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Group Name Otaku translation
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
05/07/21 Male God is Chasing My Brother c93
05/06/21 Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister c13 part1
05/06/21 Every Confession Leads to Death c34
05/05/21 Demon King Priest c43
05/05/21 Endless Silver Weapons v1c3 part8
05/04/21 Demon King Priest c42
05/04/21 Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister c12 part2
05/03/21 Demon King Priest c41
05/02/21 Demon King Priest c40
05/02/21 My Portable Gaming Girlfriend v1c9 part2
05/02/21 Cultivate Your Sister v2c10
05/02/21 Greetings, Mister Principal c47
05/01/21 Demon King Priest c39
04/30/21 Demon King Priest c38
04/30/21 Male God is Chasing My Brother c92
04/29/21 Endless Silver Weapons v1c3 part7
04/29/21 Demon King Priest c37
04/27/21 The Man Who Gave The Protagonist a Halo c11
04/27/21 Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister c12 part1
04/27/21 Demon King Priest c36
04/27/21 Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist c33
04/27/21 I Lived with the Villain in the 70s c13 part1
04/26/21 Greetings, Mister Principal c46
04/26/21 My Ranch c115
04/26/21 My Ranch c114
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