Dorothea The Sorcerer


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Just because she was born with abilities different from others, Jae-shin had to become a living human talisman and exorcist for the prosperity of her family.

‘Don’t worry. Because I am your younger brother, I will definitely get you out of here.’

While the girl waited for the endless promise, the boy grew up and became an ordinary person.

As a foolish person who forgot his promise and took upon her the shackles that imprison her like all other humans.

The human heart is very treacherous and easily changes.’

It was then that Jae-shin realized that true freedom cannot come from relying on someone else.

The moment she chose her death to gain her eternal liberation, Jae-shin became Dorothea Everly and opened her eyes.

“You know what? Your sister was eating the flesh of the sword.”

A sorcerer who manipulates the soul by crossing the bridge between this world and the afterlife. An unfamiliar world that has come against fate.

She decided to take over the new life she had been given. As Dorothea, is the world’s only magician.

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Solitaire Dorothea
Sorcerer Dorothea
혼술사 도로테아
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