salary of 250,000+]. He immediately went to the interview and signed a contract.... more>>
CN (3.9)
586 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 2297 Readers 62 Reviews 09-16-2021
A lightning strike transmigrated Zu An into another world. In that world, he was known as the tr*sh of Brightmoon City, but for some reason, he was married to the gorgeous and highly talented daughter of the Chu clan? ... more>>
CN (3.8)
950 Chapters Every 2.1 Day(s) 15267 Readers 158 Reviews 09-16-2021
The Soaring Dragon Continent is a world of summons, you can only become strong if you become a summoner! Yue Yang, an average high school boy, was suddenly kicked into this world. When he woke up, he was greeted with a lot of worried faces and found out that he had assumed another person’s identity. Turns out he’s the good-for-nothing third son of the Yue Family, who had just recently drowned himself because of a failed engagement. Unlike the third son of the Yue Family who was useless in summoning, Yue Yang succeeded in making a contract with a summoning grimoire on his first try, even when the other guy failed for the past fifteen... more>>
CN (3.2)
2233 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 4919 Readers 86 Reviews 09-16-2021
Long Chen, a crippled youth who cannot cultivate, is constantly targeted and bullied by his fellow noble heirs. After a particularly vicious beating, he wakes up and realizes a Pill God’s soul has somehow merged with him, giving him some additional memories. Within those memories is the mysterious Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, a cultivation technique that even he can train in, but whose secrets and origin are still a mystery to him. Relying on his improved instincts as he finally begins to cultivate, he realizes a huge conspiracy is underfoot within the Phoenix Cry Empire, one involving his father, members of the imperial family, and even the Emperor himself.... more>>
JP (3.7)
30 Chapters Every 6.1 Day(s) 1117 Readers 4 Reviews 09-16-2021
Get your hands on a wide variety of handsome men and save the world!?... more>>
CN (3.5)
188 Chapters Every 1.4 Day(s) 2055 Readers 52 Reviews 09-16-2021
Ruan Tian had been in love with Shen Shu for a long time. She pursued him fiercely while they were young, and was crazy for his love.... more>>
KR (3.8)
163 Chapters Every 4.9 Day(s) 1694 Readers 13 Reviews 09-16-2021
Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that's the same to the game. ... more>>
CN (3.8)
263 Chapters Every 1.1 Day(s) 377 Readers 10 Reviews 09-16-2021
On the opening day of Illusionary Moon, I realised that I had many more items in my inventory as compared to other players. One Shura Secret Codex, an Achievement Manual and also a really mysterious bracelet.... more>>
JP (3.5)
63 Chapters Every 7.2 Day(s) 3486 Readers 9 Reviews 09-15-2021
I’m Shinomiya Hokage, a 3rd-year high-school boy who dreams of a survival life.... more>>
JP (3.3)
188 Chapters Every 14.1 Day(s) 12339 Readers 54 Reviews 09-15-2021
–Using healing magic on the world itself, I’ll start over.... more>>
CN (3.6)
46 Chapters Every 2.7 Day(s) 688 Readers 7 Reviews 09-15-2021
Transmigrating into a parallel world; becoming a billionaire that everyone looks up to. Qing Tian, who thought that he could finally live a life of the rich, suddenly found that this world seemed just a little strange… His son as a junior studying in university was beaten by a stranger who just arrived in the city? Does a kid want to slap my son across his face during the student union? ... more>>
JP (3.7)
65 Chapters Every 5.6 Day(s) 1312 Readers 2 Reviews 09-14-2021
Lucas has a hard life. In his mid-thirties, a mixture of failures has left him old and crippled, playing pack mule to a couple of young adventures.... more>>
JP (3.9)
87 Chapters Every 2 Day(s) 3244 Readers 13 Reviews 09-14-2021
Lucifer, the strongest Demon king has ruled the demon race with his overwhelming power.... more>>
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