Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator


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All Chu Lian had done was to read a book where the female lead had cheated on her wonderful husband. While wondering why, before she knew it, she was waking up in the body of that very same female lead!

Wait, did that mean the handsome husband from the book was hers now? Chu Lian decided to welcome him with open arms!

However, what she got wasn’t the kind husband she had been expecting. Instead, his personality seemed to have been completely flipped! He left her all alone on their wedding night… and just five days into their marriage, her dear husband abandoned his loving wife and left to enlist in the army!

Fine! Be that way! She could pass her days perfectly well somehow, even if she had to do it alone!

Chu Lian put her household in order, charmed the rest of her new family, and did a little business on the side. She even opened up some new trade routes! Her days passed peacefully and leisurely… Until her dear husband got into trouble at the frontline of the war.

Hmph, isn’t he crawling back to me for help in the end? Forget it, I’ll go save him myself!

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Xuyên không gặp trọng sinh
Xuyên qua nữ gặp được trọng sinh nam
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265 Reviews

New Hobocollecto
Jan 27, 2024
Status: --

Well I kinda pity the original host. Like I always do with transmigration stories. Things are hard for women in ancient times, how can she reject marriage with this guy who has such high position, she doesn't even have a mother as backer, even if she was already in love with someone else, she just can't....

Maybe like she could fake her death and become a commoner or something using a money she stashed.

Yes, she cheated on him and used him in her past life but it is all because of the status of women in old times I think..

Who would want to marry someone they don't love...

Like men can have 381919 wives but if a woman cheats on single guy it is death for her in those times....

So sad.

Can't relate so I feel pity for og host, her life was really hard in her maiden house now, no mother, a father who doesn't care, a grandfather who doesn't care, plotting sisters and cousins, so hard

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May 02, 2018
Status: c213
This is the first time that I have been so infuriated by a novel that I quit reading it 200+ chapters in. But before that, let's rewind it a bit. As the title suggests, a transmigrator, the female lead (Chu Lian) gets married to a reincarnator, the male lead (He Changdi). Misunderstandings caused by basically what the summary has already said leads to the ML leaving to join the army three days after their marriage.

Overall this novel would have been a good read for me. Sure, it plays on a... more>> lot of Chinese novel tropes like the FL basically trumping everyone who disagrees with her and pretty much has the very ground they walked on worshipped by just about everyone of importance. In effect, Chu Lian is a Mary Sue, the very world starts to revolve around her whenever she enters a scene. I don't mind that, the story is written in an enjoyable way that you can suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the story. Not only that, the FOOD p*rn!!! Literally one of the best things in the whole novel (just about everyone is addicted to her 21st Century food that she recreates). So far, the relationship between FL and ML hasn't really progressed that far since the ML is basically across the country on the frontlines. What scarce interactions they do have (and it is not face-to-face, it is through letters and the ML's preconceived ideas of the FL from his previous life) are really quite amusing. If you've read other transmigration stories with a female as the transmigrator, then you can already predict her actions. She always turns the tables on her enemies whenever they try to humiliate her. Again no problem there for me.

What really infuriated me and made me quit the story was how the author handled one character in particular.


Madam Zou is the FL's eldest sister-in-law. She is married to ML's oldest brother. Her backstory presents her as an honest, hard-working woman who is up to her eyeballs in stress. After ten years of marriage, she has been unable to give birth to a male heir, she already has two daughters. Because of that, her husband is being pressured to take on a concubine. Both of them don't want that, but the husband is willing to get one to appease his mother, the Matriarch of the entire family. Madam Zou also has to manage a large estate that pretty much has no funding and is quickly falling even deeper into the red in budgeting. She inherited this position from the Matriarch, which the problem was already present during the Matriarch's youth. As such, she is even spending her own dowry money on trying to keep the estate floating, but is steadily losing money still. Keep in mind that she never knew how to do these things, she had to learn on the go from someone who had already failed at doing it. One of the biggest drains on the estate's budget is the illness that the mother-in-law has, her medicine basically costing an arm and a leg.

In comes a new girl, who immediately gains the favor of the Matriarch, who would then make unreasonable demands for Madam Zou to present many luxuries to the new girl. That's right, the new girl is the FL, Chu Lian. While not directly affecting Madam Zou, just about every action the FL makes in the proximity of her will negatively impact Madam Zou without fail. The only action the FL did that could be considered "neutral" would be when she prevented Madam Zou from walking into an explosion. Even then she simply stalled Zou long enough for the explosion to go off. Some comments would later be left exclaiming how ungrateful Zou was for FL saving her life. Zou never knew her life was in danger, so why should she feel grateful forever? For example, you were about to cross the street, but your friend stops you to chat. About two seconds later a car whizzes by, running a red light. Would you feel grateful for your friend stopping you? No, you wouldn't even notice how close you were to dying.

Other comments also see how the author wrote Zou and immediately start bashing on her, calling her a greedy, conniving b*tch, which is completely unwarranted and clearly is the result of the author deliberately sabotaging her character. Let me give you an example:

Madam Zou is put in charge of bringing her House's desserts to a competition during a party hosted by the Empress Dowager. One of the FL's enemies is an Imperial Princess, who colluded with another contestant to drug the servant carrying the desserts and then steal them. Madam Zou is then punished for failing to KNOW THAT THE IMPERIAL PRINCESS WAS TRYING TO RUIN THE FL BY TARGETING HER FAMILY. Keep in mind that FL frequently leaves the household to do MC things while Madam Zou always stays inside the estate to look after it. She had no way of knowing the beef between FL and the Princess. Then, when the FL had "oh-so-conveniently" brought her own snacks and offers to use those to solve this dilemma, Madam Zou is depicted as being jealous of the FL (It has never been mentioned before that the FL frequently leaves the estate with food on her person until the 2 or so chapters leading up to this one, frequently enough for her servants to pack food as if it was a common thing only to so conveniently provide a solution later on. I guarantee you, the author never mentions the FL keeping food on her whenever she goes out again in the later chapters). And then, later on in the same arc (the very next chapter iirc) when a confrontation between the Matriarch and other House's Matriarch occurs, Madam Zou is depicted cowering behind her while the FL stands side-by-side to the Matriarch, even though Madam Zou has 10+ years of experience in dealing with high society and should have been able to keep her cool. Throughout this entire arc, the author also frequently mentions how "petty" and "cowardly" Madam Zou is in comparison to the FL, often in almost snide little remarks.

But picture this:

You have worked at a small company for ten years, dedicating your entire life to it and working ceaselessly, day in day out and eventually get promoted to being the general manager. The company is steadily losing money due huge costs, but you work yourself to the bone just to keep the company afloat, you even forgo a paycheck. While you have your hands full trying to keep the company together, a person was recently hired simply based on familial reputation. This person has graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the country while you never went to college. This person then brings up a few new ideas and projects that appeal to the Founder and your boss. Because of that, they are immediately promoted to being just under you in the hierarchy, all within a few months of being hired. Not only that, you are forced to give the person a hefty raise, well exceeding your own (if you even had a salary, which you don't). Your boss, your long time friend and support, suddenly abandons you to gush about the newbie, ignoring your desperate pleas for help and somebody simply to confide in. Now, your position is being threatened by someone who is not even ready for it, meanwhile all of your toils for the last ten years, all the successes you brought to the company in the past are being ignored and you are constantly reprimanded for things outside your control, often due to the consequences of the newbie's actions. Imagine that was you in this scenario, wouldn't you too feel unjustly overlooked?

That is basically Madam Zou in this story. So, instead of having her go through her own trials and tribulations in order to come out a better person, the author constantly writes her into taking unfavorable actions, forcing her to be a villain. Instead of getting the readers to root for her as well as the FL, the author purposefully writes her in a way that makes all of her legit fears and difficulties into simply "oh, she is a greedy conniving woman who can't deal with being inferior to the FL." Honestly, it's infuriating how the author ruined a character who had so much potential and simply made her a cookie-cutter villain. This would have been fine if the author, from the start, wrote her as a shallow character existing solely to act as a foil to the FL. But they didn't. They made her a deep and complex character but then forced her to act in ways more like a shallow character and do dumb, s*upid things all for the sake of the plot. I mean, she truly could have been the MC for an entirely separate novel that focused on bringing back the prestige of the clan she married into using her smarts or sheer determination, that's how good her backstory was.

And this is why I gave up on this novel. I stopped before I could get to a part where she truly confronts the FL like the dumb shallow villain the author clearly wants her to be.


So yeah, long rant aside, this is actually a pretty good novel. I would have kept reading if it weren't for how the author handled that character. If you can ignore that, then you would enjoy this novel. I couldn't, so I gave up on it. <<less
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Sep 17, 2017
Status: c426
It's the story that you didn't know you always wanted --

  • What happens when a girl who has transmigrated into a story as a loathsome character meets a man who has reincarnated and holds a grudge against her?

  • Chu Lian read half of a book in which the female main character cheated on her good husband. When she suddenly wakes up in the body of that female MC on their wedding night, she's thrilled -- a chance to have a wonderful transmigrator life with her hot new hubby!
  • However, little does she know that her husband has been reborn, too... into his younger self. Looking at the woman he loved, who betrayed and cuckolded him for another man... In his first life, he was kind and trusting, but now that he's gone back in time, he's out for revenge!
Here are some points that I like:

... more>>
  • The main character is level-headed and not over-powered. She's just a practical, business-minded orphan from the modern world. She only read half of the novel she transmigrated into, so she can't predict future events and needs to figure out her own way to fit in.
  • Because her tastes are picky from eating good modern food, and her knowledge of internet recipes, she sets out to improve the food she eats in her new life. Great for food-loving readers!
  • The male lead is enraged at her original character, and he is very standoffish, rude, and threatening to her at first. But his funny/awkward attempts to slight her (that usually end up backfiring on himself instead) make him occasionally endearing.
  • The pacing of the story is nice and exciting without feeling rushed.
  • The translation quality is excellent.
Not many chapters are out at the time of this review, but I'm already hooked! I will update this review later, but for now -- highly recommended!


This story is still going strong! The only points I have to add so far are:

  • This novel is totally FOOD p*rn. Reading it will make your stomach growl and your mouth drool.
  • The male lead is a meathead. Stubborn, hot-tempered, tactless, heavy-handed, idiot. Sometimes he is mildly endearing, but mostly he is overbearing. He's like a teenage virg*n who has never had a crush on a woman before. He drives me crazy (not with affection, but with frustration and annoyance).
  • If you are a reader who cares strongly about CONSENT, this novel might make you angry. As wonderful as our female lead is, all the males (including the male lead) in this novel are constantly manhandling her, grabbing her, sexually assaulting her, etc without her consent. I've noticed that a lot of younger readers think this behavior is adorkable/tsundere, but as an older reader, it often just feels abusive/rapey to me. I assume the male lead will get better, but as of Chapter 425+ he is still just as meatheaded and pushy as ever.
  • Many of the side characters aren't super developed or intelligent -- they're more like foils to complement the MC.
  • However, the MC is still super likeable.
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Sep 16, 2017
Status: c660
Just finished reading this novel, it has a few characteristics that will not appeal to all men, such as physically weak female MC, drama, not many fight scenes. But despite all that I still gave it 5-stars as there aren't many novels that are this fleshed out and refreshing to read.

Here are 5 Reasons to read:

  1. Lots and lots of food
  2. Fresh plot points/twists
  3. Plot moves at a good pace
  4. Relatable characters with different personalities, not all good people stay good forever.
  5. timebun's translation quality is fantastic :) <3 xoxo
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Sep 15, 2017
Status: c234
FS read up to the most recent chapter and FS would just like to say that this novel and FS have a love and hate and relationship.

Long spoiler/rant ahead

... more>>

First, there are just too many instances of misunderstanding in this novel and the female lead is the main person affected by it but she never seems to want to clarify herself or why in the world are things happening around her when she herself doesn't remember doing anything wrong.

FS doesn't remember clearly but FS doesn't seem to remember MC ever asking ML what his problem with her was. She already has a hunch that ML is a reincarnator so why not go for it and ask the jerk-for-all-season husband why he's so cranky when it comes to her? How can they mend their relationship [that has never really started]? Though fs admits this is disputable since FS doesn't want to re-read the start of the novel because FS doesn't want to feel frustrated with both MC and ML all over again.

Second, MC's way of treating Xiao Bojian is really infuriating. FS doesn't understand why MC can't just throw him off. The way she's doing things is just making him more and more addicted to her. Accepting his gift because she is afraid he might kill her if she doesn't is really unreasonable? How can she even think that when, if someone finds out about it, then death is the easiest punishment she can have for having illicit relationship! THIS IS ANCIENT CHINA. WTH?! MC where is your brain ah? Even if she is confident that no one from the outside can hear them or see them SHE HAS A YATOU by her side! How can she be so confident that they will not betray her? And BECAUSE she doesn't clarify herself to anyone once she is questioned who will say that she isn't really having an illicit affair but instead being taken advantaged of?

FS gets that as a mistress she doesn't need to do that but then again a Yatou's statement can be crucial to these cases especially when the husband is already dead set on making the wife a cheater.

Like MC, why not just tell XBJ that accepting your gift is the same as accepting death punishment? Why not just be clear with XBJ that you would rather die now than die later because you faux cheated on your husband just by accepting his gift? And that, she clearly doesn't want to have anything to do with XBJ, EVEN in death. Either way she is going to die, so why not die with one's name clean?

Third, why not tell hubby about it ah? Assuming that she doesn't know that hubby is a reincarnator, she is already being taken advantaged of by another man, wouldn't it be logical to tell someone about it? Wouldn't it be LOGICAL to tell husband about it? FS sees her as a strong MC so why can't she just, for once, try and ask her man for assistance?

The first time she met XBJ as a transmigrator and they were almost caught by ML she just went ahead and dashed for ML without even giving him any reason as to what happened? Ano, MC, that was s*upid yeah? It was clear as day XBJ and you shouldn't be in the same place at same time, even if it's coincidence, no? It totally looks suspicious, no? Why not tell hubby something like, "Ara, hubby, that guy appeared out of nowhere and is frightening the hell out of me. Please protect me ♥~" Or maybe something more MC-ish. IDK. Just tell him you have a stalker!

And then her hubby left. So no one can obviously protect her. It would be harder to complain to hubby now as he is far away and is fighting a war so any distractions cannot be tolerated. But he still sent some people to spy/guard her. Though obviously they are also inadequate as they keep fainting whenever XBJ takes action.

She clearly doesn't have anyway of solving her problem with XBJ, and all she can do is accept whatever he does and move on. But that doesn't solve the problem. IF one is the victim, and one already knows how these type of situation develops, and IF, the assailant is the type that promises love but when worst comes to worst would leave her, then the poor party would be her. Most likely XBJ would go so far as to accuse her of seducing him just to get out of it and then later on, once she is condemned by the world, he would promise her that he would take her out of said situation because he "loves" her. She clearly knows what type of person XBJ is, and that's what's making FS so damn frustrated.

She needs to take the initiative and talk to the Matriarch about it already. If she does it right now, before anyone finds out anything, she can still say that he has been bothering her for quite sometime because of their previous love for each other but now that she is married she really wants to have a faithful relationship with her husband but previous lover is insistent and is bothering her. The fact that she took the initiative clearly shows she's the victim and not someone who is just giving reason because they were caught in the act. She can even leave out the part of her and XBJ being lovers prior to her engagement. That wouldn't be asked at all unless they will interrogate XBJ anyway. If they do that and XBJ claims they still have love for each other then her yatous who should have seen her rejecting his advances can attest to their mistress being a faithful wife but is still being pursued by this stalker. Also by bringing it up with Matriarch He, if anything happens to her attributing XBJ into it, it would be more convincing that he was forcing her to do things which is ofc true.

FS understands as well that some sexually harassed victims would tend to not tell anyone about what happened to them but MC is very clear on this things and from the looks of it, she doesn't look like the type of MC to get depressed over these type of things and instead she seems like the type to rise above them, but right now she doesn't really do anything about it. She's like Lin Qianzi of 'Doomed to be Canon Fodder' when it comes to dealing with XBJ. She wouldn't tell a soul unless something that would incriminate her happens while the guys in the novel keep on thinking they have a chance with her. Then again, these type of things depend from one person to another, maybe the MC really has a weakness to these type of scenarios so she's unable to do what FS thinks she should. Maybe we will find out later in the novel. FDK. Her way of dealing with this is just so frustrating. FS doesn't understand it at all.

FS wants to complain about the ML as well, like he obviously sees she is effin different from the previous her in his previous life. FS understands that to him, right now, everything MC does is just ruse. It can all be excused in his brain as her doing something good but the end result would be for XBJ and MC not for him and his family. And at the end of it his family will be destroyed while MC and XBJ will live happily ever after. And FS completely understand that as well. But ML, look at it this way, YOU were able to reincarnate so why can't MC be someone different from your previous wife? You keep asking why she is so different from the previous her LIKE SHE IS SOMEONE DIFFERENT from who she was before? WHY CAN'T IT BE THAT WAY THEN? Were you not also given a weird chance to right your mistakes? Aren't you being too biased about your situation? Do you think you are the only Son of God and therefor the only one who has the chance to right their wrongs or to have divine powers assist you?

FS is so frustrated ah.



Eto.. Disregarding all of FS's rants the whole novel is actually a fun read. Specially with the food p*rn and the hope that MC can make a her life with her new family better. FS likes her interactions with everyone else specially Princess Duanjia!

FS still recommends this novel for food p*rn and that exciting feeling of building a path for herself and the food*coughs* people she loves, out of the calamity that will destroy them in the future. AND THE ANSWER IS FOOD. FOOD is LOVE, FOOD is LIFE.

It's also worthy to note that since this is a romance novel most likely MC and ML will clear their misunderstandings in the future. FS recommends binge reading this instead of reading it one chapter at a time since whenever the misunderstanding is there and is left unresolved and no new chapter is available to compensate, it infuriates this girl and FS just wants to rage quit it. <<less
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Oct 24, 2017
Status: c218
I realized that the story is just wasting my time.

The plot is just allover the place. It is so episodic without any unifying element. Each chapter feels like an entirely different story from the rest. 200 chapters later and feels like nothing of substance happens.

Each various story-lines introduced are poorly managed. The Romance is stuck with the male lead sent far away with almost no contact. What kind of pathetic "Romance" is that? There is this foodie element added in that is just pure filler. The family drama is lame... more>> since it is populated with pathetic characters (especially the females). Everything else is just filler. The worst thing about the plot is that it has no overarching story that ties everything together. Whatever story you have here is just random and has little to no connection to each other.

And the pacing... so slow. The story is just chock-full of fillers and padding. Chapter after chapter of irrelevant stuff while whatever story-lines it has stalls. It is just day after day after day, chapter after chapter after chapter of nothing.

The characters are really bland and flat. The MC is an apathetic idiot whose main quirk is that she cooks godly food that would get anyone addicted. The male lead is sent far away and nowhere to be found for the most of the story. The other character are caricatures with a depth of a spoon. Taken together, the characters are bland and is just played for their one quirk till they are wringed dry.

We barely experience the setting. The most you can get is some generic backdrop that will just fade away to nothing.


After getting as far as this, my interest with this story disappears. Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator is just devoid of substance. Even the premise given by its title barely matters. The transmigrator and reincarnator it alludes to has almost zero interaction with each other.

This story is just like cotton candy. Sweet and fluffy but is just mostly air and devoid of nutrients. And as with cotton candies, many would gladly consume it, but for anyone seeking something more fulfilling, this is not it. <<less
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Jan 10, 2018
Status: Completed
Do not listen to the review of those people who clearly didn't even read far before criticizing the novel. It's like sniffing a food lightly without even tasting it yet you say that it is bad.

MC might be someone from the modern world, yet I don't see her try to introduce new stuff that will surely make huge impact to her current world except for food. But that's what makes her more interesting. I love the description of the food she recreate, it makes me want to try them too.... more>> Side characters are so-so, but I really dislike how some of her maidservants turned out.


Out of the 4 maids, iirc only one was left serving her loyally. One tried seducing ML, one was overly ambitious and wanted to climb on a higher branch, and one was so jealous of her master.


Other than that, interactions between MC and ML is very funny once ML got over his anger over the original owner of the MC's body. I suggest you give this novel a try, it is worth the read especially if you like light hearted novels. <<less
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Jan 21, 2018
Status: c177
Overrated??? It clearly deserves the rating it has or perhaps even more.

Dont expect any hack and slash. Its a slice of life people and I understand problems in the old empire can be confusing to some"huymans" who are lazy.

The interaction between the MC and ML is almost none existent so its hard to deffuse the misunderstanding but I think thats part of the plot or side stories. I mean come on its a novel it has to be battered with intrigues. Why not just read children stories? ? I'm pretty... more>> sure those are direct to the point. ?? Well its a good read nonetheless, slow pacing but it doesnt seem dragging. If you're reading for the kill this isn't for you.

You know how people criticize an anime after they have watched episode 2? Thats the thing, reading 20 chaps below is like watching an anime intro song then saying "aww im dropping it because the song isnt good." Foolish! <<less
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Jan 05, 2018
Status: c15
Overrated AF, what's with all the stellar reviews??? Okay fear not, I am here to correct that.

First major flaw is just listing a bunch of characters, because in ancient China families were really big and apparently we must know every son, daughter, father, mother and their servants from multiple families.

Second flaw is the forcefulness of the story, this transmigrator and "reincarnator" character clearly suspect each other from the start, but can't be bothered to find out - standard Chinese web novel thing when the Author can't be bothered to actually... more>> describe something or some such. I mean I know there's isn't a story without them being suspicious and a bunch of misunderstandings but it's forced without any reason, they find themselves alone several times and don't even talk coz they can't be bothered lol.

Mah everything is forced, this novel is like xianxia without cultivation trying to be drama/comedy and what can you expect from the genre where conversations are summed up to - they talked and laughed.

Obviously I didn't get very far with 15 chapters but it is enough to review because it already sucks, later you can expect standard transmigrator pulling modern recipes and aweing everyone who is basically used to dog food. <<less
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Sep 18, 2018
Status: c440
The story was great from chapter 1 to chapter ~400ish till I got to the part where:

... more>>

the MC got sexually mol*sted/harassed by the ML. The worst part is that the MC was unconscious and perhaps even injured when the ML suddenly became h**ny and started groping the MC's chest. Even though the MC and ML are technically husband and wife in name (they have not consummated their marriage yet), it does not give the ML any right to be sexually mol*sting the unconscious MC. Especially since the ML outright hated the MC at first and had even attempted to strangle the MC during their bridal night. It is understandable that the ML's attitude towards the MC may change with time after interacting with her more, but to jump from starting to develop feelings/realizing it's love to straight up mol*sting the MC is way too disturbing and disgusting. That shot up from 1 to 100 real quick. The reaction of the MC after waking up in the middle of being sexually mol*sted was to just kick the ML and then quietly rage without doing anything else is just downright disappointing since at the beginning the MC gave off the vibe of a carefree smart female lead who has seen all the modern world could offer before evolving into a 10 year old child who becomes easily dazed by handsome men and "shocking news". Like for real, have you never seen idols/celebs/models before in the modern world who is 99999x times more handsome than ancient Chinese men who usually ties their hair up in a man-bun??? The MC's intellect honestly seem to have deteriorated as the story goes on and becomes more prone to emotional outbursts or just holding in all of her complaints to herself when it's perfectly justified to explain herself to avoid future misunderstandings.

on another note, the main male lead is not only a tsundere, but also has a communication barrier that prevents him from properly communicating to people around him. He also has a hot temper and there are many monologues of what he is thinking inside his head that shows up in the story. Even though he has a lot of words to say, for some reason, he is always tongue tied and ends up saying nothing instead, which is just frustrating to read about. While the second male lead is just a nutcase who lives in his own little world. The second male lead keeps on pining after the MC when she has already told him to stay away from her, so I guess he would be called a pe*verted stalker at this point since he always randomly pops up in front of the MC to curry favor with her and profess his love.

overall, the novel was alright up to the point the author tried to get the MC and ML together, but then everything kinda fell apart after that. The MC failed to stick to her character while the ML turned into a pe*vert and the second male lead is just crazy so I gave up the novel. I only held on for so long to see how the MC and ML would get together but it turned out to be a complete letdown with the way the ML just forced himself onto the MC without a care for her feelings or opinions. And the way the ML keeps on reassuring himself with excuses that he did nothing wrong is so hypocritical I can't stand it anymore. If I was the MC instead, I would have just divorced the ML regardless of whatever reputation/gossip would go around, grab my money, and leave the freckin city to start a new life somewhere else.

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Feb 01, 2019
Status: c622
The female lead is average to below average. The romance and plot took forever to start. I actually read a bit, dropped the novel and then picked it back up in Ch. 265 when the romance/plot started to actually develop. Female lead's schemes are economically dumb, by which I mean, everyone else has to be an idiot and starve to fuel her so called amazing business. The household schemes were barely enough to keep my interest. Her enemies are easily disposed of, that the only thing notable about them is... more>> the time it took to get them removed.

Of course, Ch. 500+ or so, I've started to get sick of it. There's only so many repeated chapters you can take of the female lead complaining of a sore waist, blushing or moaning under the male lead's lips, spending all night getting "tortured" in bed (are Chinese and Japanese women not allowed to enjoy sex?) and getting pinched, fondled or f***ed by the ML. It's boring. Is that all there is to the relationship? ML only has some reoccurring insecurity but other than that, he adores her endlessly (and f***s endlessly) and their relationship is rock solid. Yawn. If only their relationship had some proper emotional development, so as to give me some sense of satisfaction towards this great relationship. But no, the development and emotions behind it feel slightly shallower than a kiddie pool. It's a toy ship.

If only there was an actual plot to this novel. Instead of a bunch of two-bit villains buzzing around and getting swatted like flies by MC (yes, the simple minded predictability of this extends to both the final boss and hidden final boss. One look at both of their written characterization and you can tell that they're just long running fodder). Anyhow, there's no real plot, no real stakes and no real emotional investment in these characters or their relationship. The development for the female lead and male lead are too shallow for me to care, even after reading 600 chapters in the hopes of this story/characters actually taking off somewhere. Too bad. Good premise. Wasted on simple writing/shoe-string plot. I found a better novel, so I'm removing this one from my reading list. I advise you to not waste your time with this series either.

Reason I finally quit reading:

The final straw that broke the camel's back was when the Princess caught MC's brother-in-law jerking off and gave him a handjob. Really Author? Really now? Is s*x the only way you know how to develop a relationship? Way to stay classy.

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Mar 06, 2018
Status: Completed
I was about to rate this novel at 4.0 but I got won over by the romance that started in the middle of the story. Their willingness to give themselves a chance to ignite the flame of romance was the turning point. From willingness, to being comfortable with each other, until sharing the same bed together. Their relationship progressed from hating to loving each other.

I am a person who's easy to please. I enjoyed reading the novel so why not give it a 5-star rating?! :D
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Oct 17, 2018
Status: c472
It's actually a 2/10 for me, but I didn't rate it 1/5 because it seems harsh when I can't go lower than 1. The translator does a good job. I did enjoy it a lot in the beginning, but ever since Chu Lian finally started interacting with her husband it's been going downhill. And it never recovered and took a drastic drop after they made up.

I really despise the main pairing. Everyone (MC included) acknowledges the 2nd lead as the stalker creep that he is, but excuse He Changdumb (MC's... more>> husband) when he's no better. Throughout the novel he's both physically (seriously intended to choke her to death on their wedding night) and emotionally abusive, a sexist and a bigot (yes this is ancient China, but there have been other novels where the ancient Chinese ML is not a horrible sexist homophobe), and doesn't care whether or not she consents. The author repeatedly tries to justify this and excuse him by showing us his inner thoughts, and with his backstory (which is already disgusting. Please never excuse and perpetuate r*pe culture). But that doesn't change the fact that he's an unacceptable, inexcusable piece of tr*sh.

The protagonist is carefree, lazy and very relatable up until the point her personality does a whole 360 to accommodate her forced romance with He Changtr*sh. She was originally independent and capable, but that changed ever since she met up with her husband again. She's a joy and deserves much better than this eternally abusive and disgusting relationship with no chemistry. I finally dropped it once I realized there were no more readers to suffer along with me because everyone rational (who don't find an openly abusive, non-consensual relationship cute) had long since abandoned ship. Other than the horrible pairing that ruined everything, the amount of flat, throwaway cannon fodder characters has been drastically increasing ever since the MC and her husband "made up". There's suddenly so many unnecessary situations set up just so there can be face-slapping, which already annoys me in other ancient Chinese novels.

It's a shame that it was fun in the beginning and the face-slapping was minimal. Now it's lost everything it had going for it. It was never a real foodie novel either, you could tell in the early chapters that the author probably hasn't stepped into a kitchen in her life. The cooking is never really described. <<less
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Mar 06, 2019
Status: Completed
There are lots of things to like about this story. The MC is quite independent, rescues herself/others, and stands up for herself without going overboard (as in crazy revenge/horrible tortures or punishments for those that go against her). The MC is also widely acknowledged as responsible for a lot of the ML's success. For a historical novel, that's quite a notable achievement (most authors write behind-the-scenes type support). The story is especially fun in the earlier half, when the MC is building up her foodie business and has a harmonious... more>> relationship with her husband's family. The misunderstandings between MC and her husband are also hilarious.

I loved the MC's obsession with food and how the author creatively used food to solve many big issues!

However, at the later half, things reverse into a completely stereotypical/melodramatic route, which became a lot less enjoyable for me. Although the later half was such a disappointment, this novel was pretty close to 5 stars all the way up to ~Ch 454 (when they come back from the North). So if you want to avoid the negative-IQ family drama, personality transplants, and sudden population of "everyone-wants-to-seduce-the-ML" scheming, stop there.


MC becomes a very stereotypical shy/shirking violet whenever her husband wants to be intimate. She's not into s*x but pretty much endures it and is embarrassed easily by everything. Meanwhile, before they got together, she was shown as not embarrassed when looking at p*rn, so it's kind of annoying that she immediately became the 'ideal-shy-innocent-virg*nal-young-girl' for their physical relationship. I get that CN culture eroticizes the innocent-virg*n whatever etc. It's just tiring for me to see this repeated over and over again in every book. Plus it took away a lot of the agency that made me enjoy her as a character.

ML also changes personality several times. After he was reborn, when he's treating the MC badly at the start of their marriage, his family was surprised by it. So if his post-reborn self was normally cruel/cold, his family wouldn't have been so surprised by his abrupt about-face. After making him act cruelly just to the MC, the author suddenly started describing him as being 'cold/stoic/unfathomable' all the time towards everyone and how that was what he was like normally. It's obvious the author forgot his original character setting (warm/gentle) and decided to turn him into the stereotypical ML in most CNovels. It would have been nice if his character development had stopped at 'tsundere...' unfortunately, he becomes your standard 'tsundere/cold/yandere.' Apparently, for CN, it's incomparably romantic if your significant other is an ice cube who only 'melts' in the face of true love, hides everything he's feeling deep down inside, and is allergic to communication.

The ML additionally becomes EXTREMELY possessive to the point where he's super jealous of his wife hanging out with another woman. However, one redeeming quality is that he actually acknowledges that it is unhealthy to feel that way and feels conflicted about it (thank god?).

Finally, the family... let's use the grandma since other reviewers have talked about the poor aunt. First the MC is described as being so touched towards her husband's grandmother that she felt that she was her own grandmother related by blood. But later on, the grandmother becomes a big hindrance to her and it feels like all the good feelings that half the book was spent building up mysteriously disappeared into nothingness for the later drama. I've seen this happen a couple times for longer stories like this one. It's pretty obvious that the author ran out of ideas and decided to add more spice/lengthen the story by adjusting the characters' personalities to include the bullying since there was absolutely zero foreshadowing for any of it.

So the MC's husband's family transforms from something nice into your stereotypical horrible step-aunt/step-cousins wanting to steal all her money etc. MC's own family was super shitty from the start so you get your double-dose of cliched 'horrible heroine family' drama.


Translation definitely elevated this novel. Reads very smoothly and not filled with jargon/pinyin/chinese. Big thanks and kudos to the translators! (Esp. all the delicious food photos and research they put into it). <<less
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Jan 31, 2019
Status: c618
It started off good, there was some miscommunication and between the couple that was light and fun but my interest ended when:


They began to have s*x. The buildup was fun but after reading chapters on chapters of the man lead being pervy and some other pervy things in the novel, I decided it really wasn't for me. If I wanted to know every little dirty of their s*x encounter, I'd go on p*rnhub,

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Sep 15, 2017
Status: c45
I love this novel so far and will probably love the upcoming chapters too! This novel is very interesting because

we have the female lead as the transmigrator and the male lead who is the reincranator, which this doesn't really happen in most novel.

Now in the beginning the male lead is trying to one up the female lead cause in the past life the "female lead" cheated on him, in which he fails to do so cause the female lead who is from the modern world read the novel that she transmigrated into and she as stated in the earlier chapters is a bit of a two face. You also found out that the female lead never got to finish the novel, she was only half way through so she has no idea as to why the ML who is suppose to be nice turned out like he did this the first chapter.

This seems like it's going to be a real sweet juicy novel that I can reread when I'm bored! Anyways I can't wait to read more!!!
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Sep 20, 2017
Status: c330
I've read so many Chinese romance novels already and this one is one of my favorites!

The ML is simply too cute! The typical sharp tongue but cotton heart.

It was nice how the his "poisonous wife" slowly captured his heart. It's worth a try. I hope the translator will keep translating this.
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Mar 24, 2019
Status: c684
To be honest, my actual rating for this novel is 2.5 stars. I really did like this novel in the beginning because I thought it had so much potential. You had a FL who was headstrong and wanted to better her life one stomach at a time. She wasn't embarrassed about looking at p*rnographic picture books and had great business ideas. You had a ML who, because of past trauma, completely changed his personality and became a petty dude with the sole aim to stop Chu Lian the wicked woman... more>> from fulfilling her dastardly plots. It made me excited to read how their romance was going to unfold as well as what adventures the couple would have.

Unfortunately, the romance was disappointing af and the adventures were non-existent. I felt like the romance lacked the kind of depth I as a mid-20 year old like. There wasn't any sort of connection between the two and the relationship seemed to be too one-sided in the intimacy department leaning towards the ML's side. The ML that I had such high hopes for became just like every other ML who lost their v-card and started seeing his wife as nothing more than a piece of meat. The FL also changed significantly and became the typical shy woman who always needs to get saved by her man and is too shy to initiate any sort of intimacy towards her husband. Not to mention, after the couple get together you'd think they'd be more open and honest with each other but no such thing happened and we are dragged into 20 or so chapters with unnecessary misunderstandings. The political aspect of the novel sort of picks up later on but it's presence is so weak that it's pushed to the back of your mind until you remember that this novel does in fact have some political scheming. The FL later does get back to her entrepreneurial ways but it's written in at awkward parts of the novel that you even forget she's a business woman.

All in all, if you're gonna read this novel read for the food p*rn cuz there are quite a few chapters devoted to delicious, sexy food. Otherwise, if you are looking for a story with a deep plot and even deeper characters, this ain't it. <<less
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Sep 10, 2021
Status: Completed

Little kids please skip it.

Story is great. ML and FL are great. Everything is good. EXCEPT, this r*pe like romance. And by this I dont mean the ML was raping her all the time like many other reviews. Dont get me wrong I am totally against r*pe in a relation with or without love. NO means NO. Its just the way the FL behave in this novel when it comes to s*x that makes me pissed off.

I really dont understand the FL, She loves him, they are married.... more>> They dont have to worry about using protection or whatsoever. But she never likes doing it with him. There were some scenarios in which the ML did some indecent things to her. I dont want to defend him. He was WRONG.

BUT there is never a time where the FL actually likes doing it with him, every damn time she is crying and cribbing about it. If he is too strong, she can talk to him about this, I am sure he would have listened. BUT thats NOT THE DAMN PROBLEM. She doesnt want to do it all. She acts like its a sin to have s*x with her own husband with whom she is married and loves. I am not going to defend the ML, there were a few times he was wrong to her. BUT she never likes doing it. SO it ALWAYS looks like he is RAPING HER.

First night they have s*x and nurturing soup


I saw some reviews related to their wedding night when they have s*x. Many said that he r*ped her and the FL was clearly not consenting. I feel this was not true. At this point, the FL and ML will both be in love and they talk and agree to live together as REAL husband and wife from now. The FL HERSELF promises the ML that they can have s*x when they go back home. (They will be travelling and the ML will be hurt). But when the time finally comes she acts like a victim and starts behaving as if he is raping her. She was 20+ old in modern times, she is not some small kid who doesnt know anything. If she scared because its her first time and that it might hurt I can understand that. She could have spoken to the ML, But NOOO. She doesnt want to do it at all.

Many people in the reviews were saying how the ML doesnt think about her body and just forces her which is not true. He genuinely worries for her body and always asks the doctor to make her more healthy, even when she becomes pregnant and the doctor says it wasnt good to get pregnant because she was too young, he regrets it. I am sure if the FL had just communicated with him everything would be fine. But NOOOO. Crying all the time and behaving like the ML is raping her is all she does.

There is this one time where the FL will have drunk some nurturing soup. Which is similar to an aphrodisiac. That is the only time she actively responds to him. But when she wakes up, she like "I am so ashamed. I cant behave like that ever.. Etc etc..". If she is embarrassed I can understand that but what is she ashamed about? Just because she responded to him while having s*x, she thinks its a sin? Is she planning on REFUSING HIM AND CRYING EVERY TIME they have s*x for their whole life?


I am not chinese, so I dont understand their culture. Is this how it goes with them? Does women behaving like this is considered good? I am not sure. Most chinese novels follow the same style. Every s*x scene is a r*pe where the FL keeps crying and protesting and the ML f*cks her so hard that she doesnt get up until afternoon the next day with a 'sore body as if run over by a truck'. <<less
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Sep 28, 2017
Status: Completed

Kind of an oddball mix of stereotypes. One of the original themes in this series involves not just a transmigration, but also multiple reincarnated characters. The MC is transmigrated, but there are also about 3 other main characters that are also reincarnated. Which makes a strange twist, because many of the characters have some future knowledge about the future. So each in their own way try to manipulate politics to their benefits. Even the transmigrated MC is also aware of the characters and story lines because she had previously read the novel, even though she never finished reading story.

It is kind of amusing to find that the male lead is also a reincarnated soul and out for revenge on who other than his transmigrated wife for her past digressions. The rest of the story is an easy read, with a very modern women being completely blasé about politics, how to deal with her temperamental husband, and truly going after what she wants to have a nice stable and happy lifestyle.

Unlike many other heroines where they can do anything, this heroine is an absolute foodie. Anything related to food, makes her practically the top dog in cooking skills. If you like calm and stable heroines, and like all the mention of the gourmet type of food in each chapter, you'll like this series. Where the heroine is calm and stable, the male lead on the other hand comes off as childishly petulant and cute in his revenge on his wife. Things like stealing her food, starving her by eating her portion, or eating the best dishes so she can't have any, all become very cute in it's own ways.

Overall, another cute romantic story.

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Oct 19, 2017
Status: c70
Hi there, here goes the comment, it'll not have any spoilers, just a little of what we know at this chapter.

The story, like the plot, likes to plays with the all-mighty clichés/stereotypes, we have a little cold shoulder there, a transmigrator here, a reincarnator right beside her, misunderstandings everywhere with the female character, and two potencial male lead right now, but in her words "she will stay put and not cheat", so, I'll take a chance and say we have just one male lead.

The characters development is smooth, the Chu... more>> Lian (female lead and main charecter of this novel) is a down to earth girl, simple and honest, she hopes for a romantic relationship but she is not blinded by love, neither is obsessed with being in one with someone, she just tries to be herself. She has cooking knowledge that everyone could know if she/he has followed a recipe more than one or twice, and a bussiness like mind, but I think more like common sense for a transmigrator of the current world, to think in money and how to make more money. The other charecters, we'll see them through dialogues and descripcion of what our main charecter read ahead in the novel, but, they are not just a "concept" or "reaction" or "stereotype", we see them as a granny who has lived a lot and knows a little of the world, a mother-in-law who's sick but want to see her son grow, a strict and stern brother-in-law who is a millitary man but is kind hearted with the family, also the main lead and husband-in-name of Chu Lian has his reason (other paragraph for him) ; maybe the exceptions are the family of the protagonist, the Chu's, who are narrowminded, a little petty and want to face-slap our main charecter.

The way it explains, little by little, the world we are currently in (maybe, behind a bush, maybe inside the wardrobe that we know it's lacking clothes) ; the dialogues are organic, expressive, not forced, and direct, we know what they want when they talk, the translator (timebun) and his/her editor made a great acomplishment there.

Our male lead He Sanlang/He Chandi (the same person, just different way to call him) has gone somewhere in the North, warmongering or plotting something against someone. He gave all the time cold rejection to Chu Lian; even though at first it was justified, with all the incongruences that there were with his memories in the way Chu Lian acted, I'm kinda amused he didn't think she may not be the same wife he knows; but I'll guess it's too soon to know what he might have lived and suffered in the original storyline, because, we know she cheated him with Xiao Bojian, and then she took control of the finances of the He household, but nothing more. Also, we see him struggling with his relationship, because he still have lingering feelings for her, maybe love, maybe infatutation, but it's there, I'll guess they will be the ambers that will ignite the fire of the relationship later on, and so he is overstimating the none existing evilness of our lovely Chu Lian.

The reactions to the desserts deserve a paragraph for them. They are really honest and, personally, they make me remember the first time I have ever tasted something I'm unfamiliar with. The surprise and expectations of the shape, colour, texture, smell and taste are nice and delicate, we are not shouting or moaning like it is a portion of Heavens, ignoring the ambient we are in. They are not something over the top like shouting, losing control over the cutlery and then space out a minute or two, obviously, we are not suddendly naked and in the wilds with the ingredients. Yup, a refreshing and NORMAL reaction to food.

The plot is slowly being brewed, now is thin, but it will thicken with time, like a nice stew. We know there are royal factions, but we do not know their names, where they are right now, or which is the most powerful of them all; we also know a little of the new family of Chu Lian, like every new daughter of the family should, even though she could have info-dumped it all in the first few chapters; we know there are more than one eminent family, but we do not discuss them right know. So, I really like that subtle flavor of "the storm may come from the north" we see the clouds, but the uncertainty of the rain is there. Little but not so light it will be overlooked, just like that.

The pacing is in the slow side for the big stuff, but in the meanwhile we have a couple of small events happening that add flavour (in more than one sense) to the story. The description of the ambient are fluid and not paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of details in the floor, wooden bed, wooden cravings, etc, etc, etc. I can say we can exercise our imagination with the furniture and surroundings, and not loose sight of the stuff happening there.

The speed release is good, one-per-day, sometimes even two. Yes, the chapters are short because they are just half a chapter, timebun (the translator) said that, but I don't see how that is important. Short? Wait a day and you'll have the full chapter; not enought, still short? Wait more, once a week then, and you'll have even more... As I said before, the team translating and editing this novel is good and make the reading a nice, light and delicious experience. <<less
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