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An advertising director is reborn in 1988 Hollywood as an eighteen-year-old blond-haired westerner named Eric Williams.

From then on, he starts writing movie scripts and television songs, becomes skilled in directing every kind of film, wins over all kinds of female celebrities, and takes the road to become a Hollywood legend.

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Trent rated it
April 10, 2017
Status: --
Mmm. No, I can't recommend this novel. It has about one-and-half things going for it, and several against.

The acceptable:

-It's decent for a relaxed read. If you read it when you're really tired, and your brain and conscience are barely functioning, it'll be pleasant.

... more>> -Hollywood and MC are somewhat intentionally portrayed as immoral, rather than totally resulting from wish-fulfillment.

The bad:

It's an unrealistic world with a despicable MC. Real people who would have provided competition for the MC have either been written out of existence or dumbed down for the MC to awe and take advantage of. Even if we ignore much of what's wrong with the MC, it's another matter to ignore all that's wrong with the world he's in, because it's supposed to be the real world in every other way. The story reads like a game on easy mode, but it won't admit it, and pretends to be set in a realistic world.

Upcoming rant, which I don't recommend reading unless you're bored:

1. In order to have a fast pace, and to make the MC able to accomplish everything in his prime, things get done impossibly quickly. I find it easier to accept the existence of multiple worlds, magic, and dragons that shoot laser beams out of their butts, than that a theatrical release's entire pre-production, production, post-production, including advertising and distribution, only take a few weeks, even for a fairly small-scale film. The MC tells a major film distributor to get ready to market and release his prospective film in one or two months, and the distributor has no problem bending over for him. At one point, the MC singlehandedly edits all of a movie's raw footage into the final product in less than half a day.

Just, no, that's literally impossible, the author apparently has no idea of what filmmaking and editing entail despite trying to write a story depending on them.

Similarly, the high-level corporate meetings and negotiations in the novel take anywhere from seconds to minutes, instead of numerous interactions over days and weeks and months, and CEOs decide on multi-million-dollar agreements in a matter of sentences. This is pushed along by the second point, namely:

2. Every character is s*upid. The aforementioned CEOs and other professionals are short-tempered and/or criminally incapable if they're obstructing the MC. In a normal novel, this would be annoying. Here, it's downright insulting, because the novel's dumbing down real people. However, this mass idiocy is necessary to elevate the MC from an ordinary guy into:

3. The unconvincing supergenius MC. It's one thing for the MC to somehow perfectly recall every book he'd read and movie he'd seen. And sure, he's middle-aged or something, so he'll act like an experienced adult when he reverts to a young man. But those attributes should not greatly improve his ability to act and direct, to say nothing of anything else. Before going back in time, the MC had been a fourth-rate actor and director, but now, he's somehow become first-rate because he'd seen the finished products (with different actors and actresses from ones he's casting). The author argues that, since the MC had seen the original movie, he's able to mimic the original actor (which makes his acting perfect) and perfectly direct everyone else.

Let the ridiculousness of that argument sink in.

If it doesn't, well, the story's right up your alley.

As with all of his skills, the MC's super directing ability spontaneously develops because the author decides that the MC has to have it. In fact, to prove how awesome and charismatic the MC is as a director, he has the MC lose his temper and scream generic rebukes on set, which somehow causes everyone realize how brilliant and commanding the MC is, and makes all the actors respect him. What...

Of course, because the average world IQ has been lowered by a couple dozen points, everyone's impressed by everything about the MC, from his unusual maturity to his genius, but he's actually a pe*verted scumbag with no respect for other people.

4. He's actually a pe*verted scumbag with no respect for other people. Yes, I had to reiterate it. MAYBE we can treat what the MC wants to do to the future A-list actresses as purposefully done by the author to show Hollywood's corruption. It's harder to ignore the author's obsession with a child. Like, dude, have him be a celebrity serial killer if you want, but don't keep pushing a thirteen-year-old drug addict into the plot as a love interest.

When he's not busy taking advantage of women and children, the MC plagiarizes novels and storylines from the real creators. For some reason the author assumes that, since a movie would have been released a couple years later, the idea behind it hasn't been formed yet. Uh, no. However, since no one sues the MC and reveals that they'd already written a similar storyline or draft years before, I can only assume that they, along with their families, friends, business associates, and everyone else they'd shared the idea with, stopped existing when the MC appeared.

For its vacant entertainment, the novel's probably worth more than two stars. But with the MC being not simply unheroic but disgustingly immoral, and the world around him being s*upidly simplified to make everything a matter of course for the MC, the story's unpalatable. <<less
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Eni Storyteller
Eni Storyteller rated it
September 12, 2017
Status: c130
NOTE: If you enjoy this novel, you WILL NOT like my review. I intend no offense.

I have wasted hours of my life reading the most incomprehensibly idiotic and utterly retching novel ever.

I love many types of novels, and I especially enjoy those time travel ones where a smart MC uses future events in his favor but this novel has made me want to stay away from any time travel for a long while. I kept reading this novel because the setting was interesting and I kept hoping it would become... more>> not awful after a while but no matter how tired or relaxed my brain was it couldn't keep up with the level of bullsh*it this novel has.

I have read novels with bad writing quality because the plot was unique but while bad writing can be tolerated, bad ideas cannot.

With all due respect to the author and translator, I sincerely advise you to at least think before writing. I am a published author in real life so I understand how terrible it feels when your work is criticized even a little bit so I almost never comment on others' novels but this time I had to.

The main reason why this novel made me stop was the characters. There are works where although the world, the plot and literally everything is structurally weak and exists as the dubious 2D paper where the MC shines, they work out relatively well because they provide a relaxing, comedic or cheerful atmosphere where they acknowledge a sense of a parody in itself or for the readers. This does not include Wuxia/Xianxia.

But in this novel, there is a seriousness that follows the most disgusting and inept MC I have ever read. Even pure smut novels' MC have more morality and character than him. Eric Williams professes himself as mature because of his past life but it seems maturity means that he is going to r*pe every girl he even remotely likes (blackmail IS r*pe; consent given under threat of losing your career IS r*pe). Also, if you are trying to portray real life, at least try to make it seem real. No woman, not even a prostitue would treat themselves as s*x s*aves without at least dreaming about strangling the MC in their sleep. But here, not only do they not hate the man who promised to destroy their dreams, careers, families and lives if they do not obediently spread their legs, but in fact fall in love with him because he acted like the *sshole he was. Gradual Stockholm syndrome was too much of a hassle so the author decided to eliminate any real emotions or thoughts the women might have.

I understand this is harem. I have read and enjoyed harem before, even r*ped or ens*aved harem but those works knew what they were and were not trying to sell themselves as anything more. This one does. This one treats itself so seriously that regardless if the author's intention was very easy-going, if I were EVEN one of the 'better' characters in the novel, I would sue. Fan fiction treats real people in similar ways, it deforms them but it is enjoyable because it is fan fiction. This is a novel. Please treat the work with the respect it deserves: do research!

I once spent more than a week reading history books just so I could ensure that the clothes of a minor character were exactly the ones of that period. I wonder if this author spent even 30 seconds before making Pitt, Jobs, the entire Columbia company and almost every person that was not being f*cked by the MC into rash, prepubescent, arrogant, and low-IQ idiots. Seriously, Jobs was almost bankrupt in this novel but still had time to act like a jerkish prat with the person who was saving him from bankruptcy? Businessmen don't put childishness before their work.

Furthermore, the plagiarism in this book is outstanding. There is a novel in this site that also had a character who plagiarized others' work into another world (not the past) but so he could survive, not because he could. And most importantly, that character was always feeling ashamed and guilty and pswore to never do it again after getting out of his situation.

As for Eric Williams? He doesn't even know how to spell shame! And I do not mean the good kind of shameless protagonists that make us laugh. Please note that if a book is not published, or a film is not produced yet that does not mean that their drafts don't exist. JK Rowling started writing Harry Potter since 1992 (or sometime in the early nineties) and only published it in 1997. Other authors jott down ideas even decades before their realization. Isn't it surprisingly fantastic how everyone not only lost their memory in this novel but also their notes have disappeared?

Another amazing point that made me wish the MC was suicidal, was his acting and directing skill. A third rate nobody in the Chinese cinema world suddenly developed skills that not only equal the top of the international industry but eclipses them. Some of you might think this is because of his time travel power boost but no, dear readers, no, you are wrong because it is made very clear in the novel that the only thing that the MC gained besides the body of Eric, was a super memorization of every novel/movie he had ever encountered in the future. Somehow, it seems that anyone who has ever watched a movie can become an Oscar-worthy actor. I wonder why I am not an actor. After all, I know every word of many favorite movies that will soon have remakes. Oh wait. I know the reason. Just like the MC, I can't bloody act!!! The same with directing, but with one minor addition. Since you are scr*wing over western culture, at least have respect for eastern culture since its your own. Production of movies is very different in China, from that of US. That is because the cinema has evolved very differently in cultures that have little in similarities. It is one of the reasons why I enjoy watching eastern movies and tv shows. There's so much to learn from them. So, my point is, how in the world did the MC become an expert in 90s US movie making industry? Shouldn't he have at least some difficulties or nostalgia about Chinese films?

The last point (I could write at least a dozen pages more on this but let's end it here) is that while I understand that some underhanded dealings and backstage offers most likely have and still appear in Hollywood, it is not to the point where you can threaten any normal citizen who has some aspirations in acting to have s*x with you before even knowing your name. Hollywood is not a brothel. It is a serious work place. Pay a modicum of respect to their people. In addition, I wish to remind any young dreamer out there that after reading this thinks "if I write a masterpiece, publishing houses will accept my work with no questions asked and will compromise every condition of theirs just so they could publish it" allow me to tell you that even if you were a Nobel or Pulitzer level writer, your first work is going to be very difficult to publish in the beginning, let alone have the publisher make any concessions for you. Rowling is another example of this.

To conclude, this novel is poorly written, has no true characterization, development, growth, structure, background or anything that gives a novel its name, and introduces the most disgusting, sexist, racist, and idiotic main character that has graced the pages of any work that is not pure p*rn.

My apologies to the author and the translator, and the readers who enjoy this novel. <<less
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Elawn rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: --
Heyo, I'm the one who picked up the translation.

First of all, if you're looking for a deep and profound story, don't start reading this.

My rating is biased towards the genre, because I sincerely like it. This is the same type as Very Pure and Ambiguous or My Beautiful Teacher, it's something you read without feeling burdened. No NTR, death of loved ones or any of those things that just make you cringe.

It's a great story if you're not looking for anything serious, so if you're up for it, join our... more>> MC in his path to the top o/

PS: About 90% of the characters mentioned in this novel have existed or still exist, and their background stories are the same as in real life (ex: Drew Barrymore's addiction).

PPS: The R-15 stuff really starts around chapter 37, so don't be disappointed if you can't find much before that.

PPPS: Chinese author's logic prominent.

PPPPS: MC is an a**hole. You have been warned. <<less
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Spite rated it
January 28, 2017
Status: c997
New translation is such an improvement. Extremely well done. Prior translation looks like pure MTL.

**Edit**Currently at end of published RAWS 997

Novel is like I'm Really A Superstar except completely set in Hollywood of late 80's and 90's and without magic gimmicks (at least so far). Chinese director who has failed to make it big dies and is reborn as an 18 year old American in Hollywood 30 years in the past. Soon becomes famous screenwriter, author, actor, director. Becomes enormously famous and wealthy and dates a series of A list actress hotties along the way. Sounds like pure wish fulfilment? Yep. Sound like good wish fulfilment? Yep. Light hearted entertainment and lets be honest who doesn't love to hear about Hollywood and its goings on. Enormously fun.

This is an insider look at Hollywood. Author has done a tonne of research into the Hollywood of the 90's and makes the various characters seem real. The cast is huge with almost all of the who's who of Hollywood coming into play to one extent or the otherr Cruise, Kidman, James Cameron, Julia Roberts, Michael Eisner, Steven Spielberg etc. Etc. Makes you want to take the day off work and read 300 chapters. Oh wait that is what I am doing. Makes me actually smile in a goofy at times while I read it according to my wife.

If you are looking for the New Yorker dont read this. If you are looking for a consistent fictionalized hollywood super success story full of fun and babes you come to the right spot.
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hiiampal rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: c99

It has been said countless times. This story is merely mediocre at best and is merely wish fulfillment. Don't expect "character progression" in this novel or any hardships.

Compared to ISSTH, it is a cheap knock off... both of the novels suffer from the same flaw. The story is incredibly biased towards the author's opinion and the story feels more of a rant/ the author's fantasy than an actual novel. Throughout the complete 70 chapters I've read, I have not seen MC encounter even ONE... more>> setback. His plot armor and arrogance are THROUGH THE ROOF.

ISSTH had the somewhat-funny comedy going, but what the f*ck does this novel have to 0ffer? Other than bedding several celebs and dumbing down ACTUAL human beings into plot tools.

Basically, this novel is big spit onto the actual celebrities faces and a big F*CK you to any of their fans. The author even made fun and dumbed down Steve mother*fcking jobs just to further prove that MC is smarter than everybody.

Basically, the author is vain, uses women as tools and is a bigger douchebag than ISSTH's MC. At least ISSTH's MC does not bed women left and right and performing one night stands on actual actresses in the real world and portraying them as dirty sluts.

TL;DR Mediocre novel, terrible early translations, flawed Chinese-esque MC personality and no character progression. There is nothing going for this novel. If you like harems and can take racism (or have an IQ of below 10) please proceed to read this novel. <<less
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slimyslime rated it
March 16, 2017
Status: c1032

A really great novel to read if you fed up with fantasy novel, most of character based on real life which makes it easier to imagine the characters image, MC focus on hollywood on the first few hundreds chapter and start focusing on other investment, not as ridiculous as VPnA:prequel (although I still enjoy reading this).

He got a lot of actresses on his bed, but I can't really consider all of them into his harem, some of them only one night stand. Main girl should be Drew, at least from what I read so far.

One of the thing makes this different with other novel is, he's not typical nationalist over biased to china. He does however admit he don't like japan, but not taking it's too extreme, unlike some other urban novel MC who slaughtered thausands of japanese *cough*HacKer*cough*.

About the MC personally, he's a bit possessive about his girl, a bit (kinda) emotional when things don't get the way he want it especially after he ruled 50% of Hollywood. He used his past life knowledge wisely, trying not to change the future as much as possible and making money out of it.

Overall, read this if you like type of novel where MC getting more harem while making lot of money. Kinda disappointing with the fact that he haven't even visit China even once, even not trying to find his past life wife yet.
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makenai89 rated it
February 28, 2017
Status: c42
I'm in Hollywood was like the ultimate wish-fulfillment novel for a man. The story went on the path mentioned in the description above.... plus (likely) A LOT of A-list celeb harem members, since there's already almost half a dozen candidates by c42 (and there'll be more than a thousand chapters ahead). Throw your good sense and ethics away if you want to read it, and just enjoy the ride casually (if you can). It's narrative reminded me of Very Pure and Ambiguous the Prequel, in spite of their different background,... more>> and I don't think everyone can swallow that easily. As for me.... well, I just want an I'm In Hollywood with female MC going through those excellent men of tinseltown.... <<less
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hangzoed rated it
October 10, 2016
Status: c7
Well, this story is nice. It talks about a middle-aged man that dreamed to work in a movie transmigrated to a high school boy body in Hollywood and now he has a chance to realize his dream and he can remember anything about any movie he watched in his previous life literally (remembers even the script which is strange) and he starts to write about movies he watched. This story doesn't have that many chapters so for now, I will give it 4 because of it uniqueness.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sinai rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: c136 part3
Ahahhahah. Okay, first off, I'm in Hollywood is not well-written, and it's basically a Gary Stu self-insertion fanfic, except instead of a fictional story, it is real life. Like MC falls back in time, and uses his future knowledge to go to Hollywood to steal famous movies, and in the process bangs hollywood starlets before they were famous while offering them roles in his stolen movies like Jurassic Park, Scent of a Woman, Titanic, etc, etc. Like. I read a manga from like, the 80s once, and the bad guy... more>> mafia boss guy is hanging out with his bros with some arm candy white woman blonde model and while he's on the phone he tells her to strip and pleasure his big yellow cannon. On the basic premise that powerful men have s*x with beautiful women and can completely sexually objectify them if they want to, and in the realm of fiction, this establishes them as a villain. Actual things that happen in this novel: He makes a young and basically unknown Jennifer Aniston fall in love with him, cucks a young Brad Pitt in the process, JA gets mad at him because a sexually precocious teenage Alyssa Milano moves in with him who might actually be his ward (I can't recall precisely), and sneaks into his bed and JA walks in on them together in bed and assumes they're f*cking, and gets pissed at him all over again, all the while he's keeping some C-list actress who I don't even remember who she is as his mistress. The fact that this is getting published, even if it is a webnovel by Qidian, cracks me up. I think the entire thing is absurdly funny. It's not nearly as horribly written as one might expect, either, given the subject matter. For better or worse, the author treats the whole thing quite seriously, even if we must be abundantly aware that the author probably has watched Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam in its entirety. Like, I could talk about its many flaws, but what is even the point?

Basically this guy is Harvey Weinstein, if Harvey Weinstein was actually young and attractive and also a mega-powerful director, writer, and actor, instead of just a producer, which makes the starlets he's preying on fall in love with him instead of wanting to throw up in their mouths.

Besides, if we want to be morbidly serious, the s*xual dynamic of the casting couch is a thousand times more realistic than the MC who gains ultimate power, can't even get laid. <<less
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whosays25 rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c28
I'm enjoying the story so far. Right now, all I wish is for this novel not to end up like IRAS which became repetitive and predictable after 200 chapters. Aye, the characters were seemingly based on true people, though I actually knew two or three celebrities out of those mentioned so far. The characters are likable, especially the MC. I liked how his cheat-like ability was not as ridiculous as floating windows or whatever pop up screens like in God of Cooking and Music. Though it's also about rebirth, at... more>> least the degree of realism is acceptable. Here, he's traversing his road using only his retained memories about his past life's movies, books and such. Recommended for those who want to take a break from fantasy novels.

EDIT: T.T The MC becomes a huge pe*vert. Past chapter 100, it's no longer bearable to read for me. Changing 4 stars into 2, it's already me being merciful for the sake of the first few good chapters. <<less
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OneTrickDuck rated it
February 12, 2017
Status: c112
So I started reading this without any expectations and can only say, it's a very pleasent surprise. The characters are likeable and act relatable, the story progresses quickly, the writing is fine and the translation pretty much without error. The premise is nothing new (restart/time travel), but the hollywood aspect isn't something I've read before. And while it's often compared to "I'm really a Super Star", it barely has anything in common with it. And what I really appreciate is that so far it lacks any kind of the racism... more>> other chinese novels seem to love (pro china, against west/others like the ranch novel or IRAS)

I dont really know how close this story portrays reality (especially the star's characters), but it doesnt really matter to me. It's a fun novel with relatable themes and good writing, definitely worth a read, I just wished there were more chapters. /edit: The story was dropped at chapter 70 and then picked up again by another translator, and while I really appreciate that, there are some unfortunate changes mainly concerning the translation. There are now a lot of mistakes in terms of spelling and grammar. I dont know if the translator isnt able to or if it's a lack of care, but the disastrous translation takes away a lot from the story, hope that changes.

Also unfortunately the MC turns from a pretty neat guy into a possessive d*ck that doesn't care about others except if the author wants it for a couple of lines, the character is very inconsistent and currently not very likable. <<less
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YukiLeesa rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: c100
Worst male lead I have ever read so far. Think he is so smart while copying other people works. Have no consideration or emotion. Seriously, on the day you break up, you hold a party and slept with another woman. Just bad character creation, no creativity to plot for me. No offence.
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iomramh rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: c111
This is probably one of the worst "celeb" management/maker novel I've read. Lots of plotholes and milktoast characters, but I've never been concerned about that stuff. No, the MC himself is what made me drop this. He pissed me off enough to make me write a review lol.

In one word: Scum.

Actual, unadultered scum. Blackmail, s*xual coercein; you name it, he's sleazy enough to do it and enjoy it. I was actually disgusted while reading.

I know some people enjoy reading about antiheroes, and this guy would make a good case... if... more>> he wasn't the most blatant mary sue ever put down to paper. His personality changes to fit the plot, wildly veering back and forth between arcs, and inside arcs between character interactions. He felt like a piece of paper labelled 'insert yourself here'.

In conclusion: Don't read this and waste your time due to interesting premise. I got up to chapter 111 before finally realizing there was no more potential. It fails if its trying to portray an MC villian (which personally I highly doubt the author was going for) and it fails in creating a likeable MC.

3/10 for interesting start. <<less
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lehur rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: c1108
  1. The most makes senses novel in entire CN Webnovel
  2. Others modern day setting novel e.g. My Beautiful Teacher, Almighty Student, True Cultivator in Campus were simply nonsense, they treated money like an air and even if they're had much money they lived in shabby house (slum/his original house) and did informal job (bodyguard/security). MC never using money to buy good for their own, except for show off/frightening his enemy, the times when MC showing that his money more than others and got the girl.
  3. In this novel MC struggling and doing his everything with very makes sense, like spending money buy house, car, expanding company. The eslice of life in his journey to monopoly hollywood well thought.
  4. If there're shortcoming in this novel it would be MC who little bit dumb (he doing everything with a girl in public to the point that not 1 or 2 times he was being blackmail via photo paparazzi)
  5. Actually MC wih so much lust could not even endure it until go to his house or room.
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MessOfIdeas rated it
February 1, 2017
Status: c10
Honestly, it's rather early for a review but from the chapters that I have read so far this novel is fairly enjoyable and I can't wait for the next chapter.

The story gives off a feeling similar to IRASS but with out some of the more shameless aspects but again this is just the beginning so it's rather hard to tell.

Now this review might change later on but for now I'm honestly enthralled. (Mostly because I love acting novels/manga)
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deviatesfish rated it
February 11, 2017
Status: c22
The first translator's google translate or whatever was horrible, it induced a headache every time I tried to read it. There was no coherence in it.

This second translator is better, though they are still making small mistakes like getting Sherry Lansing's name wrong as "Shirley Lansing", it's close enough and the translation is actually coherent. Mainly, the first translator is sh*t on a stick and the second one is aight.

The story itself is better than most of the others of the same genre, the character isn't infallible, he forgets some... more>> of the more minute details of the future, and there isn't a prevalence of supernatural powers. He doesn't win in one go like shitty "Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel", which has the protagonist winning every business deal and instantly becoming the richest in the world. While this story isn't the best, it at least follows the logic that we see in real life. It's not make-believe instant-win, there's actually a bit of tension and the main character has to work for his wins. That said, this genre is supposed to be about out of context information allowing the main character to succeed, and there is that in this story. It has a good balance between the two thus far.

There is a factor of wish fulfillment in here (20 chapters in and he's having s*x with Jennifer Aniston), but hey, it's not unbelievable considering the time frame.

The translation is decently paced, so I'm not waiting a week for one chapter.

Over all, it's pretty good with the current translator, so far. <<less
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NewbornWarrior7 rated it
April 4, 2017
Status: c66
This novel is a pretty good story about movie making. What can be appreciated is that it feels like the author at least somewhat researched material for the novel to make it more realistic and logical. The only real issue I have is the inconsistency of the protagonist's character at times but overall it's a good read. Picture is pretty misleading though considering he turned into a white guy with blonde hair I think.
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
December 30, 2018
Status: c100
Just to put this out here: I loved the premise and the way the story started. I was looking forward to the continuation of his journey. But that is where things started going down hill.


  1. Great story idea and beginning: it was absolutely lovely as many reviews have said. The MC is pretty good at the start. He has someone who cares about him and everything seems a little hopeful.

    the MC is eighteen and pretty good looking. In his past life he was a middle aged chinese man and after coming to terms with his circumstances he moved on

  2. Good translation quality: thank you to the translators for the hard work.

  1. The MC is an arrogant plagiarist: this is not like I'm really a superstar which tales place in a parallel universe without any of the works he is using. It's also not like other go back to the past stories which knowledge fo the future helps the MC either. No. This guy is in the same timeline as the people whose works he's plagiarizing. He plagiarized them sometimes years to months of the time the original author would have done it. Then he brags about it and sometimes he does it in front of the ones he is plagiarizing (and of course they do not know it).

    the guy steals literally everything from steve jobs.. everything. He stole another person's book and published it (three years before the original date) as if the original author wouldn't have already had the idea. And... the story never addresses it. It is such a huge plothole.

  2. He's a pe*vert who believes he's being generous with actresses: the flip? Like this is just wish fulfillment. He believes asking for their bodies in order for them to act for him is him being generous. And if a lady refuses because she has standards for herself it's her loss and she is a prude who doesn't understand how life in Hollywood works (cuz everyone in Hollywood thinks through their penis).

    and he has a girlfriend guys... a girlfriend who happens to be Jennifer flipping Aniston

  3. The author makes reall people s*upid: Brad Pitt? Steve Jobs? Hello? They exist. Not all famous guys are jerks just because you want them to be.

    Steve jobs is a genius and in the story he is reduced to an arrogant man who loses everything because the MC only to have to be helped by him later. Like everything. It's Steve Jobs guys.

    And Julia Roberts? Drew Barrymore? Jennifer Aniston. TT why are they so needy and dumb.
There are so many more problems. But those three really got me. TT
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Deadrule rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: --
Surely not a thought provoking novel, or a classic literature piece but really fun?. It is one of those novel that u read as guilty pleasure meanwhile cringing in the famous Hollywood actors name and how they are portrayed in this novel. Its really fun though not much thinking and just diving into it straight fit some dumb fun read is just about much.

Though I hope someone pick this one up cause, it's not the best of Chinese novel, but it's seriously a fun one u can enjoy when u... more>> feel it life is meaningless ? <<less
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13th Echelon
13th Echelon rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: c568
This novel is a guilty pleasure it has so many bad points in it but still it was readable and exciting to read.

Actually this novel should have not been published because there's so many scandalous things coming from this story. But still I am still very pleased about it being translated because if you view this in a different perspective you can see the uniqueness of this novel about the interactions and the events in the story even though it is DISTURBING and UNREALISTIC but at the end of the... more>> day that's how it should be. It should be more ridiculous because it is a fiction. <<less
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