Rebirth: Degenerate S*ave Abuses Tyrant


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Son of the Senior Chancellor, Luo Wei, loved the wrong person in his past life. This mistake caused his entire family to be wiped out, and in the end, he was cast down as a pleasure s*ave, and died in the wilderness during the depths of winter.

Somehow, the heavens did not give up on him and gave him a second chance at life. He believed this rebirth was only meant for atonement, and not love. Yet, as he plotted his vengeance, Luo Wei quickly realized that passion would again be his fatal downfall.

The once emperor, the lover from his past life, his beloved in this life, and an opposing empire’s monarch who is doomed to love him, who is supposed to be good for whom? And who is supposed to hurt whom?

A hero chasing after a dream, an empire of a thousand years, a kingdom stretching across the known lands, all flashing before the eyes like a mirage. Is it worthwhile to trade a hundred years of my loneliness to give you a single lifetime of joy?

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59 Reviews

Jan 04, 2019
Status: Completed
I am amazed at the characterization in this story. Both Luo Wei and Long Xuan are not entirely good people, but they have reasons for doing the things they do. Luo Wei does whatever he can to protect his family, whereas Long Xuan schemes his way to the throne. Their actions cause the deaths of many people, but they themselves are quite pitiful.

Major (and long) spoilers:
... more>>

Luo Wei's life gets shortened due to the gruesome r*pe and violence he went through. Despite that and Luo Wei's bloody reputation, Wei Lan sticks by him and helps him heal. They end up escaping for a couple years to Wei Lan's hometown after Luo Wei was rescued from being held hostage. We can see a glimpse of what a happy life means to them. Completely ordinary but happy life. However, Long Xuan finds them and wants to separate them due to jealously and takes Luo Wei for himself. He caused Wei Lan to forget about Luo Wei using this memory-wiping medicine and marry someone else. The author did such a great job for making me like and dislike a character at the same time. I hate Long Xuan for separating the couple, but his pain from being unable to capture Luo Wei's love is pretty sad. Long Xuan strongly believes that even though he made Luo Wei go through all this pain, as emperor, he could give Luo Wei happiness. Twisted way of loving, really. However, Luo Wei still misses Wei Lan and rejects Long Xuan during every interaction. 10 years later, Luo Wei eventually dies from a stab wound (although he was already at death's door due to heart disease). He requests that he sees Wei Lan from his older brother, who was bringing him home, but stops outside his house and watches Wei Lan being happy with his family before dying. He didn't want Wei Lan to remember him when his life was already short and when Wei Lan already had a family to take care of. Long Xuan cries as he watches Luo Wei get taken away and later comes to Grand Priest Fu Yi ("living Buddha") that he wants to exchange a hundred years of his happiness (in description) so that Luo Wei would only experience joy in his next life. He was willing to take on the weight of Luo Wei's sins. As for Wei Lan, 20 years after Luo Wei died, his grandson reminded him of the words Luo Wei used to form the characters of his name when he was first rescued. He kept on asking, "Who said this to me? I can't remember, but I know this person was important." He became ill, and dreamt of Luo Wei and their house. He died due to the illness worsening, and his wife gave back a piece of jade that Luo Wei gave to her to him. The jade was part of a pair that were were originally worn by Luo Wei and Wei Lan, and it commemorated their relationship. She loved Wei Lan, but she knew in her heart that she was part of the reason the two couldn't be together (she was always afraid of Wei Lan remembering Luo Wei). She sent Wei Lan off, telling him that Luo Wei was waiting for him. She requested that the two were buried together back in Wei Lan's hometown. Eventually, the two of them got reincarnated and ended up together in their third life.


It really hurts to read, but the characters are so realistic. The story is extremely engaging despite all of the war and political stuff surrounding the story. I really like that Long Xuan opened his eyes at the end, acknowledged that he was only causing Luo Wei pain, and made a huge sacrifice just so Luo Wei could be happy. Personally, I find that to be one of the strongest forms of love, being able to let the person you love go. It took a long way to get there, but I think that is quite natural. Change doesn't happen instantly. I have read a lot of novels, wherein the length isn't really justified. However, for this one, it helped develop the characters and make you sympathize with them.

This novel is one that I would remember 10+ years down the road. Just be prepared to cry lots. <<less
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Jul 22, 2018
Status: Completed
This is the best story I’ve ever read in this site. All the characters are interesting and fleshed out. Their actions reflect their personalities; when they win or lose it’s not a plot contrivance but something that follows the character’s logic/goal/established mindset.

Be warned though, this is a wild ride that will rip out your heart and stomp it. This story takes the second chance/reincarnation trope and implements the butterfly effect and how small actions create impossible changes to the timeline.

... more>>

this story is so f*cking depressing wow. There’s no happy ending and everyone loses. I’m so sad I just want to dig a hole and bury myself.

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Jun 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating: 5/5

"The longer a person stays in a place, the more entangled they become to that place. The more you achieve, the harder it'll be to let go."

I believe the title is really damn fitting the content of this book, but not in literal sense, and soon you will understand why.

This book hits strong on characters, on the story, on the pacing and on the politics. If you love intrigue, set ups, power struggles, realistic portrayal of harem intrigues that is well paced and well thrown in - that... more>> doesn't take away half of the story but instead gives you enough insight to know what is happening? This is for you.

The realistic portrayal of characters, the things they would do for love, for family, for the power, for the throne, for their loved ones, for their friends, for connections, for strings, for innocent, for the guilty. It all shows in a large spectrum of wide group of characters with their own personalities.

Do you ever think how some authors love to torture their own characters just for the fun of it? Well, I wouldn't really call it that in this situation right here - but I would rather say that Luo Wei absolutely has no luck when it comes to himself in his 2 lives that he lives through. And sadly, it shows.

This book is very brutal. It's ruthless. You can compare it's sadness and ruthlessness to books that have more knives in it than actual story. But this story takes those knives, stabs you with them, lets you bleed for a while and resolutely deals with the situations. In short, this book is not for the weak hearted. Those who survived through Erha, Yuwu, book 2 and 4 of tian guan ci fu, living to suffer, will definitely know what scale of angst I'm talking about. But there are also plenty of heartwarming moments and happy scenes that will make you smile.

Major warnings here are serious and I suggest that minors definitely do not read this one. There is a lot of brutality, the consequences are evident, and the whole mess (es) don't get swept under the rug and just casually forgotten.

There's also a lot of foreshadowing. Not only by Luo Wei, who lived through this life once, but also through outside factors. If you perhaps know the story in advance, you will catch these foreshadowings literally the moment you read them and say.... How did I not see it coming?

"I've promised someone that one day, we'll visit where he came from, " Luo Wei gripped Wei Lan's hand tightly, "Even though it may be a long journey, but I will make it one day."

Now onto the characters:

Luo Wei has been betrayed by the one he loved the most, second prince Long Xuan. He had his whole Luo family destroyed and Luo Wei sent to live through a fate worse than death. For many years after, he gathered a lot of information while he was being tortured but never had any chance to use it. And when he died and saw Long Xuan for the last time, he broke and only wanted to disappear.

But fate gave him another chance. He woke up before anything happened. Just in the right time to settle everything and protect his family and cut off all ties with Long Xuan. That's exactly what he does.

Using every resource, every knowledge, his fear and paranoia, he gradually starts plotting and setting up stage for making a path. But this only made him become ruthless to the enemies of his family and even more ruthless to himself. He has to protect his 2 older brothers, his father and mother, his sister in law, while his whole damn family rests on his shoulders. He gradually starts deploying all his resources and of his family to slowly crumble Long Xuan's support by taking his future comrades, his pillars of support, his strength! He gains support of the emperor himself! His aunt is the empress! But it also makes even more enemies pay attention to Luo Wei....

Long Xuan (first of three main leads) is someone who is ruthless to everyone, and also to himself. He has his eyes set on the goals he want and he would do anything to achieve them. He would destroy what he loves because he cannot comprehend it, and he would abandon what he deems useless. But what happens when he abandons someone who would have been his biggest support? Who would have become his pillar, his only strength? But... his prejudices made him blind and unable to see so he drove away Luo Wei. And now with Luo Wei destroying everything around him, how can he let him go?

Wei Lan (second of 3 main leads) is the one who is life indebted to Luo Wei. Luo Wei saved him because he saw his own self from first life in Wei Lan and gave him everything he needed to recover. Therefore they finally found someone who share their pain... someone who would do anything for them, without asking for anything in return. Luo Wei would protect Wei Lan with his life, and Wei Lan would give his everything to Luo Wei, just to see him smile.

And third main lead is... spoiler so I'll put it as such.


Sima Qingsha, who becomes a monarch of opposing empire and gets obsessed with Luo Wei, considering how they already had a deal that helped Sima Qingsha take over the throne. He's fascinated and also ruthless, sadistic and... the most savage of them all. (Run away Luo Wei... far far away, please).


This is a story of Luo Wei protecting his family and being involved with three people who will change his life for better or for worse.



graphic r*pe, drugging, in*est, torture and underage. None of these actually take entirety of the book.


The ending is the most interesting because you might not want to enter the story that has 500 chapters of pure agony for nothing, am I right? So i'll clear this up in spoiler.


First life is a tragedy, second life ends in tragedy, but third life is everything they ever wanted and they are finally together. The ones who should be together are together. In the end, they get what they deserve.


Is it worthwhile to trade a hundred years of my loneliness to give you a single lifetime of joy?


Characters: amazing, their personalities are so well developed, so strong, so likeable and there are so many unlikable. They feel so human!

Side characters: Most of them will make you scream a lot, because you will love them to bits. Luo Ze, Luo Qi, Luo dad and mom, the emperor, the empress, Xie Yu, Ye xiu, Ning Fei... So many of them...

Story: extremely good pacing, well done, well written, short chapters. It will kill you by crying and also make you laugh. <<less
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Jul 14, 2020
Status: c168
Since I'm currently translating this, I may be biased, but this novel is the height of entertainment.

The drama, the intricate schemes, the horror, and the wrenching revelations will shake you. The complexity and gravity of the situations the MC falls into leave me at the edge of my seat. This author--much like George R. R. Martin--does not shy away from taboo scenes and topics. Unlike George R.R. Martin, she does not glamorize these scenes of abuse.

This novel is tagged tragedy, but I believe that refers to the MC's past life... more>> and not his current one. I could be wrong, but there's been plenty of face slapping and ML vinegar eating to soothe the reader after traumatic flashbacks.


The current ML, Wei Lan, is quite controversial. All readers knew for a time was that he has been similarly abused, and is a subordinate to the MC. However, for me at least, when I discovered his connection to the MC in his past life and how he protected the MC at his lowest point, I bought in completely. I'm sure more domineering, powerful MLs will show up later, but I'm waving the Wei Lan flag.

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Jul 01, 2020
Status: c150
You know how some novels give you knives? But this novel will give you PTSD.

To read it is to go through emotional discomfort of the highest level, be bombarded by TW at every corner. You will end up emotionally scarred and distressed. Crying your eyes out will be the least of your problems. All because of the character settings and events that go on in this palace drama. No. It should be called 'palace tragedy'.

Nothing made me more distressed as MC's past life. Its' lurking shadow as a black veil... more>> that blocked him from being a normal human being again. You might think - well, protagonists who are reborn usually know everything and are omnipotent. My naive little reader. You have no idea how wrong you are. This novel has more realistic approach, although MC knows some events and key figures, that doesn't mean the author will leave him alone. It is forever traumatized person, with soul so scarred that there isn't an untouched piece left.

Reading this isn't about reading a good novel or a bad novel, it's about volunteeringly entering the torture chambers. <<less
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Dec 10, 2020
Status: Completed

You're back?

Young Master!

The author builds the character very well, makes us fall in love and attached to the character. After that, the author will pull out the knife and stab it directly into your heart....

... more>> The moment the knife is almost stabbed and you close your eye, the knife stops. Pulled and then stabbed again... so many times that you are tired

in the last few chapters, I got stabbed straight away when I least expected it. I cried until I was shaking, it hurt my heart... and in the end I got a migraine,

even when I eat, I still cry.... when I take a shower I also cry..... there is a moment that I laugh but it's a stressful laugh




First I though this is about luo wei and long xian love story, so I don't really care when Weilan appeared, I don't take this character seriously, I don't want to be too attached, scare that later the character would be killed by the author...

but as the story progresses, the love story of Weilan and Luowei deepens...

When I don't care about Longxian anymore and 100% supported Weilan and Luo Wei..... the author SEPARATED them...

In the end it all becomes clear, what is Longxian position in this story, he is indeed the main reason why all of this happen, for the sake of Luowei happiness he trade a hundred years of his loneliness.. that is a great love right ? but it was to late....

I salute the author who managed to make me bond with the character and cry every time I remember the scene in this story

For the torture and rape part,

I'm honestly a little uncomfortable, when compared to 2HA and huahuayoulong, being r*ped by the person who will be his partner in the future, but in this story MC was r*ped by random people, was r*ped by dogs as a show, his eyes were gouged out, his legs were broken, when compared to Longxian I can say Moran 0.5 (2HA) and Jing (huahuayoulong) is a Saint


Luo Wei, Luo is a surname Wei mean hold together, to maintain.

Yun Qi (luo wei another name) mean rising clouds, from a poem "Zuo kan yun qi" (Sit down and watch the rising clouds) The water in the mountains will fall as rain, and seeing a rising clouds, indicate that it will rain soon. Don't be disappointed when you are in a state of despair, because that is the beginning of hope, there will be a way to survive wherever you are.

Wei Lan, Wei is a surname, Lan mean mist (if you remember luo wei ask weilan " Wind and Mountain Makes 'Lan', do you like it ?". Because Lan is a combination of the word wind and mountain in Chinese, in here we can see the connection in Weilan and Yunqi name)

Long Xuan, Long is a surname, Xuan mean mysterious or profound


for supporting character the author managed to make us understand and felt their sorrow... they don't just pass by but they can make a big hole in your heart

for example the babysitter of the Mo family who gave up her own baby to save Mo baby, when Mo baby was thrown by Longxian and baby's head split open, she calmed the dead baby to "sleep" until the baby's brain fluid stuck to her mouth.... honestly it hurts me...

My favorite supporting character is the palace doctor Wei, he is smart, nosy, kind, sincere and very funny, while everyone has let go of Luowei and Weilan for their "good", he is the only one who still wants to unite them...

Sima Zhuxie & Mo Huan Sang is another sad love story, Mo Huan Sang still love him even though he is crazy and blind, conquering the kingdom for someone you love, fighting a bunch of soldier and saving Sima Zhuxie from prison... at least they are happily together


even though this story succeeded in making me cry in my sleep but there were many funny moments that the author slipped in, there were also a black comedies that made us laugh even though the circumstances were very stressful


- Every time they spend together is a heart touching moments, but I always worry whether this is the calm before the storm

- When Luowei met Weilan, wife and kids.. that is a very heartbreaking moment... seeing someone you love happy with their little family... and you just there alone pretending to be fine

- Luowei last breath when he want to see Weilan but in the end he didn't, because he was afraid to make Weilan sad, he only saw Weilan from inside the horse carriage

"In the next life, I'd like to see you again. I still owe you a lifetime, to accompany you till my hair turns grey." A snowflake slipped through his fingers. He clenched his hand, as if wanting to grasp the unexpected snowflake (ch 475)

another quote that is beautifully sad

Ca jian erguo (almost come into close contact with someone, but then missing it)

yisheng yise (for a lifetime)

zhichi bian chengle tianya (so close yet become as far as the other end of the world)

It means that although the distance was so close... for a lifetime, it was difficult to meet each other, we seem to be at different ends of the world (last line in ch 475)

- Qingshan valley outside Xuanzhou city was a very memorable place for Fu ge'er (luowei) and Nan ge'er (weilan), a very touching moment when they finally meet again... even though they met after they died...

The young man who was standing silently by the river looked back, "Lan?" With a gurgling stream of water, Wei Lan heard him refer to himself, "You are back?"

"Young Master!" Everyone in the room heard Wei Lan shout this while staring out of the window (ch 478)


Honestly, I can't stop crying when I finished this novel, I was almost unable to finish the extra chapter, even though the extra provided some comfort that Weilan and Luo Wei were happy in their third life with Si Ma Qing Sha, but my heart was too broken to be repaired....


This is a very good novel.... There is always a special place in my heart for this one

Will I reread it?

I can't... I try to read 2HA again, but I stopped... even though I was reading a sweet moment I still cried unconsciously because I knew what will happen in the end...

Now just reading this novel chapter title already makes my heart ache... I don't want to torture myself even more


Mei guo

Surprisingly this author wasn't specialist in BL novel.... I found out that She is quite famous in china,

"Rebirth of the Poisonous Concubine" (Not BL) is the most searched from all her work..

I read some reader said it felt a bit like R:DSAT but from the writing and concept R:DSAT were better.

Here is some of her work that I found online:

  • The queen mother is going against the sky: the general please go to bed
  • Rebirth of the Poisonous Concubine
  • Heroic Wife Reborn
  • Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao
  • Rebirth: Degenerate S*ave Abuses Tyrant (BL)
  • Oh my God, I became Qin Hui in my dress (BL)
  • Yue Yun, I am your grandfather (BL)
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Sep 29, 2018
Status: Completed
One word: amazing.

But if you can't stand tragedy, don't ever try to read this!

I read this novel and I was down for at least 2 weeks. First 3 days I spent almost 3 boxes of tissue. Yeah, blame my weak heart. →_→
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Jun 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I read this novel a long time ago but didn't leave a review, mainly because I loved it so much that I dudn't have enough words to express it. I still don't. Reading it was exceptionally painful. Well, the first chapter is a good indicator; if you can go past that, prepare yourself to the same amount of emotional suffering for the MC in his new life as he'd suffered physically in the previous life.

I cried so much over this novel. There is very little happiness about it. I certainly... more>> would never want to repeat this experience. But I regret nothing.

One thing I can't help saying... I feel Luo Wei's new life might have been much better if his new ML was not such a... wet rag. It's a primitive point of view, but I can't stop thinking it. As for Long Xuan (I won't call him the ML of any number)... every time I read someone's comment of how good it would be if Luo Wei was with him, my mind goes back to the first chapter and the state Luo Wei was in before his death, and I just can't.

It's a great story, really great. If you don't give it a chance because the translation is unfinished, you lose a lot. Looking at the dynamics of its translation, it probably will never be translated to the end. But it's easy to mtl. Don't miss it. <<less
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Jun 25, 2018
Status: c20

Ive read a lot of BL novels from this site and I can honestly say that this is one of the best!

The translation is easy to understand. The plot is VERY INTRUIGING. Also, the MC, my god, I love him. He is calm and collected and he uses his past knowledge at the right time. Right now, I want him to be happy because of what he experienced in his first life and to face slap that uglyshittyperson. I also love his family! Anyway, I love... more>> this novel very much! GO READ IT NOW!!!! <<less
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Nov 24, 2022
Status: Completed
If there was one BL novel I could take to a desert island, it would be this one, to have enough angst, pain and tragedy for my whole life, with just a tiny little bit of sweetness. It goes like that: if the first chapter doesn't kill you, it... will make you stronger? Not really. But if you can handle the first chapter, you probably can handle everything. The main character gets reborn after unimaginable suffering. And you would expect everything to go well for him since them. Nope. Okay,... more>> it goes well for a while (but expect flashbacks with details that can give you PTSD) and even at the best time the MC still have to suffer. He does overcome his enemies for a while (at least some of them). Then the author throws him into another sea of suffering, both physical and emotional. Then a short, short respite... and more suffering until the end... oh, and he reincarnates with his beloved, so there is HE in extras. Somewhat. But... I won't recommend reading it unless you want your heart to be put through the wringer, shredded into tiny little pieces and thrown to the dogs. Still, I love this novel. I love the main character, Luo Wei, he is probably one of my favorite characters all together. <<less
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Jan 20, 2022
Status: Completed
The introduction gives me chills. The explanation was vivid with imagery. Wei Lan and Lou Wei is the true definition of true love. I actually had a hard time finishing the novel because it got boring as it progresses but I wanted to know the ending and I guess it is worth it.

Turning point chapters

Chapter 253 - idk I forgot but this one is a turning point. Lol

... more>> Chapter 319 - MC decided that this life is different from the previous life.

1st ML = Wei Lan

2nd ML = Long Xuan

3rd ML = Sima Qingsha (is he? lol)

MC was never a good person, he did all those bad things and got a bad ending in the first life. He deserved it. In his second life, it is for his atonement. Long Xuan is his retribution.

Did Long Xuan love Lou Wei in the first life? Yes, he did. Click below for his thoughts


from Chapter 114

"Do you know why I did those things to him? When everyone in the world was trying to get Long Yu’s favor, he was the only one who was good to me wholeheartedly. But he had no talent or morals, he didn’t compare with an inch of your finger, Zi Zhou, but I... How could I fall for someone like this? I thought that maybe if I destroyed him completely, maybe all of this would end.”

But I still couldn’t forget him! Even if he was the lowest, dirtiest, cheapest person in this world, I still think of him. Do you know why I dug out his eye? Because I couldn’t see the past in it. Aside from hatred in his eyes, all I could see was more hatred, nothing else. I cursed him for betraying his family, but everything he did was for me, he betrayed his family for me, and I betrayed everything he did. We’re the same, he and I, we’re both guilty.”

“Not mention it anymore?” Long Xuan laughed, “How could I not? I love him! I’m a madman, a madman!” Long Xuan’s tears fell on the pillow, “A madman!”


My favorite line from MC:


“Long Xuan has never taken human life seriously. I am the same. Human lives in our eyes aren’t worth mentioning. But Lan’s (1st ML) life, ” Luo Wei was still gazing into the distance, “is more important than anything else in my heart.”


Even after all the 2nd ML effort has done for the MC to win his heart back, I still can't like him. The damage has already been done. Long Xuan is pitiful, I can only hope that he and Lou Wei can be together in one of their lives.

Click below for the ending of 2nd life and 3rd life.


At the end of the second life, Lou Wei went to see Wei Lan before the last of his breath and saw that he is living the good life. Long Xuan died not long before Lou Wei, exchaging a hundred years of loneliness for Lou Wei's blissful life. As for Wei Lan's ending, in his old age, he remembered that he has forgotten someone dear in his heart. He died of illness. Wei Lan and Lou Wei were buried in the same place in Xuanzhou where they had short happiness.

As for the third life, Long Xuan is still the emperor but he is at his old age, while Lou Wei and Wei Lan are still at their teens. It seems Lou Wei was reborn as a commoner just like Wei Lan. They are very happy. They actually adopted a child and Lou Wei was about to name it Xuan but then change it to Qing. Then, it's a happy ending!


I advise you to stop reading at chapter 331 if you don't want anymore pain

The most painful and beautiful chapter in this novel is chapter 465. I am crying T_T

Even after the novel ended, as a reader (outsider), I still can't like Long Xuan (2nd ML) but I pity him. MC can never reciprocate his effort in this second life. He has experienced what kind of 'love' Long Xuan has given him in the first life. Long Xuan deserves to be in pain. He deserved to be alone. Some of you may like him, but if you are in the shoes of Lou Wei, you'd be the same as him.

In the postscript made by the author, she said that she has the intention to make another story for Lou Wei and Long Xuan but that will be in the future. She wrote this in April 26, 2012, I wonder if its ready or author has completely forgotten about it. <<less
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Jul 04, 2018
Status: Completed

Such wonderful story... So many tragedy make me so sad when reading. This is a sad ending. When MC and ML (Wei Lan) couldn't together in this life but meet again in another life.

Long Xuan who really love Luo Wei pay with big price to make it happened. "To make Luo Wei happy life in another life, I with be in loneliness for hundreds year. It's really worthy" oh my....

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Jun 10, 2021
Status: c410
This has got to be the most abused MC ever.. My eyes have been swollen & painful for 2 days now because of how much I’ve cried reading this novel. From the very start till like about chapter 400, seriously non stop tearing, with straight up heart wrenching bawling around chapter 300+

the plot, storyline, writing, characters - excellent, but my heart just really can’t take it. My mind is just screaming “can’t you just give Luo Wei a break!”

The 2 emperors that love luo wei- he got it right when... more>> he said that the person loved by them is the most unfortunate. I’m glad Stockholm syndrome doesn’t develop and MC doesn’t fall in love with whoever imprisons him.

There’s never a dull moment in this novel, a highly recommended read if you can withstand the heartache <<less
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Feb 18, 2021
Status: Completed
I think I'll carry this novel in my heart forever. It was probably the most painful reading experience in my life. Really, among all upsetting books I read, this one is the most upsetting. It was giving me nightmares when I was reading it, and I had to make an effort to read the next batch of chapters because I knew it would hurt. But I regret nothing. It's a great book, beautiful, complex and clever. The plot is fast-paced, there are no fillers, you cannot skip a single chapter... more>> in it. There are many characters but all of them are memorable and strong personalities.

The main character, Luo Wei... I just can't describe how much I love him. He has such a capability to become an iconic character, like the Count of Monte Cristo. The suffering he went through is beyond horrible; and yet he is strong, brilliant, ruthless, he has his own code of honor, he can love and show compassion. It's a pity R:DSAT is such a niche novel, and all the mess with the translation, it makes me sad not so many people read it. <<less
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Jun 13, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel ruined me. It's absolutely, absolutely beautiful. It's so long but I don't have a single drop of regret. It's one of those novels that will stay with me for years to come. It's... I'm just speechless, it's so wonderful. I cried at some parts- but most of the time, it gave me this bittersweet, ironic smile unconsciously adorning my face. Handsdown, the novel I appreciate the most.

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Apr 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This is hidden gem for Angst lovers.

I can’t believe why this is underrated. It deserves more. This is one of the best novels I have ever read.

There is barely any plot hole and no filler chapter despite having 479 chapters.
Every chapter is frustrating and suffocating yet I can’t stop reading. It is hard to prefict what will happen and the story deviates from typical romantic cliches. It shows each character’s different expression of love

after chapter 300, It will become more heartbreaking and I cried a lot.
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Aug 01, 2022
Status: Completed
My cup of tea. Overall to my liking. Where author not romantize r*pe. Its ok to me for shou r*ped by others but not by his lover/fate one.


... more>>

he was very s*upid and was blinded by love from his past life. He just followed what ML 1 told him even pleasure to sacrafice entired his family for ML 1. While ML 1 wants to use him and tried to get rid of MC from him, also erased his unconsent affectionate feelings toward MC. Finally MC became s*x s*ave of mens after ML 1 managed to get the thrones. Died because of ML 1. In second life, he opposed ML 1 to succeeds the throne, he became the best planner and war strategist to opposed ML 1 ambitions and for sake protect his family. Unknowingly, he attracted a ML 3 for him.


ML 1


rapist, jerk, scum gong from MC previous life. He loves MC from the start but he tried get rid off of his feelings because from his view, MC not worth of him because MC does not have any skill like anyone else, does not see any values in him (MC), tortured MC, get everyone r*ped MC, throw MC to brothel, disable MC's legs, till MC died, his feelings keeps torment him. In second MC's life, he values MC earlier compared from previous life. He would tried to enchanting MC's heart many times. No matter how MC tried to make it ML 1 impossible get the throne, ML is indeed destined to have the throne even in MC's second life. Even in third life, his became emperror no matter what.
ML is still as cruel as his past life, the difference is the way he treats MC in the present life is so intimate and full of obsession.
in past life, he let MC be gang-r*ped including his guards and servants. In fact, he kicked MC to the brothel and turned him into a prostitute.


ML 2


poor beggar where MC met his previous life. At that time, his face was very ugly and distorted, that's why MC didn't know him. Met when MC had become a prostitute and was thrown away like tr*sh and MC eye has been dug out, also his legs disable. He was the one who took care of MC at that time. They both have beutifull time together for a weeks.
he was beaten to death by people from the brothel who tried to getting back MC to bring him back to the brothel again.

Even in the second life, he treated MC well, holding him with love and tenderness. What makes me cry non-stop, he and MC ran away to build a new life and they are very peaceful. Until one day ML 1 looking for them and found them, ML 1 drugged ML 2 with a drug to erase all his memories. ML 2 and MC were brought back to their country separately, ML 2 was forced married to a girl. The saddest thing is that the girl was Mc's acquaintance when MC was locked up by ML 3, and the girl knew they were a couple but still dared to honest that she liked ML 2 and wanted to marry him. Even though ML 2 doesn't remember MC, he is still confused about his feelings towards MC even though he not remember MC, but deep in his heart, he still care about MC and felt something sweet everytime they met. When his dying, from his last breath, he kept calling MC's name who was already gone for years, he only saw MC's silhouette.


ML 3 (I don't know if I should take him as ML or not, becuz time being him in this novel too short)


rapist, scum, obsessed with MC, crazy, really I feels like want to burst his head after he r*ped MC like a beast in heat. He did not exist in Mc's past life. He is a cruel additional character appearing in Mc's current life. From the beginning he was attracted to MC and ready intending to have him, found out that he was just a chess piece arranged and used by MC and then lost in the war, he became insane. After his father, the king, died, he lost his way and his feelings towards MC turned into hatred and obsession. He captivated and locked up MC in the harem palace, even announced the world MC was his male favourate. Between him and ML 1, no difference, both of them was crazy and scumbag.


the HE/BE our MC and MLs.


the be type to my liking, yummy. Sometimes not to fair for me.


from main story, MC and ML 2 never get together until they died. MC died because he has no longevity for life and heartached longing for ML 2. ML2 died because of old age. While ML 1 and ML 3 cannot have MC. No matter how much harbored their heart about MC, how their tried wooed MC's heart, MC never move at all, its make MC angry time over to time. ML 1 and ML 3 being a soulless after the dead of MC, that how big impact happen to them, no any of them get what they want and what they dream. MC is not destined for them.




from extra chapter. MC and ML 2 separated for 2 times from their past lives. The first life separated tragically, the second life separated due to betrayal and death of old age. Third life, finally they can united and live together until they are old and have adopted children. This time MC is not a noble but born as a commoner as well as ML 2. ML 1 became king for the third time in the third life, he could only see MC from afar but was unable to grasp him even though this was his third life. For ML 1, he can get the world but he can't get heart, it easiest way to get the world but he will never get hearts. HE for extra chapter very touching.


what I want to express, a very interesting ending that not all BL novels can do. Most BL endings don't make common sense at all. I make an example, the happy ending one is ML 1 and MC is happy while there is ML 2 who really loves him, why does it have to be HE with the scumbag ML 1? The reason that most authors will tried to said, because ML 1 was Mc's first love, first love can't be extinguished with water even if there are many good gong. I f*ck with the first love if ML is like shit.

usually a good gong is always left by shou for the sake of a happy ending with ML who is like a pharaoh. F*ck offffff!!!! <<less
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May 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I cried reading this. I never cry. I cried like a baby. I cried so much I scared my dog.

This is an amazing novel. You should read it. It's incredibly easy to understand the MTL using Google translate so don't be intimidated because the translation has been dropped. The MTL is what made me cry.

I love the wife chasing crematorium trope and this novel is a great example of it.

Unfortunately, for me it's a tragedy because my ship never sailed. I never liked the ML, he's a way too milk... more>> toast. Your personality and love need to be a little extra to really catch my interest as a ML and he's just so basic.

I wanted an bonus chapter where the emperor, who's the only character who's the MC's equal, gets a happy ending. Sure, the emperor is absolutely a bad guy who ruined everything he touched because of his unending ambition BUT the MC is equally ruthless. They are the two characters who truly stand out as exceptional so I wanted to see them together being a badass power couple in another life. Oh well. <<less
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Aug 11, 2020
Status: c173
Overall: 4/5. Review as of chapter 173.

Story: MC, of the Luo Senior Chancellor’s family, falls for the Second Prince during his first life. He enthusiastically sets his own family up for slaughter in order the gain the prince’s favor only to be abused in truly horrific means. Upon his death, MC returns to his 13yo self. He uses his past knowledge and hard-gained cunning to counterattack various political factions’ scheming and prioritize his family’s wellbeing. Mostly by neutralizing the Second Prince to ensure the successful coronation of the Crown Prince... more>> (who is also of the Luo family). The first 170 chapters read like a love-story of semi-gratuitous revenge, but it seems like there will be a lot more angst from here on out.

MC: The shou. The Third Son in the preeminent Luo Family, MC intentionally draws Second Prince’s strongest allies from the original life to his side and unintentionally gains the Emperor’s favor. Very self-sacrificing in his rebirth.

ML: The gong. A skilled martial artist, which seems at odds with his original role as an abused pleasure s*ave, who is freed by MC and takes the role as MC’s treasured bodyguard. He maintains a subservient personality despite being the gong. It is later revealed that ML and MC met each other in the original life—a heartbreaking segment to read.

Relationship development: Actually fairly little screen time for MC and ML other than MC saving ML early on and then ML occasionally appearing to run chores for MC or nurse MC to health (at least as of chapter 173). Part of this is because of the sheer amount of political scheming going on and fast paced action. However, arguably, the non-platonic relationship that receives the most focus is the love-hate one between MC and the Second Prince tyrant. ML rather acts as the new boyfriend that MC can rely on and cause Second Prince to eat vinegar/experience regret.

Commentary: Truly divisive.

The author writes grey characters well. MC is a not a saint. While protecting his family from political schemes, he causes the deaths of multiple families—sparing not even children, servants, etc. However, his efforts to repair his relationship with his own family are heartwarming to read.

There are hints that Second Prince has his own struggles (which Imperial Prince wouldn’t?), and some readers may be moved to feel pity for him and hope that MC extends an olive branch. No, just no. Kudos to MC for learning his lesson in his first life. The given reasons why Second Prince was so cruel to MC is just complete bullsh*t and even when the prince starts to regret losing MC’s support, the prince still acts as the scum he is.

2Ha gets a notorious rep for having r*pe, underage s*x, gore, and unhealthy relationships but I would argue that this story is even more extreme. MC undergoes horrific emotional (see above re Second Prince), physical (ends up with lower body non-functioning and eye destroyed), and s*xual (pedophilia, dog-philia... not sure what the exact term is and don’t want to look it up) abuse during his first life. This is described in graphic details. MC, unfortunately, isn’t completely spared from this trauma either in his rebirth. Each mention of the MC’s age (starts at 13) is a slap in the face. I’m not a fan of characters sustaining life-threatening injuries repeatedly in stories, but they are almost appreciated as mini time skips in this one.
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Sep 02, 2018
Status: Completed
I had binged read though the entire raws upon discovering this gem. Loved the plot and it made me cry a number of times throughout the series.


I wished there was another series on the Wei Lan and Luo Wei's reincarnation so that we can see more of the fluffy moments. Plus I felt kind of bad for Long Xuan towards the end.

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