It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Broken


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Everything was effortless for Cardale Vassenberg.

Winning women’s hearts and using people.

It didn’t matter if he discarded them away after playing with them.

Elise always stood at the edge of a precipice.

Every day was a miserable and muddy life.

When goodwill, out of charity, was given entirely to her,

That kind of warmth was ardent and precious.

Cardale had numerous opportunities.

When faced with desperate, pathetic eyes.

When he heard a little sob in the pouring rain.

When he was aware of strange displeasure and nervousness.

His choices were always the same and he always won.

Still, the world moved as he wanted.

Until Elise dared to abandon him and run away.

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It Doesn’t Matter Even If It’s Broken
망가져도 상관없었다
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