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    94 Series 0 Comments 3427 Views 3 Follows Apr 2, 2024 raviin
    No Tags
    Chinese Novels about reincarnation, got a second chance, transmigrated, woke up in another body.... more>>
    96 Series 0 Comments 5414 Views 6 Follows Mar 23, 2024 iToon
    No Tags
    No description.
    26 Series 0 Comments 318 Views 0 Follows Jan 6, 2024 Grumpybaby17
    No Tags
    Every story that I've already read will be deleted from this list and moved to either the 'just okay/dropped' or 'so good' list
    10 Series 4 Comments 1625 Views 8 Follows Aug 16, 2023 aida_hanabi
    No Tags
    Stories whose plots are related to infrastructure development in both the BL and BG genres
    100 Series 0 Comments 13680 Views 41 Follows Jul 25, 2023 teddycoolness
    Novels with non-humans. Will include mostly fluffy novels, mostly HE and some tragedy. In addition to a non-human characters, this includes novels where mc was previously a non-human and then becomes human, characters with shape-shifter ability, or just novels with pets. ... more>>
    29 Series 0 Comments 2901 Views 4 Follows May 11, 2023 yxduck
    novels with good quality adaptations to manhwa/manhua/manga
    40 Series 0 Comments 2816 Views 0 Follows Jul 14, 2022 Zifus
    No Tags
    37 Series 2 Comments 37314 Views 44 Follows Aug 30, 2021 Yunusa13
    This is where i pile up all the amusing novels (mostly isekai) with non-humanoid MC i found... more>>
    49 Series 0 Comments 3136 Views 11 Follows May 31, 2021 aida_hanabi
    No Tags
    My favorite interesting novel apart from love-related novels as main points, there other theme like war, hero etc (I'll put system-related novels here as well)... more>>