Doomed to be Cannon Fodder


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She’s somehow ended up transmigrating into the book as the supporting female lead, who was beaten to death! Deeply in love with the male lead, she’s fated to be beaten to a bloody pulp before even holding hands with him?!

First things first, she needs to survive and latch onto the big thigh of a patron. But the supporting male lead is a true gentleman and feels nothing for her stunning, alluring body. That’s alright! She’ll latch onto the old madame or the male lead then!

But why does the supporting male lead look at her with increasingly odd eyes? And what of that Wulin Alliance Head with the personality disorder? You’re just a random bystander, what are you getting involved for??

Finally, the male lead could bear it no longer and dragged her back to the Prince Li Manor…

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Pháo Hôi Nữ Xứng: Hoàn Khố Lệ Vương Phi
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New hyyhfvr
Sep 12, 2023
Status: c188
3/5. Too many supporting characters and love interests. Very skewed morals. No clear reasoning and bg for characters on how they act. Main leads have v poor communication. Too many loose strings. I cannot feel any romance. Author really bad at making u root for any character. Plot armour intensifies. Cant seem to want to finish this story bc I dont care anymore.
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May 27, 2017
Status: c290
Do not NOT read this.

You will die from fluffyness. You. Will. Worship. The. Fluff.

Reading this puts you in the palm of those cliff-loving sad*st known as translators but by the time you realize it, you won't even care anymore. Save yourself, it's too late for the rest of us.

Summary as of c73:
The readers are in dire straights... W-we are trying our best to decipher the teasers left by those sadistic translators... just for some relief from waiting... Comments sections are in disarray... fanfiction... fanfiction everywhere!... When will... more>> this torture e--- Oh! AN UPDATE!!


This story will forever have a special place in my heart. It's going to end soon and I'm really sad. The story itself was a joy to read from the beginning, but what made it really special, compared to other stories, is the sense of community that you will find in the comment section of Volare. I am so grateful to be a part of the BUSHIES, those wacky, nosebleedy, extremely kind and warm friends that made waiting for new chapters a joy! Though most of you have tried to eat me at some point.

New readers, I envy you for getting to enjoy this without all the cliffhangers. So lucky!

If anyone is writing a BL fanfic off this story, link to save a life. <<less
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Sep 27, 2017
Status: c152
Doomed to be cannon fodder is a romance comedy, and tragically manages to miss the centerpiece of either. It doesn't have the engaging romantic dynamic of a true romance, like Eight Treasures Trousseau, but neither does it have the depth and variety of comedic scenes you might find in a full comedy. It is serious in odd places, and heartlessly comedic in many places where it should be serious. As a result, the only gags it ends up doing well are misunderstandings, which get stale awfully quick. Ultimately, it is... more>> something that feels like it wasn't developed beyond a premise.

For a time travel romance, the most important aspect of a relationship is a balance between its two leads. That is, because a relationship is naturally imbalanced within the time period due to the differing status of males and females, the novel must re-balance that relationship within its romance. This goes even further so for the relationship between a concubine and a master, because a legal wife has, at the least, some pull within the greater populace or her maternal family. Doomed to be Cannon Fodder has none of this, and as a result reads more like a discussion on the suspension bridge effect mixed with a healthy dose of Stockholm syndrome rather than a real romance.


Period romance worldbuilding is not difficult. Wuxia worldbuilding is not difficult. Doomed to be Cannon Fodder misses the mark on both. The world is hopelessly underdeveloped, which isn't actually too bad for its premise: As a concubine, its only natural that she doesn't know much outside of her courtyard. But that isn't the end of the problems with the setting. The novel forces you to suspend far more disbelief than you should meaningfully have to, with such egregious errors as a talking cactus which can show the future. Comedy can play with its setting more than most genres can, but this is just poor worldbuilding.


Comedies are built on the relationships between its characters. Romances are built on the relationship between its leads. Doomed to be Cannon Fodder misses the mark on both again. Characters are flat, cardboard caricature cutouts. For all that the novel mocks the genre it parodies, it falls into all of the same pitfalls. The relationship between the two leads has no charisma or natural basis to it: It's as if the relationship only exists because of s*x than anything else. The most significant scene of this sort of novel, where the male lead falls in love first, is the moment where Bai Xiangxiu reciprocates, and that scene is so weak nobody actually remembers where it is. The supporting cast exists practically only to extol the amazing virtues of our main character (of which she doesn't have many), and sh*t on the original female lead for being so much "less practical" than our main character. The characters are shallow, unfunny, and worst of all, unendearing to anything past a skim through.

Story development:

The world sucks, the characters suck, and somehow, the story manages to run into all of the railroaded plot mistakes it tries to parody. The story is far far too serious for the nature of the novel, and doesn't weave the comedy in well at all. Neither does it actually build the romance either. The story reads like a whole bunch of relationship tests (which it is, to be fair), and even within those hardly hits the benchmarks of actually testing the relationship. A lot of these type of "story reincarnation" novels rely on mysterious "plot force" in their efforts to drive everything back towards the original plotline, and here the plot force is in full swing. But unlike something like Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta, where plot force is elegant and wrapped within mystery of its own, here the plot force is flat and overdone. The result is far to shallow to be serious, and far too serious to be comedic.


This is a skim novel at best. It carries the harem hijinks of something like Ouran High School Host Club, but weaker in most respects. For light reading, it's passable, but there are plenty of better fish in the sea. If you want romance, read To Be a Virtuous Wife. If you want a twist on that, read Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator. If you want something slightly different form a pure romance, read A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor. If you want a interesting use of imbalanced power dynamics in romance, read Your and My Asylum. If you want comedy, read My Disciple Died Yet Again. If you want an extreme parody, read Invisible Dragon, for f*cks sake. Invisible Dragon actually has respect for its characters and story. After you've read all of that (Yes, including Invisible Dragon), then you can maybe come back to this. <<less
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Oct 03, 2017
Status: c180
I really liked this novel in the beginning. Until around chapter 110, I'd almost say, it's one of the best transmigration novels I've read (and I've read quite a few) - it has humor, the FL is witty and smart, the world building is nice, even the ML is quite interesting.

The plot isn't all that original, but the characters make up for it with charm and sympathy and I was really, really cheering at them to get together... until they did. And then everything went down the drain.

... more>>

Like several reviewers before me have mentioned, as soon as the ML and the FL get together (and by that I mean sleeping together) the ML turns from kinda-nice gentle husband into rapist. And yes, it is r*pe if you sleep with your non-consenting wife, something the author doesn't seem to know or care about.

It's repeatedly mentioned that the FL is in intense pain, doesn't enjoy a single second of it and the ML continues to force her against her will. People, that's r*pe. Plain and simple. And no matter what anyone says it's NOT OKAY, dammit.

I continued to read anyways, because I felt I owed this novel a chance to make up for it. I loved it a lot before so I continued reading until now and I did like some of it - I even still like the romance between the two leads... if you take out the s*xual part. I hoped it would get better, that he would see his faults and things would take a sensible turn but I'm starting to think it will never happen.

And as much as I'd like to continue reading, supporting something like domestic violence goes against everything I am and stand for, so nope. Totally dropping this. Maybe I'll get back to it one day... but not until it changes drastically and the ML stops being an abusive d*ck - which probably won't happen any time soon, I'm afraid.


It's not a bad novel. That's why I gave it two stars, the translation is superb, the scenes are funny and sweet at times. If you're able to abandone your moral integrity as a human being, go on and read it. Or just skip every intimate scene and pretend it doesn't exist.

I'm genuinely sad at the fact that it turned out this way, that I have to drop one of my favorite reads, but I can't support this kind of thing anymore. The translators are doing an amazing job, but supporting an author that clearly turns a blind eye to r*pe and domestic violence... nope. Nope. Aaand, nope. <<less
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May 15, 2017
Status: c14
The MC is not a doctor, spy, or assassin, and she's definitely not a genius. She's a landscape gardener who reads a lot of web novels. This is a playful homage to all the transmigration novels and is not to be taken too seriously.

Rather than dying by betrayal, explosion or truck, she ends up living in the world of the novel she's currently reading after injuring her hand on a cactus' spikes. She knows that the rather minor character she's become dies gruesomely and rather than revenge or world domination,... more>> she's just trying to stay alive and out of the male lead's way.

She's managed to find a cactus, maybe she can work out how to return? But the fact that she can hear it talk, as well as some of her other activities, leads to rumours of her insanity.

I really want to see where the author goes with this. Was the cactus hallucinogenic and she's just dreaming? Have the souls of the two women swapped due to a rift in time and space? Is the author going to throw in some more tropes?

Whatever, so far it's fun. <<less
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Oct 04, 2017
Status: c105
I read this until around chapter 100. It then became really obvious the author intended the MC to end up with the ML, which made me drop it.

... more>>

Others have mentioned the relationship between the two includes what amounts to r*pe. That doesn't surprise me in the least: apparently the author finds it completely acceptable to have a love interest who has a woman beat to death because she tried to sleep with him, and torture another because she finally snapped after having pined for him for a long time (I would have found it acceptable for her to simply be executed. Having her fingers be cut off one by one, not so much).


Overall, the author seem to think a domineering, cruel and abusive man is an interesting and enticing ML. Sorry but no, and considering the overall treatment of the MC (she keeps a very modern point of view), the simple idea she could find the above-mentioned monster attractive simply broke it for me. <<less
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Oct 03, 2017
Status: c179
It was good at first and pretty original, but there's multiple times later in the story where MC is sexually assaulted and basically r*ped all the time by the main love interest (LH). Also there's a mysterious talking cactus which doesn't make sense at all and all the men she meets are falling at her feet for some reason and she legitimately faints after walking like five steps. I don't know. Plus, she is really dense. Oh, and why does she pass out from seeing blood? Does she not get... more>> her period? She hasn't been through anything traumatic involving blood, which rules out PTSD. I just don't understand.

If you're in the mood for an extremely emotionally and physically weak female lead who attracts a harem of dominating, sexually assaulting, angsty, know-it-alls while she faints into their arms, then this book is for you. If not, I recommend you find other stories. <<less
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May 18, 2017
Status: Completed
One of the most original transmigration Chinese novels I've ever read. In fact, it's probably an "original" transmigration c-novel because it reads more like a Japanese transmigration novel. So, it's perfect for people that hate being bogged down by the 250 chapter-long cultivation phase that always seems to occur in ancient c-novels.

The author did a great job with both the plot and characters. The plot moves at a good pace and character development occurs with reason so no sudden OOC-ness. I don't remember any major plotholes but there were two... more>> small things that bothered me a little (but that's just my own personal preference speaking so feel free to disregard me if it doesn't bother you).


The sudden inclusion of a wish-fulfilling, blood-sucking plant and a second transported villain was kind of weird. The plant had a deus ex machina feel to it but I'm overlooking it because the author did a great job blending different cliches together to make a interesting original blend. I only wish the author had explored the whole transportation thing more seriously since it would've been nice to let the heroine return home and clean up her situation back there. It's a bit sad that her body might be in an indefinite coma and her family/friends will never find out that she's fine in the other world. It was strange how her heart seems to stop beating in ancient times but not in modern times. That or time passes differently.




This novel is a happy ending. There really isn't much of a reverse harem since almost all of the secondary characters get their own adorable husband/wife. The author wrote side stories for two of the side couples (they're adorable) and it's pretty definite that everyone is in love/monogamous. Finally, a word to readers that might be scared of boarding the wrong ship: don't worry, the author literally builds the ship around you so, by the time the ship sails, you're already on the official ship.

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Dec 09, 2017
Status: c170
This is rated way too high!

I enjoyed the beginning chapters; this novel has a slow and steady start. However, it later becomes a mess. This romantic-comedy tries to blend reality with a tinge of fantasy, and falls short of any reality.
... more>>

1. The strong MC falls, faints, gets pricked, and stumbles every other chapter with just about every weak association attached. She is suppose to be a strong willed woman of the 21 century with our values.
2. Yet, this 20-something woman in a 15 yr old body later acts like a nervous 13 yr-old in regards to anything sexual. (60c-100c)

3. This world has killing, r*pe, constant kidnapping and attempted murder, but male characters just fight once to a draw, and go about their business after... as if attempting to murder me and r*pe my gf without a grudge is normal?? This happens over and over. Fiances cheating over and over, but let's turn a blind eye (even though I have the power erase people in the night)... *sigh* get real -

4. I'm not even mad about this point. --> Male characters are one dimensional, thinking and acting in one direction, only caring about pride and s*x. Too many novels do a disservice to women... so. what... But, it's to a point that makes you cringe. - As best friends (or every guy for that matter) fight over women. I'd just prefer a novel where everyone has at least a puddle of depth.


I LOVE strong women protagonist in all my novels, movies, comics and anime. However, the way women use intelligence and charm in exchange for power (in subsequent chapters) is unrealistic :* (

My biggest qualm is that this novel pretends to be in our historical reality, but ignores how we as human would actually respond to a situation. <<less
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May 14, 2017
Status: --
The title explains how comical the situation is! But the story is more calm. The situation is making our "lead non-lead female"'s action very cute! This novel is just wonderful!

Very different of the other transmigration's stories: the female protagonist is sent in the novel that she is reading as the beautiful and domed to be cannon fodder female antagonist!

Her only hope to survive : playing low key (failing at it, completely), seducing the support male character (inadvertently seducing her husband by trying not to) and avoid the female lead (still... more>> waiting for her arrival).

Just READ IT! <<less
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Feb 06, 2018
Status: c74
Was ok at first, but as the plot progressed I never felt anything for the characters besides mild annoyance. The MC always acts scared and frightened around the ML because she's afraid of her original fate, but that's only because her original was scheming and selfish? So why does she assume the same thing will happen to her? Also, some logic in the novel doesn't make sense, but the characters insist on the logic to make the plot progress or to explain things that never really name sense in the... more>> first place. For example, the mother in law got her sons 4 concubines, and places the MC, who is the best looking out of all of them, in the furthest and most remote courtyard so the ML will share his "favour" with the other concubines first and isn't so enamored when he finally reaches the MC. Ok, I'll accept that, but then when the ML favours her and only her, the mother in law has nothing to say about it because MC is a nice girl. Um, ok. And then the issue of the heroine running away/possibly eloping from the marriage and having her reputation ruined. The ML brings her back and wants to break off the marriage (so does the mother in law), but they reason to themselves that they can't because if they do the heroine's reputation will be ruined and no one else will marry her.... whut? You don't owe the heroine anything... if she ran away form marriage and was consorting with who knows when she was out and about, then her reputation is already ruined and is diffident reason to break off the marriage. But no, the ML can't break off the marriage yet. And then wait and waits until the very last minute to reveal that the heroine is pregnant and that he's not marrying her. Could have saved the MC much heartbreak as she watched her man about to marry another woman if the ML just resolved it earlier...

Also, the ML never misses an opportunity to remind us how scheming/s*upid/disloyal/weak women are, and conversely sets a very s*upid and unrealistic standard for men. Some examples:

<i>'Long Heng had not once considered that loyalty might be a trait found in women' </i>

Thank you Long Heng. I never considered that either. I though all women were back stabbers and green tea b*tches. I think he forgets that his mother is also a woman.

<i>'She was obviously small and weak, but she still knew the value of keeping her word. She wasn’t a man, so why did she have to do something like this?'</i>

So it seems that if you're not a man, your words mean nothing....

I had to drop this novel. I really wanted to smack the ML in the face. <<less
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May 14, 2017
Status: c14
Refreshing! Most of these reincarnator novels are full of people calling the MC tr*sh and bullying and revenge plots and the such- in this one, the MC just wants to avoid all that stuff. A calm, adorable read!
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May 14, 2017
Status: c14
Not the type of story for someone whose looking for serious read, but if you don't mind hilarious/weird stuff done by a modern girl who have no idea how things work in ancient china time, then this will make you snicker all the way~
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Jan 04, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a very conflicting series for me, I originally gave this series a really high rating since I really liked the MC and multiple other characters as well as a lot of plot points and the great comedic aspect of this series but as I was writing this review, I realized a couple of things.

About the things I liked:

... more>>

I really like how the female protagonist went from this weak woman to a strong and confident individual through her experiences and the support of the male lead.

I also really liked the segment went she went to go and save her own man and essentially became a war strategist. Found this part really exciting and really brought out the funny, shameless, brave, and intelligent side of the protagonist. Though I do have to admit it completely caught me off field considering the plot of the first 2/3 of the series.

I particularly fell in love with the character Yu Kuang. Even though he is unbelievable, he always seemed like the most composed and smartest character in this series despite having a split personality whom by the way is adorable as hell.


Things I didn't like:


I felt REALLY bad for the "original

female lead". Even though she is incredibly naive and s*upid,

she by no means deserved to have the fate she did. Though I do think she deserved to have shame and have her reputation tainted for running away and foolishly following a strange man, she really didn't need the rest. Luo did r*pe her and repeatedly sexually abused her even though she cared for him but had to reject him in order to preserve her family's reputation. He could have come to it a different way in order to be with her; and instead the novel mostly shames the FL for "stringing him along" and essentially victim-blames. I totally understand why she would have an affair with Duan since Luo supposedly loved her the most but wouldn't respect her in the slightest and continually hurt her when there's this guy that's gentle with her and actually, you know, cares about her needs and comfort during interc**rse! I honestly feel like she could have come out a whole different way if weren't for this matters. It would have been better for her to become a tainted white lotus instead of this mad and loose woman that doesn't even spare a thought for her country when dealing with her rival. I just found her whole protrayal really unfortunate, unfair, and unjustly.

Honestly, ALL the female supporting characters are extremely pitiful for their fates. Yaya dies the same miserable death despite cooperating with Long Heng in the end; and the couple say that she deserved it for being a "whore" and trying to chase the ML. The first and second concubines are essentially abandoned wives; somehow the protagonist is the ML's wife when she was still a concubine while the other two aren't ? (I ask sarcastically) They are portrayed as evil for wanting to have a share of their ONLY husband. Yu Se is Song's woman but is more like a messenger for Song, she really goes unappreciated. It really sad for those female characters that had feelings for the ML or male supporting characters as they either end up with a pitiful fates (a.k.a get disowned and/or r*ped repeatedly) or become overshadowed by the protagonist. It almost seems like the only worthy woman is the protagonist... sad.

Also WTF! Luo has seriously done A LOT of terrible sh*t but is somehow redeemable and even pitiful in the end while the original FL deserves NO pity!? The unfairness, the misogyny!

There is SO MUCH F*CKING r*pe! Here are the following r*ped whether they are obvious or not:

  • Luo taking Original FL's virginity. She f*cking screamed no and cried tragically the entire time. It was terrible.
  • Luo literally every time he visited Original FL after she returned home. It was a travesty how the novel tried to make Luo pitiful because Original FL wanted nothing with him and repeatedly rejected him.
  • Yaya gets repeatedly r*ped by Duan. She doesn't like him and doesn't actually want to have s*x with him. They only have s*x whenever Duan wants to dominate and feed his ego, whether Yaya wants to or not. She is seriously nothing but a tool to be used by Duan or the protagonist couple.
  • The MC and ML's first time is when the MC was literally drugged. What the f*ck? Really love how this romance novel made the couple consummate "their love" when the MC had no choice and wasn't in the right state of mind. Seriously, bravo; roofie it up!

I didn't realize the seriousness of the misogyny and r*pe-culture until I started remembering all the events and characters. It's really spread out throughout the series that I seemed to have not fully grasp it till now since I did come to enjoy the main characters. Sigh...

Also, can I please have a straight romance series where a woman isn't being tortured with s*x and get rid of the s*upid trope where she can't stand up for days after interc**rse! So annoying! 8 of 10 chinese novels I read, the women are horrified of sex! Why can't women enjoy it?!


Overall the series is very funny, did originally enjoy reading it. Seriously recommend you read the spoilers as to why I didn't like it in order to give fair warning. <<less
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May 15, 2017
Status: c18 part5
I've been reading a lot of Chinese Romance Novels but this is the first time I'm commenting here. I've read a lot of great ones and not so good ones but this story is the former; it actually got me hooked and I read all chapters that have been posted in one seating!

The story is light, upbeat and quite comedic due to the lead "non-lead female's" thinking and actions. I am very happy she's not an OP female, aside from being stunningly beautiful. Some elements of supernatural as well due... more>> to a talking plant (hope this is not a spoiler). She's very real in terms of her skills from the modern world and just wants to continue to stay alive by having the male supporting lead fall for her in the event that the prince male lead and the fiancee "female lead" gets together.

So far I'm really liking the story because her personal servant is very good and loyal to her. The old Madam looks to be warming up slowly and favoring her compared to the 3 other concubines. It seems even though there are currently 4 concubines and 1 fiancee in story, I'm thinking it won't be a harem since the male lead seems he will fall in love only with our lead "non-lead female". ✌️? Thumbs up to a great translation and also each chapters uploaded are quite long compared to other novels from Volare Novels so I'm super satisfied. Thank you and keep up the great work translation team at Volare. ❤️? <<less
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Sep 10, 2019
Status: c108
Dropping the novel because the whole thing is not rewarding to continue reading and no longer entertaining. The case of the Main character's growth is questionable. How long will anyone allow themselves to be spoon-fed with information? This novel pretty much suffocated me with force feeding and assertion on who to like and who to not like.

The main character acts like a white lotus--because she is dictating herself to be one to survive inside the novel's world. In the end she took all the roles that were supposedly for the Female Lead of the novel.

By 70+ chapter, it felt like I was forced to babysit children and only allowed to watch their interaction and role-playing game despite them getting hurt. 100+ chapters in and there were still no sign of knowing how the main character got into the novel's world and how she would go back to reality.

I have to admit that the first part of the novel was enjoyable but the further one goes in the more you realize that the author was playing a prank on you the whole time. Otherwise, why would the author tease you with the consummation of marriage for the next 60+ chapters with no end result because of incidents, injuries and other outside factors. Several other reviewers gave an honest rating of the novel. You can check those who are not rating this 5-star and keep an open mind.

I salute those who liked this novel. Good for you. It's not my cup of tea. Unfortunately, I've wasted enough hours on junk reading. My advice is to read through the honest ratings first then really consider if this is a novel is something you would enjoy before start reading this.
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Jul 26, 2017
Status: c106

  • The novel is NOT the usual "i got up in someone else body". It's unique and full of sugarly fluff.
  • The plot writing is pleasantly smooth and definitely make you want to read more.
  • MC is more realistic, ML is more manly, Villains are more hateful, Cactus are more th**ny, and you will fall in love more with this novel.
  • The quality of the translation is so good and there's barely a mistake, even if there are it's not unbearable to read.
ps: do also read the comments on every... more>> chapter.. &Gt;_<.. I love all the commentators. You might even find a lovely new talents in between them. <<less
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Dec 04, 2017
Status: c20
She asks why the plot line is not flowing like it did in her book....

I wonder why the f**k not? its not like everything she is doing is not like the original character...

its not like she is interacting with characters when she is not supposed.


This is actually one of the worst novels I have ever read. She wants to get away but everything she does actually forces her to stay. I want to rip my hair out cause no one can be so ret*rded. You want to leave the male lead and go to the supporting male lead, so why don't you go do it? No you have to indirectly send clues that make it look like you are trying to flatter the male lead instead of the supporting character. How does this get 5 stars? I really want to know? Does s*upidity and terrible plot mean good book? Does writing a story of the lead doing everything she can to run away but everything she is doing to run away has the opposite effect that even a 3 year old would think she is s*upid when reading this. I can't. I can't believe everyone on this website appreciates works of sh*t. <<less
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Sep 09, 2017
Status: c190
Okay this could be a 3.5

I was really looking forward to the story after reading the great reviews. I found both the MC and the ML increasingly less charming by the time the story hit chapter 40. I've gone from reading to skimming especially as it's a mish-mash of misunderstanding after the other.
... more>>

If you are a fan of fainting ladies, then this story is meant for you. 21st century 26-year old miss gets transmigrated, but why does she keep on fainting? I understand her real fear that the ML and his mother got her "character" killed, but she's kind of s*upid with her ideas.

First, have the ML's best friend fall in love with her so she can run away or be later sold once the female novel lead and the ML gets together. For a supposed avid fan of of CN, that's a really dumb idea. Honestly, I don't think the author knew what to do with the MC's character.

One thing that is unique about the story though is that the ML though a prince and a war god is really bad in bed.

Alternative title: Doomed to Be c*ck-blocked


The story has moved a bit and some more interesting characters have been introduced and thankfully, the relationship between the MC and ML has also moved along, though it skirts dub-con in some instances. Still a 2.5 to 3 stars because of the Alliance Head character. <<less
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Aug 04, 2017
Status: Completed
This is one of the better female reincarnation novels out there. The character development is realistic, the writing and pacing are great, and the setting/story have a lot of things that make them unique. If you are a fan of stories like Poison Genius Consort or Mei Gongqing, you will like this.


A 26-year old horticulturist is suddenly transported into the world of an online novel. But she's not the lucky female lead... she's the despicable concubine who was quickly beaten to death! Extremely wary of the main characters, she tries... more>> her best not to stand out and to quickly grab onto a strong supporter. But despite her attempts at seduction, the supporting male lead doesn't seem interested... and the main male lead seems to be misunderstanding something and paying more attention.


Despite many of the comments, I don't think this novel is all "fluff." The relationships and feelings between the main character and the male leads develop very slowly. The male leads are hot (of course), but they're also rational and more "human" than she had expected from their descriptions in her novel. The side characters all have their own personalities that aren't the usual "good vs evil" extremes. The events in the story are easily believable, everything is explained well, and reading doesn't require suspension of disbelief. The story is also a lot less slapstick/too easy than a lot of other "reincarnated as the villain" stories.

Main Character:

The female protagonist is particularly likeable and unique. She's humble, self-deprecating, and unambitious. All she wants to do is survive until she can return to her own world. She also isn't the usual "young miss" or "new wife"; she's the lowest ranked concubine, already married to a man who is engaged to the female lead. She isn't really a pure, innocent, or kind-hearted angel, but she is a naturally good person who acts that way (without scheming) just because it may help her to survive.

Also, I really appreciate that her sensibilities as a modern-day, introverted, forever-single, plant-loving, working-woman are never forgotten. Her modern values, progressive approach to situations, and unique way of thinking are constantly referenced throughout the story. Being transported to another world has only changed her body, not who she is as a person. (Granted, she did become super beautiful.)

Despite this, she isn't OP at all -- she has only the bare minimum of future knowledge (limited to what she remembers from a novel she didn't finish), she isn't unusually well-spoken, she doesn't have an instant mastery over ancient manners and customs, and she has no special powers, skills, or knowledge. She isn't one of those characters who goes to the ancient world and somehow remembers how to make chocolate or invent the printing press. Her knowledge is limited to her former career (plants, a little carpentry, basic reading, writing, and math) and she never does anything that will make you say "WAIT. How does she know how to do that?!"


We still have a long way to go before the end of the story, but so far, this is definitely one of my new favorites. If you like any of the things I mentioned in my review, I absolutely recommend that you try it.


This is one of those stories that had a very strong start, but a somewhat weak ending. I would absolutely give the first half of the novel 5 stars, but I would give the second half 3.5 or 4 stars. For the sake of what this novel was, and the hard-working translation team, I'll keep my original rating at 5.

While this novel stayed entertaining, the story definitely departed from reality a long time ago. By that, I don't mean the fantasy elements, but rather the cliche plot devices, plot armor, and the characters becoming a lot more two-dimensional overall. For example:


When the main character is captured and put into a secret prison, all she has to do is look down at the ground. Lo and behold, a legendary, ultra-rare, one-of-a-kind, magical plant that she somehow had knowledge of in the modern world is growing at her feet... wtf...


Because of the novel becoming more ridiculous and cartoonish, it loses the feeling of tension, excitement, and high stakes that it had earlier.

This doesn't mean that I honestly didn't enjoy it (I still had fun reading it to the end), but just take this as a warning. Just let go of your expectations and you'll still find this novel an entertaining and endearing romp. <<less
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Nov 22, 2021
Status: c290
The story itself is enjoyable up to around chapter 200

after she gave birth, the story went down hill


BUT. Let's talk about something serious for a second. The message that kept being repeated throughout this series is bad and VERY misogynistic. And I'm saying something because misogyny and CN kinda go hand in hand. This series really brings it to another level. The theme that gets repeated throughout this book is this:

    1. Women shouldn't enjoy sex
    1. s*x is something women owe their husband
    1. s*x is so that women can give their husbands sons and for husband's recreational pleasure only
    1. Women should enjoy being subservient to men and any man who doesn't treat women like s*aves/objects are "sissy" according to the book. That also includes the only male character that cared about women's pleasure during s*x. He is an evil character (spy from another country) yes, but the author linked him giving women org*sm to him being a "pe*vert", "feminine", 'neither male or female' etc etc. which is WTF.
    1. Only evil twisted women enjoy s*x (ie. original FL, Yaya, the other female antagonist)
    1. MC is good and pure because s*x hurts for her and she doesn't like it
Our MC is in constant pain and doesn't enjoy s*x with her husband which is really r*pey. It's said that she'd cry out in pain during s*x and wouldn't be able to leave the bed for 3 days whenever they did it (and it wasn't just a figure of speech or exaggeration. She's hurting.). In one scene, she just got back from being tortured, the husband gets turned on after seeing her bloody back... so he had s*x with her. Um. Yeah. Idk, you're going to have to ignore A LOT (including a lot of r*pe and violence) to say this story is fluffy.
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