Juvenile Medical God


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The King of Hell sentences you to death by midnight, but I can ensure that you live past morning.

The young man, Qin Lang, received the inheritance of a poison school by chance. He uses poison to kill people, uses poison to save people and he uses poison to chase beauties. With body of ancient extinct poison and a body of a martial artist, he walks around the city, and wanders around in the underworld.

Associated Names
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Shao Nian Yi Xian
Thiếu Niên Y Tiên
Young Immortal Doctor
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Recklezz rated it
March 25, 2016
Status: --
Stopped reading it after it moved, I just don’t believe all 3000’ish chapters will be translated. The humor is good, and while I like that the MC fancies his teacher, he is a scumbag that tries to build a harem. The novels has a unique vibe and the modern day Martial Cultivation and actions is pretty cool.

Edit: What is up with all these Tags: Battle, Money etc. Come on, it's an action novel build in a modern city. Ofc. There will be money and battle, damn. Plox remove some of... more>> the uneeded tags <<less
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rdawv rated it
February 25, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch.60. Early heads-up: the chapters translated by Asherah Blue have been deleted, you have to google for them.

The setting is interesting, the MC’s behavior is somewhat believable. He is not your usual hero with lofty aspirations, he’s looking out for number 1, ie himself. The problem is that the MC’s background isn’t explained at the start. Immediately it is insinuated that this unassuming student is a poison expert with a martial/cultivation background. We are not given any info about his purpose except a vague directive by his... more>> hidden master to take over and clean up the criminal underworld. At one point his parents showed up briefly, but other than revealing they are professionals in their respectable fields, we have no idea as to MC’s upbringing or past.

At some points I got a sense that this is a web novel whose plot is written on the fly by the author, influenced by the comments left by his readers. Perhaps the Chinese readers praised certain aspects of his novels and he reciprocated by writing more of the same.

In any case, the text is decently written. Once you get rid expectations of a heroic figure and instead think of the MC as a scoundrel, the story becomes more palatable. Dialogue are pretty straightforward, the plot moves along even though it takes a strange detour of trying to use legal means and computer hacking to take down a drug lord in a wuxia/kungfu story. Once you get used to the idea of a student capable of doing many things (including snake charming) and forcing criminal gangs and politicians to bow to him, you will get a better-than-expected story.

Another user was very negative about the MC, and from what I read thus far I smirk to think what that user would think about Yue Yang from “Long Live Summons!”. What the MC Qin Lang has done seems pretty tame to Yue Yang’s bloody revenge and unbridled perversion to multiple female characters (some aren’t even human). Both MCs are pretty similar except they are in different environments, Qin Lang actually still has to deal with the ‘troublesome’ authorities with some subtlety while Yue Yang can pretty much do what he wants because he has the strength. Another similar MC is the MC of “Heavenly Jewel Change” Zhou Weiqing who is an even bigger rogue than Qin Lang, and lies more blatantly and had a forced sexual incident. Ch.62 shows the woes of Qin Lang who can’t really act out his heart’s desires yet.

Around chapters 40ish there was a change of translators and he or she was probably working without an editor and it shows. Some sentences are not reformed coherently and a person unused to MTL can get confused by it. The translation improves again with another change of translators after Ch65, so just be prepared for some rough spots in between.

If you liked “Long Live Summons” and “Heavenly Jewel Change”, I think you will like this story set in our modern age. You can also read Wicked Soldier King or Genius Sword Immortal which has a similar wuxia-in-a-modern-world setting. All-in-all, a very underrated story. Deserves more views. <<less
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shotuyoka rated it
February 17, 2016
Status: --
I abandoned this in midway. Suddenly he becomes detective solving a case. The teacher major in the criminal psychology in the college before decided in teaching. The master has political power in modern world despite living on the mountain. Hahahahaha
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Boy and the Beast
Boy and the Beast rated it
March 5, 2016
Status: --
The novel is one of the top novels that I have read. Especially after you read tens and tens of novels with gores and blood. It is a refreshing novel which will get you addicted to it. Romance: Not harem actually, it is more of playful romance or flirting, not a serious relationship at the moment. PS: There are no BLACKMAILING for sexual attempts like some other reviews have noted. Fights: Nice details, use of self-created martial arts, there has only been one major fight at the moment.

Development: Awesome. MC... more>> becomes a boss (more like godfather) of a gang, then he is bringing the gang to a bigger battlefield. He has a politician (blackmailed him to get his help), armed forces as his connection, along with a mysterious poison master.

Comedy: There are some comedy elements to it and is pretty refreshing. <<less
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demigodz29 rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c113
This is probably one of the best modern day xianxia that I’ve read. I know there are a lot there, like GSI, and stuff. But for me, this one brings out the most feeling from me. Others were lackluster compared to this. I really like the MC’s attitude which is confident and not annoying. He also relies on others which most of the other MC forget. I also like the way that the MC builds his battalion of lackeys. All in all, for me this is a good read. I... more>> just don’t know why other reviews rated this too badly. I got really tired of reading ancient stuff that is all about killing and killing and cultivating x100. <<less
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Boy and the Beast
Boy and the Beast rated it
December 4, 2015
Status: --
damn good. But too bad, it is underrated. I found this a fresh read compared to the common translations. There is a mixture of comedy, funny perversions, action, badass MC. All in all, it would be really nice if someone picked it up and translated it with much faster speed.
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Teron rated it
November 14, 2015
Status: --
One of the most underrated stories.I have read the raws up to the latest chapters. It is one of my favourites along with King Shaura. It has a slice of life theme in the first half of the story. So anyone giving it a bad review at least read up to 250 chapters.
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Belkar rated it
August 19, 2016
Status: c113
Normally I do not like modern day wuxia, but this is one of the two exceptions. The best way I can describe it is if you were to take 'Yun Che' from the novel 'Against the Gods' and rather then have him run around in an ancient cultivation universe, you place him in a modern day setting. So instead of him fighting one battle after another against other cultivators while he slowly becomes a god under the guidance of a near immortal spirit girl, he's a slightly irregular high school... more>> student who uses those same poison skills and smarts to conquer the underground of society on behalf of his mysterious master. Naturally since it's a modern day setting and the characters aren't a bunch of super freaks, both the law and politics play an integral part of the story. So if you're looking for a light read with superheroes fighting constantly in epic battles this is not a story for you. However if you want a main character to use his brain and not merely his brawn to fight his enemies I'm sure you'll like the adventures of this dark hero named 'Qin Lang'.

Finally, as Qin Lang is still a student, slice of life scenes with his fellow (female) classmates/teachers contribute to the growth of both the main character and the story. There's a constant challenge to keep the darkness away from the light in his life.

To sum it up: "A humorous though serious story about a slightly perverted dark hero who uses his poison skills and brains to conquer the underground of society." <<less
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thetranquilman rated it
August 12, 2016
Status: c111
Really interesting. Provides a new and refreshing kind of world. MC is pretty cool. Some bits are funny. Story progression is quite interesting. Overall good read.

9/10 would recommend
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Dracius rated it
August 31, 2016
Status: c120
Though Juvenile Medical God starts off a bit slow. It gets increasingly better, and just makes you keep anticipating for the next chapter. Plus the current plot of the novel is just fascinating, I mean using poison, and being one of the only few experts of poison and using it to fight. Juvenile Medical God, also takes place in modern times, and the MC is trying to take over the entire underground society, which makes things even more interesting, as the MC is only a high school student. There are... more>> also a few funny moments, so it can give you a few good laughs. <<less
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paradigmfriday rated it
August 15, 2016
Status: c112
A solid modern martial arts novel that doesn't get 'too' wrapped up in the weird patriotism/politics that other 'modern' stories of the genre sometimes get bogged down with.
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Shikonbel rated it
August 15, 2016
Status: c112
This is a novel set in modern times, with the main character's focus being in medicine/poisons and dealing with matters of the city's 'underground'. There are politics involved, but it is not quite a political novel. There are fights and displays of martial arts, but not too many, and as such, this novel is not necessarily for everyone.

The pace is relaxed, a bit like 'slice-of-life' type novels, but there are still a decent amount of exciting action scenes.

Although a few of the earlier translators didn't do the series justice, the... more>> current translator is perfectly fine, so no problems there.

For a little while, I was personally irritated with the attitude of the female teacher, but as she somewhat fades into the background as time goes on, my irritation has lessened considerably. In addition, there are at least two other female characters who play some role in the latest translated chapters, so it's not really a major concern for me.

In short, I think this is a very decent novel. It may not be for everyone, but I do think it's worth giving a chance. If you do give Juvenile Medical God a try, be aware that the later chapters (up to 112 right now) are better than the middle portion (around chap. 50 or so).

I gave it three stars, purely because the novel is not entirely up to my usual tastes, but is still an enjoyable break from most of the novels floating around out there that I usually see. I may come back and change the rating if the later portions of the story are able to better capture my interest. <<less
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zenla rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: c112
Modern wuxia with anti hero twist walking the path of poisoner. Encounters are mostly competition in poison field and healing their victims like gang boss. The story evolves into gang warfare while executing missions from his master. In the meantime school life and chasing beauties. Pretty sure you will like it. Story has finally dedicated translator so progress is good. Though there is pretty dark stuff at times... yeah even more reason to read.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
libon23 rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
It has a very good start and I really like the MC.. But I stopped at chapter 55 coz the female lead is annoying shes not very likeable atleast for me. Well thats it, its a very good light novel so if u can stand annoying woman then I do recommend this novel to u guys :P
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ongoingwhy rated it
February 22, 2018
Status: c4144
The novel starts out pretty well but gets pretty nationalistic when other nations are mentioned. There's a good amount of chapters where the author blatantly refers to Japan as a nation of perverts and attempts to show other countries (US, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea etc) in a bad light. Of course, like many other Chinese authors, the author hates the Chinese government and makes no attempt to hide his contempt for them. Nevertheless, he still thinks that the Chinese is the number one race in the world and even spends a... more>> good amount of time trying to convince the readers.

Also, the story ended without a proper closure and there were plenty of plot holes that the author failed to clarify. <<less
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L4 rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c126
The story setting is located in China during modern age. Gangsters of the underworld control the cities and martial arts is very important.

The main character has a teacher, who specializes in medicine and poison. Here is where the saying "everything is poison and nothing is without poison. Only the dosis makes the difference that it isn't a poison" by Paracelsus from Hohenheim, fits very well.

The protagonist changes the saying a bit, so that he can use poison as medicine. He can use his medicinal knowledge to cure all illnesses and... more>> to confront his foes with poisonous animals or insects.

There exists a possible comparison to "Against The Gods", where the protagonist also uses poison as one of his weapons or tools and means of coping with difficult situations.

As in other stoies which have the element of medicine in its content, the protagonist of course treats ill people, too, as the Juvenil Medical God, which I think was never mentioned in the story itself, but you get the feeling that it is just his title for his capabilites.

Let's say it was interesting to read. Novels tend to be great if there are only so few chapters, thus you would like to read some more, albeit the translations for this novel ceased to be made long ago.

It is regrettable that a strong novel with a strong title didn't get more chapters translated. The current arc wasn't even finished! And here I am the lamenting leeching reader!

I give it a thumbs up, a 4/5. What did it lack? More chapters of course! A good read for people who like the element of medicine in a novel, or maybe it's just me who has no clue about medicine, as I am not a doctor or apothecarian. <<less
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JustDiededed rated it
September 17, 2016
Status: c111
This is really nice. I've been putting away the reading of this for some time now, mainly because of the synopsis, as it didn't really appeal to me. But when I finally started reading it, yesterday, I couldn't stop and went through almost all translated chapters.

Basically it's a novel in modern times about a youth that cultivates in the poison arts. I feel it's well written and the characters are likable. Also, we can see character growth and we come to worry about them. There's not really any plot-armor in... more>> my view, as the MC is really hard working and we can see that he's still immature at the beginning, but learns with his mistakes. This reminds me a little of IRAS (in the way of shamelessness). So, if you enjoy modern xianxia novels, I believe this is for you. <<less
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