Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss


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She was a peerless genius in the 24th Century – all she needed was a silver needle and she could practically bring anyone back from the dead.

After an explosion, she crossed over into a strange world; everyone calls her “Miss.” The previous “Miss” before had no contractual spirit, was weak and incompetent, and even the fiancé comes over with a new love and bullies her?

Now that she has taken over, who dares to act so presumptuously around her? With needles in hand, the world is for her to own! Wherever she goes, miracles follow! However, she saved a pest. What was she thinking when she saved that man. His stunning demeanor and impeccable face is a huge contrast to his cruel actions. He tries all ways to win her over.

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193 Reviews

New deemendels
Sep 02, 2022
Status: v0c0
I gave this a 5/5 only because I can't give it a 4.5/5. This novel is great! Its pretty long but the pace and the story and the character building is well done. Its a great mix of humor, thriller, tragedy, mystery.

Here are the parts that I found a little disappointing:

... more>>

I felt like the ending was not where I thought it would go. I was hoping they would tie together a little bit more of Wu Xie's past life, but it seemed like at the end it wasn't all that important to the finale. How did her grandfather from her past life get those runes? Why was she fused with Little Black?

I was also a little disappointed that Wu Yao turned out to be Satan from their past life. I guess I was hoping he would be the person that saved Wu Xie in the past life, but that reveal was pretty anticlimactic and seemed like it was pulled out of nowhere.


Outside of those things, I really liked this novel. Definitely give it a read despite my misgivings. <<less
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Jan 30, 2017
Status: Completed
What I liked:
1. Scheming/Revenge. This book has one of the most satisfying face-slappings of the entire genre. This novel is all about watching the MC scheme, and seeing the enemy unknowingly fall into her trap. Seriously, the way everything is set up makes the enemy's downfall feel so good.
2. Plot twists. A lot of the arcs end in an amazing plot twist that just blows your mind.
3. Well written. The translator does an amazing job (read the translations up to ~500). And the Chinese author's writing... more>> is pretty decent too.

4. MC Character growth. It was nice to see MC slowly open up and fully trust those around her.
5. Page turner. Some arcs start slow. But besides that, it's rapid action all the way through.

What could be improved:
1. Flat side characters. I had a hard time telling the side characters apart from each other until 1000 chapters in.
2. Ending was cliche. It felt disappointing, since I saw it coming from a mile away. But it could have been worse.
3. Slow romance. As in love-interest-appears-once-every-200-chapters kind of slow. But when it does happen, it's adorable.
4. Arcs can start slowly. The first ~20 chapters of some arcs feel like an info dump. I know it's setting the scene for the face slapping later, but sometimes it was a real chore to get through. <<less
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Sep 26, 2016
Status: c134
Currently at chapter 53.

This novel isn't that good, at least for me. I think the rating is highly overrated. We got a female MC who know nothing about human relation so she just let herself got hugged by Mr. Creepy randomly throughout the chapters which is a BIG minus for me. Most of the male (except her family) are quite an as*hole and the way MC interact with most of them is even worse. She's also wasteful which is one of the worst MC trait in my list.

All in all... more>> there is nothing that I like so far but a lot of thing that I hate. MC not strong. MC got very low EQ. No cuteness. No fluffy. BADDDDD romance. Still gonna continue reading it as 53 chapter of this novel feel like 15 chapter of other so it's a bit too early to call it a failure but so far so bad.


Edit: 78 and still nothing. Also Mr. Creepy is getting creepier and every comment there ship them, WOW. Am I the only one who feel that Mr. Creepy is absolutely disgusting? Or maybe I'm in the wrong?

Edit2: Mr. Creepy is closing in on becoming a fcking rapist instead, f*ck this I'm out. WORST ROMANCE EVER. And I don't even want to know why the comments went KYA KYA on THAT.

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Jun 19, 2016
Status: c300
Original Review

This appears to be like every other female revenge story, but is actually fairly decent since the female lead isn't OP, but she manages to stand on her own and acts fast and ruthlessly to protect those she cares about using her intellect and political influences, rather than just mercilessly beating them up with overwhelming strength.

The pacing is quite fast, and the tone isn't overly arrogant, bitter or dramatic, making it a very smooth read that easily wraps up each arc. The male lead is protective but not too overbearing since he isn't really present for a lot of the story. While the MC is more restrained since she has people she actually cares about and can settle grudges quickly. (Though it doesn't quite make sense, why someone who lived in isolation can understand human nature so well.)

Overall it's a nice story, the translations are good, and I'll keep it on my reading list, but I'm not quite sure if I'd follow it for +2000 chapters. 4/5

E: It's a series that's hard to put down at first, but once you do it's hard to get back in. The MC is too OP and most of the story is people's shock when she overwhelms her opponents, even though the reader is never in doubt of her OPness. The plot itself is merely a backdrop while the main pull is having readers anticipate and revel in OPness of the MC and all the drama she creates. 3/5
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Jun 28, 2018
Status: c1261
why am I still reading this....

a few points of the plot are interesting and I wanna know what's gonna happen, but this is torture.

can someone explain to me why the main character with all the powerful people at her disposal, says "I'll do this my way", then plays convoluted schemes over months and many tens of chapters (that also gives the enemy time to torture and kill many innocent people in very over the top horrible ways), to in the end say to the main enemy "haha, I fooled you,... more>> you didn't see that coming" and then orders her powerful helpers to kill everyone......... (she couldn't do that before people got tortured and killed? because she wanted the enemy to feel a little headache because of her schemes? especially around chapter 1100. whoever came up with that writing style of forcing a dramatic situation, kill yourself)

exactly the same thing has happened five times.

and then both leads are praised as "made by gods and unparallelled" or "the most intelligent who has no peers"

extremely obnoxious, arrogant and psychopathic


wtf. in chapter 1249 she tells an important enemy who they can kill right there, to leave so they can be alone with the other emperor, so he escapes, and later in chapter 1261 she tells her subordinate to find and kill that enemy from before.

why did you tell him to leave then? you could've killed him and you would've been alone as well, but you would't allow him to escape and you wouldn't send away your strongest available ally, making yourself weaker against badly written future attacks and drama.

everything here is self-inflicted s*upidity. terrifyingly bad writing. lowest level of waste. the author has brain damage. and I'm an idiot for reading <<less
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Mar 01, 2017
Status: Completed
夜北's second novel and the writing definitely improved over it's predecessor "The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady". This story is a continuation to "The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady", and settles some of the loss ends for that story. There are some background details for the MC from the last novel that's used to set up this novel but isn't actually available in this one. Here a brief summary if you care:


The MC, Wu Xie, is a doctor in the same organization as Shen Yan Xiao. They are best friends who commonly hangs out possibly due to their loner personalities. As you can tell their occupations by the title of the novels, "Extraordinary godly thief" vs "Extraordinary godly doctor". Wu Xie used to be an veterinarian, but was found by the organization and was made to work as their doctor in return for funding w/e needs she have, of course not like she has much of a choice. As the organization's best thief, Shen Yan Xiao constantly gets injured. And as the organization's best doctor, Wu Xie's responsible for treating most of the agents and thus frequently works with Shen Yan Xiao and gotten to known her.

On a side point, Wu Xie actually has a lot of experience with interacting and working with other people. Not a hermit as some people misunderstands.
When the organization got raided, Shen Yan Xiao sacrificed herself to give an opportunity for Wu Xie to escape, and thus returning Wu Xie favor for treating her all of those times when she was heavily injured during missions. Wu Xie was angry at Shen Yan Xiao for doing so, because as obvious in the first novel Shen Yan Xiao had the opportunities of escaping by herself. This caused her annoying at the smell of blood and over reaction sometimes. Thus begins the two novels.

This part is a bit more of a spoiler if you already read the other novel.

There are more on the MC and the male lead in "The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady", especially on the male lead, but those are too much of a spoiler.

If you want to know why the male lead is such a jack ass and why he's so obsessed with the MC, reading "The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady" is highly recommended (unfortunately the translation is no where up to that point though).

Common to 夜北's 3 novels, they are all focused on a extremely well developed MC with a lot of character growth over the course of 3000 chapters, best males lead of all the novels I read (with female protagonist), and an epic story with a lot of depth and just the right amount of foreshadowing. I judge male lead on 3 factors
- Character development in the story
- Doesn't prevent the MC from showing her full potential
- Isn't annoyingly interrupting the story.

The weak part of 夜北's novels is the MC's little buddies. Once introduced they never get any real character development. Sometime part of the group in just sitting there not really saying or doing anything. One person in the group is the clown who's always saying and doing s*upid things to lightened up the novel. This one is the only one that really have any important in the story itself, the other don't even have to be there. These buddies get ridiculously unreasonable upgrades but never really have any real use; pretty much just allowing them to hang around.


There are no major plot holes in the novel. The story tend to be very thought out and is the best reason for reading it. Highly recommended.
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Jan 10, 2017
Status: c489
It kind of surprises me how people in this site love/like this show. In my perspective, this just doesn't make sense. Although I admit that the main character is somewhat interesting with her "personality", and the writing style is quite good, everything else is shit. No well-defined plot, 1 dimensional antagonists, 1 dimensional side characters (with some background, which is a plus, admittedly), overpowered protagonists, currently-no-personality protagonist, and schemes that insult your intelligence (author wants to tell you that they are amazing schemes but they are actually either s*upid, easy... more>> to create, or includes things that were not mentioned yet in the novel in order to somehow create the "wow, she's amazing" feeling). So yeah, it is a bad novel.

Excused Scoring:
Writing Style: 6
Story and Plot: 2
Characters: 3
Enjoyment: 5
Total: 4
= 2/5

P.S. FYI, I based my "rounding-off" (for lack of better word) from the way my grades are converted, e.g.,
10 == 5 stars
8 = x < 10 == 4 stars
6 = x < 8 == 3 stars

P.S.S. I am very much in awe with and would like to express my gratitude to the translator group and the sponsors but sadly, I don't include these to my ratings.

Edit: I will change my score for "characters" since I think 2 is too low a score for characters that have at least some sort of personalities (aka flat characters) and backdrops (that are just excuses for mindless plots later in the story). <<less
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Aug 10, 2016
Status: c516
Female version of Otherworldly Evil Monarch but instead of MC being an assassin she is genius doctor and has male MC love interest protector. So it is a fusion of Otherworldly Evil Monarch and The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss, if you like these two you might like this one.

... more>>

Let me elaborate on the similarities with OEM (Otherworldly Evil Monarch)
1. Names of the MC's: OEM - Jun Mo Xie GD:BBM - Jun Wo Xie
2. They are both OP people from the modern day that get reincarnated into a body of a useless young master of a declining military family in a kingdom
3. In both cases the head of the family is MC's grandfather and has two sons, one dead (MC's father) and one cripple in a wheelchair
4. And the plot is pretty similar at the beginning (but it stops quickly so don't worry it's not a complete copy of OEM, just similar at the beginning, it quickly becomes its own thing). There is arc where both MC's cure their cripple uncle and there is arc where in OEM the MC disappears and his grandpa summons the army and kills lots of enemy officials, in GD:BBM is same but opposite, here grandpa disapperas and MC brings the army. And that's the end to similarities, just add the protective OP male lead and you get GD:BBM.

As I said above the plot begins similar with OEM but it quickly becomes its own thing. The good thing about this novel is that each arc is DIFFERENT, I was so tired of xinxia and novels of this genre (reincarnated female MC with OP male protector) in which the author finds the arc they know how to write and then rinse and repeat.

MC - Very good and likable that has a goal and is an actual OP character. In a lot of these stories the MC is said to be some kind of OP assassin or something from the modern times but when she comes over to the other world she's nothing like what she is described to be and can't even take a single step without the OP protective main lead (I'm look at you TDKCHW:TRGNM (The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss)), here the MC could completely dominate the lower realm if people from middle realm didn't want trouble with her. And she's kuudere (character that is cold, blunt, cynical on the outside but she is actually caring and nice on the inside).

OP male lead - He is used perfectly. He doesn't just hold MC's hand and helps her with everything, he just guides her in cultivation and protects her from middle realm enemies. And he doesn't appear a lot, like he is barely in the story, which is how it should be (I'm looking at you TDKCHW:TRGNM)

And the side characters are good an likable and get character development. Also they are not forgotten.

This a very good story and THE best out of all reincarnated female MC with OP male protector stories, so if you're hesitant to start reading because of other shity stories of its kind, give this one a try it may change your mind.

And the updates to translation are really frequent and you sometimes get a ton of chapters in one day (chapters are very short though)

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Jun 26, 2017
Status: Completed
Status: Chapter 2156

When I first read the story, I thought it was somehow similar to those time-traveling stories out there but apparently the author proved me wrong. The pacing of the story is really great. The plot was well thought out and the connection of each events is reasonable and not something that just popped out for the sake of creating connection. The MC and her team's improvement though fast but they have the determination and will to be at the top. Even the development of the MC's personality is... more>> quite great and her actions are reasoned out and done beautifully. There were times when I even teared up on how the MC's EQ improved to the people around her. The romance part may be a bit slow but I would say that the author did a great job in inserting the romance parts between the story. With the progress of the story, I agree that there are some parts that the male lead would be better off not at the MC's side while sometimes his appearance is perfect. And everytime they meet, you could really say that the delivery of romance is great and not rushed. I haven't finished the story so far but I could say that I would really rate this story 11/5 stars if there is such a thing. The wit. Relationships. Events. Simply perfect.

Status: Completed


First and foremost, WHY'D YOU MAKE ME CRY FOR THE LAST THOUSAND CHAPTERS!?!?! Despite the author making me cry, I won't change my review of 11/5 stars. The consistency and context of the story was really great, awesome (I can't even find the right word to describe it). I was hoping to see the reincarnated Master Yan and Grandmaster but oh well, at least Rong Ruo came back to life and most of all, Jun Wu Yao was revived!! I mean I really thought I was the Jun Wu Xie from the final chapters so when he died, my tears was like a nonstoppable dam. Thankfully (super mean it), the gods returned him to her after the war. This scenario really made me cry to think that the reunion of Wu Xie and Wu Yao already made me cry when she got him back.


My latest review is kinda messy but I reviewed right after I finished reading the story. There's too much feels you know. <<less
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Mar 07, 2018
Status: c608
This WN is absolute tr*sh. There are many clichéd stories with reincarnated geniuses, striving for strength for some arbitrary reason, in a world with an obvious secret, while the driving force behind the different arcs are mindless revenge and randomly hostile villains... but this one manages to drop even lower in niveau.

After 608 chapters the world feels empty and uncompelling, the characters one-dimensional and the writing horrendous. Nonetheless, I couldn't help continue reading at first, as the MC solving her enemies was very satisfactory-- but the negative parts outweighed in... more>> the end.

There are repeatedly inconsistencies in major plot points, the revenge aspects go even beyond the random killing known from PMG or MGA, reaching tasteless torture, and the reader is simply taken as a fool (see spoiler for some examples).

  • Inconsistencies: Soldiers of MC's personal army loose to random disciples from an enemy clan, but later force the leaders of the top 3 academy of the realm into submission (against all logic)
  • Torture: It starts with feeding the same poison the villain used on another person and continues with whipping an underage girl in half
  • Reader taken as a fool: Mobilizing an army to trap an emperor is described as a brillant plan accounting for every detail. It's simply insulting...

I strongly advise to skip this one! <<less
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Nov 06, 2016
Status: c307
This novel is one of my favorites. Some of the moments with the main character girl and guy made my heart go doki doki! Overall I rate it a 5 because it's sooo good!
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Apr 03, 2018
Status: c1400
Really generic stuff, I really don't understand why this novel is so popular. I read quite a bit and there are a few things that really annoyed me.

MC is said to be a badass

... more>>

She isn't. she NEVER fights strong opponents. Here and there she moves off her ass but never a serious battle, basically she's the "bully the weak, fear the strong" type. She is surrounded by 1 dimensional side characters, pets, spirits, Servants the ML sent and ML who do all the fighting for her. Lately the ML will just coddle her and show off his overwhelming power when the time is right.


The world is very black and white.


The villains and the 12 palaces are all super evil and cruel, Many times for no reason other then being evil and cruel so that we wouldn't be put off by how sadistic and twisted the MC is.


And lastly


the power system is all over the place. The power levels for spirits and how they cultivate and grow stronger is never really explained, which I find lazy considering that each person's cultivation and battle style is affected by their spirit. The author also pays very little consideration for personal combat ability and experience. It seems like everyone who cultivates can immediately fight all the same. No techniques, fighting styles or strategy whatsoever.


Normally I wouldn't have read this much but I ran out of reading material.


After I posted I remembered a couple more things I should mention. I myself really don't know much about medicine but I'm appalled by how little the author does. ALL the medicines used, are in the form of elixirs and all of them have an immediate effect. No use of any medical tools except for needles and elixirs for every injury, including a brain injury. MC can somehow treat any and all conditions, injuries and poisons (even had a f*cking immunity at some point for that one) she has never encountered before without any research.


Then there was that gang r*ped girl. There was absolutely no need for that, we already got that the villain (can't remember her name, they are all the same) is evil and cruel, etc... And deserved the slap coming her way. In the end why was she r*ped? Because our MC schemed her childish schemes which would've obviously ended with the ML killing everyone instead of just doing that from the start.

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Dec 28, 2016
Status: c454
I can see why some do not favor this novel, but it is good nonetheless.

And while others think the MC it too OP I think not. She has her faults. For example, because of the mc's enclosed childhood, she cannot express herself very well for she has never undergo such feelings or scenarios. Which I find endearing and so does the male lead! Though I wish he'd stay longer...

Caught up in 2 days of binge reading, give me back my youth! ( TДT)~
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Aug 15, 2016
Status: c72
There seems to be a trend with reincarnation stories, but even so, this one was interesting. Although it contains the trope of the MC being very skilled from a previous life, I really like how the MC acts, and how she shows vulnerability at some times, such as wondering if that was what having a family was like. The pacing is just right, not to fast or slow, and the mysteries are intriguing. I can't wait to read more.
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Gorgeously Large Panda
Gorgeously L
Mar 14, 2018
Status: c1129
This series would be great if it were not for the glaring plot holes and the demeaning tone to women. I still can't believe the author could bring herself to write this series. I really like her other series, but this one is beyond saving. The two major problems I have with this series are:

The male lead:

... more>>

The creepy uncle, pedo mol*stor, shameless predator as the male lead. The MC is told to be 14 yeas old looking no more than 12 (her soul aside) and the male lead is in the hundreds if not more. This is worse than Twilight. The male lead keeps touching, kissing the MC (who looks literally like a kid) without consent (aka mol*sting) throughout the series, until Stockholm syndrome kicks in and the MC becomes familiar and "falls in love" with the MC and stops resisting. How this could be written by a female author is beyond me. Perhaps this is the author's guilty pleasure after reading 50 Shades of Grey.


The female lead:


In the beginning, the MC is shown to devilish, scheming, smart, talk a lot but later she becomes a near mute BUT when the face slapping happens she talks like she's in a rap battle. It's like the author can't remember what her MC personality is like. Her morals are inconsistent (kills a guy because he was forced to spread some pretty harmless rumor or be killed but lets someone who tried to kill her clan men off because he was expelled from school). But the worst is chapter 1129. Our female MC decides that a gang r*pe victim must have a man in her life to be her pillar! The victim is shamed and considered dirty by her own people. Instead of empowering women's rights by showing how wrong that way of thinking is, the author decides that a r*pe victim has to have a man in order to support herself, even if the man isn't in love with her! What kind of backward thinking is this? Then the author lets our MC male friend pretend to be her (who pretends to be male) to be married with the victim because our MC has to be pure even in spirit!


I have tried to ignore many things including the male lead to enjoy this series, and it has been quite enjoyable, but sadly I can't anymore. <<less
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Oct 01, 2016
Status: c202
This novel may not be for everyone since it's your usual main character that is pretty much perfect in every way. She's super intelligent, beautiful and a genius doctor. I personally enjoy this novel because of the sadism! She loves to mentally break her enemies before killing them
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Pythagoras Theorem
Pythagoras T
Apr 30, 2017
Status: c743
I have a pretty mixed feeling about this novel tbh. I like reading it, yeah but I don't really like the novel. >.> For starters, I'm going to point out what I like and then what I don't like.


The MC isn't weak or a pushover. I like reading how strong and powerful she is. I also love the cat/panther because her monologues are sooo cute~ Lord Meh Meh is also def best character lol.

I like how the MC went from lonely no friend with no feelings to someone who treasure her family and friends. And I love how she also strives to be stronger to help her family. Basically, I like the characters.



I feel the female MC's wish to protect her family is kinda flimsy >.>

Like, she went from "IDGAF" to "I'll do anything for them" too fast and with too little details or content. So we don't really see how she got close to her family other than some explanation about how her grandpa and uncle dotes on her unconditionally. It's not a bad reason, but the fact that there were no scenes that proves it make it seem sooooo flimsy.

There's also the fact that the solution for the whole plot is to pretty much have the male MC just say


"I'm the Dark Emperor"


Like, I don't mind having her grow stronger and wanting to protect herself and her loved ones but god, the answer is so simple. IMO, I would love the story better if the male MC just admitted to being the


Dark Emperor


and offering to save her all her troubles but reject him and try to prove that she can do it herself. That would actually show true resolve rather than the pushed to the corner with no choice thing she's doing right now >.>

And did I mention how the author just LOVES to repeat the same scene again and again and again? Like, I get the need to show the same scene with different POVs but when you repeat the same scene for more than 3 times, it gets pretty annoying

It was annoying even when I had to binge 700++ chapters.I wonder how those people who read it one chapter per day feels.

Well, in conclusion, if you like murder, OP-ness, nakama power and bullying people who are mentally 10+ years younger than you but pretend that you are younger than them, then this is a novel for you. P.S. I like to read this when I'm angry lol.
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Oct 09, 2016
Status: c227
This has become one of my favourite chinese light novel so far.

The plots are are very interesting. The character has been OP in terms of medical abilities since the very beginning. HOWEVER, she did not show off her skills nor does she tries to cure every diseases in the world that she come across without any compensation.

So this story has a realistic view that we all can understand unlike some novel where the character kills and save people to the point we don't if they're bad or good but nice... more>> to the point we roll our eyes out.

I also loves the relationship between people. To me, JWX is a 'kuudere' - those who don't know what that means can google it.
So she is cold and very calculative. But once she establish one as a family and those who are loyal, she will never turn her back on them and whatever her grandpa says she follows.

My most fav. Is her relationship with JWY who she saved and very enigmatic. He remind me of Sebastian from Black Butler. The way they interact never made you roll your eyes due to JWX personality and JWY is soo sly! They will make you go kyaa! And your heart goes kyuuunn~~ and sometimes shot you right on the kokoro??

Thanks to Misty Cloud translations, this novel is VERY REGULARLY updated. If there are queues, within one day, there can be +5 updates and sometimes up to 10. So once the queues are finished, there are at least once a day or once a weekend updates.

There are many more reasons but you can find out yourself once you read this ;)
So I very much recommends people to read this novel because it is epic!!?? <<less
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Jun 24, 2016
Status: c23
Translation is pretty good as well as the novel. Read raws up to 2000+.

Though this novel is very long and somehow repetitive in some parts (due to the plot armor) but it's not boring at all since the plot thickens at each turn of events. The slow romance (build up slowly and not forced) is a major plus point to this novel. And with the occasional appearance of contract spirits (adding fluffiness and humor) its an enjoyable read overall.

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 07, 2016
Status: c9
It's still early, but it's off to a great start. The heroine has a dark past and is a very strong character that doesn't go googly eyes at a handsome guy. Some parts of it may seem abnormal like the MC dragging herself despite all her pain and broken bones. But I guess that can be attributed to her dark past, and she may be used to the pain. I'm looking forward to seeing the growth of her character and this world. The translations are also very smooth, so it's... more>> easy to read. However, the chapters are very short. <<less
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Nov 21, 2016
Status: c351
Nothing really ground breaking here, just replace your usual bad-ass xianxia hero that uses his super powers and has a heaven defying artifact by a female with heaven defying capabilities with medicine and poisons, as well as a second "beast" that's just as broken as she is (not to mention the OP character that dotes on her a bit weirdly).

Because it involves poisons rather than swords, the "combat" situations are trying to pass as well constructed intrigues instead of the usual "being looked down upon by everyone and forced to... more>> fight stronger than himself".

It might sound like I am bashing this novel, but I really am not, I did enjoy reading 350 chapters over the course of a few days (the chapters are fairly short, but that's still a fairly big amount of words to read).

It's just that the novels seems to want you to believe that the main character makes amazing decisions and is incredibly good at seeing through any situation, but the way it is written really feels more like a coat of paint to force the situations, just through other means than usual.

The characters are all a bit one dimensional, and aside from a few side characters, not much growth is seen.

On the translation front, it's mostly good, with the occasional typo or wrong word mixed in, but it's fairly rare and didn't detach me from the reading too often (I am really picky about those). The pace of translation also covers fairly nicely the fact that the chapters are a bit short, the "free" chapters are fairly generous, and the price tag for the extra is also lower than what is used on many other sites.

At the end of the day, while nothing especially great stands out for me, I still enjoyed reading it more than most xianxia novels, and the "plot" seems less rushed and forced.
I'd gladly give it 3.5, but because it doesn't quite reach what I would give a 4, I'm lowering it to 3, but in my book it still means that it's worth trying out to see if it's what you might want. <<less
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