My Beloved Oppressor


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“Did you approach me on purpose from the beginning?”

“…… yes.”

“Must have been hard pretending to love the enemy’s daughter.”

Annette, of royal blood and the only daughter of a military general.

After two years of passionate love, she married her father’s loyal subordinate, Heiner.

The happiness she thought would last forever with her wonderful and loving husband.

Everything was perfect.
Everything seemed perfect.
Until her husband’s treachery caused the downfall of her family.

“I’m divorcing you, Heiner.”

“It is not granted.”

“Do you still have any use left for me? My parents are dead, the monarchy has fallen. I have nothing. Your revenge is over.”

“Madam, where do you intend to go to be happy?”

“…… there is nowhere I can be happy.”

Heiner stretched the corners of his mouth and smiled.

“If that’s the case anyway, you’ll be unhappy by my side for the rest of your life.”

Annette suddenly realized that his revenge was not over.

And that she had to break off this sickening toxic relationship with her own hands.

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사랑하는 나의 억압자
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13 Reviews

New Rozegoeswild
Nov 29, 2023
Status: c113
The plot is reaaaallly beautifully-written. I love the complexity of each characters. I haven't read the side stories, but I hope heiner and annette can get back together later when everything is settled:"))))
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May 21, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm honestly not into angst novels with tr*sh male leads—unredeemable scumbags who are hypocrites, yet, I find myself being immersed in this novel. It's the first angst novel I've ever truly liked. It delves deeper than the usual novels you've read. The male lead and female leads' backgrounds, the love-hate relationship, the depiction of war, and the loathing brought on by social settings are portrayed in a vivid and realistic manner against an early modern background— free of magic, possession, or regression. The neat writing style highlights a distinctive heavy... more>> atmosphere of devastation while at the same time unraveling the storyline swiftly without dragging it too much. The emotional lines and psychological portrayal— the author did a good job of conveying the characters' feelings and how they came to be the way they are now; you could really feel what the characters were feeling, which made it easy to empathize with them. The author even said that she wrote this work with a lot of thought— and indeed, she certainly did 😭👏🏻


Annette is a victim. She is merely a victim caught in the crossfire of monarchical and revolutionary forces. Ignorance is not a sin but refusing to learn is; Annette just simply enjoyed her position or privilege, devoid of the other side where poverty-stricken people suffer at the hands of the monarchical society and harbor such animosity towards aristocrats, especially Annette who has royal blood. Although Annette may not have known what her father was doing, she didn't merit such severe criticism or psychological abuse because Annette is not accountable for her father's actions, although it's really evident that she was too ignorant like a princess being pampered or a damsel stuck in a tower. Heiner is currently beyond comprehension, and because of this, I find it impossible to empathize with him atm. He is also a victim but he shouldn't have put all the blame on Annette! I also find it difficult to comprehend why he is holding onto Annette; is it simply out of revenge? I doubt that. He harbor such hatred to her yet he also can't resist to show his care for her, though in an indifferent way.

Although you may have a better understanding of Heiner's mental instability by the middle of the novel, it is still difficult to empathize with him after what he did. But, to be completely honest, I can't despise him completely; given the life he endured and the fact that he made it this far because of her—the way he portrayed her and then blamed her for how f*cked he is. You can see from this how unstable he is, how drowned he is to insanity, how starved of freedom he is to the point of delirium, how he once revered her as a holy saint but that image was quickly destroyed, and how he cannot believe someone will love him just the way he is. We can't deny the complexity of his character, it is hard to fathom what was really going on in his head; the way how a person's love for another can be like a spark of light at first but eventually burn to the ground due to how they were raised in different evironments and social standing. Even still, he was truly terrible; how could he blame her for all of his misery when, at this point, he was the one to blame? Who brought it to himself?


It's just so remarkable how the author was able to make fictional individuals seem so real through the way the characters were formed, how they changed over time, what they went through, and how they were developed. Both of the characters are broken, have regrets, and incapable of making wise decisions which makes them more realistic, it's hard to imagine whether they will ever get back to how they were before.

I definitely recommend this one although you will have a hard time to find another novel to read once you finish this one 🥲 <<less
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Jun 27, 2023
Status: Completed
the angst. The writing. The translator. The feelings you get. The angst hits real good in this novel. It hits every cell within my body and oh boy I just want to take a shot of alcohol to calm my nerves lol.

here we have a terrible ML who absolutely hates wealthy families because he had a hard life growing up. He is indeed a flawed character but may I say, he has no redeeming value. He needs mental help. He is one of those men you stay away from. Intelligent?... more>> Yes. Has power? Well, yes. Hot? Of course, hes the ML. Mental illness? YES. Do I feel sorry for him? Not one bit. Yes his back story is full of traumatic experiences but that does NOT give him the reason to bully her so hard she ends up broken and done with life. A commentor said FL is also guilty. Excuse me, what? I dont think we're reading the same novel, sister.

then we have FL. Her luck is not good. Apparently being born into a wealthy family was the beginning of her downfall. SMH at the ML. She is not a weak character though. Her character growth makes me smile and cry at the same time. Its like watching your own child grow up. One of the FL that I want to protect. She is simply a person that got caught in the middle of ML's revenge and suffered the aftermath. FL is one of the if not the best FL ever in novel history (to me). She is not afraid to push towards her goals. She is not a push and pull kinda person. When she push, she pushes all the way through. Love it! I love the way she talks. Calm and gentle, never angry even though shes going through hell. 5 stars for the FL, 0 for the ML. ML is I swear a psycho. Not even the good kind too. Normally in novels its acceptable when ML gets their redeeming arc but this ML? No thanks. In a chapter

he played the victim. Tossing out the uno reverse card on her and I almost flipped the table. The audacity of this asshat! *Shakes fist in the air* got my blood boiling lol


however, if the ML wasn't such a person, we would not have this amazing novel. When you read this, you read it for the FL and you send her virtual hugs while also wanting to isekai into the novel and slap ML a bunch of times. <<less
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Jun 13, 2023
Status: c48
Honestly, probably one of the best in the genre of knovels with horrible marriages and MCs wanting a divorce. It's got great character depth and really beautiful writing. It is very very angsty.

If you don't like the genre, it's likely you won't like this.
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Aug 25, 2023
Status: Completed
This is just so good, I registered just to leave a review.

Bittersweet story with great characterization, I loved every part of it.

I may be exagerating a little because I just finished reading and I'm still in my feelings, but I think Annette is the best FL ever, what a precious human being.
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Aug 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Personally, I didn't like reading too much angsty story that give me blood pressure everytime but this novel change my mind. This novel is so beautifully captivated gut wrenching!

... more>>

From the beginning of the story until in the middle I really want to drop because I can't handle the sadness and frustrated when Annete (FL) trying to commit su*cide eveytime and I decide to pickup again when she finally got divorce. But as I keep reading later on, the plot and the story keep making me draw in and the character development between Annete and Heiner (ML) tragic backstory are really done pretty well. The author know how to write the emotion especially Annete, she make me smile and cry. She's one of my fav FL and want to be better person and redeem herself eventho that's not her fault. But the causes of being ignorant to what her tr*sh father done and all the nobles, she willing to change and that's what make me like her so much. Her charater growth develop well and together with the pacing and the story whenever she face crisis. Eventhough I really hate terrible ML who keep torturing his FL mentally, but Heiner kind of somewhat I understand how he behave like that after reading his tragic backstory. But it didn't excuse him for blaming Annete and mistreat her for what her tr*sh father did to him. Both of them really are broken people and have their own flaw.

The ending, some of the reader didn't like but for me I like and satisfy about it. They don't necessary rekindled their realtionship quickly but willing to be close and give time for each other to heal. Their relationship is what I love about them and it's not necessary for the couple to profound affection and love by just getting marry and happy together. You need time to heal emotionally and it takes a little steps to be able to break free from your broken soul.


After finishing the novel, there are many emotion that still lingering on my mind. It prove that the author really done well and have talent to write the story so beautifully emotion and captivated that kept the reader to draw into the story. It remind me of Solche, the author who write beautifully, but for me personally I like this author more because how she/he make her/his FL character develop more and finding her own self growth. And also the relationship between her and the ML as they are broken and traumatized they continue to be close but give space for them to heal each other before decided to be happy together. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND this pure realistic angsty story for those who like a character who well written and complex but interesting including a wonderful journey to find their own happiness. <<less
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Jul 07, 2023
Status: c68
This is one of my most love angst k-novels, and angst novels include tr*sh mls however, this ML is one of the most terrible or the most terrible one. I don't know if readers will agree with me or hate me for writing this comment about ml. He's not redeemable and I don't feel sorry for him. FL was born a princess and a piano lover. Before everything went south, I can say that FL is a happy and bubbly type of person. She was pampered.. Yes but she's not... more>> spoiled. I can tell because there was a chapter where FL told the ML that she don't want to be seen as a picky woman (they're talking about the food). I like fl's character progress. She's maybe weak against ML but she's not the type of self blaming and self victimized. She committed su*cide several times because of ml's garbage treatment towards her, but that doesn't mean she's s*upid. She's very unlucky to have someone like him as a husband. Even after their divorce, ML still wants to rule her life. Forgetting that he's no longer part of her life, ml's " you can't do everything without my permission" is so infuriating. Using his power as the Commander in chief, he's locking her. FL is smart but somehow, fate is harsh on her. Oh, I don't know why I am still reading this although I already knew that this tr*sh ML will win her in the end. I still love reading this novel and hope everyone feels the same <<less
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Aug 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Angsty novel that is not suitable for everyone. Contains themes of su*cide, war, PTSD, etc. The ending is bittersweet, leaning sweet. I wouldn't say that I was completely satisfied with the novel but for technical reasons and for the sheer amount of angst the author decided to put in there. I deemed certain parts of the novel were angsty and tragic enough without the author having to add more.

I'll elaborate below:

... more>>

So the entire novel starts out with the typical Romeo/Juliet-esque trope of star-crossed lovers. We understand that the ML 'betrayed' the FL and basically made her life sheer misery to the point where she wants to commit su*cide. For reasons unknown, ML wants to keep her alive and his attitude towards her is mixed which confuses the audience. If he truly hated her, then why keep her alive? If he loved her, then why did he choose to do what he did?

At this point, it is clear that the author is trying to make the ML some sort of anti-hero/villian type lead which then turns into someone deserving of FL's love. The tricky part of writing such a character is that there must be a redemption arc and that the readers must perceive ML as a suitable match for the FL. Of course, as with redemption arcs, there must be a point where the readers absolutely hate the ML. ML needs to hit rock bottom before he has character growth and thus his redemption arc.

Personally, I found the ~20 chapters dedicated to ML's backstory a little longwinded and unnecessary. It could have been shortened and there there was a lot of passive voice which made it a little boring. Coupled with the fact that the author was trying their best to justify ML's actions towards FL, it made it a little unbelievable. ML was obsessed with FL and she was his only reason for survival. The moment she unknowingly said something insensitive, it triggered ML to overthrow the monarchy, kill FL's entire family, then make her life hell for three years.

In the case of trauma, the response to a certain stimulus is sometimes not proportional, yet this should happen without conscious knowledge. The fact that ML was reasoning things out as he was doing all this points to the fact that all this is done consciously. That's probably why some of the previous reviews point out that ML is one of the tr*shiest MLs ever.

The second point that made me kind of iffy was how they portrayed FL's sin. Initially it was because she was an aristocrat, then it was because she was the daughter of Marquis Dietrich. Then it was because she was ignorant of the world and the atrocities commited by her father. The reason for FL's sin was ever changing and often times didn't make sense. It seemed like a whole lot of guilt by association. While that is a valid plot device to use to justify the actions of the people around FL and make her life miserable, it was also a tool that the author used to redeem ML and make him a worthy match for FL. Otherwise, how could the readers accept that she and ML deserve to be together? ML's sin was killing her family and making her entire life miserable while FL's sin was just being born as the Marquis's daughter? If she agreed to be with ML after suffering all that while not deserving any of it, then it would be a little Stockholm Syndrome-y.

The war arc in which FL has tremendous character growth and ML 'redeems' himself was well written. The descriptions of war and its effect on people were poignant and the imagery used was beautiful as much as it was haunting. For me, the fact that they were both able to be so concerned of the other person whislt in the midst of war was enough for me believe that they belonged together.

The following progression would have been fine:

ML kills FL's father --> FL finds out it was a hoax --> ML doesn't let her leave --> FL commits su*cide but ML stops her (not out of love, but because he recognizes that maybe he went a little too far) --> continue to war arc

The reason I emphasize that is because ML divorcing FL was not out of regret or even love. It was more that he was afraid of breaking something that he'd coveted for so long. In a sense, while they had strong emotions for the other, neither was truly in love with the other person. In the war arc, they both learn things about the other person that allow them to fall in love with the other person as they are and not as they are portrayed to be. We see the natural progression of their relationship and understand that the love they had before was more superficial and closer to obsession than love.

I think the author does recognize all the points I've mentioned since chapters 92+ are the true redemption arc for both leads (ML more deservingly than FL). Even though they did a spectacular job at tying up the emotional loose ends, I do think that cutting back a bit on ML's justification for what he did would have made it better (albeit less angsty). The author did a fantastic job at capturing human emotions like Catherine's forgiveness, Hans not wanting to go back and becoming a burden, Jackson's 'late' forgiveness towards FL and his apology towards ML.


The one thing that the author was mistaken about was that relationships are not always smooth and that you can unintentionally hurt your partner emotionally (not physically; no violence please) with your actions. Sometimes, the effects of those hurtful actions can linger and last without ever going away. Complete forgiveness does not always need to happen before they are allowed to love. <<less
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Jul 30, 2023
Status: c100

This novel is so beautifully written. Tbh I was not really the type that interested with the world building in a romance novels. Sometimes it just there to make the story long or simply too boring. So a lot of times I just skip it over to the main plot/MCs interaction part. But this one is so beautifully handled.

I also absolutely love the backstory of ML. He grew up in a cruel system supported by the MC father. So it was understandable that he grew with twisted personality. But still, it was not there to justify his action later to her.

And seriously this is kinda the first time I was so immersed reading the backstory of a character in supposedly romance fiction novel. So this quite a big deal. The author really did a great job making an interesting story with complex characters.
I also love the MC nurse arc. She became a field nurse during the war. Seriously she is so brave and just a strong person. I love her so much.

And a little ranting here:

Some of the comments in the site actually turns me off. They kinda depict her as a totally innocent person, even after the author has shown the flashback. But in actuality she is somewhat kinda guilty. Like a bystander in bullying, she most likely knows what her father was doing but she did nothing and just live the perfect life created by her father.

And thus they always blamed the ML. Like seriously you guys expecting a lovely dovey (not twisted person) even after reading his backstory??

And whats funny is that what they (the commenters) doing is actually the same thing as ML, who views of the MC as a saint, a holy being. Just like those commenters that put her in such high pedestal, when in fact she was also a flawed character too. That's why we got the nurse arc. And I love that so much.


I really recommend this novel. And oh this not an isekai or reincarnation or coming back to life. There is no going back time. So this novel depicts how they handled with regrets and acceptance of the past to be a better version of themselves. It was a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the absolute masterpiece!
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Sep 03, 2023
Status: Completed
This was so beautiful and heartrending, I literally couldn't put it down!! Watching these two characters change over the course of the story is fascinating. The development of the side characters is a little lacking, but at the end of the day this is a story about the tragic yet somehow realistic relationship between two imperfect people who confront their flaws and grow.

Be careful if you get triggered though, LOTS of triggering scenes- attempted su*cide, extremely red flag ML, risk of s*xual assault, wartime depictions, etc. This is not a... more>> lighthearted story, but it definitely has some sweet moments! <<less
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Jul 17, 2023
Status: c78
First of all, I just want to find a story to keep me insane. But after read this novel I feel like... Okay, maybe im not okay, but at least I'm not as crazy as Heiner. He is the most twisted ML I ever read, and Annette need to have more self awareness. I don't want to give any spoiler, but if you want a story with Angst to the core, this is it. I spent 2 days in row to read all the chapters and end up hurt my... more>> head with severe migraine because I cried so much for 2 days.

Bravo for DoraDora as translator. Amazing story would be nothing without a proper translations. And he/she did great job here. I can feel the air, and emotion within every words.

Waiting for more chapters. <<less
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Jul 07, 2023
Status: c68
This is a real winner - angst, heartbreak, complex characters -- okay there were some parts which made me think the author wasn't keeping track of their own story, but overall I'm impressed with where the plot is going. This is one of the rare regretful male leads stories where he's not completely irredeemable -- the chapters that go into detail about his perspective really makes him and his actions make sense as a character.
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Jul 02, 2023
Status: c62

so far so good as the beginning, getting better and better after few more chapter.

basically the initial concept was a cliche story but the development of characters, development of the atmosphere and settings which are new ideas made me really like this novel.

what I like about this novel is the pacing and settings. Even though theres no illustration depict its environment, the author still can manage to describes well. Everyone's imagination is different. What I imagined in this novel was set around 1880-1900, where the modern... more>> era began. But even though there is a fantasy tag, I don't find anything fantasy in this novel, I say that this novel is semi-realistic.

the plot, I think the plot is a bit corny with ML hating FL because of her father's cruelty. But I like it because of the character. FL is a realistic but very strong person. Looks weak but strong. Not physically but more from the inside. The treatment she received from people. Its redemption and atonement of her father cruelty, she took it that way.

ml, well traumatized. There's nothing too much to discuss, it's the same as ML in angst novels in general. His attitude is annoying but somehow I understand him more after the arc where he talks about his past, moreover as I say at the beginning this novel is semi realistic, and I have read some of cases where arrogant nobles arbitrarily treated commoners even more so as orphans. But still there will be no justification for his attitude.

last, is the tension between them. Their love hate relationship that make your rip your hair out of frustration.

translator did a great job too. I wanna thank them for it. Click the chapter and you wont regret! <<less
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