General, Madam Called You To Farm


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She just took a nap in the lounge, and when she opened her eyes, She turned out to be a fat rural girl who was illiterate in ancient times.

Not to mention that this girl likes to eat and slouch, but still acted like a village bully.

No one in the village wanted to marry her. It was not easy to finally buy a rich husband, but on the wedding day, the groom escaped.

In a rage, Her dad went down to the road and kidnapped a husband for her.

It’s just… Dad, isn’t there something wrong with the one you kidnapped?

After marriage, Su Pangya was very busy.

Busy transforming the bully dad and the bully brother.

Busy rescuing the beautiful husband.

Busy raising three little cute bullies.

Accidentally, she was so busy that she became the most powerful female marquis of Dayan!

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General, Your Wife Is Requesting Your Return Home For Farming
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New enidunlykyou
December 3, 2023
Status: c185
  • I think the plot is well written. Not too fast, not too slow, my eyes don't glaze over from boredom. It is a bit of a slow burn,

    it's ch 185 and while she has a relationship with her husband, it is not properly romantic yet. Just teasing each other and some tension, but I feel like the pacing of their relationship is just right.

    And I like how they mention that if you lose weight too fast you get loose skin, she she is doing it slowly so the skin can naturally go back. I really like that, and find it rare in novels with "ugly to beauty tropes". Overall I rate this a 4/5 but if the authors had time to sit down and really mull over this story, fixing inconsistencies and all that it would be perfect.
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Leier rated it
October 9, 2022
Status: c1
I am temporarily rating this 5 just to balance that strange 1 star. Who is so idle to rate down all new novels?

Anyway, this is a good author, this novel can't be that bad to get 1 star from the moment it's uploaded.

I am not the translator, nor do I benefit in any way. I just don't want a novel being passed because someone is idle with their finger.

Will edit this review later.
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Shimozuki Yue
Shimozuki Yue rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: c530
The MC and her family of bullies is living in a slice-of-life mode while the 'bigwits' of the cast are in a hell lvl complicated political scheming mode in the background.

(At one point, I kinda just wanna throw all of the extended family away. Although they're also nice on their own, these guys have been living in the center of politics and is very much involved. They got thru two emperors already, had been involved in one change of throne, and now is the prelude of the second bloody... more>> war for the throne. And heck! The schemes and secrets of the previous emperor isn't even solved yet.)

I won't explain the background settings, as I said, it's very complicated. There's a bigger scheme under the big scheme, and the smaller schemes are connected to the other schemes.

But one thing I like in this story is that it kept emphasizing that MC isn't dieting just to look good. No, it's because she pants as she walk just a few steps and it's not healthy, and seriously affecting her daily life. Plus there's actually process and progress. She didn't just starved herself, that's wrong! Although she also have the help of the pharmacy to accelerate her diet, there's also a point that it become hard to loss more weight and her diet become stagnant. Which is very realistic. Dang, I'm at the latest and MC isn't anywhere near being 'thin', still a chubby. Or at least a bit chubby compare to normal standard of the settings.

Also, ML and some others started to have a crush on her way back earlier, thinking she's very much cute. In fact, it shows accurately how complicated people esthetics are. Nobles think thin ones are beautiful, but at the same time, in their era where it's hard to eat, most people, especially the old ones, think the chubby MC is blessed.

I definitely love their family of three. They're very protective of each other. I actually think it's reasonable for them to be their village bullies. The father was a foreign surname and a previous beggar, the mother cut off her relationship with her family. Later, the father become a single dad raising two kids. I swear if they aren't the bullies, it would be them being bullied in that village where everyone is related to each others. It also kinda makes me mad at the original owner. Dang girl is a white eye wolf, seriously. (The best part was when the triplets came, they become the third generation of bullies. So now there's this 6 bullies in the village, ranging from grandpa, mother and aunt, and now three new babies hahaha)

As for the other characters, I have a love hate relationship with everyone. They're complicated. Have their own interests. Definitely not 2Ds. But sometimes I get annoyed by their calculations and their s*upid backgrounds. It because it affects the MC and her family. They're living peacefully but they kept getting drag into it. Yeah, others isn't malicious, in fact, some thinks it's a good chance for MC. If MC is into scheming, sure thanks, but MC isn't and what they did just kept putting her into the spotlight. But then again, MC is way too involved already, I think she should start scheming as well already. Anyway, she can't throw away her sudden extended family. <<less
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uchoosemyname rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: c556
Okay, so I didn't have much expectation when I started to read this but boi, it was so good (for me ok) ! The story just keeps on building up, I didn't even skip a chapter when reading because every chapter is not boring. This story will keep you hooked just right. I finished reading it until the latest chapter for 3 days, reading non-stop because I was so hooked. A masterpiece I tell you. I rarely read straight romance with action, but this is my favourite by far. It... more>> didn't disappoint, I really like it. <<less
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Riya rai
Riya rai rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: c128
The story could have been so much better but I hate the FL's habit of poking her nose into everyone's business, ever heard of boundaries.

How can she be a military doctor when she doesn't know even the basics of rules and Discipline

... more>>

She went to Doctor Fu's house but no one was answering the door so of course someone needs her help (I mean it would be abnormal for people to not be at home) even though there was something wrong but she did not know that so how can you climb their wall and enter their house without permission. Is there something wrong with your brain? And then you enter the dean's house and treat a stranger that you don't know anything about by going places you shouldn't go. Its bugs me a lot how she doesn't-think of consequences and just keeps helping everyone even when sometimes their family members don't want her help. And again messing with people out of your league but since she is the FL everything turns out into something good for her

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Blood A
Blood A rated it
December 2, 2022
Status: c594
It's been over a year since I wrote a review but this novel somehow kept me reading chapter after chapter without skipping one, I love the triplets and their little cousin and even more I love Jingj Yi I would gladly kidnap him
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whitespade rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: c362
MTL is fairly easy, beginners can try

The story is fun with interesting plot and the characters are straightforward but not quiet.

MC is a Mary Sue that can do everything especially with the help of the golden finger. Sometimes her life is too smooth sailing you kinda get bored.
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ntww12 rated it
September 15, 2023
Status: c1043
I stopped at C1043 because the story is still incomplete in the raws website that I'm reading from but I will get back to the story once its completed.

This is the second novel I've read from the author. I must say that this author is really talented in writing very vivid, dynamic characters. All her characters shine in their own way. Because of her talent in writing very nuanced characters - from the leads to the side characters to the villains, the story becomes very engaging and interesting to read.

The... more>> plot is nothing very complicated, to be honest. The story is interesting but what makes it better is how the characters progress in the story. This is a character-driven novel. In this 1000+ chapters novel, there are many characters that appear and disappear along the way. This is unavoidable because the author often brings up new people when the main cast gets thrown into a new plotline. Some background characters are then only mentioned but they no longer appear upfront after that. So if you like long novels that focus on people, minimal faceslapping, intricate political + drama storylines: you'll definitely enjoy this story.

There is also cute kids in the story that often get into trouble, but bring a lot of joy in the story. Author doesn't make the young 2-4 year old kids too smart. They're appropriate for their age group which is good.

So anyway:-

OP female lead transmigrates into ancient times into a chubby girl. FL is powerful. She has a lot of gold fingers. She seems like a Mary-Sue but because of how everyone else around her also have their own respective powers/gold-finger, she doesn't become overly blown up in power. She's like a humble Mary-Sueish FL. She's a facecon, gossipy, and mischievous. A fun character. Sometimes she does feel like a side-character when the story focuses on her other cousins/brothers/family.

ML is a black-bellied man who's really smart and cunning. He's very mensao. Along the story he continuously improves on his martial arts and becomes better-tempered. Initially he is quite hot-tempered with a strong desire for revenge but after things settled down, he's more calm now and his cunningness shows even more.


The story begins with FL trying to make her family situation better. FL's family kidnapped ML and three kids and they begin staying together as a "happy family".

In reality, ML is actually the son of a fallen General and his father and brothers were wiped out in a war. ML wants to take revenge and he's finding out ways to consolidate his power. The Emperor in the Capital is on guard against ML.

Basically there are several villains in this story that pop up one after another but the main overlying plotline is that someone framed the ML's family and killed his father/brothers and then caused their Emperor to doubt their loyalty and guard against them. Who framed them? Wow, that's a longggg story. But yeah, every arc is basically another person who attempted to frame ML's family.


White Lotus Sect, King Nanyang, Beiyan people, then Western Jin, Tianyi Clan, etc. One by one new villains pop up and they were all involved somehow lol.


So the long story is how we find out who frames the ML's family and the underlying drama behind it all.

I would say more but I'm afraid it'll spoil the story, so this is all I'll say for now.

It is a good read, just really long. <<less
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Avrohom rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: c173
I read this novel only because Leier in her review said that this author is good. And she is. This novel is surprisingly good. It is bursting with positive energy! A comedy and adventure with just the right touch of magic, one of the best, most hilarious FLs and a cool gentlemanly ML. Such a good find.

I hope that the translator will continue. I am very grateful, thank you!💖
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June 15, 2023
Status: --
Im on Chapter 359 and I love it 💞


Ive red: Fields of gold, Back to the Sixties, After Transmigrating the Fat Wife made a comeback and etc.

It's ok if threw in some transmigration reverse harem as well like Beauty and The Beasts, Fortunate Wife, Sweet Rustic wife and Beauty meets the Beast.

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Maiasia rated it
October 28, 2022
Status: c509
Very OP Mary Sue of a MC that can kick butt, save lives (with 21st century medicine that no one seems to question too much), and take lives. There is very little waiting on the ML to solve problems for her. The true star (s) of this novel have to be the triplets. They are freaking adorable! And innocently black bellied. The responsible older brother, the black bellied middle brother who tries to sell fortune to people (X'D), and the lazy little brother. I love them. Honestly I thought I... more>> would get bored or tired with this novel but in spite of the overwhelming OPness of the MC, I enjoyed this novel and am patiently waiting for the translated chapters to come out. <<less
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annabanna11 rated it
October 12, 2022
Status: c449
It's the typical op MC transmigrated to ancient china. But I like it coz the OP is not black bellied or s*upidly reliant on ML (she's having fun teasing him hehe) she came from a "cold" family but in her new life her family loves her, the beginning started off with her just wanting to make money to feed her family but after which the storyline is more into royalties power struggle (not that she has anything to do with it) she makes friends with people who hates her gut... more>> and teaches her enemies on the spot (not like other novel's MC who likes to wait on to get her revenge and it's always the same antagonist) she doesnt kill unless it's necessary. I like her interactions with her family and extended family. The ML is not black bellied but more like a shameless war god (haha) the three sons r also cute and funny <<less
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