Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife


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The previous owner of Mu Ru Yue’s body had been poisoned. Because of this, her meridians were blocked, hindering her cultivation, which eventually led to her being known as trash. After being beaten to death, Mu Ru Yue, who had originally been a successor to a medicinal aristocratic family in Hua Xia, reincarnated into her new body.

They want to seal my path?

I will train to reach the peak of the realms!

They give me a foolish prince as my husband?

I can make do with him.

It would be easier for me to deal with him, rather than with other candidates who would be thrown at me in the future. I shall strive to become powerful enough that nobody will be able to mock or kill me!

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Tuyệt sắc đan dược sư: Quỷ Vương yêu phi
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Lazy Immortal
New Lazy Immortal rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: c820
Well, this is a pain.

I quite like this kind of transmigration or reincarnation type novels. And honestly speaking, I like when the MC is OP and face slapping is satisfying. However, this novel comes with bitter disappointment that doesn't show any good plot like Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss or DKC or Poison Genius Consort. The most important part is that this novel lacks a decent plot that drives the story. It is understandable as it is said that this one is the author's first novel. Evil Emperor's Wild Consort... more>> written by the same author is a little better in my opinion.

The novel starts off pretty nice with a transmigrated MC who is better than anyone else but unfortunately treated as a trash. But the story becomes less and less enjoyable due to the women that appears out of nowhere to claim ML. Love rivals are fine but they are too shameless and delusional.I have only heard of female fatales but now I finally read about an unparalleled "male fatale". All the female characters including MC have terrible one-sided minds that is so unrealistic.

I will state some facts that I find really uncomfortable and stupid in this novel.

-The MC can really solve almost 98% of all her problems if she honestly show off her power, status, and relationships. All the small villains become laughable and pitiful that they are always kept in the dark and always despair when they finally know of MC's super OPness. And then they turn 180 degree turn from being arrogant to "What?Impossible!How can this be?!"

-MC and ML couple is finding trouble for no reason for plot convenience by traveling to different realms for no apparent reason just to find stronger foes. They love fighting, huh.


The MC is the reincarnation of the super strong alchemist called Senior Yue. The ML is also the reincarnation of her lover in past life. That one girl from their past life wanted to marry ML so she killed all their family, amputated their son and finally killing them in heaven tribulation because they got distracted from seeing their son's condition. She is supposed to be the main villain (although her reason for being a villain is stupid and ridiculous). However, after being a cockroach from time to time, she finally died unsatisfactorily, which lead to the lack of villains!Then the story goes like this-MC goes to a new continent (which obviously has stronger people), get provoked by some random dudes or b**ches, MC retaliates them, a strong "wild"Elder appears who always seem to be on the right time, beats MC up, ML shows up, MC says" this is my fight", MC get a breakthrough in the middle of the fight, the Elder or some other dudes from that something something sects are killed, the sects hunt her down, then MC and ML somehow destroy those sects. This cycle repeats again and again.

Next, the MC has the terrible case of Dark Horse or underdog fetish. Her enemies never know about her. She says that the strong invites trouble. Then she goes on and show off in unimportant "competitions" by being an underdog and then beating the most popular person. No wonder she has so much enemies. One time, her alchemy level is so high but the cauldron she takes to the competition has low rank badge (alchemist skills are identified by that badge), for NO reason and then show off her super skills in font of normies. Also, she is said to be a beauty that could cause the fall of the country but I only see one guy and the ML that fall for her. All other males (and obviously females) hate her. Too much for being a beauty, huh.


I can understand why the characters are only one sided and one dimensional because even the mains can't escape this fate. If you are new to this type of novel, you mighty actually like it. But for sure, you will get bored sooner or later. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
October 9, 2016
Status: v1c70
First to rate.

As the editor, I'm bias. I do have reasons for this bias though. This story is better, to me, than Descent of the Phoenix and Demonic King Chases his wife. It's a lot more cuddly, and the OPness of the MC is better written. At the same time, the characters are more expansive, and you even feel some pity for the villains. However, NEVER MESS WITH THE PRETTY FEMALE MC!!!

And I actually do ship the MC and the male lead...

Plus, damn, that male lead has laaaaaayers...
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Mopeah rated it
October 10, 2016
Status: c15
If you're looking for something with a new and unique plot, you've come to the wrong place. But, if you're looking for something to quench that OP, manipulative Female MC, hot guy passion then you've come to the right place. Although it's not really original, it's still a good story and something to snack on while we wait for updates of Chu Wang Fei, Demonic King, and Black Belly Miss etc.
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Lotus200 rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c384
The way females are portrayed in this novel is horrible. Except for the FL and a few others, every female in this novel make me disgusted. Once they see a handsome guy, they throw away any kind of dignity and use any available means to obtain him. Rejection and humiliation only motivate them to continue and even in death they refuse to accept the truth. It's really difficult to enjoy this novel, when these kind of women are everywhere. Just when you think it's over, another woman with the exact... more>> same horrible personality appears. It's really frustrating to see the FL getting harassed over and over again because of her relationship with the ML. Even when the ML is cruel to them, they never blame him. Instead they fall more in love with him and hate the FL even more. <<less
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rdawv rated it
October 10, 2016
Status: c15
Decent start.

There will be two types of readers who will like this oft-told story of a powerful figure who transmigrated into the body of a good-for-nothing girl:

1. Someone who has never read this type of story before and thus would find everything to be interesting, and
2. Someone who had read many such stories before and like to read more, but prefer a faster pacing.

For those in (1), this series will serve as a decent introduction to the genre. From the initial 15 chapters, all the usual tropes are touched... more>> upon.

For those in (2), it offers nothing truly groundbreaking but moves along quickly enough so that a seasoned reader won't get bogged down. The usual events proceed blazingly fast. Within 15 chapters we are introduced to a fallen, powerful woman, her new identity who had a good-for-nothing reputation and limited martial potential, a scheming sister, a cold-hearted royalty fiance, an extremely biased father, a secret magical entity and a handsome stranger who was intrigued by her rough manners. Since the story is listed as completed, I hope the translation speed would be quick enough to sustain the interests of readers as each chapter is relatively compact. <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c216
Two stars for a tolerable start

The beginning chapters are okay-usual trash MC becomes strong and curb stomps all her enemies into oblivion (sorta). The romance was even decent if sorta forced because she mostly saw the dude as what he presented (a mentally impaired kid) rather than a prospective love interest.

But then the middle and later chapters because so ???? I just felt unable to continue. The ploys concocted are cheap, the author seems to like to use rape as both a plot device and a punishment tool which is... more>> disgusting. Why do the girls get tormented while the guy gets away mostly scot free? And why use such gross means? They could have just used torture jeez

Additionally, the writing is relatively subpar. The thought process of the MC seems to have little to no depth and the ploys of others are simplistic and pathetic. I really don't see the development of the romance and the guy becomes sort of a douche later on while he was quite cute early on sigh

At first it was a guilty pleasure but now it's all sorts of terrible I just feel guilt. Read if you're really out of body transmig op MC novels I guess but it's more worth your time to just re read the good ones you've already read:') <<less
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
December 12, 2016
Status: c79
Story is not very good. Even as a guilty pleasure this story is still not very good. Nothing is explained, there are gaping plot holes, there is no struggle or challenge for the MC, and characters are jarringly extreme. It reads like an outline rather than a complete story.

Xianxia novels tend to reuse the same tropes and characters but are fun in how they go about it. The best ones introduce something unique or demonstrate above avg writing. This story offers nothing new and the writing is below avg. It's... more>> a shameless Mary Sue where nothing goes wrong for the MC. Mary Sues can be fun in a superhero-esque way. But even superheroes need some struggle to be exciting and there is non to be found in this story. Every time something is needed, conveniently some occurrence happens that drops it into the MC lap the following chapter. The author doesn't even try to create any suspense or proper drama. The MC is always calm, cold, amazing, most beautiful, most talented, and can just rudely do whatever she wants because she's amazing. Characters suffer from universal stupidity and linear thinking. Yes, most Xianxia have a seemingly trash MC who is treated poorly who later becomes OP and makes them regret. While they're cheap and easy villains to prop up the MC they usually still display at least superficial amounts of development. The characters in this story are some of the most painfully one-dimensional characters I have ever read. They're behavior is so linear and extreme that it is jarring and unbelievable. Nothing is explained or developed properly. Events suddenly happen and are over within 1-2 chapters. The 'tournament arc' happens within a single chapter. Supporting characters conveniently appear, offer maybe a paragraph or two of reasoning for their support o MC, and then are only seen when MC needs something. Development doesn't happen, just the MC rapidly progressing to OP-ness.

This story is too common to waste time on. It doesn't offer anything unique to offset the terrible writing. In a genre flooded with almost identical stories of superior quality, there really is little motivation to trudge through this one. Suggestion for those who like this story but would want something a step up, I would recommend Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei. It's almost the same but better in every way. Genius Doctor: Black Bellied Miss is another in the genre that's also very good. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
December 12, 2016
Status: c109
I love the fact she's a cold demon and merciless. This is the first time I'm reading a MC girl CN. But the Romance is too dam weird! Wtf? The so called 'Murderous Demon' kissed with a 10year old you just met? She fell in love to dam easily!! I loved her cold gaze and how she doesn't give a f*ck about anyone but none of these guys are worth for her! Anyways, this quickly changes and she's not cold at all..

The Villains are half ass too. The first... more>> page they are evil then the next couple of moments they turn to a 180 completely and start regretting who've they offended.

I'm really sad because the Romance mostly ruined this! The Author is just sloppy writing for this MC...

Suddenly the older sister who was the main villain is in tears because the prince has other women.. But isn't that natural since he's royalty? And she's crying about it! Wtf after causing a lot of damage to MC this was your breaking point? Then she gets raped by the guy she loved! This is stupid.

The MC husband also has been obviously lying to her that he's a honest and pure king but she still forgives him! I don't like it.

I do like the fact its anti polygamy! We see the perspective of Women being forced to married or being concubine. The feeling of wanting to be first and not sharing their spouse.

I love how she pats her pet beast like a villain. It's like Dr. Evil lol. But she's not evil at all. Even though the Author states her as a cold demon. But her heart is swaying so much emotionally.. truly stupid.


This is filled with the most clichéness and predictable ideas... sigh it had good potential too. <<less
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willwiz rated it
April 25, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel can best be described as a good first try, and that's because this is exactly what that is.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists is Xiao Qi Ye's first novel, and it clearly shows.

He has 3 novels so far:

... more>> Enchantress Amongst Alchemists - good first attempt

Evil Emperors Wild Consort - solid novel

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife - very much worth a read

Xiao Qi Ye has shown significant improvement's in his writing between novels, and that's the main reason to read this novel. If you have enjoyed his other works, it's nice to get a sense of his humble start.


The author clearly started with many ideas for the story, but Enchantress Amongst Alchemists has many problems, not the least of which are:

  • Extremely disjoint story. The transitions between arcs are random and sometimes mind boggling
  • MC as a ridiculously large number of relatives, something like 4 sets of parents (not counting the family of the male lead), 3 child (all older than her in a sense). Her relationships are so complicated, that every interaction is so awkward and hard to believe. None of the relatives seems real, and all of them end up being one dimensional and meaningless to the story.
  • The author can't write battles at this point, all of the fights result in her standing in place and taking punches, then saying "this isn't even my final form", and the opponent goes "No! How can this be!" and admits defeat without continuing the fight. The alternative is the fights being extremely trivial. However, the author greatly improves on this area in subsequent novels, in particular, the fights in Ghost Emperor Wild Wife are much more descriptive.
  • The author keeps telling you about how some things are important or incredible, and when it comes to push and shove, the actual events are unremarkable and easy to gloss over.
  • After the initial parts of the novel where the male lead is some what different from the stereotypical ones, male lead becomes close to the worst one I've ever read.

Perhaps the best example to this novel's deficiencies is that the final boss have NO name. The novel just refers to the final boss as something equivalent of "super ultra level great beast", and this guy just came out of nowhere. The fight itself is 90% people talking with 10% being the MC setting up some magical array which she learned at a completely randomly time from some completely random person who has no significance what so ever, with exception to the fact that novel mentions that she became really strong at some point for some inexplicable reason that's not explained in the story. And this person also never actually make any cameos in the story.
The author's clearly had many good ideas, but they are just poorly put together. At certain points in the novel you can actually read the author's frustrations in the writing, which becomes very abrupt and rushed. It feels like that author can't wait to end it.
However, everyone has to start some where, and I am actually looking forward to his next novel. Stay to read the humble starting point of one of the better growing authors in this category, this novel is very solid for what it is.

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nixxara rated it
December 31, 2016
Status: --
Sometimes, I wonder how the characters could even connect the evil deeds back to the mc? They hate the MC so much they just blame the MC for every wrong done to them randomly.

Character gets beaten up in the middle of the night by a random stranger: It's all that the mc's fault.
Character's master starts mistreating them: It's all the mc's fault
Characters trip over a pebble on the sidewalk: It's all the mc's fault

Funnily, they actually hit the nail on the head.
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dysry rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: c120
Yet another female reincarnation story where the MC cruises through the life she picked up after standing up for herself, barely expending any effort to bat away any 'rivals' that might pop up coz she's just that OP, only to run into new ones... coz.

Again there's nothing original and nothing that really stand out, but it's not intolerable, especially if you're new to the genre. But if you've read 3-4 of them, they're pretty much all the same. 2.5/5
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alexfilia rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: --
The MC is always so much better than everyone else she doesnt even bother to follow the rules even when she was super weak.... if she didnt have plot armor she would be so dead lol...I liked the ML when he was pretending to be cute but when he stopped I lost all intrest

This novel is very fast paced and jumps around a lot....i dropped it after the first crazy ex jelous girl wanted to kill everyne for no reason
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Light Of Guidance
Light Of Guidance rated it
November 8, 2016
Status: c60
I usually only review my favourite novel but I'll make an exception for this one. Basically, Female MC and transported to other world genre is my cup of tea. I do not even mind the almost same plot. This novel positive side is it slightly faster than DKC. However, despite the MC has been poison until couldn't cultivate by the adopted daughter (MTE) making her treated as trash, her fiancee has been snatched by MTE lead to her beaten to death; MTE is still healthy and alive, just been known... more>> that she not virgin and still let to be concubine of the man she love (MC ex-fiancee), her deed of poisoning the MC is still not known to others and she still been treated better by MC family than MC herself (I do not know what happened in thousands of chapter later on though). The short chapter is one thing, the translator teaser for every chapter (thats make it 60 time now) to stop at cliff is quite annoying. Furthermore, adding to the flame of the teaser is when we expected the awesomeness but to be turn off with the continuation of slow path and plain outcome. The only reason I am following this novel is due to the regular update. <<less
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luxe rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: c213
I love reincarnation/transmigration, weak-to-strong, female protagonist stories. It's just that I really can't get into this one, there are so many awkward plot points that I even wrap my head around. I'm not sure why so many people like this one.

Firstly, I don't mind the main character being OP, but all the villains find some obscure reasoning to blame the main character. NONE of them can wrap around the idea that their plans were completely stupid in the first place, or that what they've done wrong might backlash against them... more>> in the future. It's just ALL the MC's fault, no matter what. Always 'I swear that I'll take revenge on you!'.



The Mu family... what is even going on? A four year old child actually poisoning someone else? Send someone, who thinks you're his savior, to kill and rape the MC, but when drugged and raped herself, ends up blaming the MC for no reason other than gut feeling?

The meeting with her actual family is ridiculously far-fetched. The mother kept bringing up "oh, you're around the same age as my kidnapped daughter." Did I mention my kidnapped daughter? For some reason, they're mysteriously drawn to each other. How mysterious.


Male Lead:


He was absolutely adorable when he was playing the fool, which was the reason why the MC really liked him. He was pure and untainted, child-like. But, then he rips off his mask, and MC is still okay with it? Why? Wasn't she just drawn to him because how pure he was? Turns out he's more sinister than she is, has been lying to her, and pretty much sneaking into the baths and her bed to grope her, but she's still okay with that? Why allow him to continually take liberties with her body when she barely knows him? Don't even get me started on mysterious feelings of attraction.



I can't really wrap my head around it. It's like all side characters are there to awe in her genius or provide her with benefits. Grandmaster doesn't even really teach her. He's just there to give her a house and bully everyone else for bullying MC with how OP he is.

There's so much potential in this story, but it's so poorly constructed. Plots are just thrown in and characters are so flat in the way that they're A) MC's cheerleaders/protectors, B) Villians/jealous people, C) characters there to further the story by being in awe of MC's OPness. >_< <<less
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hawlol rated it
September 25, 2018
Status: c100
To sumarize this novel in one word: Cliche.

If you have read any of this kind of female cultivator novels you already saw every single plot that happens in this story. I'll sumarize them until were I read.

... more>>

Transmigrator into trash body who is not really trash but a genius that can cultivate after surpassing a minor hurdle.

Evil family member plotted to take everything from the MC, including her fiance who is the crown prince. The new body owner will repay the former grievances.

A mighty but cute beast is contracted to the MC for free.

A really strong Male lead that could trample everyone in the kingdom but is hiding in plain sight, falls in love at first sight and tends to pamper and protect the MC from the shadows.

The MC starts to make pills and go up in her cultivation really fast, doing in months what people take dozens of years.

During all this steps there is constant fights with her previous repugnant family and she is faceslapping them again and again while everyone who called her trash is now second guessing their opinions.

Eventually she gets revenge against the family, while the previous fiance who cancelled the engagement tries to get her back, only to be humiliated too.

After getting revenge against, she discovers that she is actually a missing child and her actual family is super strong and far away.

Running down the street? A super important child is about to be run over by a carriage from snob people so that she save her like a hero and start problems with a new family in a new city.


Anyways, you have probably seen them all by now.

Like most people said as well, she's hated by random people without good reason which makes most conflicts kind of dumb. There isn't really a main plot either. It's just these small and petty grievances and unfufilling face slapping of people that keep popping up and hating the MC for no reason.

She also hides her strengths and backers without any reason. She says that her ability to rejuvenate herbs could bring her harm if people knew about it, only to show it in front of crowd a few chapters later for a meaningless alchemy competition that would bring her no benefit.

The cliche plots that look like a macro for this kind of novel, added to the blandness of characters, conflict and lack of a main plot makes this novel unworthy of your time. Unless you never read one of this kind. <<less
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Somneleda rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: c360
The MC should have been named Nunya cause her only response is Nunya business. The majority of her problems would never happen except that she refuses to let anyone know her masters/parents/husband. When someone insults her, masters/parents/husband go on a rage spree for insulting their disciple/daughter/wife whereas it would never occur if she just fakking told anyone who her supporters are. The only reason to keep everybody in the dark is so that masters/parents/husband can go on a rage spree. For example, she goes to martial hall looking for her... more>> husband. They ask what her relationship is to him because girls have been mobbing him already, and of course instead of saying he's her husband, she says nunya business. They refuse to state their relationship unless they are together as if they are ashamed of each other. Women are just crappily portrayed as only lustful, vindictive liars. Extremely tired of description about her face every few chapters with no info about the rest of her as she is supposedly growing older. The only description we have is from when she was 13-14 and that 13-14 y/o body is now being banged nightly by a 19-20 y/o large guy. But she has flawless skin, long lashes and wears white because that's all we freakin read about. <<less
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q25t rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: c303
This is the author's first novel and that shows so very much. The first 300 chapters were apparently written in two months since he started writing.

The best description I have for the novel is a bad soap opera mixed with a really bad xianxia novel. It does neither well. Multiple characters have been on the verge of death and been saved through nothing but the sheer stupidity of their opponent. I can understand if your main villain has some trump cards that can allow them to escape from the MC,... more>> but when their escape plan relies on the genius MC and her genius husband to be idiots, it falls rather flat.

As for the combat and pill-making aspects of the novel, while being rather central to developing much of the plot, we know very little about either one of them. The MC is supposed to be a peerless genius in making medicine. This falls far into failing to show not tell. Making pills apparently is nothing more than putting ingredients in a cauldron and melting them. This is the description we get when the MC is the most godly alchemist to ever alchemist.

Combat and cultivation are a mess. There is no other way to put it. Combat seems to be turn-based while you fill a special meter to unleash your true power. That's only slightly hyperbolic. I haven't even the faintest of ideas how cultivation works or how much stronger anyone is compared to anyone else. The MC's parents are big shots in an entire domain yet aren't even remotely powerful. The MC has skills from a previous life where she was supposed to be OP that don't do anything whatsoever. There's no methods to use energy more efficiently, elemental suppression, tactics, strategy, or anything even remotely clever.

If you've run out of reincarnated trash female lead novels then read this. Otherwise, read nearly any other one. <<less
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therealaphye rated it
January 27, 2017
Status: c146
The story began off great with a strong female MC that was eager to improve her skills and prove to her 'evil' family that she was not the trash they knew before. The cliche plot line of course.
... more>>

Once she and the Ghost King meet, the Ghost King completely changes. Where is the cold, arrogant person? All I have ever seen of him is a woeing person that calls around 'wifey' all day long. His personality is dull. He's nice around his wife, mean around other people. Nothing too special about him.

The MC is also dull. She doesn't have a strong trait that keeps you interested in her or something that lets you remember something about her. And neither does she improve or have any changes in her personality. That's not realistic. According to Hume (philosopher), and ego changes even if you think it doesn't. MC doesn't change and remains the same person.

She accepts the marriage to the Ghost King easily. How long have they met? Months? That's hardly anything! She blushes rather easily when she sees him. Isn't it just because the beauty has given her a better impression of him?

The other characters are far too hateful to be real. It's not possible for a person to act so stupidly when the truth is right in front of their eyes. It makes it boring and repetitive to have such characters.
The story is also far too centered on the main characters and their actions. There is no world that is mentioned so far. No other continents.

MC is also far too strong. She defeats everyone at the alchemist's association and is the most talented out of all of them. -.-

There is literally no STRUGGLE that she ever has. Other good Wuxia stories, such as ATG and ISSTH have a ton of character improvement. Chu Feng has also been repeatedly mentioned as a man with average talent, yet he climbed his way to the top with his strong and perservering personality. I don't see any of that amazingness in this story.

Dull characters. Far too cliche plot line. No interesting world. No character improvement. <<less
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Elste rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c510
At first it was interesting, no matter how cliché was. But then, it went waayyyy down.

... more>>

Basically, when the protagonists starts to remember their past life and the enemy of their past life appears, everything makes nosense. First of all, the main reason for the female antagonist for being such a b**ch was cause she wanted to be a concubine and the ML rejected her straight away, so she went and exterminated all their past family and even tortured and "killed" their child. Ok I get it, but maaaaaan, I have never seen someone so eager for a f*ck, basically her argument was: have s*xual intercourse with me, again and again, which was lame. And if it wasn't enough, the attitude of the protagonist was so: I don't mine if they kill our families as long as you're only mine, cause sometimes is nice, but they took it to the point of annoying.


I don't really like to left things on the middleway, but with this novel you get at some point when you ask yourself what the f*ck the plot is.

I wanted to rate it with a 1 star, but i'll give them a 2 star, cause proved me than sometimes the hope for the plot gets better can make you a masochist. <<less
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Chichiru Michiru rated it
November 3, 2016
Status: c52
So far so good. It is the typical reincarnated-transferred to another body novel where the MC was a good for nothing, ridiculed, scorned, and loses what she has. Then suddenly sh*t happen... MC become a cold hearted, crafty, peerless genius and all the people's jaw drop to the floor due to shock.

Well I like the MC's personality... Like Black bellied doctor MC but not that cold hearted, but still someone not to be mess with... Male MC so far is currently surrounded by mist, full of mystery.

Translation is good... more>> and done well. Good job TLer's and editors. <<less
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Random.poet rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: Completed
I force read this till the very end, because I could and I was hanging on to the hope that it was better.


    • If you like complicated worlds/dimentions/other life stuff its pretty interesting.
    • The love story is good if you like that true love vibe. 10.000 years for you only kind.
    • Faceslaps on point.
    • Handsome/gorgeous people galore.
    • Spoiler

      They went back to the modren world so that wqs new


    • Pretty much repetetive: jelous man/woman try breaking up perfect couple death by karma. New world/dimention/realm another jelous person, death by karma/face slap. Heaven or hell, jealous people, death by face slap. Rinse and repeat.
    • Everyone is 'oh so other worldly good looking' the explanation about how they stand againts the light is 2 paragraphs per-'someone showing up'. Like.. once per person is enough.
    • MC plot armor is pretty much adamantium. Dot expect to see real struggle in cultivating anything besides needing missing pills/herb/whatever... or even a real teacher for that metter.
    • I dont think an author knows how to explain how child and parent relationships work. Trust me.. I'm a mom. She relies on her children too much and not care about them in the next scene. Letting them wander off even with an old soul with no concern is kindda....-.
    • MC pretty much has relatives all over the world and realms, if she doesnt, make one up by master/teacher/slave/minion/benefactor/in-law etc etc "relationship", cuz thats the only way author can establish this person as important. Like.. wut? Cant we just be friends and talk, like normal people?

      I had hopes for shu ning, until the eldest son showed up

Well that pretty much it, thats what I took away from 1 week of binge reading.

Not bad, but not great.

The translation was wonderfull thou, gonna take a look at miki's other works after this. :)
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