Doomed to be Cannon Fodder


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She’s somehow ended up transmigrating into the book as the supporting female lead, who was beaten to death! Deeply in love with the male lead, she’s fated to be beaten to a bloody pulp before even holding hands with him?!

First things first, she needs to survive and latch onto the big thigh of a patron. But the supporting male lead is a true gentleman and feels nothing for her stunning, alluring body. That’s alright! She’ll latch onto the old madame or the male lead then!

But why does the supporting male lead look at her with increasingly odd eyes? And what of that Wulin Alliance Head with the personality disorder? You’re just a random bystander, what are you getting involved for??

Finally, the male lead could bear it no longer and dragged her back to the Prince Li Manor…

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Airisu rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: c74
To be fair, I don't know where the 4.6 rating of this novel comes from.

The first part is good, the setting is a little different than usual transmigration novels, even the FL is kinda different, and it is enjoiable to read. The problem? The ML. Hell, the author makes it pass as an ok thing for him to treat her forcefully, and he NEVER repents. He thinks he's spoiling her or something? When she's clearly scared. From some point, his only tought is about eating the FL up, even if... more>> she is unwilling as clear as the sky. There were a few attemped rapes till the point I read, and that's totally disgusting, cause it's shown as the ML "love" for the FL.

Plus, the ML is Always forceful towards her, I don't see his "teasing" as cute or romantic at all. I just reached a point were I felt unconfortable reading, so I decided to drop it. I don't really wanna see how it goes on, I will spare me from the rape scenes at least. <<less
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KichiX rated it
June 3, 2018
Status: c218
Fun in the beginning, but after chapter 50 or so the novel became the very thing it was trying to satire. I just can't be bothered to read any more. If the novel was shorter, perhaps the self-awareness of the FMC could have been kept on the funny side.

Also, the love between the male lead and the female lead felt lukewarm. It felt like the male lead fell in love with the character the female lead was acting out, rather than her true self. Even when the female lead eventually... more>> warms up to him, it felt like she was settling for him rather than actively being in love. <<less
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nikideema rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c212
This story is pretty messy.

It's good for a light read, but not if you want to take it too seriously. There are plenty of plot holes and things that happen that can make you scratch your head wondering why anyone would do such a thing. The plot moves forward based on the necessity of the protagonist being ignorant of her surroundings and other people's intentions.

There's lots of passages where the MC's beauty is expounded on ad nauseum. There's also lots of passages where the MC does something and the author... more>> goes through multiple POVs just to show how awesome everyone thinks the MC is, even if the action is very minuscule or mundane.


There's a part where MC is captured by enemy troops and is being interrogated by an officer. She seduces him to get closer to him in order to use her hidden knife (because why capture someone and not look for hidden weapons on them right?). You'd think she'd want to go for a killing blow to escape, but instead she aims to damage his pecker. It's a flashy move, but how does that help her situation? He'd be wounded, but he'd still be alive to kill her. He of course smacks her into unconsciousness afterwards (surprise!). It just makes me scratch my head and ask, "Why??" Of course several of her admirers are standing by and rotating POVs to show how awesome they think she's being


The author forgets whole plotlines if it's inconvenient to them.


The MC is poisoned, making her weak and dizzy, and she's kidnapped. Once kidnapped, there's no more mention of her being poisoned and she's throwing around tables to rescue herself. This poison is never to be mentioned again


Now the relationship between MC and ML - It's mostly the MC being frightened of the ML, and the ML being autocratic and menacing. For the majority of the book, the MC is scared too witless to even talk back to him. She keeps a demure facade that the ML eventual falls for. MC's three modes are: Blushing, Scared, and Playing Dead. She constantly blushing. All. The. Time.


Their first consummation is when she is drugged by another party.


MC's antagonists aren't anything to write home about either. There was never a time I saw any of them as threatening for they are neither clever nor smart. Sometimes they're dumb to the point of incredulousness. The original female lead (now an antagonist) is merely a foil to the MC, taken to the extreme to showcase how much better the MC is in comparison.


This one enemy who's been poisoned by a chronic acting poison that needs to be administered an antidote every 10 days or so, forgets that she's poisoned, runs away to a hidden army camp, has the poison act up, and dies within 10 days... Why?


One thing I do like about the book is its humor. It did make me laugh on multiple occasions. The humor is less present in the latter portions of the book though. <<less
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May 16, 2018
Status: c244
I like like like this story..... the MC is not genius doctor or assassin or whatever but she is clever... she is ordinary girl who got dumped in ancient times.... she just want to survive and keep her life... she know that in ancient times... women doesnt has human right, their live is in the man hand (like their view"women has to listen to her father before their marriage, listen to her husband when they marriage, and listen to their son when they old") so she need golden tight... more>> to be hold especially she got body of concubine... and I think she is clever... and for why she is looks so week...I think it is reasonable... she cant stand blood becouse she is just ordinary girl... like myself..I never look blood more than my menstruation blood.. so I definetly cant stand if I have to look blood who come fresh from human body... and the MC have to look how brutal and sadist the way ancient times to punish someone becouse small matter so it is reasonable uf she cant stand it.

And for ML... he is okey.. typical cold blood manseo man...


I dont like in the finishing story... the way the MC change 180°... become OP MC.... I dont like it

And for the female lead in the true story...I really really pity her... she only a child who make a mistake although she doesnt aware and go on with her mistake... but I pity her... her destiny can be said become bad couse the MC....I hope she aware her mistake and calm down.. <<less
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ljin75651 rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c199
It's definitely not a bad read, but sometimes I just get so frustrated with the dynamic between the MC and ML. I get that the females of ancient times had basically no power and such, but it's mainly the fact that she had no power, is so physically weak that I think she could die at any moment, AND is also weak-willed when faced up against the ML. All these points added together makes it actually kind of annoying. Like she faints so often or is weak and helpless so... more>> many times that it gets frustrating to read about it. It's to the point that I don't even feel bad for her anymore. And she acts strong and plots ways to get out of trouble, but whenever she is faced with the ML, she becomes super weak again, this time mentally. Like, she can't fight against him at all, since she is usually so intimidated by him and he ends up taking advantage because he thinks she's seducing him.

And that leads to the point of the ML. Sure, he might love her, but he is going about loving her in all the wrong ways. He hurts her because he's strong and she's weak, and he can't control himself around her. He's aggressive and jumps to conclusions a lot. And whenever she gets mad at him, he thinks the way to fix it is to have s*x with her...... so not the right plan dude!!

Basically, I just think there is such an imbalance in their relationship that I feel like the MC is not getting anything good from this relationship, or at least this is what it feels like up to c199.

And it seems kind of forced that they are trying to give the MC some strong points, so they have her somehow be a godly cook for vegetarian food, which somehow manages to be relevant in various ways. It just feels kind of forced...

Overall, it might not be bad, but there's all these underlying points that get to me every time I read this novel. <<less
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mshh rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: c295
The first half were interesting and entertaining on how MC hilariously take actions to save herself from the paths that were destined for her, catching interests of other male leads on the way.

However, the second half was bad. The MC solved things conveniently, like, things just appeared that she can use to fight the enemy. MC was contradictory in lots of ways and annoying "self-righteous".

... more>>

She framed an eunuch and had him executed then turn around and said that lives are important. It was too annoying. In addition, romance between MC and ML seemed forced together. Overall, after I finished the series I thought the MC isn't your typical smart lead. Just a lucky girl who got things conveniently to solve troubles. Another contradiction is when she foreseen that she initially wanted to go back to her world by pricking the cactus so she died in that world then the maid saw her dead body and everyone weeped. Whereas the second transmigrator's dead body was shipped back to the present via a vortex?

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Riverlia rated it
February 23, 2018
Status: c295
Actually if decimal rating is available, I'd give this 3.6 or 3.7 as oppose to 4.

It's actually a well-written novels, but it feel like the author did not plant out the whole thing well


... more>>
  • The main protagonists are mostly likeable
  • Aside from the last stretch, most of the character development and action are believable.
  • Quite the sweet romance between MC and her husband.
  • Good portrayal of the gradual shift from wanting to return to modern world vs growing attachment to the 'current' world on the MC's part.

Frankly, near the end, it seems like the author couldn't tied up all the plot thread they created and had to pad the story out, leading to many becoming cliche or wasted opportunity. For example:


Early on I can see Lin Qianzi as a naive and unlucky girl who circumstance drove her to be at odd with the main protagonists, even a bit pitiful, which might have created an interesting conflict where neither side were truly evil, as she's supposedly the wife and the MC the concubine of the same prince. However, late-mid series, she was side-lined so fast it's anti-climatic and by the end she became a sheer delusional idiot whose sole purpose is to act as diabolos ex machina to cause problem to the MC. Worse, the delusional Lin Qianzi was such an ineffective threat that it always get solved in the next chapter if not the very same one, making it feel like filler content


For another example


Yu Kang, who was introduced as a double-personality guy. His appearance was flatly too late for him to be a credible love rival, his personality was flat and his love for her never had much weight unlike Song's conflicting emotion


If the author actually planned out the last stretch of this novel better, It'd be a gems. As it is, this novel is unfortunately a flawed gem. Still very much worth a read. <<less
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fireflymaoh rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: c166
It was funny and interesting at first but it developed into something ridiculous. Plot is all over the place and characters are so two dimensional it hurts to read. I am honestly disappointed that the translators chose to translate this since they are very skilled and they have put so much time in such a ridiculous story. Like some others have mentioned there is some scenes that could be considered rape, but since she is her concubine she is suppose to put up with non consensual s*xual relationships. The female... more>> lead has a bit of Stockholm syndrome and she is honestly very ditzy while the male lead is just a brute. Side characters are just painful to watch. I am sorry I wasted so much time with this story before giving up. <<less
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August 27, 2017
Status: c139
Ive been reading too many transmigration novels lately, but this novel does stand out!

one thing is that the MC isn't ambitious or has strong mental fortitude like the usual MCs that stories like these have. She's very relatable, and it's like I could even see myself in her. The way she thinks and acts is very much normal, and very refreshing too.

The male lead is the typical overbearing type, but he gradually softens towards her because she's kind, doesn't have ulterior motives and unlike anyone he's known. So from his... more>> viewpoint, you can understand why he would fall for her, as it slowly unfolds.

the annoying part is how she still doesn't feel/realise his feelings for her at this point, so it sometimes dampens my mood lol. I mean, she always thinks she'll be killed by him one way or the other, and it gets a tad annoying everytime.

but other than that, this is a great read and one I would recommend! <<less
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Kefi rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c46
While the writing is not bad and the comedic misunderstandings are funny, after a while it's difficult to forget that all of these misunderstandings stem from the fact that every single character is a hypocrite; that speaking honestly is a death sentence and somehow I should be okay with the characters being that way...

Well, I'm not, so the psycho male protagonist, the foil second male protagonist and all the bitches in the household can go and kill each other for all I care. I'm dropping the novel.
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Myross17 rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a wonderful story and I 100% recommend this story to all those who like a reverse harem and a very strong love from a very loyal/handsome/domineering/possessive male lead *u*
... more>>

This story starts when while the MC reading a story got accidentally prick by a cactus and transmigrated inside the book she was reading, possessed the most villainous female who will have a tragic death.

We all know that once we knew how we will die, we'll do everything to change our path just to change and survive to the ancient time where death is like just killing a mosquito (whatta metaphor I used) anyway, because the MC do not want to happened to her the tragic death that supposed to happen to the body she possessed, she change the plot of the story and it turned out MC -> Villain -> FL while heroine -> villain

And of course, she knew that she'll die in the hands of ML, she tries to hide from him while trying to seduce the 2nd ML (one of heroine's male harem) as an escape route but because of that, not only she got the trust of the old madam (mother of ML) but also the love of ML.

You'll understand why she is too dense to notice that ML loves her 'cos she knew she'll die in his hand!

And don't hate my ML, Long Heng, for hating and not trusting women or don't know how to handle or express his feelings for MC.... because of his past, in the battlefield where female prostitute seduce his men and ended up being killed in the process.

Anyway, this story is one of the most satisfying ending that I read so far, and I know you'll also fall for them ^u^

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Kaytje10 rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c76
Love it. Love her. Love the story.

Misunderstanding after misunderstanding which may seem repetitive but trust me it's not.

My advice. Go read and be amazed.
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meiberry rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c227
I'm not done yet, but I have to say that I really love this story! It's a Light read. Basically this story starts out as pure comedy and then sets itself up as a reverse harem. Up until the recent chapters around 220, nothing ever really went wrong... everything went smoothly and happily for our main character. She's super cute and pretty nice. It is really a pleasure to read. Total escapism. I am just stopping around 227 cuz I read this purely for the fun, and I think that... more>> the challenges are starting to get steep...

Chapter 220~ spoiler:


Basically another person from her time also appears and they are literally fighting in a war opposite each other and this person is like a lot smarter than her... Idk, I've been skimming the recent chapters because there hasn't been much Li Wang and Bai Xiangxiu time ;_; I picked up this for the romance but the romance has been waning in recent chapters. Plus, since they really got together and mutually loved each other and everything, it feels like the plot has exceeded its raison d'etre... you know what I mean...? or I'm just a lazy reader


If you know a little bit of Chinese, you should download the Pleco phone app or use pin1yin1. com website to read the Chinese chapters!

One serious critique that I have is that the story gets Super s*xist. There is some seriously ridiculous slut-shaming. This is nothing new to Chinese light novels, but warning to those who have higher standards.


The poor "original main female lead" ends up a villain and her "downfall" is that she ends up having a lot of s*x with many different men. BOOOOO!!!

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Narutolvr rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c70
Honestly, just read it. All the reviews are completely correct; it's a great novel with a ton of great things that make it so great. But I think what gets me so happy about it is the fact that the MC is so real. It's fun reading about super cold blooded assassin characters or geniuses who just so happen to know how to save people with 2 stalks of grass and a rock despite having grown up with all the trappings of modern technology. But suspending all that disbelief gets... more>> tiring.

In comes BXX (our heroine) who transmigrates to a random fodder in her current LN obsession, who, while trying to be the supporting character with the least presence, ends up unwittingly replacing the female lead in the story's plot, hooking guys (and girls) like flies to honey. Add to that the fact that she still continues to observe the events unfolding as if she's still a side character, her snarky, sarcastic comments about the characters' personalities, and the fact that she, a 26 year old virgin (original body) avoids the male lead's advances in a way that won't get her beaten to death, and you've got a story you would regret not reading. But, as stated by others, I'd recommend waiting until it's completed before diving in because the wait will make you want to rip your hair out. Or just hang out in the comment section making fanfics with the rest of us :P

Edit as of c295:

Wow. Things veered left so quickly. I wish I could change the star rating to this; it just got so bad so quickly. The characters start silly and get even more ridiculous while the plot reaches infinite levels of ridiculousness. I could accept a talking cactus seeing as the cactus might have something to do with how she transmigrated in the first place but

wtf is going on with the nightshade or devil vine or whatever? Who is this other random transmigrator with princess disease and a mental problem?


Honestly, if I wasn't reading this while it released on volarenovels, I probably wouldn't have been able to finish, it got that bad. The sense of community that forged during this novel is probably my favorite thing about it; it was quite a unique experience. But, for yall coming in after the fact, just know it's not that good. <<less
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June 19, 2017
Status: c66
I don't know on what's wrong with me but I've been experiencing a very serious problem. I kept refreshing Volare's site everyday just to check for the new updates of DCF.... hope you could tell on how much I like this novel.

It's not your typical reincarnated where the Female MC was a prodigy, assassin, doctor and what not from modern earth. The MC here is just the typical mob A or Villager B. But the comedy here is gold!! Promise! Hope that you guys will also read this wonderful novel
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.moondance rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c55
So. Much. Fluff. Albeit it's fluff because of low EQ on everyone's part, but still.

I also agree that it's similar in style to My Disciple Died Yet Again - the MC has no compunctions about being very obvious in confusion about the ancient customs, if only in her head. She's not a genius assassin/doctor/etc, is just trying to muddle along as a background character (this doesn't go well).
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Mikleo rated it
May 15, 2018
Status: c295
Ok, here's the thing, in this review, I won't be talking about why, what, and how this novel works. I'll leave that to the other reviewers since they already stated the why, what and how of this novel.

I'm just going to leave some warnings. This is full of spoilers, if you don't want to be spoiled then back away slowly. I will place the major spoilers in a spoiler tag though.

    1. If you can't handle ANCIENT Chinese customs, then don't read an Ancient Chinese-based novel. This novel will contain a domineering-in-a-way ML that is accustomed to the Ancient Chinese way of life. Basically, in the beginning of their 's*xual' relationship, the ML (still a virgin) tasted his first woman, and only woman, the MC.
      In Ancient Chinese, the Husband is the Master and the Concubine is the Slave. That's just the way of life back then, that's why the MC is submissive to the ML. Contrary to other novels with overly powered Mary Sue MCs, the MC in this novel doesn't challenge this way of life. The MC is the one who conformed to this way of life herself.

      No, this novel is not angsty when it comes to this aspect. It's actually handled humorously most of the time. Another thing, the MC wants the ML too, meaning, she wanted to cling on the golden thigh

      because the ML is her protector, her golden finger, so to speak.

      So, to those ignorant readers that thinks that the MC is always forced into having s*x with the obsessed ML... have you read the novel? Like, really read the novel? Because I can't believe you guys chose to ignore these facts that the MC said herself. The MC is not some holy maiden, the MC actually has some spunk to steal the ML away from the Original Female Lead. Unintentional at first, but it went to purposefully intentional as the novel went along. At one point, the MC even mentioned in passing (internal monologue) that she used s*x so that the ML will not 'stray' or go to the Female Lead. What the MC didn't know back then was that the ML will never stray, the ML was too entirely obsessed with the MC, lol!


      Don't worry, he only had one woman in his life, the MC. Even when he became Emperor, he only had the MC. He literally threatened everyone: anyone who sends in concubines in the palace will be met with death.

    2. As with many other novels, this novel has it's own gray parts. The villains may have had what's coming to them, but yes, the morality of their 'crimes' are actually understandable, for the most part.
      Like with the Original Female Lead, she's a dumbass bitch with all the crazy things that she did. However, again, some ignorant readers who repeatedly chose to ignore ANCIENT Chinese customs kept on comparing the treatment of women from that time to Modern times. Actually, they didn't even compare, they just kept on going on and on and on about how 'unfair' the situation is back then. Dude, this is an Ancient Chinese-based novel, what the hell did you expect?

      If you did compare them, then yes, it's unfair to the women (Female Lead, Female Villain #1, Female Villain #2, etc.) because - hey - those men accusing these women to have slept around is a womanizer themselves, the hypocrisy is high, right? Well, that's just the custom back then. If you're a lady, especially a noble lady, then don't even think about sleeping left and right, high and above...


      Unlike what the Female Lead did. Also the other Female Villain.

    3. Don't expect an all-out Mary Sue MC, because you won't get one. What made this novel refreshing is that the MC is not an Assassin, Genius, Scientist, or Whatever. To those who based the MC for being 'stupid' and not deserving to be called a Modern Woman, let me ask you... are you an Assassin, Genius, Scientist, or Whatever?
      No? Then you don't deserve to be called a Modern Person.

      See the hypocrisy in your statements now?



      There are some parts that the MC acted Mary Sue-ish, like near the end with the war and all. Also, some male supporting characters liked the MC romantically, but she stayed loyal to the ML.


Well, that's it for now. I basically wrote this review because the novel was being bashed by ignorant readers who chose to ignore the Ancient Chinese customs. It's annoying, and distracting, to often read comments about these aspects when this is actually a true custom.

If you don't like these customs, then don't read period novels.
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c295
The novel is well written/translated, but the plot is a train-wreck. The first 100 chapters it resembles your classical courtesan/main wife story, with the "I am not the MC, just leave me alone" twist, and actually warrants 5*, but then it just gets weird, with super powers, the MC totally changing her attitude/style from "no, we cant kill them" to "slaughter them all", and villains that just get recycled and come back over and over. "They tried to harm me, guess ill just let them go so they can come... more>> back tomorrow and try to harm me again." The whole plot would fit 100-150 chapters, but all the unnecessary plot extensions stretch this to 300. <<less
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OHtheNovelty rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: Completed
So much went on. In the beginning, it was cute and there were misunderstandings galore, but at one point, too many crazy things started to happen that it was almost too much for a story that had a slow paced beginning. All in all, it was a fun read. I enjoyed reading the comments.

ALSO, THE ML DID NOT RAPE THE MC. I don't know what idiot started this, but if they read correctly, they would know that MC allowed it to happen and was in pain and didn't enjoy it... more>> BECAUSE THE ML SUCKS IN BED. The dumbass has no skill whatsoever, and it makes sense since this guy is a virgin and never associated with girls of any kind before. I doubt the guy masturbated much, he was practically a monk before meeting MC. So yeah. There's rape, but not between ML and MC. <<less
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New Moon
New Moon rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c241
Great story that make you laugh with lots of misunderstand. I like MC clever mind. She is smart and knowledge she got everyone admired and love. She is kind. I like her and support characters.

good funny story I love it. Worth to read this kind of novel.
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