Fake Villain Turned Into Cannon Fodder


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An Ran transmigrated as the first love of the male lead who was destined to die early. Her courage was weak. She was a pitiful beauty who was carefully nurtured and raised by her family. She was the pearl of the Sheng family. It was a pity that she made a lot of mistakes. After the return of the true female lead who had dreamed of her future, her life would be miserable.

She was a fake villain turned into cannon fodder.

An Ran (⊙o⊙) … So I transmigrated into a novel! I should study hard and become beautiful every day! I have no time to take care of the female lead!

Everyone felt that An Ran, who had been accustomed to being delicate, would return to that slum-like biological family and be miserable. She would have to spend a lifetime in the mud. Who would have thought that her parents who were money-sucking vampires were so violent!

[Her main task was to enter the best college in the country with the title of the top student in the college entrance examination to survive and more importantly gain beauty rewards!] The most loved beauty, An Ran said that her face was her lifeblood. Her scum attributes could be rescued!

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narixems rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: --
honestly I dont even know who to support in these "switched at birth" stories. I've read tons of novels based on both perspectives and I can't help but always feel bad for the other person who can't get familial love. Like, , can't yall just be a family without kicking out the other one? Smfh. Anyway, I really liked the author's other novel so im giving it 5 stars for now!

edit : the premise of the novel was nice but im gonna stop reading halfway. MC is TOO OP. It... more>> makes me feel bad for the ori!fl.


the dreams that the ori FL had greatly affected her, but the icing on cake was her inferiority complex which made her go to great heights. At first, I thought she was annoying because she repeatedly tried getting into An Ran's way but my opinion has changed. How can she NOT bother about An Ran when LITERALLY EVERYONE around her compares the two of them. An Ran is TOO MARY SUE. Her biggest cheat is the system which she STOLE FROM THE FEMALE LEAD under the pretense of "justice". She has already greatly affected the plot, does she need to steal the cheat as well?

since the male lead was already in love with An Ran, the ori! FL could've used it to make her life at least 1% better.

I would go mad too if I were her. It was CLEARLY An Ran who occupied her space for 16 years, but everyone blamed her for taking An ran's spot. Her brother hates her, her parents preferred An ran but kept her because they want her to be "mentally sane" heck it was disgusting how they lied to her to get her to see a psychiatrist. I mean, she needs mental help but YOU DON'T NEED TO LIE ABOUT THAT SHIT. Even her original fiance likes an ran and she gets bullied ar school. The director tells her she's not as good as An Ran, and pretty much the whole world is against her. While An Ran is a st*pid lil braindead bit*h who's obsessed with being beautiful. The thing that I kept thinking was, did the main character really need to become the most beautiful woman?

in the end, the ori!FL utterly lost to An Ran (she just wanted to return to her family?) Both her adoptive and biological parents preferred an Ran, her brother hated her for taking An ran's place, and her beauty, the only thing she had better than An Ran was also surpassed. I hate it here, the ori! FL deserves the world. F*ck an ran.


this is actually one of the most "switched at birth" novel I dislike. Even more that "What if My brother is Too Good" and that's saying something—

characters are braindead and used to make the MC stand out more. Literally everyone falls in love with the MC and whoever doesn't, receives a bad ending. I don't know why?? They have no depth, why can't someone get a happy ending while simultaneously disliking the mc? For example, in some (vey few) chinese novels I read, there are TONS of characters who dislike the MC, whether because of past mistakes, misunderstandings or just disliking the MC because she's associated with someone they don't like— which is honestly something I WOULD DO in real life And it's normal, the MC doesn't have to be liked by everyone- but this novel's MC somehow is lol. In the end, she's the prettiest, kindest, "most lovable" and smart (only bc of the f*cking cheat) girl in the entire universe. Oh wow. She seemed like a b*tch even in her past life. Poor ml.

he wanted to change for the MC but has the MC ever changed?? He was bad at communicating in the past life & he tried his best bc he loves MC very much. But instead of speaking up and addressing the problem, so they could solve it together, she decides to directly break up without giving him a chance tf.

and the fact that she even kept talking about her ex boyfriend in THIS LIFE? And the way she compared the ori!ML to him? Like tf? Why would you even— never mind, I need to calm down.

if you're feeling unhappy in a relationship, address the problem with your partner. In Mc's case (now it makes sense why she was called a scum iq in the novel lmfao) she felt like she wasn't loved and the relationship was one sided (even though he lovEd her so much- like bruh u blind or sum) SHE was the one who broke up with him and said harsh af words to him. To the point where he fell ill and called MC multiple times (she didnt pick up)


thanks for coming to my ted talk. Would not recommend reading this unless ur a masochist who likes seeing characters (aka ori!FL and ori!ml) suffer for no reason. Oh and lots of braindead characters. <<less
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December 16, 2020
Status: --
I'm shocked at how brain-dead this story is 😰

I can't even give it a rating because I'm so confused.

It's not even cliche'd, it's just incomprehensible.
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lazykitty_99 rated it
June 6, 2020
Status: c99
Well story is good, enjoyable.

... more>>

MC regains her memory at 16y/o after touching "golden finger" of oriml. So decisively separates from her adopted family and goes to her biological ones.

Her system is study plus beauty system with which she a "scum in study" turns to a "genius" well hard work is here as she only has 1 year to live. Task completion increases her life.

In previous and current before system she hates learning, even with her "genius" ex bf she can't improve much.

She is mature and good tempered. Doesn't care about so called "revenge" unless her bottom line ks crossed. Her whole mind is on learning

It's funny she broke up with her ex bf as he considered "learning" first her second but now with system rewards of 1 day double iq she was like "that's how genius feels, who needs love"

Her system has many pits which add to many comic scenes like if some quarrel near her she will faint..



Well till now relationship isn't established.

Past life

ML - high IQ and can't express

MC - less Iq and high Eq

Led to "communication" gap

ML is "national protected" genius, MC pursued him and became gf but ML with his high iq "only" focus was on his academic research. So at some point MC who as every girl has insecurities felt ML didn't like her, broke up with her before she was abondoned. Poor girl cried for 2 days then didn't went for a week outside.

ML loved MC as his treasure, used his genius brain to tutor MC so she can enter same univ as him. He did things silently for her as he couldn't express himself. His love is so pure it is shown in current life. When MC broke up with him, he contacted her but couldn't reach so end up falling sick for a week and then thought to gave both time, he started completing his expts with proper diet & exercise so as to have enough energy to explain MC that he will change according to her wishes she said "malicious" ones while breaking up (basically to break up) but MC saw it as he didn't care. So after that she participated in Miss asia won and died..

At start ML gain his memories as part of dreams. He left his medical academia research went to finance so as to fulfil all complaints of MC (rich, nanny robot) even though he is already rich. He made a face recognition program (to find MC, everyone thought for crime). At that time it felt that MC didn't deserve ML but little by little it can be seen she still has feelings for him but she never let "emotions" overpower her.

Plus she always believed ML didn't love her. Later when she herself started learning she realised ML thoughts, then tutoring her "scum" cousin she realised may be her ex did love her other wise why would he waste so much time on her.

ML first found MC, then contacted her and became her "tr*sh bin", great god, teacher. We see his changes. Even to understand MC he did study psychology so he could identify that MC is her gf by first meeting and knew she has memories. Little by little learned why she " brokeup" so we see he did things silently.

At 99 MC does have feelings for ML but she first want to increase her life as ML is her advanced version of ex bf. She did doubted him to be his ex but he is completely different as her ex bf did left her a psychological shadow. So she refutes many conjectures. Like he now drives, is in business, is very considerate of her likes (she always thought ex didn't care or didn't knew about her likes, poor fella just can't express).

In past life their relationship was unstable and immature due to "youth love". Now both have changesd themselves a lot and matured a lot.


MC family

Adopted one

Sheng family - I felt if oriFL hasn't returned they would have a very harmonious family as everyone loved MC but due to orifl, MC relationship deteriorated with them. As they decided to abondon MC later due to oriFL "mental illness". Well MC is already timid in "abandonment" so she later herself alienated even called them aunt & uncle when oriFL "schemes" came to light. Later though with oriFL out of scene and MC accident it did changed again.

Biological family- hands down to them.. They are typical " blood sucking relatives" but to MC they cherished her like treasure even though I like MC adopted mom more as her bio mom isn't that likeable (not to MC, to MC she is good) just like bio dad is better than adopted dad..

If oriFL was good, I believe it would have a story like switched at birth but as in cn novels w/o a villainous authors can't write.

Grandma of MC - I just bow to her. Her character is best in novel. Just for her novel can be read..

Later MC bio family did changed from "evil" to right..


Ori FL & ori ml

I feel author & plot ruined to good lifes. If not for ori FL "dream" of her bad ending she wouldn't have gone to wrong path. I pity her till now.

Ori ml

Till now her hasn't done anything bad. Poor fella is innocent type. Hasn't done anything bad yet "plot" damaged his youth. Due to an accident he got present and novel memories leading to him "mental crash"

I hope at end both characters can redeem.


Novel is good but in later chapters it has that china "patriotism" which if in limit is okay but now that limit for me has become irksome.. <<less
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February 14, 2021
Status: --
So although I never ever write a review I can't help myself after reading the review of narixems.

After reading her review I didn't wanted to read this novel but I was bored and thought of reading few chapters and I'm glad I did because I don't know what prejudice narixems has against main character that she turned facts to make original FL pitiful

Let's start with golden finger this given to FL by her adoptive poor mother means mc's biological mother that MC took her from FL so it was not... more>> excuse it was fact that golden finger belong to her as the rich parents money belong to FL let's be fair with both of them.

So in my opinion FL and MC both of their situation was same they both thought that the other one was going to ruin their life but FL wanted revenge for what she saw in dreams is going to happen

But MC wanted to get the hell out of this plot and survive with the help of golden finger so according to narixems MC shouldn't have taken the golden finger and let FL ruin her life she shouldn't have tried to survive and FL was totally blind in her jealousy she wanted to ruin MC it's like she can't breathe without ruining MC even though she left her with her rich family never tried to fight but she wanted MC to be left with nothing.

Narixems says why does MC wants to be beautiful is it wrong doesn't FL want fame money everything so one vain shallow while the other is pitiful.

It's not like FL was abused for 16 years with het adoptive parents they actually genuinely loved her but she never even talked to them because they were poor and left without any thought she manipulated her adoptive mother to snatch the little money MC had and used that money to snatch to credit of her work wow people really pity such fl

And FL was never genuine to anyone not biological parents not adoptive parents she blame all her mistakes on others

MC also knew in future everyone will give on her but she was still at least genuine with people around her rather than manipulating them like fl <<less
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Coracle rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: c215
Sometimes when a story doesn't seem logical, it doesn't mean that it's illogical. It just means that our logic works differently to the authors or to those who like the story.

I like the MC's personality. She likes to look good and so she studies (the system gifts her beauty items). This is quite novel as most MC's are usually like looks don't matter and blah blah blah... but our world has always been worshipping beauty. When people realised how terrible the hype around women beauty products got due to significance... more>> we put on women body image, rather than helping to women, we introduced men beauty products and increased their stress on their body image. So, I don't mind to MC going around wanting to be beautiful, everyone wants something and this is what she wants. I respect her wishes.

Secondly, I've seen a review saying that she didn't want to join the entertainment industry even though she was a celebrity in her past life seems illogical. Well, the MC states that she only competed for Miss Asia (I think it was Miss Asia) after a bet with her ex-boyfriend. Again she did that to prove her beauty and not because of fame.

I actually don't think there is anything wrong about wanting attention. There is nothing wrong about wanting to be in the spotlight. If people come to accept that they like this, then they like it. As long as they don't harm anyone without reason, it's fine. On one hand everyone seems to dislike too perfect MCs' on the other hand they aren't willing to accept their flaws. If you are unwilling, then you're unwilling. But maybe think thing may not be as bad as we suppose.

I've also seen a review complaining that MC compared the ML with her ex. Now, that is biased. Because the ML (who was her ex also compares the current her with the old her). If you find similarities between two people you will compare them. The MC hasn't even started dating the ML yet. Her comparing them is simply because she is close to him. Besides, she clearly isn't being mean. The ML becomes aware that she is his ex and thus decides to pursue her. In the last life the MC pursued him. However, his character was too studious and although he like her, there was a lack of communication on his part. The MC claims to have moved on but her comparing them comes across as if she still remembers him and perhaps still hold some feeling for him. He was after all her first love.

But yes the world does seem to revolve around the MC. It's acceptable because she has luck given to her by her system. So it makes sense. Whether that is right can be debatable. But one thing I respect about the MC is her maturity. She doesn't argue with people she sows through her actions. She isn't a pushover (like at one point a teacher wanted the room that was prepared for her simply because it was luxurious even though her own room wasn't bad. The MC didn't change her opinion and then the teacher comes back drunk and the MC doesn't complain but asks the hotel management to send the teacher to her room).

Also, the people who go against the MC are simply too much. MC's cousin, who she didn't know her long cause she just changed families simply hated her because she hated the MC's family. That was unacceptable but when their matter ended, she changed school and the cousin family moved away but it ended peacefully. It's not like the cousin suffered much, she still went to a really good school in another place. And the cousin family moved because they plotted to get the ancestral house and framed MC's dad to put him in prison. The families broke apart but they didn't just end up losing everything... at least not yet.

Ok so that was what I wanted to correct about the other reviews.

My review:

  • so far there is little to no fluff.
  • so far there is little to no romance.
  • The comedy is a bit non-existent in my opinion. But some characters do add in some spice (like Grandma)
  • Yeah, it's mainly slice of life but then again... normal lives don't have system, don't have a 'switched a birth' kind of thing, don't have MC transmigrating with her ex-boyfriend in a novel...
  • So it's no a gem... It's not something I will reread once finishing. It's not bad but it doesn't bring anything new into these kind of switched at birth or system scenarios.
  • I like the MC's families. They are not relatives I would want to have but they are different. One they are clearly villainous but slowly change to become good - not completely. Their character development is what made me favourable really. Also, when the MC's dad ended up in prison, I was angry at him. It made me realise how good my parents are for they always put me first. So I thought that he was selfish and bad. But the MC didn't hate him. She believed him and helped him change. That was maturity. Something I don't possess. So I like that this story gave me something I could learn from it.
So, I gave it 3/5 stars. It's valid but there are too many similar stories around.

I haven't finished the story yet, so this only represents what I have read. <<less
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hanma9068 rated it
June 15, 2020
Status: c83
This is actually boring! The only thing that keeps me going is because of her romance progress (which is sooo few), the 'drama' of her adoptive parents & FL's relationship with both biological/adoptive family.

At first, I find that the novel is quite entertaining. But as I go further, the story becomes repetitive. The author keeps going back and forth between her daily lives (which is brushing papers) & what happens behind her back (her fans & whatever topics about FL always make it on the hot search). IT'S BORING!!

There's no... more>> interaction between the host & the system which often described in normal system based novels. But that's okay, doesn't really matter though. I hate the fact that she keeps comparing ML (which she barely knew) with her ex-boyfriend.

Overall, just find that reading this one is a chore. I just brush it off since half of the story is just fans/passerby commenting about FL. What a disappointment. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kawaii12345 rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: c101
TLDR: I want the rest of this. IT's good light fun.

It's an adorable little girl with a system saves everyone novel and it's a lot of fun. A great novel that makes it easy to turn off your brain for a bit space out and just enjoy.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CocoShirley rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: c130
I like it a lot. It's sometimes funny, sometimes a little sad, but always interesting.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tams rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: --
This is hilarious! The system, her family and her


The system gives her prizes like the invisible rap that triggers a person to rap during a fight but it's okay cause it always benefits her

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Snowhome01 rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: c99
I like It. It has a very nice and light flow, without drama and the characters are well fleshd out.

Im waiting for the updates ?
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wonyoung rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c213
It's not too bad, I'm giving it 5 stars because this doesn't deserve under 4. How come other LNs of similar nature have +4 stars and this one has 3.6?? Sure, it's a Mary Sue LN with some face slapping of braindead villains, that is easy to tell from the description. It's not as bad as other LNs tho, I liked it much much better than the other LNs on the recommended list. This just goes to show you can't trust ratings. I am not too fond of face slapping... more>> and I believe everyone deserves a 2nd chance, but I read this to relax and I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, some characters behave abnormally hostile and dig their own graves but they weren't slapped too hard, they really dug their own graves so that's on the author, plus it's not as if they got their lives ruined, they just moved far from the MC, or some were there just as extras and they didn't even have an "end", it was just people around them saying not to be jealous and then they were cast aside. I know it can be annoying that the original FL was written like an irrational dumb*ss but it's a LN come on, I have no idea how it really ends but

going abroad isn't bad anyway, it's actually pretty good, come on, 2 of the "slapped" characters ended up living in "nicer" places, they are better off there

, I think this could be better without such a braindead character but look at people complaining about this being too boring, there's a taste of some drama. IT IS A SLICE OF LIFE AND COMEDY ANYWAY.

Others complain about her being too OP, come on, it's a Mary Sue novel and she's got a system, what did you expect? At least the system is a bit unpredictable... it's funny. Others complain about the bloodsucking relatives, I actually liked that, it was relatable in a way... and at least they aren't brainless, there is a bit of development I guess.

Not everyone is out there to get her, sure, some villains were there just for the sake of making the story interesting and satisfying people's greed of some faceslapping, but it wasn't that much, there aren't that many villains and everything gets resolved easily, she barely has to act.I know some people might dislike that her conflicts get resolved so easily, but remember the premise of this novel is that to survive she has to study her ass off. She can't be too bothered by drama, she doesn't go around trying to slap people, her beauty and survival is more important than her useless fame. Her bottom line is her family being threatened, for their sake she spends some time trying to solve it. Honestly I found it really refreshing when one of her conflicts was solved really easily, what other LNs would've taken multiple chapters to resolve, here it was just... so refreshing, I didn't see it coming.

when the ML exposed the FL, he got rid of her just like that.


Anyway as a self declared ML anti, this ML was actually pretty nice! I can't wait to see them interact more! Maybe he was in a way the typical ML, a total Gary Stu that only cares about pampering the MC, but there's just something about him ??? Maybe it's because there hasn't been any romantic drama yet, and I hope there isn't any! Or maybe it's because of their history that makes everything more heart warming. I have no idea, but his character doesn't feel as forced as other genius cold handsome MLs, I can't say he is unique, he's a standard ML and I hate those types of MLs but for some reason this one isn't so bad. Also

for a bit I was afraid of them having a bit of an age gap, but he just skipped some years, he's just around 2 years older than her. Plus they were loves in their past life, that's why he liked her. Not that it matters, the age gap isn't bad.


Also I'm a bit bothered by how she abandoned her original family, it was for everyone's sake but there are just too many misunderstandings, and really... It's hard to imagine someone replacing their family just like that, but that's the novel's logic. I'm glad she went with her biological family tho, I didn't want her to stay in a rich household and get involved in more drama, and it'd be unfair for the broke family to lose their daughter just because the other household had more money. It'd been nice if the original FL were a bit brighter and less jealous, she was probably forced to be dumb by the author so both families would prefer the MC, I just hope she finds someone that loves her and she can live a decent life without hoping for attention. Considering she was already dragged online, that situation can really make one stay away from social media, if the character behaved like a normal human I'd hope that she stays away from the entertainment, she could live a normal life.

Anyway so far this is a fairly relaxing and funny scheme free LN. Some chapters really made me laugh out loud. This really is no masterpiece and it's not too logical, but I still think this is worth a read and going by the ratings these LNs usually get, I think this deserves a higher rating, I hadn't noticed they were that low until now that I've ran out of chapters and came to leave a review to say it was funny. I thought this had +4 stars. <<less
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amandant rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: c101
Apparently translator make her own chapter number? So after reading the latest available translater chapter which is c155, kinda want to know the next.

Anyway, the original author seems drop this? And it's stuck at c101 (the translated chapter is up to c50ish I think).

The first part really funny, interesting to read. Some have quite mellow sadness too. But I think I regret MTLing this. The part which isn't translated yet didn't feels as good as the translated part. Feels like the objective MC changed.
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divinelove rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: c102
When I started this novel, I didn't check the status. Turned out it still Ongoing and I am already addicted. I am MTL-ing this book until chapter 100 and it has been no update since 3 months ago, hiks.

**It just got an update to chap 102

This is the first time I read c-novel about School Topper. I used to avoid this genre because I am already past those teenage age so it's not interesting. Who knows this got me hooked up. Maybe because the original Soul is already an adult... more>> 22yo who transmigrated to a 16yo body.

I only read this book because I am a big fan of the author. I've read 2 novels of her: Delicate Mother of Villain and Delicate Best Friend which already completed. I like both of them and I also like this book very much.

Although it's a fast paced plot. The progress is slow because the author wrote her daily activity in detail. The MC has only 365 days left to live and in 100 chapters we might already goes about 6 months in. So there is a lot of her plan waiting to be executed.

She still have to take down another 3 olympiad, filming a box office movie and spent another 2 years before Univ Exam Entrance. I bet we need another 100 chapters more and looking to currently updates I don't know when I could read the end. <<less
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orpheus_rm rated it
December 15, 2021
Status: c314
I really can't hate this. It's ridiculous and jam-packed full of cliches, but the humor is really ramped up in exchange. It's almost like a parody of the genre and it definitely doesn't take itself seriously. The FL's personality is perfect for all the dog-blooded drama as well because she's already done it all and risen above it in her first life.


It's when she becomes a rapper that you just know this whole novel is taking the piss. I love it.

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LunarWolf rated it
February 10, 2021
Status: c1
started okayish but it wears you out as you read on. Its really repetative in boring details about competitions or fans commentig about her beauty and the plot doesnt progress. Its also an ongoing work so no ending yet for you to skip to. I thought it would get better but it doesnt. Also, a little bit, I hate the translator for not numbering the chapters properly. Dont give them your own numbers since its not your original work. Just label the chapters into parts.
translators chapter 201 is chapter... more>> 56 in the raws iirc. <<less
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jon95 rated it
January 3, 2021
Status: c81mtl
I like the story and MC personality, the plot is not complex and there is also some funny moment. there some annoying stuff but the story is not that loathsome. I think it's not a bad idea to give it a try. maybe you guys will like it too.

There is 2 problems I have with this novel
1- the personality of some of the characters don't look logical to me especially the her bloodsucker parents and the so called former FL and ML

... more>>

Her family is supposed to be human scum who are lazy, like gambling and treat their relatives as if they were their money wallets without shame but these kind of people treat someone whom they just met very well, way too well. I have dealt with those kind of people before and they are the same with every one even their children whom they raise from infancy, no they are even worse to their children. they bully the week and fear the strong.... well my personal experience might make me a little based but let alone taking advantage of her rich adoptive parents they became a model parents I just can believe that. People don't change easily at least not without a reason (the writer did make an incident to change their personality but it was later in the story and it doesn't explain their behavior with the mc

The former FL is just a s*upid vixen while the former ML is an id*ot


2- The story look forced and illogical in some places just to make the MC look the "coolest" and the best in the novel


The MC is supposed to be a former celebrity in her past life but just gave up the celebrity life easily without looking back to focus on studies which she neither liked nor even good at

The system is strange it is neither a study nor a beauty system.

Even if the MC left the entertainment world to work on her academician life she illogical become the focus the whole world and the 1st hot search for any g*d d*mn reason. I just noticed but in the novels I recently read the writer will do anything no matter how id*otic or ridiculous to make the MC the most famous character in their world (even if the MC is living a life that shouldn't come to light). it would make scene if the MC work in the entertainment world but what is the use making others become famous... I don't get it

Also no mater how good the MC is, the writers shouldn't make it an absolute rule that everyone must blindly worship and obey the MC or they will meet a bad end. It actually disgusting. (a story should have variety of characters)


If I didn't really like the current MC personality and the story as whole I would have given it 2 stars based on those 2 points. all in all there is good points and bad points so I think 4 stars is quite a fair score


4 stars before ch 50 MTL (1 stars for the rest) after that the story gets d*mn boring with sentences like MC is the smartest, MC is the most beautiful... in every **** chapter. ok I get it this MC is the best in the world and can do anything like every other ***** CN MC, recommended only if never read this type of novels before or intrested in this kind of stuff. <<less
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Lazymizuki rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: --
First of all, I don't necessarily hate nor love this novel but for a fact that the original FL did that kinds of remind me of other like 'remembering your past life's novel because in most of the reborn novel I read they wanted revenge because of there past life and she remind me of them, that's all XD.. So let's not judge her because you never know, that might happen to you XD
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