Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort


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She was the head of a powerful, medicine-orientated aristocratic family.

Crossing through a millennium, she ended up in the body of the General Household’s “tr*sh” young miss, whose engagement with the Crown Prince was just broken as she suffered under everybody’s taunts!

In the drafting feast, she was re-engaged by the Emperor to marry the famous disabled prince!

Everybody laughed, a blind tr*sh with a disabled wastrel. What a perfect match!

However, they didn’t know that in her hand, she grasped the long-lost primordial pill recipes! Her practice in medicine had reached the apex! Her contracted beasts were unique in the world!

What was the most frightening, was the disabled prince she was engaged to…….

A black-belly full of dirty tricks, with a heaven-opposing cultivation physique, he defeats all geniuses!

In his wheelchair during the day, yet entangling her in bed as he trained his waist muscles… MF! Is he really crippled!?

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort on September 22, 2016 rated 0.1 of 5
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The Astounding Female Physician
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New Yazzyreads rated it
October 31, 2021
Status: c40
It's not bad, but it's super basic. The ML pretty much fell in love with her at first sight, the MC easily got back at her "enemies, " and is classified as very clever instead of astoundingly arrogant and dismissive...

It's not like I'm against Mary Sue stories. I actually generally like them in fact. But this story has been so flat and boring. Like it was cranked out by a machine just to give readers the bare minimum for people who like these kind of tropes.

For first timers into this... more>> CN genre, it's probably entertaining enough, but for veterans such as I (lol) this writing feels like a waste of time.

My patience isn't very good in the first place and the fast and abrupt romance already disgusted me. By chapter 40 I knew I was done. <<less
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Shazi Sultan
Shazi Sultan rated it
October 14, 2018
Status: c6200
Hello, I am the translator for Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife. I am grateful for all the people continuing with this series despite my initial blunder of a translation.

I do agree that the plot is repetitive, but my love for this story spawned from the characters not really the plot, so what can I say? Especially Di Bei Chen (he's so sweet!). I would also say the story gets much better later on, but I have to translate up to that point first...

The criticism against my translation has... more>> been read and thank you for these because otherwise I have no idea what I am going wrong. It's my first time translating anything, so criticism actually helps. <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ rated it
March 2, 2017
Status: c3600

At first it's feels like an ordinary xianxia transmigration female protagonist, with uncare parents, bully sister, broken engagement, a waste body. MC is ruthless, she kill left and right, and not being blocked by some random enemy's master or their more powerful sibling/admirer. But not all enemy is destined to be killed, some even became her helper.

The author really know who to build suspense and whet your appetite, the pacing is really great, mind that I use MTL up to this point and still feel the magnificence, wondering if I read it in glorious proper English. What I love the most from this story is the emergence of other outstanding male character. MC is really a rare gem, how could only ONE male captured by her dashing beauty and talent? It doesn't make sense.. (Glaring at DKC). The plot is really great too, there's no feeling of repentance.

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scriptor rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c57
What really makes this series shine among others with a similar layout -- transmigration into a 'tr*shy' young lady, overturning the heavens, nabbing a good hubby, etc. -- Is the characters. Well, for me it's the female main character and male main character in particular. They're both so black-bellied (sly) and funny together with great chemistry. The female lead takes revenge but it's in a way that robs the opponent of their goods and then some. For example:

... more>>

The one who stole her 'fiance' (AKA her sister) gets stuck with itching powder and ruins her face. The mean ex-fiance gets poisoned and suffers so much acute pain he's on the verge of death. The female lead sets up doctor's office/medicine shop and makes the ex-fiance pay her to cure him (via the emperor his dad) AND advertise her new shop through that 'task.' Then she sets it up later so the infatuated idiot dumps her sister publicly in her medicine shop as she's there to fix her face. Her face isn't fixed in the end.


The male main character is probably among the most unique I've seen. His shamelessness knows no bounds and he gives a new meaning to black-bellied as he deceives and mostly makes the female lead want to vomit blood on occasion because of how shameless he is in getting her attention. But while there's a push-pull in the relationship, you can tell that they're not really against each other and that there's a bit of attraction. It's nice not to see two complete ice blocks try to carry out a romance.

Would definitely recommend giving it a read. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: c420
This is a VERY generic "great doctor girl has a second chance at life in the body of a tr*sh young miss". Her whole family hates her. There's one prince (who's "crippled") who likes her, yet has a secret identity. Her marriage was broken with the jerk of a crown prince who regrets it. She finds out she's not really her family's daughter. Etc. etc. All of the cliches you can think of. The thing that kept me reading for close to 400 chapters was the really well done translating.... more>> It breathed life into this generic novel.

Unfortunately, around chapter 400, it changed translators. The new (and current) translator does a sub par job. Everything reads EXTREMELY stiffly. Instead of saying "Yes!", the translator has the characters shout "Well!". How does well mean yes? It's weird things like these in every chapter that make reading it very uncomfortable. We've grown used to the male lead teasing her by constantly calling her "wifey". The new translator uses "lady" instead. Doesn't lady sound like something ANYBODY would call a woman? It sounds like it's creating a distance rather than closing the distance, affection wise. The main character's name IS Baili Hongzhaung. The male lead's name is Dibei Chen. With the new translator, they separate the names. Baili Hong Zhaun. Di Bei Chen. Now, where I'm currently reading, the new translator writes below a chapter that they don't like the names "Little White" and "Little Black" for the MC's summoned pets. They want to change to to Xiao Hei and whatever the other Chinese version would be. Things like this aren't necessarily a problem, and usually wouldn't matter if it was only a few chapters in. However, after close to 400 chapters, stuff like this is really selfish of the translator to change, simply because they personally don't like the way it sounds.

However, little things like this, while annoying, aren't enough for me to say the translation isn't good. It's stuff like the main character shouting "I will fulfill you!!" in response to a guy trying to kill her. I will fulfill you?... What does that even mean?.. Here's another example sentence. To find it, I literally just looked down at my iPad on the current chapter I'm on, and it was the next paragraph. Wasn't hard to find an example, is what I'm saying.. "After all, with the Beast King in her hand, how could she worried about other Wicked?"....... Seriously?

Sorry, but this is a bad translation. It's such a shame coming after a great translation too. The sad part is I've looked ahead in chapters, and it unfortunately looks like the translator ignores any comments that attempt to point out recurring mistakes they make. They seem to have no intention of trying to improve themselves, making me assume the future chapters are never going to be any better. I may be snobbish about this, but I don't want to have to read low quality translating when I'm using my free time to try and relax and enjoy myself with a good story. I hope the current translator drops this and lets someone more experienced pick it up, as while it's generic, with the right translator, it has potential still. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
June 26, 2017
Status: c177
It is very difficult to describe my feelings towards this series... In short, it is beyond average.

First off, it is the regulation female MC CN who was a tr*sh but then turns out to be a great doctor, and later a genius cultivator. Throw in the random cute beasts/plushies and a male MC who only emotes when the female MC is around.. it is beyond average. But, I should have given this 4 stars in that case. Why 3?

Because, even though it follows the cliches... it fails to even properly... more>> use the cliches. The cute beasts hardly get any screen time. So, is the plot quick? Yes it is very quick. How you ask? In my dreams!! I am at chapter 177/178 (The numbering is strange) and I have to say.. All I see is bishes. Bish after bish comes to get face slapped.

But, why do I not drop this? The chapters are short. Which is a cliche. So, it is something that I want to read when I want to talk to someone but act like I am not interested in the discussion, though I am actually following it vaguely.

The one thing which I like in this is the male lead. He starts out as a cripple, but yeah.. Genius doctor female lead! But the thing is, he is very shameless, in a comic way. And his comedy stays fresh... for a long time.

The characters are sometimes not even one-dimensional. And the comedy itself is also not too great. Repetitive gags that bore you really easily... Actually, I am starting to have second thoughts about that 3 star rating.

This is not Mango approved. If you have never read anything in this genre/setting... This is a walkthrough on how to write something of this genre: It pretty much tells you all the stuff you need to do, and expects you to have some fun and improve it. <<less
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lazymonkey rated it
January 15, 2020
Status: c8200
This is one of the best Chinese novel, I have ever read. While the story started as any typical c-novel but once it crossed 700+ chapters, it was totally amazing. One of my favorite part of novel is the worlds and competitions, author created. Those parts are absolutely thrilling. If you are fan of long novels like me, then this is definitely a novel which I would recommend.
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nikideema rated it
May 26, 2018
Status: c65
Read this if you want to practice your eye muscles, because you'll be rolling your eyes a lot of the time. It reads like fanfiction, with characters that are not characters, but more like caricatures of archetypes. People do things with little rhyme or reason behind their actions and many characters are so insubstantial that they're paper thin.

I question what world this is set in, because it is definitely not set in ancient China. All the protocols and society rules are thrown out the window. For example: there was a... more>> banquet held with the Emperor and people were throwing wine at each other, yelling, and insulting each other and there were zero consequences. The world feels very intangible since there's very little to no world building.

DNF. <<less
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Mizushi-hime rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c501
I actually love this novel, the FL is likeable and the ML is not one of that domineering, cold, and egoistical man. He cared about the FL but sadly in the early chapters we rarely saw him. The second male lead are also a likeable character. The world building and the pace is good.

The reason I only gave you 3star is because the villains are so s*upid and they're like flies. They come without reason, fight without brain and then a couple chapters later they're gone, it's like they are... more>> there just to show us how great, how powerful and how smart the FL is. And this cycle keeps on repeating.

On another note you have to realized that this novel have 5296 Chapters and still ONGOING!! The chapter itself is so short the author could just combine 5 chapters to make 1 decent chapter. And with the rate of the translation it's going to need a couple of years to finish translating. The translator do a good job at translating tho. <<less
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Rin.Rin rated it
July 22, 2019
Status: --
I read this a while ago and remembered I liked it a lot to the point I wrote down the name to keep up with it. This novel is really good! I only wrote this review to say that some parts the MC seem rude and makes fun of the ML but in my opinion, I read it as sarcasm or more as a joke. If you read a lot of novels, you can tell that the MC doesn't really mean it. She's not dumb lol. She's just not willing... more>> to be played in the ML hands and want things at her pace. Some people might misunderstand and I just wanted to clarify her attitude.

Also, I want to clarify this. Although the characters/plot may seem s*upid/repetitive/cliche, I feel people are too critical when it comes to review. Its almost hypocritical when people rate 5 stars on the cliche plot of a CEO and beautiful MC who's either a model/actress. It has the same dumb characters and the same plot of the whole scandal, defamation, resolve, and an increase in love from fans. Even though it's repetitive, people still stay and read to the end for the romance and the characters themselves.

Although the MC seems really OP you can't really blame her. She came from 1000 years ago to into the future where cultivation technique/knowledge and medicine were lost. Naturally, the MC would have such a huge advantage. Though the luck and plotline does seem cliche though. Give this novel a chance. <<less
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New Moon
New Moon rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c324
I love this novel. MC is strong ruthless cunning. I love ho amazing she is. She cure ML legs. She is one of best MC.

i like this novel and genius Docter black belly miss. Both are my fav transmiggration novel.

worth to read this novel. Good unique novel
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RannSy rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c402
So far, I'm falling in love on how the story progresses.


I love the idea of the MC not backing down on life and death contract by killing completely the opponent. Even to those people who have ideas to kill her, she needn't hesitate to kill them instantly especially it was the era where your enemies could suddenly ally with your enemies making it difficult to fight them. The idea of cutting it off quickly is good.


Will be editing this as I continue to progress to further chapters! :)
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Rain Cloud
Rain Cloud
September 23, 2016
Status: c1
I won't rate it yet, 'cause only one chapter is out, but it does look promising. The description is somewhat convoluted, but this is what I could tell from the first chapter: a talented medicinal expert from 1000 years in the past transmigrated into the body of an untalented general's daughter. As is the usual trope, the "waste" of a girl had "committed suicide" (aka she was poisoned by her blackhearted, more talented sister) because she "became blind" (guess who caused it) and our heroine has now been put in... more>> the middle of this drama since she now occupies the body of the deceased girl.

Its pretty much a story with the usual transmigration trope, but I love these kind of novels, so I'm looking forward to more. The only downside of course is that the TL doesn't yet have an editor, so there are a few grammatical mistakes, but not so many that the translation becomes incomprehensible. The only thing it does have that differentiate it from other novels is that the heroine is from 1000 years in the past, not the future or current time. I'm pretty interested to see where this story goes. So far, so good :) <<less
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NanairoHana rated it
October 4, 2018
Status: c403
I want to leave review after I catch up to the latest update but, god! (Sarcasm here)

In my opinion this novel should be average, 2.5 the story itself (dropped to 2 since translation quality able to make me quit without catching up to available chapters 532). It comes poorly but still manage to make you want to read more. The plot poorly executed and the characters establishment also shallow.

Baili Hongzhuang (MC), is the kind of transmigrator that got all the cheats and golden finger. She had troubles come for... more>> her but never got a setback whatsoever, making her character seems less appealing as the story goes on, monotonous. I don't hate her character nor like it. Dibei Chen (ML), is a good character. His character development also good. Detached, naive and innocent initial bemusement, once fall in love patiently waits for the other to reciprocate and his tremendous efforts along the way! (He is the sole salvation of this novel). Contract beasts: OP, cuties (very generic since all 3 are sames). However, together this family (MC, ML, children beasts) charms amplified, makes you want to read more of their journey together. I'm disappointed

that now hubby Dibei Chen comes back, the translation quality left me baffled into quitting


The plot poor execution: All villains and cannon fodders gave another meaning to the word idiot! Their recycled-kind-like (copy paste) character takes the joy of face-slapping moments. They are like bullies in school. Didn't when you see those people, the first that comes to mind: idiots, s*upid, brainless person? Well unless you're a bully, like this characters then just like them it can't resonate. They are like "hate, kill, failed" then got killed. No strategy, counterattack whatsoever. All the actions and plot revelation are predictable and cliche, except ML since I still speculating on his origin and true self. But that might also change later, don't know since 6k chapters are a lot. Redundancy is unavoidable but if 4++ already lots redundancy scattered.....

And now at 403, my patience just run out. Transmigration to wuxia, cultivation world and the translation quality dropped to the underground. I tried tolerating since the shift of translation at 397 but at 403 I must say I quit. It is just to much. Let me picks at minor thing like sudden change in the way of translating character name, Dibei Chen -> Di Bei Chen, Dongfang Yu -> Dong Fang Yu (annoying when 3++ chaps are in, but tolerable). Next, this sentence: "Even if I cannot kill you in Cang Lan College today, but I still want to fulfill you, so I will use another method!". School name got another way of translating it. I was confused as heck! But okay acceptable, since most wuxia translation retained their chinese name BUT instead of modern term like college they usually used terms like institution. However, I can still tolerate this thing and try to substitute "I still want to fulfill you" that keeps appearing with other sentence that had more context and meaning. BUT BUT BUT

my lowest limit is hit with this:

"You say, if I destroy your pubic region, what will you do?"

Translator note: Pubic region Dantian

Such awkwardness! The horror. Since the current translator has her own preference then I can only say I also has my own (this review is of course for kindred spirit of mine so they know what they got into). I can't tolerate the translation anymore and dropped this series (even when I curious af of Dibei Chen origin). Hat-off to those that can read it still and leave brilliant comments on the site after 396. For those that want to fill their time with leisure reading (which most transmigration genre always give), enjoying your free time with sentences and sentences that makes sense, then read at your own risks. <<less
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hawlol rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: c420
Non original but entertaining story until chap 100 and few.

This is common mary-sue into tr*sh body reincarnation trope. All family bully her, some strong mysterious ML falls for her, blablabla.

It's a good waste of time for those who like this kind of guilty pleasure, though, so why a 2.0?

... more>> The answer is meaningless expositions and repetitions.

While this novel has almost 6, 5k chapters, each chapter is really small and most of it will be useless ramblings or repetitions that add nothing to the plot. Encounters will be dragged though several chaps and characters will ramble for several pages instead of acting.

In each chapter you'll read 2-3 paragraphs of actual plot, at most. Everything else will be waste written for stretching the novel.

What little story is left is actually amusing, and I enjoyed, even with the OP couple, since none of then are complete psychopaths like most novels in this genre.

So, if you think you can manage the absurd amount of filler content after chapter 100+ go ahead and read it, as I think the plot and characters are nice, but after reading 420 chapters I can tell you the little that happened could be written in only 70 at most.

Although I liked, my patience ran out. Adding the fact that this has 6.5k and probably won't be finished, I decided to drop it when the story became a little lukewarm (check the releases per week and calculate how many years would take to finish it at this rate). <<less
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August 22, 2018
Status: c396
There's one thing that I don't agree even though I know that this is fiction but still

... more>>

There's a hunting battle which infuriated me so much. I, in my life, never agree such things happened. And you know what, the book stated that they hunt the beast to the point of extinction!!! The hell is that!??? The hunt them everyday, they hunt them for fun, they hunt them for price, they hunt them for food, they hunt them for exams, they hunt them for strength.. yes, no wonder that they go extinct!!! And if all of the beast go extinct, do they breed their pet beast and kill them just for those reason? Ridiculous!!!!


Honestly, it's kind of tiring.. reading the same scheme over and over again. There's no color at all. See, this MC wanted something but then an antagonist came, provoking her, insulting her, hindering to get that things etc.

"Do you know the consequences of offending me???? You need beating!!! / you seek death!!! / I'll kill you!!!!" Kill... KILL!!!! Murder... MURDER!!!!

Bammm the battle happened, and she won. Thus creating another antagonist for the sake of revenge It's so predictable and boring. At this point it become a joke.. the saddest thing is they have to bicker for a whole 3-6 chapters to get to the point!!!!!!

MC walking
AC : hey look!! There's that sl*t MC. Let's bother her blah... blahhh (1 chap full)
MC : go away!! (1 chap full)
AC : I don't like you (1 chap full)
MC : who CARES!! *Proceeding do what she wants (1 chap full)
MC : let's bet (1 chap full)
The battle begun and she won
AC (1/2/3...n) : either die or WAIT FOR MY REVENGE!!!!!!!!!

That's basically what I've concluded after 300+ chaps.

Then it seems that the author kind of detest "wordy" character. But the author is the most "wordy" person. It has too much words or explanation that could cut them off. Unnecesarry explanation that hurts my eyes, brain and internet quota. Such a joke!!! I think I only read a pharagraph for each chapter after 150 or so, and it doesn't hinder me to understand what's going on in the storyline.

The relationship between her and the prince is quite sweet but not enough for me to see a new light from this novel. That's said, I'm halting this novel for a moment. <<less
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LookingFromTheMoon rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: c396
Don't normally write reviews, but I'll try my best to convey my thoughts. This is nothing new, same old tropes, same old plots, but this is particularly poorly written. Lets start with the premise. A genius doctor reincarnates into the body of a "waste" daughter of a general who is mistreated, disfigured/scarred in someway, and or probably can't cultivate for XYZ reasons and looked down upon. Except this time the MC is both disfigured to look ugly AND can't cultivate for some reason -gasp-!. Then we have the of vital... more>> importance canceled engagement to set up some later face slapping and the attempted suicide which lets the MC possess her body in the first place. Nothing new here. She uses her super amazing medical skills to obviously cure herself obvious as par course. Can't forget some super cute and endearing spiritual pets, and some OP heaven defying treasure as her cheat cheat. At first the villain actually seemed to be quite wicked and shrewd with her schemes! I was mildly interested! For all of three chapters and I do mean this quite literally. The step sister had stolen her fiancé the crown prince, and had secretly blinded her (presumably via poisoning her from a younger age), and used manipulation of her emotions to cause her to commit suicide all in one masterful stroke of her plan! Or so it seemed, but actually she and every other antagonist are... calling them ret*rded would be an insult to does who actually are. Every plot, every grievance and solution are so utterly idiotic that I could use my suspension of disbelief to bungee jump off Mt Everest. For example for her actually plain dumb these people are

The world the story exist in doesn't make sense, nobles are literally killing and beating the sh*t out of each other and nobody cares, princes and princesses are being threatened regularly, the police doesn't exist, everyones IQ is at a solid 15 when being generous besides MC ML and spirit pets, and even then they are extremely childish and petty. This entire story is literally just a bunch of Pokemon encounter with the villain of the week who's sole purpose in existing is to get face slapped within 10 chapters, its dull, mind numbing. It's like trying to swim through mud trying to finish an arc. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: c380
Every one knows the drill. ^_^/

1. Transmigrator MC is a genius doctor and cultivator with a heaven-defying magical tool and beasts.

2. The ML falls in love at first sight with MC. And surprise! The MC is a powerful cultivator with an aristocratic/authoritative background.

... more>> 3. Green tea b***hes and white lotuses pop up every arc just to be killed/face-slapped by the MC.

4. The MC's cultivation is fairly slow, but attack power is higher than her cultivation so she can beat people higher leveled than her.

5. All other geniuses in the novel becomes tr*sh in front of the MC because the MC is just oh-so-special.

6. The MC has a secret family background that she is trying to discover like in the Demonic King Chases hits Wife

7. The one thing that really annoys me shows up in this novel. The MC just loves to talk to villains/cannon fodders for a long time before directly killing them. Like she waits for them to yell and beg for mercy and for other people to intervene before finally chopping them off. I wish the MC can just ruthlessly finish off irrelevant characters quickly with out dragging it out since there is no point to it. Reading those parts is a huge pain in the a**. Overall, this is a very average novel revolving around cultivation and trying to reach the apex of the world. Nothing really stands out to me in terms of plot, romance, or character development. The flow of the story is generally smooth and the translation is good (as in minor flaws, nothing major to complain about). The only thing I look forward to in the story is when the MC's beast companions finally get some screen time and provide some fluff scenes for me to enjoy. My recommendation is to read this novel without any expectation and to just enjoy it if you can, but if not, then just skip this novel since it's not like you'll be missing out. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c120
Grammar: 3/5

Story: 2/5

Writing: 3/5

Honestly, I'm enjoying the story but I have some gripes with the author's standards of beauty...

Grammar is about average, instances of awkward wording/phrasing and misspelling. The story is more copy-paste Chinese female protag being abused before the reincarnator takes over the body and gets revenge. The writing is about standard again, nothing new, just word count filling fluff and stuff.

... more>>

Now onto my gripes. The author seems to hold only perfectly flawless, milky white skin as beautiful and everything else is ugly as f*ck. Really? Are freckles ugly?

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Marseline rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: c2646
Although I have reached chapter 2646, I have corrupted myself to the end

I feel that the novel, like any other Chinese novel, has been spoiled by making it too long

1 _ the main character with a rigid face it makes everything under its control does not struggle and do not tire itself when repeating this in every event the situation becomes really stressful to the eye !!

... more>> 2_ There is only one type of bad guys and competitors repeat in every event there is nothing exciting

3_ There is only the main character in the novel, do not appear side characters never always look like fuel for the main character and this is really outrageous

4_ I repeat and repeat the characters, whether good or evil have the same pattern without anything else

5_ The main character seems without feelings retains its icy face always, I began to wonder if the author's plan to make the main character as God

6_ Everything that the story becomes more and more vulgar, and events are repeated always, but another face

7_ Wherever the main character comes anyone and make problems in the same way every time

8_ All personal conceited but in front of the main character on them humility (this is what you conclude when reading)

9_ become indifferent when reading events to the extent that you expect what will happen and happen really nothing new


She discovers that she is an important figure with parents and grandparents amazing, but she should save them and help them to reunite, avenge the harm of her family and then get married and go to address her husband outside the continent to a remote island without any support for the search for herbs and finally find the family of the main male character and are Treads it and come back then? It is supposed to end with this happy ending !!! But all this is happening in chapter 4000 and the novel is still going on It lasted for chapter 8, 000!!!


The only good I got is that the main male character does not want any misunderstanding with his sweetheart so he always corrects his position and prove his love always, but after a while you will see that in some events it becomes like a decoration to glorify the main female character is the other so that he may not have any My opinion eventually becomes like a doll behind the female main character, I'm not asking too much, but they can get a disagreement or something that proves that they are equal in the relationship.

The main feminine personality doesn't really look in love

I can't believe I wasted my time to reading this novel <<less
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Anikarp rated it
June 5, 2019
Status: c405
This is pretty disappointing if you go in expecting something, but I had a pretty decent read in the beginning, even if it's generic. I'm giving it a 3 for keeping me reading to this point, but it's more like a 2 at the end.

What I dislike the most is the villains in the story; everyone acts like they all share the same personality, so much so that I feel the author must have a set personality sheet for all villains ready. Up until chapter 400 I don't think I've... more>> seen the MC walk outside without getting into an argument with someone, they seem to be mad with her for simply breathing and want to kill her right off the bat. Random strangers will literally walk up to her and start shouting in her face.

Then there's the focus on appearances, to a certain extent it's important in a story to describe things and how they look but... The author only focuses on how beautiful the MC is half the time and the rest, all of her friends need to be beautiful and villains are either not described or look beautiful in an evil way. All other pretty women are jealous with MC and turn out to be bad guys. The surroundings are mostly left to the imagination. Even the first translator mentioned how the author describes MCs unparalleled looks too much they end up skipping it!

3rd, MC is always described as a genius, but she comes off as dumb and incredibly petty to me, she's always justifying it in weak ways but no one can refute her because the author made everyone else s*upid to make her seem smart. She mentions a few times that just because she's quiet doesn't mean she can be bullied, but... She really isn't quiet and always waste chapters just tr*shtalking.

ML has no personality other than being doting. He is of course overpowered as well.

The author doesn't seem to know that a novel won't be interesting if you don't give MC a real challenge. Even if they're overpowered you need to give them an equal amount of weak points. It truly just started to bore me to death.

Both translators did an okay job. There were plenty of grammar errors and typos but much better than mtl and in general easy to understand. Still I don't really recommend this one, maybe if you stick to 100ish chapters or so. <<less
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