Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator


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All Chu Lian had done was to read a book where the female lead had cheated on her wonderful husband. While wondering why, before she knew it, she was waking up in the body of that very same female lead!

Wait, did that mean the handsome husband from the book was hers now? Chu Lian decided to welcome him with open arms!

However, what she got wasn’t the kind husband she had been expecting. Instead, his personality seemed to have been completely flipped! He left her all alone on their wedding night… and just five days into their marriage, her dear husband abandoned his loving wife and left to enlist in the army!

Fine! Be that way! She could pass her days perfectly well somehow, even if she had to do it alone!

Chu Lian put her household in order, charmed the rest of her new family, and did a little business on the side. She even opened up some new trade routes! Her days passed peacefully and leisurely… Until her dear husband got into trouble at the frontline of the war.

Hmph, isn’t he crawling back to me for help in the end? Forget it, I’ll go save him myself!

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Xuyên không gặp trọng sinh
Xuyên qua nữ gặp được trọng sinh nam
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Xieljhane rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: Completed
Ah, first of all I don't like romance in a novel because sometimes it'll ruined the whole story.

But this one although I'm still not reading it but after I read the comments and synopsis, it looks interesting, not because I love transmigrating and reincarnated MC's

But I just feel like something pulling me to read it I hope it won't disappoint me :)

... more>> ..I'll give it a star later after I read it..:p


This story is so satisfying it won't dissapoint you, all I can say is this is perfect 👏👏😍😍😍
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: c580
Novel is extremely overrated. The generic story where everybody hates the female MC and is out to humiliate her, ruin her repuation, get her raped, kick her out of the house. Etc. The husband she marries is a giant douchebag.

Female MC's primary method of solving problems is her weirdly proficient culinary skills. Half the novel is about food and how amazing food wins over friends and defeats enemies. Its ridiculous. The female MC also just lets male characters literally walk all over her. When the Female MC has s*x with... more>> her husband, its literally the dude pretty much raping her every single time. There wasn't a single description of her actually enjoying sex. Really really bizarre.

The male lead / husband's personality is atrocious. Somehow female lead still falls in love with him. Too much emphasis on so many different servants but they don't add anything to the story at all. Way too much emphasis on food. <<less
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Noelle rated it
June 1, 2018
Status: c328
You should probably wait till the translation is complete to start reading. The pace of the story.... well, at this rate, even snails would overtake us!

The story is good. The translation is superb. The food p*** has made me hungry and crave for food I had no access to at weird hours of the night, I almost wished I could transmigrate into the novel just for the food!!! Don't read while hungry.

The translator has warned us that raw chapters would be split into 2 or 3 translated chapters for the... more>> sake of convenience which is understandable as we all have real life issues to deal with. Am one of those people who prefer lengthy chapters, so logically I would mostly pile up a few chapters before I read. However, even with my pile of chapters the story is still not moving and this is so frustrating especially when chapters are now being split into 7 or 8 parts instead of 2 or 3!

I know the translator gave a warning that chapters are going to get shorter, and I thought that maybe if raw chapters are getting shorter then hopefully translated chapters won't be split into so many parts. Little did I know that it was the translated chapters that were being shortened! I shouldn't complain about something I have been warned about, especially since am not paying to read someone's hours of translations, but I have been reading the same chapter for 7 days now. Even if I wanted to sponsor the novel, knowing that I would be paying for around 751 words is not bringing out the generous in me.

For the time being, as a result of my frustration with the novel's pace, I am going to stop reading and come back on December 31st. Hopefully, the translator will keep her new year's resolution to finish translating this novel by the end of 2018. If there will be a completed ebook version, I will definitely purchase. <<less
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iLikeOpMCS rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: c15
Great story so far, not bad, not bad. I've never seen this kind of plot before so I would like to say this is unique, (I've read just about every story on novelupdates, [well to an extent] and I've never seen this type of novel.). From the amount of chapters that have been translated, it has beseeched my interest and I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

Can't make an in-depth review due to the number of chapters, however, so far it is very good :). The title gives away... more>> the plot that has been revealed so far anyway, hehe. <<less
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josh1002 rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: c333
I've just caught up to the latest chapter, so my thoughts are a little muddle headed and I'll redo my review later so expect my ramblings to be confusing.

If you're here for romance, you're going to have to grit your teeth until chapter 300 before the two Main Leads finally get down together to have a decent talk.

... more>> Everything before that, the MLI is off at the borders while the MC is at home wanting to be a layabout while she makes money through food recipes.

Don't expect any over-the-top kung Fu or other shenanigans. It's more or less close to our history. The MC also doesn't bring scientific advances to improve her house. Just food recipes, making it much more believable than someone thinking up how to make a train.

Also, it has a bit of a rough start but it worth bearing it.

Plot is rather slow to move, but the story's pacing is quite excellent and there aren't any overly huge time skips. In fact, from chapter 1 to 300, you could say the total amount of time that had passed is less than a year.

As for the MCs character, she has the best personality I've seen aside from Brendel in TAS. She's not over conceited or arrogant. If someone is looking for trouble with her, shes going to give as good as she gets. She won't condemn someone to death nor is she physically strong. At most, she'll make her attackers lose face by being calm and collected while also serving top-tier tasting food.

It's a huge contrast to other Chinese LNs so it's a pleasant surprise to me. <<less
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toyyoda rated it
April 26, 2018
Status: c287
What happens when two people return to the past, both knowing the future? And what if, those two people are the main couple?

This novel has fireworks from the very first chapter, and I'm here to tell you that it absolutely does not disappoint, for the following reasons:

  • The main couple's romance is adorable! From the start, the male and female leads have some pretty serious misunderstandings, but they're handled in a cute way. The ML is supposed to be the 'aggressor' but acts more like an angry puppy, while the FL is chill and mature. Since they're both going through their second life together, they're practically in the same boat, and hopefully they'll come to truly understand each other by the end. (I mean, does it bother anyone else when the MC hides their 'secret' all their life, even from their partner? :/)
  • As the title would suggest, there's emphasis on both leads, as you get to see from each of their perspectives. It's actually very interesting to hear the ML's thoughts and get to know his personality, because behind his cold exterior is a tsun- I mean, a warm heart.
  • The plot line is constantly engaging, full of awesome and fun moments. The FL's cool personality lets her stand above the usual politics and face-slapping, which IMO is getting a tad too repetitive in this genre. Although you still get a fair share of that here, it's mostly light-hearted and by far not the most interesting thing this novel has to offer. However, seeing how some other reviewers had problems with the story, so I recommend reading a few chapters to see if it's your cup of tea. (It's not because I'm trying to get you hooked on this novel like I am, okay? ;D) There's also a few pleasant surprises: I didn't think of myself as a foodie, but I've been hugely entertained by people scrambling for good food while drooling over the food myself...
  • The writing is excellent; side characters are usually diverse and well-developed so they don't feel like a waste of words. The TL does a top-notch job of translating, plus the reading community makes this novel more fun to follow. So you should come and join us already, huehuehue...
I admit, this novel has one weakness: there'll be nonsensical, cannon fodder characters that pop out once in a while, but if they bother you then you should just skip... more>> over those parts, because the rest of the novel is awesome! :D

Overall, this novel should tick your boxes if you're looking for a one-on-one romance, Ancient Chinese setting and generally refreshing read. But don't be discouraged if you're not experienced in these genres, because this story has a simple charm that can appeal to anyone! Good luck, and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did :) <<less
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Littledragonlady rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c107
Warning! This story shud not be touched unless you are fully fed.

This one is a real food p*** that could cause you midnight food craving, or sudden hunger!

Consider yourself warned.

This is a story about a modern girl suddenly thrown into a novel world, and despite trying her best, she still trigger all the flags, like men falling for her, women getting jealous of her, or events that cannot be avoided.

It is a very good read, too slow paced, but very entertaining
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amorevolous rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: c709
Wow okay, this book has been a journey!

I have very mixed opinions about this book, I really did enjoy the first half of the novel but it really went south and became a huge disappointment to me.

The first quarter of the book was great! Seeing Chu Lian establish herself in the ancient world by making businesses in order to have an easy life was hilarious and fun to read. It contained little to no romance. I personally am a big fan of romance but this novel kept me on the... more>> hook even without the romance for around the first 250 chapters because there was already dynamic set in stone between MC and ML that I was anticipating to see them reunite again and their story to unfold.

However, what I got was such a disappointment. The romance really sprung out of nowhere to me, it was very sudden. The ML went from despising FL to wanting to bang her in one chapter, there was no growth and no depth. They set up the dynamic between the two MCs so well, ML cold & arrogant because of past traumas and FL entrepreneurial and smart. I expected more action and time for them to spend together before falling in love.

ML became way too pushy and rapey, even though it's constantly told to us that he is in love with FL and FL became the typical shy lead who gets embarrassed at everything (Reminding everyone that she at one point has no problem looking at a p*** book, but gets embarrassed by a kiss). They became super bland. Nothing about them was entertaining. You would expect the ML to ease up and become more open but there was no character development at all on his part and FL became the most boring character to read (It's like the author forgot she was a businesswoman and just made her do nothing for the latter part of the novel)

When the plot finally comes and everything starts to unfold, it was done in such a sloppy way.

Everything was so disappointing, the big "reveal" that FL's father is the emperor basically contributes nothing to the plot, the villan was set up to be powerful with secret spies and what not but it didn't feel like a real threat.


The ending felt super rushed as well, even though everything kind of got tied up like a pretty bow in the end, I felt no satisfaction.

In conclusion, the romance felt forced, the political plot is a disappointment, the characters became generic. In other words, this is a very lackluster novel. <<less
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Kerosen rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: c137

MC is dumb naive. Its not a problem actually but regarding that the MC already know the plot and her background as succesful entrepreneur with tragic childhood? Not quite right. The filler story also so bad that I think this story better to be titled as pattiserie reincarnator young lady than the original title. Well maybe it was the reason the story short lived (300 chap)
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March 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Read this through machine TL post chapter 25 or so and I'm waiting for it to be fully translated to reread it, but I pretty much see similar comments from people who've been following the translations the entire time so I'm confident I understood most (if not all) of the story. My rating is 4 stars, breaking it down that would be 5 stars for the first half and 3 for the second, to average out to a 4 star story.

To put it simply, the first half or so of... more>> the story is amazing: smart and independent female lead, hilarious misunderstanding with the male lead that allows the focus to be purely on world building and watching the FL get better and better, nice in-law relations which is a great break from the catty family trope we always see, detailed food descriptions that are woven into the plot, etc. And, even though the ML is gone, we're aware of his presence and have a couple fun scenes involving him. Simply put, it was a very neat (as in few loose ends or unnecessary details, logical story flow, and all that) up until the FL goes north and comes back.

After that, it sort of devolved into the stereotype transmigration romance novels. FL is shy for some reason despite having no issues with s*x and the like before, we've got pointless second/third/fourth females popping up and being catty and contribute nothing to the story other than a few chapters of distraction before their glorious demise as cannon fodder. Worst part is, the formerly loving family now becomes stubborn, catty, and just plain stupid. And I don't mean other parts of their personalities being shown as new situations pop up, it's almost like the family was switched out when the FL was gone. The formerly kind, smart grandmother became a mulish, short-sighted moron, male lead is cold and withholding for everyone and no one brings it up, it's like we changed to any generic transmigration novel. And it was so much more disappointing for the fact that the first half was so good. The author just seemed to lose all inspiration so the novel lost all uniqueness; the 2nd half might have been even worse if it wasn't for resolving the issues introduced within the first 300 chapters or so. <<less
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sunnysidemochi rated it
October 23, 2018
Status: c479
I like this.

Characters are nice, plot twist are decent, business management is quite up to date and reasonable, translation is great and thriving.

romance has it's own twist, fluff and flaw. Something realistic that shows every relationship needs extra work, patience and understanding from both sides, sadly more from a woman's part which rings true even in modern society.

The only downside for me is the cannon fodders, I wish they had more depth to them. Most cannon fodder are simplified, but it's a light read after with only 330 chapter after... more>> all. Translator split it and make it to 660 chapter might felt very short for readers who are used to binge read. Beware, Timebun's pictures of cuisines will make you drool, keep your mouth and device at safe distance. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Boredbunch rated it
September 17, 2018
Status: c442
at start was brilliant her relying on herself to do everything

All the food making was funny

Gradually ever since the reincarnated husband fell for her it has went down due to her relying on him to much

No longer is the angry misunderstanding communication between them which gave it a twist compared to other novels

Hope it goes better

The villain is annoying and persistent
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
oopsaloo rated it
August 12, 2018
Status: c403
An amazingly well written story so far, with an OP (in a chill way) MC and an interesting premise (transmigrator and reincarnator). The translations are well done and update frequently, so what more needs to be said? Definitely recommend this novel. You won't regret it!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Trouvaille rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c397
I usually avoided Chinese light novel, mostly because of the confusing terms, BUT this light novel is really, really, interesting. I read all 390ish chapter in around 2 days and sacrifice my beauty sleep, because this is real good, I tell you. MC was likeable, calm and calculating, while ML was too focused, the interaction between MC and ML was funny and fluffy in my opinion.

This plot is great, because no matter what the MC did, somehow the 'story' seems to turn around to get the plot moving. More importantly,... more>> food takes important part of the story <3 thumbs up <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 1, 2018
Status: Completed
I absolutely reccomend tgis book if you are looking for a LN that isnt too heavy, too bloody and too steamy. Lol, just ignore the steamy part.

I would like to put a few spoilers but in the end, I guess you find out by yourself is better. On the rough picture, the original CL isnt dead completely, surprising turn of CL origins, how Sanlang and CL turns every situation to their favour, and the best part is, mostly like the real insight of marriage life.

Thank you, volare, for a wonderful... more>> novel <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Temaki-dono rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: c256
This is not for everyone.

First, the good points:

There is fluffy romance, lots of interesting food descriptions (do not read while hungry), and some great slice of life moments.

... more>> Timebun is one of the better translators out there, will post pictures of the food mentioned in the story, and even hangs out in the comments sometimes.

Now, the bad:

The main character is the most competent woman in the story; plenty of time is devoted to showing how stupid and inferior those who dislike her are, and every moderately moral or intelligent character likes her. She is, in short, a Mary Sue.

If you can't take the occasional intermission in the plot just to see the main character completely outclass a "hater", maybe skip this one. Otherwise, it's pretty good. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
anonnovelupdates rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: c109
I read up to chapter 109 in two days!

The story has been a lot of fun so far.

I usually tire of food novels, but this one manages to make food a large focus without spending forever describing everything.

If I had to find something to criticize, I would say that some of the characters haven't been seen in a while so I forgot their names (e.g. The 2nd martial arts guard for the protagonist).

There has been only once when I noticed totally self-serving logic that doesn't match reality, which was ... more>>

when the male lead thought to himself that he didn't want to hit the protagonist because his family was against harming women, but he had already choked her in the first chapter!

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Expatamoeba rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: c50
One of my favourite genre. I love all these transmigrated female MC novels. I like the MC. She's calm and cute. The ML seems like a childish brat due to his obsession for revenge. But I think he'll change later on. Reading this novel will make you hungry with all those food description.

HOWEVER. The chapters are too darn short. This is just like Hidden Marriage all over again. Better wait for the chapter to pile up and binge it later or you'll suffer just like me.
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Anasthesia rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c709
First of all, before reading reviews, it’s better to look at those who completed the book first. I’m tired of all these people who didn’t even manage to get past thirty chapters before proclaiming it’s unworthy to read.

I won’t make this review too much to read. Along with the other reviewers, I do like the food p*** in the story. It’s described to great detail, and I love how FL isn’t arrogant at all and willing to give other people second chances. A lot of transmigration stories now feature a... more>> cold, scheming ruthless type of FL, so I’m glad to see that there’s one who knows how to give people second chances. Also, the characters beside her have been developed pretty well.

For the romance, the FL gives as good as she gets. He ignores her? Fine, it’s a cold war between both of them. He pampers her? Alright, she’ll pamper him too. In one literal example, when

he doesn’t give her a reply to her letter since the ML was away at the northern border, FL gives him blank pages in return.


It was a very enjoyable story, in my opinion. Very well-written. The only complaint I have is that it ended a bit too hastily, seemingly a bit rushed, and a novel I have been reading just ended like that. I would have liked for the climax in the plot and all the revelations to have not been too cramped in the later chapters. The romance could have also been a little bit better between the two, but it’s alright for me.

Mmm, I think that’s all. <<less
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March 31, 2019
Status: c709
This novel has a great first half, but gets worse when the romance actually begins. It did eventually improve towards the end, but was not as good as the beginning was. The ending was so-so.

I don't think the romance in this novel is that great. 80% of the romantic interactions between the main couple (He Changdi [HCD] and Chu Lian [CL]) made me think that the two would be honestly better if they were not in a romantic relationship. One of the biggest problems between the couple is that they... more>> very often fail to properly communicate.


For example, HCD and CL attend a royal hunt. During the hunt, two events occur nearly simultaneously. HCD is with the men on their way to hunt when Princess Leyao comes over on a horse (which she should not have been doing) and gets thrown off her horse, injuring herself. The Emperor orders HCD to accompany Leyao to the imperial physicians. Meanwhile, the womenfolk, under the instigation of Imperial Concubine Wei, are going to play polo. Due to some words from Feudal Princess Anmin, Chu Lian is forced to play. Unfortunately, Chu Lian is caught in a plot, which causes her to be thrown off her horse. Xiao Bo Jian heroically saves her, and HCD sees the scene of CL in XBJ's arms while CL sees HCD with Princess Leyao.

Instead of actually talking to each other and giving each other a chance to explain things, the two just stay silent and avoid each each. Although HCD sleeps in the same tent, he does not sleep with CL. At some point, CL pretends to be asleep to avoid talking to HCD.

This leads to an even worse part.

An imperial physician recommends that CL relax in the hot springs, so she does so but falls asleep. HCD, upon seeing herself, becomes aroused, and without saying anything or attempting to wake CL up, he hugs her and then starts groping her. When she becomes conscious again, she struggles, but HCD kisses her, making CL unable to say anything. HCD does not stop until by chance, he notices that there are tears in CL's eyes.

After that, CL runs to her good friend Royal Princess Duanjia's place to sleep. HCD acts like a white lotus and stands in the rain, waiting for CL to forgive him. It really infuriated him how easily CL forgave him and how she seemed to ignore how manipulative he seemed.


I also think that all the s*x scenes are terrible and rather awkward.


Practically all of them are CL saying that she doesn't want to have s*x (though it is easy to infer that she is not completely against the idea) while HCD is horny. HCD continues the sexual encounter of his own volition. I don't think that this is rape or meant to be rape because I think if CL truly did not want to have sex, she would be blatant about it during the whole encounter. I believe that the author wanted to write a scene of "a wolf devouring a little white rabbit, " but had no experience writing s*x scenes. I personally feel that the novel would be better with the s*x scenes omitted.


I feel that as the novel went on, the author butchered some characters that had really good potential. Specifically, Madame Zou, Chu Lian herself, and He Changdi.


Madame Zou didn't really do much wrong as far as I can remember. Most of her resentment comes from the Matriarch mindlessly forcing Madame Zou to do things without being aware of the current situation. For example, the Matriarch wanted Madame Zou to give Chu Lian some expensive jewelry without caring or perhaps even being aware that the He estate was in poor financial condition. If she holds any resentment towards Chu Lian, it is justified because she honestly didn't deserve to have been treated so poorly. If anything, I would blame it on the Matriarch, who carelessly gave out orders without knowing the potential consequences.

Honestly, I feel like Madame Zou is the perfect character for a Quick Wear/Quick Transmigration MC to transmigrate into.



In the beginning, we see CL as a woman who is able to survive on her own. She is able to build a business and make powerful allies*cough*foodies*cough*. She even goes to the North of her volition to obtain an herb for her mother-in-law.

However, after returning from the North with HCD, she doesn't really show the same ferociousness that she did in the beginning of the novel, and all I can really remember is her having to be saved by HCD so often.



I think He Changdi had the potential to be a great male lead. However, I feel that the author completely ruined this character when they decided to give HCD a "horny virgin" characteristic. He's never had s*x in either of his lives, so he ended up really enjoying s*x and often craving it.

Honestly, if HCD wasn't such a s*x maniac, the romance scenes would have been a lot better, and his character wouldn't come off as so rape-y to Western readers. It feels like 70% of the time when he's with CL, he gets horny and gets CL to have s*x with him even though CL did not intend to. When he's unable to have s*x with CL (because she's pregnant), I felt like their relationship was a thousand times better. He treats her sweetly. Honestly, if the s*x scenes were written like in Demon Wang's Favorite Golden Fei, then this novel would have been a lot better. IIRC, the ML in Demon Wang's Favorite Golden Fei was so worried about the FL during the first time they had s*x that he was excessively gentle with her, not wanting to hurt her; IIRC that ML also had the FL dig her nails into his back in order to lessen the pain that she was feeling.

I also think that the scene with HCD waiting in the rain for CL to forgive him was not romantic at all and instead made HCD seem super manipulative. Either CL will forgive him, or others will notice HCD standing in the rain, and bad rumors will spread about CL about how she forced her husband to stand in the rain for her.

I think HCD's character had the potential to be something better. The s*x scenes shouldn't have required him to be a horny virgin to occur. HCD could have worked perfectly as a man who usually has an iceberg-like expression but smiles with the warmth of spring when he's with his wife.

I don't have many problems with his actions at the beginning of the novel, including choking CL. My major problem is that he tries to take revenge on people before they have done him any wrong. If it had been the original Chu Lian, then she would have been innocent because she had yet to try to harm him.


The second half felt kinda rushed, and it seemed like the author was just trying to finish the story.

The story is Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator, but no detail is given about the conversation that the two have after they find out that one is a transmigrator and one is a reincarnator; it mentioned in a mere sentence, which is very disappointing.

The secondary characters and their romances are not detailed at the end, merely a short paragraph to announce what happened to them. They were romances that were heavily implied throughout the novel, but the reader isn't given much detail as to how some of it developed.

The last few villain's plans seemed to have fallen through rather quickly.

Despite all its flaws, I thought that this novel was a rather enjoyable read, especially the beginning. <<less
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