Transmigrating into a Novel: My Cannon Fodder Husband is Almighty


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Lu Xia ended up transmigrating into the body of a sent-down youth in the 1970s, replacing her older sister who was supposed to go to the countryside.

Thinking about how the original host was mistreated, there was no way she could tolerate it. She sold her job, schemed against them, and then left for the countryside with a sense of satisfaction.

However, it was only upon boarding the vehicle that she realized something shocking – she not only transmigrated but also transmigrated into a novel!

Lu Xia was on the verge of cursing, and at that moment, she also discovered that she was a cannon fodder character. Sitting next to her was another cannon fodder, and across from her were the male lead and female lead…

Since she had come, she had to adapt. Lu Xia couldn’t possibly become cannon fodder, so after going to the countryside, she tried to stay away from the male and female leads and live her own peaceful life.

However, the result was…

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ByleeM rated it
August 14, 2023
Status: c200
Things this novel did well:

    • No Mary Sue halo on the MC. She actually has to work to get what she needs.
    • The original FL doesn't lose her protagonist halo just because MC transmigrated.
    • The original FL doesn't turn into this viper out to get MC for no reason than just because...
    • Reasonable golden finger, MC is not too OP so it's actually enjoyable to watch her strive for success.
    • Seems quite realistic on how educated youth would have been treated during that time period and doesn't try to glorify or hide the harsh realities of those times.
    • Well written and we'll translated too.
What actually went wrong

    • I know this is a story is about a side character but unfortunately, it reads as such for 200 plus pages. The MC didn't feel like the protagonist of her own story, she felt like a side character till the end.
    • And to be honest? It felt like I was reading a very long epilogue about how the side characters got together during the main book. I mean MC has a golden finger and basically the whole story is narrated through her eyes but I still find myself invested in the life of the original FL even though she pops up once in a while.
    • The author gave us an interesting original FL but failed to give MC the charisma to match or overshadow her without dumbing down the original FL. The original FL has a very chaotic life, always seems to be caught in love triangles, schemes, side hustles, being hated or loved, it honestly makes the MCs life which tries for peaceful and idyllic seem dull in comparison.. yes it's a slice of life but unfortunately the author also has a thriller going on next door.
    • And lastly, the ML. I don't like the original ML (that Gu amasomething) but I don't really like her ML either. Don't get me wrong, he's adorable and virtuous but he feels more like a little brother than a husband.
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l8rose rated it
November 28, 2023
Status: Completed
A very long story that follows nearly the same beats as every story of transmigration into the 70s in China. Including repeating the same basic plot over and over.

The FL transmigrates into an 18-year-old woman just as she learns that her family has signed her up to go to the country. She's mildly cunning and decides not to fall for their tricks completely. Upon arriving in the country, she meets many people who make her realize that she is in a novel. Among these people is the ML who she... more>> saves from his fate in the book. To protect themselves from the bad intentions of others, she proposes marriage and gradually falls in love with him.

The ML is a sickly young man with three sisters (who actually dote on him heavily) and had volunteered to go to the country so that his cousin could enter the military. Initially, he cannot work as hard as the others but the FL begins feeding him and his health begins to recover. He falls first and never considers another woman in his life.

The story starts off really fun, especially with the FL's "golden finger" and how she's spying on the OGFL and OGML but the story runs out of steam as it goes on. There are a lot of things that are mentioned but then gradually forgotten.


Such as the FL's space. It seemed like it was going to be a heavy plot point for survival in the Country but it was only really used for money at first and then for the spring water after that. There would be an occasional throw-away line about eating the food from there but otherwise, she doesn't use it for anything.


There really are too many random plots of people scheming in this story. There are seven different schemers in the Country portion of the story alone. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was left there but the scheming starts up again once they go to the Capital. The worst part of it all is that the FL and ML are not the targets of 80% of the scheming. They were just the background people watching.


Out of all the scheming people, all three of them wanted to marry the ML so they acted against the FL. Two after they were married. Otherwise, the other schemers were trying to get into college or trying to go against the OGFL.


Then there is the OGFL's "protagonist halo" which is downright vicious but only truly affects others negatively twice but never occurs again after they leave the Country.


One person breaks their leg while another gets paralyzed and eventually dies because they were mean to the OGFL.


Just like every other transmigration into the 70s story, the FL goes to the best school and then becomes a landowner and business person. However, it feels like the Country and Capital parts of the story are actually two different stories stuck together. The former has multiple transmigrators and regressor while the latter is just a slice-of-life story about them and the occasional insane person. There was so much potential with the ideas but it just went nowhere.


The "super" antagonist who was reborn simply focused on getting the guy she wanted to the point of alienating everyone else and driving him to the point that he destroyed her whole family. She tried to get revenge later by poisoning his kids but that just put her permanently in a mental institution.

The OGFL was another transmigrator (as per the original story) who didn't quite follow the story that the FL knew but eventually hit the same beats from that story.

The FL is another transmigrator but she's like a spectator in everything and is just there for the gossip.

The "short-lived" antagonist was another transmigrator who was apparently insane even before she got there. Literally checked out both the FL and ML to see if either of them were transmigrators before hatching a plan to ruin the OGFL so she could get the OGFL's "golden finger" and then prove to the ML that the FL wasn't worth him. She even rambles about how he was her god and his son was "premade" just for her. Only cool thing of her short lived excursion is that she reveals a plot twist that she had read a different version of the story from the FL (unfortunately, the FL doesn't really think about this for more than a chapter).

I was genuinely hoping for a not-original-person showdown but it never happens. The Regressor solely focuses on the OGFL, the not-FL transmigrator dies within ten chapters (or at least it only felt that long) and the FL never revealed to the OGFL that she was also a transmigrator. So much potential but nothing ever done with it.


One of the main issues I had with this was the ML's grandfather. The author wrote this character as super nice and loving but then when the FL actually interacts with him, it comes across like he doesn't care about her opinion. Especially when it comes to making decisions about the FL and ML's first son. And then there is the fact that the ML is totally okay with his grandfather making these decisions even though it's clear that it makes the FL unhappy.


The Grandfather is the one who basically decided the great-grandson was going to a military school. He started teaching the kid how to ride a bike without asking the mother. He also decided that he was going to take the kid with him to an island for the entire summer vacation.

Of course, the great-grandkid doesn't act like a normal four year old and even scolds his mother for being childish when she wanted to spend time with him. It gets worse as he ages and it just seemed like the author didn't know how to write children or healthy familial relationships.


In all, despite my problems with it, it was still an enjoyable read and I know I would have liked it more if I had read this before I read other "travel to the 70s" novels. <<less
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nuyanata rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Satisfying read. The couple is sweet and caring. Because of review I think I might see stay home husband but not 😂. He is just normal one like another ml.

I like the first half of novel but a bit boring later because I don't like to read about career development, and I feel like I read it somewhere before from another novel, mix with new and old (i think it similar old polt from another novel) so it not fully enjoyed it.

But I like how author write about ending and... more>> fanwei, it's full filled for me. If you like this kind of novel (education youth go to farm-poor to rich) this one is good for pass your time.

The chapter is really short, 2-3chapters of this novel= 1chapter of another novel.

So 704 chapters might not that long as you thought. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: Completed
This is top tier among slice of life transmigrated into a book/ the past to farm novels. Yes, it is long and slow to progress at 704 chapters. However, the author uses this length to follow along the main couple's entire life. The progress and pacing are very slow and relaxed therefore more of the excitement stems from the side characters, with the occasional selfish lunatic trying to ruin the peace. The main character Lu Xia loves to eat melons (ie follow gossip) so she often searches out excitement providing... more>> some vivacity to what could have been a dull plot. The translator combined many chapters into single releases which also improved the reading experience a lot.

What I appreciated about this was that the author managed to surprise me a few times, especially during the college period when the clichés that surround the original plot became less common as the main couple's interactions with the "original protagonists" decreased. The hurdles that appear during this time, with the exception of one particularly demented determined suitor of Mr. Jiang, felt very unexpected and fresh. I appreciate the seemingly mundane challenges that might appear in daily life.

There are mature themes, but no mature descriptions beyond the level of praising spring mattresses for not creaking like the traditional beds they used before. There is one particularly gory scene, but the MC blacks out so there are no details beyond 'red'. So when I say mature themes I mean that the story follows the natural progression of a long term committed relationship of nearly 90 years that might be more appreciated by an older audience.

I appreciate Mr. Jiang and Ms. Lu as the protagonists. They know respect, caution, gratitude, and kindness. Our ML is not some pure hearted white lotus with no scheming, but he is willing to live this kind of "virtuous" life for his family. He has some natural male chauvinism as well but it only shows when he tries to better to his career to better match up to his wife. He also makes this decision within the bounds of fulfilling a previous childhood dream. He in no way tries to suppress his capable wife because of these thoughts. Lu Xia also supports him in turn. The couple do not seem to do much, but they are invisibly improving the lives of even passing acquaintances. They are willing to be very helpful within their means and their presence and their story becomes very meaningful as a result.

Some afterthoughts of various plots (recommended if you have already read the story) :


The roommate that got caught by a human trafficking ring and moved abroad was a nice touch. It was the kind of abrupt emergency that leaves everyone with strong concern and slight regrets over a common friend who went through something hard.

I found it a bit funny that no one seemed to discover that Professor Jiang's family were related to the ML's Jiang family. Maybe Lu Xia and her husband noticed, but had no plans to connect considering their household was an abandoned 'illegitimate' line of the old house that emigrated out of the country. I also couldn't tell if Professor Jiang was serious about the cheek kiss etiquette or making a joke. It would make sense if the country he was from was France but there are implications he had actually been raised in America. I suppose he was raised in an earlier era so it is possible depending on which part of America he lived in.

I also suspect that diplomat Chu had a liking for Lu Xia beyond friendship. He initially tried to impress her through competing with her in English. He never made any overtures after learning about her marriage, but something about the way he and the husband interacts seemed to contain a silent acknowledgment of "even if you like her we both know you aren't a threat since she doesn't like you at all." But he still accompanies her as a close colleague with a strong respect for her skills. His offer to help her look into why her job fell through and his glances at her husband at the time made me wonder if he thought the ML's family had interfered in her career. He was very aboveboard with this and seemed relieved once he knew she had accepted the change despite his disappointment. The real nail in the coffin is that he was so determined to stay single. Someone who could pursue a girl at first sight seemed at least somewhat interested in romance even if her roommate had a 'bookish' impression of him.

I was a little disappointed that we did not get to see her meet old acquaintances during the 'travel around China' time skip. Poor Shen Qingqing treats Lu Xia as her best friend and perhaps even closest relative in exchange for some quilts and the occasional letter. Her rough beau also seemed interesting but we never really get to hear more about him.


Thoughts about the ending:


Current Lu Xia meets future Lu Xia (her original body) proving that this is not just "a" real world but "the" real world. The various books about the protagonist are clearly vestiges of former timelines, although it's unknown why the world around her seems to be a sieve for time travelers. I can't help but wonder if Su Man's decision to distance herself from Lu Xia had anything to do with meeting yet another traveller with more information about the future regarding the things LX hid from SM (like witnessing her mu*der someone). SM appreciated LX purely as someone she could talk to when she felt like no one in that era could understand her, so it's actually more likely that she found new like minded friends in the modern era who don't keep deliberate suspicious distance like LX.

Things speed up enough that the strongest highlight of LX's later life focuses on her autobiography. This in a way cements her as an official protagonist of her own story. She and her husband spend their final moments feeling satisfied and pondering the possibility of living more lives together. These two aspects combined make me concerned that this story is just one iteration of a very long time loop. I might read it as a sequel resulting from a collapsed timeline if this author releases any apocalyptic stories later!! This ending is pleasant in the sense that it combines being a very final well wrapped up conclusion (they die together naturally at end of life) and somehow still being an open ending with possibilities of a new journey.


Potential trigger: There is an underlying nationalism to the entire story. I think they are natural for the characters and enough respect is given for foreigners. This nationalism is at the level of pride for their country rather than outright xenophobia. The only part that felt like brainwashing was that even those in the worst circumstances, thanks to extreme policies from the new government, displayed no resentment when they were pushed hard into a corner and only gratitude when things got better. A large part of the unnatural acceptance of poor treatment was probably due to helplessness. There was no use fighting back as long as you could survive. I think that the nationalism is at an acceptable level considering the theme and times of the story although I would recommend avoiding the story if this type of thing makes you uncomfortable as a reader. <<less
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IsaacaHawke rated it
October 30, 2023
Status: Completed
First things first, excellent translator. They consistently put out 6 chapters everyday, making this gigantic novel finish like a breeze. Good translation too.

Now for the review -

It's exactly what was promised, slice of life. MC isn't too op, she does have to work hard. I got a bit uncomfortable with the sexism but that is to be expected in novels like these. Why is that only marriage and baby popping is considered successful and happy? At least one of the side characters could be happy with careers or a childfree... more>> life? I was also sad that

og!FL eventually went back to piece of sh*t og!ML. She came from the modern era, she was doing well by herself, had a golden finger &even had a good man who liked her! Or she could have just gone for no man! It honestly broke my heart that her daughter with the ML was just seen as daughter she brought into marriage because that negates the fact that the father is still the og!ml


Overall, it was a relaxing read. <<less
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RedPanda215 rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: c445
Slice-of-life transmigration into an educated youth working in the countryside. Highly recommend as a lighthearted story and the translations are fast, regular and good quality! Multiple reincarnated characters and MC is just trying to stay out of trouble and improve her life. No romance yet as of ch64 but we already get a sense of who the MMC will end up being.
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Liune rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: --
A great easygoing story, there is not too much drama and the romance is heartwarming.
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seishoku rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: Completed
This quote at the end is the best indicator of what this story is like: “To accompany is the longest confession of love, and to wait is the most affectionate form of companionship.”

This is a lovely, calm, cozy novel with little drama and few twists and turns. It has a satisfying ending that neatly wraps everything up. Definitely a comfort read!
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kyrez rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: Completed
It's a great story!

Actually, this is the first time I encounter romance between two educated youths, and how they live their lives in the 70's era. It's quite novel!

I usually read stories between educated youths and locals, but not much was said about how educated youths actually live (not much on their slice of life stories) .

So yes, this novel is very interesting in that part. And I sympathised with their struggles and challenges..

In terms of romance, it's very laid back and the leads fell for each other gradually (which is common in this genre).

... more>>

The pace of the story is nice (yes, even though it's 700++ chapters, it's kinda expected since it's slice of life) , and I like reading about how doting the ML's family was towards the leads. No family drama on the ML's side (except towards the end, there was a minor drama with little to no impact)..

FL's side... full of family drama at the beginning.. some in the middle.. and finally resolved once and for all towards the end..


I think, the title matches the ML during their stay at the countryside.. however, since FL has a lot of advantage (being a transmigrator and having the "space" and "spiritual spring water" as her golden finger) , she seems a bit more powerful when they moved back to the city..


ML is outwardly gentleman, sometimes seems casual and aloof, but he's very warm on the inside, sometimes shedding tears when he's emotional. He's very intelligent too. It's just that his health was his nemesis... until he met the FL who cooked using "spiritual spring water" (which can heal him and made him live even longer than the FL)..

FL seems friendly and outgoing, able to socialise properly.. but she's actually very guarded and does not open her heart easily.. it's understandable, knowing her backstories.. however, many people feel close to her (sometimes unilaterally), and many even want to be closer to her, in which she gives appropriate responses... FL is clever, and in spite of wanting to be lazy, works really hard~


It's a really good reading, and I enjoyed each moment 🌈🌥️🍰

p.s. Its translation is completed, and even though there are some (minor) mistakes, it's very good~ <<less
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EverlastingYearning rated it
October 30, 2023
Status: Completed
First of all wow the story was beautiful. The translation was amazing. Overall highly recommend it. By the end of it you'll end up with heartache and bitter sweetness. I'm going to miss our main characters and all the side characters. You end up growing fond of many characters by the end of this novel. Thank you so much for translating such an amazing story.
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draw2much rated it
October 29, 2023
Status: c703-704
I won't write anything extensive. Any negative stuff has already been mentioned in other reviews. This is a relaxing mostly drama free novel. This is the kind of novel you read to relax, NOT for genre breaking, spine-tinggling action type fun. The ending was about what I was expecting. Pacing was consistent until near the end, but it wasn't ridiculously rushed just faster. There didn't feel like the were any loose ends either. It's well translated and while it was active, regularly updated. Now that is competed I'm a... more>> little sad. Please read it if you want something gentle to read. <<less
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Lazygoddess rated it
October 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Truly a wonderful story filled with warmth, hope, and all the tumult of life that make it bittersweet. This story is truly underrated compared to some utter rubbish i've read that was highly rated. This is truly a gem that I fully enjoyed reading, I hope the few bad review won't deter anyone of reading it, because it would definitely be a shame to miss this novel.
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rzkns rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: Completed
it's my first time write a review so here it's what I thought about the story

the story is very easygoing, have many conflicts but it's ended early, not frustrating et all, it's also very satisfying to see the progress both MC and ML journey from countryside to city life, and the important one is ML not a scumbag but devoted husband that really love and caring for MC.

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Scouts_Reads rated it
July 21, 2023
Status: c117-118
Cute story! It has a comfortable pace, the characters aren't too outrageous, it's very easy to go from chapter 1 to 100 before you know it. The only reason I rate it a 4 instead of 5 is because it doesn't break away from the established formulas so far in "Back to the 60s/70s/80s"-esque novels. But the writing is keen and enjoyable.

I strongly recommend you read it. C:
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Silangan rated it
September 7, 2023
Status: c398
A slice of life enjoyable read.

Kind of got boring around the country side arc (c100-c300?) since the MC doesn’t like to do anything and thus a lot of the usual drama plots are the things she sees and hears. It’s refreshing though, since we just get a little sprinkle of that (annoying) cliche drama usually found in these types of novels.

The Magical space is useless. The MC is capable but not too capable. The ML is perfect. There’s seems to be more of an overarching plot we havent gotten to... more>> the thick of yet, but it still seems far away (and its not like the MC will get into ANY of that mess lol).

Its a big compliment to this fic that I’ve read this far, considering I started and dropped dozens of these types of novels. Definitely a good read. <<less
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bohda27 rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: Completed
A perfect story with a perfect ending. Good writing, clear storyline, short chapters.

I can rank it among the top 3 novels I've read in the segment of transmigration and Chinese economic reform and educated youth life.
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LemmonPaii rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: Completed
This is so good, I truly have no words. A transmigration + secret space relaxed novel. FL is truly invested on the original novel and sees herself as a bystander but strive for a good life. There are cute moments and don’t expect drama because there is practically none. Just relax and read, a slice of life, transmigration, secret space, 70s novel. I have to say the ML is just a rock, and I don’t mean it on he bad way, he supports the family since day one and is... more>> a silent but extraordinary force, I really enjoyed his character.

There is closure for all the story lines either on the story itself o to at the extra chapters so it is very satisfactory.

FL has a very gossipy nature so I could always relate hehe <<less
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November 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I hav read so many slice of life stories but this one was the most draggy I've read. It was very all tell no show, and was dragged way too much. The novel started strong, lagged midway and was lackluster at the end. Wished there was more character development or the like just to drive the story in some way.
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flufflylilsheep rated it
November 17, 2023
Status: c235-236
You need to be ready for a long read.

It’s slice-of-life where we get glimpse of MC as she does her best to live through each day in the time period she is thrown in, the people she interact with, and the person she decide to build a family with.

In a way, I think she tries to live pretty realistically. The interaction is also cute, and not all side characters are one dimensional. Honestly, I think some of them are people who make bad decisions due to different values and lack... more>> of judgement.

Many people dock point for nationalism and old time values, but again, it’s set during that time period where it’s prevalent so I think it matches the setting perfectly fine. When I want something chill, I’ll click on the next chapter kind of story. <<less
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Eeria rated it
August 18, 2023
Status: Completed
The first few hundreds chapters are really interesting slice of life but after it involved secondary characters that are not so interesting.

Luckily chapters are short even though there are a lot of chapters. FL is frankly not that appealing on her own and ML is the same. Another reviewer said it felt like you were reading the story of side character all along and I agree with that.

Their romance is slow but somewhat cute. The focus is really day to day life in the 70s and progression of their life,... more>> family life and friends. Read it only if you like slice of life genre. <<less
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