The Villain’s Daughter-in-law is Inherently Powerful


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After repeatedly being reincarnated as insignificant creatures, I’ve finally become human.

‘A white weasel beastman, huh.’ Yep. That’s great. Super strong and super pretty!

But soon to be killed off as a trivial side character, and what’s more, as a spy infiltrated into a villainous family?

“What to do with this. We can’t let a spy live…”

No way! If I die here, next time I might be a dung beetle! In a desperate bid to survive, I was about to spill some crucial information from the original work.

“Ah, if you become my daughter-in-law, maybe I’ll want to save you?”

And so, I became the daughter-in-law of the villainous family, known for their lack of blood and tears!


But in this house, there’s a tradition where the daughter-in-law chooses the successor.

“The one you choose will be made the successor.” “Really, I’m grateful… but am I really allowed to do that?”

I’m scared of making the wrong choice and ruining everything…

“Baby, remember when I smacked the Pope in the back of the head and you covered for me?” “Hey, Roundy. You’re going to pick me anyway, why hesitate?” “Sister… Yuri will only listen to you.”

Looking at these little villains who are so gentle with me alone, I can feel my hidden materialistic nature rearing its head. Could it be that I’m subtly cut out for power after all?

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악당의 며느리는 권력자 체질입니다
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