The Kind Older Sister Is No More


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“You’re the older sister — just let it go. Can’t you do even that for her?”

Irene has always been living in the shadow of her ill and frail sister, Riel. She believed that she could and had to do everything for her family… until Riel stole everything from her.

After realizing that there is no place for her in her home, and that she was never loved by her family, Irene decides to do her utmost to become independent, and in doing so, crosses paths with Noel Kristen, a man who has been subjected to a much similar fate…

“We may be able to save each other.”

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No Longer the Nice Sister
There Are No Good Sisters
착한 언니는 없다
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Dr. Baggels
Dr. Baggels rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: c60
Before anything, this novel is pure great. 10/10 should read I recommend it 👍

SOME people gave low rating to this story because they deemed her family situation as 'not realistic' but I gotta disagree with that. Things like this 'Irene's family's s*upid blatant idiotic favoritism' do happen in other family, just because you never had/went through it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Yes, some people DO experience it, excessive favoritism is no joke it can also ruin someone's life and not many people realize that, this world is wide there... more>> is no way not even one person had never been treated like her, if not in your country, it might exist in the other. I'm saying this not because I'm too biased by this story but because I've seen people, my own friend, be treated like this so I can't help but refute the person who said Irene's circumstances is unrealistic.

Another thing that some people tend to forget is that she literally has no power in that household. Even if she's the Count's daughter, in the end, the firing employee move could only be confirmed by the Count. Even if the Count let them be fired, Riel would no doubt beg her s*upid dad to not do so just so she can torture Irene. Slapping wouldn't do much because Riel would back up the servants and Irene would end up getting scold instead.

On another note, this novel is definitely worth reading, the translations are amazing. However, note that this novel's genre has drama and psychological in it so do expect getting pissed of sad by the story because I cried a lot. I like the fact that the FL finally stands up for herself as soon as she found out her family's affection don't even worth a penny to her I hope she got her revenge. The FL and ML go well together I just hope they both could achieve what they want because my precious babies totally deserve it. Yeah, pretty much all readers, including me want to wring Irene's whole family's neck so join us new readers. <<less
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solyana116 rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Misinformation from kawaii reviewer below: not sure if they actually read the novel, or 'completed it from spoilers'... the family did not raise her as Riel's caregiver bc of s*upidity LOL. They were actually pretty smart about it, jerks ofc, but they were smart af otherwise they would be dead for treason.
About Riel
... more>>

Imagine you are a child, the sister you admire the most was just revealed to you as QII granddaughter, how are you supposed to handle that information. Are you going to be scared that she's going to leave you and live a better life without you. That's Riel's reaction, she changes in a way, where she desperately tries to tie Irene to her so she won't leave her, even if that means treating her badly, bc Irene is the only person who ever supports her. Chase parents are fake af ((another spoiler about Irene: they're also scared af of the emperor after the whole annihilation of the princess' clan. That's why they need to conceal Irene's identity, and they hugely resent her, bc now they have to take care of someone they don't even want to, just to protect Irene's aunt's identity as linked with the former empress.) The maids ignore her, only Irene is there for her. Inferiority + fear + immaturity + envy. If she didn't have a big reaction, THEN it would be unrealistic.

The plot gets soooo much more developed after their wedding (Vol 2). Because of the length of this novel, you actually gain insight slowly, and you see the progression and development step by step of the characters, and the setting. It's a fantasy novel so there's magic, and it's so fun to read about their missions! Seriously, Irene's character growth, Noel's character growth, Grandpa's too. We stan development. I really appreciate how there's many supporting characters Noel's friends, and the people involved with the duchy and imperial palace. You will see that the characters much later in the novel, are the real villains, not Riel atm.


You see Riel as Irene's foil, and you pity her. Because as the story progresses, the conditions Riel finds herself in, is almost the same as Irene, but Irene is stronger so she can escape her situation. (ofc with Noel and grandpa <333) She did not just go 'nuts', but you see how envy, fear, plays out and twists someone, into even trying to hurt the person that they once loved and admired. It literally took 3 volumes to write that development lol... it's clearly well thought out. You see earlier signs even in later Vol 1 when Riel tries swings the sword at Irene at the ball. Her motivations aren't revealed yet, but in later chapters you realize that she is just immature and so dependent on Irene, that she hates Irene for 'stealing' more than she should, even they should be equal. Irene was once Riel's most beloved sister, she feels ultimately so betrayed. So even if she wants to, she can't hurt her, because she is so attached to Irene. You can't blame a child, and you understand she's not evil in her heart, she's immature and full of envy.

Also, because the maids all neglect Riel - only Irene was the one who cared for her, that betrayal heightens, she feels 'Irene's abandoning me again!' even though that's not the case, but Riel's world revolves around Riel. Whereas Irene's world revolved around others, and she slowly comes to love herself. Yes, Riel is annoying, and yes I want to jump in the novel and give her those slaps but... her character really brings out Irene's qualities.


Also, this story is sooooo sweet?? Big spoilers ahead


GRANDPA'S APOLOGY??? I'M GOING TO SOB. He was so sincere, stole my heart. And poor Noel, you really see the internal conflict he faces, and the internal conflict grandpa faces. This novel was supposed to be light and fluffy??? I also love seeing the character development between Noel & Irene, how they slowly come to rely on and depend on each other, and become each other's most trusted person. ANDD oML you wouldn't think Noel was such a flirt, but HE'S THE BIGGEST FLIRT??? (ofc only for Irene) I feel embarrassed for Irene at times that I also blush when reading, and I also want to be Irene lol. What other male lead treats their wifey with such gentleness, tenderness, care, and playfulness. Even before they married, he teases her so much... like //cough asking to share a bed, and snuggling up to her on the carriage bc she was tired so she had no choice to lean her head on his shoulder. And then their first kiss was so gentle and snu snu ahhh. Also the scene there's a scene after she holds her first tea party after the coronation, and almost died. She's like 'noel you're more than enough-' and then he silences her like 'Say no more' with his lips, and he gives her a neck hickie. Hot + sweet af. I love how Noel trusts her enough to show his vulnerability, and lean on her. He goes to her for emotional support and trusts her enough to reveal his secret even when they were unsure about their relationship. Just as she leans on him. Also, TOM IS HILARIOUS. I laugh at most of his scenes. He literally adds so much comedy to the story, and is literally like if the audience was in the novel. I'm so glad author decided to put him in. I think Louiselle (Irene's bodyguard) is also a jovial companion, especially when she ignores Noel and only listens to Irene, even though it was Noel who commanded her to be by Irene's side. ANDD Irene and Noel's daughter?? UM TOO CUTE. If you thought Grandpa William was a big Irene fool, UMM GRANDPA WILLIAM IS LITERALLY THE BIGGEST GRANDDAUGHTER FOOL.


Yes there are flaws in the novel. But overall, there's a reason why this novel was so popular it got serialized. Because, it makes you feel good. It makes you feel happy, it makes you laugh, it tugs at your heart strings. There are very 'human' and realistic moments, and there are times when you see the characters aren't perfect, and you can relate to them, but there's also moments that remind you, yes this is a fantasy novel, and it's found that balance.


TLDR: This novel makes your cheeks smile and toes curl. <<less
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Atsuki Joou
Atsuki Joou rated it
June 7, 2020
Status: c2
I haven't read enough to know the story but after reading the promotional webtoon, I know that this has a huge potential.

From the looks of it, both ML and FL have led a pitiful life.... though the reasons were different, I think they will connect at a spiritual level?

Anyway, glad that it was picked up... I have never waited for a novel like this from the time I read it.

I hope it lives up to the mark.... fingers crossed.

Recommending it~
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Circe rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: c20
I really am loving this novel!

The way the main leads understand and support each other is something I haven't really seen in any novel so far, their problems may be common (in Korean novel level), the neglected daughter and the bastard son, but the way their relationship progresses while confronting them is something I want to keep reading, cuz I really think they are cute together despite not trying to be romantic.

Things are good so far I like where it's going, I'm Intrigued by the life of the ML since... more>> there seems to be more than just problems because he isn't fully recognised, there are some hints about a mysterious problematic person in the house, some secrets that will obviously cause some drama that of course I will be enjoying muahaha.

On the other hand the FL's family really gets on my nerves, like they seriously don't have any self awareness about what they do how shitty they are and the way they treat their daughter, and to top it off they are so freaking entitled, It really gives me "My Fiance is in Love with My Little Sister" vibes except the sister here is really a two faced b*tch.

Just hope things will work out for these poor little souls, they fall in love give me some fluff, have lots of children and have their happy ever after!

(PD: this is really angsty so far so if you are looking for something a little brighter and cute this might not be your jam) <<less
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Avidist rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: c20
The family was so unrealistic. I know it's fiction but their attitude towards the eldest is just too much, unless she's illegitimate? It really doesn't make sense. Even the servants treated her like she's lower than them? What? I would have fire them all but before that I slapped them at least. I would also fire the family. I just hopes the ML gets her out of there like right now?
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This one just left me feeling upset I read it. The writing was very good. The translation was also top tier, but the characters, their motivations and the plot made me want to hit myself. It was just epically awful.

There's a reason for all the s*upid things the family does in this story but it's even worse than what they were doing.
... more>>

Irene is not a daughter of the family at all. She's royalty. The family knew and decided to raise her as Riel's caregiver and family successor because s*upidity? Riel found out prior to the start of the story. And went nuts with "How dare she be better than ME!!!"


The big mystery is how could anyone be that s*upid?? I was wondering if I had taken IQ damage from reading it. <<less
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znukhsoc rated it
June 13, 2022
Status: c20
This is just WAY TOO PETTY for me to read. It was not a reading experience it was a seance to be annoyed. MC is not a character I could love. Your family abused you for years and the last point is when your fiancee cheats on you?? That's very funny to me. I tried to read this with my all patience but it's just an amateur story with lots of ridiculous plot choices.
I'm sorry to admit it but the translator's site is SUPER unfunctional, sadly I had to... more>> read from a different site because of that.
Dropped at 20. <<less
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eh. noob
eh. noob rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: c20
Gosh. This just made me feel a lot of emotions. I couldn't calm myself down upon reading about the treatment her so-called family gave her; it just made me extremely angry. I just wanted to cry as I read about the pains of Irene. Overall, this novel just depicts a lot of emotions and even if you can't relate to having siblings, you'd still feel the pain. Plus, there's a good amount of character development and face-slapping so far. I also love how the FL and ML are able to... more>> sympathize with each other. I hope they're able to heal each other's wounds and be able to move forward together. Unlike most novels, the ML, Noel, is pretty refreshing.

As an illegitimate child, he is cast aside by society so he proved himself through hard work. You'd expect him to be the cold CEO type but he's actually pretty sensitive. He knows how to perceive his surroundings and understand others.


So far, so good haha <<less
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blackphoenixsuzaku rated it
June 19, 2020
Status: c4
Finished reading promo webtoon and the novel chapters released so far and I hope it gets better. Two people with similar circumstances of being unloved in the family working together is a nice story I will definitely be reading.

Hopes: When Irene does get marry Noel, I hope there is a condition that cuts her off from her family. This will mean that no matter how much they try to ask her for help, she can say no as payback/revenge for the suffering. This also means Riel is forbidden to visit... more>> and if she tries, Noel and Irene will treat her badly without caring of how society will view it. <<less
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adkh rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: --
Definitely one of my favorite novels.


One of the best ML out there. He helped the FL and trusts her a lot too. He's actually really cute?

... more>>

. I like how he defended the FL when he came to her mansion for the first time. He's super sweet and in the promotional manhwa he looked so damn fine-



I honestly love her so much


. Ok I was talking with someone about this novel and they said they didn't like the FL because she was weak and was always crying? (Which she wasn't) She's been through a a lot for so long and for people to say she's weak just cuz she cries after holding it in for so long is just s*upid.


I also love how she doesn't need a second life to fix her first one.. It feels kinda refreshing? Of course I like when our FL's go back in time and get revenge! But, it's nice to see a FL who doesn't need to go back in time to do that you know?

I can't deny there were a couple flaws here and there but it doesn't really bother me. They're not big flaws to the point it affects <<less
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Crantz rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: c64
10/10 would recommend. it was a fast read, only took a day and I need more lol.

The translation is really good, it was very easy to read and the flow was seamless (well except for the fact that I cant view the 1st 48 chapters here, had to find other sites; and about 2-3 chapters keeps repeating, though I don't blame them for it)

I really like how the author portrays the story and the characters, especially the FL. Every chapter isn't that long, but it tries to explore the... more>> character more and does it well. Hints are also given throughout the chapters as to why the FL is treated this way, so I'm glad that they don't treat her like that "just because" or that the reason was outright revealed. What I like most is the rules of their high society cuz it aint flimsy, so the events that occur at least has some backing to it.

The FL is very charming and realistic, I like how though she realized her desire to escape, her personality didn't do a complete 180. Though on the surface she did, she didn't just forget years she spent with them, the habits she built up, and the feelings she held towards them. Usually, on novels like this, the FL becomes a cold-badass-mary sue that can do everything because they had hidden potential, which I like ngl. But the FL in this series, is I think smart enough and skilled enough but not too much that you wont feel that she is relatable, cuz she is.

Same as the FL, the ML is reliable and realistic. He doesn't take anything with face value and judge the situation objectively, cuz he himself was always treated like sh*t because of their subjective views. Though his actions are cold, his heart is yet to be frozen. The attitude he has towards his family, and the way he treats the FL is justifiable. I like how the ML doesn't immediately agree, or act on impulse on any events. I stan a smart ML that is not overly obsessed with the FL. So though their relationship may begin with benefits, they immediately see that the two of them are in similar situations thus they understand how the other may feel. I like this kind of bond/trust.

The family... yeah, they're pretty shit. Good on the author for making the sister super unlikable. I know these types of people aren't that easy to believe are real, especially the sister. But I think the author did a pretty good job explaining why they act like that. The sister is just spoiled and selfish, probably thinks it's her right to have everything her sister has due to her parents' doting. The parents... yeah, something is going on but nothing is revealed yet. The thing I don't understand about this is why not just let the maids take of the sister??? They aren't poor, from what I've read there seemed to be a lot of them, so why force the FL to take care of her???? From a review they said:


The FL turned out to be of royal descent??? how?? why?? I thought she was just some illegitimate child or something. Like either from a maid, or her mother fricked her husband's brother or something, or she was adopted from her aunt?? idk. So this made the actions her parents take much more confusing, cuz, hello? why not just curry for her favor just in case she is acknowledged by the royal family.... the only reason I can see that happening is for her to be an illegitimate child of the royal (which is looked down upon so she has no chance of becoming a royal) and the count and countess having this huge complex where they enjoy having the blood of the royal working for them, especially under their beloved daughter.


I have no way of knowing if it's true unless the translators immediately release the other 80 chapters. Other than that, im worried that the ending might feel rushed... We're already on chapter 64 but the untranslated version has 143 chapters total, and it feels like we're still at the beginning. Hopefully im wrong.

but yeah, this was a good read, nice emotions, not much over-the-top actions, so it's pretty much grounded in reality. so yea, give it a go :D <<less
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Arrange rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: c20
Let me put it straight out. Many characters in the novel can be represented as hyenas, preying on the weak while belittling the unlucky ones. For now it seems like everyone except the two leads, are morinc idiots with some heavy chuuni issues. I mean, understand the society of the past and all that stuff. BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN BEHAVE LIKE FREAKING SNAKE! Ahhh! S*upid white flower! I bet if this was in the Morden era these bishes will even force MC to give up her organs for... more>> that white snake! I'm just glad that the MC managed to open her eyes before it was too late. Her "family" It's truly shameless to the core. Pretentious snakes. I like when a novel manages to make me feel suffocated when the characters are oppressed, but still have that silver of hope that isn't too distant from them. I don't like hopeless angst, do I look like a masochist?

ML, we don't know that much about him. However, we do know that his situation isn't that great but it's still better than MC's because he's male.

Their interactions aren't too exaggerated or over the top. It's just feel like two adults who are bounded by the social norms, trying to break free from the shackles of prejudice. We can see their journey, and we can even feel their worries. (And we can all agree upon who we need to exterminate from the whole face of the universe.) <<less
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coinssa rated it
July 13, 2020
Status: c12
Good! Pick it up!

Translations are awesome and both FL and ML are likable. For once, family dynamics look realistic from the psychological point of view, and drama is big but not over the top. Plus the historical setting is also well-written.

I also like how there's character development right from the beginning.

There's still just 12 chapters so it all can change but I think this novel looks very promising.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yumigination rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: c129
I really recommend this, highly.

it is relatable and realistic, it expresses the emotions really well. she is leaving her family and despite all the hurt, she still considered them her beloveds. of course it will be difficult for her.

both MLS can relate to each other and are very supportive and understanding. AND THEY COMMUNICATE which is ultra rare. tom doesn't get as much screen time as most assistants in other manhwas but he's still a considerable imp role. louiselle is just- chef kisses. and grandpa... he's best boi ngl. he... more>> did make some s*upid decisions and maybe not the best way to approach it but he's trying and it's a dotting grandpa for fl.

also, this group has dropped translating for free. they are still translating but it's on ko-fi and it's paid, so you can still read it there. Another point to note, these were divided into shorter chapters for convenience of the translates, the original novel is in volumes, and ch129 is actually ch75. <<less
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Attackonfeelings rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c33
I want to put on a high heel and stomp on the FL’s sister just once...

Now that that’s out of the way lol, I would say this story is 11/10 for me. Just based off how freaking sweet the ML has been I’d say that’s reason enough to give this a read. He is an angel on earth TT. I would do anything for that man.

In regards to the other characters l, I felt really angry at the FL’s family and immense sympathy for the FL. I might be biased... more>> in liking this story too much but that’s probably because I also have had moments in life where my parents ask me to give up things for my younger brother. It’s a painful thing to go through and mentally affects you (thanks for giving me low self esteem mom and dad!) and I found the novel to be pretty accurate on that end. <<less
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Junkraccoon rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: c26
I really like where this is going, the ML validates the abuse the MC is reciveing and stand up for her, I feel for the characters and im invested, I wish the sister gets karma

I hope this will get a webtoon cuz I want to see the intetactions between the MC and ML
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lisalis rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c10
I stumbled across the promotional webtoon for this novel and was so intrigued by it that I decided to read the novel version. What interests me about this novel is the characters. One of the reasons I tend to drop a webnovel after a couple of chapters is because I am not a fan of characters that are one-dimensional. When the villians of the novel of just characters with no morality whatsoever and when villainy is the "bad guys" only characteristic, it just doesn't make for an interesting story. This... more>> black and white categorization of characters can work quite well for revenge novels, but I feel like I've seen a trend of these types of stories lately. For this webnovel, I can already see some complexity in the characters and their motives, both in the ML and FL and the other characters, and it makes me excited to read more.

I will say that I think at times the FL's family feels a little one-dimensional because all they care about is Riel, but, since I think their "favoritism" comes from Riel's sickness and their neglect of Irene has become so habitual from this desire to give Riel all the things they can because of the limitations she has, I'll give the story a little bit of a pass on this because truthfully it's more complex than some of the other stories I've read. Plus, I think Riel's sickness makes an interesting combination with this greed she has to take everything from her sister. It makes her a little more understandable than a villianess who is simply fighting for the ML or a simple greed character who wants to have everything. Her greed comes from somewhere and that makes her a lot more interesting than many other characters I've encountered.


I am not too much of a webnovel reader, but, in the last few weeks, I've been coming across more webtoons based on webnovels/promotional webtoons for webnovels so I have been exploring the world of webnovels. Since I haven't read much, I can't really compare the quality of this to other works, but I will say that this has set up a story that is quite interesting. I have really enjoyed what I've read so far, and I think that this novel has a lot of potential, so I would highly recommend giving this a try! <<less
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Kingdo rated it
November 13, 2021
Status: c68
A rare thematic. The MC is unfairly treated, but at the same time is hard to talk about it without look like an unfilial daughter.

I like the fact that MC did try to change her life without needed to die and rewind time like many stories these days. The relationship with the ML is really cute. We do have a quick-witted ML too. He realizes MC situation easily and there is no unnecessary misunderstanding so far.

The setting is a little too modern. It's the MC jobs as an older sister... more>> to take care of her little sis. It's strange there are no maids or medical specialists for that. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RoolaRoo rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c18
Absolutely love this book so far. The ML seems amazing so far and I really feel for the FL. One of the only times I'll buy the book on ridibooks and try to read ahead!! The TL is doing an amazing job and I'll still be here reading their chapters every update. One of the better novels out there!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xxaugust rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: c55
MC's family life is non-stop two-dimensional whump until ML rescues her and she wins over his people thru MC-halo powers.

ML is very affirming towards MC (which I think is unrealistic given his bg and lack of familial & social support), but otherwise all the characters are flat tropes. The story is cliched.

chapters are really short (1-2 min reads) and TL's site is riddles with intrusive pop-ups. TL is legible but needs some proofreading, as pronouns and 1st/3rd person pov mix-ups distract from the reading.
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