Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei


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“Miss, since you came back, every three days there will be someone who start a rumor to slander you……”

“Some say you are ugly and really ill and will not live till eighteen…….”

“Some say your personality is vulgar, even rural women are not as wild…..”

“There are also people who mentioned the theft of that year. They told it like it has a nose and eyes, like they personally have witnessed Miss steal the glowing pearl……”

A time traveler, she became the ancient version of Cinderella. Not only did her younger sister steal her fiancé, she is also sent to ChongXi by her father for other people…..

What a joke! It has always been her that slaughters people, when is it their turn to be arrogant?!

Beat her? Alright! A needle and you will no longer be able to lift your right hand!

Curse her? Deal! A kick and you’ll fall into the lake as food for carp!

Assassination? Good! Making it so you won’t be able to see tomorrow’s sun!

What? Want her to marry that Demon Wang whose eight wives died on the wedding night? No problem! She is the Demoness of the white and black world. She’d like to see who between the two of them is more evil, who is more vicious.

Only after marrying into WangFu did she find out this Demon Wang is different from the rumors. Not only are there different kinds of poisons in his body, he needs medication every day, and every night when it’s full moon, he’ll endure unbearable pain. That man’s weak appearance actually made her to let her guard down and feel pity. She vowed, the one who made him like this, she’ll pay him thousand, no, ten thousand times back! It’s just that this man, he doesn’t seem the same like he is on the surface……

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Demon Wang's Gold Medal Status Favorite Fei
Guǐwáng de jīnpái chǒng fēi
Quỷ Vương kim bài sủng phi
The Demon King's Pampered Trophy Consort
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New lyre rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: c170
I love this novel. Yes, it's pretty cliche for your normal trasmigrated OP female character, however the storyline is pretty stable so far. The villains have enough dept to be compared with the mains. And the romance is pretty good.

I currently read several ongoing and some completed translations in this category, and this novel is my most favorite from all. And for a less than 300chaps story, I have no bad remark at all..
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Purple crystal
New Purple crystal rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c167
Firstly, I would like to thank the auther.

Thanks rabbit🤗

As for the novel, I feel it different from other typical reincarnation novels.

... more>> For plot, although the novel has the same undercurrent as others (eg: reincarnation, strong to weak etc...) but ot also has major differences

(A) the period of intial struggal is elliminated. It wastes so much of plot time. From a point of view, it is gpod to include this but I happen to particularly like fast-medium plot lines. ALSO, every necessary part of the story is on the point. EQ is not much but quite detailed and creates a nice balance. From my point of view, nothimg is unnecessary.

(B) I like the way the story deals with ONE THING AT A TIME. No complicated mix ups.

(C) Fixed number of close sub characters. No need to remember scroes of names and their charac. and relationship with the leads.

(D) I also like the way the author has kept major misunderstandings between the couples to a bare minimum (one time). I happen to skip those parts in the novels and then it looses its charm for me. (my bad). The reason I'm mentioning is because this novel on those few chapters still kept me hooked. So yeah, this was the first exeption.

(E) the sentiments of the human heart particularly betrayal and forgiveness although a little unreal still touches the heart.

Understandably, I'm not a critic so I dont understand anything about an evaluation. I'm but a lover of novels so I concentrate on the good points I can think of.


I liked the way they modified the songs and the poems for easy understanding and still keeping the meaning intact. Also keeping popular sayings and idioms same and informing about its meaning later. Quite a good learning method.

I would also like to thank the site for introducing the book to me.

Thanks for your hard work everyone. <<less
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kalp456 rated it
June 29, 2016
Status: c28
Ok, first of all, the premise. Basically, a person was transported then...... long story short, she became super strong and independent from her supposed family. SO WHY THE HECK DID SHE CAME BACK??? She is already independent, can kill her enemies easily, has a "great" reputation, and has supposedly numerous guys wanting to be inside her. The author seems to want to have a twist on the typical cliche stuffs but failed miserably.

Story: sh*t and sh*t and sh*t. Aside from being powerful, the only thing that changed from cliche... more>> stuff was that she is not bullied any longer. That's all. She still let every one do what they want to do and BE MANIPULATED. Honestly, I already know that this is used as escapism for those people who do not want to be bullied but f*ck! This is just stupid.

Characters: Cliche characters. We have the typical evil villains and the cunning protagonist. Nothing really changed. Either they are 1d or 2d characters.

Overall, just another sh*tty novel that is created for self-indulgence. <<less
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Elyas rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: c19
Seems like it'll be a pretty good novel but this is the first novel where I've had an issue with remembering all the different chinese terms. There's gotta be like 20 of them, unless this is your only novel that you read it will probably be very difficult to remember all the terms and names etc when you read new chapters.

Seriously who the remembers what being someones meimei means?
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Starvenus rated it
March 28, 2016
Status: --
Our MC is Murong Qi Qi, daughter of main wife but not favored because she doesn't know martial arts. This world is where people who know martial arts are very valued.

Everything based on power/ability of your martial arts. The usual happened to MC original soul; framed, beat up, and died then our MC transferred into the original body.

Being a person from another world off course the story gives MC a cheat; she's a genius in martial arts now and got adopted by a powerful sect leader master in art... more>> of poison. Thus she is called by the name Du (poison) Xian (fairy) Er in the martial art world. From here on she has two personas Du Xian Er and Murong Qi Qi since that's the best course of action so you can revenge all you want. Lol

The revenge story happens as usual but this time she could schemes and fight back to all the people who mistreated the original soul.

I like that she is powerful so she doesn't need to worry about the fights. <<less
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dysry rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: c100
DWGFF begins a few years after the female lead reincarnates, and we’re saved from reading through her struggles as a bullied underdog. Instead she’s had time to secretly become OP. As far as wuxia series go, this is probably the best advantage since MCs always have potential but have to race against the clock.

Unfortunately she’s settled into a CWF-esque setting (well CWF a few dozen chapters in) – acting docile while waiting to be married off and coddled by a strong male lead, secretly excelling at everything. They then... more>> gloat over everyone else's misfortunes, as the story develops into a twisted soap opera, with occasional bursts of wuxia (but no thrill since they're both OP).

The author is not a fan of women, but she does seem to love incestuous themes.


Overall, I think the series never really had the strongest set up and it just warped into something completely whack after. The first few chapters is probably the best it'll ever be and it only seems to go downhill from here. <<less
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SnowDax rated it
March 17, 2017
Status: c157
This is the story you want to read if you are tired with CULTIVATION, CULTIVATION, CULTIVATION! You know most of the novel there is good but sometimes you just wish the MC would be OP but no real cheat at the same time. However, the only way to do that is to cultivate.

What makes this story unique is she skips all of the cultivation thing (as far as I read).

... more>>

Yes, she is transmigrated. The story starts with her being exiled (kind of... anyway she was forbid to go home for a certain period) by her family. She lived at some kinda countryside and cultivate there without anyone knowing because like other story everyone thought she was a trash and wasn't able to cultivate.

Anyway, this story SKIPPED, yes, skipped about her cultivation and jumps straight to the end of period when she was supposed to be exiled and need to go home. At that time she had cultivated to the point of becoming OP so she decided to go home because you know, to get revenge for the original owner of the body.

Well, she already OP so killing them is an easy task but it won't be fun to just kill them so we gotta do it from inside. Attack when they least expected. She returned home and keep pretending as an idiot. The rest is up for you to read.


The first few chapters really in need of some good editing but after that was superb!

Another reason I like this is because of romance. It's really, really sweet and because both male lead and female lead is already an OP, they would not have to leave each other because they need to cultivate.

One more thing is their scheming. All of this novel are about is scheming. If you love scheming, scheming and more scheming, this is definitely for you.

Also, THERE IS NO FREAKING HAREM!!! *cry* no harem...
though at the beginning there is some people who fells for her but you just don't get that sweet feeling interaction between them cuz you know that our MC is for the Demon Wang. <<less
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NyxOcras rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
Hrm... not here to spoil it but a brief summary of what I have so far up to the 100th + chapter
1] It has many of vengeful ladies & they usually suffer tremendously under the author hands [fate]
2] It has dark chapters and some semi-18+ chapters
3] It has quite a number of deaths (surprisingly not by the MC hands]
4] ... more>>

Almost no fight scenes while the MC have poison and martial art, she hardly uses them.


The story is 4/5 with its unique twist and turns, it is however not recommended for people that prefer a linear romance as the story have some very 'dark' scenes.

*The interaction and relationship between MC and Feng Cang [male lead] is enjoyable with a 5/5~ <<less
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jalouie rated it
January 17, 2017
Status: c77
Honestly, this is my favorite novel of its genre. My entire reading list is full of similar Wuxia novels but this is the one that makes me super excited everytime it updates.

It follows the similar plot of an expert traveling into the body of a useless person who died tragically and taking over and just overturning everyone's opinions. While most protagonists follow that main ideal of taking two eyes for an eye but treating kindness with kindness, this is the only novel, in my opinion, that has a protagonist... more>> that really follows that ideal. (Forewarning, the manipulation is well done but slightly brutal)

The story is kind of confusing in the first few chapters but if you can make it through, it really pays off with great writing and amazing plot. It does have a lot of the common cliches but I think they're wonderfully written compared to other novels. People have complained about how there are a lot of confusing chinese terms but honestly you can just kind of skip over them they're not that important (it's mostly just a way to say "I" and formal titles for various imperials and family members).

Basically I love this novel and highly suggest you read it. The translation keeps a lot of words in chinese but they honestly aren't that important. It starts slightly confusing but it does get much better. The translation is a little slow but well-worth, and re-reading it is never a drag. So please read, its great. <<less
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midorimd rated it
October 15, 2017
Status: c141
My first review written because I am pissed off. Here is the pros and cons.


The mystery behind the war happened 15 years ago.

... more>> Cons:

1. I get that the MC and ML are so beautiful that flowers will commit suicide. I get it but does the author have repeat it every freaking time a new character meets our couple. Downright irritating.

2. The villains are too one directional. A character sees our main character, instantly falls in love with one of them, eat vinegar because the couples acts lovey dovey, plan revenge, forgets they are power couple, dies or suffer more punishment, rinse and repeat.
Spolier ahead

Our MC is brought up by prime minister house with no one to love her. A country's princess will naturally be spoiled and pampered. If they don't get what they want, they throw tantrum. They are just 13-15 year old kids. She chops one princess's hands because she pissed, she kills another because the princess planned to kill her, she kills another woman just because she said she wants our ML, and as off the last update I read another princess appears probably to end up as another for the meat grinder, I gave up. The MC fails to act mature, she is a time traveller, she should ask the princess in a mature way to change their mind, if that fails, show them her might to warn them, inform the adults about it. But no, she hides her power and act as a useless character, pissing off princesses why they lost to a nobody, scheme to kill MC because she is powerless and gives our MC to unleash her might and get rid of them. You look at my hubby, I will kill you. Bullsh*t. And the worst thing, everyone praising how good the MC's character is. Ridiculous. <<less
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yuki12342 rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: --
The story is the typical "reincarnation" plot. I have never thought that the author was trying to put a twist on the story because the novel is very straight forward with its cliche. You have a girl that gets bully and then she kills most of them, so it's pretty typical. I am giving it a 5 stars because I like the way the MC and the ML have little to no misunderstandings in their relationship. The little bumps in the road doesn't go on for miles, and it gets... more>> resolve pretty fast. The MC isn't being manipulated by anyone. She sees what they try to do, so she goes along with it. It's not because she's being manipulated, its because she wants to see how far they can go so she can bring them down even more. She's basically baiting the fish, and if anyone thinks differently, she literally said that she wasn't trying to alert her enemies. That's also what I like about the novel, the MC doesn't reckless go and bash people in the head instead she sits and plot. As for characters, you get your basic step-family situation and OP MC/ML. The novel never tried to be more than what it can be, and I respect that. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 5, 2017
Status: c108
It started fairly standard but fairly good, but recently it falls deeper and deeper in the whole "everyone tries to kill our main character" that basically serves as a justification for the blood bath that ensues, so that the main character doesn't appear as a crazy person thirsting for blood but as a good person forced to kill.

It is very common in Chinese literature, especially the web and light novels, but the story this time had a decent shot at being more than that, even showing that she had to... more>> actually work for what she has and her skills rather than the random gifts from nowhere.

Recent chapters:

In the latest chapters, after the whole "hey, let's stomp on the people that were bad to her before she took over the body" arc, you would think that the whole marriage would go better as she now achieved the condition, but it doesn't even try and shows us that not only were the parents of the husband not dead in the way everyone thought, the king obviously had a hand in it and is not sane at all and probably the one that poisoned the husband.

You might think that it could make for a good story to have good opponents, but so far all of the people that wanted to hurt our main character were not sane people, and it's always "someone wants to hurt her, so she will hurt or even kill them in return".


It's not like the novel doesn't have anything good going for it, but most of the good points of this novel are drowned by these story-telling methods. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yi rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: c54
I have read many many novels, but never do a review for any of them. This is my very first review for a novel. For the people out there who are doubting whether to read it or not, I will give you a advice: READ IT, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED. This novel is very addicting. For a student, whose priority is study for the upcoming exam even ditch studying to read this novel, this show how good the novel is!

As for the storyline, the description said pretty much... more>> how the MC is and what she is capable. I am still wondering who and how she was in her life in the 21th century. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TwoWhiteShirts rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: c22
I'm am smitten with this story

The MC is a ruthless and cunning. Although she has a dark side she treats those good to her with even more good will

It's ironic and funny how a she is an underdog because her real self isn't recognized by others. So a lot of people mistreat her and overlook her (which is to her advantage because she just can't be bothered) but even though she hides her true self (which is exceedingly charming) there are those who see past that and support her... more>> and like her genuinely

I'm just so excited to see how that 'demon' King captures her favour. Because so far no man can be a match for her. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New Moon
New Moon rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c150
I actually like this kind of novel. I enjoying MC pretend to weak and bully them. I like how MC make annoying girls angry with her sweet naive innocent smile mouth. I like how ruthless she is.

I enjoying her and male lead interact and cute moment. They are perfect couple. I like misunderstood between them. It's funny to see ML jeaulosy over others guys wanted MC.

Worth to read this novel best novel I recommend you to read this.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 30, 2017
Status: c108
I like MQQ's and FC's love story...

For me its a great lovestory about MQQ and FC. How they patiently opened up their hearts for each other, and slowly knowing each other secrets, and how they nurture their love and trust.

I LIKE THEIR INTERACTIONS. Highly recommended for the lovestory parts. Also I'm enjoying comedic scenes that can make smile and die from laughter...... more>> And some witty remarks

BUT the side stories about their enemies is to the HARDCORE level, I just can't take it anymore...

There are some... Chapters... Or characters I didn't like...

As the stories goes on, it became a shade darker from the last.

I dislike all the rape, homos*xuality (NO OFFENCE I respect your choice, if you like this type of things), incest (I smell something like this will happen), too bloody

(Cause I have a wild imagination, I kinda remember bloody scenes) and most of all, I think blinded by revenge plot causes misfortune is overused?

ANYWAY, this story is just beginning... You can review the rest. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyanko rated it
October 11, 2016
Status: c59
The plot to this story is awesome. However the first 10 or so chapters need to be proofread and re-written as a matter of absolute urgency; its virtually unreadable. Which is an absolute shame, because the story is really good. The translation gets much better as time goes on, although the translation has the habit of replacing a good number of words with their Chinese equivilents. If you're not into that, then its proberly best to give it a miss. If you can get past the first chapters, then you... more>> will find a great capable female x reincarnates as trash genre novel.

Despite the plot, I can only give it three stars, if the first chapters were better edited, then its highly likely that I would give it 4.5 (rounded up to five) <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
porkbuns rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c121
This is written as of Chapter 106

This is your typical female transmigration novel, but without all the endlessly boring cultivation and a bit of political drama/scheming. I strongly recommend the "History" page before starting this novel, since the story kind of just dives right in there without any real background info. Instead of starting off from the moment the MC transmigrate, the story starts 5 years after that (the MC has already become pretty OP and has established a good bit of power in the setting on the novel).

Romance: The... more>> romance is alright and both the ML and FL seems like a good pair, sharing many similar characteristics (insanely possessive of one another, ruthless, hidden leaders of "dark" organizations, etc.). Though I do find the idea that both the ML and FL are supposedly inexperienced when it comes to love, despite how they tease one another (how they act at times seems contradictory to what the author tells us). The lovey-dovey nature of their interactions with one another also gets a bit sickening after awhile (though it understandable since they're still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship).

    • One of the more interesting things I found in this novel (even though it's a pretty insignificant detail) is that the author actually writes in more than just regular male-female relationships. There are several mentions of abusive relationships, a few mentions of homos*xual relationships between men in this novel and even one instance (of what I understand to be), so far, of a one sided incestual relationship

      (between the emperor of a country and his comatose sister, whom everyone thinks died over a decade ago, since she's in a coma, he confines and assaults girls who looks like his sister until they die)

Scheming: The scheming in this novel isn't exactly bad per say, but, at times, it's so obvious that it's just bad. The MC already knows that person has bad intentions, and technically the person plotting should also already know that the MC knows that the relation between the two aren't good, yet they still openly try to drag the MC into one of their stupid schemes.

    • However there are some instances that kind of took me by surprise:

      The wives of the ML keeps mysteriously dying on his wedding night and it isn't revealed until halfway through the novel that it was actually the emperor (who seemed nice and supportive of his marriage on the surface) that was actually responsible for all their deaths

Overall, it's a pretty interesting read.

Edit 1: written as of chapter 121

Wow.... just wow.... the author is really M.

Night Shyamalaning the f**k out of this novel. Some bigass spoilers below.


So... here are the characters:

  • MC's real mother and father
  • the empress dowager (MC's real mother's mother)
  • MC's fake mother (MC's real mother's "friend") and father
  • the MC's love interest (is actually adopted by MC's mother and father, but everyone thinks he's their biological son)
  • the emperor of the country that the MC belongs to currently

The series of events that unfolded:

  • MC's real mother and father were a pair of star crossed lover, which invoked the jealousy of MC's fake mother and the emperor.
  • MC's fake mother loved MC's real father and the emperor loved MC's real mother (a.k.a his biological sister).
  • MC's fake mother and the emperor conspired together, which ended up in the death of MC's real father and causing her real mother to be comatose till even the current day (still alive, but comatose and kept in a secret chamber under ground). MC's fake mother married MC's fake father and propped him up to a high position in order to use his power (not exactly too clear on how exactly she used him).
    • MC's fake mother had 2 daughters with MC's fake father, however she kill both of them (because she's apparently disgusted by MC's fake father) and replaced one with a random girl she picked up and another with the MC
  • Before being comatosed, MC's real mother gave birth to the MC and entrusted MC's fake mother to deliver her to the empress dowager
  • Instead of doing that, MC's fake mother killed her one of her biological daughters, shortly after she was born, and replace her with the MC. MC's fake mother also took MC's real mother body and delivered it to the emperor
    • The emperor kept his sister's body underground in a secret chamber and begun collecting and taking out his s*xual frustration on random girls that look like his sister, until they die
    • The emperor also infected MC's love interest (because he thought he was their biological son) with multiple poisons and the child portion of a mother-child gu (a poisonous parasite), but also keeping him alive
      • the mother portion, which is being sustain (the mother gu consumes the host's vitality, which slowly kills the host) by the girls that the emperor collects, is used to control the child portion
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SHIPPER rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: --
Rank for female assasin/military transmigrating to another world:

1. A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor (Excellent in pacing, realism, plot & MC)

2. Descent of the Phoenix (Lovely romance)

... more>> 3. Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss (Fulfilling revenge, great side characters, and lots of adventure)

4. This (Battle Royale: Concubine style using tears and gossip and beg a man for help x1000)

/edit as of current chapter

Wrote this review around ch 55 when I almost dropped this because of stuff I mentioned below but when I got to chapter 59 onwards7, it became SO MUCH BETTER!

I WISH I started this novel at chapter 59 (where the romance is) instead of reading through all the concubine crap that is not even relevant in the chapter 59 onwards because it is a new arc. About 59 chapters are like FILLERS and could have been glossed over as a background chapter. -_-

/edit end

Review as of CH 55:

    • Nothing new here. Read this if you want plenty of pitiful women fighting each other. No substantial plot and even romantic interaction is but slightly mentioned in a few sentences until you get to ch 50ish.
    • Chapters are long though but then it gets that dragged out feel where they would be bickering for 5 LONG chapters at a time.
    • I keep waiting for the big reveal and the in your face "slap" moments but it does not deliver and it is not fulfilling at all. It builds up the moment and you get not a bang but more unending backstabbing. She always holds back which makes the story tiring AF. If you survive to ch 70ish then she actually delivered only then so just jump to ch59 and start there.
    • MC is indifferent, go with the flow type, cunning, with multiple famous identities (Poison Master, Great doctor, famous jeweler, & dressmaker) Sadly she has not used this much for plot purposes and just mentions this here and there to embellish how strong and cunning she is but the girl did not use it to the fullest and still gets dragged to the dirt and petty plots. She is not as black bellied as she claimed to be just very crafty and lots of fallback plans.
    • First chapter is hella confusing cause it starts 5 years after she transmigrated. At least now they edited it so the confusing Chinese terms are now translated and with better footnotes
    • This is more like a battle royale of concubines. Not actual martial arts fights just women bickering by using underhanded petty tactics of unending 'jealousy, rumors, poison, crying, and begging a male character for pity and to avenge them' kind. Never ending petty fights that are aggravating and pitiful and did I mention pitiful to get vengeance on the MC because she is plain and worthless, with better background, and got the husband they wanted.
    • She just lets them fight each other off wanting to be a spectator and watch. She only actually used her poison skills on the first few chapters and after that she decides to manipulate behind the scenes and watch.
    • As for romance, it is slow and at around ch50 something, the sweet interaction came but the MC is just going with the flow. No actual romantic thought inside her head until ch 60ish.
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Yuuki Mei
Yuuki Mei rated it
April 28, 2017
Status: --
Honestly. It's a truly great story with a lot of upside down and twist. The MC is very playful at the beginning, thirsting for drama very much. It's very cute. Furthermore it is very unique this story beginning. Instead of starting from the moment she died, the story straight skip for nearly 5 years after she enter that body with all the background setting set up beforehand, no need to read the process she become strong. It is more focus on the adventure, romance, and drama instead of cultivation.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Khushi Blue
Khushi Blue rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel is very good. I am satisfied with this novel. There isn't cultivation in story only martial art. MC is op she doesn't show anyone that she is that strong or powerful. She pretend to be weak white lotus flower but look can deceive. She kill or chop princess hand with innocent smile.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Silverbell rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c157
Love this novel XD

It's really enjoyable to read and the romance is so sweet it can make you get a toothache~

Well maybe that was a bit exaggerating but it's really good. I was directly hooked up reading this after just a few chapters. The translation are also great, as expected of volare novels :)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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