Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students


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[System] + [Cub] + [Gourmet] + [Supporting Female Character] + [Livestream]

Shen Wei bound herself to a super kindergarten system and returned to her villainous childhood period.

The future computer genius who would destroy the world was currently just a stubborn little darling suffering from domestic violence.

The future renowned autistic painter who would later commit su*cide had not yet been mol*sted by her stepfather.

The future highly intelligent criminal with an antisocial personality disorder was currently fighting dogs for a meal—everything could still be remedied.

Shen Wei found each of these children one by one and brought them back to the kindergarten, nurturing them with care.

After going live on the internet, the kindergarten became a hit!

“Which kindergarten teaches high-level math and calculus?”

“The kindergarten cafeteria serves a full imperial feast for lunch? It’s still early, let me sleep a little longer.”

“Did I see that right? The kindergarten’s game room has the most advanced games on the market. Um, are they accepting 300-month-old babies?”

Before long, everyone flocked to it like a craze.

The once most high-end bilingual kindergarten in the city, which was previously deserted, now left the principal tossing and turning all night: “She must be insane!”

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hdika23 rated it
March 23, 2024
Status: c37

Enjoyable, this is a hidden gem among other chinese light novel. In summary, this is about a villainess that got a system to change the original novel plot. Indeed, it is very familiar plot but the story telling is very enjoyable and light hearted.

The romance so far almost negligible. There are some small material and a pitiful ehem, I mean a potential male lead. Can you imagine a male lead that ab*sed online because of his fiance that he didn't even to know, when the male lead wanted... more>> to break up his relationship, he suddenly regret it and pitifully asked wether the female MC did not like him or not. The funniest thing is, he said it on live stream.

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Meatshield rated it
May 10, 2024
Status: Completed
A solid read. I’m giving it a 5 to boost the ratings but it’s probably about a 4. The story isn’t complicated. It’s somewhere between a kindergarten based slice of life and those old school tycoon business games. The vibe is cute and wholesome for the most part besides the schemes of FL’s cousin and the wretchedness of baby villains’ biological parents. However, all the antagonists are beaten down pretty quickly because the FL and her system are OP.

I think the best part of this story are the side characters... more>> who work at the kindergarten. They have rich personalities and all of them are good-hearted people who just want to see the kindergarten flourish. My favourite is Chef Liu who’s a caring grandpa figure to everyone. It was adorable how concerned he was when the dance teachers weren’t eating much cause they were worried about getting out of shape. A close second is Dr. Lu who loves gossip and eating.

The romance aspect of this novel is very very little. The ML is introduced a third or so of the way in and he definitely takes a backseat to the FL’s career, but he’s cute. He’s like a puppy who gets unintentionally trained by the FL who he falls in love with at first sight.

Personally, I would’ve liked more moments with the children though. They’re never completely forgotten but at some point the author focuses a lot on the business side of the kindergarten which for me wasn’t as fun. There were also moments where I thought there was too much mention of live broadcasting and netizens.

Overall, the story wasn’t without flaws but I enjoyed reading it. <<less
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RedPanda215 rated it
March 21, 2024
Status: c34
The story is cute and picks up quickly (our MC seems to be a woman of action). Looking forward to seeing how Starry Sky Kindergarten develops in the future! (P.S. Can I enroll too?)

Edit: I'm a bit further along now and a kindergarten casually deciding to do a daily livestream of their students to the entire nation requires a little suspension of reality. Feel a little iffy but I'm just going to assume the MC got permission from everybody behind the scenes in fantasyland.
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