Gain A Cute Wife By “Kidnap”


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As a naive teenager, he was unaware of his own superiority.

Shang Xiaojie realized the violent man who had tricked him into a hotel was actually his brother-in-law.

He struggled and tears streamed down his face as he pleaded, “Let me go, you idiotic beast!”

“I may be foolish, but a beast? Can’t you at least admit to that?” he asked.

After drugging Shang Xiaojie, he callously taunted, “You’re just a male prostitute who comes running whenever I snap my fingers. You’re nothing, Shang Xiaojie.”

Devastated, Shang Xiaojie swore, “Mussaf, I hate you and I’ll make you regret this.”

Upon his return five years later, he was accompanied by a young boy.

Shang Mingming asked, “Is that man my father?”

Shang Xiaojie responded coldly, “No, I don’t know someone like him.”

Furious, Mussaf demanded, “Where are you taking my son?”

Shang Xiaojie grinned and replied nonchalantly, “I’m getting married to another man. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

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4 Reviews

Apr 18, 2023
Status: c10
Ok so... It needs a r*pe tag, even tho nothing graphic is described but it happened.

... more>>

MC is an 18 year old highschool student who was questioning his orientation and sent a message via a website wanting to get advice. Scum ML read it and tricked him to go to his room and forced himself on poor MC who begged him to let him go. The scene wasn't described in detail but it was awful for MC. He was in so much pain that he agreed to cooperate mid act due to the pain being unbearable but he never wanted it.

Scum ML acts like the piece of tr*sh he is, insulting MC from the start for not doing what he wants and blaming him for getting tricked. When he's done he treats MC like a who*e and throws money at him. Only good moment is when MC slaps him.

MC leaves in shock and faints outside with a high fever, he wakes in the hospital and his friend's brother asks him to press charges against the rapist. But MC is too affected by Scum's words and blames himself for what happened. I just couldn't continue cuz I felt really angry and sad due to what happened to MC.

I've read stories with SA before and was unbothered cuz I'm used to reading old yaoi manga with toxic storylines, but this story isn't even good as smut, Even other scum gongs at least have carisma, this ML has no redeeming qualities.


The translation is good, so I'm only giving stars for that. <<less
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Nov 16, 2023
Status: c74
I genuinely tried my best to read this. I'd been searching for a little black box to just wallow and cry for a sad character, only to stumble across this.

Originally, based on the summary, I assumed that the MC would be r***ed, discover it was his brother-in-law, and 'run away into the forest', only to meet him again after his child was born, still filled with hatred. Maybe there would be some resolution and teeth-pulling with the kid involved, but in the end, they would get married or whatever. That... more>> was not the case.

Instead, I have read an honestly mind-melting novel that was likely written by an edgy middle-schooler with no idea at all about how trauma and s*xual a*sault works at all.

Rather than a deep hurt/comfort, it is instead a romance novel... Which doesn't at all make sense considering the content. I am someone who is not uncomfortable with the r*pe tag, especially when it is a phycological horror of sorts or not involving the final couple. This is one of the firsts that I've read that is straight up romanticized r*pe.


They do make a sorry attempt of adding some trauma into the mix (portraying MC as genuinely afraid and hurt by ML, feeling betrayed by his sister and family who blame the affair on him... the victim, thinking HIMSELF that he's the victim and shouldn't be treated this way, and, while shitty, even him being beaten into submission by ML showed some depth... even if that fear and submission lasted like... four hours max. Additionally, his fear of the hotel room where it all started kept my hopes up! Right up until ML suggested another room in the SAME HOTEL, and everything turned into sunshine and rainbows and he was in love again....), and that was the only thing that kept me going... until chapter 74, when the MC directly said to his r*pist-turned-lover that "it's all in the past now." Right after he was scared half to death of the idea that ML was going to brutally r*pe him AGAIN, first thing in the morning. Anything past that... I simply couldn't continue. This is ridiculous.


In any case. There was some hope. There were moments when I was like "poor baby~" and even teared up like I wanted to out of a story of this... genre, but I was immediately pulled out of it by the poor writing/the emotional... immaturity of the characters. I think that the intention was to portray some sort of Stockholm syndrome... But there is, simply, no way in hell. Goodnight. <<less
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Feb 07, 2024
Status: --
I understand why many people give this book a low rating. This is a typical cheap dog blood story with characters whose personalities are created to serve the dog blood.

The INNOCENT MC character, who is about to find out his gender, is r*ped by ML, a domineering, miserable bastard. The most seemingly normal person in the story is ML's family, especially the younger sister.

The chapters are extremely short, not much happens. It is a great strength to have someone willing to translate this work.
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Jun 21, 2024
Status: --
This is so horrible. When I read r*pe in the tags, I thought it might be those stories where the MC gets assaulted but things work out in the end/the ML regrets deeply/the MC gets revenge or etc like most stories. No, it wasn't. This is hardcore r*pe as in the MC is crying the whole time it happens and the ML treats the MC like tr*sh (threatening, victim blaming, forcing) even after the deed is done. Like this is completely nonconsensual and the MC is an 18 year old... more>> soft boy who's repeatedly attacked on all sides. He's not happy, he's just so sad. He's terrified out of his mind because of the male lead.

To make things worse, the author implies some sort of s*xual relationship between the mc's best friend and that best friend's brother. They're blood brothers! The brother spanks the younger one for "blushing at other men." and this happens when the MC is crying, trembling, and clinging to the younger brother because the ml's in the same room as him after he r*ped him.

Seriously. DO NOT READ. This isn't a fun or likeable story. <<less
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