Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


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Yun Luo Feng, Hua Xia Medicial School’s genius, died from an accident and her soul attached to Long Xia mainland’s General family’s useless eldest miss.

This waste of an eldest miss not only can’t read or practice martial arts, but is big chested, has no brain, is arrogant and self-willed.

Since having the crown prince as a perfect fiance isn’t enough, she actually snatched a pretty boy in public, leading to the crown prince annulling the marriage.

But she couldn’t stand the annulment and hanged herself.

Opening her eyes again, she is no longer the previous useless miss.

She contracted a God’s puppet and carries a spiritual space. With wonderful hands that can rejuvenate and medical skills that overturn the world!

Both the the royal descendants and nobles above and the merchants below, all compete to curry her favor. Even His Royal Highness, the crown prince,who previously broke the engagement, came knocking on the door wanting to reconcile.

In regard to this, a mysterious man finally couldn’t endure: “Whoever dares to come and harass my woman, let them come but never return!”

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Sacred Feet
Sacred Feet rated it
December 25, 2016
Status: c25
I enjoy reading stories about transmigration so I decided to give this a go. My initial reactions while reading the first few chapters were: (1) the transmigration intro is very rushed (typical weak tr*sh of the family dies and is replaced with a soul, of the same name, who's strong/intelligent) ; and (2) typical family background of this tr*sh is that its quite strong & recognised, and typical fiance who can't take this tr*sh's sh*t anymore so dumps him/her (annuls engagement) so this story set up isn't anything new and... more>> is predictable.

what led to the engagement breaking was actually from the original MC's misunderstanding but it also seems somewhat suspicious to me so I'm here like alright something refreshing finally BUT NOPE right after the author goes onto say the fiance himself set it up to frame her so the engagement could be broken - I would have liked some suspense. The replacement soul's reason for resentment towards the original's grandfather is so dumb, I can't even... BUT HE ACTUALLY FEELS GUILTY??!!?!? I'm sorry but I personally think protecting the country from war and invasion, which influence so many lives, are more important than her single life & the replacement should understand the original was evidently s*upid and slow so she shouldn't be blaming someone who isn't even relevant to the incident smh. Yes what happened to her was wrong, but her grandfather is not at fault. This misplaced blaming rubs me the wrong way. She shouldn't be guilt tripping him like that.

In other words, I basically disliked it in the beginning; BUT I continued to read anyway and this changed.

I like the 'new' MC's lazy attitude. This makes her stand out from other stories, where the MC after transmigrating is normally working hard to gain power from the get go. Even though she does have motivation and interest, the MC isn't open about it nor does she bother to burden anyone about it. She's quite laid back and playful. Personally, I like this. She seems human and someone we can relate to.

What I've gathered is that the chapters are short and easy to read, which I like. If you don't like rushed stories or prefer lengthy descriptions that immediately pull you in, then this novel's intro is something you likely won't enjoy. If you like transmigration stories and want something similar to other stories, but kind of fast paced (skims through the predictable intro), then give this a go. There's not much new here except a few new details. It is really similar to other transmigration stories like Genius Doctor: Black Bellied Miss and Otherworldly Evil Monarch, with a few small changes. Its kind of like the author didn't bother to build up characters, but instead took these other stories and introduced them in a rushed manner, so new details can be added on top.

Similar to how in those stories the grandfather/general in this story is also quite strong & he also faces the loss of all his children and one who was strong is now crippled, EXCEPT the author's twist is that everyone believes he's dead including the MC. Similar to Genius Doctor, the MC has a little powerful boy who aids her, except he doesn't have anything to do with the original soul of the MC nor is he a spirit ring. He's attached to her thanks to a book (similar to Enchantress Among Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife... title is also similar, coincidence?!).

The grandfather/general seems hot blooded which I like! He doesn't take sh*t from the get go and he lets you know it too.

This makes the MC begin to warm up to him which I also like! He's genuine in his feelings and she should realise that.

I don't like her fiance at all. He's arrogant. I understand not wanting to marry someone who has no talent, but developing hate towards her from an engagement decided by others (not her) is unreasonable. He comes off a bit conceited. Yes he has a high position and would want someone of equal footing, but to hate someone over something out of their control is just downright s*upid. Glad the summary tells us he's not the male lead LOL.


All in all, despite the introduction and concept being nothing new, the story does begin to pull you in and you gradually come to like it. Although I do disagree with some mannerisms/reactions/thoughts of the characters, I think it also makes them human in the aspect that we do tend to be unreasonable and childish when it comes to people close to us & we tend to be selfish with things we want or think we deserve. If you can get past the first few chapters, then I think the story will actually be enjoyable; however, I can't really say so 100% you'll enjoy it, considering there aren't much translated chapters currently. I mean 11 out of 1118 chapters won't tell you much, especially when these chapters are short. You can only hope that it continues to get better. Therefore, I'm currently giving this a 3/5. I will update my review, if I feel necessary to do so, as I continue reading this story.

UPDATE: Despite the concise chapters, the story progress 25 chapters in is still quite slow; however, when you look at the bigger picture with how many chapters there are in total, it makes sense. These chapters mostly focus on building the main character and possible future foes. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
February 25, 2018
Status: c103
This novel is just like most other female novels, only it lacks a certain something. While the MC is just as "badass" as any other in a female MC novel, you have to wonder... Why? She wasn't some assassin or killer back on earth. Wasn't she a university student? Granted she was a genius in medicine.. so what? Now she stands up to emperors and people wanting to kill her? It doesn't make any sense. Keeping this in mind, it's hard to believe half of the things she does and... more>> says. It's also confusing that she can cure any illness, especially when she's in a different world and looking at cultivator patients, not normal people.

This plus the fact that the translator cuts the chapters into four pieces, if not FIVE pieces, greatly annoyed me. Especially when reading on Qidan, it's really a pain to have to go into their pointlessly complicated (relatively anyway) menu on the side bar just to go to a new chapter every 30 seconds, since the "chapters" are tiny. While they say they release two chapters a day, in reality they're really releasing half a chapter a day. Instead of there currently being 103 chapters translated, there's really only 30 or so. I can at least say the translating itself (after chapter 30 or so at least) isn't bad. It's just that the "chapters" are way too short, like most female MC novels. Makes me wonder what clown started this awful money grubbing trend. <<less
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Umiru rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c108
It started out really nice, however, that rapidly changed. Ignoring the extremely cliché beginning, it wasn't really that bad.

The use of their vocabulary and over exaggeration gets on my nerves. They literally have to emphasize on the beauty of the main character's every time they move a finger. And if you're going to use the words with such trite, at least expand the vocabulary and context in which you use it.

Reading the word "bewitching" 10 times in a f**king chapter that can be read in 3 to 5 minutes gets... more>> old, really quick.


Okay, next is the part that I have a problem with most of the CN novels': Filial Piety. Yes, I understand the term, but why? She just occupied the body of some "tr*sh" from another era or another world and she acts like the grandfather that has been away for 10-something years is her God and his word is the gospel. To put it frankly; it's s*upid.
Okay, so some old fart comes from the middle of nowhere. MC cures him, he and his granddaughter stay at her residence and the MC's grandfather (Yun Luo, or something) says for the old man to become her godparent. Why? What significance does this have on the plot? So when some old fart comes from the middle of nowhere, and you can see that he has a significant background, you just say for your grandchild and him to become family?


Next, the MC's in these novels' are always portrayed as being a genius in the writing but tr*sh upfront, which is not true. She merely has a cheat-like ability that she got from who-knows-where and becomes abnormally fast in cultivation. But in actuality, she has oatmeal for brains. She could just wait for her cultivation to increase, but she doesn't. She throws her weight around when she's still a greenhorn to cultivation and ends up hurting herself and delaying her cultivation. Which might I add, she could've avoided had she gathered her trivial IQ and held in her anger for an old man with one foot in the grave.

I could've gone on for a much longer duration with many more paragraph's, but I feel that even this review was a waste of my time. Here's a tip: If you've read any other novels' like this one, dislike repetitive, over exaggerated verb's with little to no significance to the story, this isn't for you. Hopefully, this will keep you from wasting your time reading a below-average tr*sh.

Edit: The above is grammatically incorrect. After all, the chapters on this wonderful novel aren't even worth being called a chapter. It's merely a few paragraphs that aren't worth going through QI for. <<less
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roake rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: c100
I can usually read through several hundred chapters with these kinds of novels before making a judgement, but I couldn't get pass 100.

It's completely infantile, offensive, and just plain bad.

1) I love reading children books, comics and etc so when I rate this as infantile I mean it. It's beyond childish.

2) I love me some revenge. BUT, this was just offensive. Some people hate the typical r*pe setup, where they bad guy sets up a r*pe to disgrace an MC and the MC turns it around on them.... more>> I have no problem with that. No one deserves to be sexaully assulted, but if you plot for someone to get r*pe, you deserve it yourself. I get that, no problem.

BUT, The circumstances in this novel in no way justifies the characters' desire to sexually assault the "bad guys".


The "bad guys" were even forced into brothels where they were repeatedly assaulted. That is disgusting. This kind of MC is plain repulsive. The crown prince was just an ass hole. He deserved a punch in the face, not this. That is an entirely unacceptable action.


3) I get that a web novel with over a thousand chapters will run off at some point. BUT, the writing was not just verbose, it was s*upid. The obvious was repeated and repeated and then repeated ten more times.

The characters of this novel have ZERO adult thought. It's really bad writing. The characters are awful people, uninteresting, and the dialogue is junk. <<less
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Velstride rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c457
Okay, this is sh*t novel. This novel is about how the MC trampling other people lives. That's it.

MC was supposed to be transmigrator from modern era, but there's nothing modern about her, she's easily offended and would kill people for it. Revenge is only satisfying when not only the MC but also the readers feel the characters' great grievance from being wronged by the other party. The revenge instead become a chore. The result is a repetitive and boring read.

Add to that all her enemies are brain-dead, unreasonable, incapable of... more>> critical thinking can't analyze their situation properly. I demand a strong and interesting enemy who can calmly analyze the situation and act accordingly instead of a weak arrogant brain-dead who can't even see obvious danger.

The cultivation aspect of this novel is even more messy. Cultivators are supposed to be able to probe others strength but the arrogant brain-dead villains always skip this step and end up offending the MC and her OP husband.

Conclusion: Avoid this novel at all cost. <<less
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Cyon rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: --
The ML and the FL are psychotic monsters. Monsters that work hard to reserve for themselves the deepest chambers of hell in the afterlife, deeper than any antagonist they cleaned up along the way.

Let me explicate more.

I am used to the ruthless, arrogant FL and ML in chinese novels but these two let most others look tame. And this is also a whole new level of arrogance here. That's megalomania. And the FL reason for feeling superior to others is because she has won the lottery. Most of her powers,... more>> other then her medicinical knowledge were granted to her for free. She didn't do anything for them, she just got them coincidentally. Anybody could have ended up with these gifts and perhaps it would have been better for the world. I would like to know if she would still be this arrogant without her dimensional realm or her miraculous high aptitude for cultivation.

The FL, just coming into the world, throws herself headfirst into a revenge for a family she doesn't even know, for people she shouldn't even care about. From this point on, all she does is giving out faceslaps, extrications and taking revenges that are worse than the original crimes. And because she would be bored otherwise, she always finds another reason to take revenge for something. The punishments often overshadowing the crime.

The antagonists are of course bad people as well, but the trouble they are causing, mostly because they are to s*upid to recognize danger, starts to look more and more tame as the story goes on, if you compare it, to what the protagonists do afterwards. The antagonists look more innocent than the protagonists. Actually their actions look more and more forced, to give the FL a reason to attack them. To give the FL a way to further her powers, without looking bad for taking them unrightfully and by force. The FL is by no means more harmless than the people she kills or tormants and since she wasn't even really involved in all the things that happend before her arrival, it really gives of the vibe that she plays along it for fun, not for justice.

It finally gets even that far that she kills people whose only crime was to be arrogant before her. LOOK in the mirror girl!!! Also for a girl born in present time, how could she feel it justified to kill a whole family for the crime of one corrupt individual? If being spoiled is a crime she should take her own life first.

If you don't want to read a story where the evil will win (well the bigger evil winning against the smaller ones in this case) and reign with tyrancy this story isn't for you. <<less
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wait321 rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: c150
This novel childish and boring. It's filled with pointless arguments. 90% of the story is: MC runs into X and argue for no reason, followed by 5+ chapters of tr*sh talk. At the beginning of an argument, I literally jumped 5 chapters and saw the conversation just ended and everything still made sense. Even when the MC has enough power, she still wastes her time engaging in verbal arguments when she could just slap them to death. Read this if you like reading conversations that have no effect on the... more>> story or characters. <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c214
The story progressed like sprinting. All the villain characters are brainless and without principles. The MC is too poweful, arrogant and with overly confident. This story supposed to be read when we can not sleep and can not take sleeping pill, when read this story, we would get bored of the absurdity and eventually fall asleep.
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Anonymousse rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c282
Begin with the usual cliche starter pack as many other similar novel. MC transmigrate to a military family, a doting grandpa, a disable uncle, a scumbag emperor.

so far is enjoyable with decent plot, unlike the author`s other novels.

still too early to say anythin since its just begun.

... more>> edit: why did I even read this braindead novel. sigh...

-MC is a so called transmigrator from modern world. yet she quickly become a different person after it.

-She act like a sl*t with the male lead without any concern of public.

-She probably hv a twisted personality even b4 shes transmigrate, bc she act like a real b*tch at later chapter.

-she unreasonably treat a stranger as her real grampa without any logical reason. a real dumb grampa that act like a spoiled 5yo kid...

-alot of curses (b*tch, sl*t, tr*sh, etc) and repeated words (wicked smile, wicked pose, wicked, wicked, wicked, etc...) OKAY !OKAY! I know MC is fkin wicked, so stop it ady!!!

ugh.. whatever... shouldnt gave my hope with this author... dropped... just like his other 2 novels (EAA, EEWC).

ps: nope, this isnt the same as GDBBM. not even close at all. GDBBM hv a decent plot, while this ones is just a random plots w repeatedly faceslapping. I enjoy reading GDBBM, while this ones probably gonna gimme hypertension after longtime consumption... <<less
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rh.hours rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: --
The start to the novel was interesting, but it became way too draggy and I soon lost interest. I’ve read it up to 1000 chapters or so and that was enough for me. It got way too repetitive and they just kept introducing more but similar villains with a lack of development in the plot.

The FL and ML are OP and that’s fine as that’s a common troupe of this genre, but they are unnecessarily petty and vengeful, especially the FL. Yes that’s a common troupe, but in almost every... more>> single plot the FL is the one who picks fights, gets offended, and eventually annihilates the entire household. ML isn’t that interesting either, he’s just... there. For me the biggest weakness of the novel was that I was unable to connect to the main characters and actually root for them.

Not a bad novel for its genre, but it was just ok. <<less
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xmei rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: c547
At the start I liked it but the more I read the more annoying th female lead gets!!1

i hate the way she pushes people around and gets what she wants, she also punishes people for no reason as if the whole world owes her something

so annoying how long fei and xiao mo and the other are treated by her
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hawlol rated it
August 15, 2018
Status: c439
Both MC and ML are hypocritical psychopaths with one dimensional personalites. Someone in a family hurt them in any way? Exterminate the entire family. Someone is just an as*hole and did something bad but that does not entail death? Exterminate the entire family. They don't like someone's face? Yeah.. You get the drill.

Resume of every plot in this novel: MC exacts 'revenge' and challenges every 'villain' (any person she doesn't like is a villain) directly while beating everyone in her path. Eventually, some stronger villain than herself shows up, and... more>> after almost being killed, she get's saved by the male lead. Copy and paste till the latest chapter. Add a lot of meaningless dialogues of third rate villains and gossipers calling her tr*sh or being amazed by her subtle change and that's the whole novel.

Cultivation system and fights are bland and lackluster. No methods, skills or even martial arts. She solves everything by kicking the enemy in chest. Her medicinal skills are just a cheat. The authors says she heals the sick and that's it, no interesting diseases or treatments.

The author is also in love with the world tr*sh (for fcks sake, don't do a drinking game with the word in this novel or you'll die a few chapters in), and there's no word that's better to describe this than disgusting tr*sh. Btw, I misscl**ked on 2. This is definitely a one. <<less
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littlecalyx rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c212
Compared to other transmigration stories i've read this novel is lacking something.

The pace of the story is so fast that there are details left behind. Details, that as a reader, I wanted to know. Due to this I sometimes feel like I skipped a few chapters.

So many things have happened yet it felt like nothing much happened.

I love face slaps but I don't feel much about it here. I don't feel the satisfaction that I get when I read face slaps scenarios in other stories like for example in Genius... more>> doctor black belly miss.

I think i've read too many transmigration stories that are much better than this that's why I feel like it only deserves two stars. <<less
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RannSy rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c241
GEWW's characters and settings are almost the same with Evil Emperor's Wild Consort.

... more>>

MC's parents were killed, formed allegiance with the medicine court, and the male leads are acting like bodyguards around the MC-overprotective (ie: if the world contradicts with you, then I'll kill the whole world for you and something along those lines). Though it started at a slow pace, it got a little quicker through the later chapters. I think GEWW is more realistic with some parts where the MC is not the god like type that everytime she faces opponents on her same level, she still gets hurt and beat up (and then the male lead enters and saves the day wippee!)


If you loved EEWC, I think you'll also like this one. Though the current translated chapters (status atm: chapter 29) isn't enough to currently catch your attention. Hoping that the translations will catch up soon! <<less
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KichiX rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c434
... where do I begin? This story is like fast-food. No, in fact, it's worse than fast-food. It can keep you reading, but there is nothing satisfactory about it.


  1. "dandy miss" "Dandy" means handsome and pays attention to appearance. It does not mean arrogant and using someone else's power to defeat your enemies or relying on money. I ask you WHY IS SHE CALLED A DANDY?! AND WHY IS THIS AN EXCUSE TO ACT RIDICULOUSLY ARROGANT??? It's simply an abuse of the English language.
  2. No character development. The characters are card-board cut-outs with one or two tricks. The villains hate the MC because. The others love the MC because. Even the FL and ML don't have personalities beyond "arrogant whenever possible" and "what ever she says is right. Kill whoever's around when she's no here." respectively.
  3. No logic to characters' actions.
  4. No consequences. The MC and villains face no consequences for their actions whatsoever. Publicly forced to proclaim you endangered the kingdom, killed your brother, slept with his wife, and killed your parents? No worries, you can still be the prime minister. (actually happened in the story).
  5. Cultivation System Failure: how do they cultivate? How did our MC become stronger than literally everyone else in her kingdom in half a year? How strong in the ML? How do the different clans and powers interact? How big is the world? How can villains with cultivation a rank about the MC's be defeated after just one kick? I have no idea, and neither does our MC by the looks of things. Nor does she ever show any desire to find out.
  6. She's a doctor. I have this complain about multiple stories; back on Earth the MC was training to be a doctor. In her new world, she, again, is a doctor. WHY? She doesn't like to save people. She doesn't like to "do the right thing". She doesn't like to pursue justice. Someone, please, tell me what on earth could motivate her to become a doctor???
  7. The Female Lead. Illogical. Brainless. Brash. Narrow-minded. Arrogant. There's simply too many words I could use to describe her. She acts like she clever when she's not. She acts like her schemes are all that when if the world wasn't specifically tailored to indulge her in her MC-halo they would fall through. She says she'll avenge the ML when she weaker than him. etc. etc.
  8. The Male Lead. Wooden. Cardboard cut-out. Without personality. Does love hold any weight when the one loving you is a puppet?
  9. The Romance. Don't worry - the MC will "train" the ML. If the ML has a slightly differing opinion, scratch that, any opinion at all? She'll break up with him. The most romantic thing the MC has ever heard is the ML telling her he'll "bury the corpses" for her (I'm quoting the story, guys!) and how nobody has ever told her they'd kill for her before. *rolls eyes* I should hope not, considering she came from Earth. Speechless doesn't cover it. How is that even romantic? It's psychopathic. The MC continually "teases" - aka makes very explicit moves on the ML but without committing to anything. Kissing, hugging, relying on his strength after entreating him to act with her charm etc. etc. It's a little disgusting to read. Either commit to wanting to further the relationship (no need to confess, just give the reader a quick heads-up) or stop leading him on. Her behaviour is slap-worthy. And as for him. There's no reasons for his actions at all. Their whole relationship is ridiculously unhealthy.
  10. Illogical plot. Her revenge for her adopted family spans two kingdoms and the influential clans/sects behind them all because her mother was beautiful. Random dudes popping up while fighting to expostulate about killing being bad (but only if they aren't the ones dying). tr*sh-talking that goes on for pages. Killing people after telling them you'd make them live "a life worth than death" (quote).

  1. The Romance. Despite what I said above, it's nice to see a novel that treats its MCs as teenagers (kissing is no big deal, hugging is permissible) rather than 10 year olds (you kissed me I'm pregnant).
  2. The side-characters. Occasionally. Occasionally we'll run into villains who realises they've seen Mt. Tai when they met the MC, and usually instead of being killed, they get the chance to join the side of life and follow the MC. (these characters are the only ones will motivations. Le Ying or whoever, the 3rd Prince of the other country; Mu Shen, the guy whose (full blood) sister was killed killed by his other sister who is the MC's nemesis. You get the picture).
Go read Mesmerising Ghost Doctor if you want something similar to this, or Insanely Pampered Wife if you want a more typical cultivation novel that has a female lead.
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Shikonbel rated it
March 28, 2018
Status: --
This novel's premise is no different from any other novel in It's category. You've got all the basic troupes; supposed genius of some sort reincarnated into a "tr*sh" body, inability or difficulty cultivating, member of a troubled yet high ranking family, broken marriage engagement, insufferable female antagonist responsible for the previous body's death, mysterious parents.... the author just threw in the entire bag of classics with no real changes or sense of originality.

All of this should make for a perfectly slightly-below-average novel, if it weren't for a few major flaws.

... more>>

1) The incessant descriptions of the main character's beauty, using the same words over and over. Her beauty must be described at least once per every half a chapter, each time using words like "lazy", "bewitching", "arrogant", "unruly", "cruel [smile]", "breathtakingly beautiful", "waterfall-like black hair", "white dress", "sleeves/dress/hair blowing in the breeze", "condescending/contemptful gaze", etc.

It's just painful. We get it, she's beautiful and wild, that's great. Too bad she doesn't have any brains...

2) The main character is styled as though she is incredibly intelligent and devious, possessing both wisdom and foresight... and this will only ever be said, not shown.

The main character is impulsive and shallow. Her plans are flimsy and poorly thought out, and the author relies on an awkward sense of "mystery" to try and convince the readers the main character does in fact have a really impressive plan... probably.

Frankly, the only reason the main character is able to succeed is because all of her enemies have IQs in the negatives. The MC doesn't succeed, her enemies just trip over their own s*upidity. Not a single antagonist thus far has shown any hint of cunning or ability. So, while It's true that the MC is guaranteed to happily face slap all her enemies, it isn't fun or engaging to watch.

There aren't any genuine battles of wits or scheming, and for a novel like this which naturally leans more towards scheming and politics, if the story is severely lacking in this area it will make for a very boring read. I just can't being myself to care, because I know all of these idiots will just self destruct anyway.

3) The characters aren't believable. The MC was a genius medical student in her previous life, which is great but ultimately irrelevant since she's in a brand new world with entirely different types of illnesses, wounds and herbs, and since her ridiculous cheat is just going to give her whatever she needs anyway. Her being a medical student previously is utterly irrelevant.

The fact that she had a past life at all is totally meaningless. She was nothing but a medical student, and now she's strutting around acting overbearing in the face of cultivators and emperors? There is never any explanation or development of character to explain why she is able to behave in such a way. It would have made more sense for the overall story if she were never reincarnated in the first place.

None of the characters, whether the main character or the secondary characters, feel even remotely real or interesting. Everyone is 2d and boring


All in all, these three things take what would already be a very average and bland novel, and make it utterly insufferable. The only reason I don't give it a lower rating is because it has yet to become offensively bad. Still, I don't consider it worth the time.

If you don't mind a bland novel with an arrogant and shallow MC, and side characters s*upid enough to self combust, then go ahead.

I will say that the relationship between the MC and the male lead is somewhat cute, so if you can get past everything else you may be able to enjoy that aspect of the novel I guess. <<less
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Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu rated it
November 8, 2016
Status: c4
This story is similar to another story called Genius Doctor: Black Bellied Miss in the way that the MC's I'm uncle is crippled and the grandfather is powerful in military ways, but it's quite okay as a novel
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Lunahime90 rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: Completed
The second novel I have read with strong female lead. The first one was Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort, but Dandy eldest miss was much better.

The romance here really works! Chemistry between Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao was sweet and made me feel jealous.

I would recommend the first 400 chapters, but after that the story keeps to drag on and became the some rubbish over and over again.

Also while Yun Luonfeng character can be lovely sometimes and I love her teasing, I really hate that the story is using r*pe... more>> and forced prostitution as a form of punishment. I get it, most of the time is Yun Luonfeng just joking, but I still found it disgusting how is she saying that she would sell her enemies (and not only them) to brothel to make some cash.

If someone is after your life, you should kill them. If someone is coveting your lover, you can have your revenge, but selling someone to brothel to be r*ped is not an answer! Am I weird for thinking that it is better to be killed of than to be r*ped? Well, those r*ped characters will end up dead anyway. <<less
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Thipji rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: c444

I do not understand why so much negative rating, the truth is a very good novel, I like the touches of comedy that has, the cuteness of the male protagonist. I also like how the female protagonist is arrogant and seductive, which is cool and different from other novels.

Although it has small defects in history, it does not take away the interesting.

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MasterHaru rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c144
I really like this novel because the female lead knows what she wants and don't let other bully her.

I think the ML is rather cute and I like how his attachment for the MC grows little by little.

I can't wait for the rest of the story!
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