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Scarlett, the daughter of great watchmakers is the wife of Viktor Dumfelt.

“There was a drug used to sharpen memories in your wife’s tea.”


“Overdose could lead to amnesia.”

While she was interrogated by the police, she loses her memories because of those who opposed Viktor’s return to the royal family.

“By the time you get out of here, you won’t remember what happened here.”

A week of missing memories. And the secret Viktor hid, revealed in the newspaper.

“You betrayed me.”

Scarlett couldn’t find the words to explain, because nothing came to mind. Eventually, she decides to divorce Viktor.

“Goodbye, my love.”

That was how their relationship seemingly came to an end.

“Why do you keep coming?”

“If you don’t want me to come, come back.”

He had been indifferent all this time, but now, he hung around her with an unfamiliar look on his face.

Expressionless, Viktor slowly spoke, “I’m going to get you back.”

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처음이라 몰랐던 것들
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2 Reviews

Sep 19, 2021
Status: c48
Very fascinating so far. The world and tone of the writing are quite unique and worth a look. Think Steam Punk sliding into a Khmer Rouge, anti-intellectualism, situation.

We have the very young Scarlet, the commoner daughter of artisans who is very in love with her stalwart and serious husband, Viktor. She adores him completely, but is unsure of his own return affections, and has a tiny, niggly doubt he'll leave her once he doesn't need her any more.

Viktor is a war hero, and a bastard off-shoot of the royal family... more>> who has spent his life determinedly working to have himself and his expelled, former princess, mother reinstated to the royal family.

In light of his grand military achievements and worth, he is finally being considered. All that's left is a formality: an in-depth back ground check to see if Viktor has any dangerous secrets or potential security risks which would preclude him from entry. As a close relative, Scarlet is required to be questioned by the police to complete this formality.

However, neither anticipated the degree to which this final hurdle was less of a box to check mark and more of a bloody gauntlet to run, nor the level of animosity they're facing from the factions opposed to Viktor's reinstatement to royalty. Rather than a short, polite ordeal, Scarlet is drugged out of her mind and interrogated for a full week.

The addlepated Scarlet is then unceremoniously dumped in a hotel and framed in such a way that it appears she sold her husband out in exchange for cash and medicine to cure her disabled brother, and then ran off on a celebratory shopping spree. She doesn't remember a single moment from the past week. Every embarrassing, trivial secret of Viktor's life is splashed all over the newspapers.

Viktor is angry and shaken, thinking his receding-to-the-background wife whose love for him he's always taken a tiny touch for granted has betrayed him, and Scarlet is a mess for obvious reasons and unable to prove her innocence.

This promises to be a lot of emotional upheaval. We're going to be frustrated and angry, and righteous about protecting Scarlet, and seeing her vindicated. And we will.... eventually.

I do like that, unlike other jackass husband MLs, Viktor has not been abusive or nasty during their marriage. He's just rarely there, due to his profession as a naval officer, tends to prize self control over emotionalism, and fully expects his wife to be able to handle herself, so he rarely steps in with a helping hand. He is affectionate to his wife, albeit in tiny, clunky ways. We can see that he likes/ loves his wife, though she (and he) can't. I think this is going to be an emotionally constipated and reticent man realizing his way of doing things didn't work and lead to misunderstandings, and his trying to grow as person so his wife realizes his feelings. And I think his quiet, receding wife will learn to speak up for herself. But, it's early days, so this is a prediction.

Edit as of chapter 12: This is now a divorce story, much to my surprise. It will be lovely to watch Scarlet find her own feet as she divorces and rediscovers her ties to her late parents by working on watches and other mechanical things and becomes more independent. The couple reuniting is definitely the end game. Viktor is currently being muddle-headed, as he realizes his single-minded pursuit of his goal lead him to not see quite a few things he couldn't afford to miss, and that his policy of never forgiving or forgetting means he misses out on the wealth of human experiences. But hopefully the two of them can sort themselves out in a satisfying way. <<less
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Mar 13, 2022
Status: c17
Well, first of all, I love how this was written. The setting of this story is kinda different from the others. What I'm interested the most is how did Scarlett became the wife of Viktor, I think it wasn't mentioned in the earlier chapters yet but I assumed that it was an arranged marriage. Still, the relationship between the two wasn't that bad. Scarlett was the one who genuinely and truly love her husband while Viktor was just nonchalant about it. Viktor didn't abused or mistreated his wife, he still... more>> treats her well but not that well of course.


In chapter 5. Scarlett said "I love you" to Viktor and Viktor calmly responded "Me too"

They got divorced around chapter 17? I kinda forgot but yes they got divorced earlier than expected. It was when Scarlett got out of the monastery after a month. Viktor was supposed to pick up Scarlett after a month but Scarlett got out of the monastery one day earlier. She went back to the mansion holding their divorce papers and at that time Viktor was drunk but he was still rational I guess? He signed the paper without hesitation then that's it. Scarlett got divorced and opened up her own shop that sells watches.


I don't really know if Viktor is sincere with his words or he just say it out of sympathy. Victor's feelings for Scarlett is vague. He doesn't know how to express it well.

As for Scarlett, she's somehow a realistic character. She isn't like other FLs out there who can fight for themselves, she's timid and quiet. It was frustrating to read how she just let her cousins abuse her. I'm hoping that there will be a character development, a time when she can finally learn how to stand up for herself.

The relationship between them is like a facade, surely it seems like they have a good relationship (not a loving one) and I figured out what they were lacking, it was trust.

Taking back of what I said. Someone already mtled this ^^

Oh, same author as to help you understand/what it means to be you that's why it kinda give off the same feeling (・o・) <<less
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