After Being Mind-read by the Cannon Fodder Group, the Foolish Beauty Effortlessly Won at Life


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Xu Jinning transmigrated and found herself in a fictionalized version of the 1980s from several novels, where she was the fake rich daughter cannon fodder destined to suffer from depression and die three years later. Knowing that this was an unchangeable world, Xu Jinning chose to be indifferent and live one day at a time.

Suddenly, the cannon fodder group from these novels discovered that they could hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts!

[“Big sister, your plastic best friend will only deceive you. She’ll even plot to marry you off to an ab*sive man, snatch away your college acceptance letter, and make you die from a miscarriage caused by d*mestic v*olence.”] Xu Fanghua: … After completely falling out with her best friend of over a decade, she turned the tables, pushing her friend towards the ab*sive man and going to college with her acceptance letter.

[“Aunt, they’re going to demolish this house. It’s large, and you’ll get subsidies for several houses. Please don’t sell it.”] Aunt Xu: … Gritting her teeth, she didn’t sell the house. Three months later, they moved into a new house, starting a life of collecting rent.

[“This year, don’t raise pigs. There will be a swine flu outbreak, and you’ll lose money until you cry.”] The director of the poultry factory, who switched to raising chickens and ducks: … While everyone else’s pigs died, only the chickens, ducks, and geese raised in his factory brought in a full pot of wealth.

Xu Jinning realized that she was just casually commenting, but everyone around her was changing, and they were being exceptionally good to her.

Her big sister, who used to dislike her, was now helping her prepare for college. Her second brother took charge of vast lands for her. The director of the poultry factory unexpectedly wanted to acknowledge her as his goddaughter, ensuring she had meat to eat every day. Most shocking of all, her aunt wanted to transfer one of the houses acquired from the demolition into her name, as a gift…

Unconsciously, Xu Jinning found that she seemed to be effortlessly winning at life!

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17 Reviews

New Eeria
Jul 12, 2024
Status: Completed
It’s a 3.5

its a very interesting story and an interesting on transmigration. I agree the MC doesn’t develop much but I think it was intentional because the MC is the windows to showcase other characters background. It’s like a quick transmigration novel but line up together in one story line. The romance was weak, the resolution of the stories wasn’t always up to par.
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New Laindesh
Jul 11, 2024
Status: c69
It's an ok story, rather sad. Oddly realistic while clearly fiction.

Not to spoil too much, but the novel is...a collection of stories told with the MC as the catalyst. Her inner monologue changes the fate of many people, she tries to actively speak out a few times but realises she can't give voice to her monologue and gives up vocalising her monologue.

The side characters is the most interesting ones so far.
Wei Rou (Fanghua's friend) is probably the most interesting so far to me. She comes of as someone who turned out bad due to being dealt a bad hand in life (opposite to Yulan who turned out alright despite her bad hand), but has potential for redemption later on.

Sadly I lost interest at chapter 69, the narrative isn't bad, but the MC just isn't very interesting and while i'd like to know what happens to some characters, it's not enough to grind through this novel.
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Mar 28, 2024
Status: c150
I gotta say, I really am enjoying this? More than I thought even. My actual rating would be closer to 4/5 but I don't think it deserves the low rating it has right now so rounded up. Edit: Lowered it to 4 now after 150 chapters.

The story might not be too deep but it also doesn't pretend to be what it's not (it is written in the easygoing faceslapping feel good way) but I feel intrigued by all the different characters and am really rooting for them. I do like... more>> that all the changes happen just because of the characters' realization and their own actions instead of the MC going around changing things.

The mind reading mechanism is a bit weird but it fits its purpose.

A while ago I have discovered that I quite enjoy the trope of villains/cannon fodder characters waking up and escaping the system/author/plot - sometimes when they are too nonsensically s*upid in other stories I like to imagine they could wake up and save themselves too and this really feeds into that.

Edit about decreasing score:

So after the setup started being explained it felt like the author was backpedalling and being confused about their own setting, changing things arbitrarily. It's also becoming more unrealistic and repetitive.

The setup where the mu*derer sister wrote those stories to vent her resentment and jealousy towards her doesn't make sense when you think of the other books; where was the MC character to torture in those or how would it help her vent...? It only really explains the main swap story but leaves plot hole for the rest. With how convoluted some of the plots are, it really makes no sense the cannon fodders would even have names to identify them by, much less that much written about them by someone so self-centered who just wrote about her self-insert gaining success.

Also as much as I originally enjoyed it was the characters working to change their fault, now she is even spoonfeeding them evidence hiding spots... And with the "upgrade" it's just too much.

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Mar 12, 2024
Status: c274
This novel is pretty easy to MTL as this is a slice of life kind of novel. I don't know why the rating is so low, I mean it's not that bad while some other with higher rating doesn't necessarily have better plot.

The main plot for about 250 chapter is family-heartwarming lucky-star MC story.

The funny thing is MC can only remind "cannon fodders" through her heart and anxiously hoping for the best as she can't speak the words out, not knowing they can actually hear her frantic thoughts.

Although there are... more>> a few foreboding scattered here and there throughout 250+ chapter, the real romance had just started in chapter 260s, and in chapter 274 they just confirmed their relationship.


It takes less than 5 chapter for our MC and ML to be together since their meeting. In novel time then it's less than a day 🤣🤣🤣

As they already know each other in their previous life, it doesn't take much time for MC to realize she likes ML too although not as obsessed as him. And yeah, all these emotional realization happens in span of 2 chapter.

No unnecessary drama/misunderstanding as MC directly ask the ML and him being truthful to our MC.

Our MC very enthusiastic and excited on ML's obsession so.. It seems that this is really a match made in heaven 🤣🤣


Can't wait to see how the family's reaction to our main CP goes, lololol.

Also I hope that one heroine,

Murong Jing


can be dealt as soon as possible.. This is getting creepy. <<less
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Apr 09, 2024
Status: c130
It is enjoyable karma deserved reading but kinda predictable most times, I like that romance it's not that strong point right now but Iam guessing I'll be later on, and personally it is annoying when the autor reiterate so much.
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Feb 26, 2024
Status: c245
I'm currently reading the raws, MLTed.

INTERESTING PLOTS!!!!! Idk what to say but im loving this so far. The MC lacked love before going to the book, although she seems optimistic, the insecurities are still there. I love how the characters change their fate after hearing what the MC’s heart says. It is not cringy at all because all those cannon fodder were destined to a bad fate and even death. The MC inadvertently changed their future (she didn’t know they can read what her ‘heart’ is saying). Although she wanted... more>> to verbally warn them of their future, the world or the heavens wouldn’t let her (i think??) so she can only tell them some things and let them figure it out (lol they can hear what u wanna say sis).

Anyway that’s all for now since it’s still an ongoing novel. <<less
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Feb 11, 2024
Status: c10
Just picked this up and so far I am enjoying the 10 translated chapters available. I can't wait for the updates! Cheers to translator nim!! 🫶🏻 I'm stoked for the potential this story has! It's quite interesting with the mind reading and I'm excited to see the development of the story and the characters surrounding the MC.
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Jun 01, 2024
Status: c237
3.5 but Rounded Up as I like it.

This novel suffers from wanting to tell you about every other character once they are awakened by the MC. It ends up making the novel a bit run on at times. I'm halfway through (fully through all the translated as of time of posting this review), the ML has yet to show up in the MC's life and we have finally encountered someone who is a genuine threat to the MC. The story also retcons itself occasionally as it goes on. Mostly minor... more>> stuff that usually has no overall impact on the story but still noticable.

The MC is Xu Jinning, a young woman who transmigrated into a book after her step sister pushed her down the stairs. The story starts her out as a normal person who was unloved by her parents but as the story progresses, it flatout states that she cut herself off from feeling anything so she would not be hurt. However, upon waking as the Xu Jinning in the book, she begins to develop feelings for her newfound family but it does take a few chapters for her to fully warm up to them. Xu Jinning is also blessed with several passive abilities that only come up when needed.


In reality, the story's Xu Jinning was actually based on the real her (which was apparently also from a story but that was only mentioned once). The story Xu Jinning was forced to undergo her cannon fodder fate over and over again before finding a way to break free by pulling the not-story Xu Jinning's soul into her body. From there, story Xu Jinning decided to fade away as that was her wish but she did tell the transmigrator to live her life happily for them both.



Xu Jinning's power starts out with her recalling the plot in her mind which is then heard by the person that bit of plot was about. This power allows her to save her family members repeatedly. Later, the ability evolves into allowing people to actually hallucinate a technicolor vision of the plot she recalls. This ability is so powerful that it even perceives the happy ending someone gets after Xu Jinning awakens one of the bad cannon fodder characters.

Her second ability is a mix between being lucky and just being blessed. She pulls out a ticket that allows her family to get an apartment from the factory where her father works, she pulls up basket after basket of fish and everyone who hears her thoughts believes her to be a lucky star. The brigade/town they live in becomes aware of this after watching her fish which quickly becomes their reason for being nice to her family and her. Especially after soup made from fish she caught revived a kid who was about to die.


While there is no ML as of chapter 237, we do get a hint at who it might be (I do not recall the chapter number though) when the MC thinks of her past life. Apparently, there was a young man with poor health who lived next door. As he was from a powerful family, he was there to recuperate and quickly began falling for the MC's original life. After her death, he went a little nuts before dying. It's implied he also transmigrates but then we see nothing of him after that.


He waited for her to come visit like she always did and when she didn't show up, he realized something was wrong. Eventually, it ends up with him taking her corpse from her father (I WTFed at that but hey, story is gonna story), finding proof that she was killed by her stepsister and then proceeded to make the stepsister's life a living hell before turning her over to the police with the proof. He then spit up blood and died only to awaken in another brigade/town as someone's grandson. Judging by what I've read before, I believe he and his grandfather are two people who were "sent to the farm".

We just have nothing about him after that but I assume he is going to begin showing up soon as chapter 237 has the reforms beginning.


The setting is perhaps my favorite part of the story. While it is based in 70s/80s rural China (with it going further, I imagine), the story is actually a combination of different novel worlds that were all written by the same person. The MC discovers this after she encounters cannon fodder characters that aren't from the novel original Xu Jinning was from. Of course, she does reveal their plot points as she remembers it. Only weird part about it is that she regularly comments how everyone thought the author was terrible and morally corrupt but for some reason, she read all their novels.

This means we also get to see other protagonists antagonists against Xu Jinning. Most of what she does against them is unintentional, she doesn't even make a move against the woman who was swapped with the story-Jinning. However, these people tend to get their own karma based on being terrible people.


The swapped woman comes back to the brigade and pushes down the MC in a fit of anger after the MC calls her on her BS. She ends up in prison for a short while before her biological parents come to rescue her but this ends up biting them as it's revealed they swapped the babies on purpose 15 years prior. All three end up losing their positions or prestigious future as well as having their high profile friends cut off ties because baby trafficking is apparently bad.

The male protagonist who was supposed to end up with the swapped woman also did not inherit his grandfather's business. He had come to the mainland to find someone with a rare blood type so that he could kidnap them and make them a literal human blood bag for his grandfather. Had his plan succeeded, he would have been named his grandfather's successor and received 5 years of education at his grandfather's side. Instead, the MC's involvement resulted in him not getting the baby he was going to steal and his grandfather also passing away, resulting in his family fighting over the position of head of the family.

Side note about the above. While not a protagonist, she does lead to the downfall of a doctor at the hospital her eventual-brother-in-law works at. The story plays wonky with the timeline, saying he had been doing it for 10 years but he was also the one who swapped the MC and the other woman as babies at least 15 years prior. Regardless, the guy was telling parents that their babies had died and then selling them. Occasionally, he would also kill the mother. Because the MC informed a cop and her eventual-brother-in-law about him through her inner thoughts, he was caught as well as several members of the trafficking ring.

Another protagonist was a regressor who originally let her youngest son and mother-in-law die before running off with an educated youth in her first life. That life ended poorly for her as she ended up getting sold by the educated youth, spent her life poor before getting sick and dying. She did see her former husband happy with his new wife and was upset that her two remaining sons called the woman mom. Once she regressed, she immediately began plotting how to live with her husband as he would eventually become a General. She saved her son and mother-in-law but had no attachment to them at all. In fact, her mother-in-law immediately became suspicious of the changed attitude and waited to inform her son about the change.
After that, she regularly tried to use what she knew from the first life to better her life (from finding an autistic kid and keeping him locked up to trying to steal the treasures from an ancient tomb). Once she realizes things aren't playing out like she remembers (as the MC was involved in them), she begins to crack. She tries to mu*der a kid because she believes that will help put her story back on track. When her husband returns, he discovers he can't think about her changes without getting a headache after being prompted by his mother. After meeting the MC and hearing her inner thoughts, however, he suddenly breaks free of the cannon fodder role. It is after this that he plots giving her over to the government and finding his wife from the first timeline (as it turns out, she is actually the soul of the girl he married as some wandering spirit possessed her body).

The last protagonist we are introduced to was only thwarted by the MC by accident when she saved someone's wife through her thoughts to the police officer. This protagonist was from a cultivation novel and had gone to find the jade that should have been at the tomb (yes, the same tomb the other one was going to rob) but it had all been taken away by that point. At first, she came across as a potential good character but later it's revealed that she is very much not. She helps another person get revenge so that she can steal their life essence while plotting the need for a blessed/lucky person.


The other thing I like about this story is that the "cannon fodder" characters are all following the roles written for them in the original stories but most of them begin questioning their earlier s*upidity once they are awakened. Some are just incredibly grateful for Xu Jinning's help.


An example is Xu Jinning's brother who was obsessed with an educated youth. The educated youth was just leading him on, using him for his ability to do a lot of work and the free food he would bring her. Once Xu Jinning revealed that this was just leading him on, and he confirmed it, he tried to understand why he would like the woman as she was nothing like his actual taste in women. Even her appearance, while beautiful, was not like his ideal appearance.

Another would be Xu Yu's mother who was almost scammed out of money and would have died along with her mother-in-law while Xu Yu would become someone's cash cow while being locked away. Instead, she takes her family to Beijing where Xu Yu gets therapy for his autism and her mother-in-law recovers her eyesight. She's so grateful that she gives Xu Jinning some of the money and also becomes a godmother to her.


My only problem with this is that Xu Jinning is supposed to be the MC but it doesn't focus on her fully. While it could have been interesting to see how she develops, we mostly have it jumping between her family reacting to her thoughts and everyone else she helps. It's more like Xu Jinning is the Deus ex machina of the story instead of a protagonist. I mean, I'm still enjoying it but I just want to see how an emotionally stunted girl grows instead of how such-and-such got revenge against their parents. <<less
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May 20, 2024
Status: c214
This novel has a fascinating premise and setting, with plenty of interesting storylines and characters. However, the writing style feels a bit amateurish. The author explains everything in detail without leaving much for readers to figure out on their own. This makes the text wordy and sometimes repetitive—I found myself skimming through parts. It's an easy read but lacks depth and doesn't provoke much thought. Overall, I'd give it 3 stars.
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Mar 22, 2024
Status: c294
If you like a faceslapping novel where all the people with bad intentions and hate get their just punishments and karma, this story is for you. It’s basically about our FL who changes the lives of the kind/good cannon fodders around her who would’ve had bad endings due to the manipulation/evil of the horrible people around them. How does the FL change things? Well, she doesn’t actively do anything. She just knows the future of this cannon fodder and she thinks about the plans of the bad people. The cannon... more>> fodder can hear her thoughts and usually they themselves are the one who goes against the bad people who threaten/plan to harm them. So yeah, basically it’s like you know that person is going to backstab you so you plan ahead and use their own knife to stab them back. Something like that.

It is also kinda slice-of-life whereby when FL changes the fate of the cannon fodders, her life too becomes better and better as the people around her improve their lives.

What I like is that there is karmic retribution to evil people but also some who redeem themselves after. Author also likes to show how decisions made can change our future.

She shows how two antagonists decide what to do with their lives after they’ve fked up and had their karmic retribution. One decides for revenge and the other decides to live well instead.


Actually, the situation of Wei Rou and Wen Huihui was similar. They both wanted to plot against others, but were plotted against them instead, and both suffered terrible humiliation.

But the two made different choices.

Therefore, the futures of the two are destined to be different.

It’s hard to say which option is better.

However, after all, it is your choice. Now that you have chosen, you can enjoy the fun and relaxation of the choice, but at the same time, you have to bear the price of the choice.


I find that quite good. The way the author wrote it.

Author also has an explaination to why others can read FL’s thoughts and why things are changing for so many people.

Romance is only towards chapter 250+ and minimal so far with the two leads confessing their love within one chapter of meeting each other lol. I think the romance between the side characters were more interesting.

One thing I dislike was how the author described one child as autistic and how he was “cured” and subsequently known as a genius. That could’ve better written and explained.

Otherwise a pretty decent read and it is still ongoing. After 294 chapters FL has only passed two years in the story.

MTL is super readable but the translation by A Wandering Potato is really good. 5/5 translation. <<less
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Akime yuko
Akime yuko
Mar 17, 2024
Status: c283
So far im loving this! I was looking for a easy slice of life with no drama bc of the holy month and this novel is perfect,

this is a world where multiple novel by the same author where the protagonist is Just straight evil and selfish and where the nice cannon fodders was doomed to have a bad ending as a stepping stone for the protagonist and our MC is the key to awakened the control-by-plot cannon fodders and give them their happy ending.

honestly this is my first take... more>> on this genre like I've read many transmigration/rebirth basically all genres you could possibly think of but reading still give me a fresh feelings and I really enjoyed it.

the romance is slow but after our MC and ML meets the development is fast. It only took them 1 day not that im complaining tho. But this author did say she didn't like to complicate her novels which I love ❤️

It's easy to MTL and I'm looking forward to the next chapters <<less
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Felia Cia
Felia Cia
Jun 29, 2024
Status: c255
Overall, I like the story, which features a satisfying revenge plot and characters who seem alive and have their own stories.

However, one thing that kept bothering me throughout the story was the MC, Xu Jinning. She seems more like a side character who only helps others with her inner thoughts, and she has a frustrating sense of inferiority.

I was frustrated because her character development was almost non-existent; she didn't even have an interesting story compared to the other characters. For example, Xu Fanghua, her older sister, has an interesting story... more>> and a personality that I like.

Moreover, there are other evil characters who actually have impressive development, such as Wei Rou and Wen Huihui.

I still hope the MC will become impressive or at least not remain so humble. I understand it's because she has had a bad life, but her excessive humility and lack of a distinct character make me frustrated.

This is my personal review, as a reader who likes positive and developed characters.

She constantly feels like she doesn't deserve anything and does nothing but wait. Although she knows the plot and comments in her inner thoughts, she doesn't seem to care much if things happen the same as the original plot.

If other characters couldn't read her inner thoughts, would the MC remain silent and not try to find a way to express what was in her heart? Even though she couldn't say it, she could do something instead of just waiting and watching.

In short, apart from the MC, I like the other characters and find their stories more real than the MC's. <<less
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May 21, 2024
Status: 450+
I love this book. Seems to have some problems here and there but they are minor... Been reading it for a few months now (ongoing) and started to read the new book from this author (seems to love mind reading lol but tbh most new can novels seems to like this trope right now) it's better then this one :)
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A villainess
Apr 04, 2024
Status: c97
The novel is quite good but a little to bias in my opinion.

... more>>

The MC keeps complaining about how unfair the Og novel plot is and how it controles everything to make the "villainous" protagonistes succeed in life. For example : when the Mc's "little brother"'s friend betrayed him and became a successful business man while her brother die.

But when you read the novel you realises that the current plot is also "unfair", not in the same way for sure but still. For example : everyone close to her end with a great fate (they are basically blessed) but it has to be people who suffered in the og novel. We can then say that the successful ones are still picked by the plot (unfair).

Also, the plot prevent the MC from changing the fate of the "tragic" characters "verbally" yet they can all listened to the her inner voice but can't tell her they can, so she indirectly changes their fate. The plot is still controlling everything.

Moreover, I found the Og plot far more realistic. In the RL, the one who succeed are not always the one who deserved it, like the horrible, egoistic and despitful woman who got a second life or the example of the brother's friend, but more the lucky one or those who do dirty tricks.


This contradiction really bothers me so, I just relieved my thought here

Except this, the novel is quit refreshing, I love how healthy emotionnaly it is and if you like healing_trauma_plot, you find a good one.

Another thing, I was expecting some romance from the romance tag yet up to the 90th chapters there is no ML in sigh. The question is : WHERE THE HELL AND WHO THE HELL IS THE ML ? <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 28, 2024
Status: Completed
Overall, I think it's a sweet good values type of slice of life story.

MC cruises through everything. It takes a long time for story to progress sometimes. The slow growth and time flow makes things feel more realistic. But then we get the mind-reading and luck and it's a bit silly. There definitely is some Nationalism propaganda but nothing too crazy and impossible to read. There is some vague background plot to everything happening but you can essentially ignore.

What I like most about this story is that it's a positive... more>> story. The whole idea is that the "books" that the world MC is in rewards the bad and punishes good. So this story goes to reverse that by rewarding the good and punishing the wrong. <<less
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Jun 07, 2024
Status: Completed
Summary is accurate to how the story goes and its an overall heartwarming read.

I personally really like how through others reading her mind she's able to tie up every single loose end that existed in the story before she transmigrated. I hate loose ends so this was a fun read for me.
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May 28, 2024
Status: c229
I can definitely understand why the rating is high for this novel, and I feel that a big chunk of the positive reception is that the way the author writes is simple, and the person who has been translating the same is doing a good work. It's a fairly easy and calming read.

In terms of the plot, it's personally a bit underwhelming as the highs and lows are very subpar. The FL is not really doing anything but merely thinking of the plot of each character she meets and warns... more>> them in her head, and everyone just "breaks free" of the plot because of it. But FL really does not do anything outside of thinking of the plots in her head. The characters just breaks free and change their own faith and are thankful for FL (even though she actively did not do anything except think in her mind). The protagonist halo she talks about is definitely on her head. I just find it underwhelming how FL doesn't really actively do anything substantial but everything and everyone revolves around her thanks to her just thinking in her head.

The author does try and give plot twists here and there, but it just feels lacking. It just seems that everything is going too well for everyone. But I guess if you just want a straightforward novel which won't make you get up from your seat, then this one is for you. <<less
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