Evolution From the Big Tree


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Reborn as a Willow Tree!

Before Yu Ziyu could adapt to this familiar yet unfamiliar environment, he had caught up with the era of Spiritual Energy resurgence.

With the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, the world started to shift. Mere beast could just roar, shaking mountains and rivers. Superhumans could now leap over the sky and split the world.

At such turbulent times, a Willow Tree emerged from the ground, covering the sky and the sun.

He could evolve infinitely, and the fruits he produces could endow others with strange supernatural powers. Just his mere aura could nourish beasts.

Flying above him were the three generals of the elements. Meanwhiile, below him were the nine great beasts, sleeping on the ground.


Some people call me ‘The World Tree’, singing me praises day and night.

Some people call me ‘The Tree of Beginnings’, that I hold up the sky.

Of course, more call me “God Tree”, “Cursed Tree”, “Tree Demon”… Regardless of what label they give me, regardless of how many, all of them were in awe at my existence.

Associated Names
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Chuyển Sinh Thành Liễu Đột Biến
Cóng Dà Shù Kāishǐ De Jìnhuà
Evolution Begins With a Big Tree
Evolution From a Tree
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6 Reviews

New Sieimo
Apr 01, 2024
Status: c121
MC's humanity annoys me, it wasn't a tree demon but a human stuck in the tree.

When killing monsters author use only a few lines. But when killing a human, there are many reasons pop up, spending like thousands word to explaining MC's process of killing people and sparing people's lives. Very human asf you're fk tree why you care about people are good or bad just eat them, this novel so Japanese
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Jul 12, 2023
Status: c100
Interesting story. Quite a different take from the manhua. The manhua definitely does follow along the novel, but not exactly.

The main character is quite wary of his surroundings, especially humans. Got reincarnated from one, so it makes sense.

So far, MC is quite ruthless, with his own sets of rules. His moves make sense and so far, no plot holes. There is another girl who is always beside him. In the manhua, she was killed by a snake. Meanwhile, over here, she was actually killed by the MC (one of the... more>> differences in novel vs manhua)

Another thing to note, at chapter 100, the MC does not really view the animals as family. Rather, he views them as pets, which is quite different from the manhua.

Well, will keep a look out for how things develop. I look forward to the translation catching up. <<less
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Aug 31, 2023
Status: --
I don't like this modern setting with a sudden spiritual resurgence phenomenon. An uncountable number of times I've read a novel that I assume should be in a fantasy world, then suddenly, BOOM. Real world modern technology mentioned, immersion ruined.

Probably the worst trend of chinese novels.

Other than that, it's fine. Boring at times. Since the spiritual resurgence just happened the plot isn't very interesting. It could change in later chapters.
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Aug 18, 2023
Status: c90
Bad points:

  • the protagnist is not the most intelligent person around
  • he has a serious chunnibyou sickness and the author goes along with it
  • abilities come to him quite randomly.
  • Too many explicit naruto references for the abilities
Good points

  • OP protagonist
  • he's very distrustful of humans
  • beasts becoming like a new race under his rule
  • His human soul is unchanged inside, he still sympathises with them while fearing them as he recognizesthe potential danger
Overall it's a nice read to lose time. Bwt, tell me if any of you finds raw text I can read without having to register
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Feb 15, 2024
Status: c20
This novel is very poor at explaining things often leaving stuff at sudden and random info drops like "he can upgrade his branches with points" without explaining how he knew about or does this.

Also mc's morals and thinking makes no sense with MC even ... more>>

saving two girls as he refuses to have them die above his roots and become his nutrients due to "his past life as a human" yet has no issues releasing them then having his pet falcon drop a snake on them to kill them even after he erased their memories with his abilities

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Oct 05, 2023
Status: --
Boring at times. You could almost predict what could happen in the next few chapters.

Didnt like it as much as it felt that the female characters with more skills got cushier and lazier work with more rewards while the male characters got the more dangerous and riskier work.

it is a great concept though. From chapter 350. You could tell the hierarchy in terms of strength for all the characters around him.

Also. If this was a human novel. You could almost be sure that the characters around him are considered his... more>> subordinates but the females are those characters that have strong backgrounds and are literally harem candidates.

Thankfully this is not a human novel else it would be cringe worthy

Bad points:

  • The females tend to be overpowered. The males are strong but in Naruto terms that would be the difference between Rock lee and Tsunade.

    for example the first character is female. The second is female. They would be the oldest sister of the series and the elder sister of the series respectively

    . Don’t get me wrong. There are lots of males but it becomes obvious by the talents shown how much different they are from the males. Even the male that shows up much laterthat is almost on par with them greatly pales in terms of momentum and skill number.
  • The skills of genders differ greatly. Overpowered looking skills are hardly for males. Even when a male got an overpowered looking skill. The female still handed him an L. How can fire defeat thunder/lightning. All this is for the plot
  • The fellow trees he finds happen to both be females. Not sure if he will find more male trees later on and if he will treat them with courtesy but the author already said that trees are antagonistic to other trees but when he saw the pretty tree. There was no such thing
  • the protagnist is not as intelligent as he claims but he isn’t dumb either
  • The author feels like a pawn of the protagonist.
    The author
  • Abilities come to opportunely or if they come to him you can bet he is going to use them in a few chapters or in either the current or next arc
Good points

As stated by the comments above. There are good points to it.

also he isn’t viewing them as pets. Correction. The others may be pets. But the 2 characters I mentioned. The females. He considers them family. Close family <<less
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