The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss


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She, a renowned assassin of the 21st century, actually crossed over to become Su Manor’s most useless good-for-nothing Fourth Miss.

He, Jin Empire’s imperial highness, was an emotionless overbearing demonic tyrant with unrivaled talent.

Everyone knew that she was idiotic and good-for-nothing and bullied her as they pleased. But only he, the overbearing tyrant with the discerning eye, wouldn’t let go of her even if his life depended on it.

For the time being, let’s just see how the stubborn versus stubborn clash and play out in this good show of the chaser and the chased.

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Phế vật nghịch Thiên tiểu thư
Xia Wang Zhu Qi: Fei Cai Ni Tian Xiao Jie
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New jl050503 rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: c1613
To be honest, the only reason I kept on reading this repetitive novel was because Nangong Liuyun was my favorite character. And I know that the MC is supposed to be black-bellied and malicious, but I think she's taking things too far most of the times. And I've read many novels like this, but so far, this novel's MC was far most evil. And the plot was interesting, but after a while, it just started getting repetitive. I just don't know how to continue with it anymore. But if it's... more>> for a long-time occasional read, it should be fine. The start is good at least. <<less
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New janka rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: c1612
My favorite chinese romantic novel with martial arts. In the begining I didn't really think that this novel is better than other chinese novels of the same genre, years ago I even stopped reading it after the first 300 chapters. Although the beginning of the story was very intresting, I got really annoyed when the antagonist - Lotus Fairy showed up and nobody exept the heroine realised how malicious that girl was and that's why I stopped reading it. However dropping this novel at that point was one of... more>> my worst reading mistakes ever. This year I read from chapter 300 to chapter 1612 and to my surprise later on the story gets so much better. Situations with slapping faces of enemies are so hilarious, and scenes with Nangong Liuyun are so romantic. Reading this novel made me so happy, I can't describe. <<less
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paksheet rated it
March 4, 2016
Status: --
2/5 – 2 and not a 1 because it started off decently enough, but after a hundred chapters, you get the sense this is going nowhere, and after 200 chapters, it seriously started pissing me off... ended up dropping it after 260+ chapters, because its not consistent anymore, the main completely changed her character by this point. Much less an assassin, I doubt she has gone past preschool in her original life... the main who is supposed to be a competent woman, is just a whining, crying good for nothing... more>> who leeches from her family, from her love interest, and has stupid good luck... yet she feels disadvantaged and wronged by everyone who helps her... thick skin much?

To make this clearer, I’ll compare it to the main chars of Stunning Edge and Descent of the Phoenix... both stories start of similarly...

In Stunning Edge, you don’t know what the main char is in her past life. She just possesses a girl who is known only for being an idiot man chaser, she is the joke of the entire city and all men know to avoid her. Then after the possession, she becomes hard working and serious... she apologizes to the family head, asks for teachers, and starts to diligently work to better herself. She treats everyone how they treat her... kind to people who were/are kind to her, ruthless to her enemies, and generally polite but uninterested in people who have nothing to do with her. She doesn’t really go looking for men because she knows she is just so lacking she uses up all her time just catching up to her peers. But even so, she networks and does manage to make some allies here and there.

In DoP, the main char is the same as in DKC... a super-assassin who possesses a good for nothing. When she first came to the alternate world, she was ready to disappear (run away from her family) in order to train, cuz she doesn’t need to rely on anyone. But when she realizes the prince is actually sincere in liking her, she immediately seduces him, moves to his palace and trains there. Therefore, she regains the strength she had in her previous life almost immediately. Despite being a “ruthless, coldblooded assassin”, she generally treats other people well. She trains a group of covert operatives, and they become her subordinates, which is believable considering she used to be head of her assassins guild. Aside from this, she displays many traits one would think an assassin would have including ability to bluff, threaten, keep her composure, use people, manipulate people, etc. She is smart enough to act as a general to draw enemy attention, but also smart enough to realize it’s not her area of expertise so she is just willingly becoming the figure head of the army. She is also competent enough to disappear without any of the enemy countries noticing, then reappearing later in a far-off enemy kingdom to do reconnaissance and assassinate the entire enemy kingdom royal family. She’s also adept at disguises and changing her character and atmosphere completely in order to do her tasks.

On the other hand, the DKC main is the exact opposite of both these competent mains mentioned above. Su Luo, who should have been a competent woman, after possessing the body, becomes a man chasing idiot instead. Every time the main guy says one word, her brain immediately short circuits... so much for being an assassin... But. She’s also unable to understand anyone aside from herself. The guy keeps saving her over and over, and goes out of his way to help her, even once almost dying or lose all his cultivation forever... and the only thing Su Luo thinks is the guy will probably still be able to manipulate her even when hes dead, hes so terrifying like a devil... What a retard...

She’s also a complete fail as an assassin. Or more like, shes just a giant leech. She stays in her family’s house despite proclaiming she has disowned them, she keeps getting the guy to help her over and over and over and over without payment or anything in exchange, and still has the gall to claim he is somehow taking advantage of her when he helps her... All her progress is due to others helping her (but not once is she grateful), or her absurd luck. She somehow manages to attract the strongest person in the country despite being a literal good-for-nothing, she somehow picks up a pet dragon, she somehow gets the dragon’s dad to teach her some overpowered unknown magic, she somehow stumbles onto the hidden tomb of the most powerful alchemist in the world and steals all his research and treasure, she somehow picks up millions of gold worth of cultivating stones, her pet dragon somehow has the skill to pick the most valuable cultivating stones from a pile of worthless rocks... her luck is just absurd that everything she needs constantly falls into her lap, but despite all these, she is still as incompetent as ever... or she’d have already been overpowered 150 chapters ago... All she has to do is find the f***ing courage to leave her house, spend 1 month being a hermit like the main of DoP, and train, but she is just so useless it will probably take her 2, 500 chapters to get that far.

Her actions also prove that she is stupid, borderline retarded. She knows that at this point, she is weaker than her sister’s dog... yet she keep picking fights with her rivals, her enemies, her sisters,... children, pets, animals, slaves, even random merchants trying to sell their wares because they “talk too loudly” to suit her taste. She's so petty I almost expect her to pick fight with the air she breathes if she keeps this up. But she will probably lose, as she has lost to everything else already. She has just 1 pattern – thinks she is weaker than everyone around her, picks a fight with a random person that crosses her path, flees to Nangong, Nangong protects her, then she accuses Nangong of taking advantage of her.


*on top of a mountain*

aaaargh air, why will you not enter my lungs faster???!?!!!! you need a fireball!!!

*makes things worse*

i hate you air, that’s it, i’m going to bomb the mountain

*almost kills herself, but Nangong will miraculously show up to save her*

goddammit Nangong, you took advantage of me again by going out of your way to save me!!!!!! screw you i’m leaving

*stumbles on a rock*

goddammit rock, you picking a fight with me too??!!?!)



So yeah... the reason I dropped DKC is because the main is NOT an assassin, but a spoiled 13 yr old girl who has never received an education, “crushing” on a man while having the idea that the person you love = your pet. <<less
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Tesuji rated it
March 7, 2016
Status: --
It was decent (not great, but an entertaining read) until Chapter 250, when it turns to sh*t.

Chapter after chapter rhapsodizing about the male lead's glowing nipples and erotic Adam's apple (and I really wish I was exaggerating either of those). It reads like a particularly rape-y Harlequin romance.
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Silveus rated it
July 30, 2016
Status: c611
Its so strange to me that there is an entire Genre of stories that are, Girl is in some way a compentent person on earth, then dies and takes over the body of someone who's retarded in random China Fantasy World X.

Some of them are good, some not so much. This is one that isn't great.

I have 2 main issues with this.

The first is that everyone, EVERYONE, has zero self awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses. Everyone irrationally assumes they're the greatest thing ever. Even people who specifically know... more>> they're weaker than the guy in the room with them, who know their position is weaker, will still act like they're god. And everyone will Irrationally hate the main character.

The MC, before being possess, was a random girl born to the family's mistress, and who has no talent for magic. So, she's basically an average person.

Obviously, her entire family hates her with an overwhelming passion, they can't stand her existence. Okay, granted, perhaps she's an embarrassment to the family, 4-5 kids are talented, then there's the MC. But why do other, non related people, all hate her too? It makes no sense.

Every character is so stuck up, so self important, and so incredibly incompetent, that the idea that this character who wasn't talented and who isn't killing herself when they cross paths, makes them explode with rage.

Okay, so everyone hates her for her lack of talent, but then as she becomes talented, they still hate her. And, better yet, they refuse to believe she has talent.

Pro tip people, when someone offers you a bet for a billion dollars that is based largely on luck, don't accept it, they're cheating.

Every person just self destructs against her through massive levels of stupidity.

The worst part about this, is that this makes up almost the entire plot. We go from arc to arc of someone looking down on her, exploding into irrational rage, and then walking into an obvious trap. The payout for the reader, would be the satisfaction of watching them crash and burn, but even that fails to be entertaining.

Because the entire scenario is so outrageously stupid, that it looks like a farce.
Because it happens hundreds of times.
Because there is 30 chapters spent explaining how irrationally stupid the enemy character is, and then 2-3 chapters of fallout before we rush right back into it.

God it's bad.

Okay, and reason 2.

The male lead, is devilishly handsome, with jade like skin, shimmering eyes, the complexion of a god, silky smooth hair, and more. Okay, a character needs to be described.

The first time they show up, or when their appearance changed.

this guy gets described every 5 chapters. And for chapters that are a page long, when you use 3 paragraphs to talk about his cheek bones, it gets old fast. <<less
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ElDorado rated it
June 6, 2016
Status: c500
Very contrived, full of useless plot.

500 chapters that could be shortened into less than half that number, as each chapter is around 1100 words. Heroine could pretty much lose the assassin backstory and still be the same (she acts nowhere like an assassin). Also, her revenge is just really petty (instead of ending lives fast and cleanly when she can, as a mothafking ASSASSIN should), she likes to play around and get bitten. In fact she's pretty dumb.

All the regular xianxia lucky cheats just don't seem to help her much...... more>> or it could be the fact that she barely spends any time at all cultivating, instead trying to get involved with politics of nobility- hanging around with the major clan heirs, playing their word games. Seriously, why give her these cheats if she doesn't use them? Actually, why write this story with a xianxia background at all?

One more thing. The prince NL obviously shows a lot of care for her and is willing to invite her to live in his palace where she is safe (to cultivate and get strong). But no, she must cling to her 'pride' and 'modesty' and stay at her father's clan home, where everyone hates her and takes actions to bully her. Illogical and stupid. Besides, where is this false modesty/pride of hers coming from? Scared that people will talk behind her back if she goes live with the prince pre-maritally? FFS you brainless twit, you were an ASSASSIN from the 21st Century, a time where ideals of modesty are far different.

Dropped this because MC straight up doesn't have a clue. <<less
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ughwth rated it
January 23, 2017
Status: c800

Made an account just to throw in this review, otherwise id feel like I wasted my time on over 800 chaps which are likely to repeat themselves for the next 8000 for nothing. Thank you @chibihaven for your review or I wouldn't know to stop.

Description says all, should be romance, somewhat adventure, who expect cultivation just withdraw yourself.

Those who expect romance, beware it may not be the kind you want. In fact I snort, how is this deserved to be called romance, more like a possessive psycho manipulating a kid around. We are missing a "abusive male lead" tag also, unless yall consider choking normal. In fact all the "decent" male like choking when female lead says something they don't wanna hear, I guess choking is normal in this universe.

First bad thing: sh*tty drama love chase. Second bad thing: trash or 1D characters from the protag to every antag you see. Im not even being harsh here. Main chara dont fit intended description. Su luo is a shrewd assassin? I snort, more like a little smartmouthed kid. Nangong emotionless stubborn his mighty highness? I snort again, more like a raging teenager constantly mad and horny. I dont think I need to mention his ever changing appearing shiny body parts either im sure we all know too well.

Villains are strong yet so stupid it hardly make sense. Su luo so talented yet lagging. Everyone is an idiot overestimate themselves or just have more than a few screws loose, those who should die already still fumbling around while minor villains by association keep dropping dead.

This su luo even when compared to that guy from PMG is still on an entire new level. Not only her face incites random hostility everywhere she go, her guy being nangong brings another herd of villains altogether. Lets not mention friends. What friend or ally shes made thats not due to nangong?

Theres no one at all I feel like cheering for, feel like a wallflower watching things to just... happen.

Those who expect adventure, also beware. Much of this "adventure" is being dragged around by nangong, or chased around by villains. Think about it, su luo might be running around doing her own things from time to time, but that nangongs shadow always lurking around can interrupt whenever, feeling tied down, so tiring to read.

The saving grace is the humor, also the fact that everyone is so idiotic they keep jumbling around in a mess that it turns into something ridiculous and can be fun.

The thing is draggy and never get better. Randomly written id give a 0 star. I had some fun so theres the 1 star, but still, regretted it. But there no medicine for regrets in this world ah.

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willwiz rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: c7924
Hate it or love it. I would imagine the reception for this novel is quite bipolar. I love it for the back story, the overall story line, and the MC. Despite nearly 8000 chapters, I still feels like there's so many more interesting stories to tell, so much more plot to uncover. At the same time, there are many chapters which feels like torture to read and should be completely ignored. Before anything else, the author pretty much makes it her mission in life to write 6 chapters (6000 words)... more>> per day. In a good month, 8-9 chapters per day. This pretty much leads to nearly all of the problems everyone has with this novel, which may or may not include entire chapters describing just all beautiful and perfect the male lead is (using the same words and phrases!). During time when the author have something she wants to tell, you'll get interesting and possibly enthralling plot. Other times, you might get tens of chapters of the absolute cheesy descriptions of how just about everyone is surprised at how great and perfect the male lead is (i hate this). What you would be able to truly be able to enjoy is the overall story telling, not well written chapters and the miscellaneous stuff that happens, or else will only lead to your disappointment. Unfortunately, I think you can't truly grasp the story until after 1900 or even 3000 chapters. Forgive my selfishness for rate it as a 5 even though it doesn't deserve it. I just love the world built in this novel and want to read more about it.


Reading some of the other reviews, I feel the need to point out that this really isn't a romance novel by any means, it's pretty terrible in that regards. This is a Xianxia and adventure novel in truest words. The story is very slow as you can probably tell by the 8000+ chapter. And the main story doesn't really start until 700+ chapters, aka this part currently being translated. And it's from this point onward that she really starts improving herself in a Xianxia way. There are romantic moments here and there, which are mostly for word padding. There are moments where they have random relationship problems, which are used to temporarily separate the MC and the male lead so she can go on her adventures. No surprise, the best parts of the novel are when the male lead isn't around. How the male lead is portrayed is definitely the worst parts of the novel (perfect, all capable, always being able to solve all problems no matter how ridiculous it was). I am actually surprised that the male lead hasn't already become the MC instead of Su Luo. The author uses the male lead as a swiss army knife to problems and situations that he MC shouldn't currently be able to handle. The MC needs to face these situations due to her background, which is slowly revealed (think like 5000+ chapters and not yet fully), and the fact that she needs to keep challenging herself to complete her mission. She's also very spoiled and eccentric, also sometimes very childish, which causes some problems. My personal attitude to this last point is that this is the way she should have been but couldn't be so due to her situation, which makes it kind of cute when she shows this side of herself (when she have someone around that she can rely on).

The second worst part of the novel is how everything is exaggerated. In summary, many of the complaints in other reviews in regarding the romantic relationship and lack of character growth are not the reason why this is still a popular novel with almost 8000 chapters. The MC, her background and her adventures are definitely the mean draw of this novel. This is a "long term novel". Having 10, or 50 or even 200 sh*tty chapters while the author plans out future parts of her story shouldn't be unexpected at all. <<less
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catie rated it
October 26, 2016
Status: c763

A review said this is a twisted romance, I agree. NL does nice things for SL sure, but his behaviors are outright obsessive manipulating sadistic childish shameless throwing tantrums. Using his life to bargain for affection, using his senior sister to make SL jealous and made her sad, when SL said her lips might not for his only he choked her to half death then kissed her to provide air (?) I mean they weren't even in a relationship at that point. Fortunately SL is a masochist (?) because that all seem acceptable for her, and she eventually accepted him as her future mate... I guess I can only blame myself for not having the same taste in men as the author... Some criticize SL for being unfair to NL but uhhhhhh did she not risk herself for him too? Besides NL decided to charge into troubles himself, and most of SL's crisis is thanks to his devilishly charming visage anyway, if he don't at least try to protect her then im afraid he has no redeeming quality to be male lead at all, not when he takes half the screen time while having no respect for even his love interest...

Another review said the parts without NL's barf inducing flirt are the best parts of the novel, I agree. It is entertaining to see SL running around facing her enemies without NL sticking to her like an erotic pimple, if you can get used to the fact that aside from her ridiculous luck, she is also a villain magnet.

Everyone powerful that fancies NL (yes you guess right that's everyone but SL's maid) or is not from NL friends, they all want a piece of SL. The words rational and reasonable don't exist in their vocab, so don't expect them to act normal... don't expect smart scheming either. Even if NL and SL's personality and actions are described as exceptional this and that, it feels like author overpraises repeatedly to hypnotize readers into believing it. The fact that everyone behaves like a vile kid with elementary scheming is just obvious. The only good characters are the beasts, baby dragon is cute to the max.

Oh well villains make beef with SL for?? reason and I get the fun fun so no complain. But! NL is there more than half the time, so my fun is halved. If you tell me the author is not writing romance around the adventure but the other way around then im sorry to have to doubt you, the weird romance is so invested that I can even touch it. And honestly how is NL not the story lead? His body takes major part of the story... And whatever NL does is revered to the 9th level of heaven while whatever SL does or doesn't do is slandered all the way to the bottom of the ocean. My patience is thinning out and by this point reading the reviews is more fun than the novel itself...

I'm holding on after hearing the good news that NL will secluded cultivate for at least 6 months, that should take around another 700 chap right? right?

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Liv rated it
March 1, 2016
Status: --
Starts off decent enough, up until the male love interest starts trying to ‘seduce’ the female MC. Then it starts pissing me off big time.

I stopped reading when the MC, who’s presented to us as a callous, independent woman, feels guilty for injuring the love interest when he basically tried to rape her (that’s not a spoiler; using force is his default seduction technique in every chapter I went through), and every character in the book holds her to be at fault for it.

Apart from that, there is just way... more>> too much flowery description of clothes and eyes and complexions and “devilish handsomeness”.
Props to the translator for slogging through all that crap. <<less
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chibiheaven rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: c8531

So yeah, as you can see I've gotten way farther into this novel than is healthy.

I couldn't bring myself to give it a 2 star rating though because in the end, I do enjoy the very large universe that is revealed as the story progresses. It also has a way of making me a stupid grinning fool. And the cliffhangers... Oh the cliffhangers... Make me burning sometimes.

In any case, there are very few 'character types'. Same kind of reactions all the time which can be annoying... Or just boring... Or you just ignore it. The goofy foolish type is quite rampant in this novel, as is the tough old men that actually feel like children inside. Also the amount of people that seem to mindlessly fall in love for and/or worship to the MC can be overwhelming (I forgot what word I was going to use...).

Is the love relationship bland and boring? Indeed. In fact the most infuriating moments I have experienced from a novel were from precisely this one; An appaling little amount of trust between the couple af crucial points in their relationship when they seem to be oh so head over heels in love. This isn't a relationship, it's just a really stupidly poor way to make drama. It does have its endearing and cute moments.

BTW, the male lead is just so utterly perfect and such a genius the MC literally becomes stupid and can't think for herself (mentioned often in the novel, so I guess at least the author knows how stupid she is I guess?).

The constant descriptions of certain (ahem) characters beauty, intellect an/or luck are also a constant reminder of the author's desperate attempt to lengthen and meet their word targets (unfortunately).

In the end, things get pretty repetitive (and redundant). All in all, I'll likely keep reading. I've learned to skim through all the time wasters, like skipping reaction shot scenes of every character (One Piece anyone?) in anime.

Read at your own discretion. Good luck.

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Sae rated it
October 12, 2016
Status: c121
At c121, all I can say about what I've read is: A twisted 'romance' put into a xianxia world with a female lead. Like many leads, she is a heavenly talent with heavenly luck, but for the focus is the 'romance', none of this talent or luck is put to work therefore making this a 'shoujo', not a cultivation novel by any means.

The relationship is, well, either you like it or hate it, then either you try to stomach it (hoping it would get better) or you can't. The 'romance'... more>> is intense with emotion and steamy forced actions (from the male lead) so if you like it then you really like it and vice versa. I guess it's similar to 50 shades of grey in this way.

Unfortunately, I fall into the "hate it with a blazing passion" category thus dropping it at c121. I'm writing this review to tell you why and hoping to save those who are irked by similar things as me from wasting their time and vomiting their blood of anger.


Female lead:

- So called broken-hearted ice cold assassin who actually does know how to use her brains yet continues to be pushed around (emotionally) by the 'male lead' and her contracted beast, and also the love rival (s).

- Even the simple tactic "use others' knife to kill an enemy" that she used is consider shrewd and assassin-worthy. Ummm??? That's like the basic of the basic.

'Male lead' (yes I say this with a disgust) :

- Extremely talented and described as "devilishly and charmingly" (the phrase is used so many times that I regret not couting it to laugh (or cry) at the exact number of times I had to see it). Whatever body parts and actions of his mentioned, they are praised over and over. Once or twice, or even ten times, I can deal. However, it's too taxing to encounter this every chapter. Is the main lead really the girl, or she's just a channel for the author/reader fangirls to experience the male lead's 'love'?

- He suddenly fell in love, and acted doting, only reason so far is that she is the same as him, cunning, planning, cruel, can kill with a smile. Please don't tell me he hasn't met any girl like that in the cultivation world, because so far all the female antagonists are also like that.

- He is mad all the freaking time when MC is unpleasant towards his forced advances like??? That's why I call it "twisted". He does nice things, say sappy lines, but also forces romantic actions on her (no she doesn't ask for it, she's simply physically powerless).

- He brought MC to a dangerous place while she's powerless, left her alone during the most critical time, forcing her to fight for her life (especially from his childhood sweetheart's scheme), then scolded her for making him worried by disappearing? Orz. Then he didn't believe her words and broke her heart again.

- The sh*t hits the fan (also where I drop this novel) is right afterward when he guilt tripped her into caring/having feelings for him using his own life. First his subordinate blamed her for injuring him while he was still weak (from fighting for his childhood sweetheart yes). How the hell was she supposed to know he was injured? Also she wouldn't punch him if he didn't force kiss her, twice. Then he forced her to use his knife to 'vent' on his body, psychologically control any shred of emotions she had. Yes he succeeded, she couldn't vent sh*t, and had to say that she forgave him. Then he collapsed, making her feel guilty and frantically worry for his life. The author drops a line from her pov: "She wouldn't dare to hurt him again". GJ author for ruining the female lead. Really, is this how you treat your MC???

Other characters: no one has a brain, everyone is the same.

I would say the leads are stupid too but that would have been unfair to them because they are not intended to be stupid, it's just that the author failed to make them smart and mighty.


TL;DR: I started for a good xianxia with female lead, however found out the main point is actually the romance, the kind of which involves lead characters whose personalities and interactions I can't bear to make myself stomach.

Waittt so why did I give it a 2-star??? You're right it shoulda been 1 but I feel like I have been unfair to stop and rate at c121 out of 7700+ chapters so yeah bonus 1 star for any possible good bit that I never have the patience to read. <<less
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NamesAreRlyHard rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c465
Very interesting romance novel which executes the move to another world quite well in my opinion, also you will most likely have a love/hate relationship with both the male and female lead at different points in the story.

- You will roll on the floor laughing often;
- You will think damm thats cute very often (Meng Meng) ;
- Female lead is awesome and entertaining;
- Well written story.

- Short chapter lenght (very short sometimes) ;
- Ocasional Word padding;
- Ridiculous romance struggles by the main couple... more>> happen sometimes.

All said and done I definitely recommend this novel. <<less
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aLIcESpade rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: c1200
This book sometimes just make you question if the author was drunk when they wrote some of the chapters.

It was so entertaining in the first 400 chapters or so. There were so many scenes from the novel that brought me to the edge of my seat, everyday I would be waiting for more releases because of the buildups that the author wrote.

I'm just going to write about Su Luo, our protagonists, there are way to many flaws in the novel for me to write about, not to mention the side characters.

... more>> The protagonist, Su Luo is an independent, strong, mature woman who never needs help from anyone, even with all the powerful connections she had. *cough* male lead *cough*

But she was too Mary Sue, the author tries too hard just to make her better than everyone else. Better than, even the "once in a millennium geniuses" of that world.

Which isn't bad, I mean which reader doesn't want an OP female lead?

Not to mention, it happens in many other books, but it got so repetitive, it became really obvious and just plain frustrating to read.


Mind you, that it's been a long time ago since I dropped it, therefore many scenes might be not exactly like this.

This was one of the many:

    • Because she swallowed an ancient mysterious dragon ring -and she didn't explode from it, she was deemed the owner of it, and thus turned into a 'extinct'
      type cultivator. Because of that, she had her own space now, and while other people have to carry a dimension bag, which is also very rare because you needed space mages to make it, while she doesn't need anything.

Sure, I didn't mind that, it was pretty common in transmigration books anyways.

    • Next, due to a series of unfortunate events, one thing led to another and she got chased by a dragon. Su Luo -and her female lead halo, of course survived, but the dragon dumped his kid on her, and bam! You acquired a ultra rare legendary pet! Of course as compensation, he gave her a mysterious jade that's filled with secrets, like space cultivation manuals and martial arts.

And space mages being all powerful and soughted throughout the lands, now she can use invisible arts, that could also cancel out space and tear into void itself.

I didn't mind that as well, she had to use unique arts that only a protagonists of a book knows, anyways.

    • Next Arc, an ancient palace opens in the middle of the sea, she went there to find treasures. The palace being a 'dangerous place' was filled with traps, but every room she went, NO TRAPS, JUST LEGENDARY TREASURES.
    • NOT TO MENTION, EVERYONE ONE OF THEM SEEMS TO LIKE HER FOR SOME RANDOM REASON. Like a fish that could spit out rare spirit stones 3 times a day or something, very affectionate.
    • But the author wrote it as incredible luck.

*face palm*

    • In the late chapters near 1000, she found out about her identity. Apparently what she looked amazing, PRETTIEST PERSON MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN MALE LEAD, and she wore a mask, that she didn't even know about, and I swear, I never read anything about her being ugly.
    • She found out that, her mother was the most beautiful maiden in the world. And so many amazing and legendary people wanted her as their waifu. Especially 4 of the greatest people in the world. Wowowowowowow. But she mysteriously died, and only some of her close friends knew she had a daughter.

How? I don't even know anymore. Heck, I didn't even know if she was called Su Luo anymore.

    • Apparently, greatest apothecary/pill-maker/doctor as well as ANOTHER SPACE MAGE was one of the 4 admirers. He knew Su Luo was the daughter, that's why he accepted her as his disciple, teaching her greate stuff.

When the author wrote space mages were extinct, I think they're meant to be... you know, gone. But for the sake of convenience, author chucked in another one, just to say a few lines that kinda went like this.

"You can use this dimension bag to cover your identity as a space cultivator."

"Okay, but where did you get it, and how did you know?"

"I'm a space mage myself, I made 3 new bags and everyone knows that one was auctioned away, so people won't think that you're a space mage."

"Thanks bruh."

So basically all the stuff, all the cheats, all the golden fingers she got, never had to work for it. It dropped right onto her lap. BECAUSE OF HER INCREDIBLE LUCK.


The female lead, though she is mature, independent, resourceful, and well, 'strong'. For a 'renowned assassin of the 21st century', she's pretty unintelligent for her occupation.


One time, when the annoying green tea bish, who doesn't take the hint that the male lead likes Su Luo, and hates her, was unconscious, and there was only the two of them in the room. NO ONE CAN STOP HER.

We readers, had enough of the bish, because even when the male lead threatens to kill her, she doesn't know when to give up, and continuously harass Su Luo.

She had all the guys around her that liked her, do anything for her,

Died for her, still ungrateful as eff.

Sorry for the language, I got pissed remembering that side character.

Su Luo had a chance to kill her, she being an assassin, she can easily kill someone clean and swiftly.



Su Luo is quite a role model I don't wish anyone would follow as well.

I gave up reading after 1200, but still read the summary some considerate people did that was up to like 2000s or something.

There was one scene I was the most disappointed


I don't think you wish to know.

I warned you.

In the late chapters of 1000s, guess whatttt. Annoying Side character still alive.

She brought a new guy that was obsessed with her to make our male lead jelly?

But one night, an accident happened.

Guy who liked the side character, couldn't control himself, and assaulted her.

Girl being so delicate, fainted.

Su Luo, and I think someone with her as well,

was too shooked to remember who was with her.

saw the unconscious girl.



So they chucked her out to the streets and called a beggar/homeless person to continue taking advantage of her when she was unconscious, even

it might be wrong, I don't remember much,

gathering people to watch her being you know... urgh.


In the end, she got pregnant from the beggar, and things escalated for a worse, after that.


I dropped it straight away because of that. Su Luo shouldn't even be a female lead anymore.

I guessed I only chose to drag myself to read was because of the Male lead. I just wanted a sappy love book that was kinda like The Demon Wang's Golden Fei, or Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss.


Just finally realize how stupid I was, what sappy love? It was all forceddddd.


Wanna know how they confessed?

Welp Male Lead falls first as you can read from the tags.

Su Luo on the other handdddd... Using Tsundere is really being nice to her. Because she got betrayed by her past lover, that why she died, she couldn't get over it. And after Male Lead repetitively dying for her, spoil her, save her sorry butt, she finally realize that he really wouldn't betray her like her past lover, WHILE RIDING ON HORSE WITH HIM after provoking another 'powerful' cannon fodder and being save because of him. #confession_of_the_year


Like, author, if you don't want romance to really happen yet, then don't. Don't try and make the characters just fall in love because you wanted them to. It's a story with characters, make up a stupid reason I don't even care. But all you had was that?

If you're expecting Hidden Marriage romance, shoo. Side Character is on par with Ning Xueluo but with less backbone.

Highly advise to not come to this page. It's not worth it. <<less
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Nasz D
Nasz D rated it
March 9, 2016
Status: --
I’d like to give a review about this novel before deciding to drop it from my reading list. Well, this novel started good with a transported MC from another world. I expected a stunning MC like from the other novel of the similar genre such as DOP or A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor. And yes, the MC is really stunned me... in another way.

By the chapter 260, I can’t really stand the character of MC anymore. She supposed to be a first rate assassin with a... more>> first rate assassin character, but guess what, she become and dumber as the story goes. She was potrayed as an independent female MC in the beginning but just turned into a tsundere that easily attracted to the male MC. Such irony. The story is also draggy, especially the romance. If it compare to the other novel, ATG is way much better (although some of you may despise Yun Che but in my opinion Nangong Liuyun is worse, and Suo Luo is even worse).

Note: If you looking for a transported MC and a romance themed novel I recommend To Be A Virtuous Wife. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JerryHatrick rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: c1197
I originally loved this story. Well written, well translated.

At c1197 I can no longer bring myself to read this story. It's constantly either the male lead or the female lead getting wounded (with or without lowered cultivation) and then the other having to go save them.

This can only happen so many times before a story should just end.

I think I'll see if I can get this renamed to, "Flogging a Dead Horse".
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
alexfilia rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: c400
This one had a good start (and was one of the first I read of this genter)... untill the Jade lake Fairy attacked lol.... All the woman besides the MC and her friend are super bad and jelous and all want to get into the ML's pants like he is the only man existed ever. And thats the whole plot..... Add to the mc's random plot armor and the fact she gets all the best things ever without ever needed to lift a finger and some nonsense explanation as to... more>> why

Her master couldnt have raised her from the begging is beyond me.... his reasons dont make sense since he is faaaar stronger than his enemies he didnt want to kill for ???? orz

After 4000 chaps the story even resets with the amnesia plot! *throws tables*... then for the leads to get married properly the MC needs to become a virgin again..... somehow *facepalm*

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xbunnyxo rated it
February 25, 2016
Status: --
This author is still not done with this novel... it’s very draggy. Please just finish it and let this end... let her be with a good guy. I don’t like the males in this novel, fake as hell and pretty dumb.

In the beginning I did like the novel but then after chapter 200 something I started to get really annoyed with the characters. They seem to get dumber as the story goes on. Not dumber per se, cause there are some smart moments. But the way the author wrote... more>> out some of their thoughts, dialogues and scenes just provokes me.

The main female lead somehow gets into a bad situation cause of the guy or she herself made enemies. Then she gets out of those situations somehow; good luck, awesome items, etc., you see where this is going.

I’m really put off with the never ending bad situations she gets into and somehow gets out of.

Read this if you want, but I warn you, 6000+ chapters of this and still ongoing. Go ahead and read this if you can stand the agony of waiting. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kalione rated it
August 23, 2016
Status: c533
This story started out good but the author doesn't seem to have any idea what is doing. If I had to resume this in topics than it would be like this:

... more>>

- Dislikeable Main Character:

She doesn't earn anything by herself. Every single power-up, treasure or whatever rare item exists on DKCW's universe its easily obtained without Su Luo having to work a sweat or suffer to obtain it. Moreover the plot-armor is ridiculously inconsistent and even though she is supposed to be a former assassin she doesn't act like one. Both her psych and behavior remembers me of a little kid trying to act mature but failing.

- Horrible side characters -

The topic says it all. There's not a single character on the story who isn't archetypal. The bullies are the same as ever with their beloved howls of #inserts obnoxious voice# "Are you seeking death?!" "Die trash"!
Because I'm a xianxia-trash I was not really surprised or had my sensibility offended for the lack of effort the author put in writing the villains:

1. There isn't a single female character who is written on a positive light, besides Su Luo herself. Every single female on this story follows this pattern: 1.1 Loves Nangong Liuyun and hates Su Luo 1.2 Looks down on Su Luo but is interested in getting Nangong Liuyun.

2. Also, if you are a male character than you also fall in this two categories: 2.1 Familiar of the villainess thus an asshole by association 2.2 Like/admires Su Luo at first sight with no reason or logical explanation.

If you mix the two topics together you will have the tension of this story. Villainess offends Su Luo/ wants to steal love interest; MC or Love interest humilliates villainess; villainess wants revenge; drags family but ends up humilliated or losing life/body part.

3. Nangong Liuyun is an abusive asshole bordering Gary Stu territory. In the begining his macho-front and the soft side reserved for Su Luo was kind of cute but now... now I want a weapon to shoot him if I ever manage to crossover to his world. He is forceful and doesn't respect Su Luo at all or other people besides himself, which makes him unlikeable to me.


The only good thing about DKCW is the translator. Alyshu has been doing a great work, not only he has an excelent work ethic - it means the chapters are released as scheduled or at least he will update his status - but also its well edited. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tasumii rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: c1673

Well In the beginning it started out pretty good, the typical plot where female lead is an assassin etc. dies then is reincarnated into another girl's body that is bullied etc. and sometimes you just want to slap the female lead (苏落) since like.... every time she gets in trouble the male lead (南宫流云) comes to save her and then gets heavily injured/ almost dies. After like reading up to 1600+ chapters (in Chinese) and skimming up to 2000+ I just got really annoyed and pissed off. The SAME THING IS JUST LIKE REPEATING OVER AND OVER IT'S GOING NO WHERE!!! -v- well right now it's at 7140 chapters, don't know if people have to the interest to read that many chapters but just GL to anyone reading this novel

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aure94100 rated it
July 29, 2016
Status: c609
Review at chapter 600+

How to say ? Among the previous negative reviews, there's alot of truth but also many exaggerations (probably due to the annoyance) . This is understandable.

Basically, DKC is not a bad novel. The prose is correct, the universe is rich... in short, it's a standard story that isn't fabulous, but not terrible either. Moreover, this is a xianxia with a female MC (a good combo).

But then comes the problem... The story is monotonous, repetitive and it becomes increasingly boring through the chapters. To summarize: Su Luo is... more>> offended by someone and will resolve the offense by stricking back (must also say that the world around her seems filled with only degenerate narcissistics. Is the author a persecuted person ? Because his world view seems a bit one-sided) . Moreover, it's always a story about " how to beat and humiliate her rivals ? ". I wonder if there is still a goal behind iall of this. All rivals are 1D and I can't spot any interesting side character so far.

And to make matters worse, the MC's cultivation is so slow that after 600 chapters, she still cannot stand as equals with NL and continues to be protected. How pathetic ! She has so much luck and she can't gain anything from it ? How lousy. Looks like the author wants to lag forever on this conflictual relationship where NL is an annoying spoiled brat and SL a useless and spoiled woman with a pit in the brain (NL too).

The MC is supposed to be a skilled assassin (cold, mature, independant, strong) but I can only see a young woman who has no conception of what a s*xual relationship is. She spends her time drooling over NL and it seems like she will never be better than NL. Isn't she supposed to have a unique talent in terms of cultivation ? But NL is as fast if not faster.

Conclusion : Epic fail. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nommy4679 rated it
April 1, 2016
Status: --
Highly recommended to read. Although the novel does- almost at every point of time- piss its readers off with its endless descriptions of meaningless hot guys; the characters are interesting and so is the story in itself albeit with flaws that don't really matter. It's that good, yea. It basically depicts a reincarnated female assassin that thrives for power to protect herself. She handles the assholes around her well with wit and power (that comes later on). Cold, calm, and somewhat overpowered, I'd say. She starts of weak at first... more>> but soon rises in power after a major discovery in her talents (with the help of yours truly). Warning though, the chapters are short. Like, SHORT with many cliffhangers. The male MC is also a very loving, overpowered guy with major mood swings and mental issues. You'd be trapped in between the lines of supporting him or not in his love for the MC. I mean, he sucks at wooing the only one he likes. There's also a very adorable baby dragon for the boost in recommendation. Cuteness is love, cuteness is life. Awfully addictive too. NGXSL for life! <<less
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