Try Begging


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The cruelest way to take down an enemy is to make them fall in love.

“Sally, you smell good.”

Captain Leon Winston, a vulgar monster clothed in the skin of a stoic and elegant noble. He was a pathetic bastard who only raged at the smell of blood from the torture chambermaid.

However, as soon as her name came out of the revolutionary army spy’s mouth with a scream, he became a pathetic dog in heat.

“I can’t bully a good child, so I endured it… But I don’t have to endure it anymore. Thank you, Sally.”

When Leon Winston stripped off his noble skin…

“No, Grace.”

Grace asked him.

Did she meet or create a monster when she was young?

In the end, she agreed to a disgusting deal with the enemy to protect the revolutionary army.


“F*ck me harder.”

He vowed every time she begged for her life miserably from the enemy…

…One day, I will make you miserable.

So, try begging.

All you’ll get is regret.

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내게 빌어봐
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3 Reviews

Sep 29, 2022
Status: c37
A very dark story with non consensual s*x. Don’t read if you feel uncomfortable with such subject matter. Story line is quite ‘unique’ with ML, captain Winston, being a very unlikeable character who enjoys ‘torturing’ his prisoners while FL is a spy working undercover as a maid. ML develops a strange fascination for the Maid and then finds out that she is the daughter of the person he holds responsible for death of his father.
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May 13, 2023
Status: c204
I don't know how to leave a review that will help others have a better understanding of the story. All I can do is list/explain what I liked. I enjoyed the fact that everyone around them weren't completely infatuated/in love with the FL and the ML. The FL has a ... more>>

tragic backstory that she's not aware of until much later.


Even at her worst the FL doesn't come across as pathetic for what she has to endure. The FL's tenacious nature gives so much to the story. I mean

her own allies give her up multiple times, abandoned her to die, the ML constantly tortures her in attempts to break her, she discoverers that her whole life as she knew it was a lie.

She griefs and hates but she never gives up on herself. She truly won me over.

The ML makes the worst decisions of his life. I hate the sh*t he pulls at times such as

tw s*xual abuse


when he freaking hangs her then freaking lets her go. Only for him to save her last minute to then continue f*cking her as she is trying to catch her breath/regain conscious after almost dying!!! Or when he r*pes her with a gun that she truly believes will go off in any second.


I understand that this is a dark romance novel. I don't hold it against the story or romance. Those were just scenes that really got to me. I really wish we could have gotten more sweet romance moments between the FL and ML. To make up for all the abuse, give me that pain but then wrap me up in toothaching sweetness come on. There are some but just not enough for me personally.

I really really enjoyed the irony (?) that they both thought that other was lying. Grace thinking Leon is lying about the rebel group using her. Leon believing Grace wanted to be there and was lying about him being her first love.


I could honestly go on and on about this story. It really just did something to me because, I could only MLT to ch204, but as soon as I caught up to the last chapter. I reread the story back to back three times.

I hope if you give this a chance that you are able to enjoy it as much as I did. <<less
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Mar 23, 2023
Status: --
The plot's really really well-written!! Pretty underrated lowkey, the characters feel genuinely fleshed out and their past (from spoilers) is particulary unique as well

The fl's situation and true character is particularly interesting as well, enjoyed it lots to find out about everything and wish more people would check it out

ML seems kind of crazy at the start, well actually he IS pretty crazy but genuinely loves FL im pretty sure, hes pretty well grounded too
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