My Husband Will Regret This


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Other people might say that it was a marriage without love, but it wasn’t for Chloe. She loved her husband with all her heart.

But then…

“I guess you don’t know how uncomfortable it is for me to be with you.”
“Get out. Don’t come near me for the time being.”

Think about it.
Once she dies, what will he do?

“I will die in two years.”

She had only two years left to live.
She wanted to live the way she wanted, even if only for this short amount of time.

“Divorce. Let’s do that.”

Chloe presented the neatly arranged divorce papers to her husband.
And she thought he would have no qualms.

“My wife has finally gone crazy.”

He tore the papers apart and gritted his teeth.

“A divorce, or anything similar to it. We can’t do it. Never.”

Her husband started acting strange.

Why now?

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My Husband Suddenly Became Regretful
어느날 남편이 후회한다
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20 Reviews

Oct 24, 2021
Status: c20
The ML reminds me of Little Finger. Greasy, conniving, commoner type, who clawed his way up using his wits--yet still feels like he's owed a pity party from the world. Has a significant inferiority/ superiority complex over 'true' nobles. He hates them even as he wants them to love him as one of their own. His ultimate goal is to be king of it all. He wants to step on the people he viewed as superiors, and have them thank him for the opportunity to lick his boots as he... more>> does. Also similar to Little Finger, he's got the one woman he's always been obsessed with and whom he "loves". But, it's the sort of love someone has for a trophy. He loves owning it, and keeping it carefully preserved behind glass, and only bothering with it when he remembers.

There is little to nothing redeeming about him, and any possible "excuse" for the way he treats his wife would beggar the mind.


I know they're trying to pull off a "but he has a prosthetic foot he's self conscious about!" as the reason why he doesn't treat her like a human partner, but it's simply not going to work. He's too big of a scuzz bucket.

They also explain that, due to his horrific upbringing in a destitute orphanage, he either has zero emotion, or rage. All the other feelings? He doesn't feel them..... which means he's a sociopath with anger issues. Not some Byronic hero. Yay.


The writing is... inconsistent. The ML will go on and on about how unreadable, how placid and unemotive his noble wife's face is, he can't understand or pick up the slightest hint of emotion. But then she's constantly calling him darling, and blushing, and chasing after him, and nearly crying as she snags the edge of his sleeve, and lighting up when she sees him. So, yeah, that doesn't match up.

Oh well, it's a dramatic hot mess, and a study in unreliable narrators. Read for those reasons alone. <<less
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Dec 04, 2021
Status: c13
I'm sorry to said this but the ML is absolute sh*t. I don't care if you want to prolong the story until their divorce but I can't handle the ML attitude. Absolute tr*sh. I rather have this FL being reborn n not choose the same guy or they get divorce and the FL meet a better man n left this tr*sh to feel misery of his own faults. Ignoring and torturing mentally your own wife for f*ucking 5 years is a big no no. Please don't make this FL become... more>> dumb and choose him. Hurmm, I'm going to drop this novel. I can't handle the frustration and stress. There's not enough curse words to said to the ML. I mean whyy?? The storyline is kinda good but change the ML attitude or change the ML itself will the story be acceptable. Thank you for translate this story. <<less
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Nov 21, 2021
Status: c34
If you like What It Means To Be You, you might like this. The protagonist is an incredibly tragic figure who engenders sympathy for what she's had to endure in her marriage to a Distant and Cold duke of the north Business Man, especially now that it's all culminated in her going from metaphorically wasting away in isolation to her literally wasting away from a terminal illness.

... more>>

Contrary to most criticism lobbed at FLs in her situation, she does try to talk to her husband. Has tried multiple times over the course of their marriage. He just either a) cuts her off and dismisses her, b) is never home for her to talk to him, or c) literally doesn't listen to what she says (she tells him multiple times what her problems are, only for him to ask her the same question over and over again, or have an epiphany that is almost word for word the thing she explicitly told him earlier).

A reason she gives for wanting the divorce is that she thinks he doesn't love her, and when she asks him if he DOES he won't answer but thinks to himself that he doesn't know what love is. Continues to wonder afterwards about why she wants a divorce. She also tells him that one of the ways their marriage is shitty is that not once in 5 years have they celebrated either of their birthdays together (bcs he's always gone). Cut to some time later when it's the day of her birthday and he almost-but-not-quite forgets about it and thinks to himself: "Huh, we've never celebrated her birthday in the past 5 years." Yeah, dumbass, that's literally what she told you the other day.

However, her insistence on continuing to love her husband in spite of the fact she feels he's driven her to despair and acknowledges that he's the root of most of her pain is a real burr and annoying to read. It makes her come off as incredibly pathetic, and not in an endearing way, especially when all the two of them do is give examples of how he is Actually The Worst outside of being a bad husband. It's depressing how the bare minimum effort from him is enough to make her smile and rethink her whole plan for a divorce. Five years. Five years of less than nothing from him. Come on, girl.

It's even more tragic after she reveals that her parents were in the same situation of "arranged, wife loves husband, husband doesn't love wife, " but with an added element of physical abuse that caused her mother to become an alcoholic. Which is really sad and makes Chloe read very much like a someone looking for the exact same toxic dynamic of her parents bcs that's what she associates love with. Especially when she says to herself "at least I haven't been beaten". Yikes! Unfortunately realistic! Tragic! And I also want to say that I don't necessarily agree with her that he isn't the kind of person to lash out at her physically, most of his angry reactions put me on edge and make him seem like he IS on the precipice of physical violence.


Also not exactly a spoiler, but an extra F*ck You to the male lead for being a caricature of a Victorian factory owner, profiting off of gun violence and abusing his workers with unsafe work practices and below minimum wage salaries. I know billionaire CEO romances are popular just for the fantasy of having someone with All The Money In The World buy you everything you could ever want, but as someone from a working class background I hope his fortune is destroyed by labor unions and fantasy!OSHA. <<less
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Oct 11, 2021
Status: c12
Yes this is a typical pitiful unloved wife with a neglectful husband. She loves her husband but the husband is cold. The husband actually loves her but will only realise when she’s gone. Yes it is that type of cliche.

The reason I’m giving it a high rating is because it’s so beautifully written. Just read the prologue and you’ll know what I mean. I almost felt like I was watching a sad movie.

So far this is the plot:

-FL has a terminal illness and only has two years to live. Ofcoz... more>> only she knows coz nobody cares about her.

-Due to the husbands’ neglect, the servants also ignore and make fun of her. She has no one on her side.

-Husband is this super rich genius engineer (?) who married the FL coz he liked her from when they were schooling together.

-FL is a noble but the husband is a commoner so he has this huge inferiority complex. He didn’t consummate their marriage coz he doesn’t want her to know about his prosthetic leg.

-FL’s family always in debt coz they gamble and ask husband for money. Husband gives them money even when the FL says stop. This couple has no effective communication at all mostly coz the husband doesn’t even let her finish a single goddamn sentence. <<less
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Chaotic Moon
Chaotic Moon
Nov 02, 2022
Status: c49
This is my opinion to save likeminded people, so not everyone will agree but you can't deny that the misunderstandings between them are excessive, the husband is so caught up in his own feelings & inferiority complex that he can't even notice the gravity of his harm, and even when he does, "denial" Mode is activated to help him shift the blame to his wife, sentences like " I tried & apologized, it's her fault for not forgiving me " Are a repetitive occurrence, the lovesick MC on the other... more>> hand has no self love, she keeps on forgiving the ML who projects all his negativity on her to escape his own feelings and get her hopes up over little things that should have been rightfully given to her from the start, she keep hiding her misery to preserve what little pride she has left, desperate to please her husband who's completely feelings blind, accumulating misunderstandings and heartache for both but mostly herself, and I also disapprove the fact that she borrowed money from that guy, all in all after reading all the free chapters, the drama is constant, as long as you have no psychopathic tendencies, no chapter will make you happy, you'll only get frustrated over all the never ending repetition of heartbreak 💔 hopefulness❤heartbreak again💔 each time worst than the previous one. For #the higher you rise the harder you fall#

The only reason I persisted is that I accumulated too much negative feelings reading this & was hoping the story will eventually be true to it's title so I can relieve all that pent up stress with a happy ending, but till chapter 49 the rhythm didn't change so I'm not gonna pay to unlock more abusive chapters.

The end. <<less
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Feb 05, 2023
Status: --
To people wondering about ml's redemption...

... more>>

There isn't any. The FL stays a doormat till the end and the ML stays a jerk. She goes to another place after divorce but ML comes chasing after her and promises to build her a mechanical heart and just like that, she goes back with him and happily ever after I guess. He doesn't really love her or regret his actions or change his behaviour. FL also doesn't stick to her own thoughts and just complies to whatever ML says.


So I'd say don't waste your time reading this. <<less
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Aug 22, 2022
Status: c44
I'm giving this a 4/5 because I love angst, and this novel is full of it. If you aren't someone who enjoys heavy angst, you are bound to hate this novel, and I wouldn't blame you.

Without spoilers, the ML is the definition of tr*sh, and the other reviewers, as well as myself, are not exaggerating that. He refuses to reflect on his actions at all, and the FL is forced to deal with his stubbornness and blatant ignorance. I would seriously doubt that he has a brain at all, if... more>> it weren't for him being a brilliant inventor.

As for the FL, Chloe's only "flaw" is that, so far, she easily forgives Eric at the smallest amount of affection she receives, and is constantly caught up with the hope that he could change and return her feelings.

She also bottles up all of her thoughts and feelings, which is honestly understandable because everyone around her is as f*cking ignorant and selfish as Eric, who is the ML, very unfortunately 💀💀💀💀💀. This also comes from years of neglect and psychological snd emotional abuse from both her family and Eric.

To start, Eric (ML) has a traumatizing past, and the author makes sure to remind the readers of this everytime he says or does something bad to Chloe (FL). However, he is too caught up in his ego and pride to try to understand to even communicate with Chloe.


One of the most frustrating elements of Chloe's character is all of the self blame. She almost never blamed anyone but herself for all of the psychological and physical abuse she was subjected to, and even blamed herself for Eric's indifference towards her at first. Though she later realizes that she needs to leave him to be at peace, it's still heartbreaking to see her have to suffer with no one by her side.

The most influential aspect of Eric's character is his inferiority complex. Though I understand this feeling and why it is so strongly rooted in him, he allows his inferiority complex to stop him from even trying to talk to Chloe, and as a result, he bases all of his words and actions on baeless assumptions. For example, he assumes that Chloe pities and belittles him for having a commoner background, yet she has never once looked down on him and only ever expressed her awe and admiration for his inventions.

His inferiority complex is also the root of his hypocrisy. Although Eric earned the status of a noble and constantly reminds others of this, he still calls himself a commoner infront of Chloe to blame her whenever he thinks that she's looking down on him. Seriously, if you read this novel, he is blaming her for looking down on him in every "conversation" they have with absolutely zero basis.

In addition, he values prestige, money, and status so much that he imposes impossible expections on Chloe solely because she comes from a high-ranking status. He thinks of her as a flawless, unreachable person and justifies that his only reason for never trying to talk to her is because of that belief, when truly, he is just a coward who's afraid of taking responsibility for his actions and reflecting on his words.

One of the most frustrating situations where this happened was in c43 where he found out that Chloe was being slashed and abused by her mother. For context, he had blamed her for being childish and ignorant towards her mother because she had locked herself in her room and refused to talk to her. However, he didn't even ask why she was locking herself in or why she felt sick, and immediately blamed her for being ungrateful. Now, after finding out the truth of her being abused, he explicitly thinks in his mind that he cannot cast aside his pride to apologize even though he knows he is in the wrong.

Now, adding to when I said that he does absolutely no self reflection, he literally refuses to take responsibility for any of his words or actions, to the point where I genuinely think he can't even hear the words he's speaking sometimes. For example, he once again blames Chloe for being ungrateful of his efforts to be a "good husband" and says that he truly tried his best. This happened after he refused to apologize for his misunderstanding and after he blatantly told her that he didn't want to divorce her because she was like an achievement—a prized object that was in his possession, yet he still had the audacity to say that he was being a "good husband" and that she lacked appreciation for his efforts, when everything he did and said was half-assed and insincere.

Lastly, he has a false conception of Chloe that she is a snake, when she has never done or said anything underhanded towards him. Yet, he believes the smallest rumours from her bit*h of a mother that she is a conniving liar and later agrees and calls Chloe a liar as well, without even talking to her, adding to the blatant ignorance.

I really hope to god that this novel ends with Chloe living far away and finding happinness for herself, and not her ending up with Eric. Seriously, he is the most arrogant, egotistic, hypocritical ML I've ever seen, and is to the point of no redemption. I understand that his past is what caused him to think this way, but a bad past doesn't excuse anyone's actions and blatant ignorance at all. He gives up before even trying and excuses it with his inferiority complex. He doesn't try to hear her out or have a proper conversation with her because he's afraid of hurting his pride and ego, and only acts on the assumptions he's made of her. Seriously the worst ML possible. Chloe deserves much better.

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 19, 2022
Status: c30
You will regret reading this, well, probably. It's overly long and overly wordy. Worse if you're anything like me you'll want to scream at the idiotic ML who takes nearly thirty chapters to realize his wife's dying. A classic clueless Asian workaholic that any normal person would have given up on but the lovesick fool loves his looks- and nothing else since he really had nothing else when she started loving him as far as I can tell.
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Sep 08, 2021
Status: c6
Well, here we have our typical misunderstanding between the wife and husband.

She's the daugther of a duke and he's an ex-commoner. She loves him, but he's cold with her. He loves her as well, but acts cold because he thinks she is too good for him. I bet we're gonna have a lot of drama until they start to communicate.

So far we have a really good translation work, but the story itself is kinda cliche.
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Feb 02, 2022
Status: --
The title says it all, but I'm still torn between wanting to read the story to the end or just follow through reading all of these reviews that ranges from zero to five star rating. Anyway, I think, if you're looking for a release of all those bottled up emotions and needs to cry (extremely therapeutic for me), then cry for the wife. This story is very well written accordingly. I promise you'll enjoy (personal preference). This may be a very cliché story, yet for those who have not read... more>> through the same plot and are new into this, this is really a very very good read. Plus it was translated well. <<less
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Fluffy From Flufferland
Fluffy From
Jan 13, 2022
Status: c44
This is incredibly, wonderfully written. The translation is amazing as well. Although it's a typical cliche, it drew me in and made me tear up a lot of times.

I can understand both the characters and I love the female lead very much. The author had portrayed her wonderfully.

I see many people who think her pathetic but we think so since our generation, time and environment is completely different from where she grew. And she also loved him for real.

Its not like some flimsy affection in which she can be like, 'Oh! My husband doesn't love me so I can stop loving him today and be myself tomorrow. ' It takes time to give up and forget especially since she was a girl who wasn't loved enough in her life, even by her parents.

It's completely natural for her to feel that way.

As someone who was raised in a strict household I can understand how she refuses to give up her pride. Its also because she doesn't know how to behave otherwise.

And the Male lead is pitiful as well, he let his inferiority complex rule over his common sense and does not try to converse with his wife afraid of getting hurt.

I can understand how he says he doesn't understand love, since I can relate. But it does not make him a better man. Not understanding love and lacking consideration and empathy are two different things. I cannot forgive the fact that he completely ignored the female lead just to protect himself and expect her to put up with him till the end even when he did not change.

He did not even make an effort until she brought up divorce.

Honesty there's a limit to which one can be insensitive and dense.


But I really love the portrayal of the characters, not just the leads but other characters as well. It's one of the best I've ever seen and the writing is so beautiful that this became one of my favourites already. I don't easily find a book I love and cared to comment on. But this is well deserved and easily a beautiful novel.
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Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover S
Oct 07, 2022
Status: Completed
Ok, this is a pleasure of mine. I like regret novels where ML (not extreme scum) will regret, and cry and all problems happen because of their miscommunication. I love how the author portrayed her character's emotions so vividly that I can feel their growth. They did mistakes but, in the end, they solved it too.

How a marriage could be saved if they both came to realization for their mistakes. I love how FL didn't forgive ML immediately for what he did unknowingly, she took time and then forgave him.... more>> Cause she knew she loved him and can't be happy with another man. I really love this novel! The translations were amazing! Kudos to the translator for mind blowing translations! That's why I rated it 5! <<less
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Jul 19, 2022
Status: c43
Alert: This novel contains so much angst, sometimes it's very frustrating to read!

I like the steampunk vibe of the world's setting, the characters are polar opposites and the lack of communication makes one to be furious. But I like the cruel reality of this, not always you can resolve things with words. When you act or say something, it has consequences, more if you do it veeeeery late. The author accomplishes at least that: when you read it, you feel a lot. At this point, I'm almost crying and angry... more>> with the relationship (a.k.a masochist haha)

The ML only tries to change when the FL brings up divorce. It's not about love, it's possessiveness from him, and years of psychological abuse in her life. That's why I don't find it strange how much she accepts everything when he treats her nicely, it's the pattern in those cases.

So, I hope she'll fulfill her desires, even in the tragic setting. Let's add the "Tragedy" tag. <<less
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J Doe
J Doe
Nov 06, 2021
Status: c15
This is a bit of a guilty pleasure, since I'm enjoying how their marriage was built on duty and caste plus a heaping helping of miscommunication and it looks like it will end that way as well. Their suffering is well written and still (at only ch 15 of many) looks unsolvable. Am I evil that their angst amuses me so? Probably. While I hope the author allows them to break this 5 year long misunderstanding, I'd also enjoy this story if the realization comes too late to each of... more>> them- that they both love the other, albeit badly. Either way, the author has me hooked on the characters such that I'll overlook the plot holes and enjoy the ride. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 28, 2023
Status: --
if you want angst, go read 'My Beloved Oppressor.' this novel does not have angst. All it has is frustrations and draggy chapters. I cant deal with this novel. 0 stars if I could. BOTH of the FL and ML in this novel needs to grow the f*ck up. Some people say FL DOES try to talk to ML BUT- let me say this. She needs to talk about the issue as soon as she meets him since she KNOWS he always cuts her off. So instead of going to... more>> him and saying "we need to talk bla bla" then they start talking about other things BUT the issue. Urgh! I only read a few chapters in and got so sick of them I skipped to the spoilers.

and ta-da! It was what I thought. Draggy and full of frustrations.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 20, 2022
Status: c39
This is super angsty, the ML is an asshat, these are not new things in the genre but it's STRONK here baby.

You might find this novel frustrating but it's fun in short bouts, the storyline is clear and the steampunk setting is really interesting. I really feel like they're not going for a magical fix here, any kind of reconciliation will be slow and non-linear and honestly to me, that's way more satisfying. I'm here for the ✨drama✨ darling.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 26, 2023
Status: --
I'm almost finished reading the book and I would like to say that it is well written. If you liked What It Means To Be You I'm sure you will also like this. Everyone has mental issues here and I love how it is slowly addressed. I would have given it a 5 star if there was more begging but FL doesn't have enough time for begging lol.

I think ML is not only on the fault here. The FL has her faults too but not too much compared to the... more>> ML. They were working on making their relationship work on the end.

More spoilers below:


ML has inferiority complex and marrying FL only worsen it making him neglect her for years. FL has a crappy childhood turning her into a meek woman who loves to apologize even though she don't know what she did wrong. ML loved FL at first sight but since he was still a commoner at that time his feelings masked into other mixed feelings besides love. He explained to her how at some point in trying to be successful, he lost his feelings and became emotionless. He always viewed FL as someone he can only look up to because of his old title as a commoner and his mechanical leg.


Overall, it is really nice. Made me cry a lot and sympathize with both the leads. Their perspectives were explained well and had a touch of reality that makes it even more beautiful. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 18, 2022
Status: prologue
s*upid Husband Do not appreciate your effort own Wife to Care and Loving you 😢 to the Rest of Her Life ❤️ ❤️❤️

You're out the Mansion live another House 🏠 You're Priority Business and More Money 💰

Saddenly 💔 own Family broken 💔 GO Wife Divorce Him 😊 and cure self to sick and broke heart

I waiting for Divorce 😊 please 🙏 Aggree bothem Find new someone true love 💕

Go go Wife 😊 🙏 Leave
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 03, 2023
Status: c88
Oh, I love this. Semi-spoilery

Eric, the ML, is an absolute dumpster fire of a human being. Chloe, our protagonist, is a fool who wasted her life on such a terrible man, loving him despite being treated so horribly for their five years of marriage.

He neglected her, belittled her, to the point that he didn't recognize that she was ostracized in her own home, nor did he realize that she was dying - even when she told him point blank.

... and I simply love it. I haven't come across such imperfect... more>> characters in a very long time. They're always quick to realize their mistakes and immediately fix them, or they transmigrate into another world as a horrible person and immediately change their personalities. These two, however, are fools. He's stubborn, refusing to see that he's not even offering the bare minimum, and she loves him anyway.

In 88 chapters, Eric is still a garbage human, and Chloe is just barely finding herself. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 20, 2023
Status: c57
So much heartaches could be felt while reading this. So heartbreaking and I felt like I was pierced through my heart. I trembled and even cried.

Truthfully, I hate the husband and how he keeps on getting angry with things. But reading through the story, I guess I feel sorry for him for a bit too. I guess his harsh situations makes his personality the way he is. And then, Different personalities, different love languages and harmful toxic relationship from outsiders. I still hate him tho... Sometimes I was left speechless... more>> for the excessive misunderstanding between them. Ahh, I don't know, I'm just hoping for the best for the wife character.

I guess I still enjoy my time reading this story despite all the heart breaks I felt. I think the story was really well written and well translated that I could feel the emotions of the characters. So of course I would love the recommend this novel if you're into reading sad stories with angst. <<less
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