Don’t Cry


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The Tang family had two daughters.

Outsiders have only heard that the eldest daughter, Tang Luoqian, was beautiful and would be engaged to Luo Zhan, the young master of the Luo family, in the future and everyone envied her.

Few people knew that the Tang family has a youngest daughter who was blind, named Tang Ran.

Tang Ran’s sixteenth birthday present was a robot.

On the day the robot arrived, the whole family was in the front hall with her sister Tang Luoqian, preparing to welcome Luo Zhan, who was visiting for the first time. Tang Ran was alone in the side house, fumbling to see her robot.

Standing in the chaotic darkness, Luo Zhan spoke after a long time.

“Good evening, Master.”

With a good family background, a calamity-bringing face, and a top mind, Luo Zhan was the dream lover of countless girls in the AI field, but no one could stand next to him.

There was only one reason: Luo Zhan liked beautiful eyes.

Later on, Luo Zhan made a bet with his older brother to imitate a robot for the little blind girl from the Tang family.

—He never thought that he would fall for the little blind girl.

And then it spread that Luo Zhan had been beaten with the family rod by the old man of the Luo family in order to reject his engagement to Tang Luoqian, without uttering a single word.

Everyone was guessing who it was for.

A week later, for the first time, the Tang family threw a birthday banquet for Tang Ran, whose eyes had recovered. After the banquet, the little girl drank too much and hugged the stone pillar in the banquet hall, whispering that she wanted to see Luo Zhan.

The bystanders mocked when they heard, “The young master of the Luo family doesn’t even consider Tang Luoqian. She’s just a half-blind girl who thinks she can see him just because she wants to?”

Before finishing his sentence, Luo Zhan ran in from outside in a wretched state.

The young master of the Luo family, who was usually in high spirits, panicked and fell to his knees, at a loss to kiss the girl’s trembling eyes…

“Don’t cry.”

“Will you marry me, Ranran?”

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Sky2829 rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Muah, Muah, Muah... (˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵) (˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵) (˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵)

So far, I absolutely loved it. I even went on to find the manhua after reading it. Tang Ran is sooo cute and the way Luo Zhan behaves around her is just 💕. In short, I absolutely loved it.

Edit:I just completed the book. This book is really worth it. I loved all their interactions. Although the MC is shown as a little too naive and obedient, it is alright.

... more>>

I was really squealing when the Lan Jian Qing (FL's father) and Luo Zhan (ML) found out about each other. The situation was truly 😂😂.

In the last chapter about Tang Ran's parents, I really cried because of the last sentence Lan Jian Qing said.

"Not waiting.

It's just that others are meaningless.

Tang Shiyu had also been annoyed, saying that he was like an ink painting, dull and tasteless.

She was right.

She is the only one in his life that is full of color.

After her, all kinds of colors fell on paper, but there were all black and white."

I hate hate hate the Tang Family for separating them. Their love was so precious and Tang Ran should have had a happy childhood. But because of that old lady's attitude about Tang family's face and reputation, she made Ran Tan's father go abroad, told her mother that she was stillborn and threw her to a orphanage. Ugh (#`皿´)

23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mitchytranslations rated it
February 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Hi, translator here!

I will definitely come back and add more to this review but here's my thoughts right now.

This novel doesn't really have a unique premise or anything but what it sets out to do, I think it does well.

Things I liked:

    • It's not stressful to read or angsty, you'll be smiling to yourself a lot throughout the novel.
    • Luo Zhan and Tang Ran are adorable.
    • The side characters add to the plot.
    • There aren't really any antagonists which may be a con to others but I hate characters who are thrown in just to further the plot and are one-dimensional characters.

Tang Luoqian kinda falls into that category but she honestly plays such a minor role.

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Anasthesia rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c87
I really wanted to like this, because of the stellar reviews. And in fact, this is a good story if you're a beginner to Chinese novels and hasn't read a hundred books with more or less the same plot. I really tried to finish this, since there are more or less fifteen chapters left in the mtl, but I couldn't take it anymore.

For the FL:

... more>>

The FL, Tang Ran, is the same female lead as all of the other stories out there. She basically screams shoujo. Beautiful, frail, and had a heart of gold. Everywhere she goes, flowers and sparkles basically bloom around her. Pros are that she could sometimes stand up to herself, but more often than not, she gets bullied and the people around her (mainly the male lead or his friends) has to defend her honor. She's also a frail beauty, with several descriptions of how obedient, pitiful, and innocent she was. As a main character, I really couldn't relate to her. Because she's so 'kind, ' even the angst fell flat because she doesn't really feel anything deeply, and her heart is like a saint that shines pure white light.


For the ML:


Male lead is constantly described as 'lazy, ' 'careless' and 'handsome.' Typical descriptions are "he lazily glanced at her, his voice was lazy and careless, he was so handsome that it stunned all the girls in the nearby vicinity." An advantage is that he's more real than the MC Tang Ran (less of a cardboard cut out), and has more emotions. He also isn't cold to the FL either, although he denies his feelings several times when people around him confront him about it. Basically telling them arrogantly, "Of course I won't care about her, " etc. Part of his caring feelings for the FL are also because of their past, because he was the reason why the FL became blind. And he also forgot about her for ten years because of his trauma.


Also another plus point to this ML is that he spoils FL.

All in all, I recommend this novel for those who like very sweet, very fluffy, and very typical shoujo romance novels. I tried to finish this several times, but maybe because I had read too much novels similar to these, it became too boring to me that I caught myself in a daze more than once while reading. This reads like cotton candy—no depth, sweet at first bite, but too much and you'll get sick of it. Please take note that this is just my opinion though, maybe this novel might be your cup of... cotton candy. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fungiball rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: Completed

THIS NOVEL IS TRULY SUPERB SOO GOOD! In my opinion, this novel is a hidden gem 😭💖 Plot 5/5; character development 5/5

The plot is not your usual overbearing ceo, face slapping, entertainment etc. This one is different, with thoroughly described background, you will see the beauty of this novel, the heart gripping moment can be felt.

... more>> The ML, pls can I have Luo Zhan?! The guy who is really cold but in fact has a really warm heart *squeal*

The FL, Tang Ran is so pure and heartwarming BUT she can be really smart too and in fact a compatible match for ML! I shed some tears for this strong girl *cry*

So in conclusion, I am very satisfied with novel. I like the novel version more than the manhua adaption, although the manhua art is really really good 💖 but the novel version more more better in describing the plot and character personality. In the novel, I can see more thoughts of ML and fl, their story, the scene, everything felt more make sense.

So, I really recommend this novel! You will not regret to waste your time to read this novel 💕✨ <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
iseelavieenrose rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: Completed
I stumbled upon the manhua adaptation, the art is amazingly beautiful and I was immediately hooked. I then decided to just binge read the novel 'cause I can't wait to know what will happen and ooohhh it's worth it! For someone who loves sweet and lighthearted novels, this totally fits my taste. It's also a plus that it has an in-depth foundation (referring to the past relation of our protagonists). Furthermore, I might as well add that our main characters here are sooo adorable – Tang Ran is givenly precious... more>> while even our supposedly snob and stiff male lead (Lou Zhan) can be cute, too. I love them both! I believe this will be popular, it's just that readers are yet to find this little treasure. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bookworm2 rated it
April 6, 2023
Status: Completed
To the one who give 3 stars with a review;

... more>>

To the one who give 3 stars with a review which seemed childish to me. You said why the FL can't stand up for herself in front of her maternal family? She can't. You never lived on the streets or didn't starve or got ab*sed like her, so you won't understand her. She faced a tragic life on the orphanage.

So, when her family took her back, she can't talk back to them when they're responsible for her food and clothing. She can't stand up to them as she's blind and totally depend on her family for living. If she had a job, she may reply but she's young. How can you expect her to stand up to that family when she'll be miserable without their help.

Next you said the ML is lazy. And how can he forget FL when she saved him? Darling, it's not a braindead drama. Do you even know how trauma works? When you face trauma at a young age your brain will force you to forget it! It's medical science! He was ab*sed physically and mentally at a young age and even got serious injuries.

How can you think he'll remember everything? But he still tried to help the FL silently and giving her everything the tr*sh family didn't give. He found her parents for her. He never cheated anyone because he never accepted the engagement!

This novel serves as realistic it could. I find your excuses lame. If you want low eq supporting characters and the FL and ML work as a bloodthirsty tyrant who works for revenge and shine through others, this novel is just not for you! Instead of giving bad reviews with lame excuses stop reading them at first! It's just not for you! Why ruin the rating?

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YoriMei rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Extremely cute, it's not very elaborate or philosophical but my heart has bursted into a million shoujo sparkles and pink love bubbles. To be honest, Tang Ran is the main character but the story follows the ml, Lou Zhan, a bit more and he feels like the main character more than Tang Ran. It's not quite instant love for Lou Zhan, but more like good impression at first sight. Tang Ran is your typical beautiful but weak and bullied type of MC, but I do like that she has a... more>> backbone and even tries to maintain proper distance with Lou Zhan when he's named her step-sister's fiancé. Lou Zhan's pretty typical (cool, stoic to outsiders but doting and protective to Tang Ran, genius in his field), but he and Tang Ran work really well together and it's cute to watch this icy-cool guy soften for a delicate flower-type girl.

A lot of the background plot is left unrevealed or unfinished once TR and LZ got together though, for example why Tang Ran's parents broke up, what the deal was with Tang Ran's grandmother, etc. Even the original side plot of this one side character having a crush on Tang Ran first is swept under the rug and never dealt with as to not ruin the sweet romance. Rather than answering any of it, you get some small clues and are left to infer the rest by yourself. I'd also argue that TR isn't everyone's cup of tea, she's very passive and most of the story is LZ doing everything for her. She is justified (disabled) in that she can't do much and tries to stand up for herself when possible, however as story character it can get boring.

Overall this story reads a lot like a shoujo manga, which could honestly be both good or bad depending on your mood. TR is very passive and LZ basically paves her path to happiness for her, but without a doubt they make a very, very adorable couple. There are cliches and honestly it's not a very original story; but if you're in the mood for an uncomplicated, saccharine romance story that is the literary equivalent to marshmallows then this is a top-notch one that legitimately makes me smile. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover Slytherine rated it
October 1, 2022
Status: Completed
This was such a good novel! These 5 reasons are enough to know why you should choose this novel:

    • Why it's hilarious and best than other novels?

The most thing I found hilarious and reasonable also well is the ML and his big brother's fight for the family business. No, if you thought it was typical power-fighting drama, you are wrong. They didn't fight for who'll own the family business. They fought about who'll not become the heir of the business. It's so funny and well-appreciated as well. In most of the novels, I read there were disputes between family members about money and power. But this was exceptional.

The big brother and the ML started from scratch with their dreams. The big one opened an entertainment company and ML started a programming company with their capability and both made it famous and bigger, without the family's help. But their grandfather wants to force at least one of them to be the heir of a family business which both of them don't want. They are passionate about their dreams. It's so funny to see them scheming how to make the other one heir and not become the heir. This is how every people should behave. Don't shamelessly ask for a father or family business. Start with your dream and happiness from the scratch.


    • What makes this protagonist different from others?

I would say the difference would be their innocence and good qualities. These protagonists believe in their power and capabilities. They never wanted something which is not earned through them. They are not shameless to destroy or ruin people for their selfishness. They didn't behave like saints or devils either. They faced the antagonists how a lawful person should. They didn't kill, r*pe, or hurt innocent people. They didn't take things for granted.[ If these don't make you like this novel what else should?


    • Why the antagonists are different from others when their actions are shown as reasonable in other novel's protagonists? (contains some spoilers)

As I said the antagonist may make your blood boil but they aren't extremely s*upid like other novels. Here antagonists are the fl's maternal family. They are selfish and think only about benefits. But aren't most the people like that? Compared to real-life antagonists I find similarities between them.

They forced Fl's parent's separate cause Fl's father was poor and even make her mother believe FL died to force her to marry abroad. They threw away the FL in an orphanage but when FL got blind saving ML they took her back to get benefits from ml's family. The grandmother was evil, the cousin was arrogant and spoiled and the uncle and aunts turned silent about the mental ab*se FL had gone through. This proves how much selfish they are which is mostly found in most of the real prominent families.

Their punishment was also not human degrading. Like no raping or killing people or forcing them to make them bankrupt. The ML just took away his family's support and it was a great punishment for them. As they became dependent to show off getting ml's family support without trying to improve their business. It was bound to happen that they were already empty shells. And taking the support away means they're finished. It was worse than any other punishment. It was satisfying!


    • Why these supporting characters are not s*upid or stepping stones for the protagonist's halo-like in other novels?

Yes, guys none of the supporting characters here worked as a stepping stone for them. Everyone here has their charm, and uniqueness, Including the extras also. Even the antagonist also didn't work as it was. She tried to cling to the ML as her grandma's order but eventually stopped when she saw she couldn't receive anything. No drugs, no seduction, love triangles, cheating, or bullsh*t like others in novels. Everyone has minimum eq of common sense. All shine through the scenes they received. Either the FL parents (who had a lovely story and wish there was a book cause their adulthood was super funny) or the ML parents (Who had very less scenes but they rocked every scene) even the ml's colleagues (they made me laugh so hard every time), FL's maids or nanny also had their charms and comedy. All were dedicated to their screenplay!


    • Why the FL and ML interactions will make you feel diabetes?

Honestly, how can you not love them? They were so sweet! You can feel their every interaction, behind the story, sadness, happiness, and lots of fluff. It was very close to realism except it's a novel story! They were so pure. The ML was so dedicated and the fly's action will make you feel floating in clouds for their cuteness. They were no pushovers. They know their boundaries and act according to them! Don't act like a holy or a tough one. They behave how a properly educated real civilized human should behave! They were not perfect but not imperfect either!


My Thoughts:

Overall it was quite an emotional rollercoaster for me! I faced every single character's emotion in this novel. I liked how the author portrayed every single emotion in the characters. Good job, author! You're great! Want to read more from you. The author and tn don't feel disheartened by some people's low ratings!

I also don't understand how can they rate it 1, 2, or 3 stars. Maybe they read so much rubbish, are followers of sadism or they are jealous that's why they can't like this reasonable best novel. Here all characters shined and felt like real persons who did not serve as a foil for the protagonists.

I would recommend this to everyone and shamelessly ask translator Sama to update more chapters as the mtl was unsatisfying to read. This is one of the most lovely reads!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelle rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5 stars

This is so adorable omg. MC is a total sweetie, while ML is so devoted to her. I love how ML always puts MC first in everything and the same goes for MC. It's a great fluffy webnovel. Although MC has a very sad and tragic backstory, it's not that heartbreaking as you are reading it because the whole story is lighthearted.

This is not a 5-star novel because of one thing. There was so much build up regarding MC's parents and the Tang family's conspiracies, but we don't get... more>> a resolution about it. That part of the story was left hanging. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RadBABYYYY rated it
October 4, 2023
Status: --
The novel was plain and boring I really don’t know how I finished it I kept jumping chapters skipping looking for anything gripping about the story but nada, nothing!

There was nothing special or wow going on and everything was sooooo predictable (maybe it’s because I read too many novels??? Idk)

The characters were consistently dull throughout the whole novel with no development whatsoever.

I expected so much more from reading the reviews but thinking about it now whats there to expect from a FL thats shy/silent/introverted and an ML thats «... more>> lazy, indifferent, bored » but in reality was too nice contrary to what he’s described to be???? <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eeria rated it
March 13, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s a cute story very shoujoish. The FL is akin to a small cute bunny but her backdrop story is so tragic. The ML is really a tsundere. I wished the author would have expand more on the behavior of her maternal grandmother. So a few plot holes but nothing major. Still liked the romance.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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