Cry Pretty When You Come Back


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Turbulent times.

In a world situation where fierce battles break out at any time,

There lived Nemia, a petit innocent commoner.

Nemia is destined to face the gun of the enemy,

While running away from him, she is captured by Anton, who calls himself a ‘hero’, and is used as a tool to lure the enemy’s giants.

Nemia, who doesn’t even know she is being used.

And Noel, the enchanting enemy who yearns for her most ardently.

“I’m worried about you. Aren’t you trying not to want anything, or maybe you just don’t know what you want? Or is it that you’re trying not to want it?”

The moment she realises that everything about him was a deception for his grand goal,

She cannot help but feel intense hatred towards him.

As deeply as it was etched in her heart, down to her very bones.

“Nemia, do you want to run away from me? Then try running away.”

Noel looked at himself reflected in the clear eyes and spoke as if chewing on something.

“I will destroy all of your world. I will make you crawl to me yourself.”

Only after losing does he realise…

‘I yearn for the you of yesterday.

I eagerly await the you of tomorrow.

Every night passing without you torments me.’

* * *

“I feel like hating you to death.”

It took her a long time to speak, and she saw him for the first time that day.

“I want to die too. I want to kill the part of me that loves you.”

If only I didn’t know you, I wish I didn’t know you.

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돌아오면 예쁘게 울어 줘
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