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After transmigrating into the body of an abandoned wife of a little marquis in Ancient China, Su Nuan Nuan, a modern-day food lover was delighted!

Who cares about being abandoned?

Look at this nice garden, just right for a vegetable patch, let’s just live our life freely without constraint. Dear husband can just play with those secondary wives and concubines, while she lives the luxurious and free life of an abandoned official wife.

Finally, she can fulfill her dream of doing nothing but eat, sleep and cook. Let’s cook more delicious food with all these all organic, non-GMO ingredients!

But the good times did not last long.

Her husband grew curious about the new and exciting dishes coming out of her little kitchen and wanted her back in his inner palace.

Too bad Nuan Nuan had no interest in being part of his harem.

Just go away, you s**tty Male Lead!

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New cam22 rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: c90
Im not so fond of these type of stories where one of the main themes is cooking cause it always lack drama and it turns kinda boring when you start reading more lol but this one is funny at least.

I see a lot of people hating on the ML however from what I have read he's not that bad? He never attempted to do something bad to the fl, I've read plenty of stories where they are really scumbags, I mean, we are talking about an ancient man, surely you... more>> can't expect them to be monogamous and a loyal husband?? I'll always say that if u cant put these things aside I don't know what are u doing reading an ancient novel which in the summary clearly says he has more wives. Lol <<less
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Asha7 rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: Completed
I really liked the FL and her personality. Her focus always was on food. But on the romantic aspect, I couldn't come in term with the ML he had just too many baggages and the romance was nothing special. The translation was well done (really great job) but this story is not my cup of tea. Either you like it or don't like it from a personal point of view. This is not a story for people who don't like the ML with a flourishing harem.

ML has a backyard with other wives and lots of children (not one ore two, I mean lots of children) and is nothing special. His personality was changing too much. The author wanted him to be likable to the readers and was adding many surprising layers for him, for me it was too forced. He needed that so that you feel he deserved the FL. But he had a backyard full of scheming evil women and was a very lusty person (who even has a child with his concubine's dowry maid) and matched the era. The romance is too cheap for me. Only the comedy elements and the FL who cares about food keep the story light but it is still full of usual backyard and harem drama. FL is strangly easily adapting to the harem concept after a bit and is too much understanding of the ML and feels no jealousy for the other women, it's weird. I mean she is a modern woman and which woman likes the exes still existing in your backyards and especially when they are scheming you and even if she say she won't share her husband, in reality he is also the husband to the concubines. You can't cut them loose because of the children and that is a permanent binding. And she is embracing and liking all his childrens. Yes, she becomes pregnant later but it was nothing special, I mean there are already a bunch of children, hers is nothing special, like one of the concubine comented on. Only her personality let go of the ML faults. As long as the FL is not caring so should the reader do the same. But I don't know, I thought that they are too many children (but it makes it also realistic for that era). I think I'm not personally comfortable with the romantic aspect and romantic subject. I just read to know the end. I also thought it was unfair for her to transmigrate in the body of an alreadt married woman, sooner or later she had to get along with the lawful husband, however his character is. She wanted to avoid it but had to settle for it. The romance was fixed from the start. So people who don't like such harem and such a ML, then avoid it.

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Gumihou rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: Completed
Translator here, I actually begged the original translator to let me help so that this lightnovel gets translated more quickly. It's also THE Chinese lightnovel that got me into translations in the first place.

I have one advice for everyone.

Keep reading, it's interesting as hell with all the amazing things Su Nuan Nuan could make and bring into this world. As for the comments about this being a harem, in theory having been transmigrated into an actual harem while almost dying from starvation is pretty traumatic. As a foodie... more>> who is still a virg*n, I'd say her 'meh' attitide towards her husband's harem is pretty spot on.

Stay for the food people!


the hint of BL for some real romance

. <<less
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Bkgksan rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: extra 4 part2
Transmigration of a modern day foodie to an ancient China. I personally liked it. The story was way more realistic than lots of transmigration stories. The Female Lead is very strong and is labelled as a shrew and a tigress but somehow wins over the ML. ML starts out sounding like a scum but he changes over time and the change is slow. The translators have done a great job. The food pics were highly appreciated.

I see lots of the reviews complaining about how the FL forgave the scum ML... more>> for having 3 wives and 2 concubines and a bunch of children and she eventually accepts the ML and lives with them happily. But I feel you are looking at this wrong. She has transmigrated to an ancient time with different morals. Yes, she could go and say that she wants a monogamous relationship (she eventually has it) but what about the women and kids that were already there. Was she supposed to kill them all off? She is able to win everyone over with her cooking, her honesty and her love. The kids are the first to realize this. When she accepts her husband, she says that while she feels sorry for the wives he already has, he has to be true to her and she will not accept anything else. By this point, the husband know she comes from a different time where only monogamous relationships are accepted and he has truly fallen for her. At this time, he no longer has any lusty feelings for the other women, except a sense of responsibility because he slept with them or married them in. When he is true to her, he is true to her. To expect a man born with different world ideals to change is hard -- unrealistic, I feel. We are all the product of the world around us. Equality, monogamous relationships -- are all modern world ideas. Even in the modern world polygamy exists, people cheat, people breakup, divorce and marry multiple times. Not everyone is like this but it exists. To have a hate for this concept and saying this story is bad, I feel is too naive. The story is good. A few errors in terms of food items maybe. The author has the right to make the story go the way they want. If you dont like it, just move on. The translators put in a lot to bring this to us, we should appreciate it. <<less
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Eliza993 rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c29
I like the comedy and food part. However, ML was absolutely disgusting, he was extremely lustful and had a ton of children and wives. I wish so bad for the MC to divorce him.

It is impossible that a modern women would accept that piece of sh.... Even though it might be realistic for that time period.

I couldn't bear with it anymore so I had to drop. If it weren't for him. I would rate this novel 5 stars.
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ElianaDiana rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: c48
Surely you saw there are no romance tag. If you wanna enjoy this novel, it's purely for comedy and the typical bickering of ancient china family with multiple wifes and concubines.

But the comedy of the family dynamics and the drama? Hilarious! I truly enjoyed it.

MC poisonous mouth, perghhh. Walaweh! First class! Thanks to the translator!
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xuexin rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: c56
Meh, it's okay, but a lot of characters are REALLY annoying.

Basically the story is about MC who is a foodie who can cook. She came from the modern world and transmigrated to ancient China where having multiple wives and concubines were common during that time. Of course since she's from the modern world with modern values, she does not want such a lifestyle and thus does not want the ML. ML is really thick skinned because he wants to eat her food all the time, which makes him become really... more>> annoying especially when he takes everything she cooks and basically begs her all the time for food. MC's maids are also really annoying. They are maids not friends. Instead of actually serving their master properly, they would instead throw her under the bus when the ML comes to visit for food. MC obviously does not want to feed the ML or have anything to do with him, but these s*upid maids always try and please the ML. It's honestly really annoying. I could have sort of dealt with the ML, but even MC's maids are annoying. I don't have the patience for this anymore so I'm dropping this novel. Interesting concept, but too many thick skinned and annoying characters. <<less
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Phrille0507 rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c139
The story is good but it starts to get boring in the middle because of the male lead and the plot. It kinda disappointing that she transmigrated to a woman who is already married to a husband with a backyard full of concubines and ML children... It's really hard to like the male lead because of this...

... more>>

There was one chapter where he realizes already that she loves the MC but when the concubine is acting coquettishly in front of him saying why is she ignoring him, He promises her that he will come to her to spend the night.


After reading that felt the ML is a slag.. hahaha yes I know he is her concubine and it is normal during that time period.. But really its hard for me to read... Also I am already at chapter 139 thru mtl but the romance is still meh :-/ because the female lead don't want to fall for him because she don't want a man that has baggage lol... Getting bored already because of the lack of romance and no 2nd ML until now. But the food is great and I think that is only the thing that makes me continue reading this... lol <<less
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Maria Jasmine
Maria Jasmine rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c52
I like novel that have details on food but somehow this novel make me feel frust as I read it, as I always remember that he have a childs before the child from main wife (mc) born.. It got me a bit disappointed and as I read, I try to forget about it as it had mention that the ML is a playboy and as far I read, the ML doesn't seem to leave to many impression to me besides being a glutton. Transmigarator meet reincarnation is much better than... more>> this, at least the ML doesn't have concubine or being a playboy although he hate the FL? <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
crimsoniv0j rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: --
It's quiet disappointing, the plot is okay but the way it was delivered is not satisfyingly. IDK if it's the translation or what but its somehow lacking. It's supposed to be dated back the dynasty era but its so modern lol I dont feel any excitement ?. Its sooo not mah taste blerghhh..
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Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover Slytherine rated it
October 5, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't like or dislike this novel! As this is the only bearable novel of the author. Don't believe me, read her other novels and then you'll understand! Though after reading for a certain time I felt bored. I liked the FL but she became so mary sue type it was annoying! I honestly don't understand ancient china setting where a man can have 4 wives 18 concubines, lots of mistress and unlimited bed warmers, as well as they can visit so many prostit**es.

... more>>

I was baffled when I read about this system for the 1st time! It sound absurd to me as I heard of this system nowhere! I knew that some men in ancients are allowed to have 4 wives or kings having harems but nowhere I heard a normal man can have so many women! Thank God! My ancestors are not from china otherwise as a woman I would be so disgusted having lusty ancestors who mistreat so many women! (No offence to any Chinese. I feel if a man is doing polygamy in ancient at least all his spouses should have same rights, not some of them are treated like dirt!)

I rated it 3.5! Don't know why it's showing 2.5 anyway The FL is a modern transmigrated woman who's cool but the ML is umm I can say as per the ancient china setting (not global setting cause in that setting he's a lusty scum man) he's a local product of china. I also hate him for not caring about his other wives and ignoring his children just cause he was conquered by mc's cooking. Either free them or treat them right! Why're you killing all of them author? Didn't ML promise to protect them! Why is he so scum??


I hate this author! I read her other works and all of them are misogynist and patriarchal, racist, body shamed, woman degrading and the fact that I despise that in all her works a modern woman transmigrates in ancient china and ok with a lusty ML having harem. And in last ML either kill his wives or ignore them, as if they never existed. I hate all these so much! That's why I took 1 star off cause! At least this was way more decent while the others were just unreadable! <<less
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crimsonrogue rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: c45
I'll probably come back and revise this review once I finish the novel, but so far I'm having a blast with it. The comedy is absolutely top notch and I like how this novel understands wholeheartedly that it's ML isn't exactly the biggest prize of a husband and thoroughly mocks him for it throughout. It does feel like he deservedly needs to crawl, scrape, and beg to even be worthy in the MC's eyes. Which is in such stark contrast to other historical novels I've read thus far where the... more>> ML basically gets away with proverbial AND literal mu*der due to his good looks. Legitimately I cannot even begin to describe how refreshing it was to see a ML that did bad things that were actually called out and punished by the writer.

That said I understand why some aspects of this novel are rubbing up against people's modern sensibilities. So if you as a person do not like the concept of an ancient love interest already having children before the romance has even begun, then I would avoid this novel. If you understand that the ML is a product of his time and the novel thoroughly lambasts him for being in it's own words a 'man slut' then I don't think it'll bother you that much. It certainly didn't bother me, but I also don't hold onto the fantasy that a person should 'wait' to have children until they find their true love. That's just not how life works. Not today, many people don't find their true love till their second marriages, and certainly not back then when popping out children left and right was considered a form of filial piety.

My mind might change if this novel's ML takes a turn like the ML in Doomed to be Cannon Fodder where suddenly all the horrible things he did are 'okay' for some reason. If it keeps the lighthearted comedy, bashing of the flawed ML, and abundantly delicious food descriptions handy however then I'm probably not going to change my rating. If a world-shattering, tear jerking, star crossed romance is more your pace however, then skip this. You won't be happy with what you find here. <<less
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Nonameschemer rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: --
tr*sh tbh. Anything and everything that you would hope that this novel would do differently than other basic bland Marysue reincarnation novels. It doesn’t. I promise you, no food, especially food that realistically only has small changes and ingredients but still culturally the same would change your opinion of someone. Like what was the point of this being in a ancient era instead of it just being in the modern era. Would any self respecting ancient man ALLOW, a woman proven to abuse his precious children, attack his other concubines... more>> and be overall intolerable to refuse him food with his own supplies? Even if he was Buddha a nobleman might just starve her for that behavior. The lack of awareness of the fact that by association is a terrible person baffles me. If she was in any different household she would have been killed before she could make any other famous dish. What was the point of the other concubines being cannon fodder if her magical food could change everyone else’s life? Like where’s the plot consistency. She wasn’t sleeping with him and a man slag like him really could have kept her as a chef for the rest of her life. The other concubines actually respected him and had children that he loved regardless of the fact that they obviously wanted the best for their own child like any other women yet they were demonized because their useless husband was bewitched by a demon chef or something. Unrealistic but still managed to include typical “all women who oppose MC are bad “ <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Piggychan rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c18
I love love love the MC's personality, but I still can't swallow the ML's tr*shy traits. He's a lustful, rain and dew spreader. Even an emperor won't be as lecherous as him (he ATE even maid and prostitute good lord). This is my first time reading a novel I'd like to love badly but cannot because of the ML put me off greatly. I'm very much willing to read what will happen next though. As unappealing as the ML was, there were other aspects of the story that managed to... more>> hook me in. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SilverSavage rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: --
This book is not for me. Others may find it enjoyable. To me this book is like the ML... a pile of sh** that someone put a thin layer of gold over... looks kinda dazzling but all in all you're still holding on to a piece of crap. I dont know if I can accurately describe what bothered me so much about this but ... more>>

The ML is a scheming black bellied noble. All his wives, concubines and even family is the same. He's also perfectly aware when there's schemes going on. After the 1st wife commits su*cide, she is replaced by the MC who has a good/violent personality yet almost magical food that basically drugs people into being her allies. Then the harem scheme against her to get her kicked out (told MLs mother that MC was beating the ML and they all witness it) and he gets super angry when the 2nd wife gets mad that he's angry when he knows all the terrible stuff the original had done. I think I would have rather the story had a twist where the 2nd wife gets revenge instead of a magical chef and a crappy ML the whole cast tries to whitewash to the MC. As a reader if I'm feeling more for what's probably the cannon fodder love rival than the ML or MC then this book is definitely not for me.

I love villians or heroes but I can't stand hypocrites in a righteous light. The ML is a straightforward hypocrite pos but the MC is in a dazzling good light yet her food d*** near turns people into addicts yet she's innocent.


Rant over. Like I said this could be the book for you but I personally hated it. <<less
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RoseCrys rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: c204 part1
I love this novel. At first, I hated the Male Lead but he's growing on me. I can't hate him for having multiple wives since that's the time period the novel's set in, but I hated him for the way he treated the Female lead. But now, he's trying his best to gain her affections and it's hilarious how the roles have changed. And the FOOD!! I get hungry everytime I read. And the Translator is amazing!!
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gryffinpuff rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c40
+2.5 stars for the amazing comedy and the food-p*rn

-2 stars for the slag ML and his courtyard full of scheming b*tches

-0.5 stars for the unconventional talking-back servants - they're more like friends who bicker with MC/ML but are always ready to 'throw them under the bus'... though situations are hilarious, it doesn't seem like a feudal society anymore...

Story, especially MC/ML interactions so far, are really hilarious with good food all around. But hate that MC transmigrated into a married woman whose husband is such a man-wh0re. Was hoping initially that... more>> MC would be divorced and find the true ML in the real world, but seems very unlikely. So, the romance is very disappointing, stay for comedy though. <<less
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Smoothiedara rated it
October 3, 2019
Status: --
I read this because if the childcare tag, but when I read till 73, where is the child where where????!!!

I like the translation, they are top-notch.

For FMC, I like her silly monster like character, but it's not long last I think

ML is just so meh, he has many wives and children and pe*vert whatever it is. I don't like him one bit. I don't ship her with Nuan at all, I just don't like him overall. Like literally there is not one thing that I can like from him even... more>> his kindness (is that kindness?!)

I gave a good stars because I like the FL and the translation is amazing. I don't care about ML booya <<less
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Felix3D rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: Completed
This is a pretty common Josei "Transmigrated wife earns her proper place in the harem" story, and has some great comedy moments, with some of the best jokes I've seen in such WN's. However, it also becomes insufferably smug as we go beyond ch 250 and any plot progression slows down greatly.

Definitely a good story to read if you're in for a more lighthearted/comedic take on the standard Chinese Transmigration Romance story, but don't expect much more.
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chande rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel's plot was quite similar to "Ancient Foodie Survival Guide" (AFSG) novel. Both MC's were unfavored wife of ML and both of them also managed to conquer their familes through food. But compared to ASFG, this novel's plot was a bit richer and also more interesting.

MC was a typical modern woman: straightforward and independent. She refused to yield to others even though her situation wasn't in her favor. Well, you know how women were treated in ancient times. Moreover, MC was a married woman so she's bound to be... more>> entangled with ML, her nominal husband. But MC was lucky because ML and his family were quite tolerant and later could accept her straightforwardness. However, sometimes MC was a bit too kind for her own good. No wonder she barely survied in the inner court.

ML was typical ancient man who believed that having many concubines was a norm and yes, he actually had many concubines and got them pregnant one after the other. As a modern woman, of course MC couldn't accept ML even though in the end he devoted himself only for MC. But what's done was done and ML was actually not bad as a person so sooner or later MC fell into his charm.


Well, in the end, only 3 concubines left in ML's harem. Madam Yun was killed by Madam Jiang because she poisoned the latter child for the sake of deposing MC. Madam Jiang was forced to stay at Buddhist hall by ML because she killed Madam Yun. Madam Lan went crazy after being betrayed by her own maid. She was also the one who instigated Madam Yun to kill Madam Jiang's child. Only Madam Jing was managed to avoid all of the schemes because she didn't have any ambition and only wanted to have a good life. She became MC's confidant and even helped MC managed the household.

As for the children, they were quite adorable. They loved MC like their real mother. I only hope that they stay pure in the future and won't fight over who was gonna be an heir of the marquis.


As a modern woman myself who believe in monogamy, I know that ML who had many women are unacceptable. But to be fair, ML's character are actually quite realistic in that era. So although I dislike ML's lustfulness, I won't give a bad review because of that.


In the end, he devoted himself for MC and didn't touch his concubines. He even apologized to them because they had to live as a widow because of it. Maybe ML thought that his move was quite romantic but on the contrary, I think it's a very bad move.

To let young woman to live as a widow for the rest of her life is so cruel. ML was the one who married them and promised to cherish them but in the end he abandoned them. If they were childless, they could still move on with their life but they already had children so how could they leave their children alone?

ML's neglect only made it worse for MC. The concubines will be more eager to get rid of MC because she monopolized ML's affection. Also they were afraid that MC will get rid of them. It's understandable though because the original MC was a horrible woman who schemed to kill other concubine and even harmed ML's child. ML could forgive her easily because he knew that she was a transmigrator but how could the other concubines know? That's why I really couldn't blame any of them for their actions.

I couldn't blame ML for having many concubines because it was norm in that era. Even his own father did it. I also couldn't blame the concubines because they just wanted to survive and protect their own child. And of course I won't blame MC just because she didn't want to share ML with others. Also, she couldn't be blamed by the original MC's action because it wasn't her who did those. Original MC also quite pitiful. I believed her viciousness was party caused by ML. Who could bear watching her husbad took so many concubines and got them pregnant when she herself didn't manage to get pregnant after so many years? It's really like a vicious cycle.


What I love again about this novel is the royal family. It's quite rare to have a harmonious royal family. The crown prince and his brothers didn't scheme each other for the throne and even helped each other. The emperor was not paranoid and a wise monarch.

As for the ending, it's quite satisfying. But some things seemed to be missing.

    • What happened to MC's family in the end? Did they manage to reinstate their noble title? The author didn't mention it in the end.
    • MC mentioned that she was transmigrated to a novel but till the end there is no explanation about what is that novel about, who's the MC and ML, and what's the original plot.
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Caroline Yong
Caroline Yong rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: c222
The best thing since sliced bread! What I love best is all the amazing food names, Snow Cream, Snow Soft Bean Paste Snacks, Puffy Oil Cake and more! They even have a recipe sections for all the doable food inside the novel, my cooking skills have definitely elevated since the existence of this novel.

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