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In the previous life, Chu Qiao had been obeying her father at home and her husband after she was married. She worked hard and never complained. She was lying on the operating table when she had difficult labor. Her mother-in-law, her husband, and her stepchildren all gave up on her, one body with two lives.

Back at the age of 21, she had not married the selfish and vicious ex husband. But her stepmother tried every means to force her to marry for benefits. Chu Qiao wanted to be independent, so she had to register her hukou in the city. But her stepmother kept forcing her to marry. When she was desperate, Gu Ye, the hot-tempered uncle of her ex-husband, jumped out to propose marriage.

“Marry me, and let that dead calf call you aunt!”

Chu Qiao’s heart was moved. When she thought that her ex-husband was a generation younger than her, and would never be able to raise his head in front of her. She was inexplicably happy, she thought it was okay to get married.

Gu Ye had been a bully since he was a child. Others said that he was not close with women. It was estimated that he would be a bachelor his whole life. But no one knows that Gu Ye had three good requirements— slender waist, delicate feet, and baby voice.

Every cell of Chu Qiao grew into his heart. She was a tailor-made wife for him by God. Whatever you say, you have to turn home. Other men can go as far as possible!

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12 Reviews

New Fathom
Sep 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Really a 3.5 star. It's an ok read. Of course, the FL has the heroine halo after rebirth, where luck, romance, money, super strength, chef skills, secret herbal recipes, money and etc pretty much fall from the sky.

It starts out with the FL dying in her 40s after she tries to give birth the first time, but because of her mistreatment by her husband, her step kids, in-laws and etc, she and the unborn child die. She later gets reincarnated before her evil step mother is able to tie her... more>> up with the same miserable husband in her first life.

This time she has woken up from her Cinderella daze and fights back against all the people who have abused and stepped on her, using her future knowledge and her first life's wisdom.

Many of the themes are quite repetitive, and the characters are also quite stereotypical. Basically, most of the families are quite messed up. With divorces, step children, child abuse, spouses cheating, mistresses, wrongful blood ties and etc. Other than the FL's and direct relational characters, most others are either scheming or part of the jealous mob parties.

There's not too much romance, the story mostly focuses on the FL and ML making money apart. Or the FL cooking food to capture the hearts of everyone.

Overall, it's an ok read to kill time. Not really something I want to reread again. <<less
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Sep 21, 2022
Status: Completed
FL reincarnate to before she gets married. Has to escape her stepmom's plots.

Not the worst back to the xx's ive read, but not the best.

I'll start with negatives.
... more>>

MC is lucky, beautiful, elegant, talented, stronger than a gorilla... knows medicine, can cook better than anyone...
the FL family is so messy its insane. there's so many of them and they're all rats. Her dad alone has been married 3 times. This means you got a mom, uncle, step-sister coming to the front door for every day of the week, and several chapters dedicated to their brain-dead schemes.
She solves her money issues and buys several houses, but most things like that are just briefly mentioned.
I was personally looking for more in those areas.


And some good

MC is lucky, beautiful, elegant, talented, stronger than a gorilla... knows medicine, can cook better than anyone...
some characters are really well written. Some you love, some you hate, and a couple even respect.
good revenge, face-slapping.... satisfaction. everyone is satisfied.
fl+ML and the boys are sweet.


Overall, I think its worth reading. I laughed, cried, got excited, even angry. There's a lot of child abuse, beating, s*xual content, exploitation, trafficking, killing. Honestly a lot darker than expected. Most get what they deserve. <<less
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Dec 19, 2022
Status: Completed
It's not a dog blood series, eventhough it's a bit long, it's not boring and there are a lot of fleshed-out characters. Aside from the husband, I really like the brother, Chu Peng. He's very hypocritical but he's a nice brother, even in the past life, it showed that he didn't really ignore his sister, in fact, tried to convince her to divorce the husband.

He even took revenge for her after she died.


Anyway, even the FL admitted that all that happened in the past life is a product of her choices so she wasn't really angry at them enough to take revenge. She just took a different, more independent route and that made her life better.
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Nov 09, 2022
Status: c38
Well, I don't like the character of Chu Peng (MC's stepbrother). He is so arrogant. Although his mother and sister's character is not so good but still his mother is best to him. If he don't want to respect her for her behaviour, just ignore her but what is with him as a child shouting at her mother at every corner. As it is mentioned, he is cold to his mother but why? He has a major character flaw but author just wants him to be helpful to MC, so... more>> there is no need for any love between mother and child.

This person is so hateful. Till now, he is the worst character according to me. Although MC's other family members are also not good but atleast they have a motive and reason to do so but this person just acts annoying and orders everyone like he is an emperor or something. If his parents didn't support him till now, could he even become successful in the future!! <<less
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Jun 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Not bad. It has some shining points. Sadly, there are plenty underlying problems that are common in this time-period setting in China such as strong nationalism, xenophobia (so annoying), hypocrisy, blood-relation fixation (bad people gave birth to bad children), etc. Problematic tropes such as marital abuse, r*pe, drugging people and the like are treated lightly, mostly as plot devices instead of being taken seriously. I'm unsure if this is meant to reflect outdated beliefs that were common back then or the author's own beliefs.

Give it a try if you are... more>> bored and like to read about the protagonist getting rich, slapping her enemies and getting to the top.


-The most likeable characters were the children, Dabao and Xiaobao.

-The protagonist's career development was interesting (although unrealistic) and she wasn't particularly petty or vengeful.

-Likeable, unique side characters (mainly MC's friends)


-Some hypocritical beliefs and double standards. I wonder if the author was forgetful or if she expressed her own beliefs?

For example: Criticism of capitalists but MC did business, got rich and boasted of having money and being able to "get away with murder" if she wanted. MC talked about feminism and such and despised unambitious women and author still gave her a son because obviously any perfect female protagonist must provide a son to her husband. MC was scared to death of giving birth, still gave in and got pregnant less than two years after getting married (her father-in-law actually drugged his son with a fertility and aphrodisiac drug and they just scolded him once and forgot about it... WTF?!). Hating foreigners but all successful characters studied abroad or did international business. Boasting nationalism and loyalty but still unnecessarily occupying public property (they were still living in a government assigned residential unit even years after getting super rich)

Common in chinese novels but still unpleasant and nonsensical.

-The protagonists (MC and husband) weren't well developed. MC had been a timid, cowardly and low-esteem woman for 40 years but after rebirth she was confident, powerful and never doubted herself. It was like they were different people, she never showed a shadow of her former self at all. ML was the typical military, manly, henpecked husband. They never really had to fail at anything or learn a lesson along the way, they were just showing off, slapping "villains" and shining in their careers.

-Predictable villains. They kept coming back to seek death, attacking the protagonists until they were dead or dirt poor.

-The author seems to love MC's little brother, Chu Peng. A genius who despised everyone around him for being s*upid. I didn't like him, way too arrogant.

Wake up, people. He didn't avenge his "s*upid sister" because he's kind or cares about her. He just did it because they shared the same surname and others bullying his sister was a blow to his ego. He said it himself.

Is being smart more important than being a good human being? I don't think so.

-Too long and too Mary Sue. <<less
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Mar 30, 2023
Status: --
❤️An excellent read, every characters have their own flaws, dont need them to be perfect@thedivinebei lol (they're half-siblings by the way not stepsiblings if you got the gist of the story) it makes the novel good overall, just read this one out you will never regret it.❤️
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Jun 18, 2023
Status: c402
A complete waste of time. There are many disturbing things about this novel the longer I think about it. The longer it went on the more issues I had but it wasn't seriously awful until the last 50ish chapters once

the main villains had been disposed of.


    • Author completely neglects to properly develop MC's "friends" so she's just too full of it and never listens to anyone's advice because she knows better and teaches everyone else what to do instead.
    • She's extremely beautiful, absolutely incredible at cooking all kinds of recipes -some she hasn't tried before but she gets things right the first time- and is somehow able to make whatever food she makes authentic to a area while no one else can succeed, can play the piano and other instruments pretty well -author is inconsistent about her being merely amateurish but then amazing people with her skills-, has the patience and open-heartedness to raise two kids not hers simply because they grow up to become "good and loyal" kids while being cruel and vicious to the kids that she raised in other life because they 'betrayed' her.
    • One of the step-kids she'd raised pre-rebirth was eight months old when she'd married his father and so all he'd known was her as his mother figure but he was somehow easily turned by his brother and grandmother to hating her and preferring a newborn baby sibling 20 years younger than him to the step-mom who raised him like her own...? The eight year-old whose mother died exactly the same way grew up to choose the baby over the mother as well? Why would any of the two even want to have a sibling so much they'd choose them over the convenience of having a step-mother who was s*upidly kind to them? If they were such selfish people they wouldn't want to share their inheritance with yet another sibling. XD
    • Then the same step-mom (MC) who raised these kids turns completely vicious after their betrayal even though she considered them her own kids. The author doesn't bother to show a moment of emotional turmoil or hurt as the MC reflects on her life and the kids she raised. Instead, she's absolutely angry and devoid of any maternal feelings that a real mother would have even after her kids betray her deeply. It makes me feel like her maternal love is very conditional and the only reason she's even capable of loving Dabao and Xiaobao is because of the guaranteed future she knows about, which is a chilling thought.
    • MC also resorts to some absolutely petty sh*t just to show off in front of the same people she insists over and over are insignificant. Scenes showing other characters being envious of the main characters is extremely common in c-novels but the ones in this story made me raise my eyebrows multiple times. It felt like the MC was doing things not for her own sake but to elicit people's admiration and jealousy. There were also many scenes of her implicitly looking down on those petty, small people who did not work hard enough at earning a better living for their families and so deserved to burn from jealousy at not achieving the standard she lives at. I had to quit once those types of scenes only got more and more ridiculous. The MC seems to be totally disregarding the situation at the time and how limited the ways of earning money were at the beginning of the 80s. People mostly worked government jobs and government jobs paid very, very little. But the author has so many unrealistic opportunities fall into her lap to elevate her financial situation.
    • One last thing that made me deeply uncomfortable was the author's persistent belief in blood begetting the same kind of blood. Bad parents have bad kids who are completely hopeless and a reflection of their muddied blood. Good parents have good children. I don't have to wonder too hard at what she thinks of the children of criminals. It's a very toxic and simplistic way of viewing the world.
    • Extra note: The author is absolutely obsessed with Chu Peng for no discernible reason. He's a terrible character who doesn't truly care about his own family or even other people + is very mercenary in the way he deals with her yet the MC keeps him around her and really likes him...? The author is too in love with her knock-off Sherlock Holmes which is too baffling to me. His "deductions" make absolutely no sense so I can't buy that he's as clever as the story shows him to be. Why even...?
Overall, a tr*sh novel with very problematic characters and themes. Translation is mtl-quality so you can just go with the MTL if you're okay with continuing the story. Switching your brain off is a must.
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Feb 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Such a good comfort read only regret is I cannot find chapter 936 wondering if that teacher lost her job or not and if people connected the family links + their reaction. I was hoping maybe in the side stories the little dead girl would get a happy ending but apparently she was only a cannon fodder who was forgotten. Translation hooked me so much that I mtled everything.
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Sep 15, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a 3 but gave 0.5 for the translator and round it to 4.

It's a slice of life novel with some very good plots and some ok ones. I fast read a third of the novel because I felt some of the chapters were written as fillers. The FL is gloriously beautiful and strong and sometimes smart and sometimes ditzy. The ML is thick skinned and all in all doesn't shine much but he is like most ML devoted and singleminded about FL. And there was never a 3rd party... more>> involved in either side. There are a lot of characters in the story not all of them bring value. The romance was a bit half assed too I find. Still read the full novel and found it mostly entertaining. <<less
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Yen le
Yen le
Dec 16, 2022
Status: c949
I pretty much mtled everything cuz the I got quite impatient to wait for the translated chapters. Ok so I personally like this kind of slow pace and funny characters.

MC brother although have flaws in his character but from what the author explained bout his childhood makes sense

... more>>

if you have a very bias mother and a useless father, overbearing shameless stepsister and a weak stepsister. I would want to build a wall and protect myself no matter what.
He did toon care of her even though she (his mom) messed up like crazy.


for the romance part of the story it’s really just a man who found his type of lover so yea pretty cheesy but cute anyways

MC isn’t very op other than remembering a big events in her past life and like making use of them. Typical but not overboard there’s lots of things in the story that based on luck (personal opinion)

side characters are pretty typical too not much to say bout them. Her kids are cute though <<less
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May 29, 2023
Status: Completed
A faceslapping & heartwarming novel.

A myriad of emotions and layers of appetizing fillers were packed in this novel of 926 chapters + 16 Extras!

Having spent nearly one week reading this novel, each minute was worth it. I don't regret my time, energy and attention spent with it.

... more>> What I liked:

1. Rebirth yet no golden finger cheat - Our FL is the MC. She was reborn after she died in childbirth due to the vicious evil choice of her husband and in-laws. Her life after rebirth was meaningful. She achieved great things, all thanks by her sheer hard work, willpower and willingness to put in the efforts.

2. ML and the two Zhou brothers - an absolute delight to read about. They do become the emotional backbone of the FL.

3. Faceslapping - I. LOVE. FACESLAPPING !!! The retribution and bitter fruits of karma that the antagonists underwent was, in my personal opinion, satisfactory to the max. They left such a gentle breeze-like coolness to the heart after the scorching anger and disgust felt at the mere sight of their words and misdeeds.

4. Family and Love - I loved the author-sama's portrayal of the MC's family life after marriage and the courtship period of when ML pursued MC.

To sum up, it's not perfect by any mmeans. It isn't the cup of tea for everyone. Even I initially had doubts of whether it would be good enough to keep me entertained till the least chapter, but hey my benefit of the doubt won, and now I'm happy to have read it till last at Ch 942.

On a sweet note, wish everyone a Happy Reading 💕 <<less
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May 20, 2023
Status: c367
This is one of the best novels I have read in 2023. I enjoyed nearly every one of its chapters. The author is a master storyteller with a very unusual sense of humor, it always shocked me before I would start to laugh.

... more>>

This novelist seems to have a slight obsession with Teresa Teng or maybe she was inspired by her. The first third of the novel where the FL works as a piano player is littered with mentions of Teresa Teng's songs (which I listened to as I read, I did not know before who Miss Teng was) and the main couple has the same ages as Teresa and her French beau at the time of Teresa's death - the FL is 42 and the ML is 27.

Of course, the FL has been reborn back to when she was 21, she is young again in this novel and that rebirth is her pill for regret, metaphorically speaking, but her actual age and life experiences and skills are those of a 42 year old. Which in my opinion robs this novel of the freshness of youth.

She knows it all, been there done that, her real age is the same as that of her parents, so there is no feeling that you actually read about a young couple's first love and them figuring out how to live together, what to eat and what to wear, build careers, build a circle of friends, have a family, be filial, create wealth, etc. There are too many cheats and shortcuts on the part of the FL..

The only thing that I do not get in that story is how forgiving are Chinese authors towards r*pe. In this story, the FL's stepmom plans to feed the FL a powerful aphrodisiac normally used with cows and bulls to make them repeoduce and then arranges for her to be deflowered and r*ped. The FL suspects that her soup is drugged and switches that bowl with her pregnant (!!!) stepsister's bowl of soup. (How could anyone in their right mind feed drugs to a heavily pregnant woman??? Even if that is just a suspision of drugs of unknown nature?) And then all three go to that place where the FL is supposed to be r*ped.

The whole affair ended up with the stepsis hemorraging so profusely, the hired rapist did not even touch her, she lost the baby and the uterus.

And the FL's dad, a doctor (!!!), is OK with this whole affair! His wife arranged for his biological daughter's r*pe then she beat him until he was black and blue and he continues to live with his wife as if nothing was wrong with that woman.

The FL's teenage brother is OK with that too. He lives with his mad rapist mother as if that was the most normal arrangement in the world. He clearly can leave that sick and pe*verted household and stay with the FL's family, with the sane and upright relatives, but no, he stays with his mom, dad and his mother's daughter from her other man.

The FL herself seems to see nothing wrong with that either and continues to interact with her parents and eat her stepmother's food when she visits them. Shouldn't she be wary of being poisoned again?

Why wasn't that woman, her daughter and the hired rapist detained and prosecuted?

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