I Became a National ‘Disaster’ Level Monster


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I found myself possessed in a hunter genre game.

Not as a national authority, but as a disaster-level monster.

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국가'재앙'급 괴수가 되었다
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New Koolpin rated it
June 12, 2024
Status: c21
Translation quality (Fenrir translations) is great, love the concept and characters,

but the author sucks at keeping the story straight - like even ignoring the main character’s knowledge of the game, the story is constantly flashing forward then flashing back then immediately the time jumps forward to where the flash forward was
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New ayokona rated it
June 10, 2024
Status: c21
I!! like shin-woo💖 :3

he's cute and he got attached to his foster aunt and uncle, plus he seems really warm-hearted too and I really really hope this doesn't end up a harem and shin-woo and Sophia are endgame....!!

... more>>

like all the flags for them being the main pairing are right there— they're special to each other (Sophia is the one that let him experience family, shin-woo is the only person Sophia doesn't feel inherently disgusted by bc he's secretly a monster), there's the whole promise before going abroad, the split when his human form was just too weak so she was like heartbroken, the reconciliation when she thought shin-woo was killed by the monster of jamsil before she connected the dots because of his headpat, the picnics on top of monster corpses----- for real if she's not the female lead I will 1 star this novel and cry !!!!


I'm kinda optimistic it won't be a harem because so far the heroines have repeatedly been said to be crazy and it seems like the only one he cares for outside of the "this is a character of a game I love" is Sophia, so please....!!! Sophia and Shin-woo 4evr.....!!!!!! orz


right now my biggest support in this not being a harem is how game heroine#0 the fake heroine seems more like a side character so far, and heroine#1 the researcher is totally being framed as evil right now since we got a POV from the Angel's child and #1 is definitely the type to want to kill and experiment on shin-woo if she finds out he's a monster, so I'm confident this won't be a harem!! I think!!!! but then again, he did just kinda get a monster daughter....? and an encounter with che-ran......?? WUUUUUU IF THIS IS A HAREM I'M GONNA CRYYYY

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ScotlandForsythe rated it
June 2, 2024
Status: c15
I absolutely adore the premise of him being a monster. The whole idea of him going into the game and even his relationship with his sister whose family he was adopted into is great

... more>>

There are multiple different types of hunters. she is a beast hunter who feels uncomfortableatound other humans and only feels good around the monsters she tames. MC is a secret monster. Love this setting


Now the reason I docked a star early on despite not being that far is because of slightly personal reason but it's giving harem vibes...


I didn't notice at first until he only mentuoned 'heroines' in the original game... heroines. As in all the main hunter characters are female... I want to be optimistic but this the prime harem set up and I'm scared. There is no romance so far and only like one or two main heroines have entered the scene but I'm already dreading what the author is going to do. Luckily, a harem tag hasn't been added.


Despite this..


I'm rooting for him to end up with his beast tamer adopted sister (they don't really treat each other as siblingd, more like best friends. She worked so hard to end partner with him only for him to end up not a hunter cuz his human form is too weak. There is also forshadowing that they will enter a beast tamer relatiosnhip so I'm rooting for this and no one else


I'm just a little apprehensive. But I love the premise so much. Can anyone tell me of anything similar where the MC is a monster all or part of the time and decides to help humanity? <<less
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