Imperial Chef Rookie


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A cocky flat-chested girl brought up as a boy by her mother in the hopes that she will one day live a respectable and peaceful life away from the world of cooking.

However, the blood of a chef ran strong inside Song Xiran, and she did everything she could to stay in the path that leads to cooking, and even ran away from home.

On the way she met kind people and a mysterious young woman who also has a hobby of dressing up as a man.

Is this fate?

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Felix3D rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c7
I want to believe this is a good story so badly. The tags all seem very fun, and a cross-dressing Shoujo-ai fluffy story with a hard working Main Character could be so fun.

But the 7 chapters available right now makes it seem like this was written by a 10 year old, with leaps of logic and a narration that seems to "skip all the (important) details". It reads exactly like "baby's first fanfic", with mary sues and super convenient contrivances all around.

An the worst part is that none of it... more>> was remotely interesting. The Personal Fantasy aspect of the story failed to be more than a hot flash. Frankly, I almost suspect this is a Shoujo-ai story written by a man because of how terribly the author handles female characters.

I'll come back to this once it updates to update this review, but for now, it's 1 star, with 1 extra star that encompasses my (overly optimistic) hopes and dreams. Please get better. Please be at least good. <<less
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