Full-level Boss Dressed As a Peasant Girl


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Shu Yu transmigrated into a book and became a cannon fodder character who was doomed to be killed. She only appeared twice before being banished thousands of miles away. After realizing that she couldn’t change the outcome, Shu Yu decided to live a life of indulgence and idleness.

However, before she could be banished, she was suddenly informed that she was not the daughter of the Shu family. Her biological parents were poor farmers who struggled to make ends meet and even had a leaky house. The Shu family decided to get rid of her to conceal this blemish.

Shu Yu declared, “Come at me, I won’t let you kill me.”

Returning to her biological parents, Shu Yu sighed as she saw the dish of pickles and bowl of porridge placed in front of her, along with her parents’ nervous and helpless expressions. She couldn’t live an idle life anymore, or else she would starve to death.

The novel’s keywords include: “top-level player transmigrated as a farmer girl with no pop-ups”

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New notfuka rated it
May 31, 2023
Status: c80
It's probably still too early to give this 5 stars considering I'm not even halfway yet (2460 chapters... Bruh seriously) but I find the story enjoyable so far. I usually avoid stories with chapters more than 4 digits lol but I want to give this one a chance, that's just how much I like it.

From what I've read so far this story is focused more on how MC returned her biological family who became poor because of their endeavor to search for their lost daughter and her effort on making... more>> money for herself and her family.


My impression of MC is she's somewhat of an indifferent type, but definitely not unfeeling. I still had no idea what exactly she did in the past life cause the author kept it vague, but she's a very capable aide to some kind of boss (the mafia probably) so she definitely has both brain and brawn. She only worked with the boss because she wanted to avenge the death of her parents. As she grew up alone in her past life, she didn't really care about family and that's why at first she didn't intend to look for her biological parents. After some series of events she ended up going to her biological family's home and she chose to stay in the end because her family's love for their lost daughter moved her


I really love her family because they aren't like those typical greedy, vicious family you often found in similar novels. If you wanna know more about her wholesome family


Her father is not the abusive type father who scorns daughters, overindulge sons etc. you get my idea. He loves his children and is willing to spend his money to find MC at the expense of their livelihood and even go to places where he heard clues of MC's whereabouts.

Her mother belongs to the typical timid, a bit idiotic mothers though, but just like her husband she loves her children too so although she has her own shortcomings she got an okay in my books.

And as for the granny, I'm very impressed by her because for once she's a grandma who doesn't deride her son's decision to look for his daughter (most of the grannies in these stories 9/10 would do it) and even shows some support for him. She doesn't really like MC's mother because of her family (MC's maternal grandmother f*cking sold her own granddaughter and later in the story tried to sell MC's younger siblings) but she doesn't mistreat her either. One hilarious grandmother-granddaughter bonding moment is when they talk about MC's elder sister who has been married off to someone from the neighboring village for a few years but still not pregnant yet. The grandma felt bad about this (you know these people think how women are to blame when they aren't pregnant after a long time) but then MC explains that it might also be the husband's fault. Grandma is successfully "brainwashed" lmao

MC's younger siblings are twins, the typical bullied siblings where the sister is the timid one and the brother tries to act mature. Idc tho I still love them regardless they're so cute. As for MC's elder sister I still don't know much cause she hasn't made any appearance yet, but she's by no means the jealous sister or anything. And while most of her closest family are on her side, there are definitely the greedy or scheming ones like her MC's maternal family, the youngest uncle's family (who's gluttonous af but at this point they are like MC's lackeys lmao), and (possibly) her eldest uncle's wife


This is just a speculation but the story probably would delve deeper into the political (or anything that requires scheming) side later because of (candidate) ML's circumstances, but for now I'll enjoy the story first while it's still full of fluff. The translation is readable although it feels like MTL but more polished? Whatever the case I'm grateful for it cause it's still effort spent. The names are quite confusing tho a bit manageable if you know some chinese. <<less
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