Beast of the Frozen Night


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County Libelois suffered an astronomical compensation due to the successor’s mistake.

On behalf of the older brother who could not pay the compensation, Anne leaves for the North as she was pushed by her family and becomes the Grand Duchess.

But the Grand Duke Daymond Cromund, whom she met there, was not as old as the rumors suggested, and was somewhat secretive…

“If I give birth to an heir, please let me leave.”

“So arrogant. If you want a child, you would have to take my seed every day.”

For a moment, Anne almost screamed, reassured by the Grand Duke’s appearance, who willingly accepted her proposal.

Every time he held her, his face was filled with anger.

Daymond held her sadistically as the nights went by.

Anne was confused by the sight of the Grand Duke, who was constantly holding her while enduring his anger.

Did she spit out a forbidden word?

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얼어붙은 밤의 짐승
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Skite rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: c9 part1
Currently, the ML is a boorish, overly-controlling AH, who is obsessed with people not touching things which are "his". ... more>>

Like, to the extent that, before he allows her to enter his lands, he has his staff stop her at some inn so she can be stripped and redressed head to toe in clothes he provides, so that even her underwear is from him. She isn't even allowed to bring the book she is mid-reading, because it's not from him. He's that level of controlling.


He is also a wife rapist. There's no way around it. I find him disgusting and violent. He has neither sympathy nor empathy, and negative amounts of consideration for his innocent wife. He is very VERY aware she is not enjoying herself and often in pain, and does not care.

He is graphically brutal and unpleasant in the bedroom to "punish" our MC for something he never fully explains she's guilty of. Most likely not giving him the worship he feels he deserves. Or from her proposing that she have a child she is willing to abandon with him in order to be free of both him and her garbage family. Rather than realizing she said this out of uncertainty, misunderstanding, and fear (he can tell from her banged up face that that she was beaten into compliance with the marriage) and trying to make her feel welcome, loved, and safe, he chooses to be a raping, horrible, a-hole for not giving him the answer he wanted, while calling her a who*e for at least trying to get the benefits of being a Duchess out of this BS deal that allows him to hurt her every night.


Can I just rant a moment at how sick I am of the "you're wet, so you must like it" shaming? That is a physiological response intended to prevent a woman from sustaining physical damage. Her producing lubrication is so you don't cause rips and tears with your violent fumbling. She is not turned on, her body has taken over and rebooted in self preservation mode, STOP using that as permission to excuse you being a rapist.

I also find it disgusting that our MC must be r*ped for the rest of her life because her brother groped her husband's girlfriend. The girl who got groped gets nothing, the duke receives the recompense, and the brother is never punished, it is the MC who suffers. Both men get all the benefits and no negatives, while the women who had nothing to do with it are made to suffer for them to have those benefits.


I currently cannot tell if he is some sort of supernatural creature, such as werewolf. The cloak of broody angst and mystery is thick with this one. I strongly suspect he has been stalking her and set her brother up in order to trap her, but this is not confirmed. The prologue chapter suggests that at some point, she will get amnesia, and, oblivious to his horrible prior treatment, they become lovey dovey... until she remembers he's a r*per creep and then he gets to suffer.

I am living for this man suffering, so I hope it happens soon. I want him to suffer SO MUCH. If he suffers enough to satisfy, I will raise my rating. However, the raping is brutal, and one "round" goes on for chapters and chapters of extreme detail. If that portion of the story goes on much longer, I don't think many readers would be willing to last through it to get to the hoped-for vengeance bit.

Read if control, possession, and legit, graphic, non-con is your kink.

Avoid if you want to see healthy relationships or get trigged by s*xual abuse or domestic violence. <<less
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Renjiko rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Updating my review after finishing the whole series

Proper review

... more>>

PLOT AND GENRE - Yeap my dear, this story is a rollercoaster of love - misunderstanding - revenge to forgiveness in a reincarnated fantasy themed story, the best summary fitting I guess. Mystery was just there to give suspensive vibe while slowly enveiling those back story.

SERIES/BOOK - its a series of 4books and last one (4th) was like side story. So basically 1st to 2nd was where the emotional setbacks are. If you hated the Male lead while reading until chapter 18 of trans team here, then trust me, your dissapointment will go miles beyond that. If you have weak tolerance to emotionally abused women then this is not it. She will suffer the most in the story. Sad sad sad. If you want revenge then you might like the third book where she will take revenge this time, barely... Its fun to see the male lead suffer after what he did to FL, yess?, but for me this volume was unnecessarily stretched. I guess, reading those pages feels like the author want us to be satisfied of ending bcs the ML suffered too. Nah, he is pitiful and sht but his lack of trust to his lover is nominal root cause of thier matrimonal issues while sparing no doubts in Luciel words was very dissappointing and I am readily accepting the FL wont forgive him in ending but nah.

But then, I guess the revenge factor was spicing up the story this time so acceptable. LMAO Giving my 5 stars to both Book 1&2 and 4 stars for Book3.


DAYMOND - Dynamic character, thankfully in a positive direction. He is your typical obsessive yandere male lead that an inch close to nonredeemable sht head in this story, no emphathy and emotionally abused his wife for his convinient BUT WAITT, yess? we all wanted that authors justification for his behaviour right? (*inset sarcasm face emoji). Guided by his hundred years hatred towards the female lead he set up FLs brother just so he can marry his reincarnated past wife all for him to get revenge. What I want the most was his POV and yet lacking in the series.

ANNE - FL. Static and argueably one dimentional. D*ad lover of ML and reincarnated after hundred of years and was trapped to MLs revengeful feates, ans thats it.

LUCIEL - his name is close to Lucifer I guess for a reason. Honestly, the character actions are somewhat questionable and not fully closed. After reading the story, his side has most loopholes. You cant be explaining his actions just like that? Also, why would he introduce the reincarnated wife btw if he dont want them to end up anyway? And what I want the most on ending was his karma but sadly, theres no such thing.


Initial review and specs

Very interesting! ✨✨

The ML - he is indeed tr*sh based on current chap. And I am willing to wait for how the character will unveil and develop this one bcs honestly, hes so close to unredeemable state (for me)

The story - generally, I thought it was purely all about drama, revenge and rollercoaster of love and forgiveness but wait...... idk if its just me, but I am sensing different plot, C8 to current chapter, C18, somewhat the story is shifting..... uhmmm, it somehow reminds me of beauty and the beast... and that will probably explain why the attitude of yandere, tr*sh and rude and yet act obsessively close to imprisoning her.

i mean at first I thought he is inlove with her and he plotted the brothers crime to get her as compensation BUT hes short self talk (library scene) confirmed that he isnt someone whose in love with her long time ago but someone whose unknowingly falling in love yet. so why the possessiveness??? very conflicting indeed. UNTIL a character mentioned "another woman" and greenhouse.... yuhmmm

the eeriness (if thats a word), a duke whose face isnt known in kingdom niether his age is, the room that always dimmed by curtains, the "other woman" whose number not yet known, the creepy but more on pe*vert side Luciel (if I state it correctly), not to mention most is acting in "old" manner (FL mentioned it twice greetings of luciel and the hand man?). dukedom that only relative is working until FL brought one greenhouse, weather? Marie mentioning about summer and yet at first upon arrival winter has always been into dukedome? and whats more conflicting is the first chaps hes appearing on her travel and yet mentioned he cannot leave the castle? (or was it just me), and something tells me that the fall of her family from dukedom to county and the four other dukedome in old days has something to do with the story, a deeper connection, bruhh, this is beauty and the beast with a twist!! me clicking the buy button bcs I cant wait for that long to confirm ✨✨✨

will update this review after finishing!

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